Arsenal fans: Boo Cesc, at least you’ll be making noise

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Happy Friday.

Sorry for the bad posting today.

I’ve had work the whole way through.

You don’t care though, do you?

No, you don’t, you just want free Arsenal content.

So what do we have today?

Arsene tells Arsenal fans not to slag off Cesc. The inside scoop that Arsene hasn’t spoken to Cesc since he left Barca?

Honestly, fucks give here?

Zero babes, zero.

I want Cesc to play at the weekend, I want him to have an aggressive reception… because hey, that’ll mean there’s some noise vibes in the stadium… and finally, I want to end the hoodoo.

Cesc didn’t snub Arsenal. Let’s get that straight. I said at the time it was pretty logical not to buy Cesc… we have Ozil. It wasn’t logical not to sign a Schneiderlin. That was a bad move. But Cesc? Brilliant player, but no more brilliant than this years Ozil.

The game this weekend is gearing up to be a bit special. The weather seems to have held out. So sun beers. Chelsea are playing in an indifferent manner. There’s a hoodoo on the line.


Right, that’s it. Tomorrow, I give you some tender blog loving.

No, that’s a lie. James is doing the deed.

Oh, why not check this out. It’s something I wrote.

Making it in football has to be one of the toughest sporting nuts to crack on the planet. Not only is it one of the most popular games in the world, it’s also one of the most fickle. The cream doesn’t always rise to the top, when it does, young players still have an absolute mountain to climb if they want to break into the game. According to recent reports, only 2% of 16 year olds are still playing the game at professional level by the time they’re 21. A staggeringly low figure.

This season has seen some interesting stories break around the nearly men. Stories that warm the heart. Dreams made true at the last gasp when it seemed all was lost.

The first is obviously Harry Kane of Spurs. A player who at the start of the season was very much on the periphery of the Spurs team. He forced his way into the contention under Pochettino and he hasn’t looked back since. A quite incredible rise to prominence. A player you look at and you can’t quite believe he’s bagged 27 goals in 35 appearances, not to mention the goal on his England debut. Tim Sherwood will take credit for giving him his chance, a chance he doesn’t believe he’d have gotten under alternative stewardship.

The other surprise story of the season sits with Arsenal. Again, another player who’d come through the youth ranks, but this time had been cast aside to lower league teams, and in both moves, found incredible form that’s shot him to the very top of the European goal scoring charts. The 22 year has 31 goals in 19 starts (across two clubs (two leagues)), which is extremely impressive. What makes this rise even more interesting is that Arsene Wenger sanctioned a move to Wolves for £2m. He sold the UKs top scorer for an absolute pittance. Even crazier than that? He’s kept Yaya Sanogo onboard at the club along with Lukas Podolski and Joel Campbell.

These two cases ask an interesting question of the English game around their approach to British kids. Is there a preference for players managers have purchased over the ones that climb the ranks? Do clubs see their investments as shinier and more talented than the kids who are propping up the reserve teams? Arsenal have Yaya Sanogo out on loan and he’s hardly pulling up trees. Could he score 31 goals across two sides in the Championship? Many have their doubts. Yet he is the player who stays on.

It’s difficult to know what the answer is here. La Liga has the B team system that allows young players to learn their grounding under the guidance of managers who have the clubs philosophy at heart. Going out to play for the Championship, an incredibly tough league, isn’t always the place for a young man to learn his trade. You might gain an understanding of what it means to fight, but do you really ground your technical ability playing week in week out to a bunch of cloggers? Possibly not.

Germany work to a two-tier Premier League system. Two leagues of 16. That allows a higher concentration of quality in both leagues and it allows young players to progress under less brutal circumstances (46 games make a league season in the Championship). They also have enforced academies that have very exacting standards of how they should be run. Both leagues academies are required to have four outdoor pitches, as well as an indoor sports hall for the winter. Clubs also need a DFB Elite Youth License or equivalent for their coaches to train. There are also strict rules on the types of staff that need to be one hand to make things tick over. The output of this billion euro project was a World Cup win that Joachim Lowe put down to these innovations.

England are letting talent slip through the ranks and not all young talent ends up making it because of the huge pressures placed on managers to keep their clubs in the gravy train that is the Premier League

The heart warming side to the story is that if players work hard and don’t let their heads drop, things can turn around in heartbeat. Gareth Bale and Francis Coquelin are high profile cases that prove this theory. My concern is for the players who have all the talent, but lose their confidence when they’re cast aside. You could say, ‘they weren’t made of the right stuff’, or you could say, ‘what could they have been?’ if there was a softer option that allowed players to develop at a pace less than breakneck.

Whatever the answer, it’s clear the Premier League need to sharpen their focus on this problem. Cream sometimes needs a helping hand to make it to the top.

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  1. Dissenter

    You git, you’ve opened the pandora’ s box about Sanogo.

    Selling Afobe for £2 million and keeping Sanogo is like United keeping Cleverly and letting Pogba leave.

    Wenger sure has his favorites and they ain’t pretty.

  2. sam

    Benik Afobe is lighting up the championship. Not sure he would light up the Emirates. thats a cold hard fact. Sanogo was brought on a free and is on cheap wages ( arsenal cheap).

  3. Blsany

    The problem is tactical grasroot training . In other leauges It is ingrained from early on in a player’s career.Kids as young as eight or nine take part in training games holding their position, staying in shape, admonishing themselves for not getting the weight of a pass exactly right, or even slightly misreading an opponent’s run. The sense that a game is won in the carrying out of certain methods, instructions and ideologies is something that comes long before first-team level.In England kids are always told that biggest and fastest is best,

  4. Willow Wilson

    “Merson is a shite pundit. Love him for what he did for us but his punditry is appalling, full of inconsistency and double standards.”

    Great player but a Chelsea fan, so what do you expect. Great players don’t make great pundits, just look at Michael Owen , Paul Scholes and Roy Keane. Plenty to add to that list.

    Interesting interview with 4-4-2 magazine:

    Are there any teams you’d liked to have played for but didn’t?
    When I was 18 Anderlecht wanted me, and Rangers wanted me at one point, but I have no regrets. AC Milan might have been good. Even though I support Chelsea, and had a chance to go there, I went to Arsenal. Chelsea were s*it back then.

    Surely you regret leaving Arsenal?
    Definitely, but I was gambling a lot at the time and the move to Boro doubled my wages. But the grass isn’t always greener. I regretted it within a month. Arsenal was a phenomenal club. Words can’t explain how well run it was.

    How was the Walsall experience? Would you give it another go?
    I wouldn’t give it another go, no. If you’ve got no money and can’t buy players, it really is very hard. If you haven’t got money, beggars can’t be choosers. You’re going somewhere they are going to lump the ball about, and I don’t believe in that. And I now know how George felt when he had to worry about me every day. Being a player is much easier.

    Who influenced your managerial style more, Arsene Wenger or George Graham?
    Neither of them got sacked, did they? [Laughs] You’d like to work like Arsene Wenger, but if you haven’t got Arsene Wenger’s attributes, you can’t. And you can’t work like George any more, because football has moved on. He ruled with an iron rod, but if you did that now, players would just say “B*llocks to it, I’m leaving.” So you’ve got to do it your own way, especially in the lower leagues.

  5. Goondawg

    Not too sure about Arsenal snubbing Fabregas. Wenger hinted recently there is more to it than meets the eye. And he can’t talk about it now, but will hope to reveal one day. Man that Autobiography is gonna be interesting. He’s a classy fella though but I hope he dishes the dirt.

    Some people suggesting Fabregas likely signed a pre-contract with Chelsea as far as back in January

  6. cbkool (nigerian gunner)

    As much as I will not appreciate a hostile reception yet there should be some level of noise like pedro suggested and if the Cesc Boo can bring that fine!!! We should imbibe the noise level at the Emirate too which is such a huge advantage and intimidating factor to opponent(works in Germany,belgium,spain even italy) starting with the Derby at the weekend will be a welcome developement. I fancy the boys gettinf a win in this match , #COYG #Arsenaltillchristcomes #Arsenaltothebone #Nigeriangunner

  7. Dusty Kart

    Fabregas was most probably tapped up by Maureen and offered a mega bucks deal that he knew Wenger wouldn’t sanction that’s my opinion anyway!!

  8. El Tel 1

    Chavski are a despicable Club. Rotten to the core.

    I reckon Cesc has injuries that Arsenal would know about. Injuries that will weaken him year on year. Now that is something Wenger would not be able to talk about right now.

    And Yes, of course the Chavs tapped him up.

  9. El Tel 1

    The same David Luiz who was nowhere to be seen at the heart of defense when Barca scored the two goals.

    Ha Ha

  10. Redtruth

    Fabregas isn’t Arsenal and neither is Henry who both couldn’t wait to be shot of Arsenal and now the latter professess undying love for the club lol lol

  11. kwik fit

    I’ll take that as a yes then lol remember to use mouth wash before you go to sleep ,there’s a good girl 🙂

  12. kwik fit

    Could be a decent signing for them goondawg but ge,s injury prone , we were linked with carvalho again today lol. It’s morgan for me

  13. Marko

    They do make a big deal with the potential booing don’t they. If anything with Cesc its not so much to do with a hatred but more to do with putting him off or pressuring him into having a bad game

  14. Marko

    While I think he’s a great player Gundogen I do think in terms of what we need we need a more orthodox DM and someone bigger and that’s not him.

  15. karim

    Incredible nightmare scenario for Marseille tonight !

    They badly needed a win to entertain their CL hopes after 3 losses in a row as they hosted Lorient (18th), who had only won 1 in their last 10.

    Jordan Ayew, Andre’s brother, on loan from Marseille, scored a goal and assisted another in the first 15 minutes.

    Things stood still until the 60 th min when A. Ayew scored, followed by another OM goal 7 minutes later.

    Just when you thought OM would win, Lorient scored a 3rd goal after the kick-off.

    Michy equalised 5 minutes later to make it 3/3.

    This time, everybody thought they wouldn’t screw it again.

    Well, Jordan Ayew took the ball on the left, let 2 OM defenders on their back and scored a brilliant goal.

    Lorient even added another one in the dying minutes.
    6 goals in the last 25.

    Game over !

    Marseille 3
    Lorient 5

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Don’t boo him……

    Crowd go silent every time he has the. Ball

    Different ….

    Totally ignoring the marriage wrecking wife and family stealing little slow one paced Catalan donkey, wearing his kick me quick hat .

  17. Josip Skoblar

    What a shame. In France, I’ve always had a soft spot for OM and RC Lens. I guess it’s to do with their supporters. I can’t stand PSG. I also remember fondly ASSE from the mid-70s and, of cours, FC Sochaux in the 1980 UEFA competition. Just epic! 😉

  18. karim

    I was 3 so didn’t follow that one though I did hear a lot about it.
    But we also played Baggio’s Fiorentina in 87 and Rosicky’s Dortmund + Vieri’s Inter more recently, so I’m not too sad about them being in ligue 2 now as they’ve always been going up and down in my time, and hopefully back in Europe one day.
    Always liked Lens as well, same sort of destiny btw.

  19. Josip Skoblar

    The 1980 FC Sochaux team was great with one Revelli brother (Patrick?), the young Bernard Genghini (who played in the 1982 WC and scored a fantastic free-kick againt Austria), etc. I’m glad you like RC Lens. I once attended a game at Felix Bollaert. I’ve known noisy crowds in England for the past 40 years, but I was very impressed by the “Sang et Or” supporters!

  20. salparadisenyc

    Time of day means little it the world of the fourth place BANKZ trophy…
    He just owns its.

    Hope you boys been playing nicely, work been a bear. Really looking forward to Sunday, think we can turn em.

  21. bob treebeard

    Nice piece on the talent that’s being wasted in the Premier League. I would be surprised if Arsenal didn’t want to keep Afobe, I would imagine he told the club he was off, no matter what.

  22. tunnygriffboy

    Gundogan not really what we need. Good player. Got enough small technical players, we need someone bigger physically and quicker with greater athletic ability. Fingers crossed.

  23. Wee Geordie Armstrong

    why would we boo a player who left his home as kid to come to us and then went home to see if he could make it at his childhood team with his family close to him, why boo him remember the goals he scored for us against spurs and more impotantly the joy he took from the goals. AW did not need him and did not push the transfer so he went to another club and one that we don’t like do you think he was going to sign for Reading to keep our fans happy. FACT all players leave, will we boo Henry for going to Barca or Brady for his Italian holiday or Viera (I think he deserves it more) Get over yourselves Cesc was a gooner and he served us well get a bit of class he is not Adebayour

  24. Bamford10

    Wenger apparently said that Chelsea’s defensive style is “easier” to master than Arsenal’s more open, free-flowing approach.

    To which Mourinho has responded:

    “It’s not easy. If it was easy, you wouldn’t lose 3-1 at home to Monaco,” he said, referring to Arsenal’s surprise defeat against the French side in the Champions League round of 16.

    “If he defends well he draws 0-0 against Monaco and wins in Monte Carlo. It’s not easy to prepare a team to defend.”

  25. Marko

    Appreciate the French football updates on here Karim. Spoken with real passion know how. Keep up the good work

  26. Marko

    Weird how he didn’t mention his negative brand/play to stifle opponents rather than impose ourselves performance that undone them against PSG

  27. Jeff

    We have to avoid being humiliated tomorrow, A decent draw would probably suffice but if we get beat by more than a margin of 2, Mourinho will be singing like a canary again and Wenger will have extented even further his dysmal record against the arrogant one.

  28. Leedsgunner

    Anyone else read this?

    Bullocks is what say to that.

    We pulled out of the Hazard transfer in the summer of 2012.

    We were getting good prices for our players in transfer summers before that, Nasri sold for £25m,Adebayor for the same, Clichy for £7m, Fabregas for £35m, Kolo Toure for £14m etc… among others these were players brought in for very low prices. Where did the money go?

    We had the money… he just chose to waste it on chumps like Santos and Park for £12m and panic buy Arteta and Mertesacker for £10m each in 2011. (Funny enough that’s £32m right there…). Ask yourself who would you rather have one Hazard or those chumps?

    Plus we had wasted players like Bendtner, Squillaci, Chamakh, Djourou still milking the club for years…

    We had the money but Wenger spent it badly, because he tried to be clever and failed miserably on sub par players… Now, he’s crying poverty. Funny, he didn’t talk about who poor the club was when his new contract was concerned making him one of the highest paid managers in the world.

    Hypocrite. People don’t forget that easily.

  29. Wallace

    Wenger, meanwhile, revealed that Arsenal were priced out of signing Hazard when the 24-year-old moved in 2012. Chelsea paid £35.3 million to sign Hazard, but the total deal cost almost £80 million with the forward’s agent receiving a £7 million fee. Hazard originally signed a £170,000-a-week contract and his wages have increased to £200,000 a week after his new contract.

    “I have no big regrets because, at the time, it was not feasible for us, financially,” said Wenger.

    – Telegraph

  30. Wallace

    Mourinho blaming reverting to a more functional style of football on injuries. i mean, fuck off! he’s had about 4 injuries all year.

    he’d be brilliant at somewhere like Stoke. but you can’t really play up to that David against Goliath shit when you’ve only ever managed the richest club in whichever league you’ve been working in.

  31. Emiratesstroller

    The most important fact about Fabregas is that this is not someone who is likely to be sentimental about Arsenal or Arsene Wenger whatever statements have been made in the past. You can take them with a pinch of salt.

    What little sentimentality there is in this player was for Barcelona and perhaps Guardiola.

    Fabregas is like most ‘intelligent’ and ‘successful’ overseas footballers interested in only two things. The first is his career i.e. playing for a successful team and second how much money he can earn. Sadly Arsenal failed to deliver on both counts whilst he was with us.

    The option not to return to Arsenal was I suspect a twofold decision. It seldom
    pays to go back to the club where you have been before. Fabregas discovered
    that when he went back to Barcelona and from Arsenal’s perspective they knew that Fabregas and for that matter other players are seldom performing
    well when they return.

    My only regret about the Fabregas saga was that we allowed him to go to Chelsea. Also that we did not get a particularly good deal out of the transfers
    to Barcelona or Chelsea.

    Personally I would not boo him on Sunday. However, I would not welcome him
    also as a ‘long lost son’. He is a ‘ship passing in the night’ and to be treated as a
    former player with respect, but not with any love or sentimentality.

    Arsenal have begun to show since January that we have the makings of a decent team and we are capable of beating any of top four in a competitive game.
    I would like to see that achieved on Sunday if only to put Mourinho in his place.

    What is important now is that we finish season in second place and win FA Cup. That will be for me a ‘successful season’ and an upgrade on last season.

  32. Dissenter

    Wenger is such a clown.
    Why make a jibe at Mourhino by implying that’s “its easy to defend”, knowing fully well that the media were going to ask Mourhino the following day.

    If it’s easy to defend, then we’ll be the club 10 points ahead with 4 games to go.
    If it’s easy to defend, Wenger won’t be staring a season without signing a central defender when Koschielny was suffering from both inflamed Achilles tendons.

    Everyone knows that it’s just as hard to defend as it is to play attractive football. Wenger needs to stop living up to the stereotype that pundits have of him when he makes these silly comments.

    They show him for who he is; an inflexible and tunnel-visionary fantasist,
    not a realist who wants to win things.

  33. Dissenter

    *They show him for who he is; an inflexible and tunnel-visioned fantasist,
    not a realist who wants to win things.*

  34. Wallace


    i think Wenger, like Brendan Rodgers last year, was making the point that at a big club there’s an obligation these days to play attacking football. and it’s a lot harder to play good attacking football than it is to set up your team to be tough to beat.

  35. kwik fit

    Liverpool have a decent run off fixtures coming up. Their defeat in the semi has diminished their fear off failure. Chelsea will let them get the points at Stamford to give us and united the two finger salute . They are the one’s to watch for sure.

  36. Dissenter

    Wenger should have avoided this latest verbal jousting with Mourhino by just focusing on his team.

    You do not suggest that its easier to defend when the other team has scored 8 goals and conceded none in out last three league fixtures. It just shows a lackmof self-awareness from Wenger.

    He should just take a self-imposed moratorium on Chelsea or Mourhino. He makes it too easy for Mourhino to come out looking sensible.

  37. Dissenter

    Chelsea have scored two goals more that our tally. You can argue they’ve been offensively better than us.
    My point is why does Wenger keep denigrating the art of defense?.
    Its no wonder he didn’t sign a central defender in the summer and shunted Montreal there., its no wonder he failed to sign a defensive midfielder for seven seasons.
    Wenger just exposed himself to legitimate criticism with that needless jibe.

  38. Wallace


    Chelsea’s last two games – QPR and Man Utd – they won both 1-0 and it’s why they’ll be champions. but they had 3 shots on target in the entirety of those two games, and were happy to have just 30% of the possession in their home game against Utd. Mourinho will lap up those stats, Wenger, Pellegrini, LVG and Rodgers would be horrified by them.

  39. Wallace

    “Wenger can rarely conceal his disapproval for this sort of fare – particularly not when it is Chelsea or, more pertinently, José Mourinho. The Frenchman spent most of his press conference for Sunday’s meeting with Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium attempting to say nothing about Chelsea, Mourinho and the style of Mourinho’s Chelsea.

    He and the club wanted to pull the shutters down. Wenger has long since stopped entertaining the daily newspapers before a big game but this was something else. It was made clear that the briefing would last only five minutes although, in the event, it was nudged up to six. The theory was clear: keep it short and Wenger will not be drawn into saying what he really thinks of Chelsea and Mourinho.

    But the clues were there. When Wenger was asked whether he thought Chelsea would be worthy champions, he praised their consistency and defensive strength.”

    – Guardian

    i think Wenger tries his best not to say anything provocative about Mourinho, but the hate just finds a way to get through.

  40. Emiratesstroller

    The only reason that Arsenal’s performance has improved is that whether by accident or design the balance in team is better and we are playing a lot more
    securely defensively.

    That is down to:
    Ospina replacing Szczesny
    Gabriel recruited and offering a CB option.
    Monreal replacing Gibbs
    Coquelin coming in and replacing Arteta and Flamini
    The whole team working hard defensively around pitch.

    Had we played like we are doing now at start of season we might be a lot closer
    to Chelsea.

  41. Honest Bill

    It’s quite obvious really. Chelsea have a nice comfortable cushion at the top. They will hate the fact that they never get any credit for their style of play. Even when they do play attacking football people say they parked the bus. Mourinho hates this despite his insistence that he doesn’t care. He is constantly arguing against it. The players will also want nothing more than to shut Wenger up and might well feel comfortable enough to be a bit more offensive. Arsene will set the team up for counter-attack. You see if he doesn’t.

    That has happened to me once before, so it’s not inconceivable. But in this case, i highly doubt it. What makes you so sure i’m wrong?

  42. Leedsgunner

    Wenger playing mind games? I don’t think he’s that calculating. Or if he is he’s doing it badly.

  43. Honest Bill

    You’re right in a way though. Its not pressure per se. He wants them to try and show how superior they are.

    Not sure it will work though. Mourinho isn’t the kind to underestimate his opponents in an away game.

  44. Honest Bill


    Of course here on Le-Grove it’s generally propagated that Wenger is a doddering old fool who blindly goes about his business of destroying Arsenal. But in reality, he is no stranger to deliberate press statements. He’s been doing it for many years.

  45. Keyser

    “Everyone knows that it’s just as hard to defend as it is to play attractive football.”

    Dissenter – Sorry dude this is just wrong.

  46. Keyser

    Leedsgunner – Chelsea signed Hazard in June, 2011, Fabregas and Nasri pretty much moved in the last week of the transfer window, at what point do you think we were best placed to buy him ?

    Not only that, at what point do you think Hazard was itching to move to a club that was leaking it’s best players all over the place.

    I don’t get, is your memory that poor ? You concsistently get these things wrong and still post them ? I mean just why mate ? What does it achieve ?

  47. El Tel 1

    I see Wengers comments as getting into the Russians head rather than Moaninhio.

    The best way for Wenger to get one over on Moanihio is if the twat was to get sacked again.

    We all no the Russian wants his team to win with style. He has sacked Managers after winning the CL so getting rid of ol sourpuss wouldn’t faze him.

    With Guardiola possibly ripe for a move this summer don’t think Moaninhio is safe.

    I would bet my last pound that the Russian would want him at Chavski.

    Wenger would have more insider info on this so maybe his comment was aimed a bit higher than that arrogant little prick.

  48. Dream10

    Hazard joined Chelsea after they won the CL in 2012.
    Agent received 7m.
    Signed for 170k a week. Did not fit club’s wage structure. That’s more than Ozil and Sanchez make now.

  49. El Tel 1

    I get really pissed off with the praise Chavski get for defending.

    It is not because they have won a couple of cups it is because when GG was doing it this way and even back to Bertie Mee, Arsenal got slaughtered for it.

    Boring boring Arsenal was the song of our opponents fans.

    Never hear that sang to them.

    George was just as good if not better than Moaninhio yet this twat who has only Managed where the big money is gets lauded as the best ever.

    He is a mercenary who turns his teams into boring machines. Also don’t get how the fans of the Clubs he managed didn’t hate the fact he made Himself bigger than their Club.

    Oh wait. The Real Madrid fans didn’t.

  50. Keyser

    Wenger gets asked questions, he answers, Chelsea’s title’s been wrapped up since last October, the press are desperate to inject any interest they can into the last few weeks of the season, as is Mourinho, he can’t pretend to play mind games when no-one’s listening, he can’t pretend to deflect attention away from his shy and reclusive players and onto himself when there is no attention.

    Also defence is easier, Chelsea don’t have a similar squad to us, people weren’t comparing Coquelin to Matic earlier in the season, they weren’t saying ‘Giroud, you say, yes he is comparable to Diego Costa’, they weren’t comparing Chelseas early season form to past Mourinho teams they were comparing them to the ‘Invincibles’, the Invincibles weren’t a deeply defensive team that ground out wins with 29% possession willingly.

  51. Wallace

    the big selection issue for me is who plays on the right. i think it’s gotta be Welbeck or Walcott. we’re too one paced with Ramsey out there.

  52. El Tel 1

    He also came back to Chavski for the money and the fact their stupid fans actually love him.

    They see him as bigger than their Club, because he IS.

    They are a little Club who got rich quick.

    He fits in their so easily. The English Media ( Arsenal hating arse holes) love him.

    The Spanish press and Real fans didn’t like the twat. Only in dear old Engerland does he get the over hyped praise he doesn’t deserve.

  53. Honest Bill

    El Tel.

    Perhaps you’re right. RA knows that his style of football has a negative image attached to it. No matter how much a team wins, they are seldom regarded as highly as teams who win in style. JM knows that he is never quite secure in his job hence he hates it when his defensive style is mentioned. Of course winning is the objective but winning in style is what gets those audiences, and by extension, sponsors, excited.

    Still i would be surprised if JM gets the chop.

  54. Keyser

    “Hazard joined Chelsea after they won the CL in 2012.”

    Ah fuck, yeah, that’s even worse, so it’s with Van Persie putting out statements about how the club can’t match his ambition.

  55. El Tel 1

    Well said Keyser

    I really am not a great Wenger fan as he has destroyed everything he builds for too long.

    I do however think that many people overlook the facts regarding Moaninhio because he gets results.

    Let’s be honest Tim Sherwood with that Chavski squad would win things easily.

  56. El Tel 1

    Honest Bill

    Do you think Moaninhios comments about Wenger being a failure and U.S. Having great players is aimed at Wenger?

    Of course it isn’t.

    He wants to get at the board.

    They detest each other so much that the comments they make about each other is aimed at getting each other sacked.

    Imagine Wengers reaction if he gets sacked again.

    Wenger knows he is safe no matter what amount of shit Moaninhio throws at him. In fact it strengthens Wengers position.

    The same can’t be said of Moaninhio. The Russian will be seething that his toy is not very popular.

    I also can’t wait for Eden Hazard to leave this summer. For all the mouthing by him and his players, they still want to play for bigger more glamorous Clubs

  57. Honest Bill

    JM is definitely envious of that job security. He even said as much. However, he will always be able to walk straight back in to a top job at any time. football management being the closed system it is.

  58. El Tel 1

    I hope Wenger plays defensively tomorrow and nicks a win.

    Imagine the media. They would slag us off rotten.

    For those who think Wenger teams can’t play defensively rewind to the CL final season.

    I believe we still hold the record for most consecutive games without conceding. Who knows, if Lehman wasn’t sent off in that final we might have had another clean sheet.

  59. El Tel 1

    I agree Bill.

    He has a great reputation and will never be out of work.

    I just see him as a money grabbing mercenary who builds his reputation on quick fix wins then moves onto the next.

    The man is like a virus.

  60. Keyser

    United and Citeh are 1 and 2 points behind us, if we take tomorrow as a loss, Liverpool could also be as close as 6 points behind us, considering we still have to go to Old Trafford, we’re in a similar position to where we’ve been all year, one mistake, one piece of luck and it could all come tumbling down.

    I think the results before our game are as important as the game itself.

  61. Honest Bill


    Yeah and DW has a bit more to his passing game too.

    Having said that, i fully expect Ramsey to start ahead of both.

  62. El Tel 1

    Remember last season when the twat complained he had no strikers.

    Ha Ha. He has more strikers on loan than almost any Club have on their books.

    Like Wenger, he only wants people to listen to his twisted views.

    How he wasn’t pilloried for that comment by the media is sickening