The new Lio Messi, to Arsenal?

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… I saw Michael Owen say Sterling was better than Ozil yesterday. I’m not sure anyone on that planet would agree there. I mean, they’re not even close in similarity when it comes to style of play. Technically, Ozil is better than most on the planet. What a bizarre man Owen has become. His hatred of Arsenal is so obvious it’s almost unprofessional. How he keeps his job at BT is quite beyond me.

In transfer rumours there’s a story about some superstar kid coming to Arsenal. The deal is agreed.The agent has met Wenger twice (Zarate’s brother) and he’ll be moving over in two years.

Sounds like nonsense. Arsenal don’t work with kiss and tell agents. We don’t do deals on image rights. The FA are just bringing in rules to stop clubs buying in kids from overseas. Sounds dodgy. So don’t moisten up too quickly at the thoughts of the new Lio Messi lining up for us in two years.

NEXT: Usmanov has flat out denied he is negotiating for Dybala.

Jeez, the papers love a shite story like this. Why, oh why, would Usmanov ever need to negotiate a deal on behalf of Arsenal? We’re loaded, owners don’t do that, we can afford him without his input. Newspapers are quite amusing at time… just throw a story with no substance out there for an impact. Someone sat in a room and made that up. Crazy how publishers can operate that freely.

Charlie Nicohlas reckons we’re a Varane and a Schneiderlin away from ย being the real deal. Well, Charlie, I’m a Margot Robbie away from the perfect marriage… reality is though, there’s more than just flesh to the perfect marriage, just as there’s more to a Premiership title winning team than a couple of bodies.

The mistake we’ve made for years has been to always singularly highlight players as the key to us winning games. Manchester City have proved this seasons it’s not just about having names. Next season, we’ll be the real deal if we manage our fitness properly all season. Keeping the players on the pitch has been the major turning point this half of the season. Making them stronger has been another smart move.


Then we need to continue to think about the way we play. Liverpool was an excellent example of a solid game plan executed really well. Was that a fluke? Well, we have City and United to corroborate that something is going on. Can we continue the same mentality next season? Well, if we do, we’ll go a long way to being the real deal. I think on the player front, we need a Cech and Schneiderlin. Then all the rest is down to the manager. Becoming the real deal is a big jump… but we’ve proved two years in a row we can do it over a calendar year… can we do it over a season? That’s the big question…

On the team front, Wenger has said he can smell the goals coming in the current set up. I kind of get what he’s saying. There’s so much attacking flair about the team you just feel someone is going to knock one in. That’s exciting. I said after the Liverpool game… has it come to the point where you have to accept that Giroud is one of the best in the league now? He’s not quite elite, but he’s not far off these days.

When you look at those sort of strikers, you can see why it’s so hard to find elite like you could back in the days of 4-4-2. When you’re a loan striker, you generally need to be massive, you need to be a bully, you need to be able to play with your back to goal, you need a deft touch, you need to be selfless, you need to be ruthless and you need to land assists and goals.

… but they’re generally bought for their build. Then the technical stuff comes second. I think Giroud has done an amazing job this season pushing himself up to the next level of striker. He’s a force. He’s a finisher (most of the time) and he’s taken total accountability for becoming better and offering more to the team. Couldn’t be happier right now.

Also, another thing I forgot to mention post Liverpool… Wenger opted to bring on WELBZ over Theo. He went for a slightly injured player over Theo. Nothing says, sign the ting or sling your thing, quite like that. I can’t see him hanging on. What a waste of a season for the speedy wideman.

Still, if he’s off… that means Dybala, Reus or Sterling… I’ll have me some of that people!

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

Just quickly, the comments are open for football debate, some of the best on the web, but if you get personal about me or anyone else, I’ll block you.


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  1. blsany

    ” but everyone gets lucky. It’s what you do with that luck which defines it’s extent.”

    Noo mate.i happen to think you make your own luck considering he has been in the same position for 18 years.Simply not good enough.let’s face it he is just going to deliver bare minimum.

  2. N5

    I don’t think 2nd place and a retained FA cup is bare minumum and I wonder how many clubs out there right now would swap with us? all bar Chelsea I’d imagine.

    Citeh are winning fuck all, ask them if they’d like to be in Wengers position.

  3. Alfie

    As easy as it is to say, if only we hadn’t of fucked up earlier in the season.

    Stoke, Spuds, Hull and Leicester spring to mind.

  4. gambon

    Excellent win on saturday, and an excellent finish to the season ATM

    Still a lot to do though. Its a fine line between coming 2nd and winning the FA Cup (an excellent season) and coming 4th with no trophy, and Arsenal are experts at fucking it all up.

    If we were to finish 2nd, win the Cup, and really push up the expectation levels this summer (invest some good money, gain some real ambition) we could go into next season being heavily backed for the PL.

    Although my overall impression of these players hasnt changed, its good to see Giroud, Coquielin and Ozil doing well.

    The next 2 games are huge in terms of a test of character. Win both and we should be finishing 2nd.

  5. qna

    Bamford has every right to question Wenger. Mindless praise is equally as ridiculous as mindless insults. He gives sensible reasons for his positions and he makes more sense than most for these.

    There are also posters in here that can sensibly argue the case against what Bamford says. They also have valid points at times and its what makes this place worthwhile visiting.

    I also admit to not agreeing with everything Bamford says. For me personally there is a lot to like about the way Wenger’s teams play. But there have been some huge problems at the club, especially recruiting absolute rubbish players and running our good ones into the ground. I cant say for certain that Wenger is not mainly responsible for these. But personally, I mostly blame the club’s owners, WOBs blame Wenger, and AKBs blame the universe. As long as there are good reasons that can be followed and understood then this is worth my time no matter the opinion.

    But now that Arsenal is somehow looking like a team again, even though it still hasnt proven itself where it counts, the AKB rhetoric is starting to wind up again and common sense is going out the window.

    Take this from NM regarding Bamford’s like of Benteke: How’s he done over the last 2 seasons since you’ve been advocating buying him? Answer: badly. Keep setting yourself up and I’ll keep making you look dumb…

    A nonsensical argument where somehow he thinks he has made a clever point and made Bamford look dumb.

  6. Northbanker

    The GK position is the most urgent to address. Although ยฃ10m for a 30+ yr old seems a lot, Brian Clough years ago recognised the need to buy a top level keeper to push for the title. He got Shilton; years later Graham got Seaman. Wenger must now learn that same lesson

    Ospina didn’t do much on Sat but when he was in possession it wasn’t impressive. He is 2nd rate and I for one would prefer Chez to come back for rest of season, injury permitting

  7. N5

    “Still a lot to do though. Its a fine line between coming 2nd and winning the FA Cup (an excellent season) and coming 4th with no trophy, and Arsenal are experts at fucking it all up.”

    Spot on gambon, this is really what I was trying to say. It’s not bare minimum if we come 2nd and win the FA cup. It’s bar minimum if we come 4th and win nothing.

  8. Keyser

    Benteke illustrates Bamford’s hypocricy pretty adeptly, he can’t help himself, he flits between saying we need better than Giroud and then advocating the potential of Benteke, he’s been doing this regularly the past few seasons to the point where you’re left with no option but to question his motives.

  9. Bamford10


    Wrong. I didn’t bring up the Aston Villa striker. Mouth did, to score points. As he always does. I simply defended myself and defended what is a perfectly reasonable position.

    Review the chain of comments if you doubt me.

  10. Keyser

    “Still a lot to do though. Its a fine line between coming 2nd and winning the FA Cup (an excellent season) and coming 4th with no trophy, and Arsenal are experts at fucking it all up.”

    Either of these things happening don’t really explain anything, it’s how we do it, not the result at the end, both are within our margin for error, the FA Cup is a cup competition, and if 2nd to 4th, or even lower is decided by a single point and say over a poor offside call deciding it, that will need to be considered.

    Even the Liverpool game, each goal gives promise, but overall when WE upped the intensity, when WE were pressing high, and WE made clear chances WE didn’t take them.

    Bellerin made the breakthrough. Last years performance at home against Liverpool was probably better.

  11. shad


    Honestly, you rate SCZC’s distribution better than Ospina’s? I would rather have a cautious Ospina than a corky SCZC. What I like about Ospina is he has very good reactions and respects and plays to the shape of the defense, and remains switched on through the 90. He should probably have saved Henderson’s PK and his handling can be better, but he plays to his strengths and does the basics well. SCZC got too complacent and rightfully got benched plus his lapses in concentration and poor judgement have cost us a few points.

    Keep Ospina, bring in a better no. 1. Sell SCZC.

  12. Keyser

    “I simply defended myself and defended what is a perfectly reasonable position.”

    Yeah, by defending yourself you exposed your hypocrisy. you’re adamant Giroud isn’t good enough, while talking up Benteke’s potential, when tangibly Giroud is actually producing for us, he isn’t showing potential at a relegation candidate.

    You consistently talk of Lewandowski or Costa as the benchmark, because of their recent form, then advocate Benteke, you can’t have it both ways.

  13. Keyser

    N5 – Dude come on, it’s more like being involved with Masterchef, or at school where you’re teacher told you to show your working out, on Masterchef they don’t allow you turn up saying ‘Here’s something I prepared earlier, they want to see how you actually made it.

    Or you could just go home and get your mum to make most of it like you did in food technology.

    I’d say last season at home, I think they had everyone fit ? At least Suarez ? and we beat them quite comfortably, even if you say it required Ramsey on exceptional form. Also it was earlier in the season, less injuries and so on and I think Liverpool hit form later.

  14. roaaary

    @blsany you’ve answered your own point there. You make your own luck? Well wenger made his by not releasing coquelin. For that he deserves praise.

    He made his luck by playing him instead of chambers and was rewarded with the luck.

    Wenger has been average for years but 2 things he does well is recognise talent and gel a good style of football. We may not win everything but we have kicked on this year

  15. daz

    From all comps Costa 19 goals in 35 apps 4 of which were from the bench, giroud 19 goals in 27 apps 7 from the bench. Guess giroud is a level above Costa then ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Emiratesstroller


    The reality is that both Szczesny and Ospina are both international goalkeepers. Szczesny won golden glove in EPL last season and Ospina produced most clean sheets at World Cup.

    Both are good ‘squad goalkeepers’, but neither would be considered ‘World

    The real problem is that there are at the moment very few goalkeepers floating around who are SIGNIFICANTLY better. Most of the best goalkeepers are
    operating in EPL. Courtois [Chelsea], De Gea [Man Utd], Lloris [Spurs] and
    Hart [Man City] are clearly not going to be sold to Arsenal. Neuer who is rated
    the World’s best gk is at Bayern and is also unavailable.

    So the real question is who else is available who might be considered a class better than what we have got now? Apart from Cech there is noone floating around who is in his prime and has a significantly better track record.

  17. blsany

    Vincent Kompany and Sergio Aguero the only outfield players in this Manchester City side under 29. Kompany turns 29 on Friday. Yes shitty are fucked foreseeable future.Music to my ears.

  18. qna

    “Vincent Kompany and Sergio Aguero the only outfield players in this Manchester City side under 29. Kompany turns 29 on Friday. Yes shitty are fucked foreseeable future.Music to my ears.”

    ^^^^This plus FFP restrictions are music to my ears. Have a feeling a mega sponsorship deal from the UAE is around the corner.

  19. Marko

    The idea that there isn’t many goalkeepers available is wrong. Handanovic at a piss poor Inter team, Ruffier at St Etienne, Keylor Navas being second choice for Real, Adler at Hamburg, admittedly Leno at Leverkusen might take convincing but we’re a step up for them and they should be able to see we’re going places. Any of those would improve us no end

  20. Marko

    Oh…but it’s clearly him so what’s the point really. It’s like a murderer changing his. He’s still a murderer let’s get him

  21. Marko

    It’s the sick weather outside. Anyone in Ireland will tell you it’s superb weather. Arsenal like weather

  22. N5

    Dan you saw last night how he twist and turned to divert attention away from his original comment.

    He was going on about me being a Stepford wife because I go to the Emirates, he said “N5 thinks Costa is WC” again and again to only go and concede today.

    What an embarrassment.

  23. N5

    “Let’s not make it worse by rubbing it in. !!!”

    I really wish I could stop, it’s childish to continue to rub it in I know, I mean it’s only been 3 years of trolling me and digging me out at every moment so I shouldn’t really as after all it’s not like he’d do it if it was the other way around.

    I mean after all, he did have to bend over and take it by applying.

  24. N5

    “It’s almost shocking until you remember he only ever says things for attention.”

    The admittance of being wrong has brought more attention than his last 10 posts combined so I expect you’re right, the whole thing was an attention grabbing stunt.

  25. blsany

    “The admittance of being wrong has brought more attention than his last 10 posts combined so I expect you’re right, the whole thing was an attention grabbing stunt.”

    That was sooooo English.Love it.

  26. gonsterous

    The sarcasm level is strong with this one.. it made me rofl .. Anyway I tried to defend the bloke but I’m done now.. never let it be said that I didn’t try !!

  27. Keyser

    Also Arteta, Diaby, Wilshere play Stoke under-21’s at the Emirates tonight, if it’s convenient like just roll up and buy a ticket ? I wouldn’t mind hopping on the tube ?

    Like watered down version of Matchday without the hassle, do we still play at Barnet ?

    These are questions you could be answering.

  28. roaaary

    I bet marble used to sit here and try to post his opinion but got continually ignored.

    It changed him and spawned this super cut version of marble who now just spurts crap for attention.

    His posts are so fat fetched and attention seeking that people ignore him as they know he’s trolling

  29. N5

    @roaaary, do you not remember when he was Dial? people used to try talking to him, but it soon become apparent he was just here for the lolz as the kids say!

  30. Keyser

    I’m in two minds about Marble, Le Grove’s always had a fine tradition of Care in the Community cases, and we’ve got some fine Social Workers on hand.

    But he’s been here soo long that you have to wonder if he’s really ill, like has Assburgers (sp) or something, or whether he’s automated, but then if Pedro’s coding in automated trolls..

  31. N5

    “Also I bet Durham started out like this, trolling N5 and Midwest on a blog somewhere, you two have a lot to answer for.”

    Ha ha, oh no please don’t tell me that Marble is going to someday make a name for himself!!

  32. N5

    Ha ha Keyser, I’ve always thought he was an automated bot that Pedro has programmed for hits!

    The replies are often not relevent to the question asked.

    10 goto “N5 thinks Costa is world class”
    20 goto 10

    it’s as simple as that for Pedro to create!!

  33. Keyser

    He will if you keep giving him oxygen.

    I think anyone who’s engaged Dial in conversation should go on the following site, and then post back how many spins they got :

    *Don’t be fucking stupid anything called meatspin can’t be a good thing.

  34. Dan Ahern

    I’d considered that RedDialMarbles might have some sort of condition too, and if he does I feel a bit guilty. But I think his posts are too consistently obvious about their trolling. The only concerning part is how little they vary.

  35. N5

    azed, I didn’t bully him as such, I just sent him to bed early when I was babysitting him! it was his own fault, he kept spilling soup from his Thermos all over his Parker.

  36. Spellbound

    Just to follow up yesterday’s discussion about likely additions over the summer. I don’t think scez is going anywhere unless he pushes for a move. Where will he get a better opportunity and a bigger stage to play? I still think he’s a more talented goalie than ospina but switches off way too often.

    Now for likely additions, again this is not necessarily only the players I think we need but just me trying to read the tea leaves.

    Still feel schneiderlin is nailed on as an arsenal player. Less so since the emergency of our mighty Coq but i think its going to happen still. I also think we’ll get another CM. Another CM might sound crazy but Fekir seems destined for arsenal and as much as we are loaded in the middle of the pitch, the injuries add up quickly with us and that’s the part of the field Wenger wants the most quality at his disposal. Fekir would be a great addition as well as a Santi’s/Rosicky long term replacement.

    Lastly, the big prize out of all of them…..Reus. I don’t think the ship has sailed on us getting him. Maybe it’s just me hoping but Wenger is a long time admirer and with the possibility of theo/podolski/campbell leaving, why not.

    Now allow yourself to dream for a moment.

    Alexis Ozil Reus

    Before i forget, I was the one last week that said we’ll take all the points from pool, united and chelsea games. I feel even more strongly about it since the weekend. We’re taking all 9 points folks.

  37. azed

    There’s no way Wenger is buying a striker especially as we have Giroud, Wellbeck and Alexis who can all play that role.
    There’s also Apkom and the 50 million man.

  38. nasri's mouth


    Szczesny will have a chat with Wenger in the summer, if he’s not convinced he has a really good chance of getting his no.1 status back he’ll want to leave.

    Its possible that Wenger has already had that conversation with him.

    When Szczesny was dropped, I honestly thought it would only be for a couple of games. As he’s not come back, the possibility he’s off in the summer is getting bigger.

  39. Spellbound


    Agreed. Its looking more serious than I originally thought it would be. I think when he weighs up his options he will realizes there aren’t many options out there he will reconsider. He’s spent his entire life with Arsenal, its hard to see him walking away.

  40. nasri's mouth


    Let’s see what happens. Ospina currently isn’t good enough long term. He may improve of course, but I hope we’re not looking at him as a no.1 for next season

  41. salparadisenyc

    Been traveling… how about that result?

    Quality stuff… Chelsea going to be good. We’ve absolutely nothing to loose, should be interesting and quite possible Wenger finally put Mou down. That said it would be so Arse to cave away to Burnley as the glow of optimism fills our cockles with joy.

    Have to say i’m enjoying Giroud and Coq proving most of us wrong and making some look like utter nutters in the process.

  42. Dan Ahern

    Yoooo Sal.

    Chelsea effectively have a 10-point lead. The door isn’t even cracked yet, let alone open.

    What we need to get excited for is smashing Liverpool again in the FA Cup final!

  43. salparadisenyc


    Ya wasn’t referring to taking the title…. just beating them on the day buddy.
    I’ve been smoking some pretty interesting things this week…. but nothing that interesting.

    You best be policing the hood.

  44. daz

    I think its to early to decide on ospina yet but he hasn’t done much wrong, he has a very good shots to saves ratio and since he has been in the team we have defended as a team much better so he hasn’t been bombarded. He is averaging 2.5 saves per game in EPL hard to compare to any other keeper as they have played far more games but courtios has average of 2.3 saves per game and shez is on 2.5

  45. Wallace

    “He’s better than Ozil. I think he’s probably better than Welbeck.”

    Michael Owen….is there a dumber motherf*cker on the planet?

  46. Wengaball

    the 50 million pound man is reference to Wenger’s quote about Sanogo.
    He rhetorically said Yaya was going to be a 50 million pound striker.

  47. Wengaball

    Owen realises his only chance of getting noticed is by being a troll.

    Either that or he really is dumb.

  48. Wallace

    i don’t even care about Raheem Sterling. in Michael Owen’s world Danny Welbeck’s better then Mesut Ozil…what the freakin’ f*ck?