How’s that Arsenal British core looking a few years on?

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Do you ever wake up and all you want to do is unnecessarily swear?

I do. Really badly. Not sure I’ve been in the new environment to fully express myself in that way yet… which makes it all the more tempting.

Anyway, enough about me. What’s going on with you?

Save it.

We have more important things to talk about.

Or do we?

No, we don’t. Ozil captained Germany for a bit the other night. Really not overly fussed about that. I mean, I love Ozil, but he’s not really captain material, unless the Arsene Wenger silent treatment is back in as a motivating factor.

I was thinking about all of this nonsense with quotas. Apparently, at least three players will have to have been with the club for 3 years from 15. If I were a young English kid right now, I’d be pulling out all the stops to be the third choice keeper. What a sweet lifestyle. No one really fusses over you in the press, you hang out with footballers so you get to go to all the cool parties and you can get fat off a major deal because of your passport.

That’s the thing, these new rules take the meritocracy out of the game. You’re important and pricey because you’re homegrown or English. We’re looking to improve the national squad, but what we do is we put all the ok players into good teams, they don’t play, so don’t develop.

I mean, look at our English core that we signed 2 years ago.

Gibbs (£55k pw): Just lost his place to Nacho. Doesn’t seem to progress as a player.

Theo (£100k pw): Good player. One dimensional. Looking for a pay hike despite being injured most of the last 2 years, mainly because he’s English.

WELBZ (£70k pw): Good squad player. Doesn’t score enough goals. Gets England games because the coach likes him.

Jenks (£35k pw): Ok right back, about to be replaced at right back by Glen Johnson. An uncertain future unless it’s bantzing online.

Ramsey (£120k pw): Had a serious bout of regression after looking world class last year.

Wilshere (£90k pw): Based on his behaviour and what you’ve seen of him this year, would you say he’s indispensable?

Chambo (£60k pw): LOVE HIM. But always injured.

Our English core are mostly and expensive after thought in our squad. If it weren’t for their passports, how much love would there be for them? How much would they be worth salary wise?

Being English is more important than being talented. Our good players are being used to tick boxes. Our FA don’t see that and are making the problem worse. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, there it is!

I don’t have much else on…


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  1. Romford Ozil Pele

    Have to admit that Chambo is the only I love most out of the English core. Because of the HG criteria though, we can’t really be getting rid of any of them.

  2. Romford Ozil Pele

    Pedro you forgot Calum Chambers.

    Also, why are the clocks going forward this weekend?! Shoot me now!

  3. nasri's mouth


    I don’t know the details of Dykes proposal. Its possible they won’t qualify as home grown because we didn’t get them at 15

  4. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I don’t know the details of Dykes proposal. Its possible they won’t qualify as home grown because we didn’t get them at 15”

    Even the likes of Ox, Rambo, Chambers etc?? That would be silly. Sure, they weren’t trained by the club but if you can’t class them as a HG talent, what do you call them?

  5. Bamford10

    Sign Schneiderlin, Cech and Lacazette/Benteke this summer. Start the XI below next season. Win things.


    I would say Dybala, but I’ve read he wants to stay in Italy. And I know some of you lot don’t rate Benteke, but … well … you’re wrong. 😉

    And I realize Chelsea likely won’t sell us Cech, but we need better than Shez —- and better than Giroud and Coquelin — if we want to compete with the best.

  6. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bamford, nice team.

    Not sure about Dybala wanting to stay in Italy mind you. He can earn a lot more abroad. And when it comes down to small details, things like that tip the scales in the favour of others. Don’t think he’ll end up here mind you but I sure as hell don’t see him going to Juve when the were struggling to put pennies together to buy Higuain/Jovetic.

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    This summer:

    Jenkinson – SOLD
    Poldi – SOLD
    Diaby – Released
    Flamini – Hopefully SOLD
    Campbell – Hopefully SOLD
    Theo – Looks like he’s going
    Szcz – Interesting to see what’s happening here. He certainly won’t accept the situation as it is. Dudek said yesterday he should find himself a new club.
    Gnabry – LOAN
    Sanogo – Hopefully SOLD but reckon Wenger will LOAN him again
    Akpom – LOAN

    We actually have so many players on the roster. Still need to do some culling and then make sure what we add is the necessary quality to elevate us.

  8. Romford Ozil Pele

    Theo just tweeted: “I don’t normally comment on false stories about myself but reports about contract demands & bust-ups with the boss are complete nonsense.

    “There have been no contract talks as of yet and my current focus is not on contracts but on doing my best for AFC.”

  9. up 4 grabs now

    Morning Romford,

    I notice on that quote Theo didnt rubbish the argument with Wenger?
    Also i think Flamini is out of contract so can be let go.

  10. Wallace

    i’d like –

    Gundogan or Lars Bender
    Dybala – if Theo leaves
    Forster – if Szcz leaves

    think we’re in good shape otherwise. would like to see Gnabry & Akpom really challenge for the first team next season.

  11. Bigper

    I Kind of understand what they are trying to do with english quota,basically they want clubs to focus more on the youth teams and do all they can to develop the young english players as a priority

    It’s all about getting the right coaches in to develop the players properly. If clubs can follow in the footsteps of clubs like southampton for example then it can be a good thing.

    Also Pochetinno has given young English players a chance at southampton and Spurs and whilst they may not be truly worldclass players yet they have certainly improved and have kept expensive foreign players out of the Spurs side so you could argue that if they were trained at a younger age and given priority then the players could develop to a higher standard that what we are currently getting

    You can look at it two ways really, for example why the fuck did we buy sanogo when we have Akpom…. But on the other hand it also means clubs may miss out on truly exceptional foreign players

  12. Romford Ozil Pele

    SRG – Haha it’s fine. At the end of the day, we all have different opinions. If we all agreed about everything, life would be boring. As long as nobody gets abusive, it’s just a good healthy debate 😀

    Grabs – Morning. Theo did mention it. He said that he hasn’t fallen out with Wenger. I do, however, feel that Wenger doesn’t fancy him anymore though.
    Is Flamini out of contract? Thought he had a year left. Good riddance anyway.

  13. up 4 grabs now

    Romford, sorry i don’t do Twitter, Facebook,Etc so was just going off what you Wrote.
    I did think it was a bit out of character for Theo, looks like he would cry if Wenger shouted at him!
    Wont be disappointed when Flamini is released, Has Artetas Contract extension actually been announced?

  14. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah grabs, Theo really isn’t a very controversial character. Very pretty middle class English lad and he wouldn’t hurt a fly so it was interesting that he came out with those quotes. Don’t know how much you read into this tbh.

  15. up 4 grabs now

    Just a quick heads up for People that think Gnabry is going to replace Theo if he leaves. See below i think he has replaced him already!

    Serge missed the whole month through injury.
    Serge missed the whole of December through injury.
    Serge missed the whole month through injury.
    Serge did not feature for the first team in February but made his comeback from injury in the under-21s’ 2-1 win at Newcastle United.
    Serge did not feature in March due to injury.


  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    The Theo dynamic is an interesting one. Assuming Poldi leaves and Theo goes too, that may then open up a space very close to the team for JC. Who knows though, i’m speculating. If all three were to leave then you’d envisage that we would be signing someone.

  17. Jim Lahey

    Can I ask how you English guys feel about Dykes proposal? Personally not being English I could care less about the English core, the best players at the club what I want to see regardless of nationality.

    Do you think limiting the amount of foreigners that play in the league would really help the national teams performance? Surely having better players around will make the home grown players better?

    I think it isn’t foreign players not allowing English players to shine I think it is the level of coaching at underage in this country that needs to examined. If you look at Spain, most of the qualified coaches are coaching u-8s/10s. They learn how to play the game at a young age. Not the biggest bruisers progress but the more skilful players.

  18. up 4 grabs now

    Romford i think its telling that JC signed a new contract before he went out on loan.
    also isn’t the world famous Wellington finally getting a work permit?

    you know Arsene will be cracking open the “he’s like a new signing” Quote if that’s true!

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Jim – you’re right. As an Englishman, I only want the best players at my club. Ideally English players would be good enough but that’s not the reality. There are very few who are up to par, and that comes back to the issue of coaching as you’ve alluded to. Dykes proposals wouldn’t help the league at all. As Wenger said when this issue first came up, the way for the likes of Ox etc to improve is to have the, training with top guys like Alexis on a daily basis.

  20. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Wellington Silva, totally forgot about him. Haven’t watched Almeria so don’t know how he’s gotten on but if JC wasn’t getting a chance, can’t see Wellington fairing much better.

  21. Danish Gooner

    I am seriously pissed of with our English contingent.I had high hopes Chambo would be our Rooney,he is not even Rooney light he is more like David Bentley one good game then 9 shitty ones or Gibbs the new Ashley Cole always injured and a seriously horrible defender,wilshire complete out of his debt at Arsenal and always injured. The biggest disappointment of them all Walnut saw an omnipotent juggernaut in his running but the only real running is in to the oppositions defenders so one dimensional when you look up the word one dimensional a picture of walnut appears.

  22. up 4 grabs now


    I think we all like to see a local lad do well for the team, but if they aren’t good enough, they shouldn’t be anywhere near the Arsenal.
    The problem is the coaches and the approach in England, not the foreign players.

    What did the national team do after 1966. cant blame foreign players as there were so few.
    apart from Euro 96 when home advantage helped we haven’t had a decent squad of players to win the big Tournaments.
    Managers not being tactically aware and poor coaching is why the England team do so bad im afraid.

  23. Jim Lahey

    @RP – Coaching really needs to be the main focus. Kids have to learn at a young age to play the game correctly. When I played underage football I was kicked around the pitch because I was a decent skilful player. And this went on until I was seriously hurt and couldn’t play anymore. Nothing was done about it on the pitch, the game was get the biggest kids and smash the ball up to them. Thats how the game was played, no one even suggested that we get the ball down and play it on the ground.

    Winning is important, but playing the game correctly is even more so. Especially at the ages of 8-14.

  24. nasri's mouth


    Like all our national sports, I’d like us to do better on the international stage but I’m not sure Dyke has got it quite right as his proposals will see young players from all countries (under the age of 15) being uprooted from their homes on a promise and the problem with young players of that age is its much harder to predict their talent trajectory.
    So we risk having 21 yr old foreigners dumped on the scrap heap with no career and a messed up childhood.
    I’ve heard that over time the plan is to add to the rules to make it harder for non English kids to be used as homegrown, but this then presents another problem of English kids sitting back on the gravy train because of their nationality not their ability.

    I can see something needed to be done, I’m not sure there’s a perfect solution, and I can absolutely see this being abused by clubs

  25. Wallace

    all of our English players have shown real quality in bursts. think we’ve got 2 excellent players in the Ox and Chambers, but it’s going to be an important 18mths for Jack, Theo, Welbeck & Gibbs.

  26. nasri's mouth

    @Danish gooner

    Chamberlain has 1 good game for 9 duff ones? Really? I don’t agree. Its the injury issues that are the problem

    Gibbs a ‘seriously horrible defender’ ?

    Not at all

  27. up 4 grabs now

    Jim, i think another problem is the rule restricting clubs to a catchment area of 90 minutes travel?
    It means players cant join clubs out of there area. so if you have a quality youngster that has to end up at a 1st or 2nd division league club because a modern Prem club isn’t near by it doesn’t help.
    Those leagues are getting better, but coaching is still pretty bad, and a lot of good players go out of the game that way as well.

  28. gambon


    Just read London Gunners post yesterday regarding how easy it is to make money betting on forgone conclusions.

    Makes pretty terrible reading, and explains why he uses stats so badly in the analysis of players.

    The idea that you can make easy money betting on “easy games” is ridiculous, and no different to the idea you can make money betting on 30-1 horses everyday.

  29. Bamford10


    More pace, more athleticism, just as technical, and unlike Giroud, can create his own chances. Simply a better striker, a better athlete, and younger.

    He has struggled a bit to recover from injury and find his full form, but he had a nice brace two weekends ago, is only 24 and has loads of potential.

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    Jim – yeah I think most encountered the same experience. Knocked about by the bigger kids who’d then get slaughtered by their foreign counterparts. It’s all to do with perceptions of how the game should be played though. Think back to your Sunday League Days and what parents were chanting on the sidelines – wasn’t exactly conducive to getting the ball down and playing, was it? Obviously we need to work out what works best for us but you can see how Germany are producing talented footballers by the truck load nowadays.

    In England we value win at all costs. But that really isn’t helfpul for youngsters. 11 year-olds are chucked on massive pitches but aren’t taught the fundamentals. It’s all kick and run. No passing patterns etc. It’s why we love the PL, it’d end-to-end exciting stuff. But it isn’t always the most intelligent way to play.

  31. gambon

    I wouldnt say im disappointed in our English players, fact is there just arent many great English players out there.

    Sterling is the only one IMO that has the ability to become a true top level player. I would have said the same about Wilshere, but i just dont see it anymore.

  32. Wallace


    “WELBZ (£70k pw): Good squad player. Doesn’t score enough goals. Gets England games because the coach likes him.”

    hasn’t he scored 5 goals in his last 4 games for England?

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    If anything, the PL is the perfect example of nothing being a foregone conclusion. Mourinho/Wenger reinforce this all the time. If all games were a foregone conclusion, why would we bother watching it?

  34. Jim Lahey

    @up 4 grabs now – Wow I had not heard of that! That is crazy! I feel the system now is just fine, coaching needs to looked at and more qualified coaches at the underage levels.

    @NM – My main claim to fame was that in 1999, just before I started in Secondary school, I (and about 8 others..) was approached by a representative from Newcastle of all teams to come over on trial for an initial 2-3 months I believe it was. But my mother but a stop to it and wouldn’t allow me to travel as she was afraid that I would miss out on school, not make the grade and eventually be cut and maybe not returning back to education. At the time I was distraught. But looking back at it now, it was the right decision, I was never good enough to make it, I would have spent maybe a year or two bouncing from one academy to another and missed out on getting a good education.

    Anyone who decides to take that root is a brave person!

  35. karaul

    i´m worried about our CB options next year. it seems nice on paper – gabriel koscielny but they are maybe too similar don´t you think?

    also gabriel is still unproven. koscielny injury prone. per is getting slower and slower and are you really confident that chambers will be good CB?

  36. DUIFG

    Poldi needs to be moved on, hopefully the turks pipe up with some dollar, they like taking big name players way past their peak

  37. Romford Ozil Pele

    “i´m worried about our CB options next year. it seems nice on paper – gabriel koscielny but they are maybe too similar don´t you think?”

    I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing personally. Nothing wrong with having two quick CBs. Bayern have it in Boateng/Benatita… Madrid in Pepe/Ramos. As long as the communication between the two is fine, you should be able to manage it correctly. Tbh i’ve missed being able to play the game in the opposition’s half.

  38. mysticleaves

    Bamford sees Benteke as good enough for Arsenal and Giroud not good enough.
    So in otherwords, Benteke should start and Giroud shoud be 2nd choice for him. Wow!

  39. DUIFG

    Bar DM and keeper hard to know where to go with summer spending this year. maybe just keep the powder dry see if some outrageous talent becomes available and get in the mix for that.

    ideally I want a world class st, dont see it in the market atm though, bar benzema nobody really there who makes me think sack off OG

  40. nasri's mouth

    @Jim Lahey

    Families will be persuaded to move their life over to England, given a tidy bribe at the same time, then 5 years later dumped.

    Player’s development is damaged, player’s upbringing is damaged, club are wasting money. I just don’t see that as an improvement.

    IF however the investment in grass roots (I hate that phrase) football is big enough and handled well enough, we’ll see more good English kids be available, but its going to take a while

  41. Jim Lahey

    Trust me no one hates Giroud’s “I can’t believe I just missed that” face more than me! But if he was doing what he is doing for a club like Swansea I think we’d all be wanting him at the club! Especially for the approx £10m we paid for him!

  42. DUIFG

    Not really slagging giroud, just saying in a n ideal world there are more compete strikers out there, think giroud would agree with this. none are available though.

    Harry Kane would be a treat though

  43. mysticleaves

    Gambom, is it only I and pedro that rate Chambo?
    I know Sterling is a talent that could go on to be WC but I also think Chambo can be same.

  44. Romford Ozil Pele

    Harry Kane has definitely impressed me though let him repeat this again next season before i’m fully sold. Juan Pablo Angel once scored 30 goals in a season for Aston Villa!

  45. Rhys Jaggar

    So let me get this straight:

    1. What have the comments at this site been about the extremely highly paid Mesut Ozil?
    2. What about the comments about Per Mertesacker?
    3. What about the comments about Yaya Sanogo?
    4. What about the comments about Mathieu Flamini and Arteta?
    5. What about the comments about Diaby and Rosicky’s number of appearances the past 5 years?
    6. What about the form of Sczeseny??

    Plenty of underpeforming over-paid foreigners at Arsenal, aren’t there??

    ”What did the national team do after 1966. cant blame foreign players as there were so few.
    apart from Euro 96 when home advantage helped we haven’t had a decent squad of players to win the big Tournaments.
    Managers not being tactically aware and poor coaching is why the England team do so bad im afraid.’

    World Cup 86, lost 2-1 to winners in QF;
    World Cup 90, lost on penalties to winners in SF;
    World Cup 02, lost 2-1 to winners in QF;
    Euro 04 – looked all over winners until Rooney injured, lost on penalties QF;

    A few more than just 1996 where England could have won…..

  46. up 4 grabs now

    Just announced that the co pilot of the german plane that crashed, deliberately downed it, Madness!

  47. mysticleaves

    “Trust me no one hates Giroud’s “I can’t believe I
    just missed that” face more than me! But if he was
    doing what he is doing for a club like Swansea I think
    we’d all be wanting him at the club! Especially for
    the approx £10m we paid for him!”

    Couldn’t have said it better jimmy. And that’s what DUIFG is doing now with Harry kane

  48. up 4 grabs now


    Could have won being the operative word. Quarter finals, Semi finals. if we were gallant losers in the finals i could understand it, but really!

    that Englan record sounds like ours in the champions league and we arent exactly happy about that!

  49. mysticleaves

    Personally, I think the difference between sterling and Chambo is the level of importance they command in their respective teams.

    One is already a star and hope of the team, one is still a fledgling

  50. up 4 grabs now

    Rhys, dont forget between 1966 and 1986 how many Tournaments did we actually qualify for?
    Out of 8 Tournaments was it 2-3?

  51. Wengaball

    Michu was banging them in two seasons ago like Kane is now.

    Let’s see next year. Though I suspect Kane will continue to do well.

  52. mysticleaves

    Why aren’t we harping on about Khedira now that he’s actually free? I mean a lot of gunners wanted him in january. Has he suddenly diminished as a player?

  53. up 4 grabs now

    Lets see if 2nd season syndrome hits in with Harry Kane before we declare him the next great English Hero!

  54. Micheal

    Someone mentioned Fraser Froster as replacement for Sczezzer. He has just had surgery on bad knee injury and will be out for unknown length of time.

    He’d be the perfect fit.

  55. Dream10

    Khedira at this stage is another 100k per week (minimum) squad player at this stage of his club career. Injury prone as well. An ideal CM in the 4-1-4-1 formation. He’s had a fabulous int’l career so far. Captain of the U21 Champions in 2009 and has been class in three consecutive tournaments for the senior national side as well. He was tremendous in Euro 2012 along with a certain Joao Moutinho.

  56. Ozy

    Comparing Sterling to Chambo? Sterling’s on an entirely different level and even he hasn’t performed consistently enough to be considered a great player yet.

    Chamberlain’s a disaster. Needs to sort himself out because he does have potential.

  57. Ozy

    Regarding English footballers …

    I think the English have delusions of being a top footballing nation. Great league – but only because it has a lot of money and can attract top foreigners because of said money. Outside of that? Average footballers and average, overly physical and agressive football with delusions of grandeur.

  58. S Asoa

    Life is good at AFC at last. Walnut says that there has been no bust up with Wenger and probably all is hunky dory. Walcott complains that no offer has however been made to him by the Club. So will Mr Gazidas offer the Walnut 60k per week for next 3 years .Poor fellow wants so badly to sign Da Thing

  59. mysticleaves

    Ozy so you don’t believe having added importance and star status makes you more valuable and better?

  60. qna

    Rhys. Yes England are the best and they always have been. I wish I could have some of what youve been smoking.

    @Pedro great post. Think u have summed it up perfectly. You currently have Ox as “love him”. Mee too at the moment, but that can change. I have to admit once feeling the same way about Jack and Theo. Must take into account the HG rules and with that in mind we have a better list than most. The real problem is how much they cost us and how much they leave us for players of genuine quality like Santi, Alexis and Mesut. Yes Rhys Mesut.

    The other big clubs seem to pay their 8 HG players less collectively than us and then do better than us by playing most of their games with more highly paid and more talented non HG players. Its hard to argue that that approach isnt better.

  61. mysticleaves

    Walcot has played himself into a corner where he really has no choice but to extend his current contract.

    That Arsenal haven’t already made an offer till now says much about where he is with us.

  62. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I think the English have delusions of being a top footballing nation”

    I can assure you that no person in this country thinks that. Where you got that piece of info from is anyone’s guess.

  63. Thomas

    Chamberlain – Makes good runs but no end product

    Wilshere – Always injured, overrated and unbalances the team when he plays

    Ramsey – Regressed this season

    Chambers – Shit at RB, backup CB tops.

    Walcott – Too limited, injury prone

    Welbeck – Doesn’t score enough goals

    Gibbs – Suspect defensively

    Scrap this English core bullshit.

  64. Ozy

    “I can assure you that no person in this country thinks that. Where you got that piece of info from is anyone’s guess.”

    How about every magazine, every article, every new “English hero” (Wilshere then Barkley then Sterling), the completely untrue sentiment that the English league is the best in the world..

    Maybe you don’t say it, Romford. And many on here, maybe a lot of your rational friends, don’t say it either but I stand by what I said. England has never and will never be a top footballing nation. (Let’s see how long until somebody mentions that ’66 World Cup…) But the English sure do try to pretend it is. Look at how much your national team manager is paid – even more than Loew.

  65. karim

    Monaco has changed for the better since we met them. They now play attractive attacking football, score loads of goals and find themselves in a position where they could even win the league.

    Don’t like Jardim too much either.

  66. blsany

    He is the one guiding light in the nightmare of darkness, the beacon of hope in a swamp of despair, he is LORD BENDTNER.

    King of Kings.

  67. Alfie

    Ozy –

    There is a big element in patriotism in there, no one is deluded to think we are possibly one of the best in the world.

    Much like the American army, they all think they are the bees knees but we all know that really they aren’t.

    Also, what league do you think is the best in the world interestingly?

  68. Dream10


    Mourinho is playing better now in an advanced role in front of Kondogbia and Toulalan. It was not the case earlier in the season, was it?

  69. karim

    Ha ha Jose Moutinho !
    True, he’s more like a 10 now and doesn’t waste so much energy defensively.
    The whole team was boring and uninspired as Midwest said a couple of times but they’re rather sexy right now.

  70. Ozy

    Of course, Alfie. Nothing wrong with that. I just say it’s delusions of grandeur – they’re entitled to that opinion. Just how we Americans have delusions that this country is the best in the world (a sentiment I do not share). I think for your country to become a powerful force in football, you need to dismiss these ideas that you’re just one great player away from winning the World Cup.

    Look at Germany. They were completely embarrassed during the 2000 Euros (finishing last in their group) so they completely overhauled their youth system, starting from scratch. They placed a much higher value on coaches and nurturing technically proficient players and look at the results.

    As for the best league, the Premier League may be the richest with the highest attendance but the quality of the league has really dropped considerably over the years. Sometime after 2006, 2007. Right now, the German league is fast becoming the best league. They’re producing some of the greatest talents in the world, they have incredible supporters and a lot of teams in the league are becoming quite a force not only in their league (although sadly Bayern still dominate) but in Europe too.

  71. mysticleaves

    Romford I think the FA mainly believes so. If not they won’t be making these proposals to get “England back to the pinnacle of football”

  72. Romford Ozil Pele

    “How about every magazine, every article, every new “English hero” (Wilshere then Barkley then Sterling), the completely untrue sentiment that the English league is the best in the world..”

    The media, sure. But they aren’t representative of the masses. We love to overhype any decent player. But it’s nothing new. It’s always happened. It comes from England’s desire to always have a national hero, forgetting that it’s a team game.

    I would say, however, that England is a top footballing nation even though we don’t have the team to reflect it, many nations are appreciative of England’s contribution to football in general. And players tend to speak very positively of England. Not sure how you can say England will never be a top footballing nation though, nobody can predict the future.

  73. Ozy

    Me: “I think the English have delusions of being a top footballing nation”

    Romford: “I can assure you that no person in this country thinks that. Where you got that piece of info from is anyone’s guess.”


    “I would say, however, that England is a top footballing nation even though we don’t have the team to reflect it”


  74. nasri's mouth

    Outside the press, no-one in England thinks we’re a top footballing nation. Some people think we ought to be because we invented it etc etc, but they probably also think Nigel Farage is a man of the people too

  75. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ozy, lol you got me. When I say top footballing nation, I mean in the sense that we have standing/a reputation. People still respect England even though our team isn’t great.

  76. Romford Ozil Pele

    LOL and tbh, despite England being tripe, more often than not, it takes penalties to knock them out of a tournament, most recent ones apart.

  77. MidwestGun

    “Do you ever wake up and all you want to do is unnecessarily swear.?”
    Pedro –
    You mean something like this. ..
    Fuck me! Did Lord Bendtner score a hat trick yesterday?
    Holy shit, how bad are the US gonna lose to Mexico in the Gold Cup, FFS?

    In other news, International breaks are like going to the dentist.

  78. Kane

    I guess people run out of things to talk about so regurgitate the same crap over and over.

    English players are crap and over priced / over paid = more foreign players = crap standard of International football



  79. Romford Ozil Pele

    International breaks really are dead. Nothing to talk about. With that in mind, here’s the full Morgan Schneiderlin interview. Naturally I hope he comes to Arsenal. My worry is how much Saints will charge, especially considering what they got for the likes of Lovren, Lallana and Shaw.…lo-in-muscles/

    Speaking to L’Équipe published the morning of France’s friendly encounter with Brazil, Southampton central midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin discussed Les Bleus and his future.

    On taking on another dimension…

    “In terms of confidence in my own game, that is true, I feel that I am better in the Premier League. For France, I want to show more than I have up until now. I know that I am capable, but the World Cup has liberated me.”

    On what he can bring to the national team…

    “I am not the type of player who will make 15 nutmegs, 50 flicks and light up the evening. I am more there guy who wins the ball back, looking for one-twos, working on possession. Maybe I need to let myself go a little more, but my aim is to remain tidy with my football.”

    On playing as a defensive midfielder…

    “It is a role that I like a lot, even if Southampton often play with two, in a 4-4-2. But I like to get as many touches of the ball as possible, to run the game. My role does give other players greater liberty going forward and protects the defence, to compensate for the bombing forward of the full-backs. For me, in this 4-3-3 system, Sergio Busquets is the model, not very attacking, but in charge of balancing the team.”

    On whether he is treated with more respect in the Premier League since becoming a French international…

    “Yes, there is another attitude displayed towards me, but I think that is more to do with how I have been playing in the league. Sometimes, opposing teams have an individual player making me and that is a sign of respect. They did it less before.”

    On moving on…

    “It is not I who establishes my price. But that’s just the reality of the situation. In August, I wanted to move on but the club let too many players go for them to accept for me to leave. Since then, I have had discussions with the representatives and I want to play at a higher level: it is important, at the age of 25, to finally experience the Champions League. After that, at the end of the season, Southampton might qualify for the Champions League and I could also stay, who knows… But well, I don’t want to be sitting in front of my TV anymore on Tuesday and Wednesday nights…”

    On his failed attempts to leave last summer…

    “I immediately moved on to the next thing. I told myself: they made a business decision, that’s normal, it is football… Out of respect for the club, who made me into the player that I have become, I immediately came back and gave my all. Despite everything, I got injured in December because I was not able to have the same pre-season preparations as the rest of the squad.”

    On his gym work…

    “It is true that I have gained some (muscle). During my time out injured, I worked hard, notably on my upper body. I have probably gained about 1kg of muscles. And I feel it, in my game, it helps me. It is important, in the Premier League, to be able to resist opponents. After that, you have to get the balance right because you cannot be too heavy in my position or you lose mobility.”

    On his red card vs Chelsea…

    “I got annoyed with Cesc Fabregas because he wouldn’t stop talking, he kept doing these little things. He made me lose my head and, during one play, I forgot that I was already on a warning, I saw him go down the line and I thought that this was the moment to unleash a little challenge on him. Something that I realise I did stupidly…”

  80. useroz

    Answer is ‘replaced’ or ‘upgraded’.

    If we really need the current Britidh ‘core’ to make up the numbers fine.

    Will any of them become WC tbh? Never says never but unlikely.

    Well, if we include Akpom, more of a may be WC potential; age also on his side.

    Walcott, wilshere – get a good price and sell esp if City need to make up the home grown target.

  81. MidwestGun

    I’d say best and top are very subjective terms. For me, England is a top 20 side not a top 10, definately not a top 5. So i guess it’s how much money and time is your FA willing to put into youth development to move up 10 spots?
    Seems like they are trying to legislate an answer thru quotas thereby trying to make Premier teams do the dirty work. Doubt that will work. Premier teams will just find ways around the system as their agenda is very different. Appeal to an international audience and entertain to increase commercial revenue and tv ratings around the globe.
    Anyhow, it’s a dilemma that seems to need more thought in the action plan, if you ask me.

  82. Romford Ozil Pele

    Looks like Chuba is going on loan to Forest. Hope he smashes it up there. Forest don’t really have much to play for though as they’re 10 points off the play-offs with 7 games to go so seems unlikely they’ll make it.

  83. Romford Ozil Pele

    Alfie, not sure my friend tbh. Lovren went for £20m, Lallana for £25m, Chambers for £16m and Luke Shaw for £27m. In the case of the latter two, they’re babies and were bought with future planning in mind so you can maybe ignore the price a bit. But Southampton definitely know how to extract money from buyers. I’d class Schneiderlin as the jewel in the crown and he could go for around £30m. That’s an awful lot to pay for a DM but considering the mess we’ve made over this position in recent years, we should just suck it up and pay it IMO. At 25 he’s ready-made and good to go. You could, alternatively, go for his French compatriots (Gonalons/Kondogbia) who won’t cost anywhere near as much.

  84. Alfie

    ROP –

    Good comment.

    I think its not toooooo much of a gamble. Proven PL player, good age – not too much of a risk.

    Any chance of the Pog coming in???

  85. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Any chance of the Pog coming in???”

    Lol, not unless you have a spare £60/70m lying about mate. For what it’s worth, I actually don’t think he’ll leave Juve until after Euro 2016. He’s only 21 so has time on his hands. Because Euro 2016 is being held in France, it makes sense that Schneiderlin wants to move to an elite club this summer so to push forward his chances of becoming a starter. I’d say in that midfield three, Matuidi and Pogba are guaranteed starters. Then you have Gonalons/Schneiderlin/Kondogbia competing for a place. I may be wrong though. Karim?

  86. karim


    Absolutely correct, Sir.

    Can’t see Pogba at Arsenal either. To me, he s not ready to cope with Madrid’s levels of pressure and that’s why I agree he could stay in Italy another year or 2.

    Now of course Arsenal could be the perfect place to grow up to that level as the expectations are a bit lower and he would be adulated.

    Don’t wanna see him booed by the Bernabeu after an ” average ” performance.

  87. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah Karim, agreed. Arsenal would be great but can’t see Wenger doing that as he already thinks he’s covered with Ramsey/Wilshere in the B2B role.

    I think some have bloated Pogba a bit too much tbh. Fantastic talent of course, but I still see him do some silly things in games/give the ball away cheaply etc. This is natural though. He’s 21. Still needs time to iron out flaws in his game. Real Madrid is not the place for that.

  88. blsany

    This french team is looking like they could win the euros.I personally think germans will do it again.If only French had a player like Ozil.Solid defence,Great goalie,Benzema,Giroud Lacazette.

  89. karim

    Yeah, the Germans will be favourites, we are not there yet.
    High time we beat them in a big competition though, so many bad memories with them.

  90. blsany

    Who is the no 10 gonna be Valbuena ,Griezzman or Remy cabella.That is the only weakness i see in the team.Everywhere else youa re as good as anyone.looking forward to the game tonight.I personally like Kurzawa and King Kong.

  91. Romford Ozil Pele

    France don’t really play with a discernible 10, do they? It’s more of a 4-3-3. One DM and two B2B midfielders.

  92. blsany

    Cheers mate was just wondering.

    What do you make of these english players now?The talent is there but the coach’s appointment is ridiculous.

  93. Romford Ozil Pele

    blsany – I think there are some decent young players, definitely not as good as our foreign counterparts but not awful either. The golden generation including Becks/Geerard/Lampard/Rio/Terry were hyped to the hills but never made it past a QF.

    There’s a lot of young attackers but England actually don’t have a decent DM (sound familiar lol?) Always thought Rodwell would be a good DM but his career has been a travesty and he’s part of a dreadful Sunderland team right now.

    Think they have good players for a 4-2-3-1/4-4-2 (diamond). Roy is a dreadful coach though but there aren’t many good English managers period so we have to make do.

    Clyne Stones Smalling Shaw
    Henderson Wilshere
    Ox Lallana Sterling

    Clyne Stones Smalling Shaw
    Henderson Lallana/Ox
    Rooney/Sturridge Welbz/Kane

    Not the best but not dire either. England are probably a top 15 team but that’s it really.

  94. Le Prof


    ‘Just read London Gunners post yesterday regarding how easy it is to make money betting on forgone conclusions.

    Makes pretty terrible reading, and explains why he uses stats so badly in the analysis of players.’

    LOL. I think it’s common knowledge that LG isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, contrary to his unwavering and probably misplaced self belief.

  95. blsany

    Good team ii would go with something like yours.

    The Dm issue is a glaring one you are right.Carrick would be ideal for now but his getting on now.I think Mccarthy
    and Delph could a job there though.

  96. Romford Ozil Pele

    blsany – McCarthy is Irish. He’d be a great choice otherwise. I rate him. Delph is ok though he’s more B2B I feel.

    Have to be honest, Barkley really doesn’t do it for me. Very explosive player but he plays like a school child. All I ever see him doing is to try and beat as many players as possible before inevitably getting tackled. And he’s a 10 who never assists. He’s young so there’s still time to iron out his flaws. Would’ve thought Martinez would be good for him but hasn’t proved to be the case so far.

  97. blsany

    Shit man did not know that.☺
    Barkley i rate highly but i share the same sentiments.When is on fire he looks a special player.Martinez has really gone down my in my view this season.Looks like a man bereft of ideas for a young manager.Either way Barkley has to stop up.Time to drop Rooney?

  98. Romford Ozil Pele

    blsany – Yeah he tends to play with his head down too much. He’s one for the highlights. He’ll score a spectacular goal but they won’t show all his misplaced passes/runs into cul-de-sacs etc. Personally I was always a bit wary of Martinez. He did great to win Wigan the F.A Cup but people forget that same team got relegated under his stewardship. Doesn’t seem to be able to build a team with a good defence. He was lucky that he inherited a strong Moyes defensive set-up last season. They actually have quite a few decent players but they’ve struggled big time this season.

    Rooney is captain so will likely start. Always preferred him as a striker. But then you have Sturridge/Kane too.

  99. London gunner

    Le prof

    You’re a pretty cool dude!sucking up to a man who calls himself the mighty one on a football blog.


    The fact you would snipe in with a snide comment when I don’t even no who you are and your anonymity is guaranteed is rather pathetic.

    Would you such things to me in public.

  100. London gunner

    Le prof

    You’re a pretty cool dude!sucking up to a man who calls himself the mighty one on a football blog.


    The fact you would snipe in with a snide comment when I don’t even no who you are and your anonymity is guaranteed is rather pathetic.

    Would you say such things to me in public.

  101. BacaryisGone

    Fair points Pedro, but you missed a few details.

    First, since we signed Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshire to new contracts they have all experienced injuries far above the norm. Walcott was in great form before he went down with his serious injury and Ramsey is showing signs that he’s coming back to his best of a year ago. Only Wilshere has been a disappointment and much of that has been is inability to mature off the field.
    Gibbs has been generally consistent but kept out of the side because of Monreal’s outstanding form this season.

    Chambers is still too soon to tell. I really like both Welbz and Ox. Both dynamic players on both sides of the ball but definitely would like to see them be more prolific in front of goal.

    Jenkinson has actually been the surprise. He’s been a near ever-present for West Ham and performed well. He’s just unlucky that we have both Debuchy and Bellerin ahead of him.

  102. Wallace


    you’d spend up to 30m on Schneiderlin rather than go for someone like Lars Bender who isn’t PL-proven but is a regular in the Champions League and is a lot more established at the highest level?

    not having a pop, genuinely curious…

  103. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wallace – I’d definitely have Lars Bender. I know the links were strong before but he’s their captain and signed a new contract so would cost big money himself right? If I remember correctly, we had a £20m bid turned down, and that was before he signed his contract, so how much would he cost now.

    I was only talking about MS because the links have been strong. Lars would be on the list, along with his brother, Kondogbia, Wanyama and Gonalons.

  104. london gunner

    Schneiderlin may not have CL experience, but when I watch him play the quality for me is self evident and his stats not just against the whole of the PL league, but against the top teams within are terrific.

    I suppose its a gamble and I may be exposing myself as having a self depreciating xenepobe mindset (when it comes to our nations football), but the fact he is not English and is in fact French I have a lot more faith that he will have the technical quality to shine in the upper echelons of the game.

    I think a player who is as consistently great as him deserves the chance to play in the CL.

  105. blsany

    Morgan schneiderlin is definitely going to happen.Because he is from the same part of France as our dictator.

  106. Romford Ozil Pele

    Hitchy – I’m not sure. Haven’t watched much of either this season though I was sure it was Sven who missed more. I always thought Lars would be hard to obtain because he’s Leverkeusen captain and recently signed a new contract.

  107. Hitchy

    There was big hype a year or two ago about them, and they seem to have a just bubbled under a bit. MS seems such an obvious purchase it won’t happen! I just feel we have to go hard for someone established so that the DM position is PLAYER A, Le Coq. Biliek.

    If Biliek is meant to be the next big thing… give him someone established and immense to learn from, be inspired by etc.

  108. Wallace

    i think if you’re willing to spend 30m most defensively-minded midfielders would be available. personally, for that kind of money i’d prefer someone who has already shown they can do it at a big club and in the CL.

  109. Le Prof

    London G

    ‘Would you say such things to me in public.’

    Probably if you’re like this in the real world.

    You say more than enough for people draw their own conclusions about you. Don’t be so sensitive because the point you raised about betting on favourites is a little bit naive really. That how odds work. No certainties. Just some things are more likely to happen than others. Isn’t that much obvious? Risk and reward?

    Instead of playing FIFA and writing massively long posts, normally unrelated, during our live games you’d probably do better actually watching the game. Then you could use your own eyes rather than rely heavily on stats that you don’t quite fully understand.

    You discounting Arteta’s cross field passes as not worthy in your eyes as a long forward pass is a perfect example of twisting stats to suit your every changing agenda or flavour of the month.

    Less is more London. Less is more.