Can Wenger out think Mourinho in Arsenal vs Chelsea classic?

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‘Arsenal have not beaten Jose Mourinho in 12 attempts’

It’s a pretty shoddy stat considering Mourinho is hardly a young pup at 52.

Today is the day we make the difference. Jose will come to the ground armed with a beastly game plan. That’s what I’m most interested in really. This time around, he has so many considerations to contend with.

Mesut Ozil

Sure, Chelsea have their own superstar tearing up the league, but so do we. Ozil is a special player, he’s hard to track because he lurches around the pitch like an extremely productive ghost. I’m looking forward to seeing what the plan will be for him. It’ll be difficult for Jose to be too prescriptive because Mesut can play all across the field, he’ll move to where the opportunity is. Will Jose look to bully the German, or will he look to stem the flow of balls coming his way?

Alexis Sanchez

I think we’ve seen teams over the past few weeks deal with Alexis by hitting him up with a bit of two man marking. We’ve also seen him struggle with form a touch as well. I know he’s been in a bit of indifferent form of late (bar the goals, I thought he was out of sorts for the semi last week). I think there’s only one tactic for Sanchez, that’s to hit him hard and put him off his stride. Wenger said as much on the main site.

“Secondly, I wanted someone who has a fighting spirit in the Premier League, to adapt, and to give something to the team on that front. That was needed – someone to say ‘come on, I’m ready for a fight’

Trouble with Alexis is he doesn’t give up. I’m not sure you can put him off his game. He’ll have had a pretty easy week on the training front, hopefully he’ll see today’s game as a stage to show the world he’s the man.

… well, as long as he’s not playing the Roy of the Rovers king maker today.


Now, I’m wondering whether Chelsea will try and test the Columbian today. He’s not very tall and Chelsea have a lot of threat in the air. Could be a possible chink in our armour. This is a massive game, there could be nerves and there could be a chance to rattle his cage.

Chelsea Game

Part of me likes to think Jose is going to come at us and bring their A game. The other part of me knows this is a unlikely. They’ll come to spoil our winning streak. They’ll keep things tight. They probably won’t be too fussed about not having all the possession. They’ll give us the opportunity to expose ourselves and then they’ll kill us.


So surely we have a plan to counteract it? How can we not have a plan for the back four? They’ve conceded 6 in their last 6. So we can get at them. They couldn’t turnover PSG in the Champions League despite them having 10 men. I mean, come on, we can do this!

Quick word on Cesc. Can everyone stop picking on him like he had a choice about coming back to us? I’d heard two seasons ago that we waited so long to sign a big name because Wenger was very much waiting to find out if Cesc was going to leave Barca. When he didn’t, and Cesc used us to gain assurances with his DNA side, we signed Ozil. That’s your man. We didn’t need Cesc last summer. So can we please stop all the ‘he turned us down’ because he didn’t.

Also, before I sign off. My pet hate at the moment is that Barclays advert where Newcastle fans claim they’re the best in the world. It seems to come up regularly. Yet, from where I’m sitting, they appear to be amongst the worst.

1. They hate their owner because he’s Cockney. Righto, is that acceptable? If you hated someone because they were from another country, that’d be pretty bad. I’m not fan of Ashley, but come on, how is it acceptable to double up the hate because he’s from London?

2. They drove their ‘cockney’ manager out of the club despite restrictions. They wanted one of their own at the club despite Pardew doing pretty excellent job there.

3. They get their home grown lad in charge, he has a win record lower than 12%, now they’re giving him dogs abuse as well.

They have a history of this. What makes them the greatest fans? How is this myth perpetuated around the world? I hope they are relegated. Their fans deserve it.

Back to the game today. I’m expecting us to play with discipline. I think we might line up in a similar fashion to the United game. We’ll be utilising our pace moving forward and we’ll be looking to get a John Terry. We need to unpick the blockade that CHelsea will have in front of their back four, we just need to be very careful of that counter attack. Coquelin and whoever partners him are going to have to play with incredible discipline today. That’s a key area of the field we need to own. No kamikaze football today. We have to be the best and the smartest to take the points.

Finally, it’s a massive day today. It’s all about bringing the atmosphere. We need to make the ground a cauldron of energy. We need the players to know we’re here and we’re behind them for the full 90minutes. This game today is massive. It’s another signifier of progress. It’s another opportunity to show the world we’re back. It’s another reminder that change has arrived and it’s replaced the Arsenal of old.

Today is massive. Hopefully the result will be as well.

Have a good one! x

“Secondly, I wanted someone who has a fighting spirit in the Premier League, to adapt, and to give something to the team on that front. That was needed – someone to say ‘come on, I’m ready for a fight’

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  1. Bankz

    Fuck it!
    Hitman49. …..Fuck it!

    Right starting XI,no fucking around with Gibbs, Ramsey on the right & Debuchy then I’d see us giving Chelsea a run for their money.

    If there was ever a chance to beat Mourinho, that chance is today so I hope Lord Wenger doesn’t get scared & screw up the entire line up/game preparation.

  2. dj

    Chelsea back 4 doesn’t have pace. Possible to exploit this by an occasional long ball from coq/ramsey/santi to alexis/welb/theo. Game cries out for pace up top.

  3. GuNZ

    I must sleep now because I am rather trashed. My boy Giroud has promised me great things. Got to go now as am wasted

  4. Evan

    GuNZ- The world will know that 1 1 men stood against a Mourinho, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a the Special One can bleed.

    Fuck off Mourinho, COYG

  5. goonerboy

    We are not going to beat these scumbags by just wanting to- Wenger just hasn’t built a team than can compete with Chelsea- Chelsea are stronger, better organised very dangerous in the air at set pieces with a world class keeper and the best winger in the EPL.
    Chelsea will sit deep- there is no chance that we will get behind their fullbacks.
    There are several other premiership sides that on their day can compete with ball retention and physicality of Chelsea (and Chelsea do have some weaknesses in the air at the back)–sadly we are not one of them. Wish it was different.

  6. Wallace


    lots of reasons for Newcastle fans to dislike Ashley. sells their best players as soon as premier league survival is assured. the Sports fuckin’ Direct Arena? he’s the owner from hell.

  7. GuNZ


    Brilliant. Rock and roll matey. Looking forward to a landmark result today. Getting late here in NZ so hope I wake up in time for the game. Take care 😉

  8. Thank you and goodnight

    I really don’t care if we beat Chelsea or not to be honest. Apart from the bragging rights it means fuck all. Chav scum have won the title and seeing fabregas celebrate like a little girl will piss me right off. Mourinho is a great manager, his record speaks for itself, but he’s a disgrace to the game in my opinion. As much as I disliked fergie with a passion, even he had class compared to that rat

  9. Thank you and goodnight

    I’d just like to see wenger floor Jose, walk up to him and nut him flush on the nose. Now that would be fun

  10. Thank you and goodnight


    That’s how I see it as well mate. But still love for wenger to nut the cheating disgrace to the game.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    It is high time that we go into a game against Chelsea and talk about positives and not the usual negatives.

    The positives are that we have a better playing record in recent games than any other team in EPL.

    We have an excellent home record with only one defeat this season.

    Our starting X1 is stable,well balanced and hard working since we brought in
    Ospina,Bellerin,Monreal and Coquelin not to mention Ozil and Giroud. They
    defend better and are averaging 2 goals+ in most games. Only the position on
    the right of midfield has changed primarily due to injury to Ox.

    Arsenal need to be defensively compact and well organised, but also have a goalscoring threat today.

    I don’t consider our team to be inferior to Chelsea in the second half of this
    season and that is how we need to view this game. We are not going to win title
    because of how we played in first half of this season, but there is absolutely no
    reason why we cannot win the game today particularly as we are at home.

  12. David Smith

    Ozil, we know Jose rates him, my guess is he will try to kick seven bells out of him and hope for one of the refs we seem to get.
    Newcastle fans…..Pardew……how DO they feel? That club is the embodiment of self destruction. And they are not safe yet, though assuming they stay up, Steve Maclaren might turn them around, in relative terms of course.

  13. Sukky

    I think rosicky should start ahead of Ramsey. That will give up extra man in midfield and his runs and directness will trouble Chelsea midfield. If matic or zouma get an early booking,that will be interesting cos they will relie on constant fouling to stop our technical midfield.

  14. Wallace

    no one will be all that surprised if we beat them, is the clearest sign for me of the progress we’ve made this season.

    i’d love it if Mourinho really went for it, but am expecting his usual approach to big away games – keep it tight and try knick it on the break. so with that in mind hoping Mertesacker hasn’t recovered from his knock.

  15. bob_deniro

    first comment, but today I am almost expecting that Chelsea will try to break someone’s leg in the first 10 minutes when the ref is hesitant to hand out harsh punishment, alla Cahill in the away match. I’ve not seen us deal too well with the kind of kicking that I expect today. Touch wood, this is just cynicism, but I can see it happening.
    Giroud’s play will be key to getting something out of this game. We’ve seen us come out flying with a couple of chances early only to see them go begging, and Giroud has been the culprit in the past. He’s due a game, but we’ll see.

  16. useroz

    Hate it when the players (eg Kos) say they need to win iit for Wenger. Fuck off. AFC pay you guys not Wenger. Wrong mindset to begin with.

    Don’t you have professional prode?? Don’t you want to win it for the poor fans??

    No gibbs and debuchy hopefully. If we have better options out right, rather not put ramsey there but walcott is useless defending and will put bellerin under pressure.

    If Gabreil has big game mentalty, would be better than Mert. And if Coq and santi deliver as usual, we should as least not lose, going into the game.

    Many ifs…

    What’s certain is we all look forward to it.

    Ps. Still believe we should have bought cesc. Modest outlay and is a.genuine world class however he left afc. Sell some of the deadwood and we’d easily afford him. Cesc offers tactical options and provides coverage.

  17. lemonadethatcoolrefeshingdrink

    if we beat Chelsea which i doubt it will be 1 in 13

    they will still win the league and they have beaten us to winning the CL

    so irrespective it doesn’t really matter?

    Arteta will sign again, Diably will get a pay as you play and next year we will go out of the CL around the last 16 and be up or amongst the top 2/3 or 4
    but we will not win anything of note under Wenger again

  18. Arsene's Nurse

    Why do I think this game could be the most boring and drab 0-0 draw in the history of the PL?

    There you go that’s put the kibosh on it!

  19. jay

    hey guys, asking you all to keep nepal in your prayers after the earthquake. Fellow Nepalese Gooner here, will be watching the game hoping for some happiness amongst the destruction!

  20. Dissenter

    Don’t get your dicks tumescent
    Fourth place is assured and the players know it so there wing be fire in their bellies.

    0-0 will suit both sides barring defensive errors.

  21. Bankz


    My heart goes out to all the victims..
    Death toll is currently about 2200.
    Saddening figures.
    May they find comfort somehow in the next coming days.

    Beating Mourinho could be a start.

  22. Dissenter

    The narrative is that this game is abut momentum for next season.

    I say, that’s just nonsense.

    If Chelsea had a problem in defensive midfield, would they be renewing the contract of a leg-less player like Arteta? Would they be contemplating any kind of contract for Diaby?

    Truth is that the Chelsea machine will probably sign Schneiderlin to replace Michell Obi and they will fix weaknesses.
    Wenger will tinker around the edges. He will not eschew sentiments and continue his penny pinching ways when there is excess of £200 million available in the club’s coffers ( by next summer).

    Nothing is going to change.

  23. gonsterous

    Mourinho has only one plan… Sit deep and counter attack.. for that reason alone I’ll take Gabriel over mert.. we can deal with the set pieces with the help of giroud !!

  24. SpanishDave

    Hazard will dive as usual he is a serial cheat . Terry will kick andcelbow anything that moves and I doubt we will win.
    Wenger screwed up the first part of the season so we are always also rans.
    The boys will hopefully turn up and be better than last week.

  25. Dissenter

    Next season will determined by which club will win the summer transfer battle. Who will fix their glaring weaknesses.

    Last summer we started out with one fit central defender because Wenger too a risk on Kosh when he knew he had two inflamed archilles tendons.
    There’s no point over-selling this game because we all know it’s is what we do or don’t do that will determine our league campaign, next season.
    Chelsea will be first no matter what.
    Arśenal will come at least fourth (because the gap between 4th and 5th is not recoverable)

  26. Bamford10

    This summer will tell us whether anything has really changed. If we improve at two or more of the following


    then maybe something has changed. But if Wenger goes with this squad again next year, then I don’t think much has really changed.

    Signing Sanchez, going with Arteta, getting lucky with Coquelin, listening to the players re tactics doesn’t equal “change” for me.

    Wish the boys the best today, though. Chelsea haven’t looked great recently, so we have a chance.

    And the world’s thoughts and prayers are with you, Jay, and with all of Nepal.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin, Gabriel, Kozz, Monreal
    Coquelin, Ramsey
    Welbeck, Ozil/Cazorla, Sanchez

    Play smart, be disciplined, be quick on the break and ruthless. Chelsea are very beatable, they haven’t looked good in a while now but are efficient. If we get at them early as we did against Liverpool we may well ruffle them a bit.

  28. Arsene's Nurse

    Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Walcott Ozil Sanchez

    Reasons for Walcott and Ramsey in the places they are in are:

    Ramsey is far better than Cazorla defensively and we’ll need an industrial work-rate in the middle in support of Coq in order to stifle Chelsea.

    Walcott is lightning quick and will threaten Chelsea’s back 4 and gives good counter-attacking options. They will be wary of him and not push up so much and squeeze us. I’m relaxed about his lesser defensive qualities because Ramsey, Coq and Bellerin should be able to cope.

    I just hope we don’t have Ramsey on the right otherwise I my have to break out the paintbrush and paint a bit of wall so I can watch it dry instead.

  29. mysticleaves

    Our thoughts are with Nepal. So devastating.

    Everton making sure we get 2nd this season.

    Chelsea is there to be beaten but we don’t need to make even 1 mistake cos they will pounce on it.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    That’s exactly it.

    We need to be on it from the kick off, they are there for the taking, really not that special lately. But we can’t have an Arsenal moment, Bellerin needs to be protected from Hazard as well, that’s why I go with Coquelin and Ramsey in the middle and Welbeck wide right.

    Be strong, be fast, press them and be clinical. Giroud usually misses at least one great chance against Chelsea, can’t do that today because there won’t be that many.

  31. MidwestGun

    Waaasup ya miserable lot? Y’all can pretend it doesn’t matter,but it sure as hell matters to me, in the same way getting beat 6-0 still stings.

    Got my game day hangover on..,, hair of the dog. We need to win, because I’ve been trash talking every Chelscum fan within a 300 mile radius, and I don’t want to have to go into a witness protection program. 😀

    Dos A Cero…, would be an excellent, scoreline.
    Let’s Go!!!! (Fuck off, Mourinho! …..Up the lucky Undies!)

    P.S. …….Hang in there Jay Gooner

  32. Arsene's Nurse


    Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey, Özil, Sánchez, Giroud


    Szczesny, Debuchy, Gibbs, Wilshere, Walcott, Flamini, Welbeck

  33. Bamford10

    Nice finish from Mirallas. As Pedro needs a bit of activity here, I’ll reiterate something I said some time ago: Mirallas is a better player than Walcott and would cost half as much.

    Just stirring the pot a little. 😉

  34. Vince

    Why on earth is Mertesacker playing when he’s not trained all week and Gabriel is available and better. I feel terrible about the game already.

  35. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,
    That Mirallas goal is dodgy because Lukaku kept moving and occupied the goal keeper with the possibility of a pass to tap-in. De Gea was stuck in two kids, hence the open near post.

    The assistant should have raised the flag immediately. The rule is too vague.

  36. Relieable sauce

    LOL. Pedro standing up for persecuted cockney’s everywhere. 😉
    Ashley is the poor mans Kronke. I have plenty of sympathy for the supporters even after factoring in Geordie Shores’ anal bleaching exploits.

  37. Bamford10

    Mirallas shows on that little run there (84:30) why he is a much better player than Walcott. Beats three players off the dribble, then great strike from 25 yards out.

  38. jay

    thank you guys for the support! although i don’t post often, i do read all the comments and while some of them do make me want to rip my hair out, its nice that when it really matters, people do come together.

    Onto the match- No natural striker. they are going to park the living shit out of that bus.

  39. Nasri's Mouth


    Agreed. Once Lukaku moves to the ball, the flag should be raised.

    I know people are saying Valencia should play to the whistle, but for me, that’s having to compensate for a bad rule.

    I don’t know why more sides don’t try to take advantage of it

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Worried about this game now, Mert at CB against a side who are going to look to counter and Ramsey wide…hmm

  41. Cesc Appeal

    No striker for Chelsea…Mourinho is going to play a counter attack game, put Hazard’s pace up against Mert on the break.

    Means having Ramsey in the centre would make even more sense and pace on the flank for what will be a congested centred.

  42. Gunneruni

    This is another example of just how poor Wenger is with tactics. Everyone who thought had learned to plan for each opponent is dead wrong. he has stuck with the same team because this team beat Liverpool at home a few weeks ago. Chelsea is a different prospect

  43. underrated Coq


    Now its ” Mirallas is better than Theo ” eh? Lol. What happened to that wager you were banging on about a few weeks ago then?

    ” United are a much better team than us and they’ll definitely finish above us “.

    They don’t look so good now, do they ?

  44. Arsene's Nurse

    What a pleasant Sunday afternoon this is turning out to be – Manure spanked. They are a point behind us and we have 2 games in hand (1 after today).

    We need to break the Maureen monkey that’s been on our back and extend our lead over the 4th place trophy. It will make our summer better if we finish in automatic CL qualifying places.

  45. Bamford10

    Fabregas up top? Strange. I’d play Willian or Hazard up top.


    Thrilled to have you back. Yes, there’s a chance I will be wrong about that, but don’t forget about the other component, which is who will win at OT.

    And just so I understand, are you arguing that Walcott is a better player than Mirallas?

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    Danny: No English players in Arsenal’s starting 11 – pathetic

    Yeah, lets play inferior players only because they’re English.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Please Coquelin, do not leave Mert alone today. I can just see now, domination of the ball, one break, Mert moves backward in time and we get hit.

    Big job on for Coquelin today.

  48. dennis

    I watched the last 30 minutes of the united- everton, and have to say… Turgid…

    That, and Lukaku grandstands and seems the opposite of a team player… 30M… LOL

  49. Al

    Really not a fan of Ramsey on the right.

    Also was really hoping Gabriel would play but doesn’t even make the bench. Also where they hell is chambers, i thought he was 4th choice CB.

    Predictable spoil sport Mourinho playing it super safe. I hope the referee has control in this match because Ramires is just put in there to foul and disrupt.

  50. Dissenter

    Cesc. Is in a position to win the game for Chelsea.
    He is the false number 9

    Watch out for Ramirez and Oscar.
    They are the nastiest when it comes to physicality. The serial fowling will come from them.

    We have to out-kick them and out-fight them.

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    It’s not that Coq should stay with Mert, but that the team as a whole should not get caught out.

    We don’t have any need to get caught 2 on 2 or 3 on 2.

    I’m not too bothered by Mert’s lack of pace. Other than when he has to track across to cover his full back he rarely gets caught out for pace, his positioning is very good.

  52. mysticleaves

    Bamford please don’t start with your silly player comparisons. How does “Mirallas is better than Walcott” sound even to you?

  53. salparadisenyc

    Scrappy United…great result for the non qualification situation.

    Looks like Cesc playing as a false #9. Going to be interesting to see how we handle this.

  54. Dissenter

    When you have Ramsey on the right you know that Wenger has little regard for Theo.
    If Oxlade were fit, Ramsey will be ass-warming the bench, not so for Theo.

    What else does Theo need to move on, Pogba moved for less.
    That’s the problem with English players, they are too comfortable.

    Theo should seek a transfer and pay cut to advance his career…but we all know he won’t. London lifestyle is too good.

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    Theo in front of Bellerin against Chelsea would scare me.

    I think with Mourinho flooding his side with midfielders, having only Coq and Cazorla in the middle to cope would be the wrong plan.

  56. underrated Coq


    I think you need to take a closer look at the League table. Arsenal are a point above United having played two games less.

    So even if Arsenal lose against both Chelsea and United, as long as they win the other four games they’ll finish above United.

  57. SpanishDave

    Ramsey will drift in from the right all day so Hazard will have the left all on his own.
    Hazard the diver against the slowest defender, Wenger has really lost the plot.
    No win today for us.

  58. Dissenter

    I’m not so sure Mourhino is coming to pack the bus.

    Ramirez and Oscar are beats when it comes to counter attacks.
    They are also energy players who will cover every blade of grass for the team.
    Like I said, both of them will stick a foot anywhere to disrupt. If the ref allows it,mthen sayonara .

  59. Cesc Appeal


    A couple of times in the last two games against Reading and Burnley he’s got caught one on one with a forward and the bloke literally jogged past him.

    Need to make sure that does not happen, I think there will be a lot of shifting around of that Chelsea front line.

  60. Dissenter

    I agree.
    It’s a 1-0 win for us, at best.
    We could easily lose it by a high scoreline if Ramsey continues his quest for personal glory. He will leave Bellerin exposed to Hazard who is always changing sides.

    Mertasacker. FFS. He’s slow and he’s not trained all week.
    WTF is Wenger thinking.

  61. Djbo

    This is why you never can trust wenger always favours players over what’s right for the team. ramsey shouldn’t be out wide, either play him in his position or not all .
    He can’t help himself always handicapping the team.

  62. Bamford10


    I think you need to read more carefully: I already conceded that I might be proven wrong about our relative position at the end. Glad to be wrong on that point.

  63. Dissenter

    This is what bugs me about Wenger.
    Close game between two equally matched teams and Wenger still buckles by not trusting Gabriel.

    Why buy him and not play him when he’s more suited to game.
    Mourhino has packed his team with pace and they have a master passer that can use that pace.
    What does Wenger do, he’s picked his slowest defender to deal with it.

  64. Marko

    Typical Jose. Back four and three central midfielders who can play deep and no striker. We basically need to score first to win cause if they do they’ll park the bus and somehow a train and plane too

  65. Nasri's Mouth


    As long as Ramsey can stay disciplined he’s a much better option against the 11 that Chelsea have put out than Walcott. But he needs to keep track of the Chelsea movers.
    Mertesacker trained fully on friday and saturday according to Wenger, so that’s what he’s thinking

  66. izzo

    wenger is a surrender monkey why not start gabriel and walcott? tell bellerin to sit back. Squeaky bum time!

  67. MidwestGun

    Diss –
    Yep… I said semi-parked. Lol. Think he is trying to out midfield our midfield. God I hope Giroud doesn’t screw up, or I will swim to New Zeakand and help GuNZ with the anti-L’Oreal campaign.

    On another note, anyone else struggling with Pedro’s server?

  68. Ozy

    ” United are a much better team than us and they’ll definitely finish above us “.

    That wager still on, Bamford? Doesn’t look too good. How many of us took you up on that? Hahaha.

  69. useroz

    Gabriel not even on the bench?? What if Mert tweaks something in the first 10 mins?? Ffs Wenger!

    You don’t need Debuchy AND Gibbs. Gabriel can play right back and Moneal can play CB… already poor decision in big game, as usual.

    Nothing inventive to surprise the competition.

    Mouri already rubbing his hands, or his xxxx, looking at our team sheet.

  70. Ozy

    Anyway, on to the game!

    No CBs on the bench? That bench looks pretty awful too. We need quite a few reinforcements this summer. Not enough quality in this team.

  71. Bamford10


    Yes, looks like I’m going to pay on that one. I have a list of the takers. But the other wager was on the match at OT. I retain some hope about that. 😉

  72. Relieable sauce

    Why is everyone so excited about the game? Is it so we qualify automatically for ECL & sign the players we need early : / as opposed to the usual, signing the players we dont need, late.

  73. Bergkamp63

    “Can Wenger out think Mourinho in Arsenal vs Chelsea classic?”

    I doubt he could out think Natalie Bennett !

  74. Al

    I mean we have a simple solution to our RW problem in Sanchez.

    Just move him over to the Right and play Welbeck on the Left where he looks decent.

    Really don’t get why we are playing Ramsey out of position again when he doesn’t look comfortable. Anyway hopefully the Manager and Ramsey prove all of us wrong.

    Come on Arsenal.. I hope Kos goes right through Cesc today

  75. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s a tricky one. Depends on how much Wenger knew about the fitness of Costa before the game as to why he went for Ramsey over Welbeck

    If Costa was starting I’d be tempted with Welbeck wide, but with Chelsea effectively playing a 4-6-0 I think Ramsey is a better bet than Welbeck, otherwise we get over-run in midfield and Welbeck ends up playing far too deep to play to his strengths.

  76. Dissenter

    Can Wenger out-think Mourhino?

    Nope, not today.

    He’s already on the back-foot.
    Chelsea’s formation is like an ameba (amoeba, for the British educated )
    Wenger came with th same formation that’s struggles in our last two games.

    They can switch that midfield 4-10 different ways, fel sorry for Mertascker already.
    It’s advantage Mourhino, already.