The new Lio Messi, to Arsenal?

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… I saw Michael Owen say Sterling was better than Ozil yesterday. I’m not sure anyone on that planet would agree there. I mean, they’re not even close in similarity when it comes to style of play. Technically, Ozil is better than most on the planet. What a bizarre man Owen has become. His hatred of Arsenal is so obvious it’s almost unprofessional. How he keeps his job at BT is quite beyond me.

In transfer rumours there’s a story about some superstar kid coming to Arsenal. The deal is agreed.The agent has met Wenger twice (Zarate’s brother) and he’ll be moving over in two years.

Sounds like nonsense. Arsenal don’t work with kiss and tell agents. We don’t do deals on image rights. The FA are just bringing in rules to stop clubs buying in kids from overseas. Sounds dodgy. So don’t moisten up too quickly at the thoughts of the new Lio Messi lining up for us in two years.

NEXT: Usmanov has flat out denied he is negotiating for Dybala.

Jeez, the papers love a shite story like this. Why, oh why, would Usmanov ever need to negotiate a deal on behalf of Arsenal? We’re loaded, owners don’t do that, we can afford him without his input. Newspapers are quite amusing at time… just throw a story with no substance out there for an impact. Someone sat in a room and made that up. Crazy how publishers can operate that freely.

Charlie Nicohlas reckons we’re a Varane and a Schneiderlin away from  being the real deal. Well, Charlie, I’m a Margot Robbie away from the perfect marriage… reality is though, there’s more than just flesh to the perfect marriage, just as there’s more to a Premiership title winning team than a couple of bodies.

The mistake we’ve made for years has been to always singularly highlight players as the key to us winning games. Manchester City have proved this seasons it’s not just about having names. Next season, we’ll be the real deal if we manage our fitness properly all season. Keeping the players on the pitch has been the major turning point this half of the season. Making them stronger has been another smart move.


Then we need to continue to think about the way we play. Liverpool was an excellent example of a solid game plan executed really well. Was that a fluke? Well, we have City and United to corroborate that something is going on. Can we continue the same mentality next season? Well, if we do, we’ll go a long way to being the real deal. I think on the player front, we need a Cech and Schneiderlin. Then all the rest is down to the manager. Becoming the real deal is a big jump… but we’ve proved two years in a row we can do it over a calendar year… can we do it over a season? That’s the big question…

On the team front, Wenger has said he can smell the goals coming in the current set up. I kind of get what he’s saying. There’s so much attacking flair about the team you just feel someone is going to knock one in. That’s exciting. I said after the Liverpool game… has it come to the point where you have to accept that Giroud is one of the best in the league now? He’s not quite elite, but he’s not far off these days.

When you look at those sort of strikers, you can see why it’s so hard to find elite like you could back in the days of 4-4-2. When you’re a loan striker, you generally need to be massive, you need to be a bully, you need to be able to play with your back to goal, you need a deft touch, you need to be selfless, you need to be ruthless and you need to land assists and goals.

… but they’re generally bought for their build. Then the technical stuff comes second. I think Giroud has done an amazing job this season pushing himself up to the next level of striker. He’s a force. He’s a finisher (most of the time) and he’s taken total accountability for becoming better and offering more to the team. Couldn’t be happier right now.

Also, another thing I forgot to mention post Liverpool… Wenger opted to bring on WELBZ over Theo. He went for a slightly injured player over Theo. Nothing says, sign the ting or sling your thing, quite like that. I can’t see him hanging on. What a waste of a season for the speedy wideman.

Still, if he’s off… that means Dybala, Reus or Sterling… I’ll have me some of that people!

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

Just quickly, the comments are open for football debate, some of the best on the web, but if you get personal about me or anyone else, I’ll block you.


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  1. N5

    Why do you keep writing lol Marble, nothing you’ve ever said is funny so I’m not sure why you are amused?

    Tell us about how Palace are going to bend over again!!

  2. N5

    Spellbound it doesn’t no. I think once he went about 2 weeks with no one replying and his comments got more and more desperate until he was posting 4 or 5 every hour.

    If you answer him and make his little face red by getting him angry he normally swears a couple of times and then takes himself off to bed to sleep it off.

  3. Spellbound


    “If you answer him and make his little face red by getting him angry he normally swears a couple of times and then takes himself off to bed to sleep it off.”

    lololol….that’s great imagery.

  4. MidwestGun

    Spellbound –
    I’ve been waiting about 3 years. If you put truth in your name tho, i think there is a legal obligation to tell the truth at some point. 😀

    Palace going with 2 banks of 5 and trying to get set pieces. Come on…., hang on!

  5. Marko

    Second and sitting pretty. Pelegrini will be off in the summer which I think is a bad move on their part. Unless Ancellotti becomes available

  6. MidwestGun

    Pot calling the kettle black?
    Huh? That made no sense Marble
    . Serious question, why don’t you save up all your one liners for a single well thought out comment in paragraph form? Instead of spamming the same randam comments every day. If your learning disability doesn’t allow it, just say so.

    By the way, Palace won! When is the part where they bend over?

  7. N5

    Ha ha no you didn’t you plum you said “City dominating only a matter of time before palace bend over”

    Now write lol some more.

  8. N5

    Truth dominating isn’t the same as making Palace bend over is it and moving on to me going to Arsenal to divert attention from your comment is embarrassing.

  9. Redtruth

    I tell you why Pellegrini will not be at City it’s because they have ambition and balls unlike Arsenal who indulge their beleaguered manager

  10. N5

    Mystic Pellegrini already has had two though unlike LVG though,

    He’s bombed in Europe twice, once embarrassingly so. He has won the league cup and the premiership but considering the team that he has over 24 months that really isn’t good enough.

    This year it looks like the cupboards are going to remain bare and considering the amount of money pumped into his squad that will equal a sacking I bet.

  11. N5

    Marble, who are you to tell me what’s right and true? I don’t need to stand up for anything, I love my club, you should try it sometime. Now bend over like Palace!

  12. MidwestGun

    Just quickly, the comments are open for football debate, some of the best on the web, but if you get personal about me or anyone else, I’ll block you.
    Just for you RedTruth. Going for a record?

  13. roaaary

    N5 Redruth has been on here for a few days now trolling. Most of the time he is ignored but he spurts more crazy shit to get a bite. Leave him to argue with himself

  14. N5

    “Now bend over again! Save it for your American chum”

    City dominating only a matter of time before palace bend over

  15. N5

    Eagle, I’m not sure why he hasn’t IP banned him, yet he would just get a VPN to get himself back on here.

    How messed up and desperate must you be to keep returning ban after ban.

  16. N5

    Not me Eagle, Simon who used to post on here said he went to school with him and he lives on the Seven Sisters (Tottenham end) and was still at home with his mum, hence the constant anger on here.

    His name is Brian is about all I know of him, well that and “City dominating only a matter of time before palace bend over”

  17. nasri's mouth


    I thought Brian was the more incoherent moron with the excessive ramblings?

    Redtruth / marble is your common or garden troll just looking for a reaction

  18. MidwestGun

    Haha this place has had some nutters. But at least most of them could write complete thoughts. Anyhow, good result to end a great weekend.

    Should be interesting finish to the season. Couldn’t say that a few months ago.

  19. N5

    Possibly NM, I thought Brian was Dial/Marble/Truth, but it may just be a local nutter that stumbled upon Le Grove whilst covering himself in tin foil by pure chance and now he won’t bloody log off.

    “City dominating only a matter of time before palace bend over”

  20. Dan Ahern

    I’m with WE, Pellegrini is done. I think he’s a good manager but he didn’t perform this season. Same problem as Mancini: it doesn’t matter if you have success once because your resources demand success every year.

  21. JJ

    Giroud has improved. Fewer flops to the ground and skyward looks (with tongue out) has helped considerably.

    He has the frame to bully defenders. It is only now that he is using it.

  22. N5

    Ohhh the bots back to it’s previous days program. Logging off!!

    “City dominating only a matter of time before palace bend over”

  23. Marko

    Not sure I’d get rid of Pelegrini even though he doesn’t do himself favours with how he interviews imo. But whether someone could do better with this squad is debatable. Signings like Navas, Mangala, Jovetic, Fernando and Fernandinho and to a certain extent Nasri the and Kolorov haven’t been worth the money and effort for me. For all that money spent you expect more than what they’ve achieved imo. They’ve serious problems as well with Kompany and Yaya who are regressing imo. The squad has major issues and needs major investment (coincidentally the players we’re linked with and should get would work wonders at City) and whatever the hell Gary Neville was implying FFP will hinder that.

    Also like to point out the overall point of FFP isn’t really to stop teams spending vast amounts of money and from going bust. It’s to stop the teams that can spend vast amounts of money and thus stopping an uneven playing field from taking place.

  24. Wengaball

    Trouble with a place like City is motivation.

    The sense of entitlement means once they get a feeling they are not in the race for the top trophy, the players are likely to lose interest. If City were within 3 points of Chelsea, you would see a different side.

    The side will have to be dismantled next season, and they will run into FFP trouble. Even with the world’s richest owner, it can be be difficult.

  25. Wengaball

    City’s season effectively ended when they lost at stamford bridge. The players knew deep inside the title was gone, and they can’t be arsed after that. The loss to barcelona later meant there is nothing in the season for them. Pellegrini will have a hard time in the next few games. I just hope his team turns up for the manchester derby.

  26. Dark Hei


    I will keep Pellegrini. Some of his own personal signings like Jesus Navas hasn’t quite worked out.
    But most of the transfers are done by those exotically named execs anyway.

    Pellegrini has proven that he can win the league and can do good football. The squad is reaching the end of its life-cycle and is coming to its natural end. The manager needs to be given the faith to transit the squad in a new phase. With FFP restricting City, what top execs need is patience not a gung-ho Redtruth words of wisdom. That kind of thinking is QPR-like and a recipe for disaster.

  27. N5

    Dark, that’s a fair comment but we’ve already seen that city don’t have that type of patience. I also don’t think the signings have much to do with the manager, do you remember Mancini moaning about his lack of involvement.

    I’ve never taken to Pelligrini, he’s just so dull.

  28. Ustynobaba

    Read a tweet somewhere and it said “Man city bought too much of Arsenal players and turn 4th” a bit funny how things have pan out but have we improved to be in 2nd position or has the teams around us regressed?

  29. Jeff

    Hmm. Barring a catastrophic collapse. we should look forward to not needing a qualification round for the CL next year. However, we won’t be seeded so we’ll have to play well next season if we want to make it to round 2.

    I just wish we weren’t so far behind Chelsea. They’re on 70 points with a game in hand and we’re on 63. 🙁

  30. qna

    Ustynobaba, very nice tweet. I was actually thinking I hope they continue and give us 70m for Wilshere and Walcott. I think we can upgrade on both of these significantly with this much cash.

    Todays rumours are that Liverpool are going in for Kongdogbia and we are back in for Higuain. I would have thought the opposite would be true. Kongdogbia is one of the few players that I think can improve us compared to Coquelin. I dont see Higuain as being needed, especially given his age now. I still think Dybala is the best option for a CF. He is young, so he can start as a squad player, but if he is as good as he looks to be will naturally take the number 1 role from Giroud in the next couple of years.

  31. qna

    Just looking at the possible CF/forward exits of established players this summer:


    I would expect all of these names to have more than 50/50 chance to move this summer. Thats quite incredible. Its also unfortunate timing for us, as I doubt very much that Arsenal will be in for an established forward like Cavani, given Giroud’s form more or less over just a 5 game period. For once, I can actually understand this as well because the balance of the team is very good at this moment in time. And I can see this continuing until the end of the season. But the reality is, I doubt this can last for the whole of next season, so we are actually still short a high quality CF. And as we know, these dont become available every day.

  32. Ustynobaba

    qna,alot of those are paper talk,Liverpool without CL football will struggle to bring in top quality except maybe they are willing to pay mega wages to those players,yesterday i saw Falcao linked to them,as for City am still wondering whats up over there,their last night game was typical of Arsenal possession with limited penetratiön,kudos to Pardew with what he is doing at Loftus park

  33. Ustynobaba

    qna,like you said earlier am not very sure we will bring in any of those players,Wenger will believe Giroud will keep improving next season,Dyala seems likely than those listed,Wenger wouldnt want to disrupt what i think he has just found of late in the team,any forward player will be someone who wouldnt complain if started on the bench for 6mths,so an up and coming star is more likely than an established star

  34. qna

    Ustynobaba. Didnt see the match. Partly because I have lost interest in the way they play. They were so exciting to watch not that long ago, but they started to drop off even last year. Its quite unbelievable. Are the players no longer playing for the manager? Maybe the hunger is gone. For me Manchester City are the most interesting team to watch now – but not on the field, off the field in the summer. Because of FFP they are limited in what they can do, but they need to offload and replenish so many key positions in the team and the squad now. I know they were second up until last week, but they have been slipping since the charity shield really.

    I am also worried that City will get in our way, because whenever we start seriously negotiating with a player they might just come in take him. I hope we are smart and put out lots of false interest in players. I think that Mourinho does this. Whenever we are linked with a player, Mourinho seems to all of a sudden show some interest to drive the price up.

  35. Wallace

    lifted from the Guardian –

    “It’s frustrating that we got ourselves in a position over the last three months, very close, to then come up short in the past two games,” Rodgers said. “But I look at Arsenal and their bench, the world class players on the field with big talent and it shows the continual work we have to do.”

    Summer 2014
    Arsenal – £95.6m
    Liverpool – £117m

    Last 5 seasons
    Arsenal – £258.12m
    Liverpool – £351.95m

    2003 to date
    Arsenal – £390.675m
    Liverpool – £608.18m

  36. Ustynobaba

    qna,you are very correct with Mourinho tactics in tw,but i believe if we are swift and smart in our deals then we wont have issue with any of them,Schneiderlin should be seal before anything like we did Poldoski,a keeper wouldnt really interest them as they have much better ones,so if it Cech it will take a while,another defender should be something like Gabriel who they will hardly fancy but who can still put in a good shift when needed,its in attack that i think all of them will circle around whoever we go for this include man utd and liverpl too,but i think the pattern these days is that we wait and see what drop off the table of Madrids and Barcas of this world,its a risky approach but maybe its working

  37. Wallace

    i know we pay our players more than Liverpool, and that’s usually a more reliable indicator of where you’ll finish, but Wenger has now put together a very competitive squad while spending quite a bit less than our rivals.

  38. Bamford10

    Re Wenger, you mean the guy who didn’t sign a new CDM or CB this summer? The guy who decided Arteta, Flamini and Mertesacker were ample? Who then signed in January what should’ve been signed in summer and who got lucky with Coquelin?

    Yeah, he’s a genius.

    What a farce.

  39. roaaary

    I’m still waiting for Sanchez and ozil to click together. They could be devestating but so fat their link up play in my eyes has been quite average.

    Not knocking them, just saying the future is exciting

  40. Thomas

    “City’s season effectively ended when they lost at stamford bridge.”


    Except they didn’t lose. It finished 1-1.

  41. Wallace


    yes, mistakes have been made. but we’re 2nd and looking as healthy as anyone right now…cool that you keep highlighting the negative.

  42. Dark Hei


    To be fair, Wenger never thought that 2 CBs were ok and the club was banging on the Schneiderlin and Lars Bender door for ages.

    You will point out that nothing got done. But which just goes to show that Arsenal’s problem wasn’t that they did not know who they want; it’s just that the way Arsenal handle transfers is dysfunctional.

  43. Bamford10


    Just pointing out why Wenger doesn’t deserve bullshit praise. Had he filled the obvious needs this summer — if not prior to that! — then we might even be CONTENDING for a title.

    For the AKB, though, whatever Wenger does is ALWAYS praiseworthy, always enough.

  44. Wallace


    ‘bullshit praise’? no one’s saying he’s perfect but we’ve won 22 of our last 27 games….at some point you’ve got to acknowledge he’s doing a very good job.

  45. nasri's mouth

    Wenger made mistakes in the summer by not buying the right players, just as Rodgers made mistakes by signing the wrong players

    One of them was left with enough cash in the bank to rectify those mistakes in the January window

  46. Wengaball

    Thomas you are right. My mistake.
    But that game was the turning point in City’s season. The six pointer that could give them the title. Looks to me they gave up after that.

  47. Highbury4ever

    “Manchester United are willing to sell Robin van Persie in the summer,”

    But he’s happy anyway, he got 1 champion’s medal.
    Such a waste…

  48. Bamford10


    Right, because those were the only choices: signing no one or signing the wrong players.

    We have needed a new athletic CDM for YEARS now. This need didn’t just appear this summer. Yet Wenger has been satisfied with Flameta. This cannot be attributed solely to the correct player not being available. One, Wenger has had plenty of time to fill this need. Two, it turns out that even a role player (Coquelin) could do the job better than either Arteta or Flamini, a player who was under Wenger’s nose but whom he didn’t see the need for.


    Wenger doing a “very good” job? Well, I guess that depends on your expectations. Not filling obvious needs — CDM, CB — for seasons on end does not a “very good” manager make in my book. Losing to Tottenham in the NLD is not “very good”. Getting beaten by Monaco 3-1 at home and exiting the CL in the 16 is not “very good” for Arsenal. Sorry.

    Yes, we are on a nice little run, and some of this is down to Wenger’s insistence on team chemistry, combination play, passing. I will gladly acknowledge that.

    But please don’t talk about “very good”. A very good manager fills obvious needs when they arise, not two years later.

    A very good manager takes Arsenal to the CL quarters, if not the semis. A very good manager has Arsenal COMPETING for the title, not surprised and happy to be in second.

  49. Emiratesstroller

    I anticipate that Arsenal will offload this summer quite a few fringe players, but
    I suspect that we will bring in a small number of new players. In my view it will
    be no more than three or four.

    All the players out on loan apart from Akpom are likely to leave. That means that Jenkinson,Campbell,Podolski,Sanogo and Miyaichi are likely to leave.

    Of those who are currently in the squad I would expect that two out of following 4 will also leave i.e. Diaby,Rosicky,Flamini and Arteta. Most of these are
    unlikely to get on the bench let alone play if we have a fit squad.

    This brings me to Szczesny and Walcott. I think that Wenger will only offload
    Szczesny if a] he agitates for a move and b] he can bring in a new goalkeeper of
    equivalent or higher quality. Frankly if we don’t bring in Cech there are not a
    lot of better options in market.

    Walcott will only leave if he does not sign a new contract. If it becomes clear for whatever reason that he is not signing a contract this summer then he will
    be offloaded.

    When it comes to acquisitions I think that Wenger will be looking for players
    who are good enough to play in starting X1. The obvious positions where we
    could improve our playing squad is GK, DMF/CMF and LW.

    I believe that our budget this summer will be £50-60 million. That will be only
    increased if Walcott leaves for a sizeable chunk of money AND the right world
    class player becomes available.

  50. Dark Hei

    Why do people still talk of Diaby, like as if he is actually taking a slot on the team that needs replacing.
    If we truly want to replace Diaby, we need sign someone like say, Javi Martinez.

  51. MadeToLoveMagic

    you are a muppet bamford

    wenger is a very good manager , you could argue that he isnt in the elite anymore but to say he’s not very good is just plain wrong and most people in football would agree with me on that point

    When you look at the last few years , see the amount of money pool have spent and the squad they have compared to us?

    Nah wenger has acheived in building an amzing team that is one or two off being one of europes best …

    Wewngers biggest problem and i bet he would (to the right people) admit it, is his management of fitness

    if that is resolved next year plus one or two more then i think we are in fdor a good couple of seasons before he goes…..

    Anyway mate wenger is here for at least 2 more yearss, we are 2nd in the league , top of europes form table, why dont you just relax and ride it out if you hate wenger that much? aint nothing you can do about especially as he is doing pretty damn well

    I know wenger has made his mistakes and fair share of baffling decisions but i wont here of someone saying he isnt even a “very good ” manager

  52. N5

    MTLM, you’d be hard put to find a manager that hasn’t made mistakes throughout their career.

    I don’t think Wenger has neglected certain areas as much as he’s had faith in players that some of us haven’t.

  53. Wallace


    Gabriel looks quality. why didn’t we sign him in the summer? because it was only at the back end of last season and the beginning of this that he showed what he was capable of. remember, this was the summer a lot of big teams were looking for a CB. this was the summer Barcelona gave us 15m for Vermaelen. should we have signed an average CB for the short term? maybe, but then would he have gone in for Gabriel in january? right now which would you rather have, Winston Reid or Gabriel?

  54. nasri's mouth


    Like I said, both managers made mistakes.

    I think you missed when I said it the first time.

    Still they both managed to avoid signing Bentrke, so they’re doing better than you would be…

  55. Bamford10


    Well you may not be having criticism of Wenger, but I’m not having any of the bullshit praise, i.e., praise that does not at the same time acknowledge his shortcomings, mistakes.

    As for “very good,” that seems a bit subjective, relative. Is he a “very good” manager? Probably, maybe. Does he have definite shortcomings, blind spots? Absolutely.

    Is getting knocked out in the CL 16 a “very good” achievement? Is losing 3-1 to Monaco a “very good” result? Is losing in the NLD “very good”? No.

    Therefore I’m not simply going to echo all of the unqualified praise that is getting passed around.

  56. Bamford10


    Yeah, Benteke has four goals in his last four games and is twice the athlete Olivier Giroud is. He’s also 24 and has more promise as a CF than either Welbeck or Sanogo.

    Great point.

  57. nasri's mouth


    How’s he done over the last 2 seasons since you’ve been advocating buying him?

    Answer: badly

    Keep setting yourself up and I’ll keep making you look dumb…

  58. Bamford10


    Talk about “dumb”: he has been injured, dipshit. When he hasn’t been injured or recovering from injury, he has been quite good.

    You’re a fucking idiot, mate.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei

    I included Diaby in the squad, because he is still so far as I am aware a registered player. As you know Wenger has also a soft spot for him so that it remains to be seen whether he will be released this Summer or gets offered a contract on an earn as you play basis.

    My view is that the two 30+ players most likely to be offloaded this summer are going to be Rosicky and Flamini. The former is now 35 and the latter’s
    current contract ends this Summer. Arteta may be retained, because he has been offered a new contract and is club captain. He is the type of player that
    Wenger will train up as a future coach or scout.

    My main point is that the club has now a large number of players on its books
    who are in the 23-29 age range and those are the type of players that a club wants or needs if they are to challenge for trophies.

    Whilst I believe that we need still to be strengthened in defensive department
    my gut feeling is that Wenger will not do so this summer. He promoted Bellerin and recruited Gabriel,Debuchy and Chambers. I don’t see him offloading Gibbs, Monreal, Koscielny or Mertesacker.

  60. Bamford10


    And I believe all of the following — Romford, WengerEagle and gambon — also rate Benteke. I’ll have to ask them today. If I’m right about this — and I think I am — does that make them “dumb” too?

    Please tell us about that.

  61. blsany

    Bamford 10
    We’ve exorcised our demons against pisss poor liverpool team.Beat the worst Manure side in recent times.Beat city.You have to excuse some of our fans.They think Title is back on.
    There was no plan to this madness he got lucky with Coquellin.Wenger can thank his lucky stars.Wenger out regardless.

  62. roaaary

    Fuck me some are miserable on here. I want wenger out but you have to give him praise for the tactics and performances delivered lately.

    Okay he got lucky with coquelin but everyone gets lucky. It’s what you do with that luck which defines it’s extent.

  63. N5

    It’s odd that Liverpool are now considered poor when only last month it was constantly wrote on here about how statistically they are outperforming us on every level.

    Manure might have their worst team in years, but they’re still 3rd and only a point below us so let’s not make out they are the equivalent of Leicester now.

    The only thing I agree with is Wenger got very fortunate with Coq after putting his faith in players that the majority of us just didn’t!