Who are the players that could have made it at Arsenal?

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All the talk yesterday centred around Hector Bellerin being really fast but not actually that fast.

He recorded an impressive sprint speed of 4.42 over 40m, which would make him faster than Usain Bolt over that distance.

Clearly, that’s not going to be the case.

Still, the media blew it up. Then Richard Kilty, UK indoor sprint demon, challenged both Theo and Bellerin to a race which he believes he’d win… because he’s an actual sprinter.

Then there’s the blog of Craig Pickering. He pulls no punches as he slams into the sorry section of the media who live for page views. Some sections are so desperate for a story they’ll completely kill their reputation in the chase sprint for readers.

“The Arsenal Player OFFICIALLY Faster Than Bolt” (emphasis mine) the headline exclaimed. I mean, Jesus Christ. I understand that journalists and editors are under time pressure, and often have to write about things they might not fully understand. It’s a hard life, I’m sure. I’m here to help.

I love this guy, he’s so angry.

‘First of all, let’s examine the logical fallacy of this headline/story. Is it likely that a young footballer, who has to practise a wide range of skills, including actually kicking a football, as well as tactical and other fitness demands, could be faster than someone whose job it is to just focus on covering distances of 200m or less in as short a time as possible? That someone with almost perfect genetics, who spends 6 days per week honing his unbelievable talent, would be beaten over 40m by someone who does a bit of sprint training? That the fastest person by almost a country mile to ever walk this planet is not as good at HIS job as a Spanish under-21 international footballer?’

Needless to say, he’s hilariously destroyed the story.

What we do know, is that at Arsenal, under Arsenal rules, he’s the fastest player we’ve had. He’s not faster than Usain Bolt. It’s not his fault the press have taken a silly number and blow it up into something it’s not.

… but it’d be interesting to see how fast Theo and Bellerin are compared to a real sprinter. Arsenal should do something for Charity. I’d imagine Paddy Power are lining something up as we speak.

Talking of Theo, there are reports he’s going to open talks with Arsenal. Again, I’d find this odd. He’s been ostracised from the team. Would be weird for him to be considering anything other than leaving. I think Arsenal can upgrade, I think there are English teams taht could do with a Theo right now. I don’t see much of a future for him in the current set up.

In Liverpool news, Raheem Sterling was caught smashing a Shisha pipe, which was embarrassing enough. Rodgers slammed him in the press. Well, he didn’t slam him. He had a moan. One of my pals suggested maybe that’s Rodgers teeing him up for a move out? Wishful thinking. But thinking I admire. What I find even more hilarious is that Jordan Ibe, the next generation of Sterling coming through has also been caught doing the same thing… there’s a very rich shisha reseller in Liverpool at the moment.

The chaps over @ArsenalEdits have been leaking kits all over the place. Puma aren’t exactly Apple when it comes to keeping secrets. I like both of them though. They’ve kept the home one in traditional shape… and the away one is a little experimental. I think it’s cool. I think the away shirt should always be a bit crazy. It’s a good look. I feel like we could win the title in both.


Finally, before we go. After all the chat from yesterday about the accidental emergence of Coquelin, can you let me know the players we let go that you most regret weren’t given a proper crack of the whip.

I’m thinking, Carlos Vela style players… or players you think could have been something if they’d been given 4 years in the first team like Alex Song was.


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  1. kwik fit

    I reminder the time on LG that we never had page’s , just one endless list of posts. Fuck those were the days.

  2. WengerEagle

    Wonderful result for Porto tonight, they’ve stunned Europe with that scoreline.

    Still feel that Bayern will go through, makes for an intesresting 2nd leg now.

  3. salparadisenyc

    Jackson Martinez thinks Pep may need a trip to the heart specialist.
    Looked rather iffy towards the end of that one.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    The Heyneckes Munich team had everything, technical ability, but then power and pace as well, dominative in the midfield and devastating going forward.

    Just think last year, and this year again they’re a bit tap, tap, tap…I guess it’s just what flavour you like your ice cream, some people prefer the ultra technical sides who knock it around, some prefer more physical, athletic approaches, but Heyneckes Munich side were something else.

  5. london gunner


    Bayern under Heyneckes was one of the most well balanced teams I have ever witnessed. They were utterly dominant!

    They made Barcelona look like peasants for christ sakes!

    I think they should of kept Heyneckes for one more season not mess with the formula when it was at its apex.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Yeah the idea that Pep was going to take them to another level was a bit unfair I thought

  7. Keyser

    Bayern have a fair few injuries, obviously no Martinez, no Schweinsteiger, Ribery or Robben, the latter 3 are ageing as it is, and the games the German players have played the last couple of years must be racking up like they were for Barcelona.

    Probably still beat Porto at home to qualify.

  8. karim


    How can it be disappointing from Psg when Ibra, Verrati, Motta were out and then Tiago Silva gets injured, forcing Blanc to unleash Luiz who was supposed to be out for at least 2 more weeks ?

    I say it’s pure logic

    Would anyone expect Cabaye and Rabiot to dominate the Barcelona midfield ?

    I mean seriously….

  9. Keyser

    Cabaye can’t tackle for shit, he’s quite impetuous when it comes to challenges, he has decent feet though, not sure he’s as smart as Arteta.

    PSG were disappointing, it was like they were away and the pitch was too big for them.

  10. kwik fit

    Cavani looked completely shot of confidence. i suppose he realised that this was his chance to shine with Ibra suspended and he blew it.

  11. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    True. … but today was woeful defending more so then anything. Haven’t really watched Bayern other then CL. Think they just said Bayern only had 5 attempts on goal tho. So maybe not direct enough also, however Robben being out, might explain that also. That said, they put 7 by Shaktar at home after not scoring on the road last round, so might be nothing. Basically what Sal, said.

  12. Redtruth

    What football has Wenger dished up over the years.

    Looks wonderful against inferior opposition but pretty tepid and rudderless when up against stronger opposition.

  13. mysticleaves

    I think Pep actually broke some records in Germany in his 1st year. Quickest winners and lowest number of losses? Plus highest points?? Not sure about the 3rd.

    So he did improve on Jupp’s team. Even with the new system he brought.

  14. MidwestGun

    It’s only been an all Spanish League final once in the last 14 years. Same teams in the mix like Porto, Juventus,PSG, Monaco,and Atletico? Does Truth ever say anything that makes sense?

  15. Cesc Appeal


    They were scary good, bit of everything, the perfect team I think, can utilise game plan A-Z because of how they set up and the personnel they had.


    Yeah I agree.

    I like Guardiola, but I do think sometimes when I’ve seen Munich a bit of their directness has gone.


    Yeah that is true I suppose. But again, as I said to Nasri’s Mouth, I do feel sometimes watching them they have lost a bit of the directness that Heynckes team had, he seems to have filled the side up with passers of the ball, whereas Heynckes had a balance of everything, Javi Martinez was just devastating in that midfield, Kroos and Schweinsteiger, then bundles of pace and directness as well, meaningful possession, dominant in midfield, solid at the back and direct going forward.

    Perfect side.

  16. WengerEagle


    Look mate I respect that you defend French teams to the death but come on, this is PSG we’re talking about. Yes they were missing a few key players but with the squad that they’ve built you’d have to expect better than tonight, Barca hardly had to get out of 2nd gear to dominate and pretty much end the tie.

    None of Cavani, Pastore or Lavezzi showed up and they didn’t even try in midfield towards the end of the match.

    They basically gave up after Suarez,s goal and were lucky Mathieu was feeling generous.

  17. Redtruth


    Midwest factitious as usual who deliberately omits the obvious teams and forgets their have been multiple Finals involving teams of the same country.

    Stick to baseball, you pleb

  18. MidwestGun

    Football, American Football,Baseball, Hockey,Basketball, Tennis. Yep… 6 sports I know more about then you.

    You said Spanish League, genius. So you are gonna change the rules to eliminate Barca, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich.
    Ummm it’s called the Champions League. .. it’s in the name…… you know, teams who win their Leagues.

  19. Redtruth

    Prior to the Champions league i don’t recall ever two teams from the same nation competing in the European Cup Final.

    Champions league dull it’s all about money and seedings.

    Real Madrid went 32 years without winning the European Cup because it was harder to win than this Mickey Mouse trophy they laughingly call the Champions league

  20. MidwestGun

    So you are gonna make the CL more interesting by eliminating all but the top 2 teams? By making it less diverse your gonna have different teams in the mix?

    Logic isn’t your strong suit. Is it.

  21. Redtruth


    I want Champions of each of their respective Countries competing in the Champions league not losers like Wenger whose idle boasts of Champions league football each year is nauseating

  22. MidwestGun

    Personally, if i was in charge to make it more interesting they should make it a knockout tournament sooner. Perhaps, round of 8. Pick a neutral site, country every year to host the final 8. 2 leg ties with away goal thing is tedious, imo.
    But I really don’t see the big deal about 2 teams from same country in final.

    So you basically want an 8 team tournament Truth, why didn’t you just say that in the first place instead of being a troll douche?

    I feel the same way about cricket and Rugby but it’s only because I don’t have time to learn or watch them. I would probably like them if I did.
    However, I played football for about 20 years, got a scholarship and paid to play a year after I graduated. So that’s why it’s my favorite.

  23. Bankz

    Redtruth dishing out some bitter truth.
    Redtruth please go back to bed.
    You’re basically talking crap

  24. mysticleaves

    I would just like to point out that J, Martinez goal yesterday was his first since 23feb, more than 1 month.

    Morever he’s 28. Soon to be 29. Like Cavani, Banzema, his ship has sailed. Sadly

  25. sanmi

    I remembered vividly that I was against signing of cavani and benzema, and I was abused on this site, both players are overrated imo, cavani is shit as shit comes, benzema covers his lack of killer instinct with his occasionally brilliant goals.

  26. qna

    mystic: Morever he’s 28. Soon to be 29. Like Cavani, Banzema, his ship has sailed. Sadly

    Mystic. I agree with you. Especially the sadly part :). I have never rated Jackson that highly (Javi on the other hand is another story). But like you I think that there is not enough upside in 29 year old strikers. Deeper lying players and keepers maybe, but not up front. Benzema is still a great striker. I really hope that he stays at Madrid. Would really hate him to come to the PL and do what RVP did in his first year at United.

    There is only one established striker in the world that I have doey eyes for and that is Marco Reus. But this summers a lot of big clubs are going to be thinking the same thing, so I dont like our chances.

    I think the best realistic striker that we can get is Dybala. I don’t see us with much of a chance of winning the PL next season anyway, so building towards a couple years down the track he is my preferred option after Reus.

  27. mysticleaves

    Am beginning align to Dybala mostly cos of his age and potential. What he can become in 3 years will be good to see.

    That being said, I have watched him, admittedly, 3times this season, he seemed to want to do too much. Maybe that’s his style or maybe he wants to buy a move? Who know?

    The grand plan could be to buy Reus and then later move Alexis central, more maybe Wenger (like I do) believe in Welbeck to step up the plate. Time will tell

  28. mysticleaves

    From what I have seen of Benzema and Cavani, I think any team that gets them in the PL, even now will be grateful they did. They fit like ducks to water.

    I just think that buying aging strikers aint really our thing. There’s always eyes on the resale value.

  29. qna

    Mystic: The grand plan could be to buy Reus and then later move Alexis central, more maybe Wenger (like I do) believe in Welbeck to step up the plate. Time will tell

    If we had Reus, then I think the plan would be to move Alexis to the right and keep Giroud centrally. Welbeck is not good enough as a striker. He doesnt have the skill or intelligence on the ball. His movement and pace are what makes him look better than he is. I hope that we sell Welbeck in the summer of 2016. He should fetch an excellent price then.

    I really hope we dont waste 30m on Aubameyang as well. He is not good enough either. If we want a player like that we should just hold on to Walcott.

  30. mysticleaves

    Qna, surely Alexis moving central wouldn’t be when Giroud is still dey. Buh I believe after next season, we should be talking about a Giroud replacement, cue the Alexis plan lol.

    Aubameyang for 30m will be the biggest rip off of the century.

    Welbeck will come really good. Watch this space. Atleast I hope he does

  31. Wallace


    “Welbeck will come really good.”

    maybe, he’s got some fine attributes, but i share qna’s reservations about him. i expect Akpom to seriously challenge for the back up role next year.

  32. @snoekrats

    One thing that disappointed me re Welbz

    That chance against Burnley when Ozil overcooked the through ball.

    He ran straight in front of Ozil and to the only defender. Only the last second he started drifting to the right.

    Ozils pass is where he should have been.

    Am I the only one who thought this?

  33. Wallace


    no, i also thought Welbeck fudged the move. and i don’t think Ozil overcooked the pass. i think he zipped it knowing the extra pace on it would take it beyond the last defender if Welbeck was able to get a touch.

  34. qna

    Mystic. You mean when Giroud has dropped off right. So your saying 1 or 2 years down the road. I dont see Alexis ever centrally even then. He is too short and is so effective wide and helping out his full back on his side. Not saying he couldnt play the role, but having world class players on the left and right that can score goals, I would rather leave the middle open for somebody new, and hopefully better than Giroud. This is exactly why I like the idea of taking both Reus and Dybala. Dybala could be a squad player that wins his spot from Giroud over the course of 1 or 2 seasons.

    But even if we somehow manged to get Reus, then we could always find a solution to replace Giroud in 1 or 2 years at that time.

    Regarding Welbeck.

    Positives: he is 24, he has good movement and can get in goal scoring positions, works hard for the team, is home grown.

    Negatives: This may be his first season at Arsenal, but not his first season. He has had a chance to show himself at a club not so dissimilar to Arsenal and he has not shown anything to suggest LVG was wrong to let him leave United. He can only really score when put through on goal behind the defenders – even then he is 50/50. He is too slow to shoot. Too high a back lift or some other tell that usually always lets a defender put a block in if they are goal side of him. Not an instinctive goal scorer.

  35. qna

    What did you guys think of Rabiot last night? I know he made some mistakes in dangerous positions. He actually seems like he is already an Arsenal player in that respects. But I thought he was excellent overall . Remember that is a 20 yo playing against Barcalona (no need to be smart arses and bring Jack Wilshere into this).

    Based purely on last nights performance, I think he is a player that would be perfect for Arsenal. Would much rather him than Schnederlin and have no doubt in my mind who will be the higher in France’s pecking order come Russia 2018 if both are fit.

  36. mysticleaves

    In other rumors
    Chelsea are thinking of selling Oscar.

    Him and Cesear are my two best players there. I hate others, most esp Hazard (cos he’s too good to be at Chelsea lol). So if Chelsea are selling Oscar, am buying him.

    Chelsea are wasting him. Like playing a Ramsey in Ozil’s position

  37. mysticleaves

    Qna well said re Alexis and Welbeck. Time tells a lot

    As for Rabiot. I think considering how Barca owned them, your praise of him is a lil bit odd. He didn’t really do much and I think Matuidi was their best player. Bundles of energy.

    When I see Matuidi now, it reminds me of the kind of work Coq still needs to put in to develop his overall game.

    Last 4years he was just a destroyer, a very good one at that, that I had wanted for years. Now he almost as good going forward as he is when defending

  38. Wallace

    Strikers – Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom

    Wide – Sanchez, Ox, Walcott, Gnabry

    agree with snoekrats there’d have to be some outgoing to make room.

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    Wallace: i expect Akpom to seriously challenge for the back up role next year.

    I think he should go on loan next season. He’s at least 3rd choice behind Giroud and Welbeck and probably behind Alexis too, unless we’ve got a load of injuries in other positions….oh hang on 😀

    Unless he starts tearing up the Championship in the remaining few weeks he needs more football than a seat on the bench at the Emirates

  40. mysticleaves

    Not to sound like am slating or praising him, just saying that I have watch Akpom twice in the Championship. He is as raw as they come. Sometimes he speeds more than the ball. But always very lively

  41. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Arsenal’s recent transfer policy is very clear.

    They are prepared to spend serious money i.e. £20 million plus on players, which are reaching their peak i.e. aged around 25.

    If they recruit an older player e.g. Debuchy then you are talking about a much lower transfer fee around £8-12 million in other words what they are spending
    on squad players.

    The reality is that I don’t think that Arsenal will buy a striker aged 28+, because in most cases those moves seldom work out, the transfer fees and wages
    are too high and there is then no resale value.

    If Arsenal are going to buy a forward this summer it is more likely to be a player in 20-25 age range. That is only likely to happen if Walcott leaves the club.

    Welbeck may not be a prolific goalscorer this season, but he is still a very decent squad player and certainly an upgrade on what we have seen at the club in recent seasons.

  42. Blsany

    David Luiz -25 mil per nutmeg.I have been saying for years this guys is not a fucking central defender.Garry Neville summed it up well last night when he said that he just goes and does his won thing.Very poor defending.He’s just cost his team the whole tie.Pastore looked like he could not cope with the praise from Cantona.Suarez was magnificent again last night saying that had Psg had all their players fit would have been an even game imo.

  43. qna

    Mystic. Oh I agree about Matuidi, he easily their best player and looked good. I would take him in a heart beat. I’d still prefer Verratti, but I could settle for Matuidi 🙂

    I was just talking about Rabiot since we were strongly linked before he signed his latest contract. At the time I thought not another young player when we need an established DM. But now I am thinking he wouldnt be bad as a backup to Coquelin. Like I said, I already prefer Coq to Sneiderlin, so if we aren’t going to spend big bucks on a Verratti, then I could settle for a guy like Rabiot. I wouldn’t spend that much on him though.

  44. qna

    Blsany. I think it is harsh to blame the result on Luiz. He came on as a substitute and by that time PSG were already getting dominated. Suarez is an absolute genius at nutmeging defenders. You have to take into context how good Suarez is and how he tore us and the whole PL apart. Keeper was also poor and they did not defend well as a team.

  45. Blsany

    Granted.Regardless he gets found out on the pitch if his best mate Silva is not there to hold his hand.Love him as person but sometimes you get a lot of WTF? moments wit him.Also he lost me money last night. 😀

  46. Leedsgunner

    Being linked with Milner — and provided we sign a top DM as well well I don’t see Milner being a bad purchase considering he can play a variety of positions… especially if he comes over in a free. Considering our injury record it would be good to have a genuine seasoned utility player on our books.

    As for Cleverley — a flat unequivocal — no…. not good enough for United, not good enough for us… free or no free. Although I suspect he’ll be tempted because he want another “project” to prove to everyone what a good manager he is at turning “reject players” around.


    No thanks. Do us a favour and work at making good players who are presently flopping at Arsenal before you pick up other club’s rejects… or sell them on this summer.

  47. London gunner

    Lots of peeps hating on the phone puma kit!

    Can’t exactly hate puma! I mean after all they have a red and white colour tone to work from.. Pretty much anything u do with that colour mix will look bad.

    You look at Real Madrid kits the White, the blue one and the black one are things of elegance and beauty. Look like they have been made by a few premium designer brand while ours look more sports direct.

  48. Bamford10


    Agreed. Saying Theo has a bright future at Arsenal suggests he wants him to stay. Which raises the question: why, then, has Wenger not played him at all recently?

    If he has a bright future, why has he played no part whatsoever in our recent run of fine form?

  49. Nasri's Mouth


    Yep, he’s going to say he wants to keep him whether he wants to keep him or wants to sell him.

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    @london gunner

    I like the home one. Might buy it.

    Usually the away one is my favourite.

    The third kit is rank, but ultimately what does it matter ? Don’t like it, don’t buy it

  51. Bamford10

    One, how atrocious were Bayern’s back four last night? I mean, that was incredible, laughable. I don’t see Bayern coming back from that, but should make for an interesting second leg.

    Two, Cavani was gash … again. I now think this guy is/was a bit overrated. He looks the part, has the frame and athleticism, but he makes a lot of silly mistakes, isn’t intelligent, isn’t clinical.

    Three, if Pep were to leave Bayern …. That would mean both Pep and Klopp were available. Hmmm …

  52. qna

    Bamford. 1/ I watched the Barca match, only flicked back and forth. But I read that they only had 13 players to choose from. I hope that they can get their act together on the return, surely a 2-0 is doable? They are too good not to go through.

    2/ Cavani did look poor last night. I would still rather he stayed at PSG rather than go to Manchester.

    3/ I wonder if Pep did leave that it would cancel itself out and Klopp would go to Bayern. Would not surprise me at all.

  53. Bamford10

    Welbeck has all of the physical, technical tools to be a very good CF, but I think his psychology and decision-making will keep him from being a top striker. His head isn’t quite right. Is selfish when he should pass, passes when he should be selfish, wasteful in front of goal, etc. He has a lot going for him, but somehow I don’t see him ever really becoming a top CF.

  54. @snoekrats

    Just a quick question re Theo and speed

    At what age will his speed drop dramatically as this indicates if we should sell or not.

    Because if another 6YEARS let hims stay if 3 tot 4 let him go.

    Cause without his pace he will be useless.

    I am coming around to the idea of selling him

  55. Dissenter

    The English FA is filled with dumbf*cks.
    They scheduled the FA cup semifinal to clash with the chelsea v ManU league game.

    I weep for the FA cup. Utterly disgraceful from the FA

  56. qna

    @snoekrats. Good question. In addition to that, soft tissue injuries, hamstrings etc will become less resilient. He is already prone to injury. I don’t think Theo will be a force in his 30s. But he still has 3 or 4 good seasons left in him. I still feel he hasnt had a chance to show his qualities since he has returned from injury. But we currently have Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck, Ox, Walcott, Akpom, Gnabry. To me this is a rather weak squad of forwards. We desperately need more quality like Sanchez in that line up and to do that we have to let somebody go. I would prefer if we loaned out Akpom & Gnabry. Basically, if we are to have any chance of improving on this year, a new top quality forward is needed and he can only be brought in if room is made for him by selling the weakest link. That looks to be Walcott.

  57. qna

    Dissenter. This is really poor. Makes a mockery of the FA cup. Competing networks should not be able to compete like this. Both of these fixtures deserve to be played without competition from within the FA. I am sure every Arsenal fan would have loved to watch the Chelsea v United match considering that our small hopes rest on the outcome.

  58. WengerEagle


    That’s a joke, I remember a similar scheduling fuck-up last season for the F.A Cup Final, was on at the same time as Barcelona-Atletico Madrid which was effectively the La Liga Final.

  59. gazzap

    The article I read said that the two FA cup semi final fixtures date AND TIME were decided last summer. It was Sky’s decision to place the Chelsea v Man Utd game at 1730 on the same day that was to blame. They could have chosen 1245 on Saturday or a Sunday fixture (both united and Chelsea’s next game is on 26 April ie a long time away).
    I don’t know how true this is because surely the FA have to ratify a fixture time, and therefore they must have agreed to the 1730 saturday time for the Chelsea game. So somewhere down the line the FA have fucked up but Sky have too it seems.