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Quite often, at away games, or games of note in the calendar… the football spoils the occasion.

Yesterday had to go down as one of those afternoons.

The 5 hour booze fest that went on before the game isn’t going to allow me the clarity I’d normally need to give a view on the game, so I’ll just give some topline thoughts.

Starting 11:

Some complaints that Wenger didn’t go with his best starting 11. For me, that line up was a smart one in the main. The only thing that failed was the players who came in didn’t do a good job. Danny Welbeck was largely anonymous, totally ineffective whenever called upon… he couldn’t even hide behind ‘oh, but he worked hard’. Kieran Gibbs was pretty poor for the most part, Debuchy looked wildly off the pace and our creatives didn’t really bring their A-Game.

Aaron Ramsey was also pretty drossy. He has class in certain moments, but generally, I think he slows our game either by holding onto the ball too long or trying some sort of trick that lose possession. People say he should be playing centrally, and there’s an element of truth in that, but I’d say that playing in the centre isn’t going to make his decision making better, or stop him from playing like Roy of the Rovers. He’s a good player, but I kind of feel what we’re seeing from him now is about his level.


Always a nightmare swapping your keeper out, but that’s what Wenger does with his keepers to keep them interested. Chezzer didn’t shower himself in glory though. The Reading goal was weak defending start to finish, but the attempt at blocking the shot was a total hash. He just doesn’t cut it for me. I feel he needs to move on and find a new club, somewhere that’s going to get the best out of him. I don’t think he’s going to get that at Arsenal. He needs to work under someone like Van Gaal.


Post game it was a bit of a weird feeling. We went back to a 20% full pub, so it’s clear it wasn’t just me not feeling the party vibe. We beat Reading in the end, but I think the way we won was quite reminiscent of the semi-final last year. Arsenal didn’t show up to the game yesterday. There was very little intensity in the team and as the game went on, we didn’t really pick it up and that gave Reading and their fans the impetus to attack.

It’s hard to analyse the performance as well. If you were to take that game in isolation, you’d say that Arsenal aren’t really up to the big occasion… and you could maybe say we don’t focus enough on a game plan for the weaker teams (ala Monaco). However, you just have to look at the stats… what’s that, our 3rd draw in 19 games? The rest have been wins? Hard to say we don’t take the little teams seriously based on the last 4 months.

So when you look at the bigger picture, you’d probably have to have that game down as a ‘just one of those things’.

It was a win, but a ‘let’s just move on and forget about it’ type of win.


Considering the stadium cost roughly double that of The Grove, I find it amazing how hateful the whole experience is. It took 30 minutes to get into the ground, then you have to mince up about 4 flights of single file escalators, then you get into the atrium and it’s so packed you can barely move. Pregame the razmataz was more intense than it was during my midweek WWE experience… SO LOUD.  Half time, I had to spend some time showing the till assistant how to use the card machines, they don’t serve you more than 4 halfs of beer due to ‘intoxication rules’. The crush for the toilets was horrendous (and you can imagine what that was like with 80,000 people who’d been on a 7 hour bender). Then, when you leave, you have to walk down about a hundred flights of stairs.

I absolutely hate the stadium and I hate how badly we play in it. Cup finals were better in Cardiff. I mean, even the area is horrible.


Look, we won. That’s the best part. I don’t know about you, but my biggest take away from yesterday is that I’d prefer to get Liverpool in the final because that’s the sort of game we’ll take seriously.

Also worth noting that the reason we played suboptimally yesterday was rotation. That’s progress. We’re saving players for Chelsea. That’s what big clubs do.

Also, United have fallen away. So we have the chance to push for a bit of space between the two clubs.

In short… it’s all great. And I love Sanchez.

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  1. qna

    Keyser: qna – You’re equating our position in the Deloitte league as some sort of general barometer.

    If you mean I am equating our relative financial strength as a barometer then yes. Your points about Chelsea and City abd PSG spending money before FFP and/or that not being included in delloite money league are moot because they are all above us. So yes I also expect them to make the QFs to make par. Even more so than us.

  2. nigel tufnel

    So many moaners here. Criticize us for getting to final.

    Where are all the other top teams? All knocked out, most by lower teams. But still you put us down.

    9 chances created by Ozil, some kind of record….

    Where are you gambon? Still prefer Erikson because of price? Pathetic.
    Ozil is a steal at 42m.

    Yes, a steal, with DiMaria at 60m, Falcao, Mangala near 40m… lovren over 20m. Luiz50m. Did you want Ballotelli at the time gambon? I never did.

    When we got REAL money to spend,
    Wenger did it right. Best CAM in world according to mouh..

    then Alexis, the real player of the year in England.. but you will probably
    choose Hazard, because you hate our

    You still cant even admit that koscielny is an excellent cb.

    Such an expert.

  3. Keyser

    qna – It’s not moot because all you do is ignore how they stay ahead of us, like I said it’s a halftruth, there’s numerous examples, Atletico are heavily in debt, Valencia, Malaga, Inter, Monaco, all were either in massive debt or bankrolled.

    Anyway the original point was about wages paid to certain players, there is simply more money in the Premiership, it is split more fairly and therefore it pushes up wages.

    You still haven’t acknowledged that 14 Premiership teams in the top 30 show how tough it is to compete in the Premiership, and how this relates to the Champions League, teams in other leagues just don’t face the same sort of competition, financial or otherwise.

  4. Dissenter

    If Villa play like they did today and we play like we did yesterday, they will easily beat us.

    We have to be at our 100% best to beat Villa.

  5. Arsene's Nurse

    Got to hand it to Tim Sherwood, he’s done a fantastic job at Villa. Oh and ahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Owen chocking on his tears.

  6. Thomas

    Weird he blew the whistle before 94 mins. It probably should have been 30 secs more. Terrible decision by Lovren but Balotelli should have put the ball in to the box instead of dribbling it to the line.

  7. Northbanker

    Just hope we don’t underestimate Villa but glad we haven’t got to put up with that Stevie G last game and wouldn’t it be lovely …..shit

  8. Goondawg

    Haha couldnt be arsed watching this game, but opted to listen to the last dying minutes on the radio. Kid you not, these Bbc commentators were actually bitching and moaning about Shay Given taking a minute each for every goal kick. The amount of liverpool bias is crazy, because I swear when teams do it against Arsenal, never an ill mention, and it’s commended as brilliant play from goalkeepers to take the sting out of the game. HAHA FUCK LIVERPOOL

  9. Arsene's Nurse

    Owen made one very short statement giving credit to Villa and Sherwood with his voice croaking and about to crack, He hasn’t been asked another question yet.

  10. Dissenter

    Villa have pace and power up front. Benteke is back his best.
    In a one-off game, it’s 50-50.
    They’ll out work us and have a great goal scorer who will punish us if we are lax.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    I bet the media are gutted, not fortnight in the run up to the game going through the best of Steven Gerrard, no talking about destiny etc

    Haha! Fuck off Liverpool, Fuck off Steven Gerrard, Fuck off Brendan ‘best team in the country’ Rodgers, Fuck off Danny Murphy and Fuck off Michael Owen

  12. Wallace

    “In a one-off game, it’s 50-50.”

    yeah, if we leave Ozil, Sanchez, Koscielny, Giroud and Coquelin out it’s a 50-50 game. hopefully we won’t though.

  13. Dissenter

    “Said I thought Sherwood would pull it out today.FA Cup should be ours now”

    We said that in the league cup of 2011 against Birmingham
    We said the same against Monaco.

    Sorry, it’s 50-50 or 49-51 for Villa, when you adjust for Sczezny.

  14. Goondawg

    Mertesacker in a protective boot, could be a blessing in disguise, Id rather gear up Gabriel and throw him in this baptism of fire month comin up, ready to be settled in time to battle with Benteke. Who looks quite impressive, Still too soon to say whether he will turn out to be a Drogba rather than an Adebayor.

  15. nigel tufnel

    Fair enough dissenter, that may be true. But some people here make it sound like we do nothing right all year.
    We’re on a great run, 2nd best overall in the prem, not just in the table, but in our quality.

    Every other big team knocked out.. did they all play better than we did yesterday?, are we that lucky?.. of course not.

    We were good enough to win despite not playing our best. But results come down to both teams quality, form, refs, alot of luck.

    But we still had some great individual efforts, worked very hard, and we’re in the final after winning it last year..

    Some people will never be satisfied, or give credit to our guys or Wenger.

  16. Dissenter

    Fabian Delph should have moved to a bigger club. He might never play a single game in the CL. We’ll never get to know how good he really is.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I agree it’s all about the set up, Wenger needs to set the right team out, none of this Ramsey at RM/RW shite, yeah I wouldn’t put Schez in goal or Gibbs at LB either.

    Strongest side for a cup final. We should win.


    I detest the ridiculous media bias toward Liverpool, its is beyond a joke. Not just that, but the way the scousers just pervade the entire broadcasting scene and are so obviously warped in their opinions.

    Like Danny Murphy yesterday, you could feel him willing Reading on and took any chance to have a snipe at us, same as Michael Owen, same as Hansen, total wankers.

  18. N5

    Dissenter are you kidding putting Villa favourites. Let not get carried away, they are gash. Yeah we’ve had some loses but we are a much much better team. We are favourites. It doesn’t mean we’ll win it, but I don’t see how you rate them having a better chance than us!!

  19. Dissenter

    The worst transfer of the last window is …Mario Ballotelli.

    If there were a rotten tomato score of “worstness”, from 1-5 tomatoes” his will a wheelbarrow full of tomatoes.

    Did you know that the media celebrated his transfer like it was a world class transfer. Kids waited at the Liverpool training ground for hours to confirm it was true.

  20. Leedsgunner

    “Haha! Fuck off Liverpool, Fuck off Steven Gerrard, Fuck off Brendan ‘best team in the country’ Rodgers, Fuck off Danny Murphy and Fuck off Michael Owen”

    Lol. Well said.

  21. Goonergirl

    I love seeing Liverpool lose, it just feels great. Can’t stand the club and their fans. We should win the cup now. If we don’t we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

  22. Dissenter

    No, I want kidding.

    Villa are the best team we will meet in a big cup semi final or final, in recent years.
    They are better than Wigan, Hull city and Reading…and we only just eked out wins in those games.

    Villa will be playing without as much pressure, it’s a bonus. We’ll be burdened with the expectations know gooners like you.

    It’s a on off-game at the end of the season. Last season, If Hull had a Benteke on form, they will have ended the contest in the first half.

  23. N5

    I agree anything can happen Dissenter as it’s a cup game, but listing them favourites, no chance. Villa are 15th in the league joint with 2nd worst goal difference. Make no mistake we’ll be firm favourites.

    We just need to turn up for once in the final.

  24. N5

    Oh and Dissenter, knowing my team is the better team doesn’t mean I’m expecting a win. I’m just saying no one will have them as favourites. Well except fans on Le Grove

  25. Marc

    Wasn’t actually bothered about not seeing the Villa – Liverpool game but I’ve just realised that I missed Owen have to face up to Liverpool not making the final and we have. If anyone saw it please let me know his comments.

    Who do you think he’ll support in the final?

  26. Alex James

    Thank goodness, the bin dippers are out. The media and S G circus can go and shoot themselves or something like that. Not that this matters, but I have had a soft spot for Villa, since they stopped the Mancs winning the double in 57. Mind you, the fact that they have won the European Cup, whilst we haven’t, grates.

  27. karim

    I know mate, was making fun of it, that s all. I have heard of the slight Liverpool bias in the press, no worries.

    Think you forgot John Henry and Jamie Carragher btw.

  28. Keyser

    GoonerGirl – Just wanted to ask if you’re ok, I think there’s a couple of other South African posters, but is there trouble in your area or is confined to other parts of the country ?

  29. Cesc Appeal


    As long as it’s not a souvenir and there’s a five year contract alongside it, I’m happy 😉


    Oh yes, how can I forget, Jamie ‘subtitles necessary’ Carragher, Fuck off!

  30. kwik fit

    G Girl

    Owen just doesn’t have the type of personality to be a TV pundit. Moreover I can’t understand why he’s all in favour of Liverpool cos he blow that connection when he signed for the Manc’s ( AKA RVP)

  31. Goonergirl


    Luckily any of the trouble’s not close to me. I know in some areas the xenophobic attacks have been really bad. Its quite terrible hey can’t believe the things they were doing. I seen one video and it was so gruesome I couldn’t even watch it.

  32. WengerEagle

    Hahahaha stick that up where the Sun doesn’t shine Stevie Me/Slippy G/Stampy G!

    Enjoy watching us battle it out to win the Cup on your birthday with a box of tissues you bin dipping scousebag.

  33. Keyser

    GoonerGirl – How fars not close, South Africas quite big compared to England ?, just saw on the news and they had clips of Cities ? and if the system can break down there, well hopefully it won’t spread and you’ll be fine.

  34. Goonergirl


    Its been really bad in Kwazulu Natal. Which is about a 9 hour drive from me. Also in the Johannesburg CBD. I stay south of Johannesburg. Its about a 30 minute drive to the CBD from me. But luckily nothing has come my way. Not sure when its going to come to an end. But hopefully its soon

  35. Keyser

    GoonerGirl – 9 hours you could probably drive from one tip of the country to the other over here, I wouldn’t know since I don’t leave the basement, but 30 minutes sounds close, is it just random outbursts or something more planned like a real movement ? Sorry just football brings us together, but when you see mobs with machetes on the news, you realise how your perspective is a bit distorted by priveledge.

  36. freddylekgunner

    Well as an African and was in South African for 3months. I can say dat SA is a racist country apart from Northern Africa. I was in Joburg and i was surprised at d crime rate even though am from Lagos

  37. @snoekrats


    How slow do you drive to take 9hours from Durban to Joburg.

    Shits real down South however here in Cape Town we havent been affected.

    The local students have been to busy taking down a statue of a certain brit cecil john rhodes

  38. Emiratesstroller

    If there was one lesson to be learned about yesterday’s performance and indeed our season as a whole there are now 10 players when fit who are automatic first choices in the team with one position on the right wing open for discussion withmthe option of Ox [my personal preference], Welbelck, Ramsey and Walcott available to play that position dependent on who is fit and in form.

    Whilst I accept that some might argue that Debuchy and Gibbs might be selected in preference to Bellerin and Monreal I think that the team offers more
    balance when the latter two play and more threat in case of Bellerin.

    My view about recruitment and departures has not changed since beginning of February albeit there are perhaps now different priorities. We do need to
    replace Szczesny. He is too high risk even as 2nd string. He is not an ‘intellectual’ or ‘thinking’ goalkeeper who learns from his mistakes and that is the main problem with him. Goalkeepers need to be ‘secure’ and he is not.

    I still think that we need Schneiderlein because he offers additional qualities
    that Coquelin has not got. For example he can play a box to box role when required and he is excellent at set pieces. Coquelin is a great acquisition but not
    yet top of the pile.

    I believe also that we do need still to bring in a goal scoring ‘acquisition’ who
    can play on wing and/or as a striker. As I have suggested many times Welbeck
    is a decent squad player, but as demonstrated yesterday he is not a ‘clinical’

    What we have learned since January is that Arsenal’s weaknesses in recent seasons are that we have had too many outfield players who are good on the
    technical stuff but not on work ethic around pitch. The arrival of both Sanchez
    and Welbeck has improved our dynamic there and that is one very good reason to include Welbeck in our squad.

    I wrote on the last thread early this morning that I was not impressed with Wembley Stadium and the environment. Pedro has repeated that statement in this thread. Emirates is a fantastic stadium and for all the earlier criticism that it can be a ‘library’ it offers comfort and facilities second to none other.
    Consumers particularly in London expect that for the money that they pay
    to watch our team.

  39. Goonergirl


    I don’t think its random because there have been some instances before but nothing this bad. This time its really bad so I think its more of a movement. And 30 minutes isn’t very far but it’s far enough. I’m just hoping it can be put to an end soon.

  40. Northbanker

    First time for an Arsenal – Aston Villa cup final, whereas Arsenal – Liverpool is old hat. So another reason to enjoy the scousers being knocked out.

  41. Goonergirl


    Yeah just realised I should have said its about 6 hours. We tend to stop a lot on the way there. And as for the statue business I feel its a waste of time lol. The people in our country enjoys making a fool of themselves at times.

  42. Goondawg

    ‘Liverpool will win the FA Cup, Arsenal won’t make PL Top4 and Sterling’s better than Ozil’.
    – @themichaelowen, April 4, 2015.

    Piers Morgan’s tweet. Hilarity ensues

  43. Wallace

    Tuchel to Dortmund confirmed. he’s very highly regarded so doubt there’ll be an exodus of the best talent.

  44. Danish Gooner

    Ohhh no my best mate is an Aston Villa fan could be a massive jinx,never in a billion years thought they would meet in a final.Imagine if we lose,i would probably have to murder him to shut him up,lol.

  45. bob

    mario balotelli gets so much stick from fans he cost £16mil but no one says anything about englands very best winger adam lallana who cost £25mil

  46. london gunner

    Not to start a war, but Sterling is no where near 150-180 k a week.

    Who ever on here who said Liverpool should pay him that is mental.

    I would personally take Coutinho over Sterling. Could see him being that goal scoring playmaker and we could pay him less and get him for less than Sterling.

    I also think Sterling and Sanchez are very similar in style. Sterling loves to hold onto the ball and go on mazy runs and is no doubt got decent potential, but I think Coutinho would really slot in well on the left for us and give us better balance and creativity. He may not be as fast as sterling, but the boy has got plenty of acceleration, great at quick neat interplay, a terrific curling shot and the ability to spot and execute the through ball

  47. Leedsgunner

    Jack Grealish of Villa by all accounts played well — one to watch and consider paring with Crowley possibly? For those of you who watch the U21 and U18 sides are Crowley and Zelalem worthy of the hype? Anyone else ready to make the step up?

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Tim Sherwood admits Villa are underdogs in the FA Cup final…yeah no shit mate.

    But at least he will be happy regardless of the result at the end of the day.

  49. N5

    Agree London, he didn’t step up at all.

    Cesc, I think Sherwood is a bit weird, but I love the fact the Spuds sack him and he takes Villa to the FA cup final! if it wasn’t us in it, I’d hope he’d win it just to rub it in, but as it’s us in it, a runners up medal is still salt in the wounds for the shithole down the road.

  50. Leedsgunner

    Aymeric Laporte being eyed by Man City for £25m? Even at that price he would be a great buy and a definite upgrade on ageing Mert. Don’t get me wrong I like Per but one just wonders if it’s time for him to be moved on if some are saying his injury is a blessing in disguise. Sell him now while he has some residual value.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, be even funnier if he takes part in the open top bus parade as well in North London, gets ‘Arsenal, FA Cup winners 2015’ tattooed on his forehead as well.

    Drunkenly takes the microphone from the Sky News presenter and rambles ‘because Spurs, I’ve…I’ve never liked those c**ts, and Levy, you…you bald prick. You can lick my ball bag! Peace up A-Town, I’m out’ drops the microphone and walks off oozing swag.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    I think maybe Merts injury is a blessing because we have to see what Gabriel has got week in week out, we need to know if this is the guy going forward, or whether he even looks like he could be or whether we need to buy properly in the summer.

    I called Merts injury a blessing for that reason, but maybe blessing is the wrong word. It’s certainly an opportunity for Gabriel and one for us.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Is it weird I really wish I could have been sitting next to Michael Owen today and licked the tears off of his face and told him how sweet they tasted?

    Then maybe give him a Johnny Wilko in the old baby maker?

  54. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough 🙂 I wasn’t calling you out mate 🙂

    Re Sherwood – despite his Spurs connections (everybody makes a mistake they later regret…) and his bumbling image (ie. younger Ian Holloway) I understand he is actually a very talented youth coach. When Villa let him go, I personally think he could do a decent job on our coaching staff. Am I wrong in even considering this?

  55. Cesc Appeal


    Well he seems to get strikers firing doesn’t he?

    He was very well respected in the coaching staff at Spurs as well. Plus he supports the club so that’s always nice.

    Obviously his contract would include random weekly cavity searches to make sure he wasn’t smuggling any info out. Pretty standard stuff though…right? My old boss told me that was normal…guys…

  56. N5

    Ha ha Cesc, he’s been a mole all along, he took the Spuds down a peg, he got a team to the final and he’ll roll over and let us smash them and then he can join in the celebrations with his favourite team.

  57. Silverhawk

    Why is depay not talked about on here?. Dude’s got over 25 goals coming from the left wing and a certain club needs a natural left winger?.would love him. Crazy talent

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Who am I kidding, that’s the song that plays in my head when I see Sanchez

    I actually could not love the bloke more

  59. Cesc Appeal


    It’s more his winning smile, cavalier style on the pitch and those eyes that say I’m a gentle person but a stern lover

  60. N5

    Ha ha ha ha, I think like that sometimes about Ozil, but his eyes don’t say what Alexis’ say, his say “shit I look like Marty Feldman”.

  61. Leedsgunner


    I’d love to see Depay in Arsenal colours, been singing his praises on here since the 2014 WC. Lovely player but probably United bound because of LVG connections… sadly.

  62. Cesc Appeal



    I always think Ozil looks as if he’s seen something genuinely shocking, his eyes just looks as if he wants to say ‘oh shit!’

  63. Silverhawk

    You probably right. Imagine what he’ll be like over there. If he remains focused, he might reach Ronaldo ‘s Heights.

  64. Leedsgunner

    “He looks as if he permanently has his foreskin caught in his zipper”

    Probably explains why he has such a languid running style then. 🙂

  65. salparadisenyc

    Cesc AppealApril 19, 2015 16:49:26
    Be nice if Gazidis sends Sterling some tickets for the FA Cup final.

    Top comment honors here…. Tickets, a key to London flat and a roll around with some sexy bird…. who does all those nice tricks with her mouth.

    Done… a Gooooonnner

  66. Rhys Jaggar

    Jeez, all this ‘the Cup’s ours’ nonsense coming out now. Arsenal walked out of the dressing room after the Liverpool game expecting the whole world to give them blow jobs for 6 weeks and damn near lost at Turf Moor AND a Wembley. Played like wussies both times but won. That’s a trait, I suppose. Better than playing like shit and losing, after all…….

    Well, Chelsea won’t give them a blowjob next weekend. If given the chance, they’ll tie them to the bed face down, flog them till they are black and blue and then go shag a higher quality woman next door.

    Arsenal need five days training to make them lean and mean again so they come out the traps against Chelsea like Hector Bellerin in a 40 metre sprint.

    They know they can do it.

    They just need some tough love this week to make them do it when it counts.

    Just to show Chelsea that, whatever the outcome this year may be, next year will be very different.

    And to let the manager know that the players on the pitch actually want to be part of next season……..

  67. qna

    Keyser. Not sure if you will see this. Different time zones and all. But I will reply anyway:

    Keyser: qna – It’s not moot because all you do is ignore how they stay ahead of us, like I said it’s a halftruth, there’s numerous examples, Atletico are heavily in debt, Valencia, Malaga, Inter, Monaco, all were either in massive debt or bankrolled.

    No Keyser. I dont ignore these things at all. Even with all these things we have spent much more than these teams in the past 10 years, even with their debt. Its just that we waste it. Remember that they make tidy profits on their heavy investments too. Malaga and Monaco were unable to maintain, but when they did cash out their players they recovered a lot of the investment. On the other hand, you have Arsenal, who rather than trying to be competative and go into debt to do it, have gone the opposite way and held their money in what is called our “cash reserves”. This is money that could have been invested in better players. But we chose not too. I know that you would be proud of our bank balance. But for me, I am not. I am angry that it hasnt been spent to try and win trophies. I still want us to be responsible, but we are far away from that type of risk and risk is part of business.

    Keyser: Anyway the original point was about wages paid to certain players, there is simply more money in the Premiership, it is split more fairly and therefore it pushes up wages.

    No mate. It pushes up the wages of English players and middle level Europeans that can come here and choose their club, but if we go out and get a top player that is playing at Madrid, Barca, Bayern or PSG, the salary we would have to pay them would be the same. We effectively compete with them. This has nothing to do with what you are talking about. You are wrong.

    Keyser: You still haven’t acknowledged that 14 Premiership teams in the top 30 show how tough it is to compete in the Premiership, and how this relates to the Champions League, teams in other leagues just don’t face the same sort of competition, financial or otherwise.

    I acknowledged that there are 14 in the top 30, but I dont agree that they are better teams than many poorer teams in other leagues. This is proven by English teams performance in the CL and Europa leagues. The English league is quite poor compared to the other top leagues and we will lose our 4th CL spot soon, as I already said. Spurs, Everton, Liverpool etc all had the same difficulties as the Italian, Spanish, German and French teams in the Europa league. They under performed, and this was before the winter break.

    Keyser, you are trying to argue against the facts and I am not even clear what your main argument is. But my point remains that Arsenal ARE the 8th richest club in the world and 4th richest club in England. If you could apply say the “efficient market” principle, then Arsenal should be finishing 4th in the league and in the quarter finals of the CL every year. Allowing some variation due to circumstances and the unexpectedness of football, we could sometimes do better than that and sometimes worse. We have done well in the PL, to maintain 4th or better. We have done extremely poorly in the CL to not make the QFs constantly. The fact that you think the PL is some brilliant league, worlds above the rest, doesnt change this in my opinion. What I will give you as a gesture, is that no Winter break disadvantages us very slightly compared to other European teams and extra European match commitments disadvantages us ever so slightly in the PL, but the latter has not seemed to affected a very steady equilibrium of United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal staying in the top 4 in most years.

  68. Silverhawk

    Guys moaning on here. Don’t forget that we still have the community shield title making it two trophies in just under a year. If it were chelsea or man u who won that they’ll be rubbing it on our faces.
    Winning the fa cup will make it 3 trophies in a year.
    Don’t like wenger myself but he seems to have turned a corner so I guess we should just sit back and watch how this new self unfolds.

  69. qna

    Emirates are you around mate. Just on what you were saying about our core and the fact that we only need 3 or 4 players. Well I understand what your saying. Realistically, that is all we might do. But I am saying that Arsenal have got it terribly wrong in the past 10 years and we still have to do much work to correct it. I have taken salaries from TSMPLUG (except Podolskis which I think theirs was wrong and I guessed Bellerins). I am sure others are wrong, but in general exact figures are not needed.

    I believe we have a core group of 16 players, whose total salary is around £970k/week or around £50m per year (see below). This includes 2 home growns (Ramsey and Oxlaide) and 4 good under 21s. We also have around 12 players that are a just not good enough to justify their salaries and are therefore a waste of money. These 12 earn earn around £815k/week or £42m per year. That means that 45% of our first team wage bill is wasted on players that are not good enough. If you consider we could sell or release all of these 12 players and still add 7 non-home grown players, we could add them on an average salary of £116k/week. Now I am not advocating this at all, But rather my point is that we could bring in the 2 to 3 young 22 year olds like Leno, Gaya and Dybala on contracts of around £60k/week I am guessing and we still have room for 1 or 2 mega-salary players.

    (Name, Age, Salary, Contract)
    David Ospina,25,”£40,000″,5 Years (2019)
    Per Mertesacker,29,”£70,000″,3 Years (2017)
    Laurent Koscielny,28,”£60,000″,3 Years (2017)
    Nacho Monreal,28,”£50,000″,3 Years (2017)
    Mathieu Debuchy,29,”£70,000″,5 Years (2019)
    Mesut ™zil,25,”£140,000″,4 Years (2018)
    Santi Cazorla,29,”£90,000″,2 Years (2016)
    Alexis S nchez,25,”£140,000″,4 Years (2018)
    Olivier Giroud,27,”£100,000″,2 Years (2016)
    Francis Coquelin,23,”£20,000″,1 Year (2015)
    *Gideon Zelalem,23,”£15,000″,4 Years (2018)
    *Hector Bellerin,19,”£10,000″,
    *Calum Chambers,19,”£10,000″,
    *Serge Gnabry,19,”£10,000″,4 Years (2018)
    *Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain,20,”£65,000″,4 Years (2018)
    *Aaron Ramsey,23,”£80,000″,4 Years (2018)

    Wojciech Szczesny,24,”£65,000″,4 Years (2018)
    Kieran Gibbs,24,”£60,000″,4 Years (2018)
    Mathieu Flamini,30,”£65,000″,1 Year (2015)
    Jack Wilshere,22,”£90,000″,4 Years (2018)
    Mikel Arteta,32,”£80,000″,1 Year (2015)
    Abou Diaby,28,”£65,000″,1 Year (2015)
    Tom s Rosicky,33,”£85,000″,2 Years (2016)
    Yaya Sanogo,21,”£20,000″,3 Years (2017)
    Ryo Miyaichi,21,”£10,000″,1 Year (2015)
    J£l Campbell,22,”£40,000″,2 Years (2016)
    Theo Walcott,25,”£100,000″,2 Years (2016)
    Lukas Podolski,29,”£135,000″,2 Years (2016)