Can Arsenal right back resist lure of old club?

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Man there’s a real lack of news going off in the world of Arsenal.

We’ve spoken about the English players, we’ve spoken about people who might leave, might come in… I’m not sure where we can go this morning?

It’s desperate out there. Desperate and cold.

Ok, so The Daily Star reckon Barca are keeping tabs on Bellerin.

Of course they are.

They’ve an immense pull with young players. It doesn’t seem to matter how badly they treat them, their young cubs always come back to play for them. I’m pretty sure that this story is made up, putting two and two together, rather than anything genuine… but I guess, if he continues to play as he has been, he’ll eventually move back there.

Calum Chambers has been an odd player this season. He started and everyone lost their minds. Then he played too many games. Then his form dipped, then we didn’t really see him. It’s hard to assess his progress. I’m assuming he’s going to be our 4th choice centre back moving forward, which gives us a nice compliment of options. My one worry about Chambers is his lack of pace. Can’t work out whether that’s the case, or he was just unfit towards the end of his playing stint…

On the young player front, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of Zelalem. The US reckon he’s good enough for their first team already. We’ve not really seen him on the bench and his name hasn’t been suggested as a loan option. Serge Gnabry is another odd case. He looked quite a prospect a couple of seasons back… yet we’ve hardly seen him at all even when he’s fit.

Could either of those two step up next season?

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

I read an interesting article about publishing and how it’s totally fucked. It’s interesting, because a lot of football websites play for page views. That’s because pageviews make them money. What they miss in the process is that by churning out shite, you lose credibility and you stop yourself becoming a destination site. Buzzfeed is a destination site, you go there, lose yourself in the content. So is the Huff Post. If you’re a destination site, you can run native advertising (sponsored articles with brands) which are hugely profitable.

Basically, the jist is… lots of publishers might have to move their content to Facebook because their traffic is worth very little and they can’t monetise their ailing business models (and they can’t nail mobile advertising). This is particularly pertinent for a lot of the sports site you read. Notice big name papers doing horribly tacky articles. They’re under massive pressure because they’re dying on their arses. Be interesting to see how that pans out. It’d be a real shame to see it go that way…

What else is going on?

I know Aaron Ramsey banged in a header for Wales yesterday. Good work sir, good work. That Welsh team looks pretty tasty these days.

Amusing times for United, apparently they’ll lose £25m on Falcao this summer… and Di Maria wants out, and they’ll lose there again. Amazing how liberal United are about spunking money up the wall.

I really am struggling, so I’m going to tap out. I wrote this piece for ESPN about players who might exit this summer. Note, it’s an article about could leave, not will leave.

Right, have a splendid day, catch you in the AM tomorrow!



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  1. london gunner


    “All these matter of fact comments and constant bitching at Bamford are going to look quite silly if Coq can’t maintain at this level.”

    And Bamford wont look silly if Coq can maintain these levels?

    Bamford bitches about Coq every single day. He is the one who starts these long winded repetive arguments.

    And very single match Coq plays if he makes the smallest error he will harp on about it even when he is the best player on the pitch.

    People just want him to give the bashing a rest. Surprised you have an issue with people asking Coq to be given a bit of credit and at least hold up on the constant vitriol against him

  2. N5

    London, don’t get so aggressive I never said that at all, you took that out of context. What I was saying is get a better opinion of the player within 12 months and then bring it up again, it’ll be embarrassing to see retractions after only 10 matches.

    I’ve done nothing but want Coq to succeed, you can find my comment pre-Germany and see I was one of the guys saying I’d like to see him stay.

    I’m not going to start, because I know how easy it is to misread a comment on here, but have it right that my comment wasn’t about Coq but about the constant attacking of Bamford.

  3. gambon

    “So I then posted all their defensive stats ( taken from Squawka) which clearly showed Coq is schooling Schneiderlin.”

    They play different roles you mong.

    Schneiderlin passes the ball 50% more than Coquelin every single game, He plays 300% more accurate long balls per game, He creates 300% more chances per game, He actually scores goals.

    The fact that Coquelin has such a limited role, yet only just beats Schneiderlin for defensive actions doesnt make Coquelin look good.

    Schneiderlin is at a different level.

    Coquelinm never could and never will have a performance like Schneiderlin had at Chelsea.

  4. underrated Coq


    “Schneiderlin AND Coquelin over Arteta and Flamini. That’s the non debate. Both are needed not one or the other”

    Yep, this is pretty much where I stand too.

    When I look at Schneiderlin, I don’t see a specialist DM( like Coq) or a productive B2B( like Ramsey). I see a hugely versatile player who can effectively play both roles and who would add a nice contrast to our midfield options.

    Ultimately it comes down to this question- Will signing him improve our squad? It definitely would.

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Oh ffs NM stop being rational and just throw some hooks 😉

    Ok, both sides are fecking idiots

  6. Marko

    The debate should be who would be better suited for us. As in Schneiderlin over Kramer? Carvalho over Gonalons? Lars Bender over Krychowiak? Pretty sure if I’m honest Lars Bender was the one that got away from us the last few years. But Schneiderlin’s almost dead on cause he’s the most likely to leave and is the safer bet with the premier league experience he has. Again personally I don’t have a preference all are fantastic players and would improve us no end

  7. N5

    Ha ha at no point did I say I wanted Coq to fail, talk about problems with literacy, the comment quite obviously says wait until you have a bigger snap shot before declaring Coq the best DM ever.

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    @london gunner

    No, he didn’t, you misinterpreted it that way because either it suited you to do so, or you misunderstood his point

  9. london gunner


    The constant attacking of Bamford? Are you actually delirious?

    Bamford is one of the most pro actively aggressive posters on here.

    He doesn’t just post on Coq, because he believes what he says, but also because he intentionally looks for arguments with his smug remarks.

    If you were to go back and track history of this argument 9 out of 10 times it will be Bamford attacking Coq seemingly for no reason or Bamford attacking a poster for stating some positive about Coq.

    I find it odd that you feel the need to defender the perpetrator and the instigator.

    Whilst posters like underrated coq give as good as Bamford gets he is actually reactive to Bamford and holds the defensive position rather than the offensive.

  10. Wallace


    “Schneiderlin passes the ball 50% more than Coquelin every single game, He plays 300% more accurate long balls per game, He creates 300% more chances per game, He actually scores goals.”

    how many assists?

  11. gambon

    Ive had enough of these lightweight technical central MFs Wenger has become obsessed with.

    2 physically strong, ground covering CMs is much better.

    Get rid of Wilshere, play Cazorla at number 10, tell Ramsey to sort himself out and start defending again, then sign Schneiderlin and Kondogbia.

    Ramsey is too much of a greedy individual type player. If he doesnt sort his defending out he should play number 10 or sit on the bench.

  12. N5

    Wallace, can you find me one then as I’ve not seen it. I’m not saying it’s not happened just I’ve not seen it.

    Also this is amazing I made it clear what I mean as like I said Giroud on paper is currently one of the best attackers in the world. History proves that isn’t true. It doesn’t mean I don’t like him, it’s just a fact.

    We don’t have the same luxury wit coq as he’s fairly new to this level of football so when we keep going back and fourth arguing over him, it just silly and not worth it until we have a better understanding. I would love for Bamford to be proven wrong, not because I think he’s out of order, but because I want Coq to succeeded. However, Im not going to keep saying to Bamford he’s wrong because so far after such a small amount of time, it’s impossible to say. I gave 3 reasons as to why it’s probable that Bamford would be right.

  13. london gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    You don’t shut down an argument, by throwing fuel on the fire. Extreme logic fail again. Why am I not surprised 😉

    Just see Cesc Appeals reaction to N5’s comment.

    Something along the lines of “duck for cover”

    N5 knew what he was doing he wasn’t closing down the debate he was feeding it.

  14. gambon

    “how many assists?”

    A player cant control how many assists he gets, only how many chances he creates.

    How many goals and assists has Coquelin got?

    In fact, you wanna tell me how many goals Coquelin has EVER scored?

    Unbelievably limited player.

  15. N5

    London, I find it odd that you considered that comment a defend Bamford comment.

    I’ll write it once more as you are struggling with it! so far we have too small a snapshot to declare Bamford wrong. We can keep on and on at him but will look stupid of he is proven right as there are a multitude of reasons to why he probably will be.

    I want Coq to make it, I really really do. I am not slagging of Coq or defending him, what I am saying is it’s is moronic to declare Bamford wrong in such a small amount of time, when even Wenger only a few months back thought Coq was surplus and he couldn’t get into the Charlton team.

    Let’s just revisit it in 12 months time and see if Underrated or Bamford can call themselves right.

  16. N5

    London I wasn’t feeding it, you just misunderstood. But why am I not surprised that the LONE WOLF wanted to make something of it.

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner: You don’t shut down an argument, by throwing fuel on the fire. Extreme logic fail again. Why am I not surprised 😉

    But as I’ve already said, that’s not what he was doing. You misinterpreted it. If you’d bothered to think about it, N5 is a pretty serious fan, he’s never shown any desire for the club to fail, for a player to fail, so why should he start now?

    See, that’s logic. Stop being a twat about it

  18. salparadisenyc

    Ya the Germans are on fire…. Reus should have two barring that amazing save.
    Can we just sign that man up, thought of him and Sanchez in the same side gives me all kinds of naughty imagery.

  19. N5

    NM that’s damn straight, when have I ever wanted a Gooner to fail and as you said why on Earth would I start now. If they are in an Arsenal shirt I want them to succeed to consider anything else is silly.

    Cesc’s Duck for Cover comment London was because he knew posters like yourself would misunderstand it.

  20. Wallace


    “Giroud on paper is currently one of the best attackers in the world. History proves that isn’t true. It doesn’t mean I don’t like him, it’s just a fact.”

    Giroud has improved every year. you’re talking like he plateaud some time back. you think he’s no better than when he joined us?

  21. N5

    Wallace, where did I suggest he hasn’t improved? I just said on paper it shows one thing that isn’t the truth. I honestly couldn’t put it any simpler.

  22. Marko

    I actually call bullshit on the notion Coquelin’s passing is garbage or the inclination that all he can do is tackle. His passing in games is good he generally keeps things ticking along. Certainly doesn’t slow down the game like Arteta and Flamini imo. His job anyway is to break up play and give it to the better passers in the team. The idea that he has to have decent chances created stats or anything is stupid. I don’t give a Shit if our DM scores an occasional goal or sets up a chance. I care about his ability to spot counter attacks and danger. His ability to tackle and read the game and his ability to plug gaps left by bombarding full backs and midfielders. Coquelin AND Schneiderlin next season can do that for us

  23. N5

    Or Wallace are you suggesting he is one of the best attackers in the world? as I can’t see where you think I said or insinuated that I thought he had plateaued.

  24. Wallace


    “How many goals and assists has Coquelin got?”

    to quote you earlier –

    “They play different roles you mong.”

  25. london gunner

    People would say limited others would say specialised.

    It comes down to personal preference, but I have never been a fan of the total football approach.

    A CDM is a tackler first and foremost he shouldn’t be relied on to score goals, create assists and do back flips.

    For years we have needed a tough tackling DM we have one and everyone throws a hissy fit because he doesn’t pass like xavi alonso.

    Everyone is saying its only 15 games for Coq, so that should be even more reason to cut the lad a break and give him a chance to prove his worth before writing him off.

    A player does well and is in fact one of the top performers what do we do as Arsenal fans bitch and moan about how is not good enough.

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    Marko: I actually call bullshit on the notion Coquelin’s passing is garbage or the inclination that all he can do is tackle.

    Yah, he’s looked fine for the role hes being used in. He has more creative players around him than Schnederlin, so the emphasis on him to do so is less than Schneiderlin.

    We need to see Schneiderlin play as a single DM for us and start spraying around defence splitting passes before we pass final judgement on Coq

  27. gunnergetyou

    “2 physically strong, ground covering CMs is much better.”

    This is was actually the blue print for our most successful teams. Whether it was Vieira with Petit or Vieira with Gilberto.

    I think we could do with signing two CMs in the summer. Sissoko alongside Schneiderlin/Kongdogbia Would give us so much more power.

    I really do like Ramsey but he’s clearly injury prone and Wilshere’s even worse. We need to strengthen our midfield if we’re serious about winning the title next season. Don’t think goals will be a problem.

  28. N5

    “A player does well and is in fact one of the top performers what do we do as Arsenal fans bitch and moan about how is not good enough.”

    I’ve never said he wasn’t good enough. In fact, I don’t recall the last time I said a player wasn’t good enough for us, at worst I’ve said a player can be improved upon, but there are very few that can’t be.

  29. Marko

    A player does well and is in fact one of the top performers what do we do as Arsenal fans bitch and moan about how is not good enough.

    To be fair that’s kind of the mantra of le grove for years. Support Arsenal but piss on the players every chance you get

  30. underrated Coq

    Schneiderlin’s productivity is not all that impressive. Ramsey has more goals(4 to Morgan Schneiderlin’s 3), more assists( 3 to MS’s 0), more key-passes(32 to MS’s 17) and more chances created( 35 to MS’s 17 ).

    Like I said earlier, Schneiderlin is different to what we have got.

    Ramsey is a more attack-minded B2B whereas Schneiderlin is a more disciplined B2B. Coquelin is a specialist DM while Schneiderlin is more of an attacking DM.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Well I read next year! Maybe I misread though and they mean end of 2015 and that part of the article was taken from an interview in 2014. Because that seems like a big gap, unless we’re getting DLC galore through 2015 and a Brotherhood/Revelations style filler.

  32. Wallace


    “Wallace, where did I suggest he hasn’t improved? I just said on paper it shows one thing that isn’t the truth.”

    it’s your idea that Giroud has settled at a certain level that i don’t agree with. if he’s leading the mins per goal table shouldn’t we maybe be revising our opinion of him upwards?

  33. london gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    The fact Cesc Appeal an intelligent young man noted that N5 should “duck for cover” very much implies it was an inflammatory comment. Does it not? Are inflammatory comments conductive for closing down arguments? Nope thought not! So there is your logic.

    Also be looking at the comments/conversation points that have arisen because of N5’s comment shows that his post had the opposite effect of closing down the argument. Thus one could argue that perhaps that comments function wasn’t aimed at decreasing or halting the argument(if it was it was very off the mark), but instead had another motive.

    You don’t stifle arguments by wading in to them. It’s as simple as that, but of course he don’t understand this.

  34. N5

    Wallace again where did you get it that mine wasn’t? I’m honestly confused with your reply. I said on paper he shows to be one of the best striker in the world at the moment, is this true? do you think it is? if not then what I’m saying is snapshots don’t paint a complete picture. I’m not saying Giroud isn’t good, I’m not saying he hasn’t improved, what I am saying is, he isn’t the best striker in the world so it’s better to get more data than a few matches.

    I’ve never jumped on the bad mouthing players bandwagon so I don’t know why you think Im given Giroud a hard time?

  35. N5

    London why are you being so rude about this? you know that’s not true. Only you continued it, no one else, so it’s you keeping it going. What’s your motivation?

  36. Marko

    The idea we need a DM who can spray passes 60 yards is silly. Much like those two idiots on revista who questioned us signing Gabriel cause he’s questionable passing stats.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner: The fact Cesc Appeal an intelligent young man noted that N5 should “duck for cover” very much implies it was an inflammatory comment.


    It means that people will misunderstand it and take it as such…

    …just as you did.

    And you’re right, you could argue that his motive was to keep the argument going but only if you’re stupid.

    How stupid? Stupid enough to ignore that his more recent posts disprove exactly that argument.

    Still, you carry on if you feel like you want to.

  38. Wallace


    “I said on paper he shows to be one of the best striker in the world at the moment, is this true?”

    yes, on current form. form which he’s been in since he came back from injury. if you’re picking a PL team of the moment Giroud’s probably in it.

  39. gambon


    Look I know you arent a particularly smart person, so i’ll take it easy.

    This season Coquelin and Schneiderlin have tackled at the same rate, however Coquelin has won 20% more Interceptions than MS and 150% more clearances (which is very much a positional thing)

    Where as Schneiderlin passes the ball 50% more, passes the ball 7.5% better, scores goals, creates 300% more chances, plays 300% more accurate long balls,

    So there are 2 things to note:

    1- if you asked Schneiderlin to play a bit deeper and sit infront of the defence, while doing less in the oppositions half, he would be miles better than Coquelin at this role. Look at what he did at Stamford Bridge, find me game where Coquelin has completed 24 defensive actions against the best team in the league.

    2- If you told Coquelin he needed to pass 50% more, 8% more accurately, create 300% more, 300% more long passes, and score goals his game would fall apart.

    Coquelin is the Theo Walcott of defensive midfield. Wenger has allowed him to do a massively limited job because the team was in crisis.

    Schneiderlin is better than Coquelin defensively, its just his role is currently broader.

  40. Bamford10


    “attacking Coq seemingly for no reason or Bamford attacking a poster”

    Actually, if you go back and review my recent posts on this topic you’ll see that I’m not “attacking” anyone. I’ve complimented Coquelin several times — have even gone so far as to describe his play as “fantastic” — and have been as cordial as possible to his devotees and other critics.

    You’re just overreacting to what is a very basic point: Coq has been good, but we need better.

  41. N5

    NM thank you, london has misunderstood and misrepresented and even after I’ve defended my position continues to carry it on which shows more an agenda on his part than anyone elses.

    I appreciate you trying, but as history has proven you can argue with him as much as you want, but once he has something in his mind, you’re not changing it.

  42. N5

    Wallace, sorry I see the confusing now. Maybe what I should have said then is Giroud is currently having a brilliant run of form which puts him up there with the best, I’m hoping he can maintain it but I don’t think he will.

    I really like Giroud, I just don’t think he’ll stay better than the majority of Europe. He’s not a young man and he probably has peaked.

  43. Wallace


    “if you asked Schneiderlin to play a bit deeper and sit infront of the defence, while doing less in the oppositions half, he would be miles better than Coquelin at this role.”

    how do you play the role ‘miles better’ than Coquelin is currently? he’s pretty much a 9/10 every game.

  44. Goonergirl

    Cheers Cesc

    I’m behind actually. I actually just finished black flag. But I really like the game. To top it off I’m not that great so these games takes some time lol. But I enjoy playing those type of games.

  45. Ozy

    A few things: N5, your original comment did make a stance as if Bamford is a victim to constant abuse. He starts most of the “Coquelin” isn’t good enough arguments. Randomly coming in with the “I made a 10 match analysis to prove Coquelin isn’t as good as Schneirderlin..”

    Even when he “praises” Coquelin’s contributions, he adds “But I don’t think he’s good enough” like a child and obviously some will get a rise of it. The whole argument is annoying but I have to side with LG; Bamford and Gambon and others’ constant “Coquelin is not good enough” comments are just as baseless and annoying as underrated Coq’s and others’ “Coquelin is better than Schneirderlin” comments. They’re both entitled to their opinions but one is not to blame more than the other.

    Another thing, Gambon, you say Schneirderlin scores goals (only 3..) but Coquelin doesn’t and that means Coquelin’s not in the same level but before that, you discredit people comparing the two by saying they play different roles? Make up your mind.

  46. N5

    London, you’re misrepresenting me and you are making yourself look a little silly keep quoting Cesc, when it was for this very reason he said it. He knew you or others like you would take it wrong. Cesc, if far to clever to think anything else. Stop putting words in mine and Cescs mouth, you’ve had your answer and your just choosing to ignore it.

  47. underrated Coq


    “Let’s just revisit it in 12 months time and see if Underrated or Bamford can call themselves right.”

    You should know– I don’t give two shits whether or not I am proven right on an anonymous Internet blog.

    In Coquelin, I see a player with potential to go on and become a very important cog in our team. And then there’s the fact that he’s been with Arsenal since he was 16 and it would be amazing to see one of our own boys blossoming into a great player.

    Whenever I see comments that wish for failure for Cquelin, all under the name of “being realistic”, I naturally feel like defending him.

    If Coquelin becomes one of the best DM’s, I’m not gonna come on here and say ” I told you so”. If Coquelin doesn’t quite make it there( I think he will ), I’m not gonna come here and apologize for hyping/defending him.

    I don’t post on Le-Grove to be part of ” I was right, you were wrong ! ” contests.

  48. N5

    Ozy, then you took the comment wrong as well. Others didn’t, in fact most didn’t so I can’t help that a couple of you did. I’m not defending Bamford, I shouldn’t have to keep saying that, I’m saying (for the last time) that it to reactionary to think Coq is this beast DM with such a small snapshot of games. He’s doing marvelous. but it’s going to look pretty silly if it doesn’t continue.

  49. qna

    “Look I know you arent a particularly smart person, so i’ll take it easy.”

    Gambon you are the dumbest person on this whole blog. Anyone who thinks Ozil is one of the worst Arsenal players isnt worth even talking to. I might as well talk to a wall. I am not saying this because I particularly agree with Wallace. I more often than not dont. But your opinions are pointless and not based in reality.

  50. london gunner


    Just seen your last few comments.

    Fair enough.If I have genuinely misinterpreted your point then I apologize for coming to a negative and false conclusion on them and thus having no right to being rude towards you.

  51. Ozy

    That was your initial comment, N5. One I agree with if you look back enough at me saying its premature to say Coquelin is better than Schneirderlin. But then you said this:

    “Wallace, I don’t think I’ve read a single comment where Bamford has slagged him off, he’s often said he’s playing at a high level but that his opinion is that it won’t last. It’s been taken out of context when he said he will laugh at you all, as if he meant he will be glad if Coq fails, but I don’t for a minute think he meant that, just that he would be happy that he is proven right, but not at the detriment of one of our own.”

    Bamford is a borderline troll by how often and how fervently he has to prove to the world he’s right that Coquelin isn’t “good enough” (a stance he took from saying he’s not good at all after Coquelin’s consistently good performances). You can’t say you’ve never seen him slag him off or how it was taken out of context that he’d be happy to see Coquelin fail – he would be. Very much so.

    Every misplaced pass Coquelin makes, Bamford makes sure to remind us all of. In the same way Gambon comes in after a victory just to say Ozil is shit, Bamford has taken a very aggressive approach to Coquelin … which he’s entitled to but because his opinions are so agressive, he will be faced with agressive counter opinions. It’s just how it is.

  52. N5

    Oh OK Ozy I see your point. I have seen comments accusing Bamford of this and that, but I’ve not read them for myself or I took them in a different way.

    Bamford said that he can’t wait to be proven right which ruffled a few feathers, but I didn’t take that as he wanted Coq to fail, just that he was so confident that he would be proven right.

    My original comment as you right said was about Coq and my second was genuine to Wallace when I asked what had been said that I might have misunderstood, but no one told me.

  53. london gunner


    P.S. I genuinely did believe at the time that your post was basically a testimony to the idea that you put your own value of being right over the future of an Arsenal players career.

    From reflecting on what you and Nasri Mouth has said I can see I am was in fact wrong, but I will add that personally I think you are wrong to claim Bamford as the sole/main victim of abuse/bashing when in my personal opinion Bamford was(was being the operative word) the main instigator.

    Though I can concede Bamford has moderated somewhat and is now more open to reflecting and pointing out Coquelins’s positives. (though he is still far from a neutral partisan analysis on this front).

    I actually have to say Bamford had a very good point today, that Schniederlin would make the perfect mentor and tutor to Coquelin.

  54. N5

    london, I appreciate that thank you, however I must say I wasn’t suggesting Bamford was a victim, just that he will be asking those that have said Coq was great to stand up and be counted if all goes wrong.

    I just read Ozy’s comment and I honestly have never seen a comment from him that I thought was being nasty or wishing failure, just maybe aggressive towards the poster he was arguing with.

    It appears some people have taken exception to him as a poster, so maybe it wasn’t a best way to defend Coq by mentioning another poster, but you know me, I don’t always think before I type.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    Black Flag was a great game, didn’t expect much from it because I thought it was going to be like Brotherhood etc but it was brilliant.

    If I were you, I would maybe wait now because Rouge and Unity are not worth it, unless you can find them on offer then maybe. Very shallow games really, bit like Giroud, lovely to look at but he will do you in a hotel bathroom strut around in his pants, leave and never call you again, shallow.

  56. Wallace


    “I actually have to say Bamford had a very good point today, that Schniederlin would make the perfect mentor and tutor to Coquelin.”

    if Coquelin was 19/20 maybe, but he’s 23. and after spending 4/5yrs trying to get into the side now that he has made it and knows he can play at this level i can’t see him hanging around if Wenger does bring in a big name for his role.

  57. Bamford10


    Cheers. Your comment above is quite reasonable.


    Ozy simply doesn’t like me. He is now misrepresenting my posts re Coquelin. Yes, weeks ago I was perhaps a bit too provocative and negative in my remarks, but as London says, I have modulated them.

    Any review of my more recent remarks on the topic shows that I am being perfectly fair and reasonable, and also that plenty of posters agree with me.

    Ozy just doesn’t like me. He’s not alone in this, but that’s what his long-winded comments on this topic really come down to. Don’t let him bully you or mislead you. 😉

  58. N5

    Bamford, to be fair I said I’d not ever noticed a nasty comment from you towards a player and I thought you had been misrepresented. Both Wallace and Ozy obviously think differently but I know you’ve had words with both so I’d expect them maybe to read things differently than I would.

  59. Goonergirl


    Yeah I really enjoyed black flag. Was an awesome game. And yeah there’s a place where we can get pre owned games for almost half the price so I’ll check if I can get them there. Otherwise I think I’ll just wait. And your Giroud comparison really made me laugh lol.

  60. mysticleaves

    You are really starting to surprise me with your comments especially as it concerns Bamford.

    Read up, I don’t think anyone (and certainly not me) has said the Coquelin is better than Schneiderlin

    All I (and most others have said) is that Schneiderlin “is not better” or “not an upgrade” on Coquelin.

    And I am also gonna look forward to you retracting or disappearing when Coquelin becomes world class.
    I would rather wish an Arsenal player to be World class than to be an Ok squad player, even if it comes back to bite me.

  61. N5

    Mystic, you must have just read the back and forward between me and London? so how have you just made the same mistake?

    Why on Earth wouldn’t I want Coq to become WC? how did you get my point so wrong?

  62. Ozy

    “Ozy simply doesn’t like me. He is now misrepresenting my posts re Coquelin. Yes, weeks ago I was perhaps a bit too provocative and negative in my remarks, but as London says, I have modulated them.”

    Which is exactly what I said. That you are not taking a stance of him not being good enough after changing it from him not being good at all. You’ve had to become more moderate about your views because everybody was against you and everybody grew tired of it and quick. I’m not bullying N5.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    I’d rather not wish or hope for anything, just actually have a squad where you can realistically say we have a chance at winning the league without being a massive fibber.

  64. Ozy

    Bamford belittles and criticizes anybody who disagrees with him then goes “Cheers. Have a great day, mate. You’re golden. Cheers” when you do.

    Fuck that.

  65. Redtruth

    To be honest Schneiderlin is more of an obscure name than Coquelin.
    He’s not a household name so many wouldn’t even realise he plays for France and unfashionable Southampton.

  66. mysticleaves

    Lol. Yea well…typing in the heat of the moment is a bitch. I saw moderations in your later posts.

  67. mysticleaves

    “Coq won’t become world class he’ll just become a
    very good player like he is now.”

    That’s actually a good thing. And I sure as hell know that Schneiderlin aint in the world class bracket.

  68. mysticleaves

    “Yes, weeks
    ago I was perhaps a bit too provocative and negative
    in my remarks, but as London says, I have
    modulated them.”

    Seems to me you still say the same things Bamford. And also bitching when someone stands up to you the way you stand up against our players is a lil too emotional for me.

    If you want the players to accept your criticism you have to accept posters criticism too.

    Saying things like “replace Giroud with Benteke” will always make people see you the way they see you.

    Its your opinion though so whatever…

  69. underrated Coq

    ” I might as well talk to a wall. ”

    Haha 🙂 As each and every day passes, I am starting to feel even this option would be better than posting on Le-Grove. The tediousness, the drama and the rudeness of certain other posters’ can actually manage to ruin one’s mood.

  70. mysticleaves

    Lol. Underrated Coq. That was as funny as it was true. In the end we are all rude to eachother one way or the other. Yet we pick offense at exactly what we do to people.
    That’s life

  71. gambon

    “how do you play the role ‘miles better’ than Coquelin is currently? he’s pretty much a 9/10 every game.”

    This is the typical utter bollocks you read on here everytime we string 3 wins together in a row.

    So Coquelin is basically producing world class performances every game?

    10/10 is the perfect match, so something that happens once per season if your name isnt Leo Messi.

    So you are saying week in week out Coquelin puts in faultless performances? This is bsolute rubbish. There hasnt been a single game (apart from maybe Man City, maybe) where he has been deserving of 9/10.

    Schneiderlins performance against Chelsea was immense, yet that was probably not a 9/10

    Typical AKBs, absolutely embarrassingly low standards.

    There are a lot of Arsenal fans who dont want to finish 4th and keep getting destroyed in the first knockout round in the CL. You arent one of them, fair enough.

    To go from 4th to 1st and CL embarrassments to CL finalists/winners we need to upgrade pretty much every position on the pitch.

    Maybe you should preface everyting you say with “look, i’m an AKB wth incredibly low standards, but…….”

  72. Ozy

    Gambon is now arguing what 9/10 means .. and his definition of a 9/10 match is the absolute truth. Why do people even bother..

  73. Moe

    Interesting to note ramsey’s regression this season. Think it’s partly to do with how he sees himself as a box to box suited for the 4-2-3-1 formation. However, his purple patch did not start at the beginning of 2013/14 season, when he was scoring goals left right Centre. It actually began after the win at bayern in 2012/13 . We went on an impressive winning run where ramsey was doing the Coquelin type role with some of the best stats for distance covered , interceptions and tackles won from February to may.

    He built on this foundation in the deep lying position before building on top of that with some pretty impressive box to box work. He needs to start from scratch not trying to be Zinedine straight away.

    playing next to arteta, ramsey did the dirty work then arteta did what he does best, kept possession going playing one-twos with ramsey/wilshere all the way to opposition goal. With coquelin doing the dirty work at the moment, ramsey has had to do arteta role of keeping possession ticking over which isn’t his biggest trait.

    Also interesting that coquelin has now had the best dm stats of 2015 whilst giroud ended up scoring more goals in 2015 than CR7 as of the Newcastle game.

  74. Leedsgunner

    “how do you play the role ‘miles better’ than Coquelin is currently? he’s pretty much a 9/10 every game.”

    Ridiculous statement, and a definition of over the top if I ever heard one.

    Coquelin is doing well, at the moment he is a good squad player who is the best DM in our squad — a squad that’s been lacking a DM since Gilberto left. The fact that Coquelin has made such a noticeable and marked difference is more an indictment against Wenger who has muddled through for years playing substandard players in the DM role.


    Diaby. He was hoping against hope that Diaby would finally come good so he could say to the world “See I told you so…” Don’t even think about saying there wasn’t good enough DMs available. The players were there – Wenger just didn’t want to get them. Matuidi was available on a free, I think 14(?) months ago. What a difference he would have made?

    Coquelin is a very welcome but fortunate ACCIDENT that fell into Wenger’s lap. Wenger was primed to let him go (hence he was loaned to Charlton). If Arteta and or Wilshere had stayed fit through November to now I dare say Coquelin would have been sold in the January transfer window… and we would still be talking about how we are unable to beat top sides like Man City and Man United…

    Wenger is one lucky manager, I will give that.

  75. Redtruth


    Schneiderlin peformance against Chelsea was immense?
    Mental age of a 2 year old if you think Schneiderlin’s performance against Chelsea was immense.
    You have some balls i give you that


    Seriously this coq argument is getting boring, we had song and wished he could stop the trying to create assists and focus on being a defensive shield, now we have that in coq and we are looking for assist and forward passing hogwash.Unless a player cost arsenal arms and a leg we ain’t valuing the player. Enough of it all.schneiderlin. alongside wanyama isn’t tearing the league a new one ffs.

  77. ronnie

    Guys, lets be honest. Wenger has to go back to two powerful central defensive midfielders. This is what brought him success in the past and it surely will when he recongnises th need to! Ramsey, ozil, carzola, wilshere, rosicky must all compete for the number 10 position. We need schneirderlin and wanyama or kondogbia period.!!!!Transfer fee 50m !!!

  78. london gunner


    I don’t really get the argument that Coq is a squad player at best. When as a defensive midfielder his stats are better than both of Matic of Schniederlin.

    I do however understand the thinking behind the argument that Coquelin is in a purple patch and is currently playing way above his real long term quality.

    Difference is right now Coquelin certainly is good enough for the the first 11. The stats prove this.

    What we don’t know is whether he can keep it up.

    So lets give the boy a chance and give him till the end of the season before we start declaring him as not fit for the first 11.

  79. salparadisenyc

    Cross churning the rumor mill pre Liverpool.
    Saying Wenger and Guardiola both wanna sign Sterling up.

    Walcott to Pool plus cash.. sort it Wenga. Front three of:
    Sanchez L’Oreal/Welbeck Sterling


  80. Leedsgunner

    London G

    Thanks for your observation and your response.

    I think I need to clarify.

    Look when I call Coq a good “squad” player I’m being realistic and it’s not meant as a slight against him.

    At the moment he is doing a good job, no, a great job. I congratulate him for it. The truth remains if we want him to develop we need to bring in someone else because he cannot play every game.

    I’m NOT saying he’s NOT good enough for the first XI because as this season shows he clearly IS good enough – to argue otherwise would be stupid.

    For his sake and the team the big Q is how do we assist him get better without putting the team at risk? My answer?

    Get another great DM for him to play with and learn from.

    This way we don’t repeat the error over Wilshere and Walcott — this is learning from our mistakes. After all isn’t this what they say after every loss?

    Let’s actually do it for once.

  81. Cesc Appeal


    Not sure about us, but I think by the sounds of it Sterling has had his head turned by someone. Will be interesting this summer.

    Certainly if there’s any validity in the Walcott to Liverpool, Sterling to Arsenal talk then we know who’s getting the better deal there. Will be nice to be behaving a bit like a big club, we will take your best asset, you can have our cast offs in return.

    But I think City will be in the mix for him, a bit of what they need AND he’s English, Fad-Rid might be interested in trying to ruin his career and sell him next summer, Chelsea maybe as well?

    Sterling looks as if he could be something really special, but I wouldn’t want to pay any kind of inflated price for him, would certainly prefer Reus to him obviously.

  82. Dark Hei


    Interesting analysis you put up regarding Ramsey and Coquelin. But Ramsey was doing the tackling and harassing high up the pitch while Coquelin does the dirty job at the base of midfield.

    Think of Ramsey as doing a pressing job in order to gain an offensive advantage vs Coq who is just thinking of shielding the back 4. Statistically they are the same but strategically they function differently.

  83. Goondawg

    We won’t get Sterling. He’s asking for Ozil/Sanchez wages and frankly I 1) Don’t think he’s worth that much /week. He has like 6 goals and so-so many assists this season
    2) Don’t see Arsenal revamping their wage structure for him
    3) We are getting rid of a fast pacy winger with contract negotiation issues to sign another contract rebel
    4) I don’t see him staying for long before his head gets turned by Real Madrid
    5) Liverpool won’t sell to us, not after Suarez debacle. I’m sure they see as more of. Direct rival than City who will pay s premium no doubt. We will take the piss and offer a pound and Walcott

  84. qna

    With Talk of Swap Deals – I have a few suggestions involving players that both clubs might agree to trade

    1) Walcott for Stirling (I would take it and even throw in £5m)
    2) Ozil for Lewendowski (I would take it, but cry every time I saw him set up a goal at BM – would be sweeter if we then went out and bought De Bruyne to replace Ozil)
    3) Podolski + Mertesacker for Calhanoglu (I would take it)
    4) Giroud for Cavani (I would take it and even throw in £10m)
    5) Cazorla for Pedro (I WOULD NOT take it)
    6) Gnabry for Reus (I would take it and even throw in £20m)
    7) Wilshere for Cech (I would take it if Chelsea threw in £20m)
    8) Wilshere for A City/United player plus cash (There is no City/United player that I would be excited to bring in – how crazy is that).
    9) Giroud for Verrati (I WOULD NOT take it unless we brought in Cavani, Benzema or Lewendowski to replace Giroud)

  85. Wallace

    the press asked Charles Aranguiz about Arsenal’s interest after the Brasil vs Chile game yesterday. think there’s a pretty good chance he’s on Wenger’s midfielder shortlist. and like Sanchez, reckon he’d enjoy the physical nature of the PL.

  86. qna

    Wallace. Aranguiz is a 25 year old, who plays in Brazil. I doubt that he will be able to come into the PL with a great deal of success. He might be more suited to Italy or Spain. These country’s are covered by scouting networks and they rarely miss a top talent. Just my opinion, but I think we should avoid him. I haven’t seen him play for his club, so I have no idea, but I think internationals can be misleading. There would be a lot of players who play extremely well in international football but cannot translate that into club football, especially the PL.

  87. Wallace


    he was named best foreign player in Brasil last year, and apparently selected ahead of new Real Madrid signing, Lucas Silva, in the team of the season. he isn’t the biggest, but then neither is Sanchez. sounds like he’d be available for around 10m so wouldn’t be a huge gamble.

  88. qna

    Wallace. I agree. He sounds like a reasonable gamble. But my point is that we already have a team full of “squad” players. We need to add just a few “top notch” high quality players to the team. Where would he play. Whose place in the 1st team do you see him replacing? He is not a DM, so not Coquelin? So does he replace Ramsey or Cazorla sitting next to Coq? Or does he replace Ozil or Cazorla as the AM? I just dont see him taking a first team spot and we need that level of quality.

    We need LW and DM priorities, but also if we could get a world class GK and CF then we should do that as well. I think if we are buying a CM player he should either be young with massive potential, or already an established world class player. Again, just my opinions.

  89. Wallace

    he reminds me a lot of Gündogan, or a mix of Ramsey’s high energy and Coquelin’s tenaciousness. think he could play either of the two CM positions. i get your point about only needing top quality now, but i think he’d be an interesting addition.

  90. YoungMurphy

    Pedro I tip my hat to you sir, in a shitty international break week you are keeping the articles coming. That said I’ve never seen how you navigate the summer but you are willing me with confidence.

    Good article on ESPN, I read it over the weekend. Didn’t particularly agree with Cazorla because he’s been pretty good in that deep lying role. Also can’t really see Rambo or Wilshere leaving. AW loves giving young injured players 3+ year deals.