Mourinho riled because tomorrow is about next season

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Right, back on the blogging again.

… left early last night, which was sweet. The friend I left messaged me at 6 this morning to say he was just getting in.

All sorts of smug over here. A run, coffee, a read of the newspapers… all before 10.

Don’t hate my morning, hate your indiscipline from last night.

Right, Wenger has been on the wind up with Jose by stating that defending is easy.

Jose has responded in a way that would indicate he’s pretty riled. People think that doesn’t matter because Jose has won the title again. For me, Jose is a long term planner. He knows this game at the weekend is more about next season. He said at the start of the year we had a title winning squad, now he’s seeing the sort of form and thinking that could make that statement a reality.

Tomorrow is important for so many reasons. Mainly momentum. If we can carry or streak through to the end of the season we’ll have second in the bag and an FA Cup win to boot. Form can carry through seasons. Arsenal need a massive start next season. Most of Wenger’s0 teams are weak mentally, so if we lose tomorrow, I have a concern we might stutter. Losing second to United would be terrible for us.

We know that Jose is coming for the point tomorrow. We know it’ll be a turgid, joyless afternoon of stifling football. But Wenger and his back room know this and they’ve no doubt been planning a route around the wall of brutality Jose will lay out.

Have you ever read that sort of last sentence before in relation to Arsenal?

A plan. So sweet.

Team news is mostly positive. Ospina, Bellerin and Monreal return to give us the stability we’ve relied on so heavily in the second half of the season. Per Mertesacker is a doubt. If Diego Costa returns it’ll be to face two defenders who can handle his pace and general scumbaggery.

Midfield might well be two holding players to counter troublesome creatives like Hazard and Cesc. Hopefully we’ll look to pressure John Terry’s lack of pace at the back. I also think the Spaniard whose name I can’t spell at full back is there to be got at.

Can Chelsea be broken down? Can we avoid the sucker punch on the counter? Can we kill this ridiculous Mourinho jinx?

There’s never been a better chance. This feels like our time. A potential turning point in Wenger version 3.0. All eyes are on tomorrow, all minds on what this means for next season. Exciting times.

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  1. Chris d

    Let’s see maurinho take an Everton to a premier league title and within a whisker of winning a champions league .the equivalent in Spain is doing it with atletico so if anyone is the special one it should be Diego someone doing it on a fraction of the budget

  2. Joe

    Jose 20 titles in 15 seasons including 3 CLs
    Wenger 12 titles in 30 seasons and no CL


    There are your facts


    100 times better

  3. Joe

    Anyway Keyser

    Go troll someone else.

    I just proved with facts Jose is at least 100 the manager.

    Jog on muppet

    I’m done with you

  4. n5

    Joe if you’re titles that Jose had won was correct (which it isn’t) it would make him twice as good not 100x I’m not sure what maths you’re doing.

  5. El Tel 1

    So Jose is the bestest bestest Manager of all time.

    Here is the biggest challenge for Ol Special one.

    He should manage Engerland and win the Wold Cup.

    You know. Engerland loves Jose.

    If he is as good as HIS word then I want him to Manage my Country to be World Champions.

    Come on Jose, you know you can do it.

  6. Joe

    20 titles / 15 years = 1.3 titles a year

    12 titles / 30 years = ..4 titles a year.

    If you want to be exact 3.25 x the manager but in reality 100 x the manager

    Are all of you 6 years old? Or just that immature ?

    Let’s see wenger will a CL with barca, bayern, Madrid.

    Anyway. I’m off to deal with my kids. Who will be quite easy after dealing with you children.

  7. El Tel 1

    Joe getting angry.

    Hope we beat your favorite Manager tomorrow.

    Go on, tell me you want Him to beat us.

    Just read the Mirror and Metro and got to say the special one is losing his shine.

  8. kwik fit

    Just put on MOTD in the hotel and the commentator mentioned a name called Sanogo. Is he on speed or having a laugh?

  9. kwik fit

    Meet Sir Trevor Brooking today and I told him he broke my heart back in 1980 and you know what he didn’t give one fuck 🙂

  10. nasri's mouth

    I would have believed Joe was right about Mourinho being 100x the better manager but he didn’t put ‘FACT’ at the end.

  11. GuNZ

    Been a little while. Really, really busy. At a place called Mangawhai Heads about to go on the piss with a German neurologist and his wife, an Estonian psychologist. He supports Hertha Berlin, she thinks he thinks he supports Hertha Berlin. Neither of them support Arsenal. I do. Go the Gooners – take the self-satisfied moue off Mourinho’s pretty little face.

  12. GuNZ

    I was at that game in 1980 Kwik. I got laughed at by a bunch of Spurs fans in a pub afterwards. The worse thing was they were, amidst their mirth, genuinely sympathetic which made it even worse somehow. I think I pulled Trevor Brooking’s photograph out of my sticker album and wiped my bottom with it.

  13. Kautzie

    If there was ever a time where Arsene was going to beat Mourinho it would be on Sunday as a loss means little to Chelsea and Arsenal play their best when the title is out of reach.

    On the Cesc topic I hate all these idiots defending his move and wondering why we would boo him. The truth is he used to claim to be a fan and love Arsenal and then signed with a hated rival and no real supporter of a club would ever consider joining a hated rival so that makes him a liar and a traitor. You don’t have to boo him but anybody that claps or cheers for him is not an Arsenal supporter no matter what they say.

  14. PDT

    You’re growing old, Pedro! When you’re young, you can still leave late and get your run done. Been there, can’t do that any more.

  15. Wallace

    wow, Joe’s a live one. Mourinho would have won ‘multiple titles’ with the Arsenal sides of 2005-13? Eboue and Senderos must be reading that and going mental.

  16. Wallace

    today. hopefully….

    Bellerin – Gabriel – Koscielny – Monreal
    Coquelin – Cazorla
    Welbeck – Ozil – Sanchez

    think Bellerin just has the edge over Debuchy for this one, and prefer Cazorla to Ramsey alongside Coquelin. will be disappointed if Wenger persists with Ramsey wide right.

  17. Wallace

    nice article if you’re an Arsenal fan –—5582316

    “Chelsea have scored more than Arsenal. Yet, Mourinho has defaulted into classic Mourinho mode.

    If you think football should be about the whirring of cogs in a machine, Mourinho’s current Chelsea is the team for you….Mourinho’s first job on his return to Stamford Bridge was to reclaim the Premier League title. He is about to do that.

    But his next will be to make Chelsea as watchable as Arsenal. Sport is not ALL about winning.

    If it was, we would love Faldo more than we loved Seve. We would love Klitschko more than we loved Ali.

    We would love Jose more than we love Arsene. And right now, we don’t.”

  18. qna

    I hope Arsene watched the Southampton-Spuds game. Schneiderlin was again ordinary. His weight of passes and his possession in general would really bring Arsenal backwards. If Kongdogbia played in that match you would have noticed him like a sore thumb. Thats the minimum level of quality we need. He can also play box to box really well, as well as defensive midfield, so he can play along side Coquelin as well as cover for him.

    Kongdogbia >>>>>>>> Carvalho >>> Schneiderlin

  19. Erase

    Wallace nice read I for one don’t like mourinho… … wenger annoys me but he is at least likeable whilst winning is the priority in sport I don’t think it’s everything ask the Madrid fans about mourinho

  20. Erase

    Qna while I think kondogbia is a special player and has great ability he is not the finished article yet and I won’t trust him as a holding midfielder yet.. .. even at sevilla he wasn’t holding schederlein is a very good player and at this stage a better player than him imo and he is premiership proven only matic is a better player in the league… .. Can’t get excited about carvalho never been impressed

  21. bergkamp10

    Today is Arsenal v Chelsea Today is Wenger v Mourinho Today is Alexis v Hazard Today is Ozil v Cesc

    Stop banging on about other stuff! This is all about Arsenal fans united in destroying the monkey on the back!

    Show some bloody enthusiasm



    ONE AW!!!!

  22. El Tel 1

    Real Madrid
    Bayern Munich
    Mancscum Utd

    None of the fans of these teams would want the fish faced special one in charge unless desperate.

    They all play fantastic football which is in their Genes.

    Real Madrid thought he could change his ways but he can’t.

    I vaguely remember RM Barcelona when he was in charge at RM. players sent off and violent play was order of the day.

    This is probably the most highly charged derby match in the world but they usually end up in great matches not a slugfest

  23. bergkamp10





  24. El Tel 1


    Schneiderlain has a couple of dodgy matches playing in an average side at the end of a season in the hardest league in the world.

    Sorry Mate but Kongdogbia and Carvalho have had it easy compared to him.

    I must add I would take any one of those three to be fair

  25. Wallace

    weirdly, one of my issues with Schneiderlin is that he doesn’t touch the ball enough. he’s got too long a stride. central midfield’s such a congested area that you need a shorter, snappier stride. watch Cazorla and Arteta, so many little touches when they’re on the ball. like when Beckham went to Madrid and played a few games in CM. the experts straight away said his feet weren’t quick enough to play there.

  26. bergkamp10

    It still amazes me that gooners talk about Wenger and transfers and past failings etc etc on days like today!….I have waited all year for today!FOR THIS IS THE DAY THE DRAGON IS SLAYED AND RIVAL FANS/MEDIA SEE THAT Itssss Arrrsenaaal, Arrrrsenaaall FC
    Wee’re by faaar the greatest team,
    Theeeee wooooorld haaaaas eeeeeever seeeeeen.

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    I really don’t care if we beat Chelsea or not to be honest. Apart from the bragging rights it means fuck all. Chav scum have won the title and seeing fabregas celebrate like a little girl will piss me right off. Mourinho is a great manager, his record speaks for itself, but he’s a disgrace to the game in my opinion. As much as I disliked fergie with a passion, even he had class compared to that rat