The new Lio Messi, to Arsenal?

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… I saw Michael Owen say Sterling was better than Ozil yesterday. I’m not sure anyone on that planet would agree there. I mean, they’re not even close in similarity when it comes to style of play. Technically, Ozil is better than most on the planet. What a bizarre man Owen has become. His hatred of Arsenal is so obvious it’s almost unprofessional. How he keeps his job at BT is quite beyond me.

In transfer rumours there’s a story about some superstar kid coming to Arsenal. The deal is agreed.The agent has met Wenger twice (Zarate’s brother) and he’ll be moving over in two years.

Sounds like nonsense. Arsenal don’t work with kiss and tell agents. We don’t do deals on image rights. The FA are just bringing in rules to stop clubs buying in kids from overseas. Sounds dodgy. So don’t moisten up too quickly at the thoughts of the new Lio Messi lining up for us in two years.

NEXT: Usmanov has flat out denied he is negotiating for Dybala.

Jeez, the papers love a shite story like this. Why, oh why, would Usmanov ever need to negotiate a deal on behalf of Arsenal? We’re loaded, owners don’t do that, we can afford him without his input. Newspapers are quite amusing at time… just throw a story with no substance out there for an impact. Someone sat in a room and made that up. Crazy how publishers can operate that freely.

Charlie Nicohlas reckons we’re a Varane and a Schneiderlin away from  being the real deal. Well, Charlie, I’m a Margot Robbie away from the perfect marriage… reality is though, there’s more than just flesh to the perfect marriage, just as there’s more to a Premiership title winning team than a couple of bodies.

The mistake we’ve made for years has been to always singularly highlight players as the key to us winning games. Manchester City have proved this seasons it’s not just about having names. Next season, we’ll be the real deal if we manage our fitness properly all season. Keeping the players on the pitch has been the major turning point this half of the season. Making them stronger has been another smart move.


Then we need to continue to think about the way we play. Liverpool was an excellent example of a solid game plan executed really well. Was that a fluke? Well, we have City and United to corroborate that something is going on. Can we continue the same mentality next season? Well, if we do, we’ll go a long way to being the real deal. I think on the player front, we need a Cech and Schneiderlin. Then all the rest is down to the manager. Becoming the real deal is a big jump… but we’ve proved two years in a row we can do it over a calendar year… can we do it over a season? That’s the big question…

On the team front, Wenger has said he can smell the goals coming in the current set up. I kind of get what he’s saying. There’s so much attacking flair about the team you just feel someone is going to knock one in. That’s exciting. I said after the Liverpool game… has it come to the point where you have to accept that Giroud is one of the best in the league now? He’s not quite elite, but he’s not far off these days.

When you look at those sort of strikers, you can see why it’s so hard to find elite like you could back in the days of 4-4-2. When you’re a loan striker, you generally need to be massive, you need to be a bully, you need to be able to play with your back to goal, you need a deft touch, you need to be selfless, you need to be ruthless and you need to land assists and goals.

… but they’re generally bought for their build. Then the technical stuff comes second. I think Giroud has done an amazing job this season pushing himself up to the next level of striker. He’s a force. He’s a finisher (most of the time) and he’s taken total accountability for becoming better and offering more to the team. Couldn’t be happier right now.

Also, another thing I forgot to mention post Liverpool… Wenger opted to bring on WELBZ over Theo. He went for a slightly injured player over Theo. Nothing says, sign the ting or sling your thing, quite like that. I can’t see him hanging on. What a waste of a season for the speedy wideman.

Still, if he’s off… that means Dybala, Reus or Sterling… I’ll have me some of that people!

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

Just quickly, the comments are open for football debate, some of the best on the web, but if you get personal about me or anyone else, I’ll block you.


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  1. Up 4 grabs now

    Underrated, I’m right with you mate the abuse that Giroud gets on here is a joke. For what we paid for him. And the job he does, he missed 3 months of the season as well.

  2. Thomas


    You mean to tell me he’s on the same level as Zlatan, Suarez, Aguero, Tevez, Lewendowski and Neymar? Don’t be ridiculous.

  3. Micheal

    Worth adding that Giroud has stepped up a gear this season after the signing of Welbeck. Until Welbz arrived there was no real competition – Bendtner, Sanogo, Poldi.
    Fascinating what a kick up the arse can do.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Owen is ‘annoying’ and frankly a very poor pundit. Most Liverpool pundits are poor but not to the same extent as Owen. He demonstrates apart from Liverpool bias a deep seated prejudice against Arsenal and its players.

    I recorded the pre match interviews on BT and Owen was the only pundit who forecast that Liverpool would win the game. Even McManamon forecast a draw which might have been logical. Interestingly they showed Owen’s general match forecast stats and they were pretty poor overall.

    Liverpool players and supporters do tend to have rose tinted view of their club, which is commendable, but in Owen’s case it goes beyond that.

    The hard facts are that Sterling is a talented boy, but as was pointed out by a
    number of neutral journalists and ex footballers he would not be guaranteed
    a regular starting place if he came to us. He would be competing with the likes
    of Sanchez,Giroud,Ozil and Cazorla for a place in team.

    Also there are a lot of other Home Grown players in squad who will be competing for ‘offensive’ positions such as Ramsey,Ox, Wilshire and Walcott [if he stays].

    My view is that if Sterling does come on the market this Summer we will be looking to buy him. That is why Walcott may find it more difficult in his negotiations with club.

    Sterling is a London born kid and I think that provided Arsenal or Chelsea are
    competitive in transfer market they will be two clubs most likely to pick up his

  5. Masterstroke

    Comments…..”some of the best on the web”
    “1st, 2nd,3rd,4th” . Yeah, that’s about it.
    Does it get any better?

  6. Up 4 grabs now

    If sterling goes anywhere I think it’s Chelsea or city. Bindippers wont want to sell to us. And Chelsea/city will just throw money at them as usual
    To be honest schneiderlin first, then look for quality to add to the team.
    Sterling could go the same way as pennant or Bentley

  7. @snoekrats

    Chelsea rt shoul have dropped a couple of points the last few matches.

    Anywayets hope the lose to United and us just to spice things up.

    Our aquad is way better.

  8. underrated Coq

    Up 4 grabs now

    And he doesn’t take penalties. I don’t think its far-off to suggest he might have been in the running for golden boot if he took our penalties.

    Giroud’s been Arsenal’s second best player this season IMO.

    To think someone was, yesterday, proposing the idea of selling Giroud for 20 million! Can you believe that?!

  9. Wallace

    “The mistake we’ve made for years has been to always singularly highlight players as the key to us winning games. Manchester City have proved this seasons it’s not just about having names. Next season, we’ll be the real deal if we manage our fitness properly all season. Keeping the players on the pitch has been the major turning point this half of the season.”

    agreed. just keeping this side together for another 12mths and they’ll improve naturally by another 10-15%. Ozil and Sanchez linking up better, the younger players – Bellerin, Gabriel, Coquelin & the Ox improving…i think we’ll be challenging next year whether we sign anyone or not, provided we can keep our best players on the pitch.

  10. Leedsgunner

    We’ve beat Man United, we’ve beat Man City, and Liverpool. Could it be Chelsea? Finally? Make it happen! But before that let’s beat Burnley, you know the team Tottenham couldn’t beat… 😉

  11. Dream10

    Still think Chelsea will drop points. At least one draw and a lose. If Hazard has two off days, it could make the title race interesting. We’re due for a loss sooner rather than later as well.

    Midfield is the area where we can improve our cohesiveness. Would like two signings, but we’ll sign only one. Flamini and Arteta will be here next year, as AW does not like many squad changes.

  12. Up 4 grabs now

    Underrated, no penalties or free-kicks either. Maybe girouds not great at free-kicks we have ozil or santi for that, but I do wonder what the stats are and where giroud would be in the top scorer list if it was just done on goals In open play.

  13. qna

    Rose tinted glasses and Arsenal comes to mind. Now all of a sudden how good is Giroud? I mean reading this I am thinking Ronaldo and Messi should start quaking in their boots. You people making this claim about are no more ridiculous than those that use to say Giroud is crap. He was never crap and he will never be a world class striker that will win tou the league off his own boot.

  14. Up 4 grabs now

    Maybe we are due a loss, but unless it’s Chelsea I can’t see where else it’s coming from?
    We have everybody back from injury, players hitting form.
    Maybe this year we break the Chelsea hoo doo as well?

  15. Emiratesstroller

    Liverpool will demand at least £50 million transfer fee for Sterling. He has still got 2 years to run on his contract and they will need to spend a lot of money in
    transfer market to rebuild team.

    Realistically there are no Continental Teams in Europe who are going to spend
    that sort of money for Sterling. I think that clubs like Real,Barcelona, Bayern or PSG would not value him at more than £30-35 million at most. There are plenty of players in market of similar ability or potential who would cost less.

    On the other hand the top EPL teams need Home Grown players in their squad and he is probably the best of what might be available. All 4 major clubs
    including ourselves would not be put off by an inflated price for a player of his

    From what I have heard Sterling would prefer to come back to London rather than stay in North of England. If true then obviously the most likely candidates would be Chelsea and Arsenal. In our case I think that the deal would only happen if Walcott was made a makeweight for the deal. I don’t see Arsenal holding on to Walcott and then buying Sterling as well.

  16. underrated Coq


    Funny. I didn’t see anyone suggest anything near like ‘Giroud is on the level of Ronaldo, Messi etc’.

    Pedro raised the question on whether we should start considering Giroud as one of the best strikers in the League. I was merely suggesting that Giroud has been, based on his stats this season, one of the best strikers in the League.

  17. Up 4 grabs now

    Qna, I never said giroud is crap, he was beasted last season, that’s down to Wenger! He has been rested due to the Injury at the start of the season, and has better players around him as well which has improved him.
    He isn’t messi or ronaldo quality, next tier down would be Suarez, bale, benzema, Aguero, Rooney quality.
    He is probably just below that.

    People should take a step back sometimes and look at what we paid for giroud, and the players around him. The league he plays in and the competition. Take all these things into account before slating the bloke.
    He isn’t perfect, but he Isn’t the donkey people make out he is.

  18. gunnergetyou

    “Wenger admits he has been impressed by the work-rate of both Bellerin and defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin, who were each drafted into the first-team as cover for injury, but are now an integral part of the side.

    Asked if either man was in his thoughts at the start of the season, Wenger said: ‘Honestly, no. But my job is to remain open-minded and make decisions when you have to.”

    Just incase there are any doubts NO Bellerin was not part of Wenger’s plans at the beginning of the season. Why else would he pay £16m for another teenage RB with only a handful of games under his belt.

    And Coquelin was clearly regarded as deadwood by Wenger.

  19. Bamford10

    Please stop this talk of our challenging for the title next season without new signings. Nonsense on every level.

    First, Coquelin has been excellent, but what if he gets injured or loses form? We turn to Arteta or Flamini? No. We must sign another quality CDM, someone who shares time with Coquelin or starts ahead of him.

    Second, Giroud is having the best season of his life. Good for him. But he is 29 in September and there is no guarantee he sustains this form or his health. Welbeck is a decent dribbler but is not a sound goalscorer. Remember the beginning of the season? We need a young, technical, shifty CF who can score goals.

    Third, Ospina is doing a job, but is he a DeGea or Courtois? No. Is he good enough for a title? Not sure.

    Fourth, we need another wide player as Walcott isn’t a complete enough player and Ox’s health is unreliable.

    I have more to say on this but the notion that this squad wins the title next season without improvements is nonsense.

  20. Micheal

    I cannot see Maureen buying Sterling in a million years. He does not work hard enough for the Chavs style. No tracking back, etc. Remember Maureen sold Mata within months of him being voted the club’s player of the season.

    Realistically, he would only fit into Arsenal if Walcot goes. Does he add anyuthing really significant to what we have got ? I doubt it.

    My own view is that none of the big Euro teams (Barca, RM or PSG) would splurge £50m on Sterling and I have a feeling that Arsene would prefer to spend his £50m elsewhere because he has so many other options for right-sided attackers – Ox, Sanchez, Walcot, Gnarbry.

    Therefore, Sterling either kisses and makes up with Brendan or one of the lesser Prem teams will “bet the house” on Sterling transforming their fortunes. If he is hankering for London, my guess is the Spuds, even if it means no Champs League. They have a fine history of spunking money up the wall.

  21. qna

    Underrated. So is he as good as Kane or Austin. He has less goals than both. I think he is better than both. I always have. But I dont care about those teams. I really only care about City, United And Chelsea. So when I say we need to replace this person or that person, its about winning the league. You could take out Giroud and put in Lewendowski and keep all other variables the same this year and I am think we would have won the league.

    Giroud is a great squad player for a big club. But if he is your top CF then you are not going to win much. This year we are closer because we have had two forwards that have scored a lot of goals.

    Note also that all this has gained us is a move from 4th to potentially 2nd. Still a way to go before we win the league.

  22. Bamford10

    Actually there have been plenty of games where Giroud was a donkey, was crap. Not this season so much (save against Monaco). Even I’ll commend him on his play this season. He has been great. But he deserved all the abuse he got last season and the previous, especially as he never should’ve been the sole replacement for RVP.

  23. Up 4 grabs now

    Giroud has 5 less league goals than Costa and Kane, I know Costa has missed some games, and Kane was in and out the spuds side at the start of the season. Giroud missed 3 months though.

    Kane and Costa both take penalties and free-kicks as well.
    Like I said take that into account before you say giroud wouldn’t help us win much.

  24. trillbilly

    Giroud is up there with the best in the league this season. His goal per game ratio speaks for itself and thats no pens or free kicks. He’s scored all sorts of goals – losing his marker and getting the tap in, powerful headers, goals from outside the box, really technical goals as well as having a soft first touch. He’s big and puts a shift in. Yea hes not as silky as messi cause hes not as small and hes not a show pony like ronaldo cause hes unselfish. Hes more class than costa and suraez so yea id have him over any of those strikers.

  25. mysticleaves

    Lot of great goals were scored this weekend in the PL. Some contenders for goal of season if you like.
    Who knows what Yaya Sanogo can do today? He’s fit and raring to go!

  26. Up 4 grabs now

    Bamford, I take your point about last season and before that concerning giroud, but he played almost every game, that was wengers fault not his.
    Ozil was injured for 4 months last season, santi form took a hit, who was creating for him? Arteta, Flamini?

    Believe me I was slating him at the Monaco game but that was more the exception this season than the norm.

    Giroud has scored the same as Sanchez in the league this season, does that make Sanchez as bad?

  27. N5

    Ha thank you Underrated I almost lost my streak and Bankz would have been livid if it wasn’t him that had won it off of me.

    Unlucky Grabs, maybe tomorrow 😀

  28. Bamford10

    “Hes more class than costa and suraez so yea id have him over any of those strikers.”

    By “class” here, do you mean he is a classier human being? That is, doesn’t bite others or fight constantly? Perhaps.

    But if you mean that he is a better striker than Suarez or Costa, you’re out of your fecking mind.

  29. Dissenter

    “Actually there have been plenty of games where Giroud was a donkey, was crap. Not this season so much (save against Monaco). Even I’ll commend him on his play this season. He has been great. But he deserved all the abuse he got last season and the previous, especially as he never should’ve been the sole replacement for RVP.”
    There you go again.
    You keep harping about the Monaco game. Don’t you get it, he had bad day at the office, that’s part of the game.
    Name one striker who’s 100% all the time, it doesn’t take you long to revert back to type. Thierry Henry is an Arsenal legend but fluffed all the chances he got in the 2006 CL final.
    He deserved all the abuse he got???????
    It’s his fault that he was run into the ground by Wenger?

  30. Bamford10

    Up for

    I acknowledge that Giroud has been very good this season. Very good. Still has his limitations, but he has been quite good.

    As good as Sanchez? Well Sanchez also has his limitations — poor decision-making at times, doesn’t play as well in combo as some of the others, loses the ball too often — but he remains a far superior athlete to Giroud. Despite his limitations, Sanchez is a much more dangerous and dynamic attacking player than Giroud. But he’s also not a CF, so I’m not sure it makes sense to compare.

  31. Bamford10


    Re Monaco, you see Giroud having a one-off bad game. I see him reverting to the donkey he was for the first two seasons here, reverting to his ordinary self as it were.

    Do you deny that he was often unwatchable in his first two seasons? Or at least quite poor, inadequate at times? If you do, there’s no point in continuing the discussion.

  32. Up 4 grabs now

    N5, I think I had a way to go to beat your record mate.
    Had to watch the game Saturday in a bar/restaurant in Durban.
    I was surrounded by manc & scouser fans had to jump up for the 3rd goal though! The good thing was not having to listen to Michael Owens biased commentary!

  33. tunnygriffboy


    Giroud is not elite. However his goalscoring form since returning from injury has been nothing short of spectaculer. I just wonder if this hot streak would be bettered than lewandowski

    You say we won’t win stuff with Giroud but in the same sentence you say we are closer because two forwards are scoring lots of goals one of them being Giroud. Don’t understand this.

    A better start to the season and we would be closer. Even with the horrific injuries we still should have picked up more points from the Hull, spuds, Swansea and manu games to name a few. We are close now IF we keep our squad fit. 2 or 3 top additions and improvement in fitness then we should be a serious contender next season.

  34. mysticleaves

    Qna: “You could take out Giroud and put in Lewendowski
    and keep all other variables the same this year and I
    am think we would have won the league.”

    Mate, RVP had Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin, Walcot, Rosicky et al. He still didn’t win us the league. Say what you want but I think Giroud can win us the league.

    Its not always about the striker, its about what he has around him and how they work and click for each other

  35. Up 4 grabs now

    Bamford, like I said mate giroud wasn’t a good enough replacement for van Persie, but that’s down to Wenger.

    For me giroud is good quality and has hit a rich vein of form since he returned, he isn’t top tier or second tier, maybe just below. But who would sell us the top two tier players?

    Who can we buy thats guaranteed to be better than giroud?
    And not just a quick fix one season wonder that we shell out 35-40 millions on. Wenger will never do that.

  36. N5

    Grabs, he said no one stood out for MotM apparently. So gave it too Alexis! What a little turd, I bet he was steaming that we battered them and it was salt in the wounds for him to have to pick an Arsenal players as man of the match. Monotone dwarf!!

    It was great in the ground Grabs, I’m not sure if it came out on the TV but after L’Oreal scored his na na Girrruuuuuddd song was deafening. He really has become a fan favorite.

  37. trillbilly

    Bamford -By “class” here, do you mean he is a classier human being? That is, doesn’t bite others or fight constantly? Perhaps.

    Classier human being of course. No one wants the negative controversy that would follow suarez and costa.

  38. mysticleaves

    Also Qna, BM have Lewandoski playing 9 for them and so far this season he has scored 14 league goals. Same as Giroud.

    To further demean ur argument about individuals and how they win leagues, how much do you actually think Lewandoski has contributed to BM winning the league this season?
    You could put Sanogo or Bendtner as their CF and they will still win the league!

    Costa have scored 19 goals this season but all have been either worked by Cesc or Hazard and also rebounds. The most individualistic goal I have seen him score this season was against Hull, and that was pretty much worked.

    Costa hasn’t done much different to Giroud this season.

  39. tunnygriffboy

    Giroud started last season playing really well. As the season progressed he was shattered, worn out by the number of games he played. You also have to look at who he was playing with the second half of the season. Walcott was ruled out. Ox was in and out with niggling injuries after missing the whole of the first half. His mucker Ramsey, who always links with him missed two months as did Ozil. Basically for a lot of thr second half of last season he was limited as a result of who he was playing with

    This season he is fresh, has Ozil and Ramsey available and has Ox, Welbeck and Sanchez around him to provide the pace he lacks

    I never abused him last season, sure I got frustrated but he always worked hard and gave his best. He cost only 12 million. He also is great at defending set pieces. He’s a driven man, came to football late and works extremely hard to get better. He’s improved every season he’s been here and is now better than many strikers who cost double than what we paid for him

  40. qna

    TGB. My point is he is not good enough to do it off his own boot as RVP did for United for one example. Lewendowski for Dortmund. Many other examples exist. I am saying Giroud hasnt got us here off his own boot. But yes he has been critical. I like Giroud. I just dont think he is the player that makes enough difference. Like Aguero, Rooney, etc. Even his goal against Pool was after the pressure was off boiling.

    I think that Giroud can help the squad win the league. If we added another goal scorer of Sanchez quality like Reus, then maybe 15 goals from each of Giroud, Sanchez and Reus could be even more effective than 25 from Lewendowski.

  41. Benster

    I wouldn’t’t cry so much if Theo left. Without his pace he has very little to offer and in his mid twenties and a history of injury, Wenger may just feel it’s only a matter of time before Walcotts only real weapon starts to wane

  42. mysticleaves

    Bamford: ” We must sign another quality CDM,
    someone who shares time with Coquelin or starts
    ahead of him.”

    For the 1st time Bamford goes against his loud belief that “Coquelin is not good enough for us, we need better”.
    Humble pie already mate?

  43. trillbilly

    I think we can all agree that Owen is a complete cabbage. From his voice to his analysis. Even in the last 15mins of the game after they scored the pen he supporting liverpool urging the comeback.

  44. Bamford10

    “Say what you want but I think Giroud can win us the league.”

    You would think this of whomever was our starting CF, regardless of who he was. For you, Arsenal players are always good enough to win the title because … well because they’re Arsenal players.

    Both Costa and Lewandowski are much better strikers than Giroud. He has been great this season, but he is not at their level.

  45. Up 4 grabs now

    For me the upturn In our form is a number of reasons. In no particular order. Coquelin instead of arteta/flamini we conceded 22 goals in 15 games pre coq. Now it’s something like 10 goals in 16 games.
    Jack losing his place, sorry but he spent more time on the deck moaning rather than getting up and getting on with playing.
    Chesney being dropped, in some ways better than ospina, but for me ospina looks more a team player rather than it being all about chesney, the return of giroud with better players around him to kick on.
    And ozil slowly showing us what a quality player he is.

  46. mysticleaves

    “Both Costa and Lewandowski are much better
    strikers than Giroud. He has been great this season,
    but he is not at their level.”

    I agree as I have never argued otherwise. If you read my post well, a more unbiased mind might have read it as “titles are not won only because of starting strikers” but seeing your hate for Giroud, I understand your view.

    “He has been great this season, but he is not at their level”

    How else do you come to someone’s level if you don’t improve and become “great this season”? He’s coming to their level pretty fast. Admit that!

  47. Keyser

    There was no sole replacement for Van Persie, it took Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla to replace what Van Persie and Song contributed the year before.

    No one player or single addition on their own is going to win the league. It’s about how quickly they integrate or how much more we can get out of the team we have.

    Saying this squad or Giroud is not good enough therefore we won’t win titles, shows little understanding of how we’re going to build a team/squad good enough to actually win those titles.

    Every year one player or another gets the same treatment, you could go through the entire team and at any one point you’ll get someone saying so and so’s not good enough.

    Chelsea, Citeh and United are deeply inefficient and far more talent heavy teams, we’re not going to outspend all 3 so we have to either buy smarter or play smarter than them.

  48. mysticleaves

    Bamford, I have keenly being following your “agenda”, if you like, against Coq.

    Firstly, u said, he’s not good enough for the first team, he needs to be replaced

    2ndly, you said we need better, someone to come in and mentor him, while acknowledging he has been good this year

    Now, you have said “someone to share” meaning you now think he is good enough to start for Arsenal but we may still need better. You also had him as “excellent yesterday and today”

    So if that’s not humble pie, its close. Trust me you will get it

  49. Keyser

    “Both Costa and Lewandowski are much better strikers than Giroud. He has been great this season, but he is not at their level.”

    Neither Bayern or Chelsea rely solely on each of these players to win titles, Costa, despite Mourinho’s inability to build efficient attacking teams, hasn’t had half the weight/responsibility Atletico placed on his shoulders, and by his hamstrings it seems like he’s still feeling the effects.

  50. mysticleaves

    More so, Keyser posted a stat pack yesterday that shows, if you have been paying attention to the comparison on sqwaka, that with more games, Coq’s stat against that of Matic and Schneiderlin is actually improving. The only stat he doesn’t coming out on top in the 7categories is the “pass completion” stat. He’s at 83 others are 88 and 89 I think.
    Make of that what you wish. I know what am making of it.

  51. Up 4 grabs now

    The team wins the league, not an individual. Look at man utd, they had average/good keepers in Mark Bosnich & Roy Carroll and still one the league.
    Messi or Ronaldo don’t win la liga without a creative midfield backing them up and a reasonably solid keeper and defence.

  52. Thomas

    “Hes more class than costa and suraez so yea id have him over any of those strikers.”


    Haha fucking hell…

  53. mysticleaves

    Up 4 grabs now
    Messi and Ronaldo are the only exceptions to that rule. They have basically single-handedly won the league for Barca and RM

  54. Keyser

    mysticleaves – alexcutter posted it, and I really don’t think it’s a completely fair comparison. If we’re to win titles it’s because of how players can improve with gametime not what their already contributing.

    Like say Ramsey overcoming injury and replicating last seasons form, Ox learning to make the most of his position, without leaving the RB isolated and so on, Bamford has a point in that Giroud ad even Coquelin could regress.

  55. qna

    Right now Giroud is scoring at more than a goal game (6 in 5 I think). If he keeps that up next season he could score about 60 in all comps and we would win the quadruple. But thats not the reality is it? But it is what some people here seem to be juding him on.

    What I have really liked about Giroud since he has come to Arsenal has been his link up play. He can also get on the end of our classic Arsenal plays and get a shot on goal. This is important and I am not downplaying it. In fact we had been missing a tap in guy for years. But Giroud doesnt have the pace or skill to really create a chance for himself or turn a half chance into a goal. I would actually accuse Costa of being in this category too in terms of purely skill. But forwards like Aguero, RVP, Rooney, Suarez have this ability. And in the end its these points picked up that are the difference. This is the difference.

    And yes, I am admitting that I dont rate Costa as a top notch quality striker. He doesnt quite have that class and skill. However, Costa does create his own chances with superior instinct than most players and also has a bad ass playing style that seems to lead to goals at times too.

  56. Dissenter

    Admit it, Coquelin’s last 16 games are as good as we can ever get from a DM.
    He’s been better than Matic and Schneiderlin.
    I can accept the legit argument that 16 games are not enough to assess him fully but he’s been the best DM in the entire league since January.
    I’ve also noticed you do political walk-back from your entrenched positions.

    You’ve said that’s the “best game he’s ever had” for Coquelin, in the past 5 consecutive games.

  57. qna

    Keyser: Chelsea, Citeh and United are deeply inefficient and far more talent heavy teams, we’re not going to outspend all 3 so we have to either buy smarter or play smarter than them.

    We are 100% inneficient at winning the league in the last decade.

    Its simply wrong to say that we cant compete financially. Its false. Arsenal can compete financially with City and Chelsea. The difference in our incomes is basically performance related. Prize money and lack of commercial revenue due to our lack of success. Its unnacceptable to compare two teams who are trying to balance on the edge of FFP with Arsenal who have £150m in the bank instead of investes into our playing stock. Remember most od that £150m can be directly added as the net profits of our transfer spending over the past few years.

    Its simply wrong to say we CANT compete financially when the reality is that we CHOOSE not to. In this business it is proven that you have to spend money to make money. Now many idiots on here will prick up to try to justify why this statement is not true using examples where it is not true – eg QPR or spurs and poola transfer dealings. Thoae people will have missed the point as the examples that provr it are the successes. In every league including our own , heavy player investment = champions as the rule with only few exceptions.

  58. bazza

    “Just quickly, the comments are open for football debate, some of the best on the web, but if you get personal about me or anyone else, I’ll block you.”

    Pedro I think you’re a very nice person and I’d like to have your babies.

    Oh no, I think I’m going to be blocked.

  59. DUIFG

    We won’t win the league next year. Look at key games, Swansea away 1 nil up, chambers getting ripped a new one, we get does not change it, we lose, Monaco no game plan lost 3 nil once we conceded a freak goal. There is still managerial fragility which will hamper us

  60. kwik fit

    Agreed Duifg

    Heard so many saying ‘ if only we’d have a good start’ . Believe me, if we’d had a good start we wouldn’t have had the run we’ve had now. Arsene stumbled on the Catalyst ‘ #coq and it wouldn’t surprise me if he still doesn’t realise(or admit) the real reason for our recent form

  61. qna

    KWIK, DUIFG. I have been wanting a new DM and a new CF all year (years actually). I still do. But now I find us in the happy position that I feel there are very few players that are of high enough quality to actually replace them and improve upon their respective forms. I dont want us to buy for the sake of buying so my worst case scenario would be say if we bought Schnederlin and Benteke. There are of course moves that we can make that I would love e.g. Verratti and Lewendowski to name two reqiured players already at bigger clubs than us (if you go by recent CL form).

    If we cant improve upon these two what do you suggest we do?

  62. Keyser

    qna – firstly most of that post is utter rubbish, secondly Chelsea, Citeh and even United’s rate of trial and error far exceeds ours and is not something we can now replicate.

    There’s a difference between heavy investment and spending whatever it takes, which is how they’ve won titles to begin with.

    Or in terms of Giroud, work out how close we are to any of those teams with just Giroud to call on.

  63. Timao

    arsene didn’t exactly ‘stumble on’ coquelin. he spotted him as a young talent, nurtured him for years and then played him in the first team.

  64. qna

    Keyser it is not at all rubbish. Its absolutely true and anybody who has read and understand our relative financial situations as per swiss ramble and even the money league summary would know this. You clearly dont understand this, but thats no excuse for calling it rubbish just because you dont get it.

    If you excluded performance related bonuses in the PL and CL and also excluded commercial revenue there would be little difference between the three of us. Our commercials were lower due to long term deals linked to the stadium but are now also low due to our global brand suffering from our performances.

    Keyser: there is a difference between…. blah blah..

    Says who? Says you. There are people that just dont like the way the world is and people who accept it for what it is. It might not be fair and you might not like it. Well harden the fuck up. It takes money to win in football. Everybody spends and the one who wins did it right and the ones who didnt win didnt do it right. Hindsight 20-20 and all that. But you have to pay to play. Those of you that cant get your head around that should stick to Football Manager or whatever other computer game you all play in your dream worlds. We got our FFP and thats all the help were gonna get.

  65. Ozy

    “Sounds dodgy. So don’t moisten up too quickly at the thoughts of the new Lio Messi lining up for us in two years.”

    But the post’s title is “The New Lio Messi, to Arsenal?” If that’s not clickbait, I don’t know what is.

  66. WengerEagle

    The league’s well out of our reach this season, we all love to dream but it’s just too big a bridge to gap and despite not playing well Chelsea keep grinding out wins against poor sides.

    They’re not going to drop 10 points out of their last possible 24, would have to be a bottle job of epic proportions.

    Finishing 2nd should be the objective, 2nd and the F.A Cup would be a brilliant season for us and for the first time in a long while actual progress and improvement.

  67. qna

    WE: “They’re not going to drop 10 points out of their last possible 24”

    United, Arsenal and Liverpool could account for 9. Not completely out of the realms of possibility. But yeah. Its all but over. City have got the easiest run home. 2nd would be a great effort from here.

  68. Keyser

    qna – We’ve discussed almost every facet of the financial situation over the years, including swiss ramble articles and any number of sources.

    If you’re talking about the here and now that’s one thing, but since it’s inextricably linked to the past you’d be wrong anyway, and it’d still make my point valid regardless, those teams rates of trial and error far exceed ours with the money and risk attached.

    All are pretty inefficient.

    “Well harden the fuck up. It takes money to win in football.”

    It’s supposed to be a sport you muppet, think about it.

    Not only are you wrong but you’re actually arrogant with it for no logical reason.

  69. WengerEagle


    They’ll beat Liverpool no problem and should have enough to beat United at Stamford Bridge.

    Our game at the Emirates will be interesting, we’ve never beaten a Mourinho side, an atrocious record to have but we’ve beaten United at OT for the first time in nearly a decade, we outplayed and smashed Liverpool at home and we beat Citeh at the Etihad 2-0 so our record against the big teams this season has actually been decent for a change.

    Without the UCL to focus on I just can’t see Chelsea bottling the BPL now, and more to the point I highly doubt that we will win our remaining 7 fixtures, we’d surely be smashing all sorts of records were we to do so as we are already on like a 10 game winning streak in the BPL?

    If we finish 2nd, win the F.A Cup and finally manage to beat Chelsea under Mourinho that would constitute a very good season.

    Ironically would mean that the only top 6 side with a better H2H record against us would be the Spuds!

  70. mysticleaves

    “Bamford has a point in that Giroud ad even
    Coquelin could regress.

    Fair argument. But he doesn’t believe that Schneiderlin can also regress?

    And he doesn’t also believe that Giroud and Coq could grow to be “world class” whatever that is.

    If your player is making strides to grow and is bang on form, what you have to do is be happy for them and hope they continue like that for the rest of their careers and not saying “its just form” and they “are not good enough”.

    Point is, nobody can be an upgrade on both Coquelin and Giroud that we can sign now.

    Bamford (using the moniker of a Chelsea youth player) should learn to appreciate Arsenal players and genuinely hope they come good. There’s joy in making a player too.

  71. qna

    Keyser: “…. still make my point valid regardless, those teams rates of trial and error far exceed ours with the money and risk attached.”

    Your point is not valid. Your missing the point. You are suggesting that because they didnt win the league every year evwn though they spent money they were hit and miss. Well collectively the three of them did win the league every year and most of the cups. So in fact spending money was 100% effective. Of course if all of them spent money, only one can win. But that doesnt prove your point. Its to be expected. The hit and miss of any one team is just that all of them were able to compete financially with each other. Anyone who couldnt. Forget about it.

    Keyser: It’s supposed to be a sport you muppet, think about it.

    Again. It is what it is. Doesnt matter what Keyser So says ( see what i did there). Football is a sport that is driven by money and is more often than not won by teams that can outspend their rivals. This winning then drives more money which is spent on football. Its a cycle.

    Keyser: Not only are you wrong but you’re actually arrogant with it for no logical reason.

    Let me answer you with this: Not only are YOU wrong but you’re actually arrogant with it for no logical reason.

  72. kwik fit

    Qna, I’d go for four players right down the spine of the team: cech/ dragovic/morgan/dyabalo would see us champions

  73. WengerEagle

    Don’t think that we need a CB now with the addition of Paulista.

    A CM and a player that can play across the front 3 should be the priorities in the summer.

  74. Ozy

    Not sure why people are arguing with Bamford over what he said. What he said was impartial and honest. Coquelin and Giroud have done very well this season. We have, as a team, done very well heading into the final stages of the season.

    But it’s incredibly foolish to go into next season without reinforcements. Coquelin can’t last a season. If he’s rested or rotated, who will replace him? Same goes for Giroud. And like Bamford said, that’s under the assumption they can somehow sustain their form and carry it over to next season.

    We have, as a squad, progressed significantly this season. The objective should be to build on that by adding players that can improve us while keeping this team together and getting rid of those who have no future here (Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo, Flamini)

    And can we please stop talking about Sterling? There are far more pressing concerns.

  75. qna

    Kwik. As for my view on your wish list only Cech would start and the rest as squad players. Do you agree. I would be happy with 3 of those. I would accept/understand morgan as well if he was backup and came on a low salary with reasonable fee say £12m. I would like Dybala too and I would be happy for him to come on at 70mins for moat of his 1st season. I also think we should be bringing in Merts long term replacement this summer and selling Mert the following year. Dont know much about the kid though.

  76. Keyser

    “Fair argument. But he doesn’t believe that Schneiderlin can also regress?”

    That’s where he’s being mischievous or just plain ignorant, he likes to leave this open ended because much like his crush gambon he’ll make arguments that are weighted in his favour.

    I don’t really want to add to all the other posts about him specifically, because the bullying is just as bad as the trolling.

    I’d say Giroud is more important then people realise, because his consistentcy and especially his physicality in a team that barely has any make him extremely important to us if not other teams, we’ve got soo many players who are trying to find their feet that the focal point he provides, however limited, gives them something to work from.

    Coquelin’s different, his size limits him, but he’s also young, I think it’s fair to just let him develop, people on both sides of his argument need to give him time, just like Schneiderlain’s performance should be weighted against the pressure ad expectation we’ll need him to perform under, that’s without even discussing how Wanyama enters the dynamic.

  77. Byo

    This on-going kerfuffle about the efficiency/ non-efficiency of Giroud has become tiring.
    Comparisons to Lewandoski, Ibrahimovic, Costa, etc does not really have an Arsenal effect- we dont have them.
    And talk about is he “world-class” or not is beyond pointless. Can anyone outside of Messi and Ronaldo claim to be “world-class” everyday?

    It will not hurt some who comment here to be fully aware that what they offer is just opinion. They might want to do so with less certainty!

  78. kwik fit

    So Giroud is the son of gunz,and Michelle phiffer , you,ll not believe this but I actually thought he looked half kiwi and has phiffer,s sexy smile

  79. kwik fit

    Qna, for me all four would be worthy of a start , chesney/ mert/ flam/arteta/ Walcot would all be sold to accommodate

  80. WengerEagle

    This summer the outs really ought to be:

    -One of Podolski or Theo. Having one of either as a squad player would be brilliant as they both offer something off the bench and have goals in them, we don’t need both of them though. Obviously keeping Theo would be more ideal as he’s a few years younger and offers a little more than Podolski in terms of his pace and movement but if he refuses to renew his contract we should just cash in on him in the summer and keep Poldi as a squad player IMO.

    That would be flogging off pretty much all of the deadweight, were we then to bring in even just 2 players, a CM and a versatile CF that could play across the front 3 ala Sanchez we’d have a very good squad and first XI.

  81. Ozy

    If we were to bring in a replacement for Mertesacker in a year or two, I would look no further than John Stones of Everton. Tough, young CB with loads of potential. The English passport might inflate his price, though.

  82. Al

    Apart from the GK position which i think we 100% need to bring in a real deal keeper hopefully Cech.

    With Kos, Gabby, Mert and Chambers we seem set for CB in terms of having the 3 experienced and 1 prospect. Fullbacks we seem sorted also so my question is…

    Realistically, What position do you guys think is the key area we need or will to strengthen?

  83. mysticleaves

    Ozy: “Not sure why people are arguing with Bamford over
    what he said. What he said was impartial and honest.
    Coquelin and Giroud have done very well this
    season. We have, as a team, done very well heading
    into the final stages of the season.”

    Mate, so you believe that Coquelin is not good enough, based on his form so far, to play for Arsenal and should be REPLACED by Schneiderlin in the summer?

    You also believe that Giroud is not good enough for us and should be REPLACED by Benteke?
    To think you called it “honest and impartial” damn!

  84. WengerEagle

    It does surprise me a bit that it’s pretty much unanimous amongst people on here that we need a new GK, forget he’s a bit of a twat for a minute, is Szczesny really not a talented keeper?

    He was fantastic last season and given that he’s only 24/25 which is still practically a baby in GK terms is it not fair to say he’s well capable of rediscovering that form?

    He’s definitely a better GK than Ospina in terms of ability, it’s just his attitude that he needs to sort out. If he hasn’t learned his lesson after being dropped from both Arsenal and the Poland NT then he likely never will.

    Very knee-jerk to demand us to sell him IMO though.

  85. Keyser

    qna – “Well collectively the three of them did win the league every year and most of the cups.”

    Lol collectively ? We compete in the same league, I’m suggesting what they’ve created is essentially an arms race, a completely toxic transfer market and are all deeply inefficient, to win something we’ll have to enter that, to come out on top we have no option but to find ways to be more efficient than them.

    If ‘collectively’ they only guarantee themselves a ‘shot’ at the title, at best we’d just be decreases the chances of one team out of four winning.

    qna – You keep saying ‘it is what it is’ like people should accept it without questioning what ‘Sport’ actually means, it shouldn’t be upto people on blogs to point this out, hence FFP and possibly other sanctions.

    Firstly the team with the most money winning goes against what Sport actually is, and secondly, Chelsea and Citeh didn’t simply spend within their means to get level, hence Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour, and they haven’t simply spent what they won in prizes or they wouldn’t be turning a loss each year. It’s taken Chelsea a decade to break even.

    At what point does your supposed logic kick in ?

  86. kwik fit

    Ozy, stones is/will be a class act but will be too costly I feel. Dragovic is equally good at a much smaller price tag . Initially he would be back up with chambers but will provide healty competit ion for Gabriel and kos

  87. Al


    I am not sure Szczesny has ever been fantastic for us. He was good last year but even then you can clearly see he is a notch below the top keepers.

    I think people see it as…why persist with a player that has been first choice for a while and still has a dodgy attitude when you have the possibility of signing a Petre Cech.

    A world Class 32 year old that will solve any GK headache or issues for the next 5 years that brings a winning attitude and experience

  88. qna

    Al. I think we need a goal scorer across the front 3. Welbeck and Walcott are not good enough. I think somebody that can play LW and score goals. Reus may not be for sale and also may be waiting to play for Barca. If we can get him for £50m do it. If we cant get an established goal scorer, then I would go back in for Draxler. His buy out is £33m and we could get close to that for Theo.

    Coq is doing a great job and not many would come in and displace him from the team. So thats why DM is no longer my number 1 priority. But I think we should show some balls and offer £50m for Verratti. He could play in place of and with Coq. I know both are short, but thats ok with me as both are still strong in the air.

  89. Up 4 grabs now

    WengerEagle, I used to like chesney a lot, and last year he did have a good season, but something isn’t right in his head. He loses concentration, the stupid cryuff turns time after time. I think ospina is the safer pair of hands.
    Would still take cech though.

  90. Ozy

    Mystic, I never said replace and I don’t think Bamford did either. We’re talking about reinforcements. Adding to the team. Right now, our back up to Coquelin is Flaimini or Arteta.


    That’s a solid point. I think the reason why the general consensus is to bring in a GK is because many are not convinced by Ospina being our number 1. He just doesn’t exude confidence. As a squad option, Chesney would be excellent. If he can keep his head down and work hard to become our number one again, I’m all for that. But first we need an excellent first choice GK that would provide that competition and Ospina could be it but right now, the jury is out. Don’t want us to throw away anther season because we gave another player some time and he did not make it. Unfortunately, bringing in any foreign import bares the same risk hence people clamoring for Cech, a proven PL performer.

  91. Ozy

    Dragovic has been getting a lot of rave all season. I haven’t seen him play but based on what people have been saying about him, would be an excellent addition.

    Laporte is a monster. And with a 30 million release clause, we should be all over that the season afterwards. Either of those two, or Stones, would make excellent Mertesacker replacements.

  92. WengerEagle


    Well first of all I have to disagree entirely with the claim that he wasn’t fantastic last season because he was, he would of won the Golden Glove outright if it weren’t for Fabianski starting in goal ahead of him on the last day of the season vs Norwich.

    Secondly, Cech while still being a top class GK realistically hasn’t got too long left at the top, he’s 32 and has been performing at a ridiculously high level bar his post-head injury dip around 2007/2008 ish for the best part of 10-12 years which definitely takes its toll, look at Casillas and Buffon now, both are a shadow of the Keepers they used to be in their 20’s/early 30’s.

    I think that Cech isn’t the same keeper already as he was in 2012 even, never mind in 2004-2007 when he was the best keeper in Europe arguably.

  93. Keyser

    qna – Yeah, out of your depth. You’ve basically said we can should outspend teams to the title, which is how sport works, and we’ve chosen not to.

  94. WengerEagle

    ‘I think we need a goal scorer across the front 3. Welbeck and Walcott are not good enough. I think somebody that can play LW and score goals. Reus may not be for sale and also may be waiting to play for Barca. If we can get him for £50m do it. If we cant get an established goal scorer, then I would go back in for Draxler. His buy out is £33m and we could get close to that for Theo.’

    I like Draxler a lot but you’re kind of contradicting yourself here. Draxler has been very poor since the mid-point of last season, he himself has admitted to as much. Another thing is that while he is a phenomenal talent one thing he is not is a goalscorer, he has a very average record in this respect.

  95. Up 4 grabs now

    For me bring in Cech, schneiderlin to play alongside & rotate with coquelin, then draxler as the cheaper option rather than reus.

    Would give rosicky an extension, then cull flamini, diaby and arteta.
    Theo gets an ultimatum, sign or your sold.
    Poldolski might be a problem as not many teams will pay his wages.
    As for Campbell and sanogo Wenger will keep them.

  96. mysticleaves

    Qna, what of someone like Cabaye? He’s 29 and knows the CDM role in PL. Would actually be a good mentor for Coq. He’s also better than Schneiderlin with the ball, not so sure about his defending though.

  97. mysticleaves

    Ozy, that’s why you should see your own and leave Bamford. Because Bamford said REPLACE and not competition/back up

  98. qna

    WE agree with you on Cech being well past his best. But I dont think Schezeny will make it. By now most great keepers would have shown their class. Cech I think will be a massive improvement on Schezeny and I dont see us doing better than him this summer. But still the price Chelsea might ask has to be reasonable.

  99. WengerEagle


    Ospina isn’t half the keeper Szczesny is mate, sure he’s calmer in his demeanor and the way he carries himself but he’s a pretty bog standard average GK. My hands were balling up into fists as I watched his pathetic attempt to save Henderson’s penalty at the weekend and his distribution throughout was atrocious. He did make a smart save from Can’s effort and does come and and claim crosses very well but he’s a poor shot-stopper which is like a CF that’s poor at shooting or a midfielder who is poor at passing.

  100. Up 4 grabs now

    The problem we have when people talk about Reus or Dybala is that it’s not just us going in for these players.

    As soon as city, psg Chelsea,Madrid or barca get involved,
    It’s a straight cash fight. And we don’t do that.

    At best for us is to pick up the players from these clubs who are being replaced, ie Ozil or Alexis.

  101. WengerEagle


    What had Oliver Kahn or Jens Lehmann done by the age of 24/25? Canizares?

    Not all Keepers are like Casillas, Buffon and Neuer who were all very precocious, the first two burned out in their early 30’s you have to remember, will be interesting to see how Neuer fares.

  102. WengerEagle


    Yeah that’s a good argument, I agree that Ospina isn’t good enough to start and I don’t feel relaxed with him in between the sticks I have to say.

    I do think that if Szczesny can sort his head out that there’s a smashing GK in him.

    Cech could be a good short-term solution but for one thing Chelsea wouldn’t sell him to us unless we offered them silly money, another thing is would Wenger really sell Ospina after 1 season?

    I don’t see it.

  103. Up 4 grabs now


    I respect your opinion, but I don’t think ospina is that bad. His shot stopping is pretty good, particularly close range stuff.
    I know coquelin has improved the defence immensely, but look at how much we conceded when chesney was in goal before that.
    The Southampton game was shocking and cup appearance since then we’re really poor.

  104. qna

    WE. Draxler has beem injured. He is still in JLs national team plans. By the way I have also been saying Theo has only had 7 games since his injury and he will come back better than Welbeck who I dont rate at all. Draxler will be a huge player one day. Much better than both Theo and Welbeck. I can sell either to improve the team. I cant see Welbeck being sold, so thats why I suggest Walcott.

  105. qna

    Mystic. I have never rated Cabaye as a DM. Much like my current opinion of Schnederlin. In fact I think Schnederlins career would mimic Cabay’s if he went back home to PSG. Both are good and in fact much better than Flamini amd Arteta. But I have never rated either of these either. We need to see ourselves as a bigger club if we are to become a bigger club. Arteta, Cabaye, Schnederlin are small club players. They would suit Spurs not us.

  106. WengerEagle


    Fair enough mate we’ll agree to disagree on their ability, IMO in the Monaco match at the Emirates Ospina should have done much better for the 1st and 3rd goals especially the 1st one which he should have saved, he just stood there and let it fly past him, I was going mental wathcing it haha.

    Also like you said Coquelin has helped us defensively but as a collective we have been performing much better, the fact that Ospina is in goal doesn’t make him better than Szczesny IMO.

    One thing I do agree on though is that Szczesny hasn’t been as good this season as he was last year, definitely not.

  107. WengerEagle


    Like I said I have a lot of time for Draxler, have always rated him but he’s never really been a goalscorer tbh, no more so then Santi or Ozil are for example.

    Also think that paying such a massive fee given his regression over the last year or more would be a big risk.

    I think that he’ll still go on to be a top player but he has a question mark hanging around his head atm.

  108. Up 4 grabs now

    WengerEagle, maybe your right agree to disagree! Although I think you were being a bit harsh about the 1st Monaco goal, it took a big deflection off mertesacker and went In. He was poor for the 3rd goal though.

  109. mysticleaves

    That 3rd goal v Monaco is the most kind of goals teams score Chesny.

    Am still to see how Chesny is a better keeper than Ospina, really.

  110. Up 4 grabs now

    I still think if the ox can stay injury free that left/right wing position will be his and Alexis’s to rotate with wellbeck/ & Walcott if he stays. He also has Ozil and international man of mystery Gnabry if he ever returns!

    If Walcott leaves we might see someone brought in.

  111. qna

    WE: Also think that paying such a massive fee given his regression over the last year or more would be a big risk.

    Maybe a risk. But he will always have resale value and he is only 21. I agree, we shouldnt expect too many goals from him, which does contradict my original point. But remember I prefer Reus. I cant think of too many in between Draxler and Reus that could dominate a LW. Also, we dont lose any goals because we are simply not getting any. I would rather proceed with Draxler in the hope for what he will be in a few years than Gnabry or Welbeck. I personally think Walcott is excellent when he is on, but he doesnt show up enough and so I can accept him as a loss – you win some you lose some.

    I really think that Welbeck is a waste of time. I think Ramsey made the point really in the game on the weekend. If you can imagine that Welbeck played exactly the same game that Ramsey played on the weekend, we would have said – WOW Welbeck starred. He missed his usual clear cut chances but they will come with time. I would love it if we sold him to Liverpool for 30m and kept Theo to be honest.

  112. Danny

    I think it comes down to a simple question: If we reach the fa cup final and its against Liverpool, who would you rather have in goal – Ospina or Szczesny?
    I would want Ospina.

  113. Up 4 grabs now

    I don’t get the point of going for cabaye at 29/30 it’s a short term fix he will probably want big wages with a £15 million plus transfer fee, with no sell on. That doesn’t really sound like us.

  114. Redtruth

    Szczesny regulary gets beaten from distance and his decision making is poor.
    I never rated Cech who is prone to blunders and his handling is suspect.
    Ospina is a good reliable keeper.

  115. Danny

    Flapianski – 119th minute against Hull coming miles out of his goal – shit we were lucky their forward missed.

  116. Thank you and goodnight

    I watched Chesney when he was at Brentford and he was outstanding. In fact the Brentford fans still adore him. I think he’s massively talented but he’ll never go far because mentally I don’t think he’s up to it.

  117. qna

    Mystic. I wish we could play Fabianski again this year :).

    But the choice definately has to be Ospina. Schezeny may become a good keeper once again. But right now his head is gone. His confidence is gone. He second guesses himself. He needs to sort himself out up top. Hope he is seeing a sport psychologist. WE may be right about him in the long term, but for now, I want him far away from the first team please.

  118. Al


    I don’t buy into that golden glove stat. It wasn’t like he was saving our bacon a bunch of times last year.
    He was fortunate to be playing behind a CB pairing that performed excellent bar a number of games.

    Notice that i am not saying he wasn’t good last year because he clearly was but i disagree about him being fantastic.

    I disagree about the age thing. Casillias has gone off the boil but Buffon at 32 was still regarded as one of the best keepers in the world if not the best.
    The usual trend is that keepers come into their best from the age of 30. If you look at the league historically you will see that.

    I just think he has had his chance and years of opportunity to be the number one and quite frankly he has grabbed the opportunity that has been afforded to him, hence him getting dropped over the years.

    Think we just need to get that proven keeper and move on from this hopeful attitude of developing one we currently have