What Klopp to City would mean for Arsenal

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It’s over for me. I’m officially not capable of going hard on the booze front midweek.

Take my beer badges, I’ll leave my bottle opener at the door… it’s time to get into yoga andthere probiotic smoothies.


I can write for you today.

So, what do we have?

Klopp is leaving Dortmund. He’s not going on a sabbatical. He’s going to move to Manchester City. Well, that’s what I reckon.

That’s pretty scary. He has vision, he’s charming and he loves to play attacking expansive football.

He’s delivered a poor job there this season. He’s either been rumbled, or he’s just been at the same role for too long.

Can he reinvent himself at a new place? I reckon so. But he’s a risk for whoever he takes on.

… and, the great thing, is it leaves the door open for us to nab Pep when he leaves Bayern.

United will have LVG.

Mourinho ain’t going nowhere.

Klopp at City would be a long term thing.

Perfect, right?

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  1. Bankz


    I respect your opinion….but just saying he has won like 20+ trophies in less than 6yrs of top flight management + I think he’d win the champions league between now & next season.

    Managed the best Barca side (some even say the best club football ever), how can he not be among the greats?

  2. Thank you and goodnight


    At Barcelona he was lucky to have a group of players that he had. He done very well, of that there’s no doubt. But as I said I don’t rate him among the world’s greatest managers.
    People are always going on about Maureen only going to big teams or teams with money, so that negates his achievements, yet don’t judge pep by the same standards because he’s liked unlike Maureen. If he came to Arsenal, with our limited resources, limited compared to the big boys not the stokes of this world, and completely transformed us, then my opinion of pep might change. But until then I’ll only view him as a good manager not a great one.

  3. nasri's mouth

    @David Smith

    If the medical team have ‘walked out’ I doubt it’s for altruistic professional reasons. More likely they’re pissed off with the public reaction they got from someone earning millions a year who should be able to keep his cool. Slagging off your staff like that in front of the media is ridiculous.

    That’s NOT how I want my club to behave

  4. Willow Wilson

    Banks And Mystic
    I am with Thank Yout.

    Pep guardiola may or may not be a,great manager but just using his record at barca to claim he’s superman isxwrong. Seriously, that Barca team!!

    Bayern were a successful team winning the CL. Since he has gone there they have not improved. They Have won 4 games away out of 17 in Cl.

    He blames everyone else. The way he treated a respected doctor and an employee of bayern for 38 years, in public, was indefensible.

    Is he that great? It seems that some people have put him onto a pedestal purely based on one club, Barca. He might be great but he hasn’t shown that post Barca.

  5. Willow Wilson

    Thankyou and Nasri
    t will be interesting to see how Bayern handle this. However hard the Pep Guardiola fans want to defend him, Bayern won’t be happy. An employee of 40 years, highly respected even worked with athletes like Usain Bolt and he gets treated so disrespectful in public.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    I’m not convinced by Bayern’s doctor, he seems to have some weird ideas, but he’s been there an awful long time, and this injury crisis is only very recent, so that would suggest he’s not directly attributable to it.

    BIld are reporting that there was a falling out over Ribery too, apparently Herr Doktor didn’t want him to play with an injection, Pep did.

    Either way, the guy is pretty old, he probably just decided he doesn’t need that kind of shit anymore.

    I doubt if Guardiola will leave in the summer, it sounds like he really wants to win the CL with Bayern, and he has one year to do it.

  7. Bankz

    Willow Wilson

    I don’t think anyone is defending him for his actions.


    I’ve never tried to downplay Mourinho’s achievements. In fact anyone who knows football wouldn’t downplay his achievements esp considering the fact he won the UCL with Porto&Inter.
    I think people only have issues with his negative style of football & cuntish attitude.

    I don’t subscribe to the “Pep had the best Barca team at his disposal”
    No he didn’t. .He built the best barca team from the academy.
    We’re talking of a man who literally made Messi into the beast he is today. Would Messi have reached the heights he reached if he was under a different manager between 2008-2012? I doubt that.
    He sold off Ronaldinho who was arguably the best player in the world at the time even ahead of Ronaldo(tho Ronaldo won the BallobD’Or & UCL). He sold off etoò after a season. Sold off Yaya & Zlatan because they didn’t fit his model. Unearthed Sergio basquests.
    Saying he didn’t make or build Barca into what they were between 2008-2012 is like saying Wenger didn’t build the invincibles because he had Bergkamp who was Graham’s signing.

    Pep guardiola built that Barca side & instilled their high pressing/ruthless playing style. He might be a grade A can’t but don’t try to take that away from him.

  8. mysticleaves

    Willow, TYAG
    Wow! Am astounded as to what you think of Pep. That’s all I can say.

    I understand Nasri’s view is that he didn’t handle the medical teams case well. That I concur

    But already Guadiola is a great manager. One team builds your legend as much as breaks it. He has set records that Jupp didn’t set in Germany. How has he not improved?

    Anyway I wouldn’t want to seriously get into a Pep argument. Pointless to our course

  9. mysticleaves

    I’d like to also point out that 3 years ago, Arsene Wenger won the best manager of the decade in the world.

    He did that with only one UCL final appearance, and 2 semis. And a host of 2nd round failures.

    Winning the Champions league is not what defines you as the greatest manager really.

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    Bankz: I don’t think anyone is defending him for his actions.

    It came about from David Smith posting that he wanted Arsenal to do something similar (having the medical team walk out)

    He said ‘thats how a proper club functions’…

    Idiotic comment really

  11. Nasri's Mouth


    Bayern 2012/13 91 points, GD 80, 25 points ahead of 2nd place CL winners

    Bayern 2013/14 90 points GD 71, 19 points ahead of 2nd place CL semi finalists

    I’m not saying that Guardiola isn’t an excellent manager, but Bayern were doing pretty bloody well before he joined

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    No worries, I suspect he hadn’t read the whole story and just assumed they’d walked out because of the injury crisis, not the abuse.

  13. Northbanker

    You only have to read this site to see how fickle fans are on ‘great’ managers. Klopp was the best thing ever and is now sacked. It just goes to show you have to be careful what you wish for.

    The Wenger Out brigade are the same ones who have often insisted on this site who we should buy to improve us – only to see some of those players come over to the EPL and then flop. YouTube and the odd European game doesn’t make us experts.

  14. Northbanker

    No doubt that Guardiola is probably a good manager and tactical coach. Yet he hasn’t really proved himself with turning around a struggling club. Barca had already won the Champions League in 2006 when he took over, he inherited Messi , Xavi, Iniesta Ronaldinho (but offloaded him), an outstanding youth factory (restructured thanks to Johan Cruyff) and had a bucketload of cash made available for new signings. Hardly the silk purse from a sows ear. Whole number of questionable purchases inc Hleb and Alex Song.

    He then takes over the new champions of Europe, Bayern (who had deposed his Barca!) admittedly wins the Bundesliga (as Bayern usually do) and Bayern no longer champions of Europe.

    I’m still far from convinced. Unlike Mourinho – whose record with Porto, Chelsea , Inter and Real viewed overall is astonishing.

    I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a good successor but just lets put his record into context

  15. WengerEagle

    I disagree on Pep’s managerial abilities, I think that he’s already proven himself to be a great manager for the work he did at Barcelona and how’s he’s continued Bayern’s success and even has taken them to a new level in the Bundesliga, the UCL is all that’s missing for him which he could still win this season.

    BUT, he’s always had a cuntish streak in him from the looks of things, he completely blanked Ronaldo and refused to shake his hand at the Ballon D’or ceremony a couple of seasons ago which lacked class and how he’s treated the Bayern club doctor of 40 years is disgraceful and indefensible tbh.

  16. MidwestGun

    You only have to read this site to see how fickle fans are on ‘great’ managers. Klopp was the best thing ever and is now sacked. It just goes to show you have to be careful what you wish for.

    The Wenger Out brigade are the same ones who have often insisted on this site who we should buy to improve us – only to see some of those players come over to the EPL and then flop. YouTube and the odd European game doesn’t make us experts.
    Klopp wasn’t sacked he quit. And it’s not the Wob’s who generally start naming replacements.. It’s people coming on here, saying well who would you get to replace AW, name names? It’s an agenda driven tactic, so people can tear down whoever is named. Because whomever is named is gonna have flaws, as every manager in the world does.

  17. mysticleaves

    Bayern 2012/13 91 points, GD 80, 25 points ahead of 2nd
    place CL winners
    Bayern 2013/14 90 points GD 71, 19 points ahead of 2nd
    place CL semi finalists”

    Nothing distorts things like statistics.

    Pep’s first year, he won the league by April, faster than anybody coach. He had sealed the league with 7games to go or so before he lost his 2nd game.

    The win last week game him is 50th win in the Bliga in his 61st match. Faster than anyother coach. The closest to him is 78games.

    He might not have won’t the CL but jupp’s team almost didn’t win it!

  18. WengerEagle


    Fair point but ignoring him in front of the watching world when he puts his hand out is pretty bitchy.

    Having said that you’re right that Ronaldo is a bitch himself.

    One bitch to another I guess.

  19. Blsany

    Highly rated young manager.
    Apparently he lead lowly Mainz to Europa.He was approached by Schalke 04 and Bayer Leverkusen to take over but he took 1 year sabbatical.Now he is poised to takeover BVB.

  20. Northbanker

    In any event Wenger is here for at least 2 more years so whoever is deemed good today will be deemed shit by then.

    So I’m far more interested in what Wenger does next rather than waste energy worrying about the future manager. Despite what you read on here, Wenger is a class manager who transformed Arsenal and yet sadly started to look outdated as his struggle to remain at the top took several years. That was partly from him making some fairly naff decisions over players due largely to penny pinching and losing out on better players and partly the impact of the new money clubs who pushed all financial common sense out of the window, pushing up fees and wages in the process,

    Now however we have caught up massively in the money stakes – partly because of Wenger’s financial prudence combined with producing just enough to qualify for ECL each year, partly because time has allowed it pushing the debt further away and the new sponsorship and TV deals helping massively, partly the Emirates factor / revenues itself (which Wenger along with Fizzman must take substantial credit for) and partly because FFP is now curtailing the big money clubs attempts to ignore financial common sense.

    So with money less of an issue and with Wenger’s worst traits now less apparent (he isn’t penny pinching on deals as much and is now showing a new respect for defensive and pragmatic football) so we have plenty to remain hopeful for in the remainder of his regime.

    Can we rescale those old heights and win the EPL? I didn’t think so previously but with some judicious signings this Summer – Cech, possibly Dybala, possibly Schneiderlin or other DM with the prospect that most of this could even be self funded (sales of Jack and Theo and either Chez or Ospina) reinforced by Bould’s defensive coaching and Shad’s new fitness and training regime then I will believe it becomes very do-able.

    I don’t need to hang my coat anymore on worrying about whether we get Klopp or Guardiola or [insert whoever is flavour of month next season]