How’s that Arsenal British core looking a few years on?

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Do you ever wake up and all you want to do is unnecessarily swear?

I do. Really badly. Not sure I’ve been in the new environment to fully express myself in that way yet… which makes it all the more tempting.

Anyway, enough about me. What’s going on with you?

Save it.

We have more important things to talk about.

Or do we?

No, we don’t. Ozil captained Germany for a bit the other night. Really not overly fussed about that. I mean, I love Ozil, but he’s not really captain material, unless the Arsene Wenger silent treatment is back in as a motivating factor.

I was thinking about all of this nonsense with quotas. Apparently, at least three players will have to have been with the club for 3 years from 15. If I were a young English kid right now, I’d be pulling out all the stops to be the third choice keeper. What a sweet lifestyle. No one really fusses over you in the press, you hang out with footballers so you get to go to all the cool parties and you can get fat off a major deal because of your passport.

That’s the thing, these new rules take the meritocracy out of the game. You’re important and pricey because you’re homegrown or English. We’re looking to improve the national squad, but what we do is we put all the ok players into good teams, they don’t play, so don’t develop.

I mean, look at our English core that we signed 2 years ago.

Gibbs (£55k pw): Just lost his place to Nacho. Doesn’t seem to progress as a player.

Theo (£100k pw): Good player. One dimensional. Looking for a pay hike despite being injured most of the last 2 years, mainly because he’s English.

WELBZ (£70k pw): Good squad player. Doesn’t score enough goals. Gets England games because the coach likes him.

Jenks (£35k pw): Ok right back, about to be replaced at right back by Glen Johnson. An uncertain future unless it’s bantzing online.

Ramsey (£120k pw): Had a serious bout of regression after looking world class last year.

Wilshere (£90k pw): Based on his behaviour and what you’ve seen of him this year, would you say he’s indispensable?

Chambo (£60k pw): LOVE HIM. But always injured.

Our English core are mostly and expensive after thought in our squad. If it weren’t for their passports, how much love would there be for them? How much would they be worth salary wise?

Being English is more important than being talented. Our good players are being used to tick boxes. Our FA don’t see that and are making the problem worse. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, there it is!

I don’t have much else on…


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  1. blsany

    Zizou has four sons none of them bald.They must be shit at soccerball as well.Zizou has weak genes.Shame that.

  2. gambon


    Nice to see you bitching about my bitching you scumbag.

    Your inferiority complex stands out like a synthetic baby at a D&G show.

    Now back to your business plan on betting on Man City to beat Middlesbor….i mean Chelsea to beat Brad…..i mean Arsenal to beat Hul……let me get back to you

  3. mysticleaves

    Good comment.
    I think its not toooooo much of a gamble. Proven PL
    player, good age – not too much of a risk.”

    This much was said about Arteta when he signed. Now he’s all sort of bad things. SMH

  4. Rosicky@Arsenal

    People people

    Lvg turning fotunes for Manu!

    Another wrong judgement from pedto.

    wonder why people trust pedro.

    Pedros has been found out on consistently imo.


  5. nasri's mouth


    As I don’t know what you mean by:

    LVG turning fotunes for Manu

    I can’t agree or disagree

  6. Frankie T

    In order to improve the team we need to free up some squad spaces. If we tried the 2 players for every position then we’d still need to sell a few. My first team next season with back up in brackets

    Ospina (szczc) (Martinez)
    Debuchy (Bellerin)
    Gabriel (chambers)
    Koscielny (Mertesacker)
    Monreal (Gibbs)
    Schneiderlain (coq) (arteta)
    Santi (ramsey)
    Ozil (rosicky)
    Ox (Walcott)
    Giroud (welbeck) (akpom)
    Sanchez (gnabry)

    That’s the 25.

    Jack: sell
    Diaby: release
    Flam: release
    Podolski: sell
    Campbell: sell
    Jenks: loan

    That will de-bloat the squad and freshen it up with schneiderlain and gnabry. I see potential in the squad just needs tweaking

  7. MidwestGun

    @Rosicky –
    Seriously, wtf is your problem? Pedro is a fan who writes a blog at great expense of time, energy, and money so that people can comment on a Club they love. He posts everyday. Like any human he has opinions, sometimes right, sometimes wrong.
    He has a unique prospective of being a season ticket holder and knows about marketing and social media. He is an entertaining writer as well.
    Like anyone he has been correct on a lot of things and not on others.
    The beauty is tho unlike other blogs.., he doesn’t tell you how to think or act as a fan. It’s just his opinions based on observations and sometimes extra access to the team.
    So no… i don’t agree nor do I care whether you trust him or not.

  8. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Pedro has been a severe critic of lvg.

    And it seems Lvg may prove Pedro wrong with united finishing in top4.

    Hope it is clear?

  9. Rosicky@Arsenal


    I really appreciate Pedro for sparing his time and writing a post on daily basis.
    Also it is not necessary that anybody agrees to his post and his judgement could go wrong after all he is a human.

    But reading his post siggest that he criticizes too much .He is a big critique of Wenger and has been criticizing Lvg too often now.

    but i think he was too quick to pass a judgement on Lvg.

  10. N5

    Come back when LVG has won something. He’s had millions of pounds invested in a team with no ECL and won fuck all. Yeah great manager!

    Pedro is just a man, he’s not claiming to be Mr Wenger, he’s just got an opinion, if you don’t like it, don’t read it, it’s really that simple.

    Imagine what kind of person attempts to get people to agree in your rallying cry against him on his own site.


  11. BacaryisGone

    Here’s one way to end the debate. Take the Top 4 leagues (I guess we’ll have to include Italy along with Spain, Germany and England) and on two Saturdays during the season have a playoffs with the teams playing each other based on their corresponding positions. It would be a little like the Ryder Cup and at least ensure bragging rights for someone. The Premier League is weaker at the top but I think the bottom half is probably ahead of Spain and Italy at least.

    It’ll never happen but it would be fun. It would also bring some European football to every team in the Division.

  12. nasri's mouth


    LvG should be finishing in the top 4 though. He’s got the most expensive squad, the biggest wage bill.

    Really anything less than a challenge for the league is a failure.

    Add that to the way he went out of the two domestic cups and the lack of CL football to distract him, and I’d say LvG hasn’t succeeded.

  13. MidwestGun

    @Rosicky –
    Ironic since it seems to be your agenda to criticize Pedro’s judgement at every perceived opportunity that you are questioning what the correct ammount of criticism is.
    Also I’m failing to see the link between criticism and asking whether Pedro has been “found out ”
    Found out for what?

  14. Goondawg

    It took pretty much a whole season for LVG to work out that Herrera and Mata can and should play together.

  15. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Just found out, i get the match on the Tv. Excited… hopefully it’s entertaining. Sorry about that Lord Bendtner thing… seems we gave him more confidence if that’s even possible. Lol
    France will handle Denmark I’m sure. US has serious defensive issues.
    Anyhow, beat Brazil!

  16. Leedsgunner

    Why are we even debating the merits of LvG? He’s an irrelevance as far as Arsenal FC is concerned. Am I missing something?

    Roll on the rest of the season so that we can talk about footie that is actually interesting and that matters.

  17. karim


    La compo française : Mandanda – Sagna, Varane, Sakho, Evra – Sissoko, Schneiderlin, Matuidi – Griezmann, Benzema, Valbuena.

    La compo brésilienne : Jefferson – Danilo, T.Silva, Miranda, F.Luis – Elias, Luiz Gustavo – Willian, Oscar – Neymar, Firmino.


    Vamos !

  18. Goondawg

    Merci Karim

    You know I’m french on my mums side as well? Got Family from Port de clingnancourt or something like that in Paris

  19. MidwestGun

    Leeds –
    Ha… naaaaa man… your not missing anything. Apparently the dude from Untold is upset about Pedro’s criticism of LVG and being ” found out”.

  20. salparadisenyc

    “Your inferiority complex stands out like a synthetic baby at a D&G show.”

    All time goodness right there.

  21. Leedsgunner

    “Jenkinson has actually been the surprise. He’s been a near ever-present for West Ham and performed well. He’s just unlucky that we have both Debuchy and Bellerin ahead of him.”

    Well said…

    Yep. Call it the Coquelin Effect… former flops that suddenly bloom under a different coaching set up… hmmm? Is that because they are more mature or is it because the coaching is different… hard to say.

    Debuchy will soon be the wrong side of 30 and we’ll have the Sagna scenerio all over again. Plus if Bellerin continues in his upward trajectory no doubt Barça will start tapping him up as they always do. I can see the sense in transforming Debuchy into a utility CB and retaining Jenks as an EPL ready RB. Well done to Jenks for taking his chance and proving his worth.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say I want Jenks back and let’s have him fight for the RB spot with Bellerin. Move Debuchy gradually into the centre to act as a utility centre back — goodness knows we get enough injuries!

  22. London gunner

    Why on earth would that pilot kill himself and take down 150 passengers. ridiculous levels of selfishness right there.

    Plus pilots are serious earners, guy should have been jet setting it/playboying it up. What a face palm of a life.

  23. Dan Ahern

    Madness. RB:

    Debuchy > Bellerín >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chambers >>>>>>>>>Jenkinson

    In 6-12 months it will be

    Bellerín >> Debuchy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chambers >>>>>>>>>Jenkinson

  24. nasri's mouth


    Jenks always looked decent after he’d played a couple of games, but he never got much of a run at Arsenal.

    I posted about him a while back that its an issue of timing. If Debuchy was older or Bellerin younger there might be a place for him, but Debuchy has a couple of years left in him, Bellerin is too good now for a loan, and we also have Chambers as back up. There just isn’t a role for him anymore.
    I think his improvement shows that he was a good buy though, should make us some money

  25. N5

    London, what an absolute wanker he was. If he was going to take his life fine. Sad, but fine.

    There was kids on that plane. I hope he’s in hell.

  26. nasri's mouth

    @London gunner

    I don’t know the particular details but depression is no respecter of class, wealth or success.

    Mental illness can be a deadly thing, and by its very nature means the victims mind is nowhere near rational

  27. karim

    There’s a Brazilian poster too, Wengerites be damned !
    He’s probably hiding somewhere waiting for the Brazilians to score so that he can rightly remind us who’s the Boss !

  28. Goondawg

    Is it suicide when he takes the lives of 149 down with him.. And the plane crashed not too far from a small village, could have been far worse.. Depression is a terrible illness that destroys lives, but one does not kill 149 people to cure that

  29. N5

    That’s my thinking Dawg, killing himself is sad, but when you take 149 people with you, you are a mass murderer, it’s as simple as that.

  30. nasri's mouth


    Yah, i always think there must be an element of madness in anyone who kills for simply the sake of killing. Its pretty rare, normally there’s a reason, however convoluted it may be.

  31. N5

    NM, its a sad affair whatever the reason. I’ve been reading about some of the people that died and it’s heartbreaking. School kids, people starting new careers, mums out with sons, babies etc.

    I know, everyone who dies has a story, but we don’t normally get so up close and personal with so many in such a short amount of time.

    I feel for the co-pilots mum and dad who are being left to grief and carry the burden their son has left behind.

  32. nasri's mouth


    You’re thinking about it logically though because you’re of sound mind. If it was suicide through depression, there is no logic behind his decision. His mind may have told him that just as his life wasn’t worth living, nor were the lives of his passengers.
    Mental illness whether depression, paranoia, schizophrenia etc. makes you believe things that any sane person would know not to be true.

    I wonder whether this will increase the screening they do on pilots. They allowed them anti- depressants a while back

  33. N5

    “Wenger’s ideology is so naive and amateurish he wouldn’t even pass as a pub coach.”

    Oh shut the fuck up you absolute nob head. You’re so bloody boring.

  34. Ryan

    It’s funny to me that almost everyone can see what England needs except England. Almost every nation’s players go abroad, but not the English. Sure the BPL is the greatest league in the world, but most would say (on top of a winter break) is technical development. Why aren’t more British players honing their technique in Spain? Young English players going to the Barca academy or Dortmund academy. Combine the English passion and fight with the latin flair, you’ve got yourself a national team.

    The new rules are a double negative. Let’s shut out more global talent so our players can develop. The league will get worse and the English talent won’t be any better. England’s national team’s players already all play week in week out in the BPL. Like Pete said, so you’ll have more 3rd choice guys on the bench? How does this help?

    These are the guys that need to be playing in Spain, France, Holland, and Germany. So many players play in these leagues as development and use a jump to the Premier League’s top clubs as a final destination. Why can’t the English do the same?

  35. nasri's mouth


    Its incredibly sad. There are countless other situations where equally innocent people are losing their lives in this world through no fault of their own. The place can be very shitty sometimes.

    Still, at least God is looking out for all those footballers who offer up a little prayer for him when they come on the pitch. Makes it all worthwhile…

  36. N5

    “The club and fans alike put their faith in a manager who’s failed to deliver in the Champions league.”

    So kind of like 95% of European teams then? go bang another drum cretin.

  37. N5

    One Arsene Wenger, there’s only one Arsene Wenger.

    Marble, have you ever won anyone over you burk? you say the same thing over and over, year after year and other than me, you get ignored. So WOB/AKB are all in agreement that you are a cunt and we’d all rather suck Wenger’s bellend than see you write another comment!!

  38. london gunner

    I hate the mental illness line it doesn’t carry much weight for me and it irritates me how it is constantly used as an excuse for nasty pieces of work.

    Like N5 said if there is a hell I sure hope he’s roasting.

    P.S. Obviously if someone kills themselves it is a sad affair, but I lose all simply when they take the lives of innocents.

  39. london gunner

    Midwest the irony of that photo is that the tall guys facial features/epic height are the result of an abnormal amount of growth hormone being produced and released within his body.

    Whilst Messi had to have GH as a youth otherwise he would have been under 5 foot.

  40. N5

    Lol Tourist. Are you still considered a tourist after 33 years. Marble your the tourist who’s been spoiled by Wenger, pre-Wenger, I had to wait 18 years between us winning a trophy and although it was frustrating I didn’t come on a blog and cry every day like you.

    You are the biggest AKB of them all to keep demanding success when you contribute fuck all to the club. Why the fuck should they win anything for you and who are you to keep on asking?

    You don’t watch them, attend them, buy merchandise or even really support them, so please keep your snotty little nose out of our affairs.

  41. nasri's mouth

    Some good news, PL clubs to pay living wage to all full time employees

    Bet most of Newcastle’s are part time…

  42. Dan Ahern

    Redtruth, you sound like one of those kids toys where you pull the string and it spits out the same three recorded lines over and over. What you need to do is invest some creativity in your inflammatory remarks. Ask your mum to buy you a notebook and some coloured pencils. Then start drawing the things that make you angry. Start writing little captions for them, and see where it takes you. I might show your mum your progress as well; it’d help with the validation you desperately seek, because she’d feel too guilty to be honest with you. Once you’ve got a few funny drawings and captions, ram them up your arsehole until it bleeds. This will be the final bit of extra motivation you need. You’ll notice you’ve inspired yourself to be something greater–something more interesting. You’ll feel ready. So it’s time. Log on to Untold Arsenal and never look back.

  43. N5

    Me mid sorry, sometimes I like to bite a couple of times just to see where he goes with his comments, but it instantly just reverts back to his stock phrases. He really needs an upgrade. His RAMs fried and his CPU is about 10 years out of date. It’s amazing you can still find bots running on 256kb RAM.

  44. london gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    Depression is a real issue and l I know quite a few people have suffered from it. I imagine most people know someone who has if not they themselves..

    The people I know including family members never would have killed/endangered other people, that is cruel, selfish and indicative of a narcissist nature.

  45. kwik fit

    Asolute disgrace that Liverpool are allowed to withdraw their players from international duty to keep them fresh for arsenal

  46. N5

    I don’t need to deflect attention Brian, you do a good enough job of that yourself. Anyone who thinks Henry was overrated doesn’t need my help looking stupid.

  47. N5

    PS your latest username is by far the most stupid you’ve had. The first one Dial was good, the second was OK, this last one is just embarrassing.

  48. MidwestGun

    Ahern –
    Haha. You sussed it out, pretty quickly. I asked him last time before he got binned to write, why he supports the club in paragraph form with supporting evidence. Or conversely to write a few paragraphs on his vision for the future post Wenger but he couldn’t do it.
    Basically anything over 8 sentences.
    Apparently, he has a learning disability tho.

  49. london gunner

    Wayne Rooney says stick with Roy.

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds eh?

    Can’t believe that Roy is still the England manager after that embarrassing performance in the summer.

    Will we ever win a WC again?

  50. nasri's mouth

    @london gunner

    Mental illness comes in many forms and sometimes causes people to act in ways that harm others, in ways they would never contemplate if they were healthy.

    We don’t know the details yet, so I’m certainly not going to defend him, I’ll keep an open mind. You would do well to try to do the same

  51. london gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    In life you’re judged by your deeds. He killed 150 people including children, there is no redemption or excuses to be made.

    Mental illness can not be a constant scape goat It just can’t. Its to easy.

    Bad people who are mentally ill will kill people. Good people won’t (unless by accident)

    It’s like Steroids and roid rage if you’re an asshole in the first place and you take them it will make you more aggressive and cause you to be physically violent/abusive to people around you. If you’re a good nice friendly guy you stay relatively the same and don’t turn into a complete barbarian.

  52. N5

    LG, that was my point earlier, a serial killer is mentally ill, a kiddy fiddler is mentally ill and I certainly wouldn’t forgive either! so I think it would be hypocritical of me to say “poor pilot”. Which I certainly would have done, had he killed himself only.

    NM is spot on with what he said about him not valuing any life, but that’s why I bring up any mass murder, as they have no regard for life either and I don’t really see the difference. Both are premeditated, well to an extent, both harm innocent. I don’t really see the grey area.

    Maybe I’m just harsh, but I don’t feel like I am. I don’t feel sorry for Angers Breivik who killed with a gun, so should I for a pilot that killed with a plane?

  53. N5

    “All humans are savages no one is good”

    I know, Ghandi was an animal and Mother Therese, well let’s put it this way, if I got hold of her, I’d……

  54. MidwestGun

    Ahern –
    Naaa… never more then one sentence about tourists or whatever he has written on his notepad that day. Copy ….. paste randam sentences.

    Neymar pretty isolated. Brazil needs Giroud…… 😀

  55. salparadisenyc

    “However I can’t stop going to Arsenal..”

    Too fucking right.

    N5 to be fair they didn’t have blogs pre Wenger, christ the internet didn’t even really exist. WTF did we do?

    I found out about about Bergkamp signing on the train, a fine gentleman was reading the ES and I sneaked a look whilst cranking my yellow Sony walkman to something sick i’m sure. Headed for summer holidays, my first trip on the Eurostar.

    Not sure I really thought much of it then. I took some poor girls virginity in the Dordogne that summer, i’m certainly a savage.

    Off topic sure… but someone needs to switch gears before London Gunner embarrasses himself further.

  56. nasri's mouth


    Its a tricky one. Anders Breivik’s mental state has been debated a lot.

    In his case he had an irrational hatred of certain people and killed them because he thought the world was a better place without them.
    Thats a crime motivated by hate.

    In the case of someone who kills themselves and others because of severe depression it can be because they believe its better off to be dead than to continue suffering.
    That’s a crime not motivated by hate.

    Its impossible to know what the pilots motivation was driven by at this time, so who knows whether he hated the world he lived in or hated the people he shared it with

  57. N5

    Sal, I know, I wanted to make a comment about self entitlement but couldn’t really think of another way to word it.

    I was more annoyed with the tourist comment, its impossible to be a tourist when I’ve been there through the good and the bad and for long term gooners, especially the older guys will tell you, this isn’t a bad patch we’ve been through in comparison, it was a blip. 18 years was a bad patch and although we moaned…god did we moan, it wasn’t constant slagging off of GG or whomever else was in charge and calling each other names for being on either side of that support.

    Tourist indeed.

  58. nasri's mouth

    @london gunner

    May I suggest you have a chat with some of your friends who suffer from depression (are some of them also black and/or gay too? You know , some of your best ones) and get them to give you their view.

  59. N5

    NM, I’ve got all the time in the world for your opinion and I agree its best to keep an open mind.

    You remind me of my sister, she’s a behavior therapist and I annoy the crap out of her with my instant judgement/condemnation of people, she’s more level headed and understanding.

  60. nasri's mouth

    Mother Theresa was more than misguided.

    Not a particularly nice person, and not deserving of sainthood

  61. nasri's mouth


    I’m certainly a lot more open minded than I was 20 years ago!

    It turns out that pretty much everything in life is far and away more complicated than I ever thought 😀

  62. salparadisenyc


    I’m a junkie I like young girls the arsenal and alcohol…. Not necessarily in that order.

    The missus approves of two of the three she hates Footie.

  63. N5

    NM, I’ve just been talking about it with my wife who’s in a similar mindset to you.

    She’s likened the pilot to a spree killer rather than a serial killer, she said spree killers might be reactive and not premeditated, triggered by whatever, whereas a serial killer knows what he’s doing, he just doesn’t care.

    See Ted Bundy, he killed all those ladies but then tried to save his own life by saying and doing whatever he could to get off of deathrow.

    One understands value of life, one doesn’t.

    It’s odd as I would never have looked at it from either of yours point of view, I guess looking at pictures of some of those children onboard got the better of my emotion.

  64. MidwestGun

    It turns out that pretty much everything in life is far and away more complicated than I ever thought 
    Haha. I tried to explain this to my divorce attorney. He said doesn’t matter she still gets half.

  65. nasri's mouth

    I think before the internet it was harder to know whether we should have been doing better than we were in many areas.

    Most of the moaning would be about player X being a lazy shite, now its all about red zones, Gazidis actual role, Kroenke taking money out, DMs etc.etc

    Years ago (when things were tough ( Yorkshire accent time) ) arsenal fans I knew didn’t have a clue about CEOs and profit margins

  66. N5

    NM, In your opinion, now we know more about the club dealings, does that give us more right to moan?

    I know we pay the highest prices and I know we expect more after what the club has spent, but I was making a point more about not being a tourist.

  67. karim

    My thoughts :

    France playing with the handbrake
    Sakho a bit panicky
    Sagna back passes are boring as hell
    I wanna see Fekir
    Firmino looks dangerous and Neymar is rather lively

  68. Wengaball

    “Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge… is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding.”

    This applies when discussing a football manager or a mentally ill killer.

  69. N5

    “Asking an imbecile for his opinion.”

    Unsure if this is a question, observation or instruction?

    “He don’t know nowt about Arsenal”

    I bet whomever you are talking about knows more about Arsenal than you do about grammar.

  70. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Ya.. sounds about right.
    Brazil more dangerous running at defense, one touch passing via Firminho.
    France looked better on counter and set pieces.
    Sagna still can’t cross. Lol.

  71. nasri's mouth


    IMO if its your money being wasted or not being spent properly then you have an absolute right to moan, though the phrase ‘ a little knowledge is a dangerous thing ‘ applies.

  72. london gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    What’s being black and gay got to do with depression? Bit of an odd comment.

    Also as if I don’t speak to my friends who suffer from depression. One of my closest friends that I have known since nursery has had an impossibly tough life I have been there for him and seen him at his lowest ebb, but he has never tried to harm anyone nor wish harm on anyone because he is not a socio-pathic monster who values his own feelings over the life of innocent women and children,. I have seen first hand how depression can lead to neglect or some indifference towards others, but a callous disregard for someone right to life is beyond the pale.

    So just stop with constant condescending snide remarks as if you’re the expert on life.