The worst thing possible for Arsenal is happening at Barcelona

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Bad news people. Danni Alves is leaving Barca at the end of the season.

Actually, this could be good news.

He might be leaving at a point Barca require more experience. So they might go and spunk £30m on someone young enough to keep Bellerin out of contention for a place at Barca.

Either way. Expect there to be some speculation about the stylish right back moving on this summer.

I’m interested to see what happens with the mega deals this summer. Who will Madrid sell? Who will Barca move on? What will City do? How will PSG make themselves FFP compliant? How will Premier League clubs use their new spending power?

Arsene has been talking rather grimly of what it means to have a team of 30 years olds like City.

‘When all your main players get close to 30, you can’t buy a 30-year-old player. You have to buy a player who is 22 or 23 because if you buy another player of 30, they all die together. As a manager, in the long-term and short-term, you have to say: ‘OK, we can win the league’ but you cannot go without planning for the future. So the players we buy this summer have to be a bit younger – they cannot be 29 or 30. Age-wise you need a balance.’

Arsenal have their fair share of players in their thirties. He has Per, Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini, Cazorla and Debuchy. The three midfielders in that pack feel like they need addressing this summer. Not sure if we have players coming through who can replace those. So a move into the market might be necessary. A player Wenger says he certainly won’t be letting go is Jack Wilshere. He’s pretty categoric we won’t move him on.

“We are not in a position any more where we have to sell our best players,”


But then again, he said the same of Robin Van Persie.

Every player has their price, especially if they’re not performing on or off the pitch. I think jack has value because he’s English more than anything else at the moment. Would be nice if we could see the boy who took on Barca a little more often.

A player we’re looking to bring in, Morgan Schnederlin is piquing Chelsea’s interest. They see him as a cheaper option to Paul Pogba… who is surely only attainable to Real Madrid when you consider his age, stature and freakish talent. I’m not sure Chelsea will have the same pull as Arsenal. They play clunky football, they have very good players in that role already and obviously, Mourinho isn’t French. If I were him, I’d be looking at the club I can make a major difference.

People, that’s Arsenal.

Where he would be king of the midfield.

So we have him, Petr Cech and an inside forward… jeez, we’re cooking on rocket fuel.

I had Sterling, Reus and Dybala as my inside forward choices in my first ESPN article people liked. I missed Draxler of Schalke and Pedro of Barca. Two very good players to throw on the interest fire. Basically, there’s plenty of players to choose from if we need to replace Theo this summer.

One player who has outshone Theo this year is Chamberlain. He’s the only doubt for Burnley on Saturday. Shame.

Right, that’s your lot on Friday. Why not take off your shirt right now. It’s 21 degrees. If anyone asks why you’re half naked, tell them it’s your human right to feel natural in your work surroundings.

No one fucks with human rights laws in an office environment.

Have a great lunchtime ‘strategy’ meeting. x

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  1. MidwestGun

    Speaking of Dick Law…. is the “new” Messi he is recruiting any better then the Iranian Messi?

    Also, if we get Dybala the “new” Aguero and the “new” Messi won’t we be set for decades. Vamos Vamos Argentina!

  2. N5

    It really isn’t Brian plus I said SW yesterday also, check my 2nd post in the subject. Twist and turn all you want but you thought Tottenham had won 13 trophies. Hahahaha

  3. Thomas

    Thomas, coming from you, I expected to see Courtouis, Cahill and Willian in there.

    You laughed at WW for putting out an Arsenal 11 and yet you put out our team 11?


    Erm no I didn’t. I took two Arsenal players from our first 11.

  4. MidwestGun

    Hahaha. Think it’s fair to say someone talking on an Arsenal blog about the team up the road is referring to Spurs. Unless you are a troll genius who knows more about Arsenal then everyone of course.

  5. Lee

    Friday 28th August
    Meet and greet with Ian Wright night in Croydon if any body is interested?
    It’s for my best mate and business partners charity for his disabled daughter
    Every effort is going ini helping her to walk and talk. Something we all take for granted with regards to our own children
    All proceeds go to her treatment
    3 course meal
    Meet and greet.

    All banter and winding up aside, this is a serious issue. I would be most grateful if some of you guys would spread the word.
    Or call 07830178104
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    Tickets £60

    Many thanks

  6. N5

    Ha mid, that’s the whole issue, this SW thing he’s doing is masking the fact he didn’t know Tottenham we’re the team up the road.

    What vast football knowledge he has.

  7. Dan Ahern

    Maybe we should turn a negative into a positive and start a hall of fame for RendOver’s comments.
    Inaugural class:
    – Palace will bend over
    – Arsenal hasn’t won the league for… 17 years, was it?
    – Any of his innumerable “People think [obviously good player] is good but I have always said he is not.” brags. Lol.

  8. MidwestGun

    Ahern –
    My favorite was during a City game. … he said Aguero is a headless chicken. .. then literally within about 20 minutes he had scored a hat-trick.

  9. N5

    Lee it’ll take a couple of days to get it added but hopefully we can send a load up from East Sussex here. When it’s on I’ll post the link if you want to take a look at it.

    Good luck mate.

  10. salparadisenyc

    You guys sound like the girls choir.

    Its like a slot machine…. you keep feeding it coin and it keeps sucking em down and polishing em off.

    I’m still listening to that Devo link… positioned well in the southwest.

  11. MidwestGun

    Lee –
    Sounds like a great cause….. if y’all set up a website I can donate somehow I would. Otherwise, I hope it’s successful and you raise some funds.

  12. Dan Ahern

    N5 — Haha yeah that can go in too. You keep saying Southwest has the word South in it but I have always said that it does not, you idiot! You think directions are world class!

  13. N5

    My favorite ever was when he said certain players aren’t world class because they hadn’t won ECL, so I said Messi, he said doesn’t count as he’s not great in his National Team, I said he was 2nd top scorer and had years to catch up, he said doesn’t count as he didn’t have a great world cup, I said he won the player of the Torni, he said doesn’t count he doesn’t own a WC winners medal.

    I thought if I’d said he had a medal he’d say doesn’t count he’s not won a game on the moon.

    How can the best player in the WORLD not be considered world class? if you were playing jeopardy, the answer would be what planet is Messi the best footballer of and in turn a ….. class player in?

  14. MidwestGun

    Ahern –
    It’s a betting strategy Im working on…. anything for an edge.

    Sal –
    Yep… except lately after his last binning it doesn’t matter he will just go on and on by himself. Think he’s finally gone round the bend over..

    Step on a crack. … break your momma’s back …

  15. Lee


    Thank you also. I’ll post website details
    What a lovely response
    I really appreciate it.
    Are you in Sussex then?
    Can’t be too far from myself.

  16. N5

    I haven’t always been Lee, but I’m in Hastings now due to work. My dad runs the East Sussex Arsenal supporters club which has a 1000 or so members, which I know isn’t huge, but they all like to support things like this. We often have players like Ray Parlour, Paul Davies, Perry Groves etc down for a dinner dance charity thing. Never had Wrighty though and I think he would be a blast.

    Are you East Sussex too?

  17. Lee

    No but me and my wife are frequent visitors of rhye. You must know it. I’d move there in a heartbeat if I could. It’s just London money. I have to be close by as I run a reactive company.
    I live in Surrey now.

  18. N5

    I know it well Lee, I live maybe 10 miles from it. It’s really popular with movie stars apparently. Johnny Depp and Jennifer Anniston both supposedly own homes there.

    Spike Milligan is burried there too if that means anything to you.

  19. BacaryisGone

    Not sure if this says more about Arsenal or England, but it’s quite possible that next season we could be looking at 3 England starters (Ox, Wilshere and Welbeck) on the Arsenal bench if you assume a starting midfield and forward combo of Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud, Ramsey, Coquelin and Cazorla.

    That doesn’t even include possible England squad members Walcott, Chambers, Gibbs and Jenkinson, who are looking like either reserve cover for Arsenal or surplus to our requirements.

    By the way, who on earth is going to pick up Podolski’s 100k salary with one year left to run on his contract and with him saying he’s happy to stick it out for his final year? Like Denilson, we might just have to give him away.

  20. BacaryisGone

    One quick comment from the Arsenal game against Liverpool which became my 8 year old’s first-ever Arsenal match live.

    Before the game, we had a great view of Ozil, Alexis, Ramsey and Bellerin taking several warm-up shots at Ospina. Ozil was striking the ball extremely well and from the same angle he took the free-kick from. Bellerin was finding the corner of the goal but with his right foot, Ramsey was pretty average and Alexis hit a couple way over. Looks like he was just finding his range!

  21. N5

    Red are you mental? we were talking about Spurs and you jumped in and said they were doing quite well. If you wasn’t talking about the Spuds, why the fuck did you get involved in our conversation? also, unless you are braindead, what do you think the whole up the road comment we’ve been talking about was referring too. You even said the team up the road!! so Spurs, you are a liar, an idiot and a waste of oxygen.

  22. N5

    And I said since when has Chelsea been further up the road, since when has SW been up the road from North.

    God I hope you are doing this on purpose.

  23. Lee

    Well no. Not a massive spike fan personaly. Prefer laurel and hardy.
    My uncle doesn’t stop quoting spike though.

  24. MidwestGun

    The most common early warning signs of schizophrenia include:
    Social withdrawal
    Inappropriate laughter
    Hostility or suspiciousness
    Odd or irrational statements
    Forgetful; unable to concentrate
    Strange use of words or way of speaking
    Inability, to form complete thoughts

    sound familiar. ……. Might want to have that looked at RedTruth.

  25. N5

    Truth, you tell me, do you believe a thing I come out with, if the answer is yes then your last comment is correct.

    Suck on that you season ticket mug! ha ha ahah ahahahahahahah ah ahah ahahaa

  26. N5

    Lee apparently on Spikes gravestone in Rye it says “see I told you I was ill”. It’s in Latin so I can’t verify if that’s a legit thing or an urban myth but I find it comical anyway.

  27. salparadisenyc

    Pint o clock…. enjoy the night ladies.

    Marble you’ve taken a considerable likeness to my 3 year old whom I just put over my knee. On a grown man thats called being bitch slapped.

  28. N5

    “I don’t frequent the site because I am a sad lonely one a be supporter like you.”

    Mid if you can figure out what this means can you translate please?

  29. N5

    “I don’t frequent the site because i am a sad lonely wanna be supporter like you.”

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA That’s exactly why you visit the site you pathetic slug.

  30. N5

    Mid, it would be wasted on him mate. You’d have him sectioned and in a straight jacket before he could say he’s late for his lapdancing shift.

  31. MidwestGun

    Lol… i have no affiliation with Arsenal… Redtruth you don’t even go to the games and I assume you live there? Once again you just insulted about 30 million people or more. New record? Tourists ? Haha Next time you want us to buy a player keep that in mind.

  32. Marc

    I really don’t understand why Pedro just ban Marble the second her ugly mug reappears. Eventually she’d get bored and go back to the hole she belongs in.

  33. MidwestGun

    At least i know which way up is… on the map… Mr Arsenal genius.

    Anyhow, symptom number two hostility or suspiciousness.
    See a pychiatrist soon. Might not be too late.

  34. MidwestGun

    Marc –
    I have no idea… I really wanted to come here and talk about tomorrow’s game but was forced to amuse myself. Anyhow I’ll live y’all to it. It will have to wait til tomorrow.

  35. Marc

    Yeah my life would be over. I’d just have to console myself by going on another teams blog and trolling them, I’ve heard low life’s with nothing else going for them find this makes them feel important.

  36. Redtruth

    A National Geographic poll of over 500 young Americans, aged 18 to 24, showed that six per cent failed to locate their own country on a map of the world. haha

  37. @snoekrats

    So funny when certain individuals try to claim Arsenal for themselves. Such a dim view.

    Rather than be thankfull they are so lucky to go to the Games.

  38. @snoekrats

    I find it truly amazing that so many individuals on this comment section spend so much of their being dicks.

    Honestly I mean at first it might be a bit fun but fuck me after a while you must realise what a sad state of affairs that is.

    Sort yourselves out.

  39. MidwestGun

    One quick comment from the Arsenal game against Liverpool which became my 8 year old’s first-ever Arsenal match live.

    Before the game, we had a great view of Ozil, Alexis, Ramsey and Bellerin taking several warm-up shots at Ospina. Ozil was striking the ball extremely well and from the same angle he took the free-kick from. Bellerin was finding the corner of the goal but with his right foot, Ramsey was pretty average and Alexis hit a couple way over. Looks like he was just finding his range!
    B.i.G –
    Had to go back and pick this out of the troll stream…. above.
    Very cool experience. First game? That sounds like an amazing bonding experience. Little jealous…. not gonna lie.

  40. Bamford10

    “Raheem Sterling will not sign a new contract at Liverpool this season as he waits to see what offers come his way this summer, a well-placed source has told ESPN FC.” – ESPN

    ESPN also think Szczesny is on his way out this summer.

  41. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    I’m ok with Debuchy, actually like his tenacity. We’ve signed much worse.
    Not sure why we need 4 Rb’s, tho.

    Anyhow, Btts. Everton, Chelsea, West Ham.

    @Snoekrats it’s good advice but it’s wasted on Redtruth. Been the same under every name since I can remember almost 4 years.

    Might be some truth to the Sterling swap if Ox is considered unavailable for
    some time, running into next season.

  42. Sukky

    I think debuchy will end up as a CB, he’s strong and fast and I think he’s better than PM04 when playing high line though he’s still the FIRST choice RB in the club.

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    From Sport Witness

    Palmero President talking to France Football about Dybala

    “PSG know that the player is on the market. At this moment, Juve is in pole position and wants to close the deal in a week… I want the best deal possible. The Turin club made ​​me an offer of €35m, but I want €40m or more. Also, I’m negotiating with Arsenal.”

    No way has Juventus offered 35m euros

  44. Wallace

    ““There are 36 different forms of communicating through a pass,” Bielsa once said, and you can already feel yourself nodding. Yes! More! So much so it is even possible to imagine, here in landlocked Premier League-land, Bielsa himself could turn out to be an elaborate hoax, an in-joke concocted by South American intellectuals at the expense of lonesome English tactical romantics everywhere.”

    – Barney Ronay on the Bielsa to West Ham rumours