What’s the plan for Ozil?

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So the leading stat from the game against Reading was that Ozil created 9 chances. He’s obliterating this league. He’s quite unbeleivable.

I take it all back about him. I really do.

So, now that’s out in the open, you have to wonder with all this chance making whether that’s the impetus to move Theo on this summer.

Smarter players in front of Ozil, smarter runs, more goals, more complexity in our play.

I think this will be the last season Ozil has where he can run riot in the way he has. Next season, now everyone realises he’s a bit better than the weak German 60 minuter they had him down for, they’ll have a brutal plan for him.

Well, that’s what I fear.

Second season when you’re amazing is the toughest (I get it’s his third, but it’s he’s second after coming good).

So Arsenal need to work out how they can take the focus away from him, or share around the creativity.

I mean, chances are, that he’s so good, it won’t matter.

It’ll be interesting to see what the plan is for Jose at the weekend. He’ll have worked very closely with Ozil. What will he do to corrupt the passage of balls to him? What’s his plan for stemming the creativity in our team?

It’s a tough challenge when you’re playing a team of ball players. The only player who isn’t great on the ball is Coquelin, but that’s not really his job. Last season we lacked pace through the middle and had nothing going forward so we were pretty easy to press. This time, that’s not going to be the case… and regardless, Cheslea don’t have the energy to press us.

Jose will do whatever he can to sap the joy out of this game… and I suspect he has the fear. I hope Arsenal have something up their sleeves for this one. Will we go with two holding midfielders like we did against United and blitz them with pace going forward. They have a slow back 4 that we could get in behind for sure… and we have the added bonus of Costa not being available. Drogba is shot physcially these days and you’d hope we can keep Remy quiet.

It’s going to be fascinating watching Arsenal go toe-to-toe against Chelsea with a game plan of our own.

I’m confident.

What about you?

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  1. Dream10

    Lovely pass from Lewandowski to Muller to set him on his way. Shades of Benzema there. Unlucky to hit the post after the Porto GKs initial save

  2. MidwestGun

    Dream –
    Yep… on a platter. Almost couldn’t miss. Bayern passing much much better… Porto are gonna have to press and go for it a bit more. Bayern creating width with fullbacks getting up the pitch.

  3. Dream10

    smh 2-0 Bayern. One way traffic.

    Midwest – great point about the width. Gotze is not coming centrally and holding his position.

    In hindsight, Porto should have started another midfielder instead of Quaresma.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Whenever I see a panel for one of our games and it’s Hoddle, Redknapp and then some sort of twat like Jenas or something I do wonder. As if any of them are going to say anything remotely positive, or if they do they look as if there’s electric current being channelled through their balls.

  5. Romford Ozil Pele

    Proper Pep performance this. All kinds of ruthlessness. The amount of turnovers they’ve forced.

  6. London gunner

    The hardest question who is the best young talent in the world.

    I would say two definite candidates are Neymar and hazard.

    Goetze used to be included in that conversation, but hasn’t reached the standards of the former two players.

    Should James be includes in this conversation. He has a killer goal/assist ratio for RM in his first season.

  7. tunnygriffboy

    Thing is most of the pundits are really lazy. There’s a perceived narrative and this is repeated ad nauseum by all of them even if the narrative changes the still bang on with what is a generalised point of view. There is little individual thought and often they don’t recognise what they are saying is wrong eg Ozil is lazy, Coutinho is outstanding and is on PFA shortlists ( check Ozil and Santi’s stats compared to his ). Lazy lazy lazy, old boys network and money for jam.

    Porto rabbits in headlights. 10-0 ?

    Badstuber should have seen red though. Oh, forgot Atkinson refs football like itsrugby !

  8. London gunner

    “There’s a perceived narrative and this is repeated ad nauseum by all of them even if the narrative changes the still bang on with what is a generalised point of view. There is little individual thought and often they don’t recognise what they are saying is wrong”

    You talking about pundits or le grove

  9. WengerEagle

    I’m probably the only person who is indifferent to Ibrahimovic.

    Neither love him nor hate him, respect him as he’s a world class CF but he’s not as good as he thinks he is.

  10. MidwestGun

    Dream –
    That’s the thing, you always see people argueing on here, not good enough, etc… to me it’s two different arguements. To me we are clearly good enough with a few additions to win the Premier League. But if we are truly angling for CL. … whole different thing, So, start by winning the Premier and then let’s go from there. To win the CL. . It’s more like 4 or 5 additions.
    So when people say not good enough they should clarify.

  11. Romford Ozil Pele

    NM, true. Actually baffled by those who don’t rate Pep. His attention to detail is nothing short of extraordinary. A perfectionist if there ever was one. People need to read his book.

  12. MidwestGun

    Yep…like I said earlier… Pep will have ironed out the problems from last leg with width and creativity and getting caught on counter. How many chances have they created? Lol. Ridiculous. Still intense up 5 -0.

  13. Marko

    Watching that Bayern game and they do look pretty strong. Lewandowski is fantastic. Special note I’d like to say people who doubt Jackson Martinez as a potential signing for us the lad has 7 in 8 in the champions league this season. Bar his age he’d be a good signing for a team in need of a striker

  14. WengerEagle


    Burak Yilmaz had a similar season in the UCL to the one Martinez is having.

    He’s a quality finisher but there’s a reason that he’s still at Porto at 28/29 years of age.

  15. Dissenter

    There’s an elite in European football… and we aren’t part of that elite.

    I do not think money alone can gate crash the elite European football.

    This probably UEFA’s dream semifinal match-up.

    Juventus v Barcelona

    Madrid v Bayern Munich

    We are so far away

  16. Marko

    WE I’d say it’s more people put off by his price. 15-22 million sounds about right. Personally feel Dybala, Lacazette or Reus are more the targets we should be aiming for but I never dismissed him as average as some people have on here. His goalscoring record is pretty good.

  17. Marko

    Believe me if Juventus (or any Italian team for that matter) are getting to the champions league semis we ain’t that far behind. Probably just an elite keeper, DM, another Winger and a ST away from potentially winning or coming close to legitimately challenging

  18. MidwestGun

    I’d prefer a Barca/Bayern final. Would love it if the Old Lady could somehow get in there, but just can’t see it. Maybe if Juventus meet Atletico
    Basically,I don’t want a Real Madrid repeat…. regardless of matchups. .

  19. Dream10

    Jackson Martinez is a fantastic player. Big fan of his. Definitely worth signing, even at 28/29. With Walcott, Sanogo, Podolski,Campbell, we have space for two more goalscorers in the squad. Martinez and Vietto of Villareal would be excellent.

    If our goal is to win the Premier League, then our goalscoring needs to increase. The lengthy absences of Giroud and Ozil is the reason why we won’t the league.

  20. Bamford10


    That makes us FOUR class players away from competing for the CL. That’s still a long way away. Not to mention Wenger isn’t good enough tactically to get us to that level.

    And Juventus are much better than we are. Not sure why you’re being condescending to them. Pogba, Marchisio, Vidal, Pirlo, Tevez. Much better than we are.

  21. MidwestGun

    Dream –
    Sometimes, strangely,I’m doing terrible in Premier League but good on most other Leagues and in Internationals. Too close to the outcomes in the PL maybe, probably should stop betting on it.

  22. Marko

    Bamford considering we’re likely to sign (imo of course) Schneiderlin and maybe another forward in the summer we’ll be making strides. And me dismissing Juve is more to do with how poor the Italian league is and how lucky they’ve been the last two seasons to get out of the group stages. Yes they’ve got some excellent players but we could beat them imo. Don’t let this season fool people the English league is still extremely strong

  23. Marko

    Bam I’ll give you Pogba and admit they do have some good players but I wouldn’t go crazy on their squad.

  24. Dream10


    I can imagine you doing more coaching than Pep when you’re watching a match you have a bet on
    “ffs I put 20 on a 2-0 scoreline! What are you doing bringing in two forwards in the last 15 minutes?!?”
    Then you pace back and forth like a madman lol

  25. Dream10


    I’m not sure about signing Schneiderlin. He walks in to the Utd, City and Chelsea starting XI’s wih no issues. He is homegrown as well. We have been linked to him since the summer of 2013. Our chance may have gone.

  26. Bamford10

    We would beat Juventus? We were knocked out by Monaco. Give me a break.

    Juventus are much better than us. Better midfield, better strikers, better defense. Better organized, better tactically. Just better.

    And the EPL is not impressive at all this season. Chelsea are the best team by far and they were outclassed in Europe. The EPL is only “strong” in the sense that every game is competitive. The quality is simply not that high in the EPL at the moment.

    Think we’ll probably just have to disagree.

  27. WengerEagle

    Thomas Muller is now the top scoring German footballer of all time in the Champions League with 27 goals at 25 years of age.

    Add to that he’s scored 10 World Cup goals and you have a top player.

  28. karim

    Verrati only player worth watching tonight for Psg
    Pastore was awful, but at least he tried…not like the Swedish piece of furniture… 18 m Euros a season, you’re having a laugh !
    Neymar loves a goal against the French these days lol

  29. WengerEagle

    Agree with you on Veratti karim, he had another solid game tonight.

    Cavani, Ibrahimovic and Pastore were all disappointing going forward.

    I thought that Lucas looked decent when he came on and he made a difference, was surprised that he didn’t start.

  30. Dream10

    Bamford is spot on. With the exception of Southampton, the top 7 of the PL has decreased in quality. It is why Leicester, Burnley, QPR and Hull have been able to get points against the top third of the league (and unlucky not to win more.
    The biggest issue is the inefficient spend of the top tier. Man Utd have spent 150m pounds last summer and the new signings have struggled (they are rich enough to do it again this summer). Brendan Rodgers has spent 270m euros (correct me if I’m wrong) since 2012. Many of his signings have under performed. Finally, Spurs received 80m for Bale. They wasted it

  31. karim

    Agree, they had nothing to lose and could have been more audacious.
    Wasn’t a great game, I also expected them to show more in terms of intensity but I guess Barça were just too strong.

  32. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Midwest knows how to get it done lol.

    Muller is a top player. I’m not a fan of him though for some reason.

  33. Bamford10

    Can’t remember if I said this last week, but I feel like it’s time to admit that Cavani may indeed have been a bit overrated. (Yeah, I think I did say this last week.)

    He looks the part, but he makes a lot of bad decisions, poor touches, is un-clinical in front of goal, etc. He’s just not that good.

  34. WengerEagle

    Bang on Dream10, Brenda has made 22 signings in charge of Liverpool spending well over £200 million and you’d be hard pushed to class any more than Coutinho, Sturridge, Emre Can and arguably Mignolet as successful.

    The Spuds are just as bad, Eriksen, Vertonghen, Dier and Lloris are the only smart purchases they’ve made over the last few years.

  35. WengerEagle


    Trust me mate at Napoli he was a different beast, as clinical as they came.

    Agree that he’s been a big disappointment at PSG though, in the UCL knockouts especially he’s been very poor.

  36. WengerEagle


    Yeah was a monstrous task that proved too much in the end, in all honesty though Barca were just much superior over the 2 legs, nothing to be ashamed of on PSG’s part.

    How is Ibra viewed over in France? I imagine that he’s treated like a God by the French media but are there those who question his limitations in spearheading a UCL charge?

  37. Cesc Appeal

    PSG was a poor move for Cavani, at Napoli he was incredible, I can’t remember if it was Chelsea they played with him still in the team, not sure, but I remember a UCL game with him in it and English opposition and he was just incredible.

    For the right price I would still be all over that.

    Papers saying Madrid might ship out Isco this summer, seems illogical, but then, this is Real Madrid. Might be raising funds and clearing room for whoever the flavour of the summer is. Pogba, De Gea, Sterling, Hazard….whoever.

  38. daz

    Juve are a class side i read the other day they have conceded the fewest goals per game out of all european top clubs this year, but for how long will they last? The spine of that team will all be gone soon Pogba is sure to leave this summer and the rest will be in a retirement home 😉

  39. karim

    Yeah, but you can’t help feeling they weren’t mentally prepared to do something special, the media have always been rather friendly with big Z, but this is his 3rd year there, and people realise it may be the end of a cycle.
    Psg are an ageing team, they have fantastic young players like Verrati or Lucas but they need new leaders imo.

  40. tunnygriffboy

    The elite in Europe surely consists of Madrid, Barca and Bayern. Look at their squads and their attacking options. Madrid and Barca have the best attacking options and freaks in Messi and Ronaldo with their fellow attackers none to shabby either. Bayern a great all round team with the cleverest manager

    How far are we away from the group of teams just below these. I don’t think too far with a few quality additions. Realistically though those three teams with their resources and many of the best players in the world should be favourites to win it every season.

    Are we capable of competing with Monaco Psg, Porto, Atletico, juve ? I would argue not to far away providing we add and get our injury issues sorted. Losing that Monaco game is gut wrenching. If we’d approached it right we were capable of turning them over.

  41. daz

    End of the day the cl is a cup the best team does not always go through Your striker has an off night and they score a lucky deflected goal and your out, we could play juve tomorrow and win don’t see how the loss to Monaco has anything to do with it you can lose to a shit team one day and beat a very good team the next, did Bayern deserve to lose in 99 was it their managers fualt they conceded 2 injury time goals or that they hit the wood work a handful of times or were they just unfortunate? Did Wenger instruct Jens to be a dick and get sent off after just 10 mins was henry not a good enough striker to seal the win when through on goal? I guess a better manager would have beaten barca even with 10 men? I have a question is pep such a great manager? Or fortunate to have taken over 2 great sides as they were hitting their peak? Could he do the same at a club who have limited funds and don’t have a world class team to begin with?

  42. sanmi

    I have watched cavani repeatedly, he is shit. I am still telling you benzema is over rated, I know you wont accept that. both players confuse you because of their atletism and occasional flashes of brilliance, but as a striker, neither is clinical enough, nor has good positioning. Giroud on the other hand is as average as they are, not as good as an athlete like them, but has better positioning, the 3 aren’t clinical enough for world class, giroud has bette team play.

  43. Ivan

    Pep is elite manager. I strugle to understand where all this doubting about him comes from. How many galacticos Real asembled and failed miserably to lower teams in cl and primera beacuse of uncompetent managers? They had great teams badly underachiveing over the years. Or man city under mancini? At the time they had great team and barely managed to win epl…

  44. Leedsgunner

    Pep just proved his pedigree last night beyond all doubt. Wenger, I hope you were taking notes because sir… THAT’S HOW YOU PLAY WHEN YOU FACE A FIRST LEG DEFICIT in the UCL.

  45. Leedsgunner

    Wenger not good enough to look at Pep’s shoes never mind tie them — a different level and intensity entirely.

  46. Wallace

    “Wenger not good enough to look at Pep’s shoes never mind tie them.”

    good to know the last 5mths of excellent form and evident progress hasn’t shaken your faith in Wenger’s general cluelessness.

  47. qna

    Wallace. Arsenal have managed 5 months of excellent form in almost every of the last 10 years and still finished 4th. Its not Wenger’s cluelessness, it is his stubbornness that is the problem. Poor quality players being over-payed instead of having more quality players like Ozil and Sanchez. Until we get rid of £80k/week Arteta, £90k/wk Wilshere and £100k/week Walcott we will be stuck at enjoying 5 month spells of good form and finishing in the top 4.

    We need to look at clubs like Athletico, Dortmund, Shalke and even the mighty Juventus, who spend less money on wages than Arsenal, but consistently do better in the CL. It is a big problem, and Wenger has to take the bulk of responsibility for this.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    It is clear that Ozil took time to settle in. That was due in part I suspect to of field problems. What we are seeing now is a player of genuine class. Michael Owen is unfortunately reflecting what many know about former players of his ‘ilk’ that he lacks a brain above his waist, which is why he is a pundit on television rather that being employed in a substantive job.

    Arsenal have made genuine progress since January. That is due in part to having a more stable and less injury prone team, but also changing some of the personnel with a better balance.

    Building a successful and title winning team is not about making wholesale
    changes to personnel. Good Managers seldom do this unless you have a critical decline in performance as appears to be case at Man City.

    Arsenal do not need to make massive changes to their squad when it comes
    to bringing in new players. We need to buy players only if they are a ‘significant’ upgrade on what we have got.

    My view is that the club has at moment probably too many players in its first
    team squad. We could decrease the size if we improve quality AND reduce
    number of injury prone players.

    Realistically most of the offloads in our squad should come in the midfield department. Messrs Flamini, Arteta,Diaby and Rosicky are surplus to requirements. Most will struggle in future to get on bench let alone play in starting line up. Frankly even if they all left I don’t believe that Arsenal need to recruit
    more than one ‘top class player’ in that department.

    Otherwise the main priorities are a goalkeeper to replace Szczesny who has
    become a liability because of his failure to correct his weaknesses and possibly a goalscoring forward to replace Walcott.

  49. Wallace


    i don’t know, i think we have what is probably the deepest squad in the league right now, and, as today’s reported figures show, that’s with a wage bill well behind that of Utd, City and Chelsea. so if we’re being inefficient what are they being?

    Podolski’s the only big earner who’s obviously not in Wenger’s future plans.

  50. Emiratesstroller


    Our squad is too large and grossly inefficient. It is nonsense having players like Podolski, Arteta, Rosicky,Diaby and Flamini on books being paid egalitarian wages north of £50k pw if they are going to play barely 10 games each season.

    Wenger and the senior management need to be less sentimental and more pragmatic and recruit younger,better and FITTER players.

    As part of the revolution to improve standards we need to build an U21 squad
    with players who may not be experienced or good enough at moment to play
    in first team, but will gain experience either playing in Premier U21 League or
    being farmed out to lesser teams in EPL or Championship as Chelsea have been doing now for a number of seasons.

    At the moment our programme there and at Academy level is substandard as everybody apart from perhaps Wenger knows. Youth levels have been grossly
    neglected at club and needs clearly a serious upgrade in management,coaching and squad recruitment.

  51. daz

    Wenger not good enough to look at Pep’s shoes never mind tie them — a different level and intensity entirely.

    5-1 away to inter Milan after losing 3-0 at home rings a bell and I would suggest that was harder task than last night as inter were a very good side, and Bayerns reserve team should be beating porto

  52. Blsany

    Bernat looks a lovely player.

    Thiago was playing his 5th or 6th match after being out for more than a year with injury. Absolutely immense.Brazil should be kicking themselves why he is not playing for them?!

    Those are the only two genuine Pep signings.

    Goetze and Lewandowski were very much club signings.

    Is Lewa the perfect 9?On last night performace he has to up there but will he get games when everyone is fit ?

  53. daz

    How many galacticos Real asembled and failed miserably to lower teams in cl and primera beacuse of uncompetent managers? They had great teams badly underachiveing over the years.


  54. Blsany

    interesting stuff mate.Good to see we are big in france and germany and US , Africa and Far east too.Shame about Latin America though we seem to have no support there.

  55. qna

    Wallace: qna i don’t know, i think we have what is probably the deepest squad in the league right now, and, as today’s reported figures show, that’s with a wage bill well behind that of Utd, City and Chelsea. so if we’re being inefficient what are they being? Podolski’s the only big earner who’s obviously not in Wenger’s future plans.

    I think that deep squad is mostly on paper and in they eyes of Arsenal fans. In reality, those depth players are mostly mediocre. Most of the players that give us depth, rarely perform on the pitch. One of the problems is that we have been targeting players that are a 2nd tier class of players. Players that cycled out as failures. I am not talking about your Ozils, Sanchez, Di Maria’s. These players were still first team players at the end of their respective seasons. I am talking about your Welbecks and Podolski’s, or even Flamini after Milan. These guys were terrible business. Add to that players that will never be considered by the top teams, and are more suited to Spuds. Players like Arteta and Sonogo. Finally, our biggest problem is our focus on British players. I know we have a home grown rule, but we shouldnt allow it to cripple us. We can still sign 17 non hg players and since most players that we should be looking at wont have work permit issues, there is virtually no constraints. But we haven’t been able to afford big salary players because we have been wasting money on our HG players. Gibbs on 60k, Wilshere 90k, Walcott 100k is ridiculous what kind of player that gets you in Europe. Rosicky is earning 85k a week earns more than every single player on the Juventus roster. Can you not understand the problem here mate? Pirlo is on about half of Rosicky’s salary. Pirlo earns as much as we signed Joel Campbell up for. Sonogo earns half of Pirlo’s salary.

    I just cannot understand how Arsenal fans are not furious with the way the club is managed.

  56. OnlyCameToSeeEboue

    qna theres more money in english football. Stoke probably have a similar wage bill to some clubs that play in the CL. If thats your argument, then its void. Next.

  57. qna

    Eboue: qna theres more money in english football. Stoke probably have a similar wage bill to some clubs that play in the CL. If thats your argument, then its void. Next.

    Its not void mate. You havent put forward an argument. What is it, that English clubs dont know how to spend money so therefore Arsenal shouldnt be expected to? There is more money in English football. But its all wasted because its spent over-paying English players. Chelsea don’t pay very many English players do they. They have a couple of very good English players, that are actually worth their salaries. City only have Hart and Milner. United have quite a few English players but if you look at their wage bill, you can see they have an issue with value for money too.

  58. Ivan


    Sry but you tend to loose perspective with you’re latest argument. Most European clubs bar Barca, Real, PSG and to some extent Bayern have tiny wage bills if you compare them to PL clubs.
    It has nothing to do with negligence, and everything to do with current market, PL limitations regarding foreign players and abundance of cash flowing in PL, especially in contrast to rest of Europe.
    I remeber when Dinamo Zagreb sold Luka Modric to Spuds, or Eduardo to Arsenal. Both time president of Dinamo was negotiating transfers and on both occasions, he said that he will ask nothing less then riches because he knew he would got it. If it were some Italian or German club only interested he would got much less form both of them.
    Same is with English talent, there’s not much of them, and very little there is, is expensive as established players from other leagues just because they are English, so clubs get ransomed more by current situation than by their own negligence.
    ManCitys and Chelskis of this world throwing money at players didnt help also.
    If there would be more lenient policies about work permit for unknown (better say unearthed talents) rather than proven talent (most expensive) it would reduce wage bills drastically.
    Lets put it this way……would Juve have Pogba on penauts salary if Pogba was on same level as he is now with the same hype about him when he joined from ManU ? Surely they wouldn’t, and he never would end up there in the first place.