I deserve a highly paid job even though I’ve never proved myself

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The fumes we’re running on are low… it’s like the dying days of football news over here. It’s dystopian as I rummage newsnow for a snippet of goodness.

I can’t find any. So I’ll ramble. I’m good to you like that.

I can correct my mistake from yesterday. England are on tonight. So at least we have something to watch.

Bad news is WELBZ is injured which could rule him out for the Liverpool game this weekend.

Really annoying. He’s a bit of a master when it comes to tweaking muscles. He’s gone missing a few times this year. Not good. Especially as he’s coming into form right now.

I was thinking about the internet and what a grubby place it is for pretty much everything at the moment. Someone asked me to kill myself the other day for writing and article about who might leave in the summer. I mean, if you’re used to it, it’s pretty amusing that a sad little person stuck in a damp bedroom can get so irate about an opinion on football that they’d say that.

Almost all of the commentary off the back of writing for this new website is pretty gross. Now, that’s just apparently what comes with writing for a big name. But I did get an interesting comment, it read something  like ‘don’t you think as 95% of people hate your work, you should quit’… amusing, because it seems that sort of online behaviour is directly linked with some sort of groupthink control mechanism for killing anything that makes people think.

Here’s the thing. I’d quit if people didn’t read the site. But they do. And 80% come back.

I’d also quit if everyone agreed with me. What a boring world we’d live in. If my friends all agreed with me, they wouldn’t be the sort of people I’d want to hang out with. Disagreement and debate are the spice of football. It’s why the social gathering is almost as fun as the game. It’s why we love the theatre post match.

It’s not just football that suffers, obvioulsy. The guy who was unfortunate enough to get punched by Jeremy Clarkson for not getting him a steak faced death threats. Can you imagine? We have some nasty thug millionaire TV presenter whacking someone for not gettting him a steak, after he turned up 2 hours late… and the internet hounds the guy who gets punched? It’s so grim out there.

I have no idea what the answer is. But it’s pretty sad times. No rationality or compassion on the web. Just a bunch of nasty little shits, killing it for everyone because they’re bitter about the hand life dealt them.

Back to this evening. Theo is supposed to start. Be interesting to see how he does against a solid defence. He’ll have plenty of energy, that’s for sure!

There’s a story kicking off in Italy about Eder playing. He’s Italian through his parents, but he looks Brazilian and he grew up there. He scored a great goal at the weekend. The Italians don’t like it apparently. Sad times.

You know what else is irking me. ALL MY NEWS SOURCES HAVE BEEN SPOILED. If I go to Google news, it’s dominated by clickbait sites that have zero authority. If I go to Newsnow, it’s ruined by clickbait sites.

My whole world is being ruined by publishers who don’t know what they’re doing!

There’s some interesting stuff going around the web about black managers in the game. Sadly, a lot of the coverage is being fronted by Sol Campbell and John Barnes. Sol doesn’t exactly have a great rep as being the sharpest or most modest in the game… John Barnes has flunked out a few times and again, he’s not exactly pulling up trees on the smartness front.

Thing is, not a lot of footballers turned managers are the smartest. John had this to say…

“What I can judge it from is by looking at society. How many black people are there in the higher echelons of any industry? We can talk about journalism, we can talk about politics. So why should football be any different?”

He tanked and he wants to know why after tanking three times he can’t get another job. Well, David O’Leary hasn’t had a job in a while. Alan Curbishley. I mean, plenty of white manager who fail excessively don’t get jobs. In this case, is it race, or is it just a bad manager making excuses?


Also, in the real world, you usually work at least ten years before taking the top job in a company. That’s what Jose had to do. That’s what Brendan Rodgers had to do. Maybe John needs to lower his expectations. Maybe he needs to do things the hard way. Becuase clearly, he’s been shown up as ‘not quite a natural’ doing it the easy way. The ‘I’m John Barnes you owe me a damn living’ way.

There is certainly an issue though. There are many incredible black players the world over and have been for years, but there aren’t any black managers in the top ten in the world. That’s odd.

There are also other issues in this managerial problem. There aren’t many managers in the game who weren’t explayers. The whole process is pretty messed up. It’s almost impossible to break into the game unless you’ve had a playing career.

How about female managers as well? How many female coaches are there? How many Asian coaches? How many gay coaches?

Football is a pretty backward game though. It’s generally not run by overly dynamic people. It’s still drenched in backward views. I mean, let’s be honest, the fans are still drenched in backward views. The idea of a gay footballer still makes a large number of people vomit in their chairs, women officials still get barraged, abuse from the stands can be pretty vile, we have black people being pushed off trains, fans singing racist songs… black managers is an issue for sure, but there are hundreds of issues in the game.

What doesn’t help is having this issue pushed by a man who says, ‘but I’m Sol Campbell’… that sort of entitled attitude is never going to win your cause support. It’s not about being black, that’s about thinking you don’t have to work to earn your stripes.

Right, all the words. Have fine ass day my darlings. x

And watch this video. And leave a nasty Youtube comment.

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah same, soon as I went to Uni I just gave up the car, too expensive on a student loan.

    So I can be as righteous as I like with no danger of being caught out myself! Unless I steal a car, in which case the fact I was drunk will be the least of my worries.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    This set up isn’t working for England, its all too central and the Italians are just happy to sit back and let us tap it about aimlessly, soon as we try and pump it forward they clean up and break.

    I’m not sure what we have on the bench to change things up though.

  3. kwik fit

    WTF Harry Kane hasn’t scored in 45mins of football. You’ll be telling me that Diaby is back in training next!

  4. Goondawg

    Pardon my French but Hogson is a fucking useless coach. Jones is woefully out of his depth and looks like a lost puppy. Played like Arsenal against Lithuania, looking like Hoofball United. System is a shambles. Need wingers and Rooney off Kane. Playing Theo against the most defensive minded nations. cc Hows Chiellini skinning Jones

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    Ross Barkley shows he still hasn’t progressed from at least a season ago.

    He works so hard to look really poor at the end

  6. carts

    Well fuck me sideways, that escalated ( inevitably) quick.

    I must say, Spelbound and Ozy articulated their arguments well; as did NM & N5 and a couple others.

    This racism is football issue has evolved from throwing bananas and monkey chants to a more subtle level .

    I’ve always said that the term racism is thrown around too loosely. However, what we see isn’t “racism” in its original form, its more a prejudice.

    Essentially its something called white privilege, not just in sports, but every day life.

  7. Ozy

    Probably the worst Italian side in a very long time … and yet they’re winning. Come on England, snap out of it.

    And cheers, carts. It’s not surprising but many don’t know or refuse to acknowledge that white privilege even exists.

  8. N5

    Thanks Lee.

    Cheers also Carts. It’s still really bad in Spain and parts of Italy, but I’d be devastated if I saw it in England. I agree it’s a persecution.

  9. Goondawg

    Theo Walcotts stats

    via WhoScored:

    Touches: 14 (lowest of any player, even the subs)
    Passes: 7/7 (lowest of any player, even the subs)
    Key Passes: 1
    Dribbles: 1
    Shots: 1 (0 on target)

    2 of the touches also came from kick off.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Kane did alright I think, his all round game is decent, but I think when you look at the game against Lithuania (yes I know it was only Lithuania) but Sterling, Rooney and Welbeck gave us a more balanced attack I feel. Would have been interesting to see that tonight, especially with the Italians playing 3 at the back.

    We’ve got a lot of options up there, but how we accommodate Sturridge, Rooney and Kane will be interesting, Welbeck you can still place wide and he’s effective but he’s another ST option as well…difficult choices there.

    I don’t really like Rooney at CAM/No.10, when he’s on form he’s got to be your go to striker.

  11. Goondawg

    Walcott was goal hanging waaaaay too much today. Surely he knows he is more effective doing his thing on the wings.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Disappointing again wasn’t he? Shame. I was hoping when he came back he’d have a rocket up his arse to make up for lost time and obviously having seen his place taken by Sanchez, the fact that Welbeck, a player who doesn’t have the ‘impact’ he does had usurped his place and the rise of Oxlade, in between injuries.

    Not seeming that way right now, but he’s here at least for the rest of the season so let’s see if he can start making an impact.

  13. SpanishDave

    Walcotts head is gone. Hes lost mentally, and thinks if he goal hangs and scuffs one in people will forget that hes crap.
    Thing is hes not fooling anyone now..

  14. Goondawg


    Very underwhelming. Had no impact whatsoever, dont even know what position he plays anymore. He had the lowest amount of touches out of anyone on the pitch, only positive was he didnt injure himself again. Should have at least pulled wide a few times, to make some room for himself.

    Thought Gibbs was also one of the worst players on the pitch as well. Monreal would have scored that chance.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I’m not sure if that was a fault of his or the set up but everyone was just stacked on top of one another. Though that is a flaw even his biggest fans on here have noticed about him since his return, keeps drifting into the centre and just hanging up front like a striker.

    Again, not necessarily wholly his fault but we looked much better after the changes and we got some semblance of proper shape.

    Townsend was good when he came on, might be one of those rare players who plays well for his country and a bit average for his club side!

  16. gazzap

    Theo was crap tonight. Gibbs was OK but nothing special. Clyne was out of his depth. Delph is very limited and probably shouldn’t be playing for England. Jones shouldn’t be playing in midfield. Barkley has tons of ability but doesn’t make the right decisions at lot of the time.

    Kane didn’t get many chances but did OK and looked like he belonged, Rooney did well second half, Townsend and Carrick were very good as was Jagielka.

  17. gazzap

    Townsend showed Walcott exactly how he should be playing and the positions he should be taking up. But I doubt Theo will take a blind bit of notice. If he’s going to be this stupid, then we may as well sell him. Shame because he was doing the right things before he got injured over a year ago.

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    System didn’t suit Walcott at all, and we were very slow moving from defending to attacking, so Italy were always back in place defensively by the time we moved forward. Kane was also equally quiet, and arguably the game suited him more.

    Carrick coming on made a difference. Or maybe Phil Jones going off (or at least leaving mdfield) made the difference.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, it’s not necessarily just a dislike of him, I’m not saying he’s shit, but the negative effect he has on the team is pretty remarkable when you look at the stats.

    There’s also some freaky stats out there about us coming back from losing positions after he’s left the field.

    I’m not sure Wenger knows what he is, I’m not sure he knows what he is, so consequently he takes to the field without knowing what he’s doing and just drifts around not only himself having a poor game but dragging everyone else down around him.

    Our side at the minute is a winning machine, just gets it done in one way or another, you should have to earn your way into this side, I said in the summer this would be the year of Wilshere in terms of getting chance after chance and it proved that way until McNair’s challenge.

    I just worry he will be jammed back into the team even though totally undeserving.

    I would love him to come good as much as the next fan, because it’s far more likely that we will stick by him than replace him, so it was be some form of masochism for me to wish he remains poor so I can make a point; but I’m equally not a fan of holding the team back while we give a player, any player chance after chance.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    I think he was on the pitch 😉

    Yeah he did, was pretty poor to be honest but then as Nasri Mouth’s said the set up didn’t help him. But then, the other side of that is a player that moans he wants to be a striker, yet he’s so ineffectual up there, doesn’t impact the game at all.

    Again though, lazy, as Goondawg posted he still struggles to get into the game, just doesn’t have an effect on anything.

    I really want him to show a bit of willing in the last couple of months of the season, and he should do, he’s either playing for his place at Arsenal or playing for his next club. So there’s good reason for him to pull his finger out.

  21. Leedsgunner

    Sounds like it was a boring match.

    Oh well Theo, at least you know now it takes more to being a striker than just saying you would like to be one. You’re leaving it a little late to have your purple patch son if you want another contract.

    Roll on Saturday!

  22. Marko

    Is talk of us bidding for Dybala to be believed? It’d be great imo him Lacazette, Vietto and Paco Alcacar are the next up and coming great strikers in world football

  23. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Walcott’s England career is at an end. Hodgson made it crystal clear last week that he was in last chance saloon and needs to start making an impact otherwise younger players will push him down in pecking order.

    Frankly he was given the opportunity today to show what he can do and was as usual lightweight and utterly ineffective. I am not blaming him entirely for all
    England’s ills, but he did not show any real hunger or work ethic during the game.

    Let’s be clear there are now at least half a dozen players who in my view rank
    ahead of him in the pecking order for positions of striker and winger. These include both Welbeck and Ox who are far more hard working and effective
    when they play.

    I think that there is now a similar argument at Arsenal with Sanchez,Giroud,
    Welbeck and Oxlade-Chamberlain all performing at a higher level.

    Walcott has had every opportunity during his 9/10 year career to prove his case. If I was Arsenal or Wenger I would not negotiate too strongly to keep him at the club. Frankly there are plenty of players likely to be on the market in the summer who offer more.

    We need a high grade specialist left wing and I would frankly sacrifice Walcott whilst he still has some value in transfer market.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Totally agree with you.

    There’s a fair few posters on here, myself included who think Wenger will go for a sort of dribbler/playmaker LW/LM player in the summer, I know WengerEagle has a whole box of Kleenex ready in case that happens to be Firmino.

    Reus is obviously the dream, has a bit of everything and is the type of signing after already getting Ozil and Sanchez in that would make the rest of the league think, ‘oh s**t…these guys aren’t f*****g around any more.’

  25. Ozy

    Wow, that’s a crazy deal. Honestly don’t think Danilo’s all that – typical Brazilian RB (explosive pace, attacking mindset but actual defending and positioning leaves a lot to be desired). With that said, could do well in RM. What does that mean for their RB, Carvajal? Thought he was decent. Hmm.

  26. Leedsgunner

    If Real Madrid need RB why didn’t they look at Alaves — who I think Barça is letting go on a free? I know there’s a small reason of the team that he presently plays for but honestly? I think RM and Barça sometimes just spend money because they can.

  27. Leedsgunner

    Oh well I guess that’s €31m less they have to buy future Gunners Reus and Dybala :). Or better yet, they should have bought Jenks so that we could activate his Arsenal DNA. :). Insomnia hits.

  28. qna

    Walcott has ten (hopefully) appearances, mostly from the bench, to show the club that he is worth investing time and money into. I feel sad for the kid. But the reality is unlike the last time when his contract re-neg was well timed for him. This time it isnt. In fact it comes at an unfortunate time. He has come back from injury and hasnt found form. Moreover, the team is stock full of players that are now ahead of him. How unlucky is that for him – no injuries. He wants more money – frankly he should be grateful if we are offering him the same as he is on now. The club will not trust him for one more season and risk losing him for nothing. Especially since they wont be able to guarantee him any starting time. The end of the road is nigh.

  29. qna

    EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal agree £50MILLION deal for Tottenham ace Harry Kane

    Kane is expected to sign a £100,000-a-week contract – tripling his pay packet at Spurs – to rejoin the club he played for as a youngster.

    Happy April Fools Day everybody.

  30. Wallace

    apparently a new social media app will allow users to listen to the two captains team talks before the game on Saturday. pointless marketing bollocks. bet Pedro will be loving it.

  31. Emiratesstroller

    Cesc Appeal

    I think that Arsenal have now the makings of a decent squad and would like to
    think that next season we will be genuine challengers for League Title.

    It would seem that there is ‘advanced’ planning of our transfer business for
    the summer window. I have suggested many times that I don’t think that we
    are likely or indeed need to make a major overhaul of our squad. Perhaps we
    will bring in three new players to freshen up the squad.

    I would like to think that Schneiderlein will be brought in as has been rumoured for a very long time. He is a solid midfielder who can play either defensively or centrally and is also a set piece specialist.

    We do need a new Goalkeeper. Cech would be an ideal addition. The only question would be whether Chelsea would sell him to us. I need to be convinced that they would agree based on history between two clubs.

    There are now strong rumours that we are after a forward. Personally I am not
    altogether convinced that it is Dybala. The Chairman of Palermo keeps on suggesting that we are one of main contenders for his signature, but it is very
    rare that Arsenal buy players where clubs or agents are so publicly opening
    their mouths. Also Arsenal have not been known to buy players from Serie A
    since the era of Henry and Vieira.

    Arsenal are much more likely to buy players from La Liga, French League, Bundesliga or EPL.

    I watched England U21 game and would be reluctant to sell Jenkinson based
    on his current form. I could see him play for England Senior team in the not
    too distant future. He looked better this week than either Clyne or Walker
    and I think that he is versatile enough to play in other positions apart from
    right back.

    This brings me to offloads. I would hope that Wenger sells Walcott because
    leaving aside my opinion of the player he is surplus to requirements and one
    of few players on books who would fetch a decent transfer fee. Szczesny is
    another candidate for departure if the club consider him not good enough and
    can find a decent replacement.

  32. Wallace


    “Also Arsenal have not been known to buy players from Serie A
    since the era of Henry and Vieira.”

    i think it’s less the league than it is Italian players that Wenger’s not so keen on. he seems to have a thing for South Americans these days. so wouldn’t be surprised if the Dybala bid’s true. although we’re going to have to be shifting about 4 forwards this summer if it is.

  33. Leedsgunner

    “although we’re going to have to be shifting about 4 forwards this summer if it is.”

    Podolski? Miyachi? Campbell? Sanogo? Worth doing if so. They are fringe players anyways. Long may it continue… Diaby Flamini Arteta are others we should shift out.

  34. Wallace

    probably heading for the exit – Jenkinson, Flamini, Diaby, Poldi, Campbell & Sanogo

    maybe also – Szczesny, Arteta, Rosicky & Walcott

    still leaves us with 21 first teamers.

  35. Arse&Nose©

    Keep up the good work Pedro, I may not comment as much as I used to but I still follow the site.

    The haters and trolls have too much time on their hands, rest assured there is a silent majority who read and appreciate your work.

  36. qna

    Wallace: “probably heading for the exit – Jenkinson, Flamini, Diaby, Poldi, Campbell & Sanogo

    maybe also – Szczesny, Arteta, Rosicky & Walcott

    still leaves us with 21 first teamers.”

    Good call Wallace. I hope Rosicky stays though. But the rest I am happy to sell, assuming we bring in high quality replacements to cover them. I would also want to see Akpom stay out on loan next season. I could also see us sending Gnabry out on loan to get a full season of playing under his belt. If that is the case we could possibly see GK, DM, CM, LW, CF added. At most 3 would go straight in to the first team – e.g, DM, GK and LW. This is where I really like Dybala. He is a high quality CF that can start as a squad player. He will get his chances, and by the seasons end he might be a starter. If we recruit well, all four or five additions should be starters by the end of the year – similar to the change we have seen this year.

    Even though we are looking at 3 CMs going out, I am not sure if we do need another CM at this stage. We have Cazorla, Wilshere, Ox, Ramsey and now Beilik. Not to mention Coq, to sit along side the new DM. That is probably enough depth.

  37. qna

    Some guess work

    Jenkinson (£10m), Flamini (free), Diaby (free), Podolski (£7m), Campbell (£10m) & Sanogo (free), Szczesny (£3m), Arteta (free), Walcott (£25m)

    GK: Cech (£10m), Iker (£5m), Lloris (£15m – if release clause rumours are true).
    DM: Schnederlin (£20m), Verrati (£40m)
    CM: Khedira (free)
    LW/RW: Reus (£40m), Pedro (£25m), Sterling (£50m)
    CF: Dybala (£30m), Cavani (£40m), Benzema (£40m)

  38. Wallace


    would love Rosicky to stay but think he wants more games at this stage of his career.

    re CM – yeah, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey & Wilshere….if someone big does come in i think one of them will be on the way out. thought it might be Cazorla, but after his comments yesterday…

  39. Wallace


    think you’ve overvalued Podolski and undervalued Szcz & Sanogo.

    and just can’t see Mourinho letting Cech join us.

  40. qna

    Wallace. Sure. Just numbers I have seen here and there. It also depends where we buy/sell from/to. Right now GBP is so high compared to euro.

    For example £40m seems low for Reus, but thats €55m at the moment. Hope the GBP stays strong until after summer window at least.

  41. Blsany

    Yeah it was really weird waching him try to play there.To be fair to him Kane,Rooney were all over the place.He needs to get back in to playing Rw sharpish.That position suits him.He looks lost everywhere else.

  42. Leedsgunner

    “One of the worst players ever signed by Arsenal.” – gambon

    Yet this “worst player” goes toe to toe with Hazard, one of Chelsea’s best ever signings.

    The truth is, and we are all guilty of it to a certain extent, we hype up players who aren’t at the club and accentuate their positives but do the opposite for our players.

    Let’s appreciate the guys at our club more. Sure, pull them up when they are not pulling their weight but the truth is we have the makings of a strong side. Keep our best players, unload our fringe players and add a DM, a GK and a top LW/ST — we’ll give anyone a match next season. I hope we address our weaknesses in the transfer window rather than talking about it. We all know what the weaknesses are.


  43. Biggles

    With regards to Barnes and not getting another shot in management…

    I read an article the other day (BBC I think) that was talking about the FAs new Pro coaching course or something like that. Buried in the article was the statistic that 55% of managers NEVER get a second job in management after they lose the first.

    Barnes had three jobs in management. He was *terrible* at Celtic. He signed Scheidt, which was pronounced Shite, and who literally was shite. A £5m Brazilian right back who only ever played three games and actually was second in an Observer list of “The 10 biggest wastes of money in football history”. But that period under Barnes actually had a couple of other candidates, like Tebily, Bonnes and Petta.

    I do see that there is a bit of a discrepancy between the number of top black players and the number of top black coaches, but most coaches end up in their native country. Makalele was a top player, and is now a coach. In France. And what you also find, regardless of race, is that the players who end up top coaches are more likely to be the studious professional types ala Bergkamp than drunken louts ala Adams. The Allardyce breed of managers are dying out in favour of Pochettinos.

    So taking those factors into consideration, how many top British, studious professional players can you think of? Not a huge amount. Now find the even smaller subset that happen to be black, and you begin to understand the reasons why there’s so few black coaches.

    Not that I’m hugely surprised, because given the money and glory that goes with being a footballer, most young players end up being total tits.

  44. Wallace

    don’t think it’ll concern us, but Hummels is talking about moving abroad, possibly this summer. he has been a little Per-like this season(pretty shite), but am sure the big teams will be circling.

  45. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t believe that any of the players which you list as outgoing will fetch transfer fees at the level you suggest.

    You have to factor in length of contract, wages and age into calculation as well as likely demand and from whom.

    Podolski maximum £3 million. Not playing well, contract expires in 2016
    wages around £90,000pw. Over 30.
    Campbell maximum £5-6 million. Lacks regular first team football. Clubs
    likely to be interested in him are going to be second tier and
    therefore with limited budget.
    Walcott likely to be £15-20 million tops. Injury prone. Contract expires
    2016. Wages £100,000 pw. Top end of fee only likely if clubs like
    Chelsea,Man City or Liverpool genuinely interested.
    Jenkinson likely to be £6-8 million. Will go to second tier club like West
    Ham. Personally I would hope that he is retained and not sold.
    Good squad player and Arsenal fan.

    I think that you have undervalued Szczesny. I think that Arsenal will expect
    more for a goalkeeper of his age and experience. Unlikely to sell him cheaply
    in view of Fabianski leaving on a Bosman. Would expect at least £5-7 million.

  46. mysticleaves

    CIES Football Observatory Key Performance
    Indicators (KPIs) are:
    Shooting: ability to take advantage of goal
    opportunities through accurate shooting
    Chance creation: ability to put team-mates in a
    good position to score
    Take-on: ability to create dangerous situations
    by successfully challenging opponents
    Distribution: ability to keep a hold on the game
    through efficient passing
    Recovery: ability to minimise goal opportunities
    for opponents through proficient interception
    Rigour: ability to minimise goal opportunities for
    opponents through robust duelling

    Those were the things used to judge Ozil. To think people call him lazy…lol. Shows what we know eh?