Wenger guns down Greg Dyke and his silly plans

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Harry Kane, the saviour of English football delivered last night when he became the saviour.

What’s going on?

Wake me?

Is this a dream?

Amazing. He’s doing so well. Fair play to him as well. Can’t argue with goals really. He looks like the most unconventianal talent package out there. But he’s doing it. So we can’t snipe.

There’s not a lot going on Arsenal wise. It’s all pretty quiet. No injuries to speak of, yet. That’s good news. The silence is positive. (UPDATE: WELBZ injured)

There’s talk in the press that Chezzer is set for showdown talks with Arsenal about his future. Looks pretty likely those talks will be quite negative. I don’t see how he can continue with the club. He’s not regaining that number one spot and it’s looking ever more likely we’ll be bringing in Petr Cech for next season. A monster of a keeper, a winner, a player we had tried to sign when he was in France and most importantly a leader. A big personality at the back.We need that. I think it’d be a very progressive move. Like bringing in Jens way back when.

I thought the stories about Theo and Arsene having a bust up were funny. I can’t imagine Theo having a bust up with anyone. He’s the sort of guy who’d apologise to you if you crashed into the back of him. I imagine him getting angry would be a little bit like Ed Miliband telling the nation he’s tough enough to dominate Putin…

‘Do I want to play Arsene, hell yeah’.

That might be mean. But I just don’t’ believe he’s that sort of player who’d kick off at training. I do worry about him leaving though. But that’s football life.

There are a number of players who could be up for sale this summer should the right offer come in. Big names on big money. That’s a positive though. We’re not in fear anymore. Our best players want to stay, our underperformers can go and we have the cash to replace them. It’s a total turnaround and a different mindset.

Talking about the best players, Wenger took aim at Greg Dyke and his quite frankly embarrassing plans to shake out foreign talent in the UK.

“I believe that we are in the world of competition. Competition means who of you or me is the best one. We have to accept that.

“That means as well that the rules of the game must be structured to favour the best. Or we are not in a competition anymore.

“So we can say one of two things – we protect the mediocre or we produce the best players.

Amen Sister Sledge. Even now we have a situation where English players are purchased / kept to hit quota targets.

He went on.

“I personally would support hugely to pay super people who think about how we can produce players from five years old to 20 years old to be as good as they can be rather than protect them through wrong mediocre rules.

“I give you two examples. In Yugoslavia in the past they decided you had to play three players on the team sheet who were under 21. What happened? They became professional subs. It happened in France, too.

“Then they decided you had to play three players under-21 from the start. You know what happened? They subbed all three after five minutes.

“If we want to sell the Premier League for a huge amount of money then we need to say: ‘buy this, this is the best in the world.’ You cannot go against the quality and what is at the heart of our job which is competition.

“The best must be the best. That’s why I will fight against it. I have very little power but I don’t think the idea is right.”

Right, I don’t have much to say today, I’m with the guys from Arsenal Fan TV later, should be fun. Catch you tomorrow, likely with a video.


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  1. N5

    I don’t think any of it matters as London has said, we all know Wenger won’t be held to ransom by anyone, so its likely Feo will be shipped off and this all would have been for naught.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Especially considering his name is ‘Underrated Coq’ and he spent a lot of time on here attacking people for not rating Coquelin…just thought it was a bit rich then to play the ‘it’s my opinion, leave me alone you big bully’ card.

  3. london gunner


    Welbeck won CL and PL’s

    Well Djimi Traore won a CL. Was he a good player?

    Torres scored in a crucial CL game. Does that mean he was a good player while he was at Chelsea?

  4. N5

    “I’m not a moron…I understand the percentages had utterly no validity or substance…I just thought it was a shit, unnecessary post.”

    But can you count to potato?

  5. underrated Coq



    “No sorry I don’t agree, even Theo in his 2012/13 form is completely blown out of the water by Alexis Sanchez who is just a vastly superior footballer in every way.”

    Obviously Sanchez is a completely different beast compared to our other wingers. But the discussion was about Theo vs Welbz, was it not?

    “Welbeck offers us things that Theo doesn’t whereas Sanchez gives us all of what Theo gave us and more.”

    To be fair, you can say it like this too : ” Theo offers us things that Welbz doesn’t wheras Sanchez gives us all of what Welbz does and a lot more ”

    “It’s all about the balance and how the collective performs, people can get too caught up in individual stats.”

    Agreed. But Theo hasn’t exactly been given a lot of opportunities to play with the likes of Sanchez, Ozil etc has he? I think its best to wait until the end of the season and see how it pans out.

  6. mysticleaves

    I think theo is worth 100k and is also better than Welbeck.

    Theo has to be given a chance to recover from his injury before people write him off. He just missed almost 2years ffs

  7. Cesc Appeal


    I did, yeah.

    I got that Dead Kings DLC as well.

    Got to be honest, wasn’t that enamoured, graphically it is incredible, substance wise, not so much.

    I just think Ubisoft tried to release Rouge, Unity and Far Cry 4 in the space of 2-3 weeks and the quality of the product got hurt because of that.

    Rouge was just AC Black Flag in snow instead of sand, and Far Cry 4 was was Far Cry 3, just a bit better graphics and in mountains instead of the jungle.

    Unity felt more like an art project, like Paris was to scale or something I think? It was huge, but the story was rubbish, the fighting mechanics were rubbish, they made it harder but they didn’t then improve the camera, you know that old AC flaw were the camera gets too close, or blocked by a tree or something and you can get killed in like two strikes now.

    I got on for a deal, £29.99 so I wasn’t too upset, had I pad £49.99 for it I’d have cried.

  8. N5

    “Theo has to be given a chance to recover from his injury before people write him off. He just missed almost 2years ffs”

    If you read my comments pre-Wally return you would have seen this was one of my fears, I said people need to be patient as they wasn’t with Ramsey and look how that turned out.

    To be honest though Mystic you didn’t need to direct this comment at me as I honestly don’t care between Danny and Theo, I think they’re is a place for both. I don’t think he’s in a position to hold anyone to ransom either, he should accept what the club offers or go where he will be made richer, that’s his call.

  9. Cesc Appeal



    But after my exams in a couple of months, because so much rage quit…so much. And I know I won’t be able to put it down and get on with studying!

    Plus, hopefully in the next 8 weeks the cost of PS4 controllers goes down 😉

  10. N5

    CA, other than Brotherhood it’s the only AC I didn’t bother to finish. I don’t count Brotherhood as part of the story and more just glorified DLC, so Unity was the first “story progressing” AC that I didn’t care for.

    If I’m honest I stopped caring after Desmond died and has there really been a good character since Ezio?

    It looked good, but the micro transactions and bugs just didn’t make it worth while for me.

  11. N5

    Dawg I will eventually, but my backlog is massive at the moment. I have games on the Xbone, PS4 and Vita I need to get done and then I will look at it.

    Are you getting it, or have you already?

  12. Cesc Appeal


    There is hardly any back story either.

    I’m with you, I loved the Desmond arc, and the story behind AC was fantastic. I was looking forward to seeing a new protagonist and what was happening with Minerva etc

    But nothing. Almost as if they thought, this is going to be all about the graphics, we will really invest the story for the next one.

    AC 5 is suppose to be set in Victorian London, so that should be really good, loads of gadgets, loads of dark, grizzly stories, should provide for some great characters etc and as it was centre of the biggest empire the world has ever seen you can have some real diverse plot lines, maybe even travel to a mix of exotic locations within the British Empire.

    I always hoped they would release an AC called AC Empire or something and have you travelling across the British Empire, colonies in Africa, India, Australia etc and the main focal point being London. Would be terrific I think and the material for the writers enormous.

    I love it when they do that thing of weaving real history in with the fiction and making you go ‘ooooooohhhhh’ because you are the ones of assassinates a famous historical figure, or stops something from happening etc

  13. Goondawg

    Im not too fussed about Bloodbourne, these dark soul type games gets on my tits and these controllers do need to be cared for lol

    May get Final Fantasy 15, Batman Arkham Knight… MGS5 is what I’m really interested in. Probably Uncharted 4 as well.

  14. underrated Coq

    Cesc Appeal

    “I just thought it was a shit, unnecessary post.”

    You are doing it again. Why the heck should you get so emotional over what I write or how I write it ? Do I not have the freedom to give my opinion in any way I want to?

    Why did you find the necessity to be so judgmental that you started to give me advice on how I should be writing my posts ?

    You write so many posts everyday. Do I pick over the tiniest things in your post and start to complain about it? Do I tell you how to write and how not to make your points on here ?

    Then you say I’m the one who “moans” and “cries” !

    Why don’t you do us both a favor and just shut it? I never “moan and cry” when someone tries to argue with me. I debate with them, provided they are civil ofcourse.

    And I did not/ DO NOT want to get into a debate re Walcott because, I’ve mentioned this a hundred times now, I don’t think there is any point in debating about it.

    Me and London prefer Theo because of his end-product, others like yourself like “all-around contributors” like Welbz. No problem with that and I don’t think any of us are changing our opinions, so why bother in engaging in endless- debate. This was what I said in my first post today.

    I cannot believe the levels of ridiculousness you brew about that simple and easily understandable post.

  15. N5

    CA, I would love Victorian England, hopefully we’ll see some Jack the Ripper in there. Also as you say it opens up so many possibilities. So many stories they could weave. And bring back Desmond, even if it’s head in a jar, Futurama style 😀

  16. Emiratesstroller

    The point about Walcott is missed by his fans. This is a player who is consistently injured AND against a competent full back seldom beats his man, because he is one dimensional in his movement as has been commented on ad infinitum AND is easily pushed off the ball. Noone would argue that when he is on form [which is not that often] he can be a clinical finisher, but the facts are that his goalscoring record for both Arsenal and England is not that good.

    I will add further that I am pretty sure that Welbeck will continue to be selected for England ahead of Walcott AND I suspect that Hodgson would choose
    Oxlade-Chamberlain ahead of him as well.

    The point I have made consistently is that Arsenal needs a natural left winger
    in their squad and if Wenger were to buy such a player this summer then I think that Walcott would be surplus to requirements, because he has at least
    4 other options to play on right wing who are realistically better or at least more consistent.

    One final point I suspect that Bellerin will sooner rather than later become our first choice right back so that we are not going to be short of pace on that
    wing and I think that he is also potentially a better crosser of the ball than Walcott who has a tendency to be ‘selfish’ on the ball.

    Let’s face it Sanchez is a more consistent goalscorer than Walcott and Welbeck does not score less. Indeed one of the commentators of the game against
    Lithuania suggested that Welbeck is the leading goalscorer in European Championships averaging more than one goal per game in the tournament.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Then don’t post in the middle of an argument you noob. Are you confused about this place? Do you not get what a blog is about? You’ve jumped all over people’s opinions about Coquelin enough haven’t you? Keep dodging that one.

    Your post was shite, you then cried when it got picked up on instantly by 2-3 posters and started bitching to be left alone because its your opinion.

    Remember that next time someone says they think Coquelin is shit, or we need a massive upgrade on him.

    Don’t be a whinger and a hypocrite.

    I very rarely get annoyed on here, even when I’ve had some massive arguments with people, but your original post and subsequent patheticness really pissed me off.

    I don’t care whether you care or not. You injected yourself into a debate that London, WengerEagle, Goodawg and myself were having…you then reacted in an offended/shocked manner when people called you on your post. Was laughable.

    As I say, I really don’t care whether you liked what I said, this is the great thing about Le Grove, multitude of opinions and always great debates, nothing is a safe topic, even stating something like ‘Sanchez is tremendous’ will probably attract some sort of debate…

    But to inject yourself into a debate and agree with one of the posters in it, stating your reasoning is fine, your reaction to being called on how you;d set out your point and the point itself was pathetic and will have undermined your credibility next time you attack whoever about a Coquelin point.

  18. underrated Coq


    “Especially considering his name is ‘Underrated Coq’ and he spent a lot of time on here attacking people for not rating Coquelin…just thought it was a bit rich then to play the ‘it’s my opinion, leave me alone you big bully’ card.”

    Well, first of all, I don’t attack people the way you have been doing today.
    Secondly, I never played any such card. I don’t know why you are resorting to cheap comments like that today.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t want to piss on your chips…kind of do actually, in a purely non-sexual let’s see how angry he gets kind of way…but I don’t think Desmond is going to make a comeback.

    Abstergo chopped him up pretty good in AC Black Flag…really nice of his friends by the way, and DAD to just leave his body behind. Charming.

    Yeah, that’s what I mean, get a big historical figure than Jack the Ripper in there, can do all sorts with that.

  20. Cesc Appeal



    I’ve told you what I think.

    Why don’t you take your own advice and shut it. The debate had ended before you bitched to N5 about ‘did I deserve that?’ 🙁

    Said why I didn’t like your post and subsequent reaction to being called on it. Like it or lump it, there you go.

    Matters done for me. Pointless to continue because it’s not even about football any more.

  21. N5

    CA, how about this for a twist. I use the Animus to get into Desmond’s head who’s in Altiers head. Assassins Creed Inception Empire II “Return of the Templar”.

  22. underrated Coq


    Quote: “Then don’t post in the middle of an argument you noob. ”

    Again, stop telling others what to do. Jeez.

    Quote: “You’ve jumped all over people’s opinions about Coquelin enough haven’t you? Keep dodging that one.”

    True and there’s nothing to dodge. But frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever jumped at those opinions the way you did today.

    Quote: “Your post was shite, you then cried when it got picked up on instantly by 2-3 posters and started bitching to be left alone because its your opinion.”

    Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

    Quote: “Don’t be a whinger and a hypocrite. I very rarely get annoyed on here, even when I’ve had some massive arguments with people, but your original post and subsequent patheticness really pissed me off.”

    I’m scared now. Look out all, we’ve got an Internet tough guy on here.

    Quote: “I don’t care whether you care or not. You injected yourself into a debate that London, WengerEagle, Goodawg and myself were having…you then reacted in an offended/shocked manner when people called you on your post. Was laughable.”

    Not really I didn’t and you are being offensive, how can you not see this?

    Ahh forget it, you keep on insulting and badmouthing me, I cannot do the same anymore. Feel free to continue showing your outrage at the awful, unforgivable things I do as a poster on Le-Grove.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    I’m just going to warn you, I’m not even reading them now if you wanted to save some time, refer to my 21 56 post, matters done for me.

  24. N5

    Cesc, underrated called you a badass so I linked that meme that has Ne1l deGrasse Tyson saying “watch out we have a real badass over here”. Not sure why it won’t link it 😀

  25. Cesc Appeal



    I’m an Internet Tough Guy now, so watch the way you bad mouth me now and my inability to count to potato or I will…I will…I don’t know man, don’t know what weapons an internet tough guy has in his arsenal.

    Maybe just post Ben Affleck over, and over, and over, and over, and over 😉

    But if it’s any consolation, as we established you, me, MidWest and many others are all the same person, it means your a bad-ass tough guy too! We can get tattoos together, even though we’re the same person, so our request will probably freak out the tattooist.

    ‘So you want a tattoo on each arm?’

    ‘Well, two arms, but different people, silly’ *look incredulously at your imaginary friend whilst standing at the counter as if the tattooist is an idiot*

    Tattooist looks up worriedly, ‘are you going to kill me and wear my skin?’

  26. N5

    Ha ha, and my answer to that Cesc would be, “we’ll tattooist, I already have the erection, so somebodies got to be beat with it!”.

  27. Cesc Appeal



    He pulls a tazer out from beneath the counter, ‘honestly, Mr tattooist man, you will only make him more excited and it more erect!’

  28. Cesc Appeal

    I always think there are certain times when a new poster might look on here and think ‘is this that Arsenal blog everyone always goes on about’ have a quick scan and then think ‘oh no, just another pervy S&M blog…damn you Fifty Shades! Damn you!’

  29. N5

    Ha ha, well as the night draws on and the sensible have long since gone to bed, the weirdos come out to play!

    1-2 Cesc is coming for you 3-4 better lock your door 5-6 we’re going to hit you with dicks, 7-8 you better stay away 9-10 here is Affleck Ben.

    to the tune of Freddys coming for you obviously.

  30. Cesc Appeal



    So I’m now a pussy licking, drug dealing, tough guy.

    And you, you are Ben Affleck.

    We could do another Good Will Hunting, Good Drug Licking or something, except neither of us are smart, or from Bowwwwstttiiinnn…but we can do a lot better than Minnie Driver to be fair.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    You’re being kind.

    International week is a neat excuse but let’s be fair, pretty much it’s like this 24/7.

    N5 has been tazed in the dick twice now in the last 2 weeks, one time for exposing himself around Hastings, the second for being a schizophrenic with split personality disorder AND cannibalistic tendencies threatening to dick whack a tattooist to death.

  32. N5

    If you’re gonna get tazed then there is only one place to get it!!

    I last went into the station and said I bet you won’t dare taze me tit head whilst pointing at my exposed genitals if you remember rightly Cesc. He hit me right in between my three testicles.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Right in the sweet spot, that weak crease of skin between testicle 2 and 3 were you really feel it 😉

  34. roaaary

    I wouldn’t mind getting tazed in the dick. Splashed out on a suite in a 5 star hotel and dinner at hakkasan and the Mrs came back to the room and passed out.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    £70-75 Million being the talked about price for Bale…seems low? But then I suppose this is Real Fad-rid.

  36. Thomas


    “Are you sure we are talking about Welbeck who has scored goals to help win Champions league and prem league titles?”


    Lol at this. Exactly which Champions League title has he helped win if I might ask?

  37. GuNZ

    Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen of Le Grove

    Been terribly busy, haven’t had a chance to catch up on your collective wisdom.
    Only forty odd minutes until the game starts. You know what game. Gonna be a late one. I have cracked the champers already in preparation. Go the mighty Black Caps!

  38. GuNZ

    To give you some idea, it’s a bit like the NLD only in the CL final. Yes, I know the Aussies are 1000 kms and 2 hours time difference away across a rough bit of ocean so it’s not like you can jump on the 259 from Blackstock Road to White Hart Lane or anything, but we’re pretty remote down here so they’re about as close as you can get by our standards.

    Some of their journos have already written NZ off saying we are allright on our on ‘dung hill’ but will choke in front of 100,000 spectators on the ‘massive’ MCG. Fucking ‘dung hill’ I ask you? Fuck them is what I say. Fuck them and their wombat-shagging, Platypus-fellatio-receiving ways. We’ll see who the fucking biggest beetle on the dung heap is by midnight tonight (NZ time). Fucking banana-skin and snot liveried cunts 😉

    Oh, and to any of my mates in Aussie who might subscribe to Le Grove, may the best team win! If it’s NZ, get the beers in, your shout. If it’s not then I am afraid I have no trips planned to Aussie for a while.

  39. underrated Coq


    Well, I’m neither Aussie nor a kiwi, but looking forward to the finals. India’s poor performance in the Semifinals did leave me disappointed though 🙁 I think India made Australia look better than they actually are. But seeing, as the Aussies have home pitch advantage, I can see why many fancy them to beat New Zealand.

    As far as my opinion goes though, I find myself rooting for the Kiwis’. They have been simply outstanding in the CWC so far.

    Hoping for a good contest and an entertaining final. If today’s game is anywhere like the group-stage match between these two, its gonna be worth watching.

  40. GuNZ

    Good on ya Coq.

    The India/Aussie semi was pretty much decided by the extra level of fielding the Aussie’s stepped up to, I thought.

    In a way, a Kiwi/Aussie final has solved a few allegiance problems for our respective Indian communities as they are hugely vociferous for the country in which they live when playing anybody else but India but when it comes to playing the ‘Old Country’ there is only one team they will shout for.

    Anyway, here we go. May the best team win . . . . . Oh no . . .. . Disaster in the first over.

  41. underrated Coq


    I think India struggled in all three- Bowling, batting and even fielding. It was hugely disappointing to see India, as defending champions, succumb to an easy defeat without giving any fight to the Aussies.

    So far, Australia bowling is top-notch and the Kiwis’ seem a tad bit hesitant. I think if they can get to 270-280s they’ll win . Doubt whether Australia will be chasing that successfully.

  42. qna

    GuNZ: Some of their journos have already written NZ off saying we are allright on our on ‘dung hill’ but will choke in front of 100,000 spectators on the ‘massive’ MCG.

    Mate all that was mind games aimed mostly at McCallum and Guptil and looks like it worked against McCallum.

    It wad always going to come down to Boult vs Australia so lets see. If you cant get to 200 it will be tough to defend though.

  43. igbo Amadi-Obi

    Here we go believing that Jose Mourinho would sell Petr Chec to Arsene Wenger. Not if anyone else iss interested in him.

  44. mysticleaves

    Qna. Lol. Far from it. Am Nigerian. We are a bit of jack of all trade, master of none.

    But we don go near cricket. Though I understand baseball from my ESPN days.

  45. qna

    Mystic. Ok. Haha. Well its popular in parts of africa. Its a different kind of game. I prefer the 5 day cricket which would bore the shit out of anyone who didnt get into cricket from a young age. But world cups are always special.

    I think we got a huge favour from the weather because we should have played against South Africa who are better than NZ in my opinion. But due to rain at the wrong time SA were disadvantaged and NZ took advantage and won the match. But looks like they played their final in that match because they didnt perform in this match so far. NZ are well known for choking so hopefully we can keep calling them that in 3 hours time.

  46. GuNZ

    Fucking disaster. Have made a cup of Earl Grey tea. That’s how bad it is. Our bowlers and fielders are going to have to have the game of their lives. Fair dos to Aussie though, their fielding was very tight.

    C’mon you Black Caps. Oranges in the dressing room, get some ralgex on those hamstring support bandages, put Giroud on after 60 minutes and mark their danger men.

  47. qna

    GuNZ the one positive is you have already bowled us out for less than 160 in this tournament. We will know within 10 overs if we have a game or not.

  48. underrated Coq


    Australia have given a masterclass in bowling and fielding. But memories of that group match still remain fresh. Aussies might struggle in batting too, but the odds on that are very very low I would say.

    If there’s one thing you can never accuse of the Australian Cricket team, its their mentality. Always show up on the big occasions, always raise their levels in matches like this. When they play like this, its scary for the opposition.

    NZ batting? The less said, the better. To not even get 200 on the board in the Finals of a CWC is shocking, to say the least. But you always wonder whether this would be the case if the finals were being held in NZ instead of Sydney.

    That’s the one thing that I don’t particularly like about Cricket. The home pitch advantage plays too massive a role and it really shouldn’t be the case for matches like the WC finals. Finals at a neutral pitch would be better IMO.

    Then again, I wasn’t complaining when India faced and beat SriLanka at Mumbai in the last World Cup 🙂

  49. GuNZ


    I fear you may have been right when you wrote we played our final against SA. Great game but it was luck that took us through in the end.

    Anyway, the champagne may be off ice but I haven’t yet put it back in the cellar. The cricket gods have been kind to us so far this campaign so I won’t abandon hope just yet.

  50. GuNZ


    The boundaries at Eden Park are a good 10 metres shorter all around than the MCG so that may have flattered our scores in previous games. Having said that, the Aussie bowlers gave our batsmen very, very little opportunity to have a smash.

  51. qna

    I wouldnt call the game yet. No way. Some excellent bowling in the 1st innings. But NZ have got just as good a bowling line up. But…. we bat down to 8. Thats a lot of top batsmen including genuine match winners that have to fail. If NZ bowlers can handle the pressure then I expect the game to go into the balance and up for grabs. We may need Faulkner or Haddin to guide us home.

  52. mysticleaves

    Qna, yea. SA are world powers in rugby and cricket, swimming. Ok in golf and lawn tennis. These sports are not really “african”. That’s the myth of South Africa.

    I also don’t think Arsenal will get Cech from Chelsea. Let’s see though. Coq taught me to never say never. Hope you voted yesterday?

    PS: Nigeria had their presidential election yesterday. Pretty tensed uptil now as I hope the incumbent wins and the results aren’t yet out. The opposition was quite very tough..

  53. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Peopke here go into endless and lousy debates of Theo being bad not good for Arsenal same for Girouds not realizing that they have nothing in hand and Wenger has the final say.
    People here want that we should have a team of world class players like Real Madrid and Barca without knowing that Arsenal cant afford the like of Messi and Suarez etc.

    Now we have a good team already with world class player like ozil sanchez Cazorla and a good core of kos Ramsey Rosicky giroud with upcoming talent of Bellerin Coquelain we have a good squad to challenge for EPL atleast if not the CL.

  54. GuNZ


    Yep. Slowed the runs down but need Smith out quick as he’s the one keeping it tickingover and cracking the boundaries. Couple of quick wickets here might unsettle them.

  55. GuNZ

    Gone past the ‘need a quick couple of wickets’ now. What we need is a total Aussie collapse. C’mon, Aussie, you’ve won it often enough, give us a go.

  56. Wallace

    ““I am always a fan of Walcott, a quick sprinter and terrifying for defenders. England notice his absence. For the world of football, it is positive that Walcott recuperates totally to his top level.”

    – Giorgio Chiellini

  57. Seg

    Isn’t Welbeck is a SF who gets played on the wings? So I would he’s not in direct competition for playing time with Walcott, it’s Sanchez and Walcott that are in competition, at least directly

  58. N5

    “He’s had a long time at Arsenal, he’s playing with fantastic players, a lot of young players around his age group. He’s never nailed his shirt at Arsenal. I’ve got nothing against the lad. I just think it’s no surprise for me he’s not on the plane. I look and I just think he doesn’t seem to understand the game.”

    – Chris Waddle

  59. N5

    Xavi – “We were playing Arsenal in London, and we were winning 2-0, in total control. There was no way we should have done anything but win the game. “Then they introduced Theo Walcott. He changed the game for them and it finished 2-2. We didn’t know how to deal with his pace.”

    Guardiola fears more of the same in tonight’s quarter-final second leg in the Nou Camp. At the weekend, the Spaniard joked: “He could not even be stopped by a gun. “Walcott can do the 100 metres in 10.37 seconds. That is incredible for a footballer and any defender would struggle
    against him.”

    Roy Hodgson – “It is a blow for him personally of course, and for both Arsenal and England.”We had quite a lengthy conversation and it is such a shame that we have lost a player of his calibre for the World Cup, he has been incredibly unfortunate and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

    Alan Hansen “With the pace and trickery he possesses in abundance, Walcott will always make a living from the game, but the big unknown is whether he has enough to make it right to the top, and be remembered as a great player” and “Walcott must learn to think as fast as he can run”

    Chris Waddle – “Walcott lacks “a football brain“, and told BBC Five Live that he stands by those comments.”He’s had a long time at Arsenal; he’s playing with fantastic players, a lot of young players around his age group. He’s never nailed his shirt at Arsenal. I’ve got nothing against the lad. I just think it’s no surprise for me he’s not on the plane. I look and I just think he doesn’t seem to understand the game.”

    Sir Geoff Hurst – “It doesn’t surprise me that he wasn’t included,” Hurst told the Press Association. “The reason he hasn’t been included is because of his lack of consistency of performance.”

  60. Wallace


    the Chiellini quote is from this morning’s papers. i wasn’t trawling the net trying to come up with support for Theo. but interesting that someone like Chiellini – a very hard and scary defender – rates him so highly.

  61. Wallace

    story in the tabloids about us interested in Wanyama & Mitrovic. not sure about Wanyama, although i do like him, but wouldn’t be surprised if we raided Anderlecht for one or two of their players.

  62. GuNZ

    Ah well, can’t moan about that – NZ completely outclassed. Well done Aussie. Shame about Clarke getting out at the end there.

    Well done, mate, enjoy your beers tonight.

    We’ll both have to wait another 4 years mate.

    Night guys

  63. Wallace

    “It’s not a decision against Real Madrid. I want to start a new stage in my career and continue to grow. There’s no agreement with anyone nor do I have a preference to go anywhere at the moment. I’ve had a magnificent time in a magnificent team. I’ll do everything I can to keep helping the team in the coming weeks.”

    – Sami Khedira

    i’d read that he was going back to Germany, but sounds like he’s weighing up his options. guess he’d be asking for an eyewatering salary…

  64. mysticleaves

    Afternoon to you gunz..from here.

    Lol. Time zones are fucked big time. Some are waking, some are sleeping, some are getting ready for lunch

  65. Emiratesstroller

    Walcott has been at Arsenal almost 10 years. In that time he has made 181 appearances in EPL [not full matches].

    Apart from season 2012-13 when he scored 14 goals he has not managed once
    scoring 10 goals in a season in EPL.

    Since January Arsenal have become a more SOLID and BALANCED team with
    more emphasis on the entire team working hard around the pitch and defending properly. This is one of the main reasons why we have won most of our games and also conceded fewer goals than we did in first half of season.

    Wenger has finally addressed weaknesses in the team specifically goalkeeper
    [Szczesny], left full back [Gibbs], defensive midfield [Arteta/Flamini] and right
    wing [Walcott].

    It is highly unlikely that any of these players will secure a starting line up place in the team in those matches that matter unless their replacements are

    Walcott has been sidelined by Welbeck or Walcott for precisely the reasons
    expressed in recent posts. Noone argues that he does not have pace or can score from time to time clinical goals, but when you make selections you base
    it on overall performance, and contribution to team and not a couple of minutes brilliance.

    Frankly we have now more brilliant and consistent players in our team when
    Walcott does not play.

    I made the case in several of my posts that Arsenal need on their books a SPECIALIST left wing such as Reus. If we buy such a player and Sanchez then switches to his more natural position on right wing Walcott becomes redundant, because I cannot see Wenger selling either Welbeck or Ox in Summer.

    You are not going to pay someone £90-100 K pw with just one year to go with
    his contract when he becomes effectively third or fourth choice right wing.

    However, the real point is that Walcott is unlikely to get better, because the one element of his game which is lacking is a ‘football brain’. Great players
    will even when they lose their pace compensate for this with intelligence as
    we have seen in past with the likes of Bergkamp and Pirlo.

  66. Cesc Appeal

    If Chelsea manage to land Bale, that is some team they have there…not that it isn’t already but, rest of us might as well not bother.

    Fabregas having Costa, Hazard and Bale to aim for. Disgusting.

  67. Goonergirl


    Great post mate. If Walcott plays and things doesn’t go his way we’re basically playing with a man less.

  68. mysticleaves

    I think chelsea got Cuardrado in Jan? This period is his bedding in period. He will be unleashed next season. So I don’t think they are in for any wide forward.

    ES, GG
    Welbeck should not be played as a winger. That’s my own gripe. He’s a striker that can play on the wing, not a winger that can play centrally.

  69. Cesc Appeal


    I thought that, about Cuadrado.

    But there is a lot of noise around Chelsea chasing Bale, for £70-75 Million as well is a good price in my opinion. Too good to pass up for any top club.

    I do think United is a more likely destination, but certainly if Fad-Rid are listening to offers in that sort of price range he will have a whole host of suitors. Would love us to be in for him at that price…for so, so many reasons. Playing Spurs would be interesting next year 🙂

    United might pull off a couple of big moves I think, maybe De Gea and money for Bale, Di Maria for Cavani? Then go in for Lloris from Spurs? Hummels as well?

    Though I have to say, I am a fan of Hummels, but for the £35-40 Million being talked about you could do a lot better, probably buy two really good CB’s for that.

  70. mysticleaves

    Yea CA, good points all round. Especially the part to spite the spurs. Would love it any day.

    But I worry what Bale will do to our team. We already have Sanchez who is a lone ranger. And you only really can have 1 if you are serious about team play.

    If we are in for a winger, why not try for Reus? Better than Bale IMO. Same step up as with Dortmund too.

  71. qna

    There is no doubt about all the comments about Theo Walcott’s record. On paper he has not lived up to his billing. The same thing applies to Wilshere really.

    HOWEVER, can we judge him on his whoscored record? He was a pup when he started. He was educated here. Do all those years count.

    For me, I think we know our long serving players well enough. We all know the best of them and we know the worst of them. I AGREE fully that we see the worst of Theo far more often than we see the best of him. BUT, at his best, Theo was incredible. We are talking unplayable. His season when he got 21 in 42 games, he was absolutely incredible with goals and vital assits. He was doing that in big matches as well. In fact, Theo does perform well in big matches. This is a key point. Most of the posters on here, do not seem to differentiate big matches to normal matches. Its why they see the matches where we are flat track bullys and claim the title to be so close.

    I am not claiming that Theo will get back to the form he showed 2 years ago. But, I dont think he has had a chance yet. He has been in and out injured since then and has not had a run of games. Its true that the few opportunities he has had, he hasnt covered in glory.

    At his best, Theo was much better than Welbeck has ever been. But right now, Welbeck is the better player. We do need to bring in somebody better than both Welbeck and Theo, in which case we need to sell one of them and the other would need to be effective from the bench. I would say Welbeck seems to edge it here, because I think for theo to get back to and maintain his level, he needs to be a starter and have a lot of game time – he doesnt seem to be able to come in after a long spell without football and find his form easily. THIS is the reason I would be prepared to let Theo go this summer.

    Also, I have NO PROBLEM if we sold him this summer to fund a player like Reus or Dybala. But, not if we sign our next Podolski (e.g., Lavezzi), or our next Sonogo to replace him.

  72. Marko

    Cesc AppealMarch 29, 2015    10:54:26
    If Chelsea manage to land Bale, that is some team they have there…not that it isn’t already but, rest of us might as well not bother.

    Considering they had to sell Schurrle to buy Cuadrado and Bale was a 100 million euros player (bullshit) they’d have to sell someone and someone big and the only player in their squad fetching big bucks is Hazard and he’s better than Bale. United might look to sell DiMaria for bale but my guess is he’ll stay another year or two

  73. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I agree, we would turn over possession a lot more to the opposition which would make our central midfield all the more crucial.

    That’s why Reus would be a great buy out wide because he has playmaker traits to his game as well that may help us to get back to being able to control a game a bit more whilst not compromising the pace and directness we have this season.


    Yeah I think about £20-25 Million for Lloris, a lot depends on how hard he kicks and screams to get out of there, but to be honest, a player like that, Spurs can’t be surprised when he starts to ask to be let go really.

    I just really hope we get Cech, would be a perfect buy for us I think, great GK’s like him are like fine wines, get better with age, end up being generals on the field between the sticks. Always rated Cech and certainly it would be a case of better late than never in sorting out our GK issues.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    It all depends really, I’m not sure it will be up to Bale whether he wants to stay or not, if Madrid need cash for whoever the flavour of the summer is they will sell…especially if they can use him as a scapegoat if Barcelona win La Liga and they crash out of the UCL.

  75. mysticleaves

    You see that’s the problem. Welbeck is not a winger, he’s a striker. So basically he is “covering” for theo and Ox until they get back.

    I don’t like the fact that Welbz is becoming more and more a winger in Arsenal. He should be 2nd choice to Giroud where he can use his pace and industry to better effect.

  76. Marko

    That’s the thing CA who are they selling him for? Reus? Hazard? Literally Reus is the only stellar player out there who’s potentially available for a top tier side. I don’t see Bale leaving. The first 100 million player they need him to be a success.

  77. Marc

    You’ve also got the internal politics at Madrid, the President signed Bale for a world record fee. It would be a major climb down to let him go so soon.

  78. N5

    Wallace, I only posted it because your comment made me think. I wondered what others players had been saying. The comment I posted was from another blog. I was only adding it for balance. I wasn’t trying to belittle your post.

  79. Wallace


    “I don’t like the fact that Welbz is becoming more and more a winger in Arsenal. He should be 2nd choice to Giroud where he can use his pace and industry to better effect.”

    i agree.

  80. qna

    Wallace. I would be happy to use Gnabry along with Podolski and Mertesacker as trade bait for any of the top quality players in the Bundesliga that we might be able to get. .E.g., Reus, Bender, Hakan Calhanoglu, Draxler, De Bruyne

  81. qna

    Mystic. Welbeck is not a good enough striker. Otherwise beleive me it would have been proven it by now at United or Arsenal. He cant finish. His touch is not good enough. He has excellent movement but thats it. If he had good ball skills no way LVG would have let him go.

  82. Marko

    I see them accommodating Welbeck on the wing mostly because Giroud is playing well and his goal record isn’t that great but his work rate is and long term wise I see Welbeck mostly playing wide. Hence why for me rumours of us wanting to sign Dybala shouldn’t be dismissed cause we have Giroud and Welbeck as central strikers. Could see us moving for Dybala and with the effectiveness of our counter attack in certain games Dybala, Sanchez and Welbeck would be outstanding

  83. Wallace


    no, i think Gnabry could be frightening if he works hard. Wenger was pushing him for the German national side when he’d barely turned 18. he’s got the lot: pace, power, and an eye for goal.

  84. qna

    Wallace. Cant be greedy. It could burn us like De Bruyne did chelsea, but chances are it wouldnt. If it loosened Dortmunds grip on Reus for example we should do it.

  85. mysticleaves

    But then if Welbeck is not good enough as a striker, he should be sold.
    There’s no way Welbz is better than a fully fit Theo on the wingz.

    Remember Welbz is on form and Wally is waaaay off form. And the gap isn’t much still.

  86. Wallace


    Reus’s slight build worries me. he has been picking up injuries on a regular basis the last 12-18mths, and doesn’t look the toughest.

  87. mysticleaves

    To contextualize it, when Walcot was playing week in week out and got injured, he was sorely missed.

    I don’t think Welbz will be missed as much should he pick an injury now that he’s playing week in and out.

  88. David Smith

    Wilshere and Walcott would be excellent players at a club who placed any emphasis whatsoever on proper scientific injury management. The backroom staff Wenger remains so loyal to have hindered so many good players, for this reason alone, Wenger should have been bought to task. It is said that Lewin the first left the club because he could not stomach some of the things he was seeing. Wenger is a good developmental coach and a reasonable manager, he should never have been allowed any roles beyond those.

  89. qna

    David Smith. Thats a fine point. I also wonder if it is to do with our style of close one touch possession football in a league which doesnt protect the playmaker. If Barcalona played in the EPL against your stokes week in and week out I wonder if they too would pick up more injuries.

    But I agree he doesnt rest players when they need it. He has been overplaying Sanchez up until now for example.

  90. Seg

    mystic, is Walcott missed now? Isn’t possible that were Welbeck here when Walcott was injured we wouldn’t have missed him so much?

  91. Redtruth

    One touch possession football seems to desert Arsenal when playing top opposition which tells me they are one dimensional and flat track bullies.

  92. Emiratesstroller


    You mention that you are concerned about Reus build. However he has played
    176 Bundesliga games in last 6 years and in five of those seasons he has made 30 + appearances. The one exception is this season.

    Moreover he has scored 74 goals and averages more than 10 goals per season.

    This contrasts with Walcott’s 181 league appearances in 10 years at Arsenal and just 67 goals in that period.

    So apart from this season Reus record compared with Walcott is fairly robust
    and his goalscoring record is immeasurably better.

    When you take a look at their respective international records as well it is
    really a ‘no brainer’ who is the classier and more effective player.

    Let’s be honest how many games do you think that Walcott will manage to play in over next 3 years and how many goals will he score if he remains at

    On present stats you will be lucky to get 20 games per season in all competitions and perhaps 6-7 goals if you are lucky.

  93. David Smith

    Qna, I am sure our style of play does not help regarding injuries, Barca have been offered a lot more protection than any team attempting to play that brand of football in this league. Also, our players are small, pacy and explosive, again , can be conducive to injuries. But the role of the backroom staff cannot be underestimated, Tony Colberts inadequacy and resistance to moving forward are well documented. But ultimately, he is probably just doing what he is told.Wenger refuses to replace backroom staff unless they go of their own accord, just look at who coaches our keepers and the subsequent results. WS is an excellent keeper not being coached properly, he will move this summer and come back to haunt with a better coach, as will Jack and Theo should they go. Meanwhile, we could sign Cech or whoever, doesn’t matter if he is being coached by Peyton.
    Fortunately, there does seem to be some degree of change, someone has clearly done a cost benefit analysis of our injuries, we now have shad Forsyth, new soft tissue experts are being advertised for and the medical/ fitness facility is being upgraded. Wenger would surely have been resistant to all this, my guess is that someone has got it by him as part of succession planning for his departure, which I am convinced will be sooner than most think.just hope he can go out on a high, for all his increasing faults, he deserves that.

  94. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Yeah Cecu is good, had a wobbly spell in his last first choice season …

    Not sure jose would sell to us tho…


    He is indeed. However is this a start that his out of life is running an ruining his football life…
    Thin end of the wedge ?

  95. mysticleaves

    “mystic, is Walcott missed now? Isn’t possible that
    were Welbeck here when Walcott was injured we
    wouldn’t have missed him so much?”

    That’s a big IF. He wasn’t there so I don’t really know. And we moan more than we cheer for welbcek in 90mins of football.

    Had Ox been fit, he wouldn’t even start most of those games on the wing. He’s 3rd choice right winger at best. That’s excluding Sanchez cos he owns the left righ now