Arsene probably thinks Arsenal can catch Chelsea. Do you?

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Hump day? Get the f*ck out of my face with hump day. You’re an embarrassment. Go and sit in the kitchen and think about how you just greeted the office.

I tell you what though, international week gives me the hump. It’s an excuse for the whole world to bitch about all the boring stuff.



It’s like saying we need more reality TV stars, or more X Factor episodes. I don’t like to read it. I really don’t.

I tell you what is an interesting thought, and I might write it up. But have Arsenal damaged their squad going all operation English? Chambers, Theo, Jack, Jenks, WELBZ, Chambo… I mean they’re quite an expensive crew who haven’t really delivered much past being good squad players. Is it worth it? I know we have to have them because of quotas. But are they kicking us up a level?


I love the boys, but you do feel like they’re the builders in a studio of artists.

Tomas Rosicky is in the papers this morning basically asking Arsene Wenger to give him a go in the team for a bit. I can’t imagine the Czech is going to sign another deal with us, all he wants to do is play soccerball with his pals, but it’d be nice if he had a terrific goodbye final 9 games. He’s also at the age where you wonder if he might be worth keeping on in a coaching capacity. Arguably, he’s one of the most technically gifted in the side, he’s a hard worker, incredibly personable and he’s played at the highest level for many years.

Plus, he ages backwards. Look at his face. Look at his improved fitness as he grows older. It’s messed up.

Injury news is looking sweet. Jack, Debuchy and Arteta are all back in contention for the Liverpool game. I’m not sure any of them could be considered for a start. They’ll be incredibly rusty and others are playing really well / they’ll mostly have had a rest over the last week or so. I still find it quite amazing we’re giving Arteta another deal. We’re shifting players on that are one dimensional like Theo and Lukas, but we’re keeping players who can’t hack the pace anymore? Unless it’s a coaching thing, it makes little sense to me. Arteta slows our game dramatically, he’s incredibly injury prone and yeah, those are the only two points I have.

Arsene Wenger has said that Chelsea are too far away to catch. But anything can happen. GOOD WORDS.

I think the exciting thing about the run in is that there are no guarantees for anyone. It’s the most bestest Premier League in years. David Moyes slagging it off as poor. It’s a total lack of understanding about its strength… and hey, look, David, you couldn’t win it. Why should a league be defined as good / bad based on whether it has one or two totally exceptional teams? It should be about whether it’s a competition or not. A few weeks ago, it looked like it wasn’t. Now, out of nowhere, it’s become a race. Blink and something changes.

Isn’t this what we’ve been crying out for over the years? Yes it is. Strong teams all over the place.

If we took the approach of the European countries when it came to protecting our Euro interests, it’d be even better.

One element of the league I love, is that when it doesn’t succeed, it’s about English people and their archaic approach to football.

Then in the next breath, we’re bemoaning a lack of English input.

Guys and gals, if the league isn’t up to scratch, it’s not because of English input. It’s the foreigners and all their sweet technical know how killing it.

Anyway, I love the Premier League. I love the power, the pace, the skill, the passion, the fight and atmosphere. Love it. Love it like Kevin Keegan loves seeing United lose. Love it like Sanchez loves kicking the ball. Love it like Lukas Podolski’s social media team love ignoring the fact he’s on an appalling run of form.

F*cks given? Get me on the social boys.

F*cks given? Get me on the social boys.

Right, I really have to go to work to do some stuff. I’ve been in bed at 10 every night since Sunday. What have I become?




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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Wallace: plus, the return of Koscielny, and Ospina replacing Smokin’ Szcz

    I don’t think Ospina has done much to make us look more defensive.

    His spell in the side has coincided with opposing teams having a lot less chances. That’s to do with the players in front, not him.

    And whatever you might think of Szczesny, Ospina is no better coming for crosses.

  2. underrated Coq

    To be fair to Arteta, he is no wussy. He also, like Coquelin, has aggressiveness in his repertoire BUT the all important difference is- Arteta’s aggressiveness does little good, often resulting in fouls in dangerous areas.

    Yes, Arteta is–as of right now– much more composed on the ball, no doubt. BUT, lets face it, he’s no spring chicken and his physical limitations far outweigh his passing-skills.

    Some say he would have made our second half at New Castle much more easier on the eye ( and easier to the heart too perhaps) but I can’t find myself agreeing. I think he would have been more of a liability than help.

    The only games I would be comfortable with him is coming on for maybe the last 20-25 minutes when we are comfortably leading by a couple if goals.

    My intention is not to take a dig at Arteta. I appreciate what he has given to Arsenal but here’s the simple truth-At 33, He’s past it and simply not cut out to the high level at this stage in his career.

    And I have to say, I get surprised when I read posts stating otherwise on Le-Grove. The same posters who have clearly understood that Wenger is past it can’t understand it is the same in Arteta’s case?

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    underatedcoq: I think he would have been more of a liability than help.

    You think a player who is excellent at passing and rarely loses possession wouldn’t have been better than Flamini ?

  4. Wallace

    “The reason Coquelin looks good is that he has been given a limited role that plays to his strengths, much like Theo.”

    how i think it will pan out – this summer we’ll buy Schneiderlin. Wilshere and Ramsey will finally put their injuries woes behind them and Schneiderlin will be 4th choice CM by Christmas. le grove will be up in arms about wasting 20m+ on such an average player, and all the Schneiderlin enthusiasts will be going back over old le grove posts trying to delete their pro-Schneiderlin ravings.

  5. Wallace


    i think Sczc is a good keeper, i just prefer Ospina. wish he was a bit taller, but admire his Seaman-like calm.

  6. Dissenter

    Few of us are salivating at the prospect of Arteta and Coquelin in the middle.
    What we want is a defensive midfielder who’s better that Coquelin so he can drive Coq on.
    We don’t want a geriatric there to hold Coquelin’s hands.

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m not knocking Ospina (well, just a little bit), he’s a good keeper, but the reason we look better defensively as a team (IE we’re not allowing the opposition so many chances) is down to the outfield players.

  8. gonsterous

    How on earth do u suggest Ramsey n Wilshire get over their injury problems ?? Its like saying Wenger will change to win the league next season.. we all know its not gonna happen

  9. Dissenter

    Underated Coq,
    “And I have to say, I get surprised when I read posts stating otherwise on Le-Grove. The same posters who have clearly understood that Wenger is past it can’t understand it is the same in Arteta’s case?”

    LOL, Arteta is the epitome of Wenger’s blandness. When he was at his prime in Ranger and Everton, he still wasn’t good enough for Arsenal because we has better players doing the same work.
    Suddenly, he’s all old and being held by plastercine, he’s now the “one we are missing”.

  10. Wallace


    “but the reason we look better defensively as a team (IE we’re not allowing the opposition so many chances) is down to the outfield players.”

    yup, compare our current first choice back 6 to the one that started the season. such an overhaul is surely unusual.

  11. london gunner

    Total lol

    Scotland U19 boss Ricky Sbragia has come under fire for refusing to select Real “Madrid teen Jack Harper – with the youngster’s father warning the coach that Spain have enquired about his international availability.

    The Scotland coach labelled Harper a “luxury player” when announcing his latest squad to face Austria, Italy and Croatia in the UEFA European Championship Elite Round on Tuesday, claiming he is looking for more height in the group.”

    “claimed to be worried about the team having to “carry” the 19-year-old, who already stands at 6ft 1in, and has decided to pick a “physical side with runners”.

    Such an outdated approach. People wonder why British football is miles behind..

  12. Wallace


    “How on earth do u suggest Ramsey n Wilshire get over their injury problems ?”

    i don’t think Ramsey’s injuries are that bad, and this season it’s only been a very bad tackle that has KOd Jack.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: Suddenly, he’s all old and being held by plastercine, he’s now the “one we are missing”.

    You’ve managed to miss the point.

    We’re not saying Arteta is the solution to our problems going forward.

    We’re saying

    1) He’s been unfairly slated (and quite bizarrely in some instances) by some posters

    2) There have been times this season, where having Arteta available would have been an advantage. IE pretty much any game where Flamini came on as a sub

    Do you understand the difference ?

  14. Romford Ozil Pele

    Zayn Malik has quit One Direction. Teenage girls haven’t been this upset since Pascal Cygan left Arsenal.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    You need to get off this Schniederlin thing. In that one post you’ve predicted with no substance that Schniederlin will be a flop and that magically Wilshere (one of the most injury prone players we’ve had since Diaby) and Ramsey (again, bit of a sick note, but not as bad) will ‘put their injury woes behind them’ (sort of wonder why they don’t just do that now if it’s that easy) and that they and Coquelin will be our first choices.

    I mean, opinions and all that but, jeez.

  16. london gunner

    Coq is massively underrated.

    We have been crying for a tough DM for a decade we get one and we bitch and moan because he is not Pirlo or Xavi alonso…. ok….. and then start bleating on about Arteta.

    We are such a perverse hipster cry wank bunch of fans. Stop being stuck up expecting total football and every player on the pitch to play every single role equally capably.

    Fact is we had players like gilberto and romford pele who did the dirt that helped us win big trophies! Lets stop hacking down Coq and actually realise he is the type of character and the type of specialised player we have been missing.

    He has literally been in top 3 players this season.

    I am not saying no Schneiderlin. I am just saying at the current moment I would not relegate Coq to the bench because his performances clearly haven’t warranted that. Fact is defensively his stats are superior to Schneiderlin, but Schneiderlin has been superior to Ramsey.

    So if anyone needs time on the bench its Ramsey way before the Coq.

  17. qna

    Dissenter: What we want is a defensive midfielder who’s better that Coquelin so he can drive Coq on.

    Everyone has been crying out for a new Viera. Its actually not often that a DM comes along that really excites me. We have been linked with all sorts and most are not worth typing out a comment on. Eg Schneiderlain. But every so often a player comes along that really excites… Verrati. I agree he is not fully proven, but at 22 and with some of his performances so far he has the potential to be our new Viera. For the measely sum of £36m to £40m he could dominate the PL (for us) for the next 10 years.

    I know it sounds like a lot. But for the right player in the right position, now is the perfect time to spend.

    According to what I have read, the new PL deals will be worth an extra £60m a year (swissramble). The new CL deal for a team that finishes at least 3rd and gets to (or possibly past) the round of 16 is worth an extra £40m a year (from somewhere).

    We have money in the bank now and inflation is around the corner. Now is a good time to spend on long term (young) quality player assets.

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner: Coq is massively underrated.

    NO he really isn’t. The vast majority of Arsenal fans think he’s doing a good job. For him to be massively underrated, he’d need to be the Messi of DMs.

    london gunner: So if anyone needs time on the bench its Ramsey way before the Coq.

    Is anyone suggesting Coq should be benched ? NO.

    Are people doing it on purpose today ?

  19. Leedsgunner



    I would love him in an AFC shirt.

    I like your ambition but I don’t think they will let Veratti go even if they want to buy Angel Di Maria. They will sell Cavani to buy him — Verratti is going to be a PSG legend — shame we missed out on him.

  20. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Are people doing it on purpose today ?”

    I think people are just airing their grievances after Zayn’s departure from One Direction. Maybe we should recruit him. Can he play DM?

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    RP: Maybe we should recruit him. Can he play DM?

    He’s pretty limited, he really only plays in one direction

  22. Ozy

    Isn’t Verrati 5’5?

    Not sure how well he’d do in this league. Don’t think he’ll stay at PSG forever, either. Maybe Real Madrid or Man U will buy him a few years down the line.

  23. Romford Ozil Pele

    “He’s pretty limited, he really only plays in one direction”

    Fit in right next to Coq then 😉

    Lol I joke, don’t lynch me people!

  24. qna

    Leeds. I ageee. But he is being linked with a move and a price has been bandued about. We overpaid for Ozil. I am saying this guy seems to be worth overpaying for. Especially with our income set to increase by £100m a year in 2016. We could spend our cash reserves now and re-horde them again in a couple years.

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Vieira wasn’t really a DM for us

    Petit and Gilberto did that role.

    Vieira was much more the Ramsey role

  26. gambon

    I would say Vieira was definitely a DM

    We used to play a double pivot, did for years under Wenger until he lost his mind.

    I would say Mo Diame probably has the closest game to him in the PL Kondogbia or Imbula outside the PL

    He was nowhere near as attacking as Yaya, Sissoko or Pogba.

    He had his moments of utter class going forward though.

    Man Utd, Newcastle, Spurs goals spring to mind.

  27. Wallace


    it is only my opinion, and it was semi tongue in cheek, although i’m sorta serious about us bringing in a replacement and then Jack & Rambo never being injured ever again. just fate, fuckin’ with us.

  28. tunnygriffboy

    Going back to the Arteta argument from earlier. I have a huge amount of time for him and what he did for us in the first two years he was here. While at Barcalona he was recognised as one of the most intelligent footballers of his age group able to fit into numerous positions. He lacked the pace and dynamism of others there so he moved on. Had we signed him as a 25 year old he would have been a top notch defensive playmaker for us. 🙂 🙂

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    Wallace: Vieira was always the more advanced of his 3 main partners – Petit, Edu and Gilberto.


  30. salparadisenyc

    Ramsay plays in the “Vieira role” but certainly does not occupy it with that level efficiency or discipline. Ramsay whom bombs forward with little regard for consequence on a goal quest. When Vieira went it usually had great effect.

    Vieira and Petit was really a thing of beauty like weighed string with PV tilted a bit forward. One would move and the other would hold. Loved it when Patty made those gazelle like runs into the box, only player to really put the fear in Keano. Irish was shitting himself, while talking a big game he was soiling himself.

    I’d agree, Petit did more of the holding as Vieira was so good on the ball it more that likely created an attack with his passing efficiency / skill.

    Javi Martinez, Kondobia, Toure all have a bit of that but nobody is the overall package. Always a compromise with anyone matched up against him something gets sacrificed.

  31. tunnygriffboy

    Jack should be sent dvds of Verratti and told to watch very closely.

    Bring in Schneiderlin in the summer and we have Coquelin, Schneiderlin, Wilshere, Ramsey along with Santi and Ox with Rosicky and Arteta as back up. Ox would play wide most of the time

    Anyone know anything about the reported bust up between Theo and Wenger on the training ground last week ? I’d be pissed with Walnut for asking for large increase after 18 months of injury. I want him to stay but he’s pissing about and I think he’ll go.

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    People think that Vieira was our DM because he was so strong, so tall, so athletic, so good at tackling.

    But he was rarely our deepest player. He was the one striding forward with the ball, while the actual DM stayed back.

  33. GS88

    In my opinion we can’t catch Chelsea.

    Reasons being:

    1. We are not consistant enough. Yes we have been virtually unbeaten since the new year, but I just feel we may mess up. And especially that we have Utd (away) Chelsea themselves (home) and Liverpool (home). Wouldn’t be at all suprised
    if we actually lost to Chelsea. They have our number.

    2. Still feel Man City will finish 2nd. We’ve left it a tad too late to properly challenge.

    I want Simone or Anchelotti in next season by hook or crook.

  34. salparadisenyc

    Of anyone playing today Pogba has the most Vieira in him. If he’s able to develop the defensive side which seems quite likely considering his age. Another wholly unique player.

  35. tunnygriffboy


    In defence of our Welsh jesus. He missed 18 months of development courtesy of Shawcross. He’s still only 23. Last season he was the only player running beyond Giroud due to injury and lack of pacy options. His goals kept us going last season. This season he has had to adapt to a different role and hasn’t done it consistently, injuries haven’t helped this. Also Santi appears to be playing deeper so Ramsey has become the legs to get forward.

    God even I’m confused 🙂

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    tunnygriffboy: Anyone know anything about the reported bust up between Theo and Wenger on the training ground last week ?

    Theo involved in a bust up ? nice sweet Theo ? Surely not?

  37. Goondawg

    tunnygriffboy: Anyone know anything about the reported bust up between Theo and Wenger on the training ground last week ?

    Nigel Winterburn reported it, so it must be true.

  38. GS88

    Signings for next season:

    Schniederlin, Howdes, Cech, Dybala, Firmino (Eagle’s main man).

    That to me all looks solid and feesable.

    Outs: Diaby, Arteta, Flamini, Campbell, Podolski, Sanogo.

  39. london gunner

    Thinking of putting 1k on Arsenal vs Reading

    What I don’t get is why don’t people just live off sure bets?

    Case point putting 2000 k on games where you can’t lose? Could earn 30k year just off a single bets per week..

    Betting on Juventus and Bayern would be the obvious choices

  40. GS88

    Sorry about my (Le Grove Posters) list from yesterday. You are all good but those are just my personal favs.

    I wanted to add to the list

    Arsene’s Nurse

  41. MidwestGun

    London –
    It’s a strategy some gamblers employee. But the sure bets you are talking about pay much less then even money. So you are risking much to earn little. And of course even Bayern and Juventus lose. So a lot of gamblers make a few sure bets to cover their riskier ones.

  42. Goondawg

    Thinking of putting 1k on Arsenal vs ReadingWhat I don’t get is why don’t people just live off sure bets?Case point putting 2000 k on games where you can’t lose? Could earn 30k year just off a single bets per week..Betting on Juventus and Bayern would be the obvious choices

    First of all Arsenal lost to birmingham, bradford, etc.. So with arsenal, that heart beat monitor would implode fairly quickly watching a game where you bet 1k.

    Also I was thinking of putting a sure bet on Bayern Munich last week. Thank god I didnt, because they ended up losing to Modglaback.

    Just goes to show,anything can happen in football. And like Mid said, the return doesnt make up for the risk

  43. london gunner


    “First of all Arsenal lost to birmingham, bradford, etc.. So with arsenal, that heart beat monitor would implode fairly quickly watching a game where you bet 1k. Also I was thinking of putting a sure bet on Bayern Munich last week. Thank god I didnt, because they ended up losing to Modglaback.”

    LOL! True say man! If only life was that predictability easy!

  44. salparadisenyc


    I like Rambo and from the looks of it seems to be headed back into ‘that’ form, next thing coming is Wenger shoehorning Wilshire into that role.

    Nobody really stands a chance when put up against the mighty PV4. Wished some of our players had half that fight.

  45. karim

    I’m like Mid, never bet on Arsenal, it’s too dangerous for my heart.
    Plus the odds are usually shite.

    Hi man, hope Mickey Rourke is getting better.

  46. Goondawg

    The best sure bet I made was predicting Arsenal would beat Monacco away. Wasnt brave enough to put a 2-0 down, even though that’s what my head said. My heart was willing us to go through lol! Hate betting on Arsenal games. Though I do it sure often than not cos we are flat track bullies. But my heart nearly gave way when Newcastle started thinking they were Real Madrid

    I think I will bet on Arsenal to do Liverpool as well, but odds will be shit. I will see if Sterling, Sturridge and Llana plays. But if I could I would bet on all three playing

  47. Goondawg

    Gotta slap a cheeky fiddy on France vs Brazil though, odds are too good to pass up on. Pogba or no Pogba

  48. Goondawg

    Mandanda is back though right? Rated guy..

    Koscielny isn’t a starter? Aww, probably a good thing in hindsight

  49. karim

    Yeah, Mandanda starts, Sakho//Varane as usual… Typically the game where Kos would have proven his worth imo. Next time…..
    Good for us though

    They were supposed to show it live but it s later on in here, can’t be bothered now. Go USA !

  50. MidwestGun

    Goondawg –
    Haha not sure. But it was literally a tap in. You could ask the same of Altidore. Utter crap in the Premier… smashes them in for country.
    Quality goal today.

  51. gambon

    No Wallace

    Here’s how it wil go

    We won’t sign Schneiderlin cos we have a manager that has absolutely no plan beyond his reaction to our most recent 90 minutes.

    Wenger will tell us Coquelin is the future despite wanting him out of the club until Christmas

    We will finish 4th again and cunts like you will keep defending the status quo as long as the loser remains in the hot seat.

  52. GS88

    Totally agree with Sal.

    Pogba is Vieira reincarnate. Although I think that Pogba has slighly more skills and could play in more advanced positions and even as a #10.

    He would certainly fetch upwards of £80m. Real? PSG? Chelsea? Barcelona (when their ban is lifted)?

    Would we pay that sort of money for him?

  53. GS88

    Remember when I first saw Ozil play at the 2010 world cup in SA.

    I instantly said to my fellow Gooner mate who was with me that he is too lightwieght and timid and didn’t feel that he would be at a Xavi, Iniesta or Fabregas level. Still feel that.

    Its as though the games just simply pass him by.

  54. Ozy

    Think I might start betting on some games.

    Any good sites Midwest? Or are they based on state? (Completely new at this) Any tips?

  55. MidwestGun

    Ozy –
    Yep… i use a vegas online book. There are a bunch. Just Google vegas online bookie. And find a site you like. Set up an account usually takes a credit card. I don’t use international sites because of tax reasons. But i always check because they are obviously more in touch with European football odds and sometimes you can get a better odds because of that in Vegas by comparing.

  56. kwik fit

    That will be ‘The Lord’ Goondawg. He actually said today that not playing regularly for his club suits him . I suppose it gets in the way of his lordship duties .

  57. Ozy

    Yeah, looking at bet fair now Mid. Thanks for the help.

    A friend recommended I’ll keep looking.

    We’ll see how it goes! Gonna lose a lot of money and fast.

  58. MidwestGun

    Ozy –
    Haha. Don’t blame me if… it goes south fast. I usually just put in a set ammount to start and cash out at the end of the year. You can use PayPal, too.

  59. salparadisenyc

    What a waste of time these International friendlies are… Oz drawing with the WC champs and Bendtner pulls a hat trick vs USA.

    Rodgers has pulled the bulk of his squad from this break, smart man.

  60. N5

    RSPCA verdict has been postponed. She’s already said she will become a fugitive if they find her guilty and I don’t think America is going to work overly hard to extradite her.

  61. BacaryisGone

    Quick question about tickets. I need 3 for the Liverpool game. Any ticketing websites that are more reliable than the others? I know the pricing is a major increase but it’s a first visit to a game for my 8 year old…

  62. N5

    I can’t blame America to be honest, the whole trial has been a joke since day one. I don’ t know whether Knox done it or not, but either lock her up or don’t! don’t bang her up for life, then let her go and then say oops actually she did do it!!

  63. Leedsgunner

    Transfer Window Madness

    Possible and Fantastic Big Money Moves this Summer?

    Just a bit of fun and speculation… NOT purporting to be ITK but it would funny if they happened… idle musings.

    Chelsea buys Varane from Real Madrid
    Real Madrid buys Aymeric Laporte from Atletic Bilbao
    Manchester United swaps Edison Cavani for Angel Di Maria
    PSG sells Lavezzi to Borussia Dortmund
    Borussia Dortmund sells Reus to Real Madrid
    Real Madrid swaps Cristiano Ronaldo for Wayne Rooney
    Falcao leaves his loan at Man United, and secures a move to Palermo
    Palermo sells Dybala to Juventus
    Arsenal swaps Walcott and Wilshere for Lacazette and Fekir with Lyon
    Liverpool sells Mario Balotelli to Burnley
    Ings moves from Burnley to Liverpool
    Southampton sells Schneiderlin to Arsenal

  64. nasri's mouth

    Schneiderlins comments in L’Equipe suggest he’s definitely leaving Southampton if they don’t finish top 4

  65. Emiratesstroller

    There are very good reasons why Ospina has replaced Szczesny as our first choice goalkeeper>

    1. Szczesny’s concentration level and decision making has been suspect in many of the games he has played this season.
    2. In the last two games that Szczesny played in against Southampton and
    Brighton we conceded 2 goals and our defence looked very brittle.
    3. One gets the impression that the Defence looks more confident when
    Ospina plays.

    Frankly I don’t think that either Szczesny or Ospina are world class goalkeepers and in my book we should be looking for better. If that happens then I would expect Szczesny to leave, because I don’t think that he will accept playing second fiddle beyond this season particularly when you read some of the comments coming out of Poland.

    With reference to the discussion about Coquelin and possible replacement by
    Schneiderlein. Coquelin has played well in most of the games that he has played since his return and he has fulfilled a function lacking in first half of
    season when Flamini and Arteta played.

    Is he good enough? As a squad player he most certainly is and can play with
    confidence against most teams. However, there is still uncertainty whether he
    is good enough to play against the top teams. He reminds me of Flamini the year before he left for AC Milan. He looked very good for one season, but did not replicate his form thereafter.

    Schneiderlein is a more versatile player and can play either Box to Box as well
    as CDM. He can take free kicks and has also shown “leadership qualities” at
    Southampton something, which our team needs. For these reasons alone I
    would recruit him.

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    lemonadethatcoolrefeshingdrink: what absolute stinking garbage

    I think you’ve managed to miss the point. Pedro’s saying the PL is very exciting, NOT the CL

  67. Nasri's Mouth


    Szczesny didn’t cover himself in glory for the Southampton, didn’t look properly focused ( though he wasn’t alone in that aspect), but you can’t blame him for the Brighton goals.

  68. Bamford10

    Wenger: “There are times when I haven’t gone out at all for days (because of a defeat). People don’t realise how much it hurts.”

    Oh brother …

  69. Bamford10

    Sign Schneiderlin, Cech and Lacazette/Benteke this summer. Start the XI below next season. Win things.


    It’s not that complicated. 😉

  70. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford – I would personally go for Dybala over Lacazette and I don’t know if Benteke is much of a step up from Giroud! But Schneiderlin and Cech are must haves this summer, and throw in Khedira for free and we have a very good squad!

    Plus about 10 players could easily be let go this summer..

  71. Bamford10


    I’ve read that Dybala wants to stay in Italy and move to Juve, otherwise I would’ve put him in there. And I think you underrate Benteke, but I understand why you might not be convinced.

    We need better than Giroud, Coquelin and Shez, regardless. If we want to compete with the best, that is.


  72. Goondawg

    Lacazettewould be a great buy, he can run, dribble, shoot.. not sure if can play the lone striker role upfront and be able to hold the ball as well as Giroud does in our system though.

  73. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford – Benteke is a quality player no doubt, I’m just wondering, if its worth replacing Giroud with him. I feel they have a similar style of play and that their output isn’t drastically different enough to pull Giroud out and spend 25-30m to replace him. I am in agreement that we need a more prolific striker, like an Aguero or Suarez (cheating prick) type player, such as Paulo Dybala, if we can convince him to leave Italy!

    5 Central midfielders for me next year should be: Schneiderlin, Ramsey, Coq, Cazorla and Khedira, sell the rest: Wilshere, Diaby, Flamini, Arteta.

  74. kassim

    I would prefer Chelsea to win the epl. If Arsenal have a shot so will LVG.
    He has atrack record of winning atrophy at every new club.The FA cup is out of reach so that leaves the epl.
    However if it were between MU and Chelsea the latter might jump to the fore.
    Fortunately we have a MC and Arsenal so it aint going to be easy for the DM.I still make Chelsea favourites.