We’re building a squad. Stop the talk of selling players

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Content is going to be hard to come by over the next few years, so we’re just going to have to wing it…

So, top story this morning is that Theo has denied we’re in talks about a new contract with him. Wenger says we’ve started negotiations. It’s all turning into a bit of a mess.

My personal opinion is that we’ve come a long way with Theo. His pace is electric, he might not be the most dynamic player, but he’s a threat and he scares the shit out of defences. He gives us the ability to press higher up and he’s electric off the bench. I don’t understand how he’s just suddenly not that appealing to Wenger.


He has other plans. Talks are red hot all around Europe that we’re interested in Dybala. He’s dynamic, skilful, powerful, explosive and very, very fast. He has all the raw ingredients you need to become world class and he’s only 21 years old. A really, really impressive talent. He’d cost a few pennies, but he’d be well worth it.

There are also stories this morning that Reus is back on the agenda. This pleases me. We were in for him last season, we negotiated with Dortmund but the deal fell through. Apparently Arsene Wenger thinks he’s one of the best players in the world and just watching a sizzle reel will show you what we could have. Goals, pace, ingenuity… the boy has it all. He threw a bit of a spanner in the works when he signed a new deal, but I’d imagine he can to an agreement with the exit fee… i.e. I’ll take the pay hike, but you give me 10% of the fee if I go. He’s an absolute talent and we’d soon forget Theo if we landed the German. You can bet your bottom dollar the German boys will be talking him into a move.

London is sweet. You can do what you want, fans don’t really hassle you in the street, we certainly don’t in clubs and bars (unless you’re hanging out in the Covent Garden Walkabout). It’s a sweet life. We’re also turning into a sweet team. Things are clicking. We now have statistically the leagues best DM. We have 3 centre backs. I mean, really, the three areas we need to recruit sit at keeper, a Schneiderlin which looks very close and an inside forward type player.

Land those players, keep them fit and full of energy, continue to think about the opposition, continue to chip away at how we operate behind the scenes… well, it could be exciting next season.

I had a dream last night. A dream that we kept on winning games. A dream that culminated in us winning the league.

I know dreams aren’t real. Or are they? I saw inception.

Anyway, we’re in the mix. It’s a big game against Liverpool first. I just don’t think they have the pace in their side to worry us in the same ways they did last season. We’ve addressed our major flaws by acquiring pace going forward and now pace at the back with Gabriel able to work with Koscielny. They looked pretty clueless against a United who kept it tight and the balls long. If we win there, the manager manages the fitness of the players keeping them fresh, then who knows where we could finish. Would be pretty exciting to make the top two for the first time in, what, ten years?

I also want to take on a lot of the negativity around some of our players. Now, I know this is a joke coming from me, but this mentality we have when it comes to players that aren’t Ozil or Sanchez is crazy. WELBZ and Theo aren’t world beaters. But they’re very good players. They are squad players. Think what a squad player looked like 5 years ago.

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Soak that fat old shit show up.

The point of have a huge wage bill is that you can afford quality. We used to spend our wages of average. Now our average is a player we flogged to death in our first team from 18 years old. A player not starting doesn’t mean he has to go, it means he has to improve to get a look in.

Anyway, enough sticking up for the club and stuff.

Have a great Friday. Enjoy your beers, wherever you might be

Also, listen to the Arsenal Podcast I was on last night.

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    Our repeated injury nightmare has to be sorted first and foremost. Where would we have been had we had Debuchy, Kos, Ozil and Giroud for most of the first half of the season instead of missing most of it.

    The likes of Welbeck, Theo, Wilshere, TR7 etc are vital if we are to be a strong competitive squad. The trick now is that when we get rid of Podolski, Diaby, Campbell et al . . we bring in quality starters as their replacements. The likes of Wilshere then have to fit for a place. Good thing is if we bring in quality we have enough talent to rotate the team without actually weakening it

    I love Verratti. Someone send Jack a Dvd of him. Jack should be aiming to be as influential as him. He has most of the attributes Verratti has. It’s up to Jack where he wants his career to go.

  2. Leedsgunner


    great posts guys…

    1. Agree with tunny that our fitness/rehab/training regime needs sorting out asap. No use bringing in people if they are going to be broken for vast periods of the season.

    2. qna – agree with you on Balanta, I’ve been keeping a sneaky eye on him for a while now and he is one of the defensive stars of the Colombian squad. No nonsense, quick, good in the tackle. Apparently when he was younger he had a reputation for injuries. See no.1

    Tunny agree with your comparison between Veratti and Jack — I personally would sell him but just out of interest how much longer would you give him? It’s no like he’s 19.

  3. tunnygriffboy


    I thought he was getting some form back this season. He was really putting the effort in and was driving the team forward. You also have to be fair and say he was playing in a severely depleted team with no Kos, Ozil, Giroud and for a part Ramsey. He also had no Walcott and spent his time playing alongside Flameta, mainly Flamini. I don’t think he’s played with Coquelin who he rates highly and played with a lot in the youth team

    Jack has all the attributes. Great close control, takes the ball on the half turn and evades opponents in confined spaces. I wish he would release the ball earlier sometimes though. Yes he can be stroppy and irritating and needs to channel that aggression more positively. I don’t mind him sticking up for his team mates.Injuries are sad as it disrupts his development. I think there’s a really good player in there and i certainly wouldn’t sell him. It’s my personal opinion though.

  4. tunnygriffboy

    Moving on from what we’ve been talking about. Team v Chelsea away next season

    Cech, Debuchy, Gabriel, Kos, Monreal, Coquelin, Schneiderlin, Sanchez, Ozil, new forward, Giroud.

    That leaves a bench of : Ospina, Gibbs, Mert, Ramsey, Wilshere, Santi, Welbeck
    That is a very strong bench, all of which are capable of starting any game

    All that is fine provided the injuries are sorted.

  5. karim

    Maybe, but he s still Euro qualifiers top scorer so far, well done Danny.

    Just a precision for some people : I m not fantasising on potential Arsenal new players, just sharing my views on a couple of promising young talent because I love the game, not only Arsenal.

    Some posters are so bitter it’s unreal.

  6. tunnygriffboy


    I really rate Welbeck. He can come short or go in behind. He continually makes runs dragging defenders out of position. He just needs to improve his finishing. That comes with age and knowing you’re not going to be in and out of the team to often reducing anxiety.

    Also his workrate, pressing harrassing is unbelievable. Think of the man u goal and the pressure he put on the Monaco keeper for our first goal out there.

    I just hope his knee is ok and he’s ready to give Sakho the runaround against lpool

  7. TOLI83

    Good on a Welbeck, won’t be a superstar for us but he will be a Wiltord type player and he proved to score some big goals for us.

    One at Old Trafford as well I remember ๐Ÿ™‚