Party boy Ozil needs to go… | Our sorry, sorry self interested FA trying to kill the league

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Greg Dyke talking about foreigners

Greg Dyke talking about foreigners

Welcome to Tuesday.

First up on the agenda, the horrendous news coming in from Berlin that Ozil firstly flew to Germany with a cold. I take great offense to this sort of behaviour. You know you’re ill, yet you think it’s acceptable to jump on a plane and spread your disease to other unassuming passengers.

Not on Ozil, not on.

SECONDLY, he went out partying with pals whilst there. Again, this is unacceptable, we should fine him, lash him 50 times and loan him out with Tony Pulis for the remainder of the season.

Or, we can just chill out and think about this for a second. We’re coming into the action part of the season, Ozil has come back in from injury and played all the games. He’s been given some time off for a cold, which to me sounds like a load of nonsense, you don’t give grown men time off for a cold, he’s been given time off for rest. Players need that. Rest isn’t just about the body, it’s also a major part of mental side of the game. Take some time away from your team mates, hang out with your family and friends and get away from it all.

I think it’s a good move. Also, it’s important to realise that partying for Ozil isn’t partying like it would be for you. He’s not necking 16 Jaeger Bombs, spunking £200 in a strip club and nailing a mixed meat and chips at 4 in the morning. It means he was in a club. Drinking ginger beer or something embarrassing like that.

A bit of time out of the game is what we need. Hopefully he won’t be picked for Germany.

Interesting that all the English Liverpool players have picked up knocks and strains ahead of the most pointless international break of all time. These breaks are so selfish. They really, really make little sense. The whole international football thing is a waste of time. It needs ripping down and starting again. The clubs are the power brokers these days. International football is tarnished with corruption, it’s self serving and it’s TV viewing figures are only so because they take all the club football off the box when it happens.

As for Greg Dyke and his comments about English players. Jeez, change the fucking record. The solution to bringing more English players through isn’t to choke the rest of the Premiership. We’re already in a situation where clubs like Manchester City are gaming the homegrown system by purchasing substandard English players to hit their targets. The issue with English players sits at grassroots. Invest more there, give the Premier League clubs more options when they scout and we’re away.

Here are the rules:

Under the proposals outlined by the FA on Monday: 

  • A player will have to have been registered with his club from the age of 15 – down from 18 – to qualify as ‘home-grown’.
  • The minimum number of home-grown players in a club’s first-team squad of 25 will increase from eight to 12, phased over four years from 2016.
  • At least two home-grown players must also be ‘club-trained’ players – defined as any player, irrespective of nationality, that has been registered for three years at their club from the age of 15.
  • Only the best non-EU foreign players will be granted permission to play in England.

Surely bring the age for homegrown down to 15 just means we have the grotesque situation where we’re farming over children to make sure we hit the quotas? I mean, look, there’s even more money in the game to do things like this. You can’t price Premier League clubs out of gaming these rules these days. They’re utterly pointless.

Also, as I’ve said before, why are we stopping non-EU talent from joining? We miss out on players like young Messi’s when we do that. Kind of kills the quality of the league.

See, this is the thing, English clubs desperately want English players because they are premium assets. They sell for a lot and they’re highly marketable. Clubs scout abroad to compete. The world is a competitive market. Let’s not kill the Premier League product to make for a great World Cup every four years.

I guess another consideration, and this is a purely observational, but countries with less wealth / infrastructure than England seem to churn out fantastic players. So you have on one hand developed countries with better youth systems than us, as well as poorer countries like Brazil (I know they have a lot of wealth, but it doesn’t filter to the people very well) who have been slamming out incredible players for years and years.

Why can’t we crack the code?

Well, it starts by having an old school FA who seem to point the finger of blame rather than look inwardly about how they’re set up. Aidy Boothroyd is in our set up. He’s a long ball merchant. That’s pathetic. Look at the collection of dinosaurs we have there. We need a total overhaul. The FA is in more need of modernising than the clubs. But it won’t happen, and we’ll always be sitting here twiddling our thumbs mulling over our failures year after year.

That said, I think we have some superb talent coming through the ranks. Arsenal have players like Dan Crowley pulling up trees with the kids. We have a core of players that we could only have dreamed of a few years ago. Chamberlain being the stand out player for me. However, you can’t sniff at Theo, WELBZ and even players like Chambo who will surely come good. Then you look at Southampton, a club that have the blueprint absolutely nailed.

If more Premier League clubs took that approach, where would we be as a nation?

… but here’s the thing. All Premiership clubs will move towards that model because it’s how football is going! Build a world class infrastructure that doesn’t rely on a manager. Produce players that can fund squad building. Become the go to place for young talent globally and reduce your outgoings.

Jeez, I’ve not idea what happened with that article. But it’ll have to do.

I’ll catch you tomorrow. Can’t be seen to be blogging in my new role… yet.

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  1. N5

    Lol CA, I so want that story to be true!! my mum used to beat people with a blackjack if that counts. It’s how she met my dad! he was just minding his business walking the streets of Southall and WHACK!!!

  2. N5

    Cheers benny, it’s always a bit of kudos when some of you guys that have been here since the early days say something like that, especially after the years of characters that have come and gone.

    It’s good to see you posting a bit more regular at the moment, I know life gets in the way at times, but we’ll make the most of it whilst we have you about! 😀

  3. Leedsgunner

    It’s Pedro’s fault I came upon it… I think I overheard him doing a radio comment on Talksport after one loss (can’t remember which one) around 2010 and his positivity at the time was irritating… and I just came to have a look. 😉

    (I have tremendous respect for all the work Pedders puts in though. Pedro, if you’re still reading — bar none the finest blog and community out there. Thank you.)

    Thankfully it was a Geoff post on that day… and I was hooked. Like my Arsenal fix of the day. As you can sympathise there are not many genuine Gooners in West Yorkshire.

  4. Cesc Appeal



    I wish it was true, would be hilarious. Unfortunately my Mum hails from Peckham, as does one whole half of my family so they are about as London as they come…and ALL filthy, filthy Spurs fans.

  5. MidwestGun

    disappointed to drop in here and find you all playing nicely.
    Who’s this Pedro guy seems like a troll? 😀

    Leed’s about 3 years this summer been reading about 6. Found it on a link from JustArsenal where i got fed up with stupidity . I blame Romford for being here tho. Always enjoyed his comments and wanted to throw in my 2 cents. Well that and i wanted to argue with gambon like everyone else.
    Plus I was trying to boost Pedro’s International market share. Still waiting
    for my Le Grove t-shirt.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    I think maybe you use to be a bit more pro-Wenger? Well, not pro-Wenger but maybe a bit more inclined to say ‘give him another chance?’ Unless I’m remembering that totally wrong, if you and I ever did have cross words that’s probably when, and very briefly because as you say I’ve had some ding dongs on here but never with you.

    This was back in the days where even Pedro was Wenger forgiving. I remember his annual ‘Wenger has earned this last summer to get it right’ posts after we’d crept into fourth having utterly collapsed over a season.

    I remember Pedro asking ‘why I had to be so militant’ once! Haha. Because I just categorically said Wenger is spent, before it was cool, because I am a trend setter and a go getter.

    I say…as I lay here…eating a blueberry muffin and watching 22 Jump Street 🙂

  7. N5

    It’s odd that you have South London family CA and there all Spuds. I’m South London though and a gooner so I guess I can’t really talk. It’s just better than the other options nearer by, but Tottenham, it would be better to be Milwall wouldn’t it.

    In fact all my family are either Arsenal, Spuds or Westham and not a single on of us is from North or East London, we’re all South or West!!

  8. N5

    It was CA, I was under the name VoKzii back then and it was around 2011ish, you were saying something about Tottenham having better recent form than us (in this one comment, not repeatedly) and I did that pathetic thing of saying why don’t you go support Tottenham then! I can’t believe I was Hunter!

    It wasn’t abusive just weird that I would have spoken to you like that. I was very much more on the get behind the team way of thinking back then and that only changed when Kim Kallstrom was brought in, that was the day I gave up hoping!

  9. N5

    Ha ha Cesc, sorry just reread that last bit, its a bit contradictory but you’re a conformist hipster! now that’s a new trend!

  10. salparadisenyc


    I was working in London and a co-worker was / is hard core Arseblogger.
    Gets involved in the forums, very positive about the club and Wenger. We shared season tickets at the time and he started complaining about how Le Grove was so negative and anti Wenger, entitled etc.

    I knew then, id found my home and it wasn’t Arseblog. I’d guess that was 2008 or 09 although it took my a while to comment.

    Remember AA23 tearing me apart before I found my legs. That dude was pretty viscous, yet quite funny. Even got my old man to read the thing a couple times, not sure he was impressed.

  11. Leedsgunner

    It’s RvP’s sale that broke the camel’s back for me re Wenger. I just couldn’t believe we had just sold him to one of our fiercest rivals and THEN fronted the CEO to say it was for footballing reasons. I couldn’t believe they thought the fans so stupid.

  12. bennydevito

    Geoff jacked it in and gave Pedro full reign after the utd dismantling in Europe a few years back. Killed him. He was so up for it pre-match and despite people like gambon saying we were going to get docked, he still believed we’d do it. We were thrashed and he just couldn’t do it anymore.

    I found Legrove right at the beginning in my days working in IT for the MoD at AbbeyWood, Bristol. Killed many a mundane meeting about the next tank being developed or how to fill a form out correctly when all I could think about was the RFCs I had to process to get a new mouse ordered. Jesus no wonder the defence budget is always over budget with those clowns in charg. I got out after 9 years of frustration and moronic red tape and procedure and am now building up a nice little decorating business.

  13. Leedsgunner


    I read Arseblog a few times and from time to time the posts are good but I think the comment base on Le Grove is much more diverse and interesting hands down 🙂

  14. N5

    ahhh benny you were a fellow Civ, I’m able to be on Le Grove all the time because I’m a Civil Servant. So much time spent waiting for other people to send me paperwork or new files etc I have to fill it with something.

  15. N5

    Ha ha sal I always felt like that about gambon, I though as long as I can be sycophantic towards him I’ll be fine, within about 3 comments he’d called me a braindead AKB cunt! ha ha and honestly that’s true, but I was a little….

  16. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, it is weird, I think maybe when people are in London they just sort of feel they can support any London team…though I don’t know a Londoner who supports Chelsea! Weird.

    Have to say actually, my Uncle supports Palace which is more suitable I suppose. Luckily my Aunt’s husband, divorced now and haven’t seem him in about 15 years gave me the 1994 Arsenal away shirt when I was about 5, from that day on I’ve been in love with Arsenal…20 years! Never really thought about that, through the highs and the lows, 20 years! I would have bragged some more when I just started secondary school and we were shit hot had I known how toilet we’d become! Haha.

    You had a different tag on here did you? I came over here from Arsenal Opinion way back, I use to actually write a bit for the guy over here but then it got very pro-Wenger over there, some bloke named Dom use to write these really long, obnoxious posts about the ‘greedy goonies’ wanting Wenger to buy ‘all ze players.’ One of those types.

    And then George Rodger, who’s now pedantic George over at Positively Arsenal…use to have some proper barnies with him.

    I don’t actually remember my first posts on here, but I think it might have been some of the big bears articles that enticed me, because Pedro was more a fence sitter back then, old Geoff and gambon use to be the trailblazers back then.

    Good times. Weird to think how many stalwarts of the blog we’ve lost.

  17. MidwestGun

    Remember AA23 tearing me apart before I found my legs.
    Haha. … Baying Mob lit me up my first day here. Think i said something like i was willing to give AW another chance if he had a plan for the transfer window. Lol

    Anyhow, Mob is a funny dude and i got him to use paragraphs. He used to write in solid block form.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    “Think i said something like i was willing to give AW another chance if he had a plan for the transfer window. Lol”


  19. N5

    CA, I’ve had a couple V o K z i i which was the one that SDE remembered me under, that’s why as Ito he doesn’t take to kindly to my posts. I’ve been Pyrrhic Victory and I’ve been RZA.

    My wifes family are all Palace CA, they’re from Carlshalton and Sutton way so I guess that’s natural. Did I tell you one of my cousins is a Palace cheerleader or a Crystal if you will, Kim B is my mums sisters girl, she offered me tickets as they get two for each home match, but I’m just not that into them.

  20. Leedsgunner


    I think you meant to say

    “FINNISH HIM” (Mortal Kombat voice). I know, I know you’re probably too young but it was a very popular game in the early 90s. 😉

  21. N5

    Shit just checked, I posted under Rza about 6 years ago, I got banned by Geoff for disagreeing with something he said and offering some fella out for a fight!

    Ban got lifted though, when I cunningly changed my name and behaved like a little angel ever since! 😀 😀 😀

  22. N5

    I am Midwest, but I’m schizophrenic so it feels like there are two of me and hence i don’t feel mad talking to me about myself which make the other me feel less annoyed with me, this me for like the same games as me.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Right, well when you’ve next got a family function let me know and I will pop over with some interesting fact about Eagles to woo her, the ladies love ornithology…they love it.

    Pyrrhic Victory actually rings a bell, I think.


    I was never a Mortal Kombat fan, but that would have been much better, maybe we could both get in there, I will burn him until he’s almost out of it then you can jump through the flames, fist cocked booming ‘finish him!’


    Your anti-gaming agenda has been clear from day one, along with your sympathetic, give Wenger a chance, John Lennon style weakness…Leeds….FINISH HIM!

  24. bennydevito

    RSPC Arsenal,

    Sorry, I said drake, Brady and Graham were before my time, I do of course remember Samson and his moustache – one of my earliest memories of supporting Arsenal in a lonely field of Liverpool fans…


    No worries, you bring a lot to the comments section and your bantz with Banks over the 1st place and forth place trophy is hilarious, cracks me up.

    Yes, an ex civvy me. Never worked in a job where I could spend so much time flipping between work and legrove. Therd be days when I’d be snowed under but more days bored as shit. Nearly transfered to Iraq for a 6 month stint but that was a round the time of the 2nd gulf war and the start of capturing westoners and chopping off their heads so bugger that I thought! When London rang me up and asked me to manage their electronic filing system I was like : am I going to get some sort of life risk payment? And they said no so vi buggered that right off! A 6 month stint in Gibraltar and now you’re talking…. But that offer never came.

  25. N5

    Lol benny good choice to stay put and not go to Iraq. I wanted to work at the MOD but I didn’t get in, so spent a lot of the time in Caxton House, now I’m in a small office in Hastings and you’re right, so much spare time to get Groving. I do work hard…well Civil Service hard, but it still a shameful amount of time!

    PS CA you’re right, girls love talking about birds, or walking holidays. I’ll ring you on our next function and feel free to come work your charm. Bring Johnty he’s the perfect wingman.

  26. Leedsgunner

    “Right, well when you’ve next got a family function let me know and I will pop over with some interesting fact about Eagles to woo her, the ladies love ornithology…they love it.”

    “Do you want come home and have a look at my plumage?” 🙂

  27. salparadisenyc

    I recall getting into with Cesc Appeal or maybe Incesc when Fabregas was flirting with Barca, yet to move but the writing was on the wall. That must of been summer of 2010 when Wenger convinced him to stay that additional season or maybe the next when it all kicked off.

    I was fuming and just unleashed if I recall. Then SDE jumped in and kept swinging and swinging and swinging…. think by the end of it i’d joined one of the Cesc in telling SDE he was fucking mental.

  28. bennydevito

    And thank you N5 for your kind words, and i am trying to post more often. Have been off work for a few weeks due to falling down some limestone stairs with a loaded wheel barrow helping a friend on a big landscape job. 3 weeks later and I’m still having to sleep upright at night. Had to reschedule some of my decorating jobs so am going to have to just deal with it come April as being self employed, no work, no pay. And my mate WASN’T insured either…

    Still, more time for Le Grove when my near 2 year old isn’t grabbing at my phone or my missus isn’t nagging me and asking what I’m doing!

  29. salparadisenyc


    I got two rug rats climbing on me now…. man up son!
    They do make the comments come out a bit pear shaped at times… kids oof.

    Nothing will compare to the keyser vs gambon battles, poor ole Keyser licked his wounds and came back for more. Total emasculation.

  30. MidwestGun

    Didn’t Kiyoshi pop up a little while back?
    Yep. .. Cesc, Strangely he was all apologetic and wanted to have a heart to heart about ex-wives and relationships. Lol. Felt like a therapist.

  31. gambon

    I started here in 2008 – Wenger completely fucked the transfer window that year and made it my mission to sway opinion against him, and i think i am solely responsible for the divide in the fan base that has occurred (Im bigger than jesus BTW)

    Since then its been crazy, so many different people come and go.

    Back then it was Odub, Ikon, Pedro, Geoff, Franchise, DDM, TAIG, Suga3, Master P, PatTheGooner, obviously Keyser and the mentalists like J.aguar and BBK

    “A” was a hilarious poster, endlessly optimistic, to the point of saying things like Denilson is better than Xabi Alonso.

    Ran him out of town.

  32. N5

    Crikey Benny, sorry to hear that mate. That sucks so hard, that’s the best thing about the Service is the sick pay. Hope you get better soon buddy.

    I’m lucky my wife will just continue watching a movie/TV or whatever whilst I toggle between the Grove and reality. She’d tell me I need to grow up when I’d be having a back and fourth with someone on here, but really she doesn’t mind to much. Although if the phone comes out at a wedding, party or funeral, I’ll get a back of the head punch.

  33. N5

    Leeds, I guess I was just unlucky, but I do look good in the uniform 😀

    She’s a dancer by trade, she teaches kids here in Hastings and also has a Yogo school and other such rubbish! but now she’s cheering for them and American Football at Wembley, meeting all the players, getting on Soccer AM and the like and the things that annoys me is she doesn’t even really like football.

  34. N5

    ha ha gambon, DanC was like that too, I don’t know if you remember him. My god he put the name AKB to shame! he would get so angry and start throwing homophobic comments at anyone who wasn’t ironically rimming Wenger.

  35. Leedsgunner

    “Although if the phone comes out at a wedding, party or funeral, I’ll get a back of the head punch.”

    Is that before the saucepan to the head with her feet?

    Anger management issues anyone? :). Violence is never the answer… 🙂

  36. N5

    Midwest, Kimberly Booker Hastings into Google or just Kimmy B Crystals will show you her, little girl, massive tits. 😀

    Cesc, he did mate yes, he was kicking off with me for saying he’d show up on Deadline Day to rub it in and keep saying see you next year. I wasn’t abusive yet he didn’t take to it to kindly, the next day he apologised (kind of) and him and Midwest went on a heart to heart about women.

  37. Dan Ahern

    Damn, walked away for a bit and missed story time!

    Middy, CA, N5? whoever replied I can’t remember now — re: Keyser, thanks for filling me in. I’m inclined to agree it wasn’t as deserved as the other sorts of bans, but I do remember Pedro warning him to drop it constantly. Keyser, true to form, never dropped it.

    He probably hasn’t come back because he ran into the bathroom mirror and has been trapped in an argument since.
    (Stole that mirror joke from somebody who burned him with it once, can’t remember who though. Recurring theme: my memory is shit.)

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I thought so. Those use to be some great fights to just kick back and watch!


    Suga3! I was trying to think the other day of the guy that had the superhero as his picture way back, and it was him I think. I remember Ikon as well, Pat, J.aguar.

    Weird thinking back to that, I got told off a few times by Pedro for being to harsh on Wenger. Seems like forever ago now.

  39. N5

    Ha ha Leeds the funny thing is, if you saw my wife, she wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s French so she sounds sexy when angry, but she’s not got a violent bone in her body. Thank god she never reads over my shoulder.

  40. N5

    Dan to be fair Pedro did give him warnings you are right and Keyser was kind of disrespectful to Pedro, but it was on a day when Pedro went on a troll culling and Keyser happened to make a comment that day that had pushed Pedro’s ban hammer buttons.

    Shame but at least I can say this, our formation and tactics sucked balls, without fear of having to compare every match in the past 30 years.

    Jokes Keyser if you do still pop by and read.

  41. Dan Ahern

    And speaking of how bad my memory is, I don’t even remember how I got on here exactly. I’m pretty sure it was during a transfer window and I was constantly digging for news. I ended up sticking around because of the Pedro/Geoff dynamic and the comments section.

  42. MidwestGun

    Benny –
    Damn. .. that sucks… get better. I’ve been a self -employed home builder for about ten years. Altho I’m mostly retired now. So i can sympathize with no work, no pay. Luckily, i did well pre housing bust 2008 and invested well when i was working in management for someone else.

  43. N5

    It seems most of us found the place during a transfer window, I guess that makes sense, all clicking on any site that appeared to have some news, settling for the place that mocked all of it.

  44. Marko

    All these back in the day comments are great lads. Just shows you can disagree with someone endlessly but at the end of the day the reason you come back and the reason everyone comes back is because Arsenal is for better or worse a big part of their respective lives.

  45. Dan Ahern

    “Back then it was Odub, Ikon, Pedro, Geoff, Franchise, DDM, TAIG, Suga3, Master P, PatTheGooner, obviously Keyser and the mentalists like J.aguar and BBK”

    No idea where this generation went. Most the 2nd wave* people (Lurch, Bade, Arse & Nose, Rohan, etc.) can be found on twitter.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    DanC…yes…I believe I was a ‘pussy licking drug dealer’…which has to be the weirdest insult ever because I’m not totally sure how it is an insult in real terms.


    That’s it, I swear I remembered him nipping up saying something about deadline day.

  47. N5

    I remember all the 2nd wave guys Dan, doesn’t Bade still post here and I’m almost certain Arse&nose did a few months back, I might be wrong there though. I’ve seen Lurch on Twitter, although I’m not on there so unsure how that happened.

  48. salparadisenyc

    I met Ahern on here and it turns out were neighbors in New York.
    Now he stalks me 24/7, may sue Pedro.

  49. N5

    Pussy licking drug dealer! Lol, didn’t he call me an AKB fence sitting Wenger hater who loves it in the ass.

    Of course that’s paraphrasing but it was literally all the available stances towards Wenger covered in one complicated insult.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Ha! Not a bad idea. Like the ‘I’m CEO Bitch’…’I’m the Pussy Licking Drug Dealer Bitch.’

  51. Dan Ahern

    To be fair I’m just copying your credit cards and tapping into your bank accounts. Minor identity theft stuff really, nothing to make a fuss about you pussy licking drug dealer.

  52. Dan Ahern

    N5 — Ah, really? I haven’t seen them in ages. I haven’t been able to read comments and post as much of late though. Plus, you know, my memory is garbage.

  53. bennydevito


    Frogman? Was he a poster here? Think I do actually and all the posters gambon just mentioned. He certainly did run A out of town! And yes, I will try to man up and not let my kids ruin my blogging!

    N5, my missus isn’t too bad really, apart from the other day when Alex didn’t post and that coupled with not being able to sleep I was refreshing my phone all day and all through the night and the next day… Then the new post landed and I would have had first but my bastard phone crashed!! I had some text ready to paste straight in – N5, Banks – why you look at me? Why you look at me? And my fucking phone crashed! When I saw I was beaten to it I slammed my phone on the sofa, smacked myself in the head a few times and went proper batshit schizo touretts! Frightened the life out of her and my kids!

  54. MidwestGun

    Haha the comment section isn’t long enough for everything Dan. C/P.roffa called me. Apparently, some Americans jumped him in an alley or something and played shepard … sheep.

  55. Dan Ahern

    Ohh, thinking back in the day, I remember I had an argument with CA one time about Shinji Kagawa’s forthcoming sale. I think you swore he wouldn’t go for more than like £5m and I was so adamant he would I took a screen shot to prove it later. Lol. Okay not really an argument, more just being stupid. But I’ve still got that screen shot somewhere.

  56. salparadisenyc


    To be fair, I actually stalk Ahern 🙂


    Somehow remember Frogman, the poor fella never new what hit him… with terms like cunting paedo loving trader, garry glitter in disquise and everything else that was put on him. Ran out indeed.

    N5 and Middy took up the slack but lacked the Clint Eastwood quality’s that came before in the enforcing world.

  57. N5

    Ha ha Benny that really tickled me, I love that you were all ready and Pedro let you down. Next time dude, next time. 😀

    Midwest, type in March 14th 2014 Le Grove into Google and read that posts comments, its all you and DanC and I’m digging at him for saying you were a yank so didnt understand the passion. Its a funny set of comments, even KJ and Revvin are digging him out because of it.

    Dan yeah there was a big African contingent, I think you American’s took over and sent them packing. I can only think of a couple of guys now. The African fellas are always so polite even the more AKBish ones like Uche!

    We have quite a few Indian posters now too, Random and Underrated come to mind but I know there are more, we have Aussies and New Z, we have South Africans (GG where are you). We have gone global.

  58. MidwestGun

    Ahern –
    Lol… not sure … just remember when i first came on here i tried to keep it civil on here with himl . And actually had a conversation with DanC about having a beer and he gave me some story about all the rude American baastards that wanted to fight him or something, so i just assumed he had a bad encounter and was taking it out on the whole country.

  59. N5

    Sal was it you that nicknamed me the Enforcer? I know it was one of you American guys, I wore that as a badge of honor only to then get it repeatedly thrown in my silly little Steve-o/Ben Affleck face every time a new troll joined.

  60. bennydevito

    It was the comment section that got me hooked – it was seriously un-pc back then full of swearing and borderline racist remarks, something I used to find offensive and take issue with. I got banned by Geoff many a time but was really only trying to stress that legrove had potential but was being brought down by a few offenders – there was a very strong anti French vibe in the comments which amused me seeing as the blog was called legrove, something I took great pleasure in pointing out to Geoff but he would bin me! I would then send an apology to get let back on. I think in the end LeGrove kind of out grew Geoff, with the greatest of respect, it’s Pedro who’s put LeGrove where it is now.

    gambon, i actually remember you from 2007 mate, we had a few words back then! You are a very restrained beast nowadays.

  61. salparadisenyc


    Think so, them were the days of the Dial.
    I never got as wound up as you and the deputy.

    So funny.

  62. Dan Ahern

    benny — True. I think Geoff hung it up because he was just too fed up with everything. He’d get too riled up and Pedro would have to restrain him from going overboard.

  63. Dan Ahern

    N5 — Lol. I mean, that is the general perception Le-Grove still has. It’s seen as the “negative” blog because it’s far more critical than anyone else is willing to be.

    Small irony that there’s a positivity clique who relish in digging up old tweets and demonising Pedro. They seriously can’t see how hypocritical they are.

  64. N5

    benny, I was saying that earlier, gambon was a take on all comers guy prebanning, but he got sinbinned for a while and came back a little tamer. He still does like to mix it up, but noway near as heated as it used to be.

    I only got banned once, but that’s when Geoff was very precious about his posts, he would ban quite quickly.

    You are spot on about Pedro putting it where it is now. His hardwork and dedication has been first class. I don’t know where he stands in the most visited football blog tables, but he must be one of the highest in the world, especially the comments section.

  65. N5

    Ha Sal, Dial used to really get under my skin. The amount of hours spent going back and fourth with him over Ian Wright, god all those wasted hours. Mid was cool with him until he made that comment about Americans and then the gloves were off and our American Rosicky wanted a straighter with Brian.

  66. salparadisenyc

    As Ahern said, pre-Ozil when we weren’t spending it was such a broken record that spilled over into here. Was like cage fighting at time out of frustration. A comedic distraction from Wenger and Gazidas.

    Gazidas was mentioned daily… now that were spending a bit the dude cant get an LG look in.

    Off topic, where Radio been? dudes quality.

  67. bennydevito


    I fucking lost it mate, proper! My missus sent me outside to calm down! I’d been refreshing my phone from 6am Sunday right through to midday Monday when the post dropped, I was so pissed!!

  68. Dan Ahern

    Sal — Ahh yeah Radio Raheem, he used to be quite a frequent poster, didn’t he? So many old names batted around today that I haven’t seen in a long time.

  69. bennydevito

    Dan Ahern, yes, Geoff was so passionate but it really was same old and the perpetual groundhog at Arsenal got the better of him

    N5, indeed, he was very precious about his posts and was extremely ban happy back then!

  70. N5

    Ohhh that’s it Middy, he’s been rewatching the entire Mad Men boxsets, hence the limited appearances. *

    *Disclaimer, this is a made up fact, RR is currently held in Marble Brians basement.

  71. MidwestGun

    Lol exactly as the John Snow of the blog protecting the wall from evil Chelscum, Manc’s, and Scousers , i need me some fresh Khaleesi.
    Altho N5’s cousin will have to do. 😉

  72. bennydevito

    MidwestGunMarch 24, 2015 22:45:05

    Yes totally sucks. That’s the problem being self employed but my plan is to build up enough of a client base so that I can take on some staff, then eventually take on more of a supervisory role not actually doing the painting myself and then invest a little in some stocks and shares myself. That’s the plan anyway. My friend has not long come back from the states after his marriage failed out there. He had quite a successful business doing landscaping and general garden/grounds maintenance called the English gardener, the Americans loved it. He’s now back here trying to start again and asked me for help with a patio. The very first day we were carrying a wheel barrow full of rubble down some limestone stairs as there was no access to the skip and bang, my feet went straight up in the air quicker than I’d realised what happened and I landed on my right hand side lower back, rib cage and hip/pelvis. I was in agony. Had an xrays and 3 ribs broken clean through, not fractured but proper split. 3 weeks later and I’m mobile and active but it’s trying to sleep that’s killing me right now, and my ribs appear to be healing crooked so I need to go back to the drs and get them looked at.

  73. MidwestGun

    Benny –
    That’s half the battle to have a plan. And a contingency plan if it goes bad due to unforeseen circumstances. My brother did similar stepped off a roof and fell into a basement on a roofing job we did. He eventually recovered but it took some time. Wish you the best… Small Business for me is what makes the world go round. Very satisfying if you can succeed.

  74. bennydevito

    Midwest, indeed. Ibthibk the same about small businesses. It was when i was working for others and then realising that they were paying me a wage but creaming a considerable amount off of my wage for themselves that made me think I can do it myself so have been going it alone since last Autumn and am starting to get more regular work of my own and am only working for others in between jobs. Got a full month booked out for April, a website and am having an app built from a local traders directory which will hopefully allow me to really push on.

  75. bennydevito

    Back to the Grove. Myself and a few others called out Pedro for some LeGrove merchandise. I would be all over it. I want a LeGrove beany hat and baseball cap, a pen and a nice white T-shirt with LG’s red logo and tagline on. Love this blog.

    Incidentally, in the spirit of Grove community, my Twitter is @BennydevitoBen if anybody’s interested. Any Grovers on Twitter post your @ and I’ll follow. I follow Pedro, Alex please follow me but I won’t follow you doel, and James Wilson too. gambon, Arse n Nose, Lurch, double gunner, Joppaaaa (not following me) and a few others are on Twitter too.

    Everybody who’s following any Grover’s post it on here and we can build up the community.

  76. gonsterous

    Reading yesterdays comments can I put in my 2 cents and say I joined around 2011 or 2012 and the only reason was because there was a post every single daY.. Unlike other blogs I knew le grove would have a post and that’s what attracted me to it.. I dint start commenting till a lot lot later..

  77. Wallace

    Sturridge and Lallana already pulled out and now Sterling will be allowed to miss the Italy game on Tuesday….wonder how many of them will make the Arsenal game.

  78. bennydevito

    They will all make the Arsenal game Wallace I reckon. It’s a shame Wenger couldn’t do the same thing.

    gonsterous, yes, for me it’s a combination of Pedro’s humourus posts, the comments section and it being daily is a big plus point.

  79. MadeToLoveMagic

    Ive been commenting since around 2010,,

    This place was in its hay day around 2011

    Ivory goonz, lurch, gambon , surfer, willybilly, ice, and many more

    today the grove is a little more sterile,, thats because the akb debate itself has become sterile. Everyone knows the arguments, now we have to just wait and see….

    The irony of legrove is that it has historically been anti wenger, but it is this negyness or realism to others has been the reason for its success..

    Big shout out to all the people who comment on this blog, it has had its moment , pedro will go on to be a successful writer but once wenger leaves the whole point of le grove will be gone to

  80. El Tel 1

    Can’t remember when I first came to the Le Grove Bar. Was a long time back. Worked night shifts so got into conversation with Gnarley from Aussie a lot.

    Me and Gambon never got on.

    My issue is, this is an Arsenal blog so I am not interested in hearing the Mancscum/Chav love in.

    Not constructive to be slagging off our players for the sake of it.

  81. Nasri's Mouth

    MadetoloveMagic: but once wenger leaves the whole point of le grove will be gone to

    I’d imagine the next manager will come with his own set of ‘issues’