Can Hector keep Debuchy out of the team?

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“It was really unexpected,”

“I worked a lot on my speed and power with the conditioning coach last year. The work that you don’t see, in the shadows, really shows on the pitch. We were just having a test and then they told me I was the fastest at the club. I did not beat it by that much. There was a bit of banter and he is trying to beat me now.”

The fastest right back in the UNIVERSE!

One of my fave breakthroughs since One Direction. Hector not only plays better than them, he dresses better. A style icon in my eyes.

He’s been a bit of a sensation so far this season. Debuchy picking up his second serious injury looked like curtains for our defensive stability. I don’t think it’s too much to say that Calum Chambers was more senior in the pecking order. He failed to adapt, he got jumped by Hector and the Spaniard hasn’t looked back.

His pace is his main asset. An absolute dream when you can make a mistake and recover it in one move. He has solid delivery and he’s shown he has an eye for goal with a couple of pearlers.

Arguably, I’d say Debuchy will take back his place when he’s fit. He’s more streetwise (silly penalty against Liverpool) and more of a leader. However, the future on the right is assured. The only concern is Danny Alves is coming to the end of his badly dressed career. Let’s hope that Barca DNA that Cesc had doesn’t rear its ugly head. London is way better anyway.

Well, it’s not. But if you see Hector, tell him Barca has an airborne version of something terrible floating around the city.

We have two pretty standard fixtures coming up. Burnley are still fighting for their survival and we know that complacency against them can end up with points dropped. It’s at 1730 on Saturday. At least we’ll have watched what the others have done. Always a nice way to focus the mind.

After that, it’s Reading in the semi final (I HAVE A TICKET). This is another game where we need focus, not fear. It’s all about having a plan. Just because they’re average, it doesn’t mean they’re not capable of nicking an early goal against the run of play and sitting back. Their players will likely never play at Wembley again. This is their big chance. They’ll play 20% better than they ever have before. It’s a nothing to lose game.

I think we’ll have too much for them. However, a shaky game against Burnley could flip that confidence.

It’s been a bit of a shit show on the ticket front. Reading fans invited to ‘bring a friend’ wasn’t the smartest advertisement for fairness. Still, allocations are allocations. You can’t give bigger teams more than half because that’s not very sporting.

I also find it a bit boring watching Arsenal fans slagging off other arsenal fans for selling tickets off for Burnley… tickets they’ve bought for fan credits. Look, if you’re telling me you wouldn’t dare game the broken away credits ticket systems to secure yourself a major game ticket, you’re a liar. Or you just didn’t think of it. I pay my way for the home games, if I have to do that for the away games to get to a semi, I’ll do it. Why should an away fan who’s been to 8 away games take priority over a season ticket holder who went to every home game?

If the system is broken, you can’t complain when it’s abused.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Since the turn of year we have had 3 poor results against Southampton, Spurs and Monaco. The Southampton game resulted in a change in personnel. Spurs
    game was the consequence of them wanting the result more than we did and
    Monaco as we know was due to a large extent to complacency.

    However, the results that matter were against Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool. These were games, which until this season we would not have won and certainly not as comfortably as we did.

    There are two remaining fixtures this season against Chelsea and Man Utd which will tell you whether or not we are real contenders in future for titles.
    I will judge our future prospects on how we perform in those games.

    However, I do feel that we have made progress since the start of the year. As
    others suggest there is more balance and meat in our team than for a very long time.

    There are still bloggers who believe that the solution to every problem is to go
    out on a massive spending spree. The more realistic posters understand that is not the solution. We have now a very good team and that is to a large extent
    whether by accident or by design due to strengthening our spine and not constantly changing personnel.

    Those sitting on the bench need now to fight for places in team rather than assume that they have a divine right to play. That applies in particular to Szczesny, Wilshire and Walcott. I think that Wilshire will fight for his place. I am less
    convinced that Szczesny and Walcott will do so.

    Coquelin has played extremely well and has more than justified his place in team. However, I think that most supporters understand that if he gets injured
    or loses form we have noone else in squad good enough to replace him in the
    role that he plays. Arteta and Flamini are certainly not solution.

    Apart from that one position we do have adequate cover in most positions. However, as I wrote in recent days there are positions/ players which need upgrade. I am not a fan of Walcott. He reminds me of the ‘Emperor without Clothes’.He is a luxury player who will very occasionally do something spectacular, but overall adds very little to the ‘team’. I can live with him sitting on the bench, but if we want an upgrade of first team then I would most certainly
    shed him and go for Sterling who is actually and potentially better player.

  2. qna

    In other news: Arsenal are looking for a fix to 21-year-old England midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s groin problems or else he will need surgery in the summer.

    What is the upside of this. Do we need him to achieve what we need for the rest of the season. Arent we pretty much all fit. Send him off to surgery now and let him start his rehab and recovery now.

  3. Keyser

    “Arsenal have been miles away from genuinely competing since 2007/2008 when we bottled it and finished 3rd.”

    We were the most efficient team/squad in the league that year, we ran an entire squad into the ground and the only two teams to finish above us contested that years Champions League final.

    That year was probably as good as the Premiership has been across the board for a while.

    The only reason we’re close now is because after having had to replace almost an entire first team/squad, we’ve rebuilt partly using what we had, added key experience and bought well.

    Why would you turn that on it’s head and go all out football fantasy.

    Especially when there’s clear examples why this won’t work.

  4. Emiratesstroller


    I like Ox very much as a player. However, there are concerns about his injuries and those need to be sorted.

    What is unclear at moment is whether the groin problem rather than hamstring will prevent him playing for rest of season. If it is manageable then I would be inclined to leave operation until end of season if that is what is recommended.

    With Arsenal you can never be certain that we have sufficient number of players. Our injury list can tot up very quickly.

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: then I think that Khedira on a 4 year deal would be. better. I know that would take him through to 32yo, but he is a much better player than Arteta or Flamini ever was

    The only problem is that Khedira isn’t really a DM.

    He could play alongside Coq, but then what do you do with Ramsey ?

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: Wallace. I dont want 8 to 10 players. I want to buy 4 or 5 players that might cost £40m each. Some for the 1st team; some for the squad.

    You want the club to spend £160m-200m and you want to spend £40m on a squad player?

    You mad bro

  7. Wallace

    re the Ox – Wenger’s always seen surgery as a last resort, only to be undertaken if there’s no chance an injury will heal naturally.

  8. qna

    ES: The more realistic posters understand that is not the solution.

    Self-proclaim much. You have no evidence to suggest your thoughts are anything more than the “unrealistic” posters.

    What I have on the other hand is sports bet odds. There are no guarantees. I am not offering them. But this year Chelsea started as favourites and they will win. Last season City were favourites and they won. I cant remember the last time a team won that wasnt close to outright favourites. Arsenal have been rank 4th or 5th every season in recent years amd only this season might they beligh that slightly. But still will not return a punters odds for them to win it.

    If we do as you suggest ES. We will not be much closer than we are this year. If we do what I suggest, we could go in as close to equal favourites for the first time in a decade.

    No guarantees. But you cant offer any either. Your sensible approach also shoes a lack of appreciation of the business side of football. right now we are significantly ahead of all our rivals in matchday earnings and close in broadcast earnings. We are getting killed in commercials. In the next round of commercial renewals we must make up ground for our long term stability. Spending money on top players and performing in the CL and winning PLs is the best way to take back this ground. Even Liverpool are killing us in commercials and that is due to their legacy as being a bigger global brand as us.

  9. Keyser

    Wallace – I didn’t agree on everything, but it’s pretty clear sometimes things just fall for you, you have such a small window of opportunity and if you’re smart and disciplined you can make the most of it.

    Kind of like Sanogo, Afobe and Akpom, Afobe missed his through injury, Sanogo took his, and all the people who wanted Akpom given a go are now wondering whether Afobe has a buy-back clause.

    I can imagine Iwobi getting a mention soon.

  10. Keyser

    A bit like Dybala he plays for a pretty average team, in a league, well where do you begin, and the fantasists think 40 million is somehow worth it, even if it is, there’s little way to tell and it comes with massive risk.

    Vela last year was getting as much attention as he gets little mention now.

  11. Emiratesstroller


    You are on this occasion wrong.

    We started this season very poorly and most of the critics pointed out that Arsenal were not good enough to beat our main rivals.

    Since January we have beaten three out of four of our main rivals and there is
    no question that we have improved, because stats prove it.

    As I said I will judge team by how they perform at end of season and in particular against Chelsea and Man Utd. If we get 4 points from those two games then
    I will consider that we are on right pathway.

    We are not going to win Title this season, but if we finish second I will accept
    that is progress. 2-3 new additions is more than sufficient for next season providing that they are the right players.

  12. Wallace


    “and if you’re smart and disciplined you can make the most of it.”

    and lucky. how often do you see a promising youngster get a chance because of injury only for him to also then get injured? Gnabry last season, although i’m sure he’ll come again, and Sanogo at Palace seems to have blown his chance through not being able to stay fit.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Keyser: but it’s pretty clear sometimes things just fall for you, you have such a small window of opportunity and if you’re smart and disciplined you can make the most of it.

    I agree with this too, though I’d say desire is also a vital ingredient. Bellerin’s determination to succeed shows through his recent quotes.

  14. Emiratesstroller


    Gnabry is a very talented boy and will make the grade whether with Arsenal or elsewhere.

    Sanogo is certainly not an Arsenal quality player and his performance level has
    nothing to do with injuries.

  15. Keyser

    Wallace – Especially because of the way top teams burn through players. Sanogo like Jenkinson could make a career out of it, and there’s plenty of room further down the leagues.

    At the top though it shows how difficult it is, Chelsea discard players who’ve barely had a chance, and top players who will even turn a profit, simply because Mourinho thinks they don’t fit his style.

    We can’t match that sort of turnover, they’ve been doing it for almost a decade, and people don’t understand how the risk is different for us.

  16. OnlyCameToSeeEboue

    I had a dream, much like Martin Luther King. Cech, Bender and Reus were signed. We won the league. Then sadly I woke up.

  17. qna

    NM: You want the club to spend £160m-200m and you want to spend £40m on a squad player?

    Squad players I suggested were dybala £30m, Leno £12m and Gaya £13m. But all of these are likely to go on to be wolrd stars. Dont forget inflation is around the cornwr with TV deals and the top players are never available when you need them. In the next 2 to 3 seasons I would expect all three of these to naturally replace Giroud, Monreal and Ospina as number 1. If not well before. And now when Madrid or Barca come knocking we will be able to say no and offer comperative salaries to keep them or part with then on our terms like cashing them out to finance our new targets.

    Not mad bro.

    NM: Khedira can play DM. So when coq is injured he can take over and we wont lose much. Otherwise he would give competition with Cazorla to start along side Coq.

    I think the fans in here who fear what a bit of competition might do to these poor multi-millionaires is a bit soft. Competition is what makes great players. The season is long and we will have injuries so everyone will get their chance. The fight for those starts will be what makes them really perform when they get their chance.

  18. Keyser

    NM – Not as sure on desire, Bellerin ( and he has only just started out, albeit at a top club), he seems pretty level headed and considering his English, not sure how good Coquelin’s is ?, he seems pretty smart.

    Maybe he learn’t quicker than others, having already been at Barca, the chance he had, I think I read somewhere that he moved this way as Fabregas moved the other way (the Jeremy Wilson article in the Telegraph) and that part of the deal was that Barca had to forego a buyback option.

    Frimpong, Coquelin and Wilshere won the youth cup together, the contrast is interesting, Frimpong faded away, Wilshere’s well Wilshere, but 5 years on Coquelin had another small window.

  19. Dark Hei


    We currently have 21 players on our roster, excluding Arteta and Flamini. I don’t count them to give you some flexibility.

    Which means you have another 4 players to register for your CL team. Usually, we hit 23 players, and allow 2 youngsters into the team to make 25. I will assume, you will want Gnarby and Akpom to get at least a registration berth.

    Which means you can sign 2 players, one of them will have to be a DM. 4 if Rosicky and Walcott leaves this season.

  20. qna

    Emirates. Take your mind back when we were top of the league in early 2014. Your same post could be identically written for then. But we didnt win did we. You are not factoring into the equation pressure and the fact that you will get injuries. Our best 11 right now, with the exception of 1 winger is really good. But we would still get creamed by Barca or Madrid or Bayern or PSG. We are not half the side that you guys are suggesting. We are just much better than WE used to be 1 or 2 years ago. Right now We could probably beat any of the lower 14 clubs in the league home or away. We would also give any of the other 5 clubs a real go and I like our chances.

    But, take out Ozil and we are a different side. Giroud stops scoring as I promise you he will at periods next year. In fact our whole defense right now is basically pivoted on the sheilding that coq has been providing. His confidence could go. Why should he not drop off like Matic has.

    But above all of this, the biggest thing that will affect our campaign next season will be new signings for the other big clubs. They will all be stronger. In most seasons the Champions often have a 1st year signing that has contributed significantly. RVP, Costa and Cesc.

  21. Bamford10


    “We are going to win the league. Why are we complaining?”

    We have a new troll, ladies & gentlemen.


    “i guess there’s a bunch of you that think buying 8-10 players every summer is the way to go, and then there are some who think it’s a bit more complicated than that.”

    Nice straw man you’ve built there. No one is calling for 8 new players. More like 3-4.

    Your lot, on the other hand, will have us with one new player, maybe, in the starting XI, finishing third in the EPL and out in the 16 again. Hooray! Another year of not-quite-good-enough.

    Look at the side I built above based on your prescriptions: what is that side going to accomplish? Nothing all that great. To think otherwise is pure delusion.

    And by the way, clowns, we have signed some SIX players since the summer — Sanchez, Welbeck, Debuchy, Gabriel, Chambers, and Ospina — and we are much the stronger for it.

    Indeed most here would have every one of the six above, save Chambers, in their starting XI. That means we have signed FIVE new starting XI players side the summer. Has this disturbed the team chemistry? Has it been too “complicated”? No, it has simply made us a better team.

    But we are not yet good enough — not even close really. Three to four class players are still needed to make us a top class team.