Guardiola playing the wrong type of blame game

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I’m gearing up for a big one tomorrow. Semi-final time. Wembley time. Party time if we make the most of the day.

It’s a late kickoff. Ridiculously put on at the same time as Chelsea and United square off. I mean, come on, can we not make the most of the communications tech and have both games become a show piece. I find it upsetting enough that a game like that has to shown at 5pm anyway. Why can’t the rest of the world workaround my preferences for 3pm’s?

There’s not much to talk about preview wise. I think the last few months have been cruel on writers and bloggers. No drama, no injuries, no news. It’s been pretty sweet though. No news is usually good news in this game.

The game tomorrow should be a formality. We’re in exceptional form, all our players have found their rhythm. I feel like I’d be searching for a consumer friction point if I were to layer doubt over the game. If we’re focused, prepared and up for the occasion, then it should be a nailed ok victory. If we show up like we did against Wigan last year, and things don’t click, we could be in trouble. I doubt that’ll happen. This is David Versus Goliaths bigger brother who has a helmet on and there not in the mountains, they’re in a prison cell.

… but you have to be open to Arsenal having a Monaco moment at all times. So there’s your tension.

Ozil has been talking to the press about exhaustion. Someone asked me whether I had empirical evidence to back that the league is slower than the rest in Europe. I don’t. I’ve had it anecdotally and you can see it. But Ozil has claimed it is more physical. So does almost every player who lands here.

“I guess 10 years of consistently playing football took its toll. I was also struggling with the physicality of this league.

“The injury worked in my favour in a way, as it gave me time to recover, to assess and to work on what was required to compete in this league.

“The football here is far more physical, it is played at a faster tempo and you have to adapt to the sheer number of games. I have had to work a lot harder and adjust my game accordingly.

Anyway, interesting he said the rest injury helped him. Arsenal’s star performers this half of the season are all players who either didn’t appear in the first half of the year through injury or a lack of favour. Giroud, Ospina, Ozil and Coquelin have all made less than 16 Premiership appearances. This shows you importance of giving players time off in between games and the benefits of Sir Alex Ferguson style early season rotation. Hopefully next season, with a free summer on the cards, we can start strongly whilst finishing with a full compliment of players.

Talking of fresh players, Bayern don’t have many. They’re so short on players, they’ve resorted to blaming the medical team for the demise. Their lead doctor left yesterday. A few people asking what I think. Well, the same I’d think if Arsene were destroying players. It’s poor management. Players fitness and keeping the best on the pitch is integral if you want to be the best in the biz. Klopp’s team went down hill when he lost his right-hand fitness side kick. Pep didn’t do very well last season with injuries (if I remember correctly) and he’s bombed at the tail end of the season this year. Not good. Shows the importance of a world-class fitness coach.

It also shows how even the best coaches are at the mercy of their team set up.


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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: This is about the level of player wenger likes from what I can tell

    But it’s not is it ?

    Because Flamini only plays when both Coquelin and Arteta aren’t fit. Welbeck only plays when Giroud or another forward is injured, Sanogo would only play when half the side is injured

    Smalling and Milner are just rumours AND neither are going to be starters

    If you actually want to know which players Wenger likes best, look and see who he picked in the last game when most of the squad were fit and stop making stuff up

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    TheBayingMob: If this team suffered injuries in key areas we would nose dive again.

    That’s the same for most teams though. At the beginning of the season we were playing a lot of games missing 4/5 vital players and several others too.

    If Chelsea had suffered a similar amount of injuries, I doubt very much they’d be where they are now

  3. qna

    Why Nasri way to see the glass half full. Its the players you call squad that are the reason we are perenial failures. They are simply not good enough. When its their turn to perform they dont and we are where we are.

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s not whether the glass is half full or half empty, it’s whose round is it next.

    If you wanted to present an accurate picture, you’d include players from across the squad, not just the worst ones. You’d include the better quality players we’re linked to like Sterling as well as the crap ones like Milner. I suspect you only added Schneiderlin because you don’t personally rate him

    You could just as easily say that opposition would be trembling with fear over a 37 yr old Drogba, Brown, Mikel, Moses and Ake

    The issue that’s more important is the keeping the players fit. If we could match Chelsea in that regard, (or they matched us) it would be a lot closer

  5. qna

    Nasri keep pretending mate. 1 fa cup in 10 years. These squad players have been around for half of that at least. The results speak for themselves.

    Bargain basement buys give you bargain basement results.

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    Players we’ve signed over the last 2 seasons,

    Ozil, Sanchez, Debuchy, Chambers, Flamini, Welbeck, Gabriel, Bielik, Ospina

    How many of those are bargain basement buys?


    Who is pretending now?

  7. qna

    Top quality in demand players: Ozil, Sanchez

    Bargain basement/reject bin: Debuchy, Flamini, Welbeck, Gabriel, Ospina

    Youth: Chambers, Bielik

  8. Redtruth

    Ozil hasn’t exactly set the Premier league alight.
    Welbeck isn’t a top player.
    Gabriel has had a few outings but it’s only a matter of time before his first howler.
    Chambers is a rookie and raw and unproven
    Debuchy wgen not injured is a decent defender.
    So that only leaves Sanchez the only real quality player in the entire team

  9. Nasri's Mouth



    Just for clarification, are you putting France’s 1st choice RB in the bargain basement bin or the reject bin ?

    We’ve spent Β£125m net in the last 2 seasons on signings, and yet you harp on about bargain basement signings

    Come on, you’re arguing something really dumb

  10. qna

    Nasri. Apart from Ozil, Sanchez and Debuchy we would be a massively competative team if we had bought quality instead of these bargain bin list.

    Imagine if we had got a propper dm instead of flamini. A top keeper that we are still trying to sign today instead of Β£3m ospina. A top established and recognised DM to replace TV5 in the first team. And most importantly a striker that can actually scote goals instead of Welbeck.

  11. qna

    Nasri. He simply didnt fit into the first category. Debuchy was hardly a world class in demand defender. Essentially he was a direct replacement for Sagna. Already in the twilight of his career. He is arguably already only our 2nd choice behind Bellerin.

  12. daz

    People still don’t seem to get that its not about the price of a player that matters kos would be considered a bargain bin signing but guess what who cares because he has quality unlike mangala who cost a bomb

  13. qna

    Redtruth. I dont need your help mate. I think Bemzema is world class too. So is Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla. But that is all we have and two of them in the last 3 years. We need to keep adding them. Cazorla os already aging out of that category so we missed a real window of opportunity this year by not signing a genuine forward instead of Welbeck. Not to mention not starting the season with a new DM and CB.

  14. Nasri's Mouth


    Ahh, so you’ve changed your mind on Debuchy. Good start

    Ospina was bought as a no.2, not as a first choice. Every team needs a 2nd keeper, and we’ve actually got a pretty good one. Szczesny had an excellent season last season, so there was no reason to replace him.

    Flamini was a back up, worked ok to start with, looks poor now. But we’ve managed by as much luck as judgement to get a very good replacement in Coq. He’s not perfect, but there’s not much wrong with him in our current system

    Dunno what you’re on about getting a DM to replace Tv5, he was never a DM.
    We were slow getting him, but we’ve got Gabriel who looks very good.

    And we don’t need a striker to score goals when we have Giroud.

    So yeah, I think if we can improve our injury situation next season, teams will be frightened to play us, because actually despite what you think we’ve got the makings of a pretty good squad

    But hey, feel free to assume that Sanogo is our first choice, Flamini will stay and play and we’ll sign Milner…

  15. qna

    Daz. Its not about the price. But the results show that when we spend good money we get good players. Look at the quality of Ozil and Sanchez. You dont get that in the discount bin. Hopefully Ozil will have 2 fa cups and a world cup in 2 years to show his critics. It also shows what money buys.

  16. qna

    Nasri. All bullshit excuses mate. Talk all you want you cant change the facts that the players you defend are 4th place specialists. They are passengers on the coat tails of a few quality playerd and when those players get injured, the passengers get shown up clear for all to see – except those that choose not to. You are one of those.

    Your a specialist in failure Nasri.

  17. Redtruth

    Giroud at best should be back up striker and not first choice.

    That Giroud is Arsenal’s first choice striker tells you where Arsenal are heading and it’s not to the summit.

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: Nasri. All bullshit excuses mate

    Saying that doesn’t make it true. You actually have to put some reasoning in behind it, like I did.

    But never mind, keep going

  19. Marc

    Can we please not talk about signing Milner. I really dread the idea of getting him, let’s bin Walcott in the summer and get some real quality in. Milner is a typical English player lots of graft, over hyped and if he’s that good and on a free where are PSG, Bayern, RM and Barca.

  20. TheBayingMob

    NM: That’s the same for most teams though. At the beginning of the season we were playing a lot of games missing 4/5 vital players and several others too.

    If Chelsea had suffered a similar amount of injuries, I doubt very much they’d be where they are now
    Ye absolutely agree with you; take Messi and Suarez away from Barca, they certainly become a different proposition. That’s what I mean though. Everyone’s like “Wenger’s turned a corner” and Klopp has been found out; it’s rubbish for me though.

    The difference was Wenger was given season after season to hit on a lucky run (which, even after all the talk of physio teams and managing players fitness, that’s all it is) to turn his injury crisis around in a league that didn’t contain that many quality teams IMO.

    I’d still take Klopp. Why? He’s younger, would be highly motivated to make up for his end at Dortmund (as Wenger was re: Monaco) and would not be ingrained into the power structure of the club as Wenger is which has been a massive hindrance to change and progressive evolvement at the club; that of course assumes that the massive bell ends who have given Wenger chance after chance after chance, year after year after year would grant Klopp the same gracious, heart felt time and patience as they gave Mr Wenger.

    I bet they wouldn’t; as soon as we hit a bad run they’d be all tears, clutching onto their blankies screaming “I told you! I told you! We should have kept Wenger forever even after he was dead” πŸ˜‰

  21. Santos

    Baying Mob

    Totally share the same thought. I would prefer Klopp to take over at Arsenal. He would be motivated to rise again just like LVG, Carlo and Wenger had done in the past. What caused him to bomb from last year was his limited squad. Having that same group of players playing regularly, his intense methods and the constant cherry picking of his team destablised the team’s chemistry.

    He would do well at Arsenal with bigger resources. It might not also work out. Like someone pointed out yesterday, the PL would be a great barometer to test his managerial acumen.

  22. Dark Hei

    Milnar is a better player than what people gives him credit for. He is not at the level of the super stars but every team needs a hardworking team player.

  23. Wallace


    “Bargain basement/reject bin: Debuchy, Flamini, Welbeck, Gabriel, Ospina”

    as NM said Debuchy’s France’s first choice right back. Welbeck leads the line for England and is top scorer in the Euro 2016 qualifiers. and Gabriel’s just received his first call up for Brasil…

    are you just wanting a 30m player at every position? do you think it’s a sign of a quality side when Utd have 30m Luke Shaw as reserve left back?

    and while Sanchez and Ozil are quality, saying our upsurge in form is entirely on them ignores the contribution of a few more bargain bin types in Koscielny, Bellerin, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla & Giroud.

  24. qna

    daz: Qna what do u think of Ramsey?

    Ramsey can be a very good player one day. Right now he is only a squad player, but he along with Oxlade are squad players that should, with competition, be able to win themselves starting positions.

    A central midfield of Coquelin, Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta, Oxlaide, Rosicky, is really poor though. For example, if your ambition was to go through to the CL semis or the final, you would bring in two new CMs that jump the queue and start ahead of all of these. If you judge Coquelin on his past dozen games then he is probably as good as you get for a DM, but I dont trust that he can keep this up for a whole season. Lets say we trust him and he holds his starting spot. Then we still need to bring somebody ahead of Ramsey.

  25. tunnygriffboy

    So Mr Mourinho is moaning about Ffp again. He said that it’s easier to manage man u to Chelsea under ffp. The irony of him saying that. He really is a whinger loooooool

  26. daz

    Qna ok, I personally think Ramsey is already a very good player and if he stays fit can get back to the form he showed last year, if he does that for the next few seasons can easily be one of the best players in the pl so don’t think he needs replacing and can be sure Wenger won’t be looking to replace him either

  27. qna

    Wallace: as NM said Debuchy’s France’s first choice right back.

    Direct replacement for Sagna. Hardly world class. Already Bellerin is the better choice RB in my opinion.

    Wallace: Welbeck leads the line for England and is top scorer in the Euro 2016 qualifiers.

    Welbeck is the very definition of a reject bin player. LVG deemed he was not good enough and he hasnt showed anything to suggest LVG was wrong. Bendtner does well in Euro qualifiers doesnt he. Would you like us to bring him back? By your definition we should never have let him go.

    Wallace: Gabriel’s just received his first call up for Brasil…are you just wanting a 30m player at every position? do you think it’s a sign of a quality side when Utd have 30m Luke Shaw as reserve left back?

    Lots of players get called up to the Brazil squad. Lets see if he becomes a regular in the team in a non-friendly match. I have never rate Luke Shaw, but he is far better than Chambers. The best quailty about both are they are home grown at this stage. I would have like us to spend 30m on a CB yes, not just anybody, but somebody like Varane.

    Wallace: and while Sanchez and Ozil are quality, saying our upsurge in form is entirely on them ignores the contribution of a few more bargain bin types in Koscielny, Bellerin, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla & Giroud.

    First Cazorla wasnt a bargain basement buy, he was available while Malaga were clearing out players and his fee to Malaga shows that. Bellerin is a youth player, as was Cazorla and I am not against buying young talent and trying to bring them through.

    Kosielny, Monreal and Giroud. We would still have had success with similarly priced alternatives for each of these. We might have even progressed in the CL with a better CF and possibly won the league this year.

  28. tunnygriffboy


    We have a very good squad atm, as strong as we’ve had in a long time. Of course it can and should be strengthened in the summer but it’s just as important to have a good fitness record next summer.

    Re bargain basement players I think it’s a bit disingenuous to call any of our players that. Yes certain players need to be replaced with better quality but they are still good players

    I would guarentee that if a number of our players played for other teams we would want them. Many of them would be 20 million plus. We have money now and are buying expensive players. However the teams we are competing against already have full squads of 20 million plus players. When they sell one they replace with an other one. We are not at that stage yet but are getting there

  29. tunnygriffboy

    We may have won the league had Debuchy, Kos, Ozil, Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey and others hadn’t missed huge chunks of the season with injury. I don’t think that it’s all about galactico players. A good team is as important as that and the spirit and camaraderie is essential as well.

  30. qna

    daz: Qna ok, I personally think Ramsey is already a very good player and if he stays fit can get back to the form he showed last year, if he does that for the next few seasons can easily be one of the best players in the pl so don’t think he needs replacing and can be sure Wenger won’t be looking to replace him either

    Well I dont disagree with that either. It depends on what your expectations are. For me Arsenal are the 8th richest club in the world. So we should be making the QF of the CL virtually every year. We are also the 4th richest club in the PL, which means we should be making the top 4 of the PL regularly. Sometimes we should be doing better than that and sometimes we might do worse. The fact that we havent done worse than 4th in the PL in 17 years is excellent. Its absolutely phenomenal as we have seen United and Chelsea drop below this during this time. But 4th place is still par. So we have actually only achieved par or one under in the past 10 years. But we have never ever looked like winning the PL. In terms of the CL, we have made it out of the group stage every season. Which is brilliant. But we have been seeded and for me par is still the QFs. So we have underachieved.

    What does this have to do with Ramsey or Wilshere? Well, I think we have underachieved in the CL, because teams with less money than us are able to play better football with better players than us. Here is where I question whether Ramsey or Wilshere are good enough. I think there are much better options available and if we rely on this British core of players to actually perform on the pitch then we will continue to perform under-par in Europe. We may not be shown up as much in the PL because when you compare them against most of the midfield in the PL, they are the better players. Its almost a reverse of the situation in Europe. So we have a flat track bully type of situation. Our big problem has been against the top 8 or 9 teams where we are one of the worst performing top sides for this exact reason. So I am saying we need to bulk up in our quality and try to be the 8th best team Europe and aim to take the most points in the top 8 mini-table. I don’t see Ramsey as presently good enough to rely on for those goals, but he does have the potential. Wilshere does too. But at the moment, they are losing midfield battles when they count.

  31. Wallace


    “Koscielny, Monreal and Giroud. We would still have had success with similarly priced alternatives for each of these.”

    really? Kos and Giroud were roughly 10m each and have been incredible value. both would cost 30m or so in today’s market. and this season Monreal’s been as good as any left back in the country. and way better than Chelsea and Utds big money buys at that position(Shaw & Luis).

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Ramsey will be a brilliant player. He’s still learning the game. Still only 23 and has missed18 months of development after the leg break. He will get better and better. Wilshere has the potential to be very good and I think that if he stays fit he will be a valuable member of the team. Both these players are yet to reach their peak.

  33. tunnygriffboy


    Kos and Monreal are late 20’s and at their peak. Ditto Santi. We have a good balance in the team with experience and youth and the bulk of the squad is nearing or just about to reach their peak including Sanchez and Ozil. We don’t want to end up like City with the team aging together.

    Part of the reason I like about the club is that we take young players, put them in the team and let them develop. Sure there have been players who haven’t quite made it but now that we have more money we can keep those we want , build a team with them, adding WC players to the group. Whoever inherits this group will be lucky.

  34. daz

    Qna cazorla wasn’t a youth player when we got him not even close, as for welbeck no he hasnt set the world alight but has done a decent job, as tgb said above many of our squad would demand a high asking price if we were to buy them at this stage so isn’t it better to get them in before their price goes up

  35. qna

    Daz. I dont think I said Cazorla was a youth player. If I did it was a mistake. He was a bargain player because Malaga’s golden goose stopped laying eggs and they had to sell both him and Monreal. So we picked them up as bargains that were on high wages and with few options, so we were able to get bargain transfer prices. I dont have a problem with this type of opportunism, although I never rated Monreal as a player. I dont consider Cazorla or Monreal reject bin players either.

    Koscielny was a genuine bargain that has come up trumps. But lets not forget he was bought with Sqillachi who was shit, so it kind of cancels itself out.

    Giroud was a bargain basement forward player along with Podolski, Chamack, Park, Gervinho, Sonogo. You say the policy has worked, I say it hasnt, its a matter of opinion.

    Wenger loves to turn oysters into pearls. That is fine and dandy, but he has been doing it at the expense of our success. It should be a secondary goal and not a primary goal. Walcott and Wilshere are currently prime examples. Its ok to sell a player when he still has value left. Its not like putting your own children up for adoption, its part and parcel of football.

  36. qna

    TGB: I would guarentee that if a number of our players played for other teams we would want them. Many of them would be 20 million plus.

    I wouldnt. I am against a lot of the players we are linked with as well. Milner, Sterling, Schnederlin. I wouldn’t be overpaying for Ramsey either and I would be dead against signing Welbeck, Walcott, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Wilshere and Schezeny, even though I am sure we would fetch nice prices for all of these.

    I would pay the following for British talent (and home grown premium is already included): 20m for Sterling, 20m for Oxlaide, 20m for Hart, 25m for Ramsey – but would rather we spent 40m on a higher quality player like Verratti or Matuidi. Clyne is a good player, but Bellerin is just as good.

  37. tunnygriffboy


    Think you a bit harsh calling Giroud bargain basement. Podolski came with a good reputation. They were not WC players though. At that time we had to replace any number of players just about to hit their peak and in the case of Rvp at his peak. At that time though there was money it was nowhere near where we are now in terms of funds

    The team had to be developed and built yet again after these departures. Every time we nearly got there re the team vital players decided to move on to pastures new mean7ng the team had to be built again. This is now not happening and we are able to keep our good players and supplement them with quality.

  38. Wallace


    “Giroud was a bargain basement forward player along with Podolski, Chamack, Park, Gervinho, Sonogo. You say the policy has worked, I say it hasnt, its a matter of opinion.”

    less a policy more a fact of life. until 2013 that’s where we did our shopping.

  39. tunnygriffboy


    Sterling and Schneiderlin would be great signings. Schneiderlin gives us that stability and defensive option with Coquelin. Sterling would be a revelation withus. He is the main man at lpool and closely marked. His pace and movement alongside our forward line and infront of our midfield would give defenders nightmares. There are of course players similar to sterling but as an option I’d be happy with it.

  40. qna

    TGB: Think you a bit harsh calling Giroud bargain basement. Podolski came with a good reputation. They were not WC players though. At that time we had to replace any number of players just about to hit their peak and in the case of Rvp at his peak. At that time though there was money it was nowhere near where we are now in terms of funds

    Wallace: less a policy more a fact of life. until 2013 that’s where we did our shopping.

    So we are in agreement then guys? So its after 2013 now isnt it. So all I am saying is that we shouldnt be shopping there any more. I can accept that we had no choice then. Can you accept that we do have a choice now? There is no point to buying a guy like Welbeck. Complete waste of money.

    TGB: Sterling and Schneiderlin would be great signings. Sterling would be a great signing. But for 50m we could do a lot better. Schnederlin is not even as good as Coquelin. Whats the point of him? Shows a lack of ambition to me. I think Gundagon or Khedira are the best realistic options, followed by L. Bender. Verratti or Matuidi even better, but less likely to be parted with.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    Khedeira is not playing regularly and has been panned in the German press for his form. We tried to sign Lars Bender last summer. He wanted to stay in Germany, signed a new contract and is captain of his club. Not sure Gundogan will cope with pace of PL. He is a good player and an option. Matuidi and Verratti are great players but PSG won’t want to sell and they’ll be on big money there and why would they want to move ?

    Welbeck has been an excellent signing for 16 million. Versatile, quick, strong, tireless and suits the way we play. Still young enough to improve considerably.

  42. daz

    Qna yeah we no longer have to buy cheap that’s true I was over the moon when we signed ozil it shows the world we mean business all I’m saying is there’s nothing wrong with cheaper options if they are potentially as good as world stars just need a bit of development, many people list Dortmund players as examples of world class players we should buy yet think about it how much did they cost Dortmund, peanuts for the most part so what I’m saying is cut out the middle man and sign them before they double in price

  43. qna

    TGB: Welbeck has been an excellent signing for 16 million. Versatile, quick, strong, tireless and suits the way we play. Still young enough to improve considerably.

    Spell checkers hey. Let me fix it for you.


  44. Vince

    qna. Not taking sides, I even refuse to get the argument, but there’s no way Sterling will go for 20m in a market where Ramsey is 25. Indeed let me stretch it a little, and I know I’ll get stick for this, but I’ll conveniently pay double the fee of Ramsey for Sterling With Sterling you know what you get week in week out unlike our welsh pretender who vaccinated between world class and abject within half’s not to even talk of games. I’ve watched Sterling too many times and he is very consistent. he’s not even anywhere near his potential because Hodgson and Rodgers plays him everywhere and anywhere and he’s always measured up. I For one think we can even win UCL with the trio of Sanchez, Ozil/Cazorla and Sterling playing behind Giroud or Welbeck. it’s amazing how one world class or near world class player put things into perspective. and mind you we will have Ox and Gnabry as backups, making it easier for Wenger to rotate. it’s the inconsistency of our players that is sickening and the reason why I’ll have absolutely no qualms giving the CAM slot to a Sissoko rather than Ramsey or Wilshire.
    take this team for example: Cech, Belerin, Kos, Gabriel, Monreal, Coq, Sissoko, Cazorla, Sanchez, Sterling and Giroud. That will be a damp good team and UCL quarter/semi final won’t be a tall order for that team

  45. WrightIsGod

    09.44 and still no FA Cup preview is Peds having a laugh? Very interesting that everyone has got us down as nailed on winners of this thing, that’s almost exactly when we’ll try and throw it away. It’s the elephant in the room. The giant red herring – it’s still Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal

  46. qna

    Daz. Well I sort of agree with you. Dortmund signed Reus for €17m after he already showed he was a top talent at age 22.

    I think we should be doing the same thing. These 22 year olds that are not quite proven but already have demonstrated clear ability in top leagues. For example if we cant sign Reus and Verrati this summer then I would be happy with Leno (€18m), Gaya (€18m), Dybala (€40m), Rugani (?). But even then we would be deferring our success and wasting a window we currently have with a young Sanchez and Ozil and a still young enough Cazorla.

  47. tunnygriffboy


    Welbeck is way better than you give him credit for. He’s got time to improve as well. He’s a great ( and I’ll do your patronising style of comment by using capitals ) TEAM player. The sort of player who his team mates appreciate.


    Ramsey is going to be an outstanding player. Agai this season he’s had injury and has had to adjust to new team mates and a different role.

  48. qna

    Vince. Well I was saying I value both at much less than they would sell for. The premium for Brits is getting ridiculous now.

  49. Vince

    Tunny and Qna.
    But to me Ramsey just plays like an excited schoolboy. Amazing potential but chanel led to the wrong course. He can’t hold his positio, so indecisive, there was a day I watched him and he was actually playing ahead of Giroud, getting in the way of chances that should have been bread and butter for the HFB. You have none of these problems with established matured players like Sisoko who would sacrifice themselves for the good of the team a la Coquelin.

  50. daz

    Vince I think Ramsey did an interview recently where he admitted he had been trying to hard to score goals and lost a bit of focus on what he should be doing in his role that will come with maturity and the fact he himself has acknowledged this shows he has a good attitude towards the game. Off the field also when have you seen headlines of him doing stupid things like I said if he stays fit for the next few years I honestly think he can be one of the best he has also shown he can be a leader as captain of his country I have high hopes for him

  51. qna

    Vince. Yeah its strange that he was getting in the way of Giroud that day. Even stranger that soon after that Ramsey was preffered at RW over Welbeck. He actually played as good if not better than welbeck has ever played there for us.

    But Ramsey is not a solution for RW. Wr nerd to brign in a new top player for next season here and let Ramsey fight for CM spot.

  52. tunnygriffboy


    If you remember last season Theo and Ox spent most of it injured. They were the real pace in the team. Ramsey was the only one running beyond Giroud and we relied heavily on his goals. This season with more pace in the side his role has changed. I agree that he can get caught out of position and he needs to adjust to the new role. He’s been hampered with injury as well. He will come good. He is really talented but needs to curb his enthusiasm a bit.

  53. tunnygriffboy


    Better right wing Welbeck or Ramsey. Horses for courses I think. Ramsey did a job v lpool. Bolstered midfield, kept possession and pressed well. As a rule wouldprefer WWelbeck for his pace. These tactical tweaks are what we’ve wanted for ages.

  54. qna

    TGB. Well a top striker should never be left out for Ramsey. It kind of proves the point a bit. You just dont feel like he is going to score you a goal. These days I feel more confident that our defenders will get us a goal than Welbeck.

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Front three today

    Welbeck Sanchez Walcott

    Pace will stretch an open them up….

    Get an eary goal an we could win massive otherwise longer it stays 0-0 … We will get flustered …

  56. Vince

    Qna. So true, and that’s the problem with most of them. I think if they’d were given definitive roles from day 1 and made to stick to that come what may we imit have known by now if they’ll ever be good enough or not. But Winger is just the wrong person to help them get over this. I believe Wilshire had the best potential as far as their set is concerned, but see what Winger has made him into, a nothing footballer without any direction whatsoever. And to think his experiment that failed so much actually started with playing Ramsey on the wings….God give us strength.

  57. Vince

    But there’s just so much one can trust Winger with. he’s had nearly 5 years with these boys and can’t figure shite out. Wish Klopp was here already.

  58. qna

    “Welbeck Sanchez Walcott”

    I love it RSPCA. I have been looking forward to seeing this since we signed him. Is Ozil behind them? I hope we give up some possession to draw them out and then break with pace.

  59. Bamford10

    Some questions for Le Grove at moment include:
    1. Can the current squad (without improvements) win the league next year?
    2. If not, what improvements must be made?
    3. Will we beat either United or Chelsea in the coming weeks? If not, what does that tell us?
    4. What role, if any, does Walcott have in the squad going forward?
    5. Who is our best wide player currently (other than Sanchez)?

  60. qna

    WE. He is. But I have still wanted to see this three since we signed Welbeck. At the time we signed him, I was against his signing, but I still rated him about the same level as Giroud. I was wrong. He was much worse than I thought. But I still want to see that front 4 (with Ozil in behind).

    I also want to see Ozil behind Sanchez Giroud and Walcott. I think that is our best possible formation with the current squad. But I do accept Walcott has not earnt his way back ahead of Welbeck since his injury return.

  61. tunnygriffboy


    Thing is Welbeck has been playing wide and would have if he played instead of Ramsey. My point was that for that particular game Wenger wanted the extra midfielder so a front man had to be left out. They are different sorts of players with different attributes. For the lpool game the plan was to use Ramsey. You can’t compare the two because they offer different things for different games

  62. WengerEagle

    You’re being overly harsh on the club too.

    We’ve been linked to Sterling, Milner and Schneiderlin but we’ve also been linked to Dybala, Reus and Petr Cech. It’s just rumours at the end of the day, wouldn’t look into it that much.

    The one that scares me that no-one is talking about is that according to Sky Sources we’re interested in signing Cleverley along with the Spuds on a free. He’s absolutely awful, Milner on a free would be ok as a squad player but Cleverley is useless, leave him to the Spuds.

    As for our squad of players, Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla and Koscielny are as good as anything you’ll see in the BPL in their respective positions. Szczesny while troubled has ability in abundance, Debuchy, Bellerin and Monreal are all very good full-backs and Monreal especially has been outstanding all season.

    In midfield while I still agree we could use an upgrade on Coquelin you can’t deny he’s been superb in the job he’s done for us and makes a fantastic squad player,Ramsey has plenty of ability and despite people saying that he’s been poor this season he’s still a regular source of goals from midfield.

    I agree that we need a CF in contrast from Giroud, you have to admit that this season Giroud has only been outplayed in the BPL by Costa, Aguero and arguably Kane. When you compare Welbeck to the other back-up CF’s in the league (Drogba/Remy, Dzeko,RVP/Falcao,Lambert/Borini, Soldado/Adebayor) he’s done better than any of them I’d argue bar RVP maybe.

    We need a couple of quality additions but don’t make out like we have a poor squad, it’s the best squad we’ve had since 2011 easily.

  63. qna

    TGB: My point was that for that particular game Wenger wanted the extra midfielder so a front man had to be left out.

    I dont agree. That was not the formation. Ramsey played wide right and not as an extra man in midfield, which I guess would have been 4-4-2 the way your describing. Point is Welbeck does not score enough goals. His goal conversion rate is one of the worst in the league (according to an article linked in newsnow not that long ago). At least he is top 10 in something πŸ˜‰

  64. tunnygriffboy


    In reply to your questions

    1. Yes we can but it depends on injuries. We could win it but unlikely without additions

    2. Cover/competition for Coquelin, maybe a keeper and a wide forward

    3. Yes we can beat them. Be great to get monkey off our back re chelsea.I would imagine both games being tight. If so not sure how much it will tell us

    4. Walcott is one of a number of options we now have in the forward line. He offers us blistering pace. This is assuming that he stays. I think Wenger wants tokeep him, if he goes then we will definitely get in a replacement

    5. On current form my preference would be for the Ox then Welbeck to play the wide role.

  65. WengerEagle


    1/2) Not in my opinion. We’ve got the makings of an excellent and well-balanced squad, ability-wise and age-wise. However IMO we still lack quality in a couple positions in our starting XI compared to Chelsea, CF and CM. Keeping everyone fit is also a constant problem for us.

    3) I think that we have every chance of beating Chelsea at the Emirates, the title is gone so we could well beat them as we always seem to excel when the pressure is off. United away will be very difficult, they are in just as good form as we are and winning at OT is so rare for us, I know that we beat them there just over a month ago but we were fortunate that Valencia was feeling generous. If I were to bet on it I’d say that we’ll draw both matches tbh.

    4) If Theo were to regain his 2012/13 form and sign a new contract then he definitely has a role to play in the squad. I still wouldn’t start him but having him and Welbeck as back-up forwards would be very nice. If he continues to struggle and give us hassle on the contract front then we should just sell him off in the summer, he’s replaceable.

    5) Well there’s not many to choose from, the Ox has been injured so that really just leaves Welbeck and Ozil has been playing wide of late. Ozil has been in very good form so he’d take home that one.

  66. qna

    WE. True. Cant judge the club on rumours and if they signed Verratti and Reus and Leno then I would completely change my tune. But neither of us beleive that we will.

    I am in agreement with you on Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, Bellerin, Monreal and Debuchy. I know I have called some of them bargain buys and they were, but I am happy with them. They are the success stories. I also wouldnt be buyjng to juat replace Coq. But to play along side him, but as well to give him competition. I also dont see any CFs that are out there to replace Giroud. Schezeny was only evwr potential but never quote realised. He has problems with his head which is worse than problems with skill or technique. We should give up on him. Take Leno before we are looking at him like we look at De Gea or Coutoise.

  67. WengerEagle


    Also if we are using Chelsea as a blueprint, are you not baffled by Mourinho’s consistent usage of Willian?

    He’s much worse than Welbeck for scoring goals, he’s scored 4 goals in all comps this season and yet starts most matches for Chelsea.

    Can you not see that Welbeck does a very important job for us when he plays like Willian does for Chelsea?

  68. tunnygriffboy


    Ramsey was in there to retain possession, cover Bellerin and press. He was a wide play maker something that Wenger has regularly used. It was more of a 4-5-1 when we retreated into defence. However he was part of the plan to press lpool ensuring their CB’s had the ball under pressure. It was a tactical option

  69. WengerEagle


    Between Soldado and Adebayor they have made 45 appearances this season scoring 7 goals, Welbeck has 8 goals in 31 apps.

    Lambert and Borini combined- 47 apps, 4 goals.

    Dzeko has scored 6 goals in 30 apps.

    Falcao has scored 4 goals in 24 apps.

    Drogba has scored 6 goals in 27 apps

    Remy has 7 goals in 27 apps.

    And that’s just comparing them by goals, Welbeck wipes the floor with all of these in his all-round game and contribution. He’s also played mostly wide for us, these are all no.9’s who have played there.

  70. tunnygriffboy


    You keep on saying we should be signing Verratti and Reus. It’s not that simple. Verratti is settled in Paris and has a very lucrative contract. No way will they sell him. Reus just signed a new deal but with Klopp leaving there may be a chance there. However he will be very pricey and he will have any number of suitors both here and across Europe.

    Welbeck is a very valuable member of our squad and will continue to be so. He will improve his goalscoring as well. When played CF his scoring record, while not outstanding was promising.

  71. qna

    WE. I was never a fan of Willian, or Salah, nor am I of fan of Douglas Costa who I am hoping stays in the ukraine. I am also not a fan of Remy. This year Willian has been contributing to Chelsea.

    WE: Can you not see that Welbeck does a very important job for us when he plays like Willian does for Chelsea?

    I can see that Welbeck has been given a lot of opportunity this season. He has provided some good defensive pressure and been part of prividing a number of goals. He has also been given excellent service leading to numerous opportunities and has only a few goals to his name. He has the 10th worst goal from opportunity conversion rate in the PL according to something I read recently.

  72. WengerEagle

    Whoscored ratings of all those named:

    1) Danny Welbeck- 7.23
    2) Robin Van persie- 7.21
    3) Radamel Falcao- 6.70
    4) Emmanuel Adebayor 6.68
    5) Edin Dzeko- 6.66
    6) Loic Remy- 6.50
    7) Didier Drogba- 6.33
    8) Rickie Lambert- 6.29
    9) Roberto Solado- 6.27
    10) Fabio Borini- 6.23

  73. WengerEagle


    It’s not really about whether or not you’re a fan of Willian, his goal return is paltry for someone who plays as a forward week in week out yet he starts every match under Mourinho.

    It’s because he does a job for the team and allows the likes of Hazard and Costa the freedom the operate and work their magic. Similar to Sanchez and Ozil here, Welbeck does a job for the team. His goal return is also twice as good as Willian’s.

  74. qna

    WE. Your reaching a bit to include Adebayor and Soldado to justify your argument. Lambert and Borini too. I am saying Welbeck is not good enough. All of those names except Dzeko I would also say are not good enough. Drogba passed it and Remy another mid tier player like Welbeck. Also, Most of those players are subs as well. Welbeck has been our starter.

  75. WengerEagle

    I’m not reaching at all, just included them to give the comparison more depth.

    Even if you ignored Pool and the Spud’s back ups he’s still outperfomed the rest of them.

    As back-ups most of these are actually fine, even Real Madrid have Javier Hernandez as a back-up CF, a lad wo couldn’t get a game at United last season under Moysie.

    Bayern’s back-up CF is Claudio Pizarro who’s 36 going on 50, Juventus’ back up is Llorente.

    How good are you expecting a back-up CF to be?

    And Welbeck has played WIDE, not as a CF.

  76. qna

    WE. I have no issue with those whoscored ratings. Fair reflection. All are poor forwards. Welbeck could be top of that list and is still not good enough. United and City will realise that theirs was not good enough this year and will make the necessary changes. I suspect Chelsea will move on one of, if not both, Drogba and Remy. So the question is WE. Will u be content with Welbeck or will you do the nessesary to win the PL and improve next year. Thats the key.

  77. tunnygriffboy


    At the moment I would take Welbeck over RVP, Falcao and Dzeko, Drogba and Remy. Younger, works harder and has potential to improve. Really can’t understand why you have such a downer onhim. He is not WC but is and will be an important cog in our squad. Love the fact he’s un selfish in his play allowing others to express themselves. He will improve as well.

  78. Johnty79

    Wenger playing full strength is rediculas..wenger dare complain of fatigue against Chelsea…….

    Liverpool have won this cup so I don’t see why we are trying. It is written that they will win it.