Sterling to Arsenal? A sign of our new financial power if true…

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I love waking up to a salcious transfer rumblings.

Today’s is geared around Raheem Sterling. Liverpool are struggling to hold onto the fertile young Englishman despite apparently pushing their offer close to £90k a week.

Woooooah… £90k a week?

This is where they’re losing out. He’s probably the most exciting talent in English football. Liverpool have just had that Champions League injection of cash… and they’re offering him superstar wages of yesteryear?

I mean, come on guys, give him £120k. It’s only right.

The tantalising part about Sterling is firstly that he’d be a very good replacement for Theo if it’s true we’re saying goodbye to him. He’s English so he hits the homegrown rules. He’s also a London boy. London boys like living in London. It’s cooler and your pals tend to be there.

It’s a progressive move as well. All those years we had to sit idly by and watch Chelsea, United and City pick off the best English talent… now we’re at least in the mixer.

He really is a super player. He excites me. I just hope we haven’t damaged relations with them too much after the ol’ £40m + £1 routine from way back when.

In other, less positive news. It appears we’re still interested in Chris Smalling. The transfer rumour that won’t die regardless of how many defenders we have in the squad. I’ve never really been convinced by him. He does have benefits. He’s 6-4 and he can play as a right back. He’s fast as well. You’d have to imagine that if we were to sign him , it’d be with a view to selling per on. Because at the moment, we have 4 centre backs… 5 would be absurd.

We’ll see though… this rumour won’t go away. BUT, nor did the Charles N’Zogbia rumours back in the day.

Thierry still gots it…

What a player. He still looks like he could do a job for Arsenal. Sign him Arsene. Sign him.

One thing that is going to be interesting for Thierry is whether he can tame his opinion enough to not land himself in Arsenal bad books.

Football and punditry is corrupt. Everyone is angling for a job. No one wants to close doors. So you rarely get the full impact of opinion from explayers. That’s why bringing journos onboard is the way forward. People like Matthew Syed, Julian Laurens and R.Honigstein would make punditry so much more interesting.

It’s happening in patches, hopefully we go full force. I think the Italians and Spaniard get it… we’re starting to. Channels like BT are starting to realise that we’re happy to be educated and actually, pitching to the highest common denominator is probably a better way to keep you hooked in.

Right, I’m outta here. Enjoy the England game tonight!

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  1. Ozy

    Lee, that’s right. It was shown in film festivals last year but just recently got a global release. You must be looking at the right one!

  2. N5

    In a way I’m glad you said that Northern as I was beginning to think I’d imagined that. I was convinced that most people disliked it, but like I said to Eagle, it was to subtle and people need things spoon fed to them. Heaven forbid they have to do a little work.

    Fair enough, they can say it was inconclusive, but that’s only if you didn’t notice everything the show was showing you and even then, the way they left it, you couldn’t consider any number of possibilities and end it in your mind however you wanted.

    I imagined somehow Tony slipped out of the backdoor and went to swim in his pond with the ducks! It ended how it began in my mind*

    *knows that isn’t what happened, just couldn’t lose Tony!

    When I read James G died in real life I was gutted. No other actor has made me feel that. I’ve often felt it’s a shame or sad news, but I’ve never been gutted by it.

    Big Tony is up on a cloud now strangling some gabagool with piano wire.

  3. Goondawg


    I think so, Jenkinson seems a very likeable character, his banter and chemistry with Oxlade to note. He has recently joined twitter as well. Chambers seems quieter, but he must see himself as a CB in future, so doubt he will get too put down. Chambers and Gnabry are on the bench today.

  4. alex cutter

    “Big Tony is up on a cloud now strangling some gabagool with piano wire.”

    “Gabagool” is a lunch meat.

  5. N5

    Ha Cutter you’re a kickass user like me, I’ve been on there for years. Banshee is another great recommend. I think Sal would enjoy that.

  6. N5

    Cutter, they often referred to meats as a form of insult on Sopranos. you could gauge how angry they were by what food you were called 😀

  7. alex cutter

    “Cutter, they often referred to meats as a form of insult on Sopranos. you could gauge how angry they were by what food you were called :D”

    I don’t remember this, but will take your word for it…

  8. N5

    GD, that’s a fair point. I think Chambers is going to be a CB and Bellerin is Jenkinson direct competition. To be honest, I don’t think he’ll be back at Arsenal, but we’ll see.

    I’m not watching mate, so if you get a moment afterwards, let us know how the Arsenal boys got on.

  9. alex cutter

    “Ha Cutter you’re a kickass user like me…”

    I moved over when Pirate Bay went down, and have stuck with it because of the better interface.

  10. Ozy

    Spartacus was great before the lead actor died. Stopped watching after that but it was a fun show.

    Anybody seen Orphan Black? Another great show. The lead actress is so beautiful too. Doesn’t hurt!

  11. Ozy

    “I moved over when Pirate Bay went down, and have stuck with it because of the better interface.”

    I did the exact same thing.

  12. alex cutter

    “Spartacus was great before the lead actor died. Stopped watching after that but it was a fun show.”

    Bad idea. It suffered a bit when Whitfield passed, but the “prequel” and final seasons were fucking incredible.

  13. alex cutter


    Great article which I’ve forwarded to many people…

  14. N5

    Cheers Northern, I’ll read that now. I’m just watching Gandolfini tribute to a friend as we’ve been talking about him. I’ve not seen this before.

  15. Ozy

    I’ll watch it then, Alex! Didn’t like the new guy but I’ll give it a chance.

    The Bieber Roast.. nah. I can’t stand that guy. He’ll get thrown a few insults but in the end, he’ll go up to the mic and go “you all suck, I’m great anyways hahaha”

  16. alex cutter

    From what I’ve read, it gets pretty nasty — like the Chevy Chase roast where he was a shell of a man by the time it was over.

  17. Thomas

    I forgot to mention The Newsroom and Getting On (US)

    Couldn’t get into Flight of the concords. Don’t really like musicals. Anyone seen John from Cincinnati? Watched the first episode. Extremely weird.

  18. alex cutter

    “I’ll watch it then, Alex! Didn’t like the new guy but I’ll give it a chance.”

    You will be so happy. There’s sooooo many huge things that you haven’t got to yet.

  19. salparadisenyc

    New True Detective coming out soon as well….. not sure how I feel about Colin Farrell but Vince Vaughn will be epic in the other lead.

  20. Ozy

    If it gets nasty, I’ll watch it. I want to see Bieber squirm.

    Btw, thanks for those links. I’ve been trying to find a way to watch highlights or download games for a long time. Many, many thanks.

  21. WengerEagle

    ‘Posen scored 17 overall stop trying to skew the facts. ‘

    Posen lol.

    Owen scored 16 in all comps and 13 in La Liga you simpleton, not ‘nearly 20’ as you said.

    ‘Negredo just couldn’t cut it’

    He’s been even worse this season in… wait for it… LA LIGA, so the injury might have had an effect, no?

    ‘Neither can soldado’

    Fair enough on Soldado, he’s been gash.

    ‘And neither could baptista.
    He peaked early
    What bollocks.’

    Now we’re swimming in your nonsense, Baptista only managed to score double figures in goals twice in his entire career upon leaving Sevilla as a 23 year old, one of those seasons was for US in ENGLAND, the other was in his first season at Roma in 2008/09.

    For Real Madrid and for Malaga in SPAIN he never even managed to break the 10 goal barrier.

    ‘And yes it would be easier to score or barca that’s why ronaldo and messinhabe cricket scores at the end of every season.
    They’d never score that in

    Nonsense again, Ronaldo scored 31 goals from the wing in the BPL as a 22/23 year old, how can you say that he never would have repeated this in the BPL?

    Sergio Aguero came over to England from Spain and straight away scored more goals, Alexis Sanchez has done the same, Diego Costa is well on his way, Fernando Torres did it back in 2007/08, Messi is miles better than any of these players so why wouldn’t he also destroy the BPL?

    Are you conveniently forgetting the matches in the UCL where he has single-handedly destroyed us, Man United and Man City?

    ‘Falcao being another.’

    You’re again conveniently forgetting how he was also crap in France after his ACL injury which has completely ruined him.

    ‘Attackers seem to clean up as soon as they land in la liga. They never hit those numbers in other major leagues.’

    I have already proven that this is nonsense, Sergio Aguero, Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez, Diego Costa, Alexis Sanchez, Yaya Toure have all scored regularly in the BPL and more than they managed in their time in Spain.

    ‘And regarding bale, what? He scoring regularly is he not?’

    Not as regularly as he was scoring in the BPL you pleb. 21 goals in 33 apps in his last season in the BPL, 27 goals in 52 apps so far in La Liga. You do the maths.

    ‘Don’t think for a second if that greedy slimy prima doña Crrrrrristanoooo wasn’t hogging the lime light that bale would not over take him as top scorer.’

    Lol and I was making bullshit excuses?

    Messi has scored even more than Ronaldo this season and that hasn’t stopped Neymar scoring more than double the amount that Bale has scored has it?

  22. alex cutter

    “Btw, thanks for those links. I’ve been trying to find a way to watch highlights or download games for a long time. Many, many thanks.”

    All good. I especially like being able to DL the Brit MOTD’s and Championship League highlight shows.

  23. alex cutter

    The guy who wrote it sure was dedicated.”

    Oh yeah. But there was so much subtext in The Sopranos that it was a worthwhile effort.

  24. WengerEagle

    I don’t really like the Roasts, find them pretty bizarre tbh as they usually get very nasty.

    The Charlie Sheen one was brutal. He took it like a champ though to be fair to him.

    I liked the James Franco one because it was just mostly his mates taking the piss out of him and it wasn’t nasty or vicious in any way, they were just all stoned out of their minds especially Bill Hader haha.

  25. N5

    I read some of the bieber one and they really lay it on about Selina Gomez and one of them says he has everything a teenager could want except good parents and numerous other things that bothered me a bit because obnoxious or not, he’s still just a kid and it was grown men tearing into him.

  26. northern gooner


    I think thats why i watched the sopranos more than once.
    Other “great” dramas etc i have watched and enjoyed but not needed to watch again.

  27. Goondawg

    Jenkinson assist! second of the night! 3-2 England

    He has developed into a fine RB. Loans done him a world of good. He looks so much more assured on the ball, and his attacking instincts are good.

  28. WengerEagle

    Favourite characters in the Sopranos?

    Nearly impossible to choose but my top 5 would be:

    1) Tony of course
    2) Chrissy
    3) Uncle Jun
    4) Paulie Walnuts
    5) Ralphie (would be higher if he was in it longer, hilarious character)

    Honourable mentions to Silvio, Phil, Artie and Ritchie.

  29. Leedsgunner

    Jenkinson assist! second of the night! 3-2 EnglandHe has developed into a fine RB. Loans done him a world of good. He looks so much more assured on the ball, and his attacking instincts are good.

    Yep, that’s why I want him back… call it the Coquelin effect :). Debuchy will last two more years at RB and if Bellerin keeps progressing his damn Barça DNA will kick in. Then what?

    Romford had a good idea the other day – perhaps we should put in a buy back clause equal or lower to what we sell him so that if the above eventuality does occur we can bring him back… I would be happy with this.

  30. Ozy

    Loved Tony and Silvio. I had a soft spot for Artie and Adriana too.

    Furio too! Wish we saw more of him. I liked the whole “old Italian” thing about him.

    I hated Tony’s sister and his son. Names escape me atm.

  31. WengerEagle

    northern gooner

    Tough one,’ Long-Term Parking’ was pretty powerful because for a minute or two I actually believed that Chris was going to go on the run with Adriana, very powerful episode as well as it basically was the beginning of the end for Tony and Chris’ relationship.

    The penultimate episode in the series was also great as all bets were off with the break-out of the war with New York.

    Other personal favourites of mine are ‘College’ in season 1, the episode in season 1 where Paulie and Silvio go to see the Jewish fella and the episode in season 4 I think when they organise an intervention for Chrissy.

  32. Leedsgunner

    Ward Prowse had a good good game tonight — if Soton miss out on Champion’s League worth a cheeky punt? Exactly the young dynamic talent that could help us in the middle of the park and who could ironically provide the proverbial rocket up Wilshere for him to put up or shut up… and keep himself fit.

    How does Southampton keep producing these guys? Excellent set up.

  33. WengerEagle

    Nice list N5, Bobby really grew on me in the later seasons.

    Was nearly the comic relief with the jams he got into with Uncle Jun in the early seasons but later on was great.

  34. northern gooner


    “Long term parking ” was the 1st episode i watched and it got me hooked. I was gutted that the show had been running so long and i hadnt seen it.

  35. Thomas

    northern gooner March 30, 2015 20:37:05


    How about favourite episode?

    Pine Barrens for me.


    Pine Barrens, Long Term Parking or the ones when Tony has surreal fever dreams, cam’t remember their names.

  36. Goondawg


    He’s a bit rusty, certainly lacking match fitness! But I thought he was one of the better germans in the second half. He was doing his sprint bursts and linking up well, not afraid to shoot. Often beating Garbutt for pace.

  37. Thomas

    1. Tony
    2. Chris
    3. Bobby
    4. Paulie
    5. Silvio


    Anyone who likes The Wire should check out ‘The Corner’. Great show. It was the predecessor to The Wire.

  38. WengerEagle

    Tony beating the shit out of Zelman with his belt (shouldn’t have been so funny but it was), Ralphie clocking The Barman who’s name I’ve since forgotten while in his psychotic Gladiator phase, Tony teasing Junior when playing golf about going down on his GF and Tony regularly beating the shit out of the barman with Silvio doing his little sigh as he can see what’s about to happen each time are the funniest moments in the show IMO.

    ‘The old man’s been whistling through the wheat field?’

  39. Lee

    Oh my god
    No wonder they call Ireland backwards

    Of all those players mentioned only Torres aguero and toure are more prolific in prem

    All of the rest reached numbers in la liga that they never would or have in prem.
    Ronaldo reached that once. Once. Then he went to la liga and his goal tally improved significantly
    Same with forlan
    Same with Rossi
    Same with vela
    Same with Owen
    Just face it. It’s easier to score in la liga. If half arsed journey men like forlan can rip it up then that’s all the evidence required.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Good to hear. I liked the look of Gnabry, then he just disappeared, got a knee injury and just vanished. Think there was something a little dodgy going on there, just say that Gnabry maybe turned up early to the training ground in August when he got the wrong of the stick and heard we were buying £4 Million worth of Columbian 😉

  41. WengerEagle


    You struggle with numbers I assume?

    Sergio Aguero has the best goals to mins ratio in BPL history.

    Luis Suarez scored 31 goals in the BPL last season and has scored 8 goals in La Liga in 19 matches.

    Sanchez is 3 goals away from beating his best ever tally for a season in his first season in the BPL and we’re still in March.

    Diego Costa in all his time in Spain broke the 20 goal barrier once, he’s on course to do it in his very first season in the BPL.

    Owen scored more goals in the league in England, not Spain.

    So you have 3 players that you keep flogging to death, one in Rossi who has also scored prolificly in Italy and left England when he was 20 years old, one in Forlan who was the best player in the 2010 World Cup and for Uruguay in general and was brilliant for Villarreal and Atletico Madrid who were nowhere near Barca or Real Madrid in this timeframe and one in Vela.

    Lol, solid argument you have there.

  42. northern gooner

    Talking of great drama.

    Cant believe i havent mentioned “Gommorah”
    Well worth a watch. Hope season 2 is coming soon.

  43. salparadisenyc

    Favorite characters in the Sopranos.

    All of em.


    You’ve posted a few doozies today.

    Please don’t take this personally but WengerEagle whom hails from the backwater that is Dublin likely has more classy footie knowledge stored in his left testicle than you the entirety of you’re being. It’s time to hang up you’re blogger spurs matey, the depth has clouded you’re vision.

  44. Lee

    Costa hasn’t
    Sanchez hasn’t
    Owen played mostly as a sub and still hit 17 goals. I bet his goals to minutes ratio surpassed any o his premier league outings.
    You’re also forgetting that a lot of these players are scoring their goals as wide forwards, not strikers
    Suarez is clearly behind messi and Neymar in te pecking order.
    It’s so lop sided it’s not even true

    As I said before. Ronaldo could never reach those figure in England
    The players would just never allow it.

  45. salparadisenyc


    Tony or Sylvio… think you really need to see Bruce Springsteen live to fully grasp and appreciate Sylvio.

    For a moment thought you were asking to choose testicles, having 3 hundred pounders myself… thats a tough one.


  46. WengerEagle

    ‘Costa hasn’t’

    Has scored 18 BPL goals in 22 apps with 9 matches left to play.

    ‘Sanchez hasn’t’

    Sanchez for Arsenal- 39 apps, 19 goals.

    Sanchez for Barca last season- 54 apps, 21 goals.

    ‘Owen played mostly as a sub and still hit 17 goals’

    13 in the league and 16 overall in 45 apps, not 17 goals you cretin.

    If you want to get his goals/mins ratio feel free.

    ‘You’re also forgetting that a lot of these players are scoring their goals as wide forwards, not strikers’

    ? Don’t see the relevance.

    ‘Suarez is clearly behind messi and Neymar in te pecking order.’

    Last time I checked Suarez was their starting CF, not their reserve LF/RF. Think you’re mixing Pedro up with Suarez, both have a lovely head of hair it’s an easy mistake to make.

  47. Nasri's Mouth


    Tricky to know with Aguero, given his age, and his final season in La Liga he was maturing as a striker

    Suarez has a very different role at Barca than he did in Liverpool. At Liverpool, he was the main man, at Barca, he’s there for Messi.

    Costa is scoring at pretty much the same rate he was scoring at last season

    And Sanchez is scoring at a slightly lower rate than he did last season

    But none of that proves much either way 😀

  48. WengerEagle


    Loved Silvio, my only complaint was that we didn’t see him enough.

    They don’t call you the ‘medicine baller’ for nothing over in NY then I take it. 😉

  49. Nasri's Mouth

    Apparently, Walcott is starting ‘up front’ with Kane tomorrow, and Rooney playing behind the pair of them

    Could make for an interesting game…

  50. N5

    Eagle it’s better looking, more intelligent, more charismatic and quite frankly has more football knowledge than that fanny!! I’d rather spend an a night chatting Sopranos with you nut than a pint with Mr. AKB.

  51. WengerEagle

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Agree with you on Suarez although Neymar has scored 26 goals this season and 17 in the league and he too is in Messi’s shadow.

    Again RE Aguero I pretty much agree with you.

    Sanchez has been scoring at a better rate this season, a goal every other game as opposed to last season’s 21 in 54 matches.

    My main arguement was basically that it’s bollocks that it’s piss easy to score in La Liga and that’s it’s much harder in the prem.

    Darren Bent, Yakubu, Mark Viduka, James Beattie, Kevin Phillips, Robbie Keane, Jermain Defoe, etc all scored for fun in the BPL, Grant Holt cracked in 15 BPL goals a few seasons back, Rickaaaaaaaay scored nearly 30 BPL goals in 2 seasons for the Saints, Roque Santa Cruz smashed in 19 BPL goals one season for Blackburn, Charlie Austin is smashing them in for fun this season, I could go on.

    BPL isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  52. WengerEagle


    I feel like I’m third wheeling a bit here tbh, my left nut says that he’s well up for a pint so I’ll leave you’s to it.

    Just realised that this has probably gotten a little weird, oh well it’s Le Grove after all and coming up to the witching hour.

  53. Nasri's Mouth

    WengerEagle: Sanchez has been scoring at a better rate this season, a goal every other game as opposed to last season’s 21 in 54 matches.

    How did he play all of 54 matches in La Liga last season ?

    Comparing their goal/min ratio, he was scoring a goal every 125 mins last season compared to 1 every 171 mins this season.

    That would suggest that he found it easier to score in La Liga last season than he is in the PL this season.

    But there are variables,
    Barca isn’t Arsenal.
    He hasn’t had a winter break, (his early goal scoring ratio was much better)
    Like Suarez, his role at Barca was ‘specific’

    So there’s a fair bit to muddy the waters both ways.

    Personally I think if you took 20 players from La Liga and dumped them in the PL and took 20 players from the PL and dumped them in La Liga and compared the overal performance variation between the two groups, you wouldn’t see a whole lot of difference

  54. N5

    Eagle, you’ve been here long enough to know that when it’s dark outside the weirdos arrive on the Grove.

    To be honest I don’t understand what’s weird about a man going on a date with another man’s nut. Quick let’s get Marble into see what his opinion on it is, in one line.

  55. WengerEagle

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Sorry meant in all comps, in La Liga alone yes he had a better ratio but like you say up until Alexis started struggling just after Christmas he was scoring at a better rate.

    ‘Personally I think if you took 20 players from La Liga and dumped them in the PL and took 20 players from the PL and dumped them in La Liga and compared the overal performance variation between the two groups, you wouldn’t see a whole lot of difference’


    Was basically what I was trying to say but you’ve worded it a lot better.

  56. WengerEagle


    Haha yeah that’s the beauty of Le Grove and why it’s superior to any Werewolf film/book ever written, it doesn’t require a full moon for the lunatics to come out to play.

    I miss’s rants a little, always felt a little more sane after every post of his I read.

    I hope that wherever he’s stationed now has soft walls.

  57. N5

    WE he’ll be back, he’s been here under 3 names so far and when he get’s banned he goes for a few months and then returns under a new name.

    At least I suppose you know it’s him and not some guy who has created multiple accounts to agree with himself. Imagine being that crazy!!

  58. tunnygriffboy

    Just read an article on Jack Collison and his travails due to injury. A tidy player who is now without a club having been released by Ipswich after yet another injury. I know people saying Sterling being greedy but his star is high at the moment and wants to maximise it. His career could finish next week due to injury.

    Suppose it’s the same with Walcott. His representative will be pushing for the best deal possible for him. My gut feeling is that he’ll stay and sign long term deal with us.

  59. Lee

    Again eagle you are skewing stats to sway the debate in your favour
    How man of Owens appearances were as a substitute and how many starts?
    A goals to starts ratio is far more telling than overall appearances
    How many of sanchez’ appearances were starts? How often was he deployed as a decoy for messi and Neymar?
    Is Suarez used as a decoy for messi and Neymar?
    The fact is lower Half teams roll over for the top 6 in la liga. It’s not tight. It’s not competetive. And again I reiterate, nobody has racked up those goals coring figures of messi and ronaldo in the prem. no one!!! The odd season some one gets close to those figures.
    but to have a League so devoid of competetion that allows players to rack up basketball figures displays the Ineptetude of the competition itself.
    Yes messi is the best player that ever lived
    Yes ronaldo is unplayable at times.
    But those numbers aren’t just down to their ability.
    I that was the case then they would be doing it at the world cup

    And with regard to the likes of vela and such, we are not talking the best of the league. We are talking about players that could not compete in the premier ship.
    Then we sign the best they have to offer and half of them can’t score over here.
    Make all of the excuses you want about it but by and large, players who have played in both leagues score more regularly in la liga.
    No wonder Ireland had to ponce it’s dole money from the E.U.

  60. Lee

    Er sal, you thick yank, ever heard of different time zones?? Yeah that’s right, Britain is in a different time zone to the us. Meaning we have to sleep while you’re awake and vice versa. And unlike eagle who is blatantly another poncing paddy claiming dole like they all do over there, I have to get up early for work.
    As for MI5
    I’ve told you, let me know where your watering hole is and we will see who hides behind their screen.

  61. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Don’t agree that Messi Neymar Suarez would be having tough time in EPL as compared to Laliga. As Suarez has already shown that he can score 30+ goals and destroy all mid table + bottom table teams at his will & so can Messi & neymar.
    All of them are quick & skillful enough to destroy EPL teams as Suarez showed with his stint at Liverpool.

    Re Messi being all time great and ahead of Pele Maradona & cruyeff Zidane
    I differ from most of the people here for his lack of World cup brilliance.

    Pele winning the worlcup three times is ample proof of being the Greatest Player of all times. ahead of Maradona Cruyeff zidane etc IMO.

    If Messi is the greatest player ahead of the lot what stopped him to score one solitary goal against Hummels & Lahm as they are not in the class of Maldini & Baresi for instance.Had Pele or Maradona been playing in that final against Germany I doubt they could have been denied to score the winner against that not so extraordinary German side.

    Why messi failed to produce the magic touch in 2 Wc he has played in his prime while maradona won it single handedly in Mexico playing mesmerizing football with a mediocre side during the whole tournament.

    Pele was fortunate to have a good experiences squad during the 70s but still it is no coincidence or luck to be champion 3 times & score 1000+ goals in games.

  62. Blsany

    Why do you post offensive shit about people’s nationality?.Thats fucked up and has nothing to do with anything.You just discredit yourself even futher.Irish people are as cool as you can get and michael Jordan is american FFS!.Possibly the greatest human being that has ever lived.!Just stop mate

  63. Frank Mc

    When Rocastle was transferred to Leeds, Paul Davis recalled: “He cried. We spoke about it quite often. He couldn’t understand why they ever wanted him to go. The club’s line was that he was injured, he was struggling with his weight, he’d had a knee operation. I don’t think he ever recovered from the fact of leaving Arsenal, in his own mind.” R.I.P Rocky!!!!!

  64. Lee


    I don’t beleive they would struggle in the prem.
    They are top class players, of course they would do well. They have already. But what I am saying is that its my belief that players who play in both leagues tend to have a better goal return in Spain than other major leagues.
    Not all of them but most of them.
    And regarding messi, there was a hint of sarcasm in my comment. Not tht I don’t regard him as being in tht bracket but all you ever hear is how he surpasses all of the other greats. I completely agree with you, he hasn’t won a World Cup single handedly. He hasn’t won the World Cup at all. But in terms of ability he is up there.
    I would like to see how he would fair outside la liga and outside of a team set up to enhance his capabilities though.
    Maradonna did it all over they world.
    Can messi? The jury is still out

  65. Lee

    Michael Jordan was hardly Stephen hawking was he?
    What has the ability to jump got got to do with Irish being thick?
    An for the record, my dad is Irish. I don’t hate the Irish or Ireland
    I visit every year at least once. Essentially my blood is 75%irish.
    But I can take the piss can’t i?

  66. Jim Lahey

    @Lee – “What has the ability to jump got got to do with Irish being thick”

    Hi Lee! I happen to be Irish and have an IQ of 131 and two degrees, what do you have? 🙂

  67. Rosicky@Arsenal

    @ Lee

    Completely agree.

    Well said.

    But IMO Messi Suarez neymar Ronaldo are above the class of striker we have in EPL these days.

    Maybe Sergio Aguero is the only striker today in EPL who cud match Ronaldo Neymar & Suarez class.

    Messi of course is the best from the lot.

    Re Your comment can Messi still prove he is ahead of Pele Maradona Cruyeff Zidane
    I think time has run out for him as he is probably 27 or 28 and by 2018 in Russia he will be 30+ and at that age he will struggle to win it for his country.
    He may win a few more league titles and CLs of course but IMo WC is obviously the Jewel in the crown which will be missing for such a brilliant skillful player of the 21st century.

  68. N5

    Frank the troll one is off, it’s the fanny one I have on now. Sadly the wrong type has been attracted to it.

  69. Lee

    Course you do…..
    131?? So my I.Q. Was 132 while still at school.
    Anybody can get degrees today. They were dumbed down to increase the pass rate as society was being dumbed down. Any fool can get a degree these days. It proves nothing.
    Ok Glen. Where is exactly?

  70. N5

    Lee, you’re an Arsenal fan and you don’t know the George??? Its Holloway road, its a pub the Arsenal Firm drink in! Are you sure you’re Arsenal.


  71. Lee


    Yeah again I agree. I don’t doubt for a second that ronaldo and messi are a class above anything in the world let alone the prem. same with Suarez.
    But my point is that forwards strike rates increase in la liga in comparison to the other major leagues.
    That is still my belief.
    It’s a strikers paradise in Spain.
    Considering the reputation the prem has for being the Wild West, the goals tally for half decent forwards in Spain skews ther reputation and most of the lower tiered players get found out once they move to England or Italy.
    Regarding messi.
    I still think he has the ability to pull a World Cup out of the bag for Argentina. It would be a shame not to crown him with one but I suppose that is down to him and his team mates.
    Personally I think Argentina are being mis-managed. With the squad they have they should be up there with Germany as the two most titanic national sides in the world. Yes they made final but the were so unconvincing. No Ayer has a right to any title but personally I think it would be sad to messi now out and not be classed amoungst the true greats.
    But only he can prove doubters wrong.
    I would also like to see him move to England or Italy before he burns out to see how he performs.

  72. Lee

    Now stop interjecting when I’m discussing something with someone else. Remember I was on your “ignore list”
    Stick to that and I’ll let the comments about my mum slide.
    Make one more snide remark and I promise you will find out if I’m a 4ft specky basement nerd

  73. N5

    Lee, I didn’t say anything about your mother and I would never offend somones dead mum and if she really is and I offended you then I really am sorry. The other stuff is all fair enough, but I certainly wouldn’t offend you on that.

  74. N5

    However on the other stuff, I find it odd a Gooner didn’t know the George or that Arsenal have a firm, any real Gooner would know you don’t kick off and say I’m gonna come round your pub and show you what I’m made of, not the pub Lee. I’m not saying that for me, but for you. If you were legit and you came kicking off there you wouldn’t last a minute.

    I’m happy to ignore you, I’m happy to meet you, I’m happy to put this to bed and talk football with you whatever, but for your own sake don’t keep acting so angry. I explained to you what I meant last time, I was only taking the piss with the fighting bit, I said I was just doing to you what you do! and you proved that by saying come down Clapham, come and see me etc and then saying you’ll be dead soon and all that stuff.

    You’re a grown up, I’m a grown up, let’s either stop this back and fourth and you come see me or let’s talk football and move on from it.

  75. Lee

    Fine. Apology accepted
    Sorry for insulting you too. Now let’s stop with the deeply personal insults.

    My whole family are irish pretty much so I don’t really mean what I say about the Irish.
    Again. I was winding you up and I’m sorry.

  76. Lee

    Yes I would get battered. But it would not stop me from approaching you and introducing myself and asking if you cared to peel my face off. If then you and your “firm” decided to batter a solitary man then I can love wih that

  77. Lee

    Yes I would get battered. But it would not stop me from approaching you and introducing myself and asking if you cared to peel my face off. If then you and your “firm” decided to batter a solitary man then that say more about the character of others than that of my own

  78. N5

    Lee, thank you. I’m glad we could sort this out without it ending up us going back and forward forever.

    I’ll not be such a scratchy dick.

  79. N5

    Lee, just to be clear again I wasn’t threating you with anyone, just saying its not a sensible place to come and kick off. I’m a Gooner and you’re a Gooner and its our passion for Arsenal that has made us argue for however long now.

    That sometimes get’s missed in all of the heat that can happen in the comments. We all want best for Arsenal and see that differently.

    I’m not a horrible person IRL and I don’t want to appear like that on here. I’m glad you accepted my apology as like I said I would never insult someones dead mother, I honestly thought you were winding me up.

  80. N5

    NM, I know and normally I wouldn’t be so sickly in an apology, but now I realise that Lee was really offended about something and he wasn’t just saying it to continue the argument . You guys that have been on here for years know that I would never be that nasty to someone, even if I would argue with them for days so I would never want that to be the opinion.

  81. tunnygriffboy

    Massive selection issues for the weekend. Good news

    Do we go Per or Gabriel ? Gabriel for me

    Rambo or Santi alongside Coquelin ? Ramsey for me.

    Ozil or Santi at 10 ? Santi for me

    Alexis, Welbeck, Ozil Ox Giroud ? God knows 🙂 🙂

  82. mysticleaves

    Frank Mc, sorry to bust your bubbles I have a piece on Ozil

    According CIES or whatever, Ozil and Hazard have been the best midfielders in club football. Rating of 100 each.

    Quite nice eh..

  83. N5

    Alfie, I agree it has been pretty bad and even when you try and stop the argument like I did with the Coq one it just starts more arguments.

    Sadly this always seems to happen during the internationals. People get bored and angry 😀

  84. N5

    Ha Alfie, Sal said the same. I saw a comment where he wrote, Open Le Grove, See Coq argument, Close Le Grove and then he was gone!

  85. Emiratesstroller

    Watching yesterday’s game between England and Germany I had the opportunity of seeing two young Arsenal players.

    Jenkinson had an excellent game and on the evidence of what I saw and some of the West Ham games earlier this season I thought that he has improved immeasurably. He is a big and strong boy, but he is also a very good footballer.

    Apart from being Home Grown he is supposed to be an Arsenal Supporter. My
    personal view is that we should hold onto this boy. He cost us £1 million and is
    at least as good if not better than Chambers and probably just as versatile in
    how he could play for us.

    Gnabry came on for second half and looked a little rusty at beginning almost certainly because of limited playing time this season. However, as game progressed he showed considerable potential. My view is that he has considerable
    potential. Apart from possibly Bellerin he looks like the most gifted of players
    who are U21.

    The more I look at the resources in squad the fewer new players we need in the summer’s transfer window. Frankly we do not need to make wholesale changes.

    Part of the problem is that the grass is always greener on the horizon. Sometimes we argue simply for the sake of change rather than because we need

    I do think that we need a new first string goalkeeper, because I cannot see Szczesny staying at the club unless he is first choice. On current evidence he
    does not merit that status.

    The defence is now fairly settled. We have cover in all positions. Gabriel, Koscielny and Mertesacker are all competent centre backs. Mertesacker is certainly good enough as a squad player with his experience and I doubt that you
    will find someone better who is willing to sit on the bench next season and will
    not cost us a shed load of money.

    We are not short of right back options at club. I don’t believe that Wenger will buy a new left back unless Monreal insists on leaving.

    I do think that we need an additional DMF. I believe that we should recruit an
    upgrade on Coquelin.

    This leaves just one other position in first team where Wenger needs to make
    a decision and that is LW. My view is that what will be decided depends on what happens with Walcott. If Walcott leaves then I would expect Sanchez to
    switch to his natural position on RW.

    Some of the players linked with Arsenal are left or two footed and it might make sense to recruit them. On the other hand I don’t understand the logic of
    Arsenal’s interest in Sterling.

    He is not a 20-30 goal a season striker so that he would not replace Giroud in
    first team. I don’t see him as a replacement for Ozil in the playmaker role and
    that leaves him with playing on the wing. By all accounts that is not where he
    wants to play. Surely if we are going to buy a forward it would be best to buy a
    natural left footed player.

  86. Frank Mc

    If I come on and see an argument revolving around Bamford and/or Coq – I just leave immediately! true!

  87. Marc

    They really need to ban International football outside of World Cups and regional competitions.

    If only for the mental health of some of the posters on here!