Who are the players that could have made it at Arsenal?

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All the talk yesterday centred around Hector Bellerin being really fast but not actually that fast.

He recorded an impressive sprint speed of 4.42 over 40m, which would make him faster than Usain Bolt over that distance.

Clearly, that’s not going to be the case.

Still, the media blew it up. Then Richard Kilty, UK indoor sprint demon, challenged both Theo and Bellerin to a race which he believes he’d win… because he’s an actual sprinter.

Then there’s the blog of Craig Pickering. He pulls no punches as he slams into the sorry section of the media who live for page views. Some sections are so desperate for a story they’ll completely kill their reputation in the chase sprint for readers.

“The Arsenal Player OFFICIALLY Faster Than Bolt” (emphasis mine) the headline exclaimed. I mean, Jesus Christ. I understand that journalists and editors are under time pressure, and often have to write about things they might not fully understand. It’s a hard life, I’m sure. I’m here to help.

I love this guy, he’s so angry.

‘First of all, let’s examine the logical fallacy of this headline/story. Is it likely that a young footballer, who has to practise a wide range of skills, including actually kicking a football, as well as tactical and other fitness demands, could be faster than someone whose job it is to just focus on covering distances of 200m or less in as short a time as possible? That someone with almost perfect genetics, who spends 6 days per week honing his unbelievable talent, would be beaten over 40m by someone who does a bit of sprint training? That the fastest person by almost a country mile to ever walk this planet is not as good at HIS job as a Spanish under-21 international footballer?’

Needless to say, he’s hilariously destroyed the story.

What we do know, is that at Arsenal, under Arsenal rules, he’s the fastest player we’ve had. He’s not faster than Usain Bolt. It’s not his fault the press have taken a silly number and blow it up into something it’s not.

… but it’d be interesting to see how fast Theo and Bellerin are compared to a real sprinter. Arsenal should do something for Charity. I’d imagine Paddy Power are lining something up as we speak.

Talking of Theo, there are reports he’s going to open talks with Arsenal. Again, I’d find this odd. He’s been ostracised from the team. Would be weird for him to be considering anything other than leaving. I think Arsenal can upgrade, I think there are English teams taht could do with a Theo right now. I don’t see much of a future for him in the current set up.

In Liverpool news, Raheem Sterling was caught smashing a Shisha pipe, which was embarrassing enough. Rodgers slammed him in the press. Well, he didn’t slam him. He had a moan. One of my pals suggested maybe that’s Rodgers teeing him up for a move out? Wishful thinking. But thinking I admire. What I find even more hilarious is that Jordan Ibe, the next generation of Sterling coming through has also been caught doing the same thing… there’s a very rich shisha reseller in Liverpool at the moment.

The chaps over @ArsenalEdits have been leaking kits all over the place. Puma aren’t exactly Apple when it comes to keeping secrets. I like both of them though. They’ve kept the home one in traditional shape… and the away one is a little experimental. I think it’s cool. I think the away shirt should always be a bit crazy. It’s a good look. I feel like we could win the title in both.


Finally, before we go. After all the chat from yesterday about the accidental emergence of Coquelin, can you let me know the players we let go that you most regret weren’t given a proper crack of the whip.

I’m thinking, Carlos Vela style players… or players you think could have been something if they’d been given 4 years in the first team like Alex Song was.


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  1. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Bankz is suffering from frustration.

    Tbh take away those stripes and I think that third kit is pretty cool. If it is our third kit that is.

  2. Romford Ozil Pele

    Always thought Henri Lansbury and JET would make it, how wrong I was!

    Never sold on David Bentley even though he scored that ridiculous goal on his debut.

  3. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah @snoek, it was a very dodgy style he was sporting, Lol isn’t he playing Gaelic football now?

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    RP: Always thought Henri Lansbury and JET would make it, how wrong I was!

    Almost right wih Lansbury, still only 24!

  5. qna

    Jurgen Klopp to announce he is leaving Dortmund at 2:30PM today.

    The thought of Klopp managing Manchester City is truly terrifying.

  6. qna

    I wonder if City had made contact after this weekends defeat and he made his decision today.

    Reus, Hummel and Gundagon to City?

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: The thought of Klopp managing Manchester City is truly terrifying.

    Yeah, all those 30+ yr olds trying to stay uninjured with his training methods

  8. @snoekrats

    Nobody likes a Captain hindsight – except for South Park

    However I have had the discussion re the coq with my friend very often and we never understood why he wasn’t given a chance.

  9. Bankz



    Puma makes ugly kits tho.
    Hope we charge them more next time.
    If we must wear body hugging ugly kits,then the best they could do is pay big bucks….united’s kind of money.

  10. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol City would need wholesale changes to adapt to Klopp’s pressing style. Yaya Toure would be the first one out the door!

  11. Ashwin Gunner

    good post on a slow day Pedro..

    you seem to hate a lot of journos.. dont you… 🙂

    Kits look great. It will look fantastic if we win PL in one of those kits.

    As for the player i regret, I think Frimpong could have been something if he was given proper guidance and grooming. He had Arsenal DNA and was passionate about the club. He could had been our beast in the DMF..

  12. Romford Ozil Pele

    Azed – Nordveidt is a good shout though don’t know how many thought he’d be really good at the time.

    NM – Lansbury was a thoroughbred Arsenal fan – remember that goal he scored at Spurs in the League Cup. Had a bit of Ray Parlour about him but was quite skillful too. JET had a terrible attitude.

  13. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Bankz, Puma’s style has always been that figure-hugging type. Much prefer the blue kit to the home kit though I think the home kit would look ok in long sleeve. Generally speaking, there aren’t many kits that I like these days. Doesn’t seem to be much thought going into them from the designers.

  14. Romford Ozil Pele

    Maybe it’s me but I really can’t see Klopp at City. Maybe at Real Madrid. They’re a stupid club and will probs sack Don Carlo if he doesn’t win CL or La Liga. Or maybe he’s taking a leaf out of Pep’s book and is about to embark on a sabbatical?

  15. Goldiniho

    Jose Antonio Reyes.
    I know he went cause he was homesick.so maybe this one should be under the heading of “players I was gutted that didn’t make it”thought he was a fantastic player

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Bankz, Flamini does what he wants, the world class ‘hard man’ that he is! Thankfully he’s off.

  17. Bankz


    You think I was joking?
    You think this is a game?
    This is the top4 trophy and the legrove record ffs.
    The record is like the invincibles…..attain it and remain the greatest of all posters ever.

    Reason I laugh when people say Mourinho’s chelsea of 2005 was a bettet/greater side than the invincibles.
    Only one attained invincibility and that wasn’t Mourinho’s Chelsea.

  18. N5

    Ha spot on Bankz, they did well, very well and had a great team but we are the invincible, they lost one which means they are dogshit.

    As Yoda once said, do or do not, there is no try and one of his lesser known quotes is Maureen is a twat and Chelsea are wankers, so they are, PS who wants to see my green cock, do they must?

  19. Rockypires

    Morning all. Love the current home jersey shame we must change it every year but the new one is throw back to the old Adidas one. One Paul Davis and rocky wore so well.

    Onto this weekend I am excited about it was little nervous last year but this year looking forward to a commanding display.
    I would like to see debuchy return at rb. Hector can rest and watch as many hazard youtube video as possible to be ready for next weekends challenge.
    Chambers is an option rb and has done well all season but the retiring king debuchy needs game time

    I would also rest kos. We can’t let anything happen him now.
    Gab has done well so he will be ready for the yak.
    I would keep monreal lb but I can see for the first time in years out back four lining up in the numbers 2,4,5 and 3.
    3 changes to back 4 would be too much for my liking.

    I would santi a rest and play rosicky in his role.

    Welbeck also deserves a start and whether that’s directly for giroud or he rest alexi I would still keep Ramsey rm as to have him used to that role for the Chelsea game.

    ———rosa —coq

  20. tunnygriffboy


    I said the same thing about Klopp and city on the other thread. The city squad is too old to play his pressing game. They will be affected by ffp as well though he would use academy players. Big risk not only new manager in a new league but also a big rebuilding job

    Have Hummels, Gundogan and Reus asked to leave and he’s left because of that ? If he does leave players will want out as well.

    Say this for Wenger. We won’t be like city when he leaves. The new manager will have a lot of players in their prime along with some great youngsters

  21. Bankz


    Send off Flamini,Arteta,Diaby,Sanogo & get in Pogba or MS, a fast winger who has an eye for goals, then maybe I’d become Wenger #1 cheerleader here on legrove.

    It’s funny how we suddenly look a bit complete, with a little more subtraction & additions and we could have a very solid campaign next season.

  22. mysticleaves

    I would like to think Klopp doesn’t fit Man City. I can
    see him work with maybe Liverpool or Arsenal,
    mainly cos of their stability and patience.
    Make one mistake with Citeh and you are fired! Do
    you see Klopp staying 6years in City? That’s the
    lowest he has stayed in any club bytheway

  23. Bankz

    I think Afobe is a talent and should have been given as much opportunity as was granted SANOGO, seeing Sanogo is more likely to succeed as a used car salesman than he is of succeeding in the football business.

    I really hope we give Akpom enough chance to prove himself before bombing him out

  24. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tunny – yeah City’s squad will need a lot of work if Klopp comes in. It needs a bit of work anyway but more so with someone like Klopp who doesn’t really like old players. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see him and City a good fit. Arsenal and United are both better fits for him but neither have positions available right now. If he is leaving, as expected, Reus, Hummels, Gundogan will all follow suit. And if Reus is on the market, he immediately becomes priority signing for me.

    Bankz – Yeah we still have a lot of players we can shift which can hopefully generate funds for better players. About streamlining the squad this summer. Quality rather than quantity,

  25. Rockypires

    I would like to see klopp going to citeh as it mean pep is still going to be available next summer.

    Klopp would struggle infant anyone will struggle in what is a stale and bad environment in the citeh dressing room. It will take 3 years to rebuild it. Now klopp can do it and really believe in him as manager but pep is the man.

  26. mysticleaves

    As for the players, I would have loved Frimpong to make it with us. He was a genuine fan and once said he would cry the day Arsenal let’s him go. He had/has talent too.

    Also JET was just fantastic. Dunno how he didn’t make it with us.
    Lansbury, Inamoto, Vela, Bartley, Fabianski also come to mind.

  27. N5

    Spot on tunny, for all the shit people give Wenger, when he goes he’s leaving us in a great position. Unlike the state some clubs have allowed themselves to get into. We’ll be earning well, we have the big stadium and we’ll have a great team.

    You watch me get called an AKB now!

  28. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bankz – to be fair to Wenger, Afobe missed the boat. He suffered two long-term injuries which saw him miss a total of 18 months. By then other players were on the scene. And with the pressure to get results (4th place trophy!!) don’t think anyone would’ve been too happy with a kid being thrown in at the deep end. For what it’s worth, if Afobe continues developing, I reckon we’ll buy him back anyway. But I don’t think he’ll ever be an elite striker anyway. A very good goalscorer but lacks other attributes that other top striker have.

  29. Nasri's Mouth


    Bild who broke the story (assuming it’s not just snowballed from the rumour) said he’s likely to take a sabbatical.

    I obviously don’t know him but he doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy to do a runner to another club, so the sabbatical makes sense

    Also just because he’s leaving, it doesn’t follow that players will follow him

  30. Bankz


    But he had enough space to try the SANOGO experiment? We could have tried Afobe instead.

    Whatever happened to Conor Henderson? He was on the verge of breaking into the 1st team.

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    Mysticleaves: Make one mistake with Citeh and you are fired!

    That’s partly because of how bad the managers have done at the club.

    ManC expected position is much higher than ours or Liverpools

  32. Kane

    Not sure about the Klopp love-in… he was flying at Dortmund, then got found out as a one trick and Dortmund have stalled / bombed. I’ll take the players from Dortmund and leave the manager there thanks.

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bankz – Yeah when you compare anyone to Sanogo they’re worth a go lol. But Sanogo hasn’t even played 10 league games for Arsenal. I think/hope his time here is done lol

  34. mysticleaves

    How bad the manager has done? Pellegrini won the double (I think) last year. And this season he doesn’t win and he will probably get sacked? That’s rubbish.

    If anything, his first season should have earned him another season. Maybe Man Citeh need to tone down their expectations

  35. Bankz


    Sanogo should Never have been allowed to play even a league game.
    He’s pathetic for a professional footballer & I can’t believe they were posters on legrove & twitter who actually had faith that he’d come good.

    I mean a 22yr old who can’t control a pass?
    Akpom & Afobe would have been better fits for the time & squad space invested on Sanogo

  36. N5

    Mystic, he scrapped it last year and the general consensus is he won it with Mancini’s team. They have won stuff, but by the skin of their teeth, this year they will win nothing at all and for a team that pays out around 500 billion pound a week in wages that really isn’t good enough.

    I agree they should allow Peligrini time to rebuild his team, but Citeh don’t allow their managers to set the targets anyway so it’s a pointless request. The new manager will be given the players Citeh want (Marwood I believe has a big influence) and he’ll have to make do with them. If a “big” manager goes there, you would assume he’ll say he wants control or he won’t manage them? but we’ll see.

  37. Romford Ozil Pele

    I think Klopp is a fantastic manager, however, I would like to see some new innovations from him. The gegenpressing was magnificent when first brought through but most teams can play at a tempo and match Dortmund for energy now. So what does Klopp have in return to counter that is my question? Need to see some adaptability.

  38. mysticleaves

    Klopp could be another Brenda anyway. Borussia has the budget of, say, Everton in the PL. So klopp had to find bargains and turn them. He was lucky and it worked.

    What happens when he has the money? Found out at a big club or excels? Your guess is as good as mine

  39. Dream10

    -Not feeling these Puma kits. That blue one looks atrocious

    Let’s see if future Arsenal forward Jackson Martinez can do the business tonight against Bayern. Lewandowski is finding form and scored a terrific goal on the weekend. Thiago Alcantara is back. The type of CM can beat the press with ease. He is such a talent. Believe Pep only has 13 or 14 fit first team players. No wingers available. Yacine Brahimi and Danilo are two who will be under the spotlight.

    Hope Cavani scores a hat trick against Barcelona. I would love it, absolutely love to see Messi and co. get thrashed on the European stage

  40. N5

    Mystic, that’s the point exactly. God knows what would happen with Klopp, he could go on to be a brilliant match for a rich club or as you say become another Brenda. Only time would tell.

    I can’t imagine him at any other team.

  41. Goondawg

    Lol Klopp has one bad season and he is deemed a failure, what a joke. This guy took BVB to CL finalists and league winners, remarkable how he is now fighting relegation. Apparently he is taking a break from coaching. Wouldn’t mind him taking over Arsene. Much prefer Pep though

  42. Romford Ozil Pele

    Don’t think Arsenal are interested in Milner at all. He’s 29 and is leaving City because he doesn’t want to be a squad player anymore. He’d be the same here. Wenger’s already spoken about lowering the average age of the squad this summer.

  43. Nasri's Mouth


    Clubs are businesses and their results need to reflect how much they spend. ManC spend an awful lot of money, and for that money they should be challenging / winning the league.

    If you look at our spending (transfers and wages) over the last 10-15 seasons we’re the 4th/5th biggest, yet we’ve never had poor season in the PL where we’ve finished below where we should.

    ManC are probably 15 points off where they should be at this point.

    That equates to Liverpool being 9th/10th. Do you think the media would be saying Rodgers job is safe if they’d lost 4 out of their last 6 and were 9th/10th in the league?

  44. Kane

    I’m sorry, but any Manager with the squad City have that cannot challenge for the league title deserves to be sacked.

  45. N5

    Bankz, who was it on here that was saying they were writing down all the comments people had said about Sanogo and they would use them against us in the future?

    No disrespect to that poster, but it’s easy to say that kind of thing when you have nothing to lose. If Sanogo made it they could gloat and say see you twat I told you and if he doesn’t we all forget about the comments anyway! so it’s a win win for them really. Gloat or life continues as normal.

    Sanogo is a bad footballer a very bad footballer. I’ve honestly never seen a player as bad in Red and White before. I always hoped he’d get good, but he just isn’t.

  46. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I’m sorry, but any Manager with the squad City have that cannot challenge for the league title deserves to be sacked.”

    Tbh City’s squad is old and they actually haven’t evolved since their first title win. This demise would’ve happened even if Pellegrini wasn’t there. City’s squad is old – and as Wenger put it “they’ll die together”. The average age of their squad is 29.5. This was always likely to happen. Pellegrini is copping unfair flak IMO. City are still capable of great performances but over a league season they will wilt unless new fresh blood is added.

  47. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, I don’t see the sense in signing Milner. Good as a back up in various positions, but we have several of those in the squad already

    Agent talk maybe

  48. Goondawg

    Milner prob does prefer Us to Liverpool though. Who wouldn’t? We offer champions league football. He would be a decent replacement for Flamini or Arteta, just would rather have a better player. He does play a wide variety of positions though so he has that going for him.

  49. azed

    F**k off N5 you AKB, what do you know?

    Redtruth, N5 is here sprouting his BS, you should come school him about Arsenal and football.

  50. Savage

    Klopp’s dismal season is the reason I’m withholding judgment on Simeone. Ancelotti is the top of the pile for me – produced the only Chelsea team I actually respected.

    Afobe is the one who could bite us, leading goalscorer across all the leagues (30). Can’t blame Wenger though, Afobe was particularly injury prone. Afobe and Aneke were the two big talents earmarked to make it. Aneke continues to draw concerns over his relaxed style, but let’s see…

  51. Goondawg

    Even I have lost hope in Sanogo and I used to try and be his biggest advocate. Benik Afobe is ripping it up as top english goalscorer, he has 30 odd now, and you have Joel Campbell, Sanogo and Wellington yet to score a goal for their teams.

  52. Nasri's Mouth

    RP: This demise would’ve happened even if Pellegrini wasn’t there.

    I think it comes down to who has the final word on signings.

    Who was it at ManC who sanctioned Sagna for example?

    Their squad is old, but that’s a future problem really. They should be doing much better this season.

  53. Willow Wilson

    City are paying the price for trying to buy instant, short term success. The age of their players means that when they rebuild they will need to buy large numbers of players, which creates its own problems. With the FFP situation, they cannot go out and gazump every other club and they also have a problem with the home grown rule.

    City did not have the good fortune Chelsea had when Abramovich bought Chelsea, where they could just blitz everyone financially. FFP is now starting to have an effect and it always makes me laugh whenever the hypocritical Mourinho moans about it. If the ‘manipulation’ of the loan system (to bypass FFP) gets addressed, Chelsea may find themselves in a whole lot of bother, sooner rather than later. What a happy day that will be to see the back of that odious club and their arrogant supporters.

    But whatever happens over the next few years both Chelea and City will gradually fall away and we will be back to the genuine big clubs dominating like Arsenal and Man Utd.

    Make no mistake, Arsenal are in great shape. Whether you agree with the path the club took or not, we are in a fantastic position. The whole structure within the club is sound, there are no issues with the home grown rule and we are a self sufficient club that is NOW able to attract and buy the very best players and hold on to its stars. Not short term but for the long term.

    As N5 said, whoever comes here to manage the club in the future will be a very lucky man.

  54. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I think it comes down to who has the final word on signings.”

    Lol, i’m almost 100% certain Pellegrini didn’t wanna spend £32m on Managala. Who knows really though. I’m not saying Pellegrini is flawless, he definitely has his own issues to answer to. His persistence with 4-4-2, especially when Yaya is in the middle has been baffling. But this really hasn’t surprised me. Man City’s recruitment has been nothing short of diabolical.

  55. Goondawg

    If Pellegrini gets sacked before the end of the season, they will promote Patrick Veira as their interim manager most likely

  56. N5

    NM I’m almost certain Mancini said he had nothing to do with the signings when he was there but I’m not sure where I got Marwood from, I think in an interview he was saying it all goes to the Ex Arsenal man which might explain why they did business with us so much. I’m not sure if Pellegrini has had the same issues. It’s not working however it’s currently being done.

  57. qna

    Nasri: Yeah, all those 30+ yr olds trying to stay uninjured with his training methods

    No the thought of the guy that signed Lewendowski, Goetze, Reus, Gundagon, Hummels, Subotic, Sven Bender etc on a budget a fraction this size of the “big” clubs, now having a massive transfer kitty. I can guarantee that city will sign a bogus commercial deal from the UAE which will take care of FFP worries – after all PSG has got away with worse bogus deals than City so far.

  58. vicky

    With Klopp leaving Dortmund, it should be tad easier to get Gundogan from Dortmund. Reus will also leave . Bayern now almost guaranteed to rule Bundesliga for many years to come.

  59. Dissenter

    Benik Afobe is the striker that got away’
    He’s a raw goal scorer we didn’t give a chance.

    Meanwhile the French connection got Sanogo so many chances even in the CL game against Bayern. I don’t get that.

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    Willow Wilson: City are paying the price for trying to buy instant, short term success

    To a degree. Their spending meant they peaked in 2011/12 and at that point should have concentrated on building a proper squad. They had the money, and they had the draw of a top team with CL football.
    Instead they continued to buy players who had already peaked and were unlikely to improve or increase value.
    Maybe they thought that FFP could be circumnavigated, maybe they didn’t know what they were doing, but signing players like Navas, Mangala and Sagna are 3 good examples of fecking it up

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    Willow Wilson: But whatever happens over the next few years both Chelea and City will gradually fall away and we will be back to the genuine big clubs dominating like Arsenal and Man Utd.

    I doubt it. Chelsea have stabilised and now have a bigger revenue than us. ManC might slip, but at some point they’ll get it right and they’ll be up there with us.

    Meanwhile ManU will possibly disappear in the sunset winning most things while Arsenal, Chelsea and possibly ManC pick up the pieces

  62. Dissenter

    Can anyone blame Kopp, really.
    Dortmund made colossal errors when they let their best players leave for Bayern. He should have taken the walk sooner.

    Kopp is taking a Sabbatical for one year, he’ll buy a house in London, next to Keyser and learn tactics off him for the next year.
    He’ll be manager under the first director of football at Arsenal Wenger in June 2017.

  63. Willow Wilson

    Romford Pele
    “Tbh City’s squad is old and they actually haven’t evolved since their first title win. This demise would’ve happened even if Pellegrini wasn’t there. City’s squad is old – and as Wenger put it “they’ll die together”.

    Yes, exactly as I said. Instant success without considering the future, the owners are to blame.

    This is where Arsenal have got it so right.

  64. Dissenter

    Do, you really think signings were being forced on Pellegrino, I dont think so, he had a say.
    He had to have a say after what he had faced at Madrid.
    He’s part of the problem. I think he’s gone.

  65. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Dortmund made colossal errors when they let their best players leave for Bayern”

    Dortmund really had no power in this. It’s what Bayern do. They’re bullies.

    QNA – After how he’s been treated by Bayern, I’d be surprised if he EVER considered them. Football is funny though so who knows. After the 2015/16 season, Bayern themselves will be looking for a manager with Pep leaving.

  66. gazzap

    On that Usain bolt /Bellerin comparison, I think Arsenal are measurning their 40m not from a standing start, ie it is the last 40m of say a 60m sprint. I’m pretty sure bolt’s fastest 40m (within a 100m sprint) is faster than 4.42s. It definitely is in fact.
    If Bellerin is doing 4.42 for 40m then he is probably capable of something like just over 11s for a normal 100m from a standing start. That doesn’t put him anywhere near the world’s best who are all regularly around 10 seconds. Still quick though but not faster than Bolt.
    I used to be decent at 100m when I was younger and my PB was 11.7s but I was never going to trouble the fastest sprinters!

  67. Nasri's Mouth


    lol, I don’t think Klopp signed all those players on his own. And the whole situation there has changed since anyway.

    As for you ‘guaranteeing’ anything, given that PSG DIDN’T get away with it, I think City will struggle to sign any more big deals for next season

  68. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter – I’m not saying that Pellegrini isn’t flawless. He has problems too. But look at what Mancio said when he was at City. Moaning that he wasn’t backed in the transfer market and that a lot of the signings are not what he wanted. I just think City have bought badly generally. All the players they’ve bought are at their peak and are only going down. Even the amazing David Silva is 29 now

  69. Wallace

    Bild are saying Klopp’s situation at BVB is the reason Thomas Tuchel hasn’t signed on at Hamburg. he’s supposed to be the best young coach in Germany so don’t expect a fire sale of their best players if Klopp does walk.

  70. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wallace – Yeah isn’t Tuchel the one that took over Mainz after Klopp left and done an even better job?

  71. qna

    ROP. Yeah, it would be an absolute dagger to Dortmund too. Sounds like they have agreed to release him from his contract. I am sure there will be a clause about Bayern in his settlement. Or maybe City are compensating Dortmund.

  72. qna

    Nasri: As for you ‘guaranteeing’ anything, given that PSG DIDN’T get away with it, I think City will struggle to sign any more big deals for next season

    Have a look at the commercial deals that PSG has its insanely more than what could make sense. Since uefa accept it for calculating FFP they have got away with it.

    You love to talk out of your arse dont you Nasri.

  73. Dream10

    Have a feeling that Klopp will end up at Liverpool. It suits his style more. Man City eventually need rebuilding just like Dortmund does. Easier for him to implement his pressing style at Anfield with younger players and build.

  74. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream – Think he’ll want a CL club. When you factor in Liverpool are liable to losing their top players because of building a new stadium, don’t think ht’ll wanna go through that whole Dortmund situation again.

  75. Dimitri

    Wenger deserves a lot of shit for the things he’s done over the years, but one area he’s been infallible is with knowing which youngsters to let go.

    There’s never been a single player from the youth team he sold off and made fans go ‘ah fuck I wish we’d kept a hold of him’.

    There are a couple like Sidwell and Seb Larsson I thought would have been good squad players to have at one time, but other than that its slim pickings.

  76. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: You love to talk out of your arse dont you Nasri.

    You have clearly forgotten that both PSG and ManC got punished by UEFA

    If you look at how commercial deals play out for clubs, there are basically 2 big ones, (the shirt sponsor and the shirt supplier) a potential medium one (stadium naming rights) and then a load of ‘here have a million a season’ ones.

    If you look at ManC’s current deals, I don’t see how they can dramatically improve on any of the ones they’ve currently got in the short term.

    Worrying that my arse speaks more sense than your mouth

  77. vicky

    Klopp at Liverpool ? I do not see why would Liverpool replace Brenda. BR is one of the best young coaches in my book. With the squad Liverpool has, I do not think many could do better than what Brenda has done.

  78. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, he had potential, but he had an attitude. Chucked his shirt at the bench in disgust for being subbed(?) and that was that.

  79. WengerEagle

    ‘With the squad Liverpool has, I do not think many could do better than what Brenda has done.’

    Yeah but who’s fault is it that they have that squad in the first place?

    Outside of Coutinho, Sturridge and possibly Can, Brenda has pissed 100’s of millions of pounds up the wall on utter gash.

  80. OnlyCameToSeeEboue

    Hindsight is such a beautful thing. People conveniently forgetting that Afobe and Diaby share the treatment table for nearly the same period of time.

  81. Wallace


    “Wallace – Yeah isn’t Tuchel the one that took over Mainz after Klopp left and done an even better job?”

    yeah, apparently BVB sounded him out for the position in April of 2014 when an unnamed English side made Klopp a huge offer which he eventually rejected.

  82. WengerEagle

    Borini, Aspas, Markovic, Allen, Moreno (gifted going forward but can’t defend his own arsehole), Lallana (ok player but £25 million?), Rickaaaaay, Balotelli, Lovren, Assaidi, Luis Alberto, Tiago Illori, Mignolet, Sakho.

    In other words he has bought complete rubbish.

  83. Dream10


    He may want CL football, but I think he’ll need to change the main players at a club like City. The likes of Aguero and David Silva are not built for his pressing style. You could counter my statement by saying that he had Lewandowski and Gotze at his disposal previously. If he was to take over at City, I can see him targeting Cavani and Reus.

    – watched Juve-Monaco and Kondogbia was average (*looks around to make sure Bleany is not near*). It was not only him though. But, Bernardo Silva is a talent. Only 20 as well.

  84. qna

    NM. They got punished (for a limited time), but they also got away with inflated deals which in which uefa accept PSG and City to have the 5th and 6th largest revenues in world football respectively. This is based on bogus inflated commercial deals which are actually the 1st and 4th in world football respectively. So due to this they get away with being able to buy amd pay players more than the other clubs that rely on genuine deals based on market rate. Once the restrictions expire they will have cheated their way above many clubs including Arsenal.

  85. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream – I do agree that Klopp will need to change a lot if he goes to City. It’s really not a squad in his own image right now. Actually think Ancelotti is most suited to City if City aren’t looking to make wholesale changes. He always does well with very experienced squads.

    Thought Kondogbia did a couple really good things last night. Not his best game but his talent was still evident. Monaco didn’t make the most of their chances and will probably feel hard done by Juve’s penalty.

  86. Keyser

    I’m not sure what other option Rodgers had, there’s probably pressure from Henry to try and match what he did last year, fuck kows what happened with Sanchez but both Rodgers and Wenger were in Brazil in the summer, imagine how much difference just that one signing could have made to either club.

    Sanchez would’ve been the type of player others would look at and think Liverpool are still a top draw.

    It’s similar to Klopp, Honigstein started the season saying this was his strongest squad yet, there were people on here in the summer talking up Immobile. Even in November Honigstein was still confident of a top four finish.

    Even last night the difference in both Madrid teams seemed marked.

  87. vicky

    Outside of Coutinho, Sturridge and possibly Can, Brenda has pissed 100’s of millions of pounds up the wall on utter gash.

    WE, Liverpool are no more a big draw in the transfer market. Big players do not want to go there. Otherwise, we would have been talking about the likes of Sanchez, Gundogan/Mikhtaryan , Coutinho,Sturridge playing for them and 100’s of millions of pounds very well spent. Brenda failed to get any of his first choice player in the transfer market and had to contend with third/fourth choice players. He did not want balotelli at all and yet , was forced to throw away some 17m on him.

  88. Dissenter

    I really think City are gone as a dominant force in English football. You look at their squad and you wonder where do they go from here
    There’s no way they can rebuild that squad with FFP in place, all their elite players are ageing and won’t fetch much on the market.

    They have to go the Arsenal way, sacrifice 1-2 years on project youth seeking 4th place before attempting to start all over again.

    Aren’t they in violation of FFP already.
    Its a big chance for a new contender for 4th place.

  89. Keyser

    It isn’t about what punishment UEFA send down, these clubs have obviously planned and thought out ways around it, Citeh now own clubs in Australia and America, Chelsea have 30 players on loan, and we haven’t even started on third party ownership. Their connections to Vitesse Arnhem or other suspicious links.

    Not sure on PSG but you’d have to think they have other options.

  90. Wallace

    “In other words he has bought complete rubbish.”

    yeah, the amount of money Liverpool have spent in the past 10yrs they should have a way better squad than they do.

  91. Highbury4ever

    “Dortmund really had no power in this. It’s what Bayern do. They’re bullies.”

    And when you think that Sammer, the Dortmund legend, is now working for Bayern… What the hell is wrong with this cunt ??

  92. Dissenter

    This is when Wenger’s virtues shine very bright.
    He’ll leave Arsenal better off.
    He makes Gazidis seem like a genius.

    He won’t have bought bony and Mangala for 30 million apiece.

  93. Nasri's Mouth


    Yes, I know about their existing deals and how they look, but where is this new bogus deal that you guarantee will happen coming from ? What will it be for ?

    UEFA have already punished ManC for excessive spending (massive simplification), so they are unlikely to risk it again, because the punishments will be greater next time around.

    They can’t sign some big new deal over the summer, so they’re stuck with what they’ve got, which is an ageing squad that isn’t set up at all to Klopp’s pressing game.

    The market that Dortmund tapped into to challenge the supremacy of Bayern is no longer a secret (look at the calibre of players Dortmund signed in the summer) so he’s unlikely to suddenly unearth a load of world class bargains either

  94. Dissenter

    I laugh when I think that many wanted Origi after the world cup. I moaned loudly when Liverpool bought him.

    Origin, anyone? any takers?

    Liverpool haven’t managed money well. They signed immediate risk in Ballotelli and committed to another uncertainty in Origi.

    I’m thinking next season ain’t gonna be any better than this one.

  95. Nasri's Mouth

    Keyser: Citeh now own clubs in Australia and America

    Is that about making ManC bigger in the PL or just about trying to generate some global image?

    Either way, the gains aren’t going to be instant or dramatic are they ?

  96. WengerEagle


    Fair enough but that doesn’t excuse him buying so poorly so consistently in the transfer market.

    Look at Southampton as an example, they sold all of their best players from last season and replaced them with even better players this season for less money.

    Some of them you can justify but Borini for £12 million (£4 million more than Coutinho)?

    Allen for £15 million?

    Markovic for £20 million?

    The list goes on, there are some excellent players out there that you can get for cheap.

    We signed Cazorla and Giroud for what Liverpool paid for Lallana.

  97. Keyser

    “yeah, the amount of money Liverpool have spent in the past 10yrs they should have a way better squad than they do.”

    Not really sure on this either, there’s like a money pit that divides 5th and 4th where you just keep pouring money in until you bridge the gap.

    It took United 200 million to do it in one summer, Both Tottenham and now Liverpool have lost a key player, spent every penny re-investing and will probably miss out on targets.

  98. Nasri's Mouth

    I think Klopp’s going to move to some obscure Polish town and open a coffee bar.

    He’ll chat to the customers while playing his collection of 1950s Jazz

  99. qna

    My guarantee is an expression. I am sure you have heard of expressions of speach before.

    My guess is that they will bring in new sponsorship deals because if it wasnt for FFP I would be guessing that they would be pumpjng in huge amounts of cash around about now (like Roman used to do). So now the only way to get around FFP is to do it through bogus commercials which so far Uefa have not been able to stop. Hence my logical conclusion.