Raheem Sterling is in it for Arsenal, not money

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That is tumbleweed visualised.

Pretty cool, eh?

Yeah, it’s cool. Until you realise that tumble weed is the news this week. It’s a sad story.

Apparently Dybala wants to come to Arsenal as a first choice. (read more here)

I hate rumours when they involved Italian clubs. Their news outlets and clubs are corrupted by obfuscation. It’s a mess. He’ll probably end up at Everton. I really like him though. I think he could be incredible. He’s playing in the Italian league, which is like judging someone’s paces based on their walking style… but he looks good.

Raheem Sterling has done one of those silly interviews that will hurt him. He should have waited until the end of the season. However, he says he’s flattered by Arsenal and it ain’t about the money.

Why is that so hard to believe?

London boy, living in Liverpool. Doesn’t fancy Liverpool. Fancies Arsenal. Does it have to be a greed thing? Or is that just because the only reason you’d want to leave Liverpool would centre around greed because they’re such an incredible club steeped in media bias? Bit ridiculous. If I were from London, living in Liverpool, I’d take a pay cut to be in the big smoke.

Arsenal have a better squad. A better ground. A better training ground that’s being upgraded and they have better prospects. He’d be a fool not to move to us.

Also, on the money front… heaven forbid trying to get the most out of your 15 year career in the game.

What’s great about this rumour is that it all plays into our hands this weekend. Say what you want about his focus, but he’s thinking about Arsenal. Liverpool are thinking about his contract. It’s not ideal prep.

He’s either going to have  blinder against us, or he’s going to tank. Hopefully the latter, because he’s not a player you want having a blinder against you.

That game is major. If we win it, we’re well on course for a top two finish. Lose it and we hand the impetus to United.

Worry is it’s tight at the moment. Panic would be a loss will derails us. Historically, when we lose a big winning streak, we struggle to regain form… that means tactically, we can’t lose. Yeah, that’d be my tactics board. Don’t fucking lose.

So, there we have it. That’s me for the day.

If you want more of my contentz, I wrote a piece for FourFourTwo about Jurgen Klopp. I’ve capped off a week of media whoring superbly.

Have a great Friday. If you’re really smart, you’ll have saved your April Fools for today. I’ve already phoned in and told my boss I’ve broken my leg. I’ll roll in after a 5 day weekend and surprise him with my bantz because my leg isn’t broken, he’ll totally get that I was being ironic and let me off for being creative.


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  1. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    you say Wilshere & Walcott are ‘easily upgradeable’, but you’re talking about probably 60m+ worth of talent there. you really think it would be that easy to upgrade, bearing in mind they’re not even automatic starters? and we will still have to meet the 8(and possibly rising) homegrown players rule?

  2. Highbury4ever

    “Arsenal will offer to Diaby a deal based on the number of matches he will play”

    LOL better late than never 🙂

  3. useroz

    I’d say no deal to Diaby. Enough is enough. Find an upgrade that works. Wenger cannot have an excuse in Diaby not to buy.

    Why the hype around Sterling? Without Suarez he hasn’t been quite the same this season. Age works for him but no way a 50m Liverpool talk about.

    Pool’s Engand players injured before international and ours injured during….WTF

    Playing Welbeck would be risky if not at 100% fitness. We need that extra something to keep Pool where they belong.

  4. Redtruth

    Last season an in form Ramsey got injured in December and Arsenal’s results remained the same they were still beating the lower teams and losing to the top teams.

  5. tunnygriffboy


    Have to disagree with you about selling Walcott and Wilshere this summer. Others have/need to go first. Not saying that we shouldn’t bring better in, we most definitely should, but come next season if we want to fight on four fronts you need a deep squad and those two are more than capable of playing in any game. Injuries are a concern but hopefully a year on with changes to our fitness team it will get better. I think they’re both very good players and give good depth to the squad. Just my opinion though.

    Don’t think Wilshere ready for tomorrow. Will be another week along with Debuchy, Arteta, Ox and Diaby ( sic )

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Yes you do.

    But as I say, Walcott and Wilshere give you the illusion of depth for this four front challenge, injured and inconsistent, not a good combination really.

    It’s all moot anyway because Wenger isn’t really a ruthless manager (see Diaby’s new deal) and doesn’t like to make changes to his squad that he’s comfortable with.

    All I can hope is people like Walcott and Wilshere don’t get undeserved game time ahead of more deserving people, or that Wenger doesn’t upset our balance and shape to accommodate them etc

    Our early season was rubbish because were setting up to benefit certain players, not the team.

  7. tunnygriffboy


    Don’t think Walcott will start any big games before the end of the season if Welbeck and Ox are fit. He may start tomorrow if Welbeck can’t make it but atm I would play Ramsey next to Coquelin, Santi as a 10 and Ozil wide. Similarly Jack. He may get the odd game but like Arteta I can see him being used off the bench.

  8. Dissenter

    Can someone get Arsene’s bottle and Diaby’s dirty socks to run a DNA paternity test?

    I swear, Diaby is Wenger’s love child.

  9. Leedsgunner

    “you say Wilshere & Walcott are ‘easily upgradeable’, but you’re talking about probably 60m+ worth of talent there. ..”

    Worth that to who? The accountants?

    £60m of talent that has not played top flight football for a combined period of 17 months) is worth less– talent that cannot contribute on the playing field is pretty much void and useless.

    If we carry this type of thinking to its logical conclusion — forget Özil and Alexis — the most valuable player in the team is Diaby… never mind that he’s out with injuries continuously.

  10. kwik fit

    Arsène Wenger has hinted that Diaby may be offered a new pay-as-you-play contract. Surely Diaby would be better off getting the dole

  11. Wallace


    Liverpool paid 50m for Lallana & Lovren, you think they’re better players?

    Theo was playing regularly until his ACL injury, and Jack was fine this season until the McNair tackle. but you’re missing my point – neither one of them is a starter. why sell two very talented squad players if you don’t have to? and also, two English squad players?

  12. qna

    Mourinho was talking about needing only 6 wins and a draw from 9 matches to win the league. So we need them to lose 2 and draw 2. We would obviously need to be one of them. If they drop 4 points against any of Stoke, QPR, or United and we our next 3 games then the match against Chelsea at the Emirates will be absolutely massive.