Who cares if Coquelin was an accident?

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Big news yesterday swirled around Henry Winter pointing out that Coquelin has been our turning point this season and his emergence cannot be credited to Arsene.

Half of that is true. Half isn’t. The manager purchased the Frenchman, so there was intent there at some point. What is true is his inclusion in the squad was down to a car crash of injuries that forced Coquelin into the squad. The young Frenchman has reacted well. Incredibly well. So well, you fear he’s hit peak DM and he’ll never hit the same heights again.

He’s not just an asset on the pitch. Apparently he’s a very nice bloke off it and he’s extremely knowledgeable around the English game throughout the divisions.

Wenger seems to have woken up to the fact you don’t need a fancy DM who can attack as well as he can defend. You need a specialist. Someone who cares about clean sheets. You need someone who’s hungry, can cover ground rapidly, has a bucket load of tempered aggression, has a passion for defending and respect for discipline.

Coquelin has all the elements we need. It’s amazing that in all the training sessions, Wenger didn’t pick up on those attributes. He was on the way out. On the scrap heap. It’s amazing how well he’s gripped onto his chance. He’s excelled and it’s been fantastic to watch.

You don’t need a world class player in that role. That’s the reality.

You also need two of them, which is why we need Schneiderlin. You need two for big games like the United one where we played Flamini and Coq to pin that midfield. You also can’t have a situation where we beast our one defensive midfielder into the ground because we have no one else.

Back onto Wenger…

‘It is embarrassing that Wenger has needed until now to appreciate that the best teams balance defence and attack.’

That’s the key point here. I had Wenger acolytes rejoicing in the turnaround yesterday, like this was all part of the plan. This season’s turnaround hasn’t been about the managers philosophy coming to fruition and football purity winning out. It’s been about the manager accepting the only way to build a winning team is by utilising a smarter approach to the game. We’re not witnessing stubborn continuity winning out here, we’re witnessing a new approach whilst maintaining the values of our footballing philosophy. We’re modernising. We’re doing what Van Gaal did to Baracs Cruyff vision. We’re doing what Pep did to Bayern. We’re doing what Ferguson consistently did in cycles at United.

It’s not revolution. It never had to be. It’s an evolution of everything.

It’s important to remember that it has been a bit of a shocker of a season for the big clubs as well. Arsenal aren’t far off what they did last year. Liverpool, Spurs and United all messed up the season. Even Chelsea haven’t exactly cantered the league, sputtering the end like a clapped out old car on its last wheels.

The big question is, at the highest level, is the ongoing evolution strong enough? What we’re doing now is playing catch up to the big boys. To surpass the big boys, you need to think revolution. If City bring in a Pep and Liverpool recapture some of the last season’s spirit next season, we’ll be up against it again, because Jose will build again and Van Gaal will spunk a tonne of cash as usual.

‘Those of us who wanted Wenger to change, or for Arsenal to change manager, know that the season is still in balance. Second place and an FA Cup would be a good season. Second or third place and defeat at Wembley (in the final or semi) would be a combination that would have the Wenger Out brigade taking to the streets and social media again. Make no mistake: the substantial desire for regime change at Arsenal has not disappeared. Wenger is on notice from many fans.’

Things are changing for the better. There have been some happy accidents (Coquelin). Some exciting progress (Ozil and Giroud). Some internal milestones (tactics and smarter fitness). A collective growth as a team (through winning). As I reported yesterday, these items aren’t an illusion. Change is really happening. It’s been in the pipeline for months, players are just hitting their stride now because the lessons are sinking in.

… but Winter is right. Wenger can’t afford anything other than a solid run at the Premier League now. The time for excuses has passed. Wenger has a title winning side now. He’s maybe 2 players away from something that could possibly threaten Europe.

It’s time to deliver. No more false dawns, Arsene.

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  1. Dan Ahern

    $75,000?? Fuck me, I was mad the PPV was $100!

    This fight’s going to go the distance though. Floyd is a defensive master and never comes out swinging, and Pacquiao is the type who refuses to go down. And they’re both too old now.

    Fight should’ve happened two years ago.

  2. mysticleaves

    N5 and Goondawg
    Frimpong is at FC Ufa in Russia. Something like Swansea in the PL. He’s a starter and not doing badly.

    Sorry for the late reply. Busy much

  3. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Yep… more of a scrap then a football match. Atletico looked happy to draw and try to nick a goal at the end. If you look at Mandzo’s face tho… they lost on points. 6 rounds to 4.

    But i had correct score in Juventus match so I won a little bit.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Walcott may have realised how much his stock has fallen. Doubt anyone is banging the door for him.

    Would be a little disappointed if we sign him up to a new deal, makes it unlikely we will see a new, better forward arrive in the summer

  5. Chyke


    How are you doing mate? Hope all is well with you.

    This guy called RedTruth is killing this grove!!

    Does he really talk to himself?

  6. N5

    Hey Chyke mate, long time no see. How are you keeping?

    He’s been doing it for years under various names mate. It’s a shame because the comments die after he starts posting.

  7. Chyke


    I’m doing great mate! Can’t complain you know.

    Really loving the way our boyz are playing right now.

    I’m praying Chelsea lose to United……

  8. WengerEagle

    Don’t torture yourself Chyke buddy, the title is out of our reach this season. Chelsea won’t drop 10 points from their last 7 matches.

    I’d be pleased as punch with 2nd and the F.A Cup were we to build on it come the summer.

  9. David Smith

    Just a late reading of the comments. Shame about Frimpong, thought he could have made it but had a lot of injuries, but good luck to him. JET had all the talent going, but needed to be careful who he invited along to training sessions, hope he has learned this and is doing well.
    Like Sterling, these are kids, often inner city kids , probably not bad kids but who are exposed to various influences and hangers on, kids who sometimes get it wrong, and hopefully will grow out of it, but unforgiving at the levels to which they aspire.

  10. qna

    WengerEagle. If Chelsea beat United next weekend then they will only need to take 4 points from their last 6 matches to finish ahead of United.

    If Chelsea beat Arsenal, they will need to take 5 points from their other 6 matches, of which they may have already taken 3 against United the week before. So if they beat United and Arsenal then they will need only 2 points in their last 5 matches.

    We need United and they need us to keep this thing alive.

  11. Wallace

    “All Chelsea have to do is win 4 of their last 7 matches.”

    if Utd beat them, and then we beat them next weekend is the only way it might happen. two defeats in a row would be a significant psychological blow at this stage of the season. you’d think if the first part did happen though that Mourinho would come to Arsenal in full on battle mode. two keepers, three banks of four…

  12. qna

    Wallace. Lets hope that happens and they start to feel the pressure. Chelsea also still host Liverpool who will hopefully be closing in on City for 4th and have it all to play for. So there are the most likely possible three losses (even though 2 of them are at home and Chelsea dont lose home matches very often). Even if they drop all of these three, if they win the other matches they will win the league with 85 points.

    Its pretty much over already.

  13. mysticleaves

    “that Mourinho would
    come to Arsenal in full on battle mode. two
    keepers, three banks of four…”

    Lmao! Purely within Moanrinho’s limits

  14. mysticleaves

    Honestly I know the season is gone, but am still interested in knowing how close we finish to Chelsea.

    Really getting close, and extending the chase to the last day will help the boys morale for next season.

  15. Wallace


    win the 4 games we should win and a victory in one of the two big games(hopefully Chelsea) and i’d be very happy.

  16. tunnygriffboy

    Interesting end to the season. Lose to man u and Chelsea and we’re fighting for fourth which will be a nightmare. On the other hand win them and who knows but I’m certainly not taking things for granted. None of us should.

    Chelsea’s run in :

    Man u (h)
    Arsenal (a)
    Palace ( h)
    Leicester (a)
    Liverpool (h)
    West Brom (a)
    Suderland (h)

    If man u then we beat chelsea then who knows. They’ve got some tricky fixtures. Palace are on fire and they have to go Leicester and West Brom who fighting for their lives.

  17. Highbury4ever

    “that Mourinho would
    come to Arsenal in full on battle mode. two
    keepers, three banks of four…”

    That’s what we call “to park a blue bus”

  18. Highbury4ever

    “be happy… Diaby is back and fully fit!”

    Top chrono!!
    Let’s see how long he will stay fit lol

  19. tunnygriffboy

    So Freddie thinks the welsh Jesus could become one of the best players in the PL. Still only 23 he says he lost 18 months of his career when he was out injured. Basically he really rates him. It’s on a par with Pires saying Ozil is one of the best players he’s seen after training regularly with him.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Great line from Swiss Ramble review of Spurs

    With apologies to Spurs’ supporters, the current situation still brings to mind the quote from the wonderful film “In Bruges”, where the character played by Colin Farrell muses, “Purgatory’s kind of like the in-betweeny one. You weren’t really shit, but you weren’t all that great either. Like Tottenham.”

  21. Leedsgunner

    If Man City do not manage to capture Pep — I can see them approaching Klopp… especially with Klopp’s great record of bringing players through the academy into the first team…

  22. tunnygriffboy


    If that’s true then I think he’s city bound. However in order to play Klopps pressing game then city will have to have a big overhaul of players

    Could it be Hummels, Gundogan and Reus have asked to leave ? Get in there Arsene

  23. tunnygriffboy


    Yes, forgot to say that Klopp will use academy players. So few of the current city team could play his style of football. Would be a big risk though. New manager in a new league having to rebuild a side having to get them into the CL

    I’ll say this for Wenger. Whoever takes over from him will have some top class players in their prime along with some quality youngsters

  24. mysticleaves

    I would like to think Klopp doesn’t fit Man City. I can see him work with maybe Liverpool or Arsenal, mainly cos of their stability and patience.

    Make one mistake with Citeh and you are fired! Do you see Klopp staying 6years in City? That’s the lowest he has stayed in any club bytheway

  25. mysticleaves

    That would be basically almost perfect. Though I haven’t really looked at our run in. I guess am taking it one game at a time. Lol

  26. WengerEagle

    I have to be honest, I don’t think that we’ll beat both Chelsea and United.

    If we beat Chelsea and even drew at OT I’d be fairly pleased, would mean that we would be in pole position for 2nd.

    I’m not sure we’ll even beat Chelsea though, if United beat them this weekend he’ll come to the Emirates for a draw and no-one does it better.

  27. WengerEagle

    Seriously though no word of a lie, in school we had a kid in our class called Fanny, I mean how can parents be so sadistic?

    Cattle-prodding her at the Christening would have left less lasting damage.

  28. WengerEagle

    Some of my favourites:

    -Rusty Kuntz
    -Mike Hunt (Parents sneakily called him Michael and claimed ignorance that it could be abbreviated to Mike)
    -Jesus Condom
    -Judy Graham Swallows
    -Wang Liqin
    -Ben Dover (of course)
    -Dixie Normous
    -Jack Goff (personal favourite)
    -Justin Sider
    -Dr Thomas Fister
    -B.J Cobbledick
    -Mike Litoris (Another case of sly parents)
    -Chew Kok
    -Dickie Head (Like how he embraces it, called himself Richard in a previous life)

  29. WengerEagle

    Hahaha yeah that’s a good one.

    Always felt sorry for people with unfortunate surnames like our pal Judy Graham there, it’s only when the parents give their kids a first name like Justin knowing fully well that their surname is ‘Sider’ that you have to question the parenting.