The new Lio Messi, to Arsenal?

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… I saw Michael Owen say Sterling was better than Ozil yesterday. I’m not sure anyone on that planet would agree there. I mean, they’re not even close in similarity when it comes to style of play. Technically, Ozil is better than most on the planet. What a bizarre man Owen has become. His hatred of Arsenal is so obvious it’s almost unprofessional. How he keeps his job at BT is quite beyond me.

In transfer rumours there’s a story about some superstar kid coming to Arsenal. The deal is agreed.The agent has met Wenger twice (Zarate’s brother) and he’ll be moving over in two years.

Sounds like nonsense. Arsenal don’t work with kiss and tell agents. We don’t do deals on image rights. The FA are just bringing in rules to stop clubs buying in kids from overseas. Sounds dodgy. So don’t moisten up too quickly at the thoughts of the new Lio Messi lining up for us in two years.

NEXT: Usmanov has flat out denied he is negotiating for Dybala.

Jeez, the papers love a shite story like this. Why, oh why, would Usmanov ever need to negotiate a deal on behalf of Arsenal? We’re loaded, owners don’t do that, we can afford him without his input. Newspapers are quite amusing at time… just throw a story with no substance out there for an impact. Someone sat in a room and made that up. Crazy how publishers can operate that freely.

Charlie Nicohlas reckons we’re a Varane and a Schneiderlin away from Β being the real deal. Well, Charlie, I’m a Margot Robbie away from the perfect marriage… reality is though, there’s more than just flesh to the perfect marriage, just as there’s more to a Premiership title winning team than a couple of bodies.

The mistake we’ve made for years has been to always singularly highlight players as the key to us winning games. Manchester City have proved this seasons it’s not just about having names. Next season, we’ll be the real deal if we manage our fitness properly all season. Keeping the players on the pitch has been the major turning point this half of the season. Making them stronger has been another smart move.


Then we need to continue to think about the way we play. Liverpool was an excellent example of a solid game plan executed really well. Was that a fluke? Well, we have City and United to corroborate that something is going on. Can we continue the same mentality next season? Well, if we do, we’ll go a long way to being the real deal. I think on the player front, we need a Cech and Schneiderlin. Then all the rest is down to the manager. Becoming the real deal is a big jump… but we’ve proved two years in a row we can do it over a calendar year… can we do it over a season? That’s the big question…

On the team front, Wenger has said he can smell the goals coming in the current set up. I kind of get what he’s saying. There’s so much attacking flair about the team you just feel someone is going to knock one in. That’s exciting. I said after the Liverpool game… has it come to the point where you have to accept that Giroud is one of the best in the league now? He’s not quite elite, but he’s not far off these days.

When you look at those sort of strikers, you can see why it’s so hard to find elite like you could back in the days of 4-4-2. When you’re a loan striker, you generally need to be massive, you need to be a bully, you need to be able to play with your back to goal, you need a deft touch, you need to be selfless, you need to be ruthless and you need to land assists and goals.

… but they’re generally bought for their build. Then the technical stuff comes second. I think Giroud has done an amazing job this season pushing himself up to the next level of striker. He’s a force. He’s a finisher (most of the time) and he’s taken total accountability for becoming better and offering more to the team. Couldn’t be happier right now.

Also, another thing I forgot to mention post Liverpool… Wenger opted to bring on WELBZ over Theo. He went for a slightly injured player over Theo. Nothing says, sign the ting or sling your thing, quite like that. I can’t see him hanging on. What a waste of a season for the speedy wideman.

Still, if he’s off… that means Dybala, Reus or Sterling… I’ll have me some of that people!

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

Just quickly, the comments are open for football debate, some of the best on the web, but if you get personal about me or anyone else, I’ll block you.


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  1. Up 4 grabs now

    We aren’t getting lloris or De Gea so the best of what’s out there is Cech.
    At the end of the day Cech is better than Ospina, Chesney and Martinez.
    You upgrade when you can and we could still get 5/6 years at a high level from him.

  2. Al


    Totally agree we need that other wide attacking player to get goals but disagree about welbeck and draxler.

    Draxler is a bit of a luxury especially when you have a Chamberlain in the squad. However, if a Reus does become available you simply can’t turn it down.

  3. Up 4 grabs now

    With Ribery and Robben getting on now, I think Reus or Draxler will be snapped up by Bayern unfortunately.

  4. Redtruth

    Before Cech arrived at Chelsea he was known for his handling errors he was well protected by the Chelsea team from making a fool of himself.

  5. WengerEagle


    Have a look at this to jog your memory.

    As for the CB partnership argument, couldn’t you say the exact same thing about Cech? He’s played behind the best for Chelsea, Terry and Carvalho in his prime and now Terry and Cahill more recently.

    Buffon most certainly was not the best keeper in Europe in 2010, he peaked in his late 20’s after he won the World Cup with Italy and Serie A with Juventus in 2006, in 2010 at 32 he was nowhere near the likes of Neuer, Casillas, Van Der Sar, etc.

    He’s been better for Juventus in the last 3-4 years but he’s still nowhere near what he was in the early to mid 2000’s when he was IMO the best keeper in Europe by a mile.

    ‘The usual trend is that keepers come into their best from the age of 30. If you look at the league historically you will see that.’

    So why flog Szczesny now? He’s already shown he has the ability and he’s only 24 still, he could well develop into a world class GK.

    Cech has been regressing for a couple of years now anyway, he’s hardly going to get better in his mid to late 30’s.

  6. qna

    Al: Draxler is a bit of a luxury especially when you have a Chamberlain in the squad. However, if a Reus does become available you simply can’t turn it down.

    Valid point. If Reus is not available. Then who do you suggest that you think will realistically be available.

  7. Ozy

    “With Ribery and Robben getting on now, I think Reus or Draxler will be snapped up by Bayern unfortunately.”

    I don’t think so. Reus has been very adamant about refusing to join them and had Bayern wanted to, they would have bought him already. This summer will dictate what happens to Reus, I believe. As for Draxler, I don’t think he’s good enough for Bayern at the moment. He’s not even good enough for Schalke.

    For some reason, I see Hazard joining Bayern down the line. There have already been comments from Ribbery about how Hazard would be perfect for them. I don’t think Hazard will stay in Chelsea for long.

  8. Up 4 grabs now

    WengerEagle, too right mate, more chance of getting De Gea than lloris from the spuds.
    Hmmm De Gea, now there an idea! Lol

  9. DUIFG

    Was trying to say we can’t just buy 3 players and expect it to be the missing pieces of the puzzle. Until in game management is sorted we are a way off.

    On a side note we need

    Shneiderlin as a replacement for flam/ diaby.
    Quality forward, as said previously someone who can play a couple positions, ie Reus.

    A cb may be required

    It’s not a big list that’s why I don’t want to see us haggling with opening bids of 14 mil for somebody like shneiderlin.

  10. Up 4 grabs now

    Ozy, Bayern were probably waiting for the summer when his original buy out of 19 million would become active.

    Also you would hardly expect Reus to turn around and say he would love to go to bayern while still playing at Dortmund.

  11. Al


    You seem to be twisting words to fit your argument.

    1)I am not saying he is not good just disagree he was fantastic. The 4 min video was unnecessary mate as i saw him enough times at the the ground last year.

    2) No one said Buffon was the best keeper 5 years ago…I said ….5 years ago when he was 32 Buffon was regarded as one of the best keepers in the world which is the case.

    3)I agree it could be the CB pairing but if you watch enough games you can see the keepers that stand out.

    4)Why flog him he might improve? Simply because he had his chance to be the unquestionable number 1 for our club and he still hasn’t been able to cement it due to a lack of progress and attitude.

    5) I am pretty sure Cech is way up on the list of best keepers around. At the age of 32 what he will bring is all his great goal keeping qualities (command of area, shot stopping, concentration, organisation) but also the intangibles (preparations, winning mentality, experience, leadership etc) that every team needs

  12. WengerEagle

    On another note, who do people reckon will win the PFA Player of the Year?

    Kane is surely a shoe-in for the young player of the year.

    The top prize is probably between one of Hazard, Sanchez, De Gea or Costa.

    Hazard deserves it IMO, he’s been Chelsea’s best and most consistent player all season and has been single-handedly winning them vital matches in recent weeks.

    Would be great if Sanchez won it though.

  13. DUIFG

    WE what are the chances we have one of the best young gk’s in our game come through our youth system. Happy coincidence? Nah it was wenger penny pinching, szez never really bossed that golden glove thing, not in the way de gea or courtois are now, he is a level below, we can all see that.

  14. Al


    Valid point. If Reus is not available. Then who do you suggest that you think will realistically be available.

    Its a tough one mate. Not really sure. IMO i would let OX have a run and stake his claim for RW position while signing a really talented young player to challenge him.

    I think Jese is a wonderful player who has been unfortunate with injury this year so if we could get a player like him or a Deulofeu to compete for that spot is how i would tackle the issue

  15. WengerEagle


    I wasn’t twisting your words.

    1) Ok fair enough if you don’t believe he was anything special last season, happen to think that you’re wrong on this.

    2) ‘Casillias has gone off the boil but Buffon at 32 was still regarded as one of the best keepers in the world if not the best.’

    That was your exact quote mate. He was nowhere near the best keepers in Europe in 2010, he wasn’t performing well for Italy at the time and he was nothing to write home about at Juventus who themselves were still rebuilding after being relegated a few years before.

    3) Exactly and Szczesny last season did stand out. Why mention the defence if it’s not relevant? Look at Lloris, he’s been brilliant for the Spuds but because of their woeful defence they concede lots of goals. You were the one to bring up the CB’s making Szez look good last season.

    4) Would say that it’s down to a questionable attitude and not talent, as for progression, well he’s a better keeper now than when he came on the scene in 2011 so he has progressed. He’s already one of the best GK’s in the BPL and he’s only 24, it’ silly to assume that he can’t go up a couple of levels in the coming years if he sorts out his attitude.

    5) Of course Cech has been a giant of a GK over the last decade but he’s not the GK he once was. My point about Casillas and Buffon was that they were performing at such a high level for so long and at such a young age that their decline in their early 30’s shouldn’t be that surprising. Most great keepers well into their 30’s hadn’t been performing at that level in their early to mid 20’s like these lads have and Cech has hence my concern that he will decline in the next couple of years.

  16. WengerEagle


    De Gea and Courtois are probably the 2nd and 3rd best GK’s in Europe after Neuer, a bit unfair to criticise Szczesny because he’s not quite as good as they are.

    Would be like saying that Sanchez isn’t good enough for us because he’s a level below Neymar and Arjen Robben.

  17. Ozy

    Regarding PFA Player of the Year, if Chelsea win the league (which is almost a certainty at this point), Hazard has to win it. Hands down. Not that many players have been excellent this season in the league, it seems. Sanchez winning it would be pretty sweet but not gonna happen.

    Does Hazard still qualify for young player of the year? Because if not, that’s Kane’s … unfortunately.

  18. Insomnia

    In terms of building a squad rather than a team – Get rid of:

    And theo if he won’t sign

    With the exception of theo the rest would rarely start so that should minimise disrupting the first xi.

    Replace all five – but not necessarily with “top top quality” just two top additions the rest with squad additions

  19. daz

    Can someone explain what are the official levels of player ability? because everyone always seems to be a level below this person but then a level above that person, how many levels are there? Examples of each level?

  20. akgunner10

    I believe Sterling has got 3 choices: Us, Chavs or Mancity

    Though I don’t feel we should be going as high as 50m for him…

  21. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle,
    Wenger benched Sczezny last year for Fabianski, he was only rescued by Fabianski’s injury which gave him the way back in.
    This season, he has Ospina as his nemesis, he wont be coming back in a long while.

    I believe he’s leaving, his advisers and father have made it easier for Wenger with all their blabbing in the past.

  22. N5

    daz there are 5 thousand and 21 levels, for example, Ozil is a level above Wilshire but a level below Bergkamp but a level beside Erikson and a level opposite Welbeck, above Giroud, Below Alexis, Beside De Gea, Above Hazard, next to Wright, over from Santi.

    It’s really quite simple πŸ˜€

  23. Dissenter

    “In terms of building a squad rather than a team – Get rid of:Flamini
    And theo if he won’t signWith the exception of theo the rest would rarely start so that should minimise disrupting the first xi.Replace all five – but not necessarily with “top top quality” just two top additions the rest with squad additions”

    You forgot to add that replacing all five will give Wenger the worlsd’s biggest migraine.

  24. MidwestGun

    Interesting, well… I don’t think it’s a revelation that all the positions on a team have a symbiotic relationship and no one single top player will win you a title but i think top teams should continue to upgrade weak links in the starting lineup and in the squad.
    In our case the weak links have been mainly due to chronically injured players covering for each other. For example, Theo /Ox, Ramsey/JW, Artetea/Flamini, Monreal/Gibbs.

    So with that said I think we need to break the cycle of injuries with upgrades or rreplacements.

    Coq has been great, but he can’t play every match. So i would replace Artetea and Flamini.
    Ramsey and JW have been injured so much we have had to cover with Santi. Who has been brilliant because of his combative nature despite his size and his ability to escape pressure and start the attack. However, we need reliable options. So I would bring in cm to replace JW.
    If Theo can’t show that he can return to pre injury form then i think we need a replacement. I like Ox to start but again he has been injured. So what
    should be our deepest position Rw hasn’t been. Ramsey had to cover vs Pool.
    If Gibbs can stay healthy he is a good backup to Monreal or option but I’m not convinced he can.

    So in summary, i would like to see a cdm and a cm and an attacking midfielder/winger option this summer. As for Keeper if Szczesny leaves obviously we need a replacement. And I’m not convinced we won’t be wishing we had a different left sided fullback in the squad.

  25. Al


    2) Mate if you think Buffon wasn’t regarded as one of the best keepers in the world or the best in 2010 i really can’t help you but the fact he was 15 in World Player of the year for 2009 should say a lot. Also the fact that he had one bad year would not deem a majority of people holding him in those high regards

    3) I said the CB pairing had more to do with it rather than the keeper. I don’t get what you find confusing about that. You used the Cech and Chelsea CB pairing as a counter argument but to me its pointless.

    I have gone to enough Arsenal matches and seen enough games to make that judgement for myself because i don’t see him making those saves that you think he shouldn’t..because i have seen his poor concentration lead to him getting beat from long range….because i have seen his lack of football intelligence rise up and instead of keeping the ball kicking it out and inviting pressure.

    .4) Mate i agree it is down to attitude but that;s a big thing. If he had the right one people wouldn’t even question his position.

    Also seriously ask other fans what they think of our keeper and were they would place him in the league standing of keepers?

    5) Well mate the thing is you can’t see into the future so can’t make that statement. Seriously if you asked all the 20 managers in the league who would they have between Scz or Cech next year as a starter for their side..what do you honestly think will be the answer?

    Anyway i am off those subject. I get it you like him….I like him to, I just want a keeper that has the right mentality for our side and clearly you must agree his actions have shown him to be otherwise

  26. Leedsgunner

    Before we sign anyone we need to sort our training fitness/physio regime. We literally waste millions looking after players — even though many of them don’t have a history of recurring injuries before they come to the club.

  27. MidwestGun

    Well… there is World class, top top class, top class, good enough for Arsenal, not good enough for Arsenal, Spurs level, Mls player, pub player, Rubbish, and beyond rubbish should have stayed a postman.

    That’s what it says in my Le Grove handbook.

  28. akgunner10

    People talking about transfers already I see. This coming transfer window is easy, I don’t mean easy as to sign the players, I mean easy as to what we need.

    World class goalie(Cech)
    World class CB(Hummels, Subotic or Varane)
    DM (Schneiderlin or Kondogbia)

    Then we sell Walcott, Podolski and maybe J.Campbell we should sign one of Sterling, Reus, Dybala or Firmino

    For me Reus or Sterling would be best…Dybala seems like a big talent so would be nice as well…Firmino from what I have seen could also be a big player for us…

  29. Keyser

    It obviously is a revelation because twice today you’ve had similar comments about how we either need to upgrade positions and more worryingly you’ve got one nutter who thinks there’s nothing separating us and the teams we compete against and maybe there never was.

    Look around, you’ll see quality player after quality player, bought, burnt through and dumped, that’s even if they get a chance.

    The more dense usually deride a player then say ‘Well we can get 30 million for him’.

    There’s only two levels left on here troll and fanboi.

  30. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Lol…, you seem bitter. It’s only a debate, doesn’t really matter what peeps on here think in the long run.

    Sanchez 19 goals, 9 assists in 35 apps. 1.8 tackles, .9 intercepts motm 7 times.

    Hazard 17 goals, 9 assists in 37 app. .7 tackles,.7 intercepts, motm 10 times.

    It’s close but i would pick Sanchez for PFA player of the season.
    Yes, I’m a biased fan boy. Lol.

  31. gunnergetyou

    Afobe scores his 29th goal of the season. I’m not too sure about that Β£2m price tag. We might’ve messed up there.

    Hope we included a sell on fee or a buy back clause.

  32. MidwestGun

    Also, i must say, one of the advantages of living in another country is i don’t have to listen to Owen and local British coverage. The coverage here of the Premier Lesgue is pretty good for the most part.

  33. gonsterous

    Arghhhh why do I want to punch everyone that wears a Chelsea Jersey.. I directly associate them as glory hunter and fickle fans when In my heart I know I followed arsenal coz they were successful and played amazing football ( which Chelsea did after 2005 ).. but I still wanna punch their faces !!

  34. Keyser

    N5 – If I was in either level you wouldn’t need to ask the question, so it begs the question are you trolling by asking it.

    Midwest – Just don’t understand why you’d want to repeat the same things without learning anything, much like the bollocks about the formation.

  35. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Well by writing,if they read your comment, they are taking it in no? Little delusional perhaps a bit arrogant to think you can educate someone or that you are always correct. I change my mind based on what i read or observe sometimes. It’s a normal human trait, i think.
    On here though, changing your position on things is akin to commiting a crime sometimes i will admit. For example, Giroud.

  36. N5

    Ha ha Mid, only if they are wrote in blood and they tell her about the people you will kill in order to be with her. It helps if you enclose pictures of you wearing their skin also. πŸ‘Ώ

  37. Insomnia

    Actually I once met a clever, erudite, humourous and chatty Chelsea fan – but to be fair to Bill he is her dad and she’s quite a nice person really…

  38. MidwestGun

    Hmmmm not that creepy… how about a selfie of me in a cheerleader outfit?

    …actually no that’s creepy too. Lol. Ok I’ll just send her a letter composed of letters cut out of a magazine.

  39. Keyser

    “On here though, changing your position on things is akin to commiting a crime sometimes i will admit. For example, Giroud.”

    This is the point, things have become soo polarised that even if a person does change their position, you feel cheated because to begin with they didn’t put their point across soo much as try and ram it through the screen into your head.

    I’ve pretty much kept the same opinion of Giroud and still do, as limited as he might be, his physical presence is something we lack, especially because we don’t really have any apart from him. So he’s become more important to us than he otherwise might’ve been.

    Honestly we’re discussing football, since I only post here, I think it’s kind of sad that any sort of actual thought on here is shunned.

    TheBayingMob made a similar point like ‘Ooh you think you’re soo deep’, fuck me how many times can you have a conversation about Ozil before you realise there’s some things he does exceptionally well and others he needs to improve upon, at that point you should be wondering why you get people calling him a flop and others who say ‘No, he’s World Class’.

    Introspectively maybe I’ve just been here too long and while qna might be making the point for the first time, I’m thinking ‘You tedious fuckwit this has been done to death’, I think I’m beginning to despise football.

  40. Insomnia

    “fuck me how many times can you have a conversation about Ozil before you realise there’s some things he does exceptionally well and others he needs to improve upon”

    Ozil cannot improve as he is world class at everything. Only the other day he was making a coffee, just instant Nescafe nothing special, but the nonchalant way he poured the water getting it all into the cup led Barista Monthly to declare him a lifetime member. Oziltastic

  41. Insomnia

    Ozil walks into a geography lecture hall – its a world class….

    I think I’ll go back to Coq puns

  42. Keyser

    “just instant Nescafe nothing special”

    Here’s where you went wrong, Ozil would only deal in Nespresso, just before he poured himself a little cup, he’d have Clooney’s voice clip ready to.

  43. WengerEagle


    Sorry for the late response.

    ‘Mate if you think Buffon wasn’t regarded as one of the best keepers in the world or the best in 2010 i really can’t help you but the fact he was 15 in World Player of the year for 2009 should say a lot. Also the fact that he had one bad year would not deem a majority of people holding him in those high regards’

    He really wasn’t in 2010, I honestly think that you’re mixing up the years. I checked the shortlist for the Ballon D’or in 2009 and 2010 and he didn’t feature on either. Don’t even mind that really as the Ballon D’or is a pile of wank.

    He was arguably the best GK in Europe from the early to mid 2000’s but I think that he suffered a bad back injury that kept him out for a while and he’s never been the same since. He’s clearly still a quality GK but he was Europe’s best. It would be like saying that Falcao now is still a world class CF, he can’t just live off of his reputation.

    3) All of these negative aspects of Shezzer’s game that you’re talking about here applied more to him before last season, before last season he was plagued by some of these flaws I agree but he really showed remarkable consistency last season, that’s why I posted that video of his because he was making saves in it that he had no right to make. His save from RVP’s header in the 0-0 at the Emirates last season was arguably the save of the season in the BPL IMO.

    Cech’s not perfect himself, I’ve seen him make a fair few gaffes in his time and his handling has never been the best.

    4) Why would I listen to what other fans have to say about Shezzer? They don’t watch him week in week out like we do. Also if you were to ask the majority of BPL fans about Ozil and Di Maria they would say that they are both massive flops and a huge waste of money for example.

    5) ‘Seriously if you asked all the 20 managers in the league who would they have between Scz or Cech next year as a starter for their side..what do you honestly think will be the answer?’

    You’ve phrased that question interestingly. And yes you’re right, the majority would opt for Cech.

    What if the question looked like this though:

    Who would they pick between the two as a starter for the next 5-6 years?

    I reckon the majority would opt for Szczesny.

  44. Insomnia

    “Here’s where you went wrong,Ozil would only deal in Nespresso”

    It was a metaphor, Nespresso would be Real Madrid while Nescafe is Arsenal – or something.

    Roger Federer (world class boring tennis player and qumquat fondler) recently said if he could die and come back as one sportsman it would be Ozil “But only if I could be called Roger Ozil – then teams could fear having Coq in their face and being Rogered”.

  45. Keyser

    WE – More dismayed than upset, a bit bewildered, possibly psychotic, I was the greatest ever player, in multi-player mode, with Goldeneye on the N64, didn’t even use the Golden Gun, used the RC-P90, you’d all die gruesomely. Maybe even used timed mines for fun.

  46. Keyser

    Ozil brings the Espresso, you could probably drain an armpit of Nespresso, completely pure, he doesn’t play for them does he, he takes the Nespresso with him.

  47. Up 4 grabs now

    Just had a nice day on the the beach, thought I would relax and have a brandy or two, and watch sanogo get a hatrick against city, and just found out Andy fucking Townsend is the commentator here, might need to do the bottle to make it bearable!!!

  48. Insomnia

    “What are we talking about, by the way?”
    – stalking tv stars
    – Chesney
    – Coffee
    – Bond games
    – Oziltasticness

  49. MidwestGun

    Ahren –
    N5’s cousin is a Crystal. .. and she loves me.. but just doesn’t know it. Because I’m composing a creepy love letter. πŸ˜€

    Other then that i think we were discussing bi-polar attitudes. A player is either World Class or Rubbish.

  50. Dan Ahern

    Here’s another hot take while we’re at it: Goldeye 64 was trash too. Only nostalgia convinces you it was any good to begin with. It’s virtually unplayable but it’s about all there was at the time (on console) so we forget that it was torturous.

  51. daz

    Now if were on golden eye n64 that was my game man rockets all the way, I never found anyone who came close to being a challenge I could bend rockets round door ways

  52. Dan Ahern

    Thanks Insomnia. Let’s set the record straight on all those points.

    – Stalking TV stars is cool in principle but don’t get creepy about it. I saw one of my comedic idols at brunch yesterday but couldn’t bring myself to say anything. Not the place.

    – Chesney is better than Ospina but his fuccboi attitude destabilises the team. So while Ospina isn’t as skilled, he seems a better fit for us.

    – Coffee is great. Never drink coffee out of a plastic pod. That’s disrespectful to all the hard work civilisation has put in for you so far.

    – Bond games. Already set the record straight here.

    – Γ–ziltasticness. Agree. He is very tastic.

  53. WengerEagle

    Btw did anyone see Piers Morgan on BT Sport before the Liverpool match on that awful show ‘Fletch and Sav’?

    The guy is such a bellend, I want a new manager as well but he was shouting down and talking down to Martin Keown for christ sake, he made a fool of himself.

    What’s worse is that the others were lapping it up and laughing like schoolgirls at all his shit jokes.

    Robbie Savage really is a specimen.

    And Micheal Owen? Steve Mcmanaman? David James?

    Are you fucking with us BT?

  54. Insomnia

    Ways to impress a woman:

    Show her your scores in your favourite games
    Call her “My Ho”
    Talk at length about Beyonce to her
    Tell her that while you respect she is a beautiful creation of an omniscient creator “when are you giving it up for the LoveMaster”

    IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not going to work unless you have a LOT of cash

  55. daz

    Yeah savage is a twat, he’s been to my work a number of times walks around like he’s a god, and apparently has a armani tattoo, who gets a fucking companies logo tattooed on them really sad bastard

  56. WengerEagle

    Lol, apparently Jordan Henderson has rejected an Β£80,000 a week contract renewal and is now demanding Β£100,000 a week to stay.

    The comedy continues for Brenda and co.

    He should’ve taken a leaf out of Sterling’s book and gave the BBC a bell.

  57. Keyser

    I used to dislike Dunphy, and the rest of that panel, but we’ve really dumbed down over here.

    At least BTsport has James Richardson.

  58. Dan Ahern

    Ah, yeah, welcome back Keyser. BTW how do you say ‘Keyser’? I always pronounced it as ‘kaiser’ in my head, but I believe most people are of the opinion it rhymes with ‘geezer’?

  59. WengerEagle


    What’s wrong with Dunphy?

    Gilesy and Brady are there for the comic relief rather than their footballing insight.

    As far as sensible pundits go, Souness is decent and I have time for Didi Hamann.

  60. WengerEagle


    It’s a mystery to me mate, he literally knows less about football than most of the blokes on here so fuck knows how he gets the opportunity to talk down to a legend like Martin Keown.

    I can only presume like that rodent Savage it’s because ‘oooooooooooh he’s a character isn’t he? He just says it like it is’ kind of bollocks that they seem to lap up in the UK and over here in Ireland too to be fair.

    It’s why the English Press idolize Mourinho rather than just find him an irritating fuckwit like the Spanish and Italian Press did.

  61. N5

    Ha ha Keyser and Kwik are gonna get me castrated. Stop posting sexy videos. I’ll only get away with saying I thought it was a footy link so many times!!

  62. Rhys Jaggar

    Look Pedro, Michael Owen is paid not to be unbiased but to have opinions. He’s not a BT pundit representing Arsenal, BT had Ian Wright doing that on Saturday. Harry Redknapp also predicted an Arsenal win in the match-build-up. Liverpool are currently walking a tight rope with Sterling and maybe they think he needs bigging up if he’s going to sign another contract with them?? I don’t know, but it’s a possibility. What I do know is that Owen was very fair to Arsenal during commentary when they started scoring goals and he was fairly scathing about Mignolet on goals two and three. Not to mention saying that the Liverpool defence was total pants allowing Bellerin to come inside for goal number one……

    The reason Arsenal fans have been hacked off the past 25 years is that Liverpool have managed media appointments on UK TV far better than Arsenal have. They had Lawrenson and Hansen installed for 20 years on MOTD, both unbelievably supportive of Liverpool. Ditto Souness and Thompson at Sky. Fowler, Owen, McManaman and Murphy have all got their hands dirty on one TV station or another. Arsenal have finally got Keown, Dixon, Wright putting the Arsenal viewpoint regularly, but they’ve been light years behind. McLintock, Nicholas and Merson have been present, but they’ve been gentlemen by comparison. It’s part of the mix…..

    I agree with you that Giroud is in one rich vein of form and is scoring far higher quality goals than before. He is scoring goals of a Number 10 as well as a Number Nine now. Perhaps Arsene told him he’d ship him to Milan if he kept attending bunga bunga parties the night before awayday lunchtime kick offs?? Whatever he said, it seems to have worked……

    By the way, I think you meant a ‘lone striker’ not a ‘loan striker’: new rule for Harry Kane and Benik Afobe when on loan: ‘thou must play like a Didier Drogba or an Alan Shearer. No will o’ the wisp Number Nines allowed on loan!!’

    My view is that much of this season’s improvement has come from proper squad rotation – the core squad if you want to call it that is around 18 players, who will all have started 20+ games by the end of the season. Only three players have been seriously overworked (namely Mertesacker, Sanchez and Cazorla), which of course also has something to do with the long injury lists at times (since players out for 2 months are unlikely to play 40+ games in a season).

    However, the performance against Liverpool also showed what happens if you have a plan from minute 1 and execute it. I was gobsmacked by the intensity of the first 10 minutes and the fact that 3 serious chances emerged in the first 5 minutes. The next twenty minutes was a bit of mental walk about in my opinion, which you might get away with against Liverpool at home but you wouldn’t get away with it against Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, Chelsea or PSG. However, the biggest key to the win was clinical finishing in the 15 minutes before half time. None of those three goals were tap ins, all could have been fluffed, none were. That’s the sort of finishing which wins trophies. But it was a bit of thanks to Markovic I guess that Arsenal weren’t 1-0 down…..

    As for Walcott, you assume he has to leave this summer: well, it all depends on whether he has a move which gives him a shot at Euro2016 doesn’t it?? Because if he’s out of that too, he may well become a mercenary and simply say: ‘I’ll run down my contract and then sign on a free for whoever I want thank you very much’….more to the point, he could simply buy out his contract and then do his own deal, rather than Arsenal thinking that they can both kick him out AND tell him where to go…..(in both senses of the expression). His contract is probably worth Β£5m at season’s end. I’m sure any club would be delighted to sign him for that amount – in fact they’d probably pay him a Β£5m golden hello…….

    It all depends on whether Wenger wants him out or not. If he does, my advice to Walcott is to buy his contract out, because Wenger never sells people to clubs where he expects them to do well. Go ask Vieira what he thought about being sold to Italy in 2005……….

  63. northern gooner

    Good evening all.
    Has everyone had a happy easter.

    Im looking forward to work tomorrow.
    Plenty of scousers.
    I will give it 3 minutes before i get the “we have won the european cup 5 times” bollocks.

  64. Keyser

    WE – They annoyed Brady once, and Dunphy’s can be obnoxious, but the panels actually quite good when you consider the competition.

    BtSport and their European football show is decent, and today Richardson had some other football panel.

  65. kwik fit

    3 minutes
    It only took us 3 minutes to score 3 goals, Hope you have them lucky pants under lock and key BTW

  66. northern gooner


    Do a google search for “Svalbard Global Seed Vault”

    I get them transfered back and to by retired SAS blokes.

  67. kwik fit

    lol NG

    May be a bit extreme but I suppose its better to be safe than sorry. Beside’s if those lucky pants got into the wrong hands it could be disastrous..

  68. kwik fit

    Noooo NG You must not let the enemy get their dirty hands on those pants!!! Don’t be tempted by the oil money !

  69. Spellbound

    This Maxi Romero kid from Argentina that arsenal are in the process of signing has an amazing goal record for being so young. The reported deal is he will stay in Argentina for two more seasons before moving. Scored 33 goals as a 15 year old.