Thinking about Liverpool…

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Happy Friday.

Doing nothing today.

Feels so damn sweet.

I could go and drink all the beer and it wouldn’t matter, because I have no work until Tuesday. What a feeling.

What are you doing?

Thinking about Liverpool?

Me too.

We’re on an 8 game winning streak. That scares me. Why, you ask?

Because when we lose, when we’ve been on a streak, we tend to go into total meltdown as we try to rediscover ourselves.

Mental fragility.

It’s not a good look.

Tomorrow, we need to win. We need to win to prevent a late season meltdown and we need to win to show the the fans and the rest of the league we’re contenders for next season.

Liverpool are in a bit of a mess. Sterling is flirting with Arsenal. Steve G and Skrtel are suspended. They’ve just been spanked by United.

Arsenal are on the up. We’re winning all the games. Our injured players are back in form. Arsene and Giroud are the Player / Manager of the month.

Life is sweet.

But football is not. It cares not for how good things look. It only cares about the result.

We need to go hard tomorrow. We need to play with discipline. We need to switch the form button up to sexy.

Sanchez, I wanna see you show me all you got.

Ozil, play all the sweet passes.

Giroud, be sexy and clinical.

Santi, dance and be magic.

That’s all we need to have a great day.

I’m confident. The kick off is early, which isn’t great, but at least we have the chance to set the pace for the weekend.

Have fun. Drink it all. xxx

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  1. mysticleaves

    Ronaldo wasn’t technical? Lol. Who was more technical?
    Ronaldinho wasn’t even as technical as Ronaldo. He just had more skills.

  2. mysticleaves

    Lol. Marble if its you that know football, I guess I don’t want to know football.

    A peek shows you Messi is the top scorer for Argentina. Or am I wrong? I could be right?

  3. N5

    So Marble you’re saying that the current greatest player in the world isn’t world class. How can you be considered the best player in the WORLD and not be WORLD class?

    Are you serious?

  4. N5

    Marble moves the goalposts so often. First he’ll say a player isn’t WC if he doesn’t do it in the ECL, Messi is the ECLs top ever scorer so he moves it to international where Messi is Argentina’s 2nd top scorer with years left to catch that up and yet he’s still not world class???

  5. N5

    Ha ha, see what I mean, his international comment was disproved so now he changed it to World Cup where if I’m not mistaken he won player of the tournament.

    Messi is WC, Ronaldo (both) are WC, Dial is WC too a WC buffoon.

  6. mysticleaves

    Yeah N5 I stand corrected. I wasn’t too sure. 54 to 49. That might be the only personal record he won’t break in his playing days.

  7. N5

    Marble, not when he was considered world number 1 he wasn’t, he was fucking brilliant. Also how many times has Messi been considered it?

  8. Marc

    Why hasn’t Redtruth said I’m not Marble?

    Who the fuck thought Owen was the best player in the world? Scouser’s don’t count.

  9. N5

    Don’t count him out just yet Mystic, Messi has years yet to better it, he’ll get close and I imagine he’ll beat it.

  10. mysticleaves

    If internationals is the metric now, Bendtner then should be World Class. According to Marble’s logic.
    Marble the football sage. Lol

  11. N5

    Marc, I think Marble is talking about when he won the Balloondoornob, and he owned up to being Marble/dial instantly.

  12. mysticleaves

    Marc, I was thinking same thing. And I asked him; “marbe, you said…..” And he answered. Lol. So fucking clueless.

  13. N5

    There was a stage Marble where Owen was very very good, I’m not saying he was WC or even deserved the Balloon knot, but he was very good.

  14. mysticleaves

    In your assessment that Maradonna Is the greatest ever, don’t you think the fact he abused drugs often times should count against him? I mean who could have said his performances, albeit out of this world, weren’t drug induced?

    On a personal level, Ronaldo is my best of all time in terms of sheer quality and he was damn skillful too.
    But his injury problems and fitness issues robbed him of the honor in the World’s eyes

  15. N5

    It’s a hard one Mystic because there is so much to dislike about Maradonna, but the things he could do with the ball where just mesmerizing. Ronaldo was brilliant and is in my top 5, but Mardonna edges it for me, even though he did like drugs and cheating 😀

  16. mysticleaves

    I also don’t think Owen was the best player ever, but I think he was world class and certainly deserved 2001 balon d’or.
    He scored 31goals, won 3 or 4 trophies and had a good qualification campaign for england too.
    He was on fire

  17. N5

    Yes Mystic, he certainly did have a very good part to this career. I am amazed by people that just forget how good he once was.

  18. Marc


    It’s because of his commentary on BT Sport – If Mother Teresa had done anything half as irritating she’d be burning in hell.

    Long term memory erased by the pain of 90 minutes inane, biased & moronic comments.

  19. N5

    Ha Ha Marc, I think you’re right. 45 minutes of monotone Owen is enough for me to forget my own name let alone his career.

  20. tunnygriffboy

    Just read a lpool guest blogger on Arsenal site. Without a hint of irony he stated Lucas is better than Coquelin and Coutinho is better than Ozil. What is it with them ?

  21. Arseology

    Maradona used to religiously coke it up, shag & party all night long and would still be the best player on the field the following day.
    If he had stayed sober, he might have had a chance of polishing Lord Bendtners boots.
    Bendtner >>>>>>> Maradona > Messi > Ronaldo McDonaldo > Pele.

  22. salparadisenyc

    Enjoy the carnage tomorrow boys…. i’m going to be a god damn airplane.
    A win is the nail in the coffin for pool’s top four, likely Sterling and Rodgers will have the look of a sexual predator about to be apprehended.

    Up the Arse.

  23. Salvage

    I hope Per Merteserker is not starting because if he does, Sterling will use him as audition for teams to buy him next season. We need a faster defender

  24. BacaryisGod

    Taking my son to his first ever Arsenal game today. Should be a good one. At least Skirtl won’t be there to haunt us from corners.

    Hopefully Sturridge is either out or off fitness against us. Still, he and Sterling without Suarez look far less threatening.

    Prediction of the Day: Emre Can gets sent off.

  25. Wallace

    oh, a win today would pretty much secure CL football next season. worried about Liverpool on the counter, but if we play anywhere near our best the 3pts should be ours.

  26. mysticleaves

    Though, indeed, Lucas is a better DMF than Coquelin. One of the best, if not the best, in EPL.

    Big balls you’ve got there. Considering we could tank it.

  27. mysticleaves

    Qna, has he signed? And will he even get W/O?
    Wellington just got his own and got rid of HG status

  28. GuNZ

    I am triply happy.

    1. Just managed a move up to Auckland where I have to base myself for the next few months due a contract and the missus and I managed the whole thing without killing each other.

    2. UK is now only 12 hours behind NZ and the game is early so I can carry on drinking until the game starts (which is being broadcast live on NZ TV1) instead of having to get up at some unholy hour with the hangover just knocking on the door.

    3. We are going to win. My boy, Giroud, has called for his pre-match pep talk and has promised to keep up the excellent recent form because ‘Your words, zey ‘urt me GurNZ. when ah furk up. Ah am tryeen to do betterr seulement pour vous , mon Guru.’

    Go the mighty Gooners!

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Every player has a price……. Mourinho

    I agree 100% with that statement. For all the bravado of Rogers I am 100% certain that Sterling will leave Liverpool this summer if a club makes the right offer.

    Liverpool may believe that they are global heavyweights, but that is not the case when it comes to financial matters. They are lightweight in that department compared even with Arsenal.

    The real reason that Arsenal failed to buy Suarez was not that we were ‘opposition’ to Liverpool, but because we put in an offer, which showed clearly that we
    had tapped him up AND it did not match their valuation.

    Had we gone in from the start with an offer of £50 Million early in the transfer
    window then I think that it might have been a very different story. There would have been something to discuss and Liverpool would have had enough
    time to buy a decent replacement.

    Anyway I am more concerned that we beat them today. A good result keeps us
    on track and will effectively end Liverpool’s opportunity to qualify for Champions League next season.

  30. gazzap

    If we win and Southampton and Spurs also win this weekend both those teams would be two points ahead of Liverpool. I think then Liverpool will be more concerned about a Europa Cup place than a CL place. Our only rival then is really United. And you’d have to say we’d have as much chance as finishing 2nd as 3rd or 4th.
    Today feels like even more than a 6 pointer given the points distribution at the moment.