Arsene Wenger is terrible, terrible loser

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Away goal ruling

Away goal ruling

Yes, he is. He hates losing. When he loses he bitches and moans. He complains about a lot.


He’s a professional sports manager. Shouldn’t he be a sore loser? He’s no worse than the rest of them. I mean, probably the only humble loser in the league is Pochettino… but we’ll see how long that lasts when he’s under real pressure for his job.

I don’t mind sour, it means there’s passion. In fact, I used to hate Thierry Henry’s ‘love me’ act when we were tanking in big games.

IN DOUBLE FACT. I sometimes wish our boys were a little bit more petulant. I think we lose out on many decisions because we’re sometimes a little too nice. Martin Keown wasn’t a humble loser. Who’d want that near the side? You want a team of people who detest losing. That’s what makes Champions. My issues is that Wenger pertains to be a hard loser… I mean, I’ve heard so many times from people at Arsenal… ‘Oh Arsene, yeah, he takes losing harder than any manager’… well, here’s the thing. If I keep losing at stuff, I’ll take a long hard look at why I keep losing, then change the approach.

Arsene doesn’t. He gets all upset, then convinces himself that actually, he’s right and the world is wrong. The undercurrent to his comments is that the game is wrong, not him. Which is a bit of a strange angle to go with. I don’t like the away goal rules, but it does keep it interesting. It gives teams an incentive to go hard in the first leg, which they didn’t before the rule came into play.

‘Two teams have gone out on away goals, which I think should be questioned because it’s a rule that is outdated now and that has to be changed. I’ve fought for that for a long time.’

Come with solution, brother Wenger.

‘It should count maybe after extra-time because this rule has been created in the 60s to encourage the teams to attack away from home. Since that football has changed. The weight of the away goal is too big today.’

‘In a direct knockout, it’s important that you’re very efficient and a bit lucky as well. None of the teams, apart from Barcelona, look to be superior in Europe today. Two other teams, Chelsea and Arsenal, could have gone through.’

Ok, ok.

Anyway, let’s not get on Wenger’s back for being a sore loser. Let’s get on his back about him not going hard to change his losing ways, particularly in Europe where he now has a 50% failure rate to get out of the last 16.

I read a few people defending City for going out against Barca. I find this amazing. It’s not quite as embarrassing as going out to the worst team in the competition, but it’s still shocking that a team with that much resource against it is still dropping out at the last 16. Those players are very, very capable and they’re not interested. It’s over for Pelligrini. He’ll be gone in the summer. Another dinosaur of a manager leaving the league.

The real danger of City is that they’ll actually land on a proper manager. I’d be scared if they brought in Simeone, Guardiola or Klopp. Managers that can build. Managers that would have absolute respect of the dressing room. Good job all three of those won’t be available until next year at the earliest.

There’s going to be loads of chat about the Premier League being weak. However, I think that sort of mindset is incredibly misguided. The Premier League is the strongest on the planet. Bayern would struggle to adapt to its intensity and so would Madrid and Barca.

Here’s the thing, there’s no excuse for Arsenal and Chelsea going out, but the reasoning isn’t that PSG and Monaco are better teams. They’re not. The challenge we have and will always have going forward is that we’re just too damn nice when it comes to distributing money. In La Liga, there are, what, maybe 8 games that are of any relevance a year?

Think about that. You’re mostly playing teams that have about 50pence to their name. It’s a cake walk most of the time. It’s pub teams. I watched Eibar the other day, they have a high street on one side of their stadium. It’d look poverty in the Conference. In the Premier League, there aren’t any easy games. Clubs are richer, they collectively have more quality players and they’re all very smart with their fitness and tech.

We also don’t have a break here. If you think 4-6 weeks off doesn’t impact you in March, you’re a sugartit (it’s a curse). So we have better players, we have more intensity on the pitch, we play more games and we don’t have breaks. I mean, we really don’t make it easy for ourselves, but we’ve (not Arsenal) still won the trophy numerous times over the last few years.

Madrid, Barca and Bayern dominate their leagues money wise and they have total ownership over players. 3 exceptional teams that cause detriment to the quality of the rest of the league. I’d prefer what we have.

Tonight, I have leaving drinks with my old work. I’ll not be about early tomorrow. Hopefully Alex can take over tomorrow.If he were a real friend and a committed writer, that’s what he’d do.

Also, we’ll be bringing a podcast to you next week. Why? Because sound is the new text. It’s going to be as compelling than Serial. So much Ozil bashing. Can’t wait.



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  1. Bankz


    You really need to stop this ridiculous push that Barcelona, Bayern & Madrid would struggle in the premier league.
    They will SMASH every single club to bits. I’m not saying they will win all their games but that they will easily dominate the EPL if anyone of them moves to the EPL (as if that was even possible).

    The Premier league is overrated & I’ve had this debate on here last year.
    Teams like wolf’s burg, Atletico, sevilla, valencia will easily give our big boys a run for their money.

    Did you watch Everton get ass whooped to bits last night?
    Dynamo Kyiv totally decimated them without as much as breaking a sweat.

  2. Bankz

    As for Wenger, he can rant from now until 2022 but one thing is certain, he will NEVER win the champions league in his lifetime.
    He & Özil are probably a match made in the south part of France.

    For any fan who actually had any iota of hope,that we were going to win the champions league because we were drawn with Monaco in december, really need to stop thinking with their nostrils.

    We could get the FAcup if Liverpool somehow gets knocked out before the finals but one thing is certain, under Wenger we’re stagnated as club on the pitch.
    Until he goes, we won’t make that next step into the elites group in Europe

  3. Bankz

    Where’s everyone tho?

    Lebgooner if not that you decided to spoil my run, today looks like the day I would finally broken N5’s Legrove record.

    What’s the record again?
    Someone remind me again.
    I’ve made it my personal mission to end that record in 2015.

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    I think Pedro’s point is this:

    Both Barca and RM get individual TV deals which enables them to ‘coast’ more in their league rather than having to work their socks off every week as the top teams in the PL do

  5. Blsany

    English teams have been a disaster in Europe this season. The Premier League may be the most competitive league around but the qulity clearly isn’t there.

    No teams left in the last eight of the Champions League and no teams left in The Europa League. The national side is nothing special either. Considering the money in the game in this country it’s a poor state of affairs.

  6. shad

    Hey all!

    Watched Moh on Arsenal Fan TV on his debate with Robbie about fans trying to take positives from the away win at Monaco.

    Moh nailed it when he observed (as we have been for a number of years now) that Wenger doesn’t know how to set up the team physically, psychologically and professionally to win such a competition. The word of the day is naivete.

    Yes players should also be responsible, e.g. the Ox should have fouled their winger when he lost possession leading up to their 3rd goal. But where is the in-game management? All he does is flap his wings on the side when a call is made against us.

    I’d love us to get a world class CF, DM, CB and GK but above all we need a more dynamic manager – preferably younger, to take us to those new lofty heights we know we can achieve.

  7. shad


    Pedro’s point about league competition is based on averages in my opinion. If you take the top 3 and bottom 3 teams of each league respectively, the outcomes of matches played between them is far less predictable in the EPL than in the others. The EPL boasts more aggressive fast paced football albeit less technical and with less flair.
    Same way Man City lost to Burnley is the same I’d expect Real Madrid or Atletico or Juve to lose to Burnley or Aston Villa. Especially given we don’t have a winter break.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Two points raised by Pedro.

    1. Wenger is sore loser. Personally I wish we had more sore losers in the team and greater levels of ruthlessness. Then perhaps we would win more matches and trophies. There are no brownie points for ‘acquiescence’.

    2. He raises also the question whether the standard of football in EPL is good
    enough. This is covered in today’s Telegraph where 5 journalists are asked
    questions about why our clubs are so bad in Europe.

    My personal view is that leaving aside the top 2 teams in Spain and Bayern we
    are not miles behind the rest of Europe.

    What is true is that the game in EPL is far more intense than on the continent
    and the players don’t have the same opportunity to relax as they do on the continent. Monaco were able to put out a second team against their French opposition on Friday [they were given extra day off by French Ligue].

    Arsenal by contrast played 3 critical games against Man U,West Ham and Monaco in 10 days. That may make good tv viewing, but does not help to provide top level performances.

    Personally I don’t think that we recruit as was implied less gifted players than
    on Continent. Money talks and apart from Real and Barcelona we are able to
    compete with anyone in transfer department.

    However, there may be a case that our management and coaching structures are not up to scratch. I certainly think that is the case at Arsenal as I have suggested for a very long time in many posts on this website.

    I have no problem with ‘paternalism’ in the way that club is run, but not in the
    changing room or on the pitch. Life has been for a very long time far too comfortable at the club. This flows from Manager downwards and when I read
    statements as I did today that Wenger suggests that 95% of our playing personnel will still be at club next season that concerns me. That suggests that
    only 2 PLAYERS will leave! Personally I can think of at least half a dozen first
    team players who should come off the books.

    What I did suggest yesterday is that any new recruits at club must be ‘TOP
    DRAW’ and not simply to make up squad numbers. That has been the case far
    too often in past. In other words we need to buy quality and not quantity.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Instead of a winter break, it might make more sense to give our teams more time to prepare before a CL 2 leg tie.

    So make sure their previous game is 6/7 days before not 3/4

  10. Bankz

    Nasri’s mouth.

    I think Pedro just tries to make the EPL like some supernatural league where a Stoke City or West Bromwich would probably be beating Bayern Munich on a regular basis.
    It has nothing to do with Tv rights money.
    There are 4 super clubs in the world, 3 are Barca,Bayern & Madrid. The last is man United who have fallen off since SAF walked 2yrs ago.
    Put a Guardiola in charge of affairs there & they’d return back to their rightful status quicker than you’d pronounce Pedro.

    If those clubs weren’t generating massive revenues or having huge TV rights splited between them then I feel there are a thousand Arabs,Americans or Russian multi-billioniares who will spend a huge chunk of their fortunes to acquire them.

    All the above doesn’t change the fact that if any of them dropped into the premier league,they’d walk the league as they’ve walked their indigenous leagues and the champions league.

    This who mindset that the premier league is a league where all teams are beatable is seriously flawed.
    If not for our tactically inept manager, we easily beat the teams from 7th-20th. It’s the teams from 1st – 7th, we often have issues with as we need strong/better tactics to do them which unfortunately Wenger isn’t a professor of.

    I think other than the Chelsea squad, every other single Club in the EPL isn’t equipped for the UCL/Europa.
    You basically need better tactics & not physicality to win games in Europe.
    Other than a miraculous win vs Bayern 10men, City couldn’t even do a poor AsRoma who ply their trade in one of the shittiest leagues in the world currently.

  11. Ash79

    Crowds gathered in Westminster to take in the solar eclipse..Some onlookers were not so amused

    “The eclipse was a total waste of time, i looked up and saw fuck all”…. David Blunkett

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    I wouldn’t read too much into the 95% comment.

    That’s more likely to keep the press from asking annoying questions and keep the players focused on their game and not on looking for a new club yet

  13. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that there are 4 super clubs in Europe, but I disagree that the other three apart from Man Utd would dominate in EPL as you suggest.

    For a start they would probably not receive the same sponsorship and tv revenues that they do at moment. Real and Barcelona control TV market in Spain.

    Second their players are ‘ human’. The demands of EPL are far more intense
    than those of other leagues in Europe.

    Arsenal do have the potential to match these 4 clubs IF we had a more ambitious ownership AND were to change our Manager and coaching staff. The
    latter is past its sell by date.

  14. Nasri's Mouth


    I think that Bayern, Madrid and Barca would all be right at the top of the PL.

    They’re top of their own leagues, the value of the squads are right up there, so there’s no reason to suggest they wouldn’t be at the top of ours. Would they walk it ? Meh, depends on what you mean by ‘walk it’ but IMO I don’t think they’d all be winning it by 20 points.

    However, the point is that if those teams were dropped into the PL, they would struggle more in the CL than they do, because the PL is a harder league to play in.

    Personally I’m not too sure how much I believe that.

  15. Dan

    Wenger was asked the question on away goals and gave the same answer he has given many times, it just looked like a sore loser comment because we were on the wrong end of it.
    The home team plays not to concede a goal with away goals – how does that encourage attacking play?

  16. N5

    Ha ha Bankz, I’m nervous that it’s your plan to beat my record, you are my biggest threat and I honestly can see it happening. It was 47 as Shad said and it was a really early post so no one else was awake. 😀

  17. MadeToLoveMagic


    I think Blunkett would have seen as much as everyone else , cloudy as fuck where i am , and it didnt even get dark , , oh well , roll on 2052 , think thats the next one to hit the uK

    Can always trust Mrs Nature to provide a bit of unsuitable whether for the UK

    swear down it hasnt been this cloudy in months,, lolz but maybe im noticing it more today

  18. N5

    I honestly don’t want Wally to go and I know if he was in a Liverpool shirt it would hurt a lot of us, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it, after all he didn’t really want to sign last time and he’s playing up again this time. If a player doesn’t want to be here, then he doesn’t want to be here. We shouldn’t be held hostage by that.

    It was odd that Wenger said “on the field he’s quick, off the field, not so much” because he’s normally so tight lipped when it comes to things like this. Maybe he’s had enough of the tug-of-war with players also?

  19. MadeToLoveMagic

    Whats more realistically more likely?

    1)The clouds clearing, time rewinding itself back a couple of hours therefore moving every celestial body in the universe back to where it was , time starting again and the eclipse showing itself in its all its (partial) glory for all of us to witness.?

    or 2) Chavs collapsing and Arsenal winning the league this year?

  20. Kane

    So Pedro you would rather Arsenal be more like Chelsea then?

    Personally, I like the fact that we try to win in the right way and do not act like complete cunts to do it.

    Being a sore loser is not a good trait… No one would have an issue if he accepted the loss, then showed passion and desire to make that right…

    The lack of professionalism he shows when we lose is not just unacceptable, it is downright embarrasing.

    Refusing to congratulate the winning team, making jokes about playing Europa League and championing changes to the away goals rule highlights why Wenger is not capable of turning this Arsenal side into title winners.

    He has been doing the same thing for 30 years – and it is everything else that needs to change… not him.

    As for your comments that PSG and Monaco are not better teams… you are starting to sound a lot like a certain person we know!

    When we get down to facts… the team performance was way below par in the first leg and we lost the tie because of it.

    Once the analysis is complete on why that performance was so poor, we can address it and move forward…

    Or we can focus on “away goals” instead!

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    It’s pretty common for the clouds to get in the way of your view of the sun on several days every week, it’s absolutely bloody guaranteed that the rotation of the planet will mean the Earth gets in the way of your view of the sun.

    I don’t get the excitement over another astronomical body doing the same thing

  22. karaul

    “We give Pool ten Mil plus Walcott and we get Sterling,?”

    hell yeah! he´s six years younger and simply better player. would be a great deal.

    but buy sterling for 50 mil? no.

  23. Hitchy

    MTLM. Yes absolutely – and I actually quite like walcott, thats how highly Sterling should be rated, his potential is so much higher than Theo’s and at a much younger age!

  24. PMC

    “So Pedro you would rather Arsenal be more like Chelsea then?”

    ERR yes, they win, same way Barcelona win Bayern win they all do it, its called winning at all costs mate. In 10 years time you think people will remember if we were a nice team or a winning team?

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Walcott contract discussions halted until the summer

    No surprise there then.

    Club want to see how he performs

    Player wants to see how much game time and what position we (and possibly Liverpool finish in)

  26. Nasri's Mouth


    Actually one of the main reasons Chelsea have won more than us recently is simply because they’ve spent an awful lot more than us

  27. Rosicky@Arsenal

    people people

    pedro seems confused.
    I agree with Bankz Barca Real & Bayern are the powerhouses in football and they will smash EPL teams over a season surely.

    It also proves the point that you spend the money and win titles.
    United Chelsea and City have dominated the EPL for last 6/7 yearson the basis of money and not that there managers are smarter & brilliant than Wenger.

    I agree that occasionaly a bit smaller clubs have good seasons but by and large money has brought success to big clubs.

    Atletico reaching the CL final but couldn’t make it and Real had the last laught.
    Its really tough when the prize is big money wiil win.

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    I have no idea what your last post was about, nor do I have the slightest interest in whether some big European clubs are playing each other


  29. Blsany

    Walcott can fuck off.6 touches in 25 minutes against monaco tells you everything this guy is about.No need for Sterling just give Gnabry a chance.

  30. Leedsgunner

    “Arsenal by contrast played 3 critical games against Man U,West Ham and Monaco in 10 days. That may make good tv viewing, but does not help to provide top level performances.”

    It’s not the TV co’s fault that Wenger persists with a small squad he beasts to death, and persists with a training regime that results in our first team players suffering from more injuries than any other EPL squad and that he refuses to strengthen areas of the squad which are threadbare all the while buying multiple AM players which he insists on playing out of position.

    He knows the score before every season — he needs sufficient squad depth but he refuses to address longstanding weaknesses. For how many years have we been saying we need a proper DM? A proper CB? A proper striker? He persists with injury prone players and hails them as like “new signings” when they are fit and then sheepish remains silent when they are waylaid by injuries AGAIN. (Wilshere being this season’s permacrock… don’t even talk about Diaby).

    We may have a big squad on paper but in reality we have a manager that doesn’t use his fringe players and rotate properly unless he is reacting to a crisis. He doesn’t anticipate problems only reacts to them and moan about them.

  31. Emiratesstroller

    The most successful league in European Football since the Second World War is Serie A and not Spanish or English Leagues.

    That League has always been dominated by Juventus [owned by Agnelli, Fiat
    Family]. Yet when it came to European Cup/Championships they were never
    particularly successful. They have I believe won it only twice and not for a very long time.

    AC Milan are not nearly as successful in domestic football as Juventus. Yet they have outperformed them in Europe.

    The simple fact is that England and Italy have always had more competitive
    domestic leagues than most other countries, which may explain why their top
    clubs have been less successful in Europe.

    People have of course short memories when it comes to identifying who is top
    dog in England. In 1930s it was Arsenal, 1970/80s Liverpool and 1990/2000s
    Man Utd. The latter two clubs have had some very bad patches during their
    most recent history. Both have been relegated since second world war and have also been on fringes of bankruptcy.

    Arsenal by contrast have tended to perform consistently rather dominate the
    league. They have been throughout their history also more financially prudent than most of their competitors.

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: It’s not the TV co’s fault that Wenger persists with a small squad he beasts to death,

    Not so much this season, he’s been rotating a fair bit more.

    Certainly more than Mourinho

  33. Bigper

    I think the premier league is the most competitive but that doesn’t mean it has the best teams as such.. Basically every english team in Europe has been outclassed this season although I think a lot of it is to do with lack of preparation and possibly arrogance and complacency

    Come on though bayern, Madrid and barca would absolutely smash everyone in our league. Barca dispatched of city like they were a total irrelevance and they are the current pl champions

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    To some extent its a timing thing

    Man City aren’t playing well in the league. They haven’t been since the beginning of the year

    Chelsea aren’t playing at the same level they were earlier in the season, they’ve been getting results, but it’s been a real struggle.

    The form teams in the PL are Liverpool and us. Liverpool got knocked out when they were going through a bad patch and we’re on a run of playing consistently with occasional (massive) hiccups and one of those hiccups came against Monaco

  35. Thomas

    “The Premier League is the strongest on the planet. Bayern would struggle to adapt to its intensity and so would Madrid and Barca.”

    lol at this.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    Football is a cyclical business. Clubs come and go and the idea that Real Madrid and Barcelona are or will be ‘all conquering’ for ever is a myth.

    As I wrote Serie A was the strongest league and was always dominated by Juventus who were considered at one time the richest club in world football, because of who backed them. Yet despite their domination of Italian football their record in Europe was less successful. They have won Champions League/Cup just 2 times. AC Milan who are far less successful domestically have won it 7 times.

    Football is very much a game of ‘fashion’. Noone would have looked at either
    Chelsea or Man City as potential title winners until the arrival of their financial backers. Both clubs were frequently bankrupt and wallowing on the point of extinction. In the case of Chelsea I am not so sure how they will survive when Abramovich goes. Are his children or family going to be as committed to
    club as he is?

    Most clubs in Spain are teetering on the point of bankruptcy and that has included in past both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Real have been bailed out more than once by Spanish or Regional Governments. Barcelona for all their
    recent success are not necessarily in the best state of health. There have been
    rumours for some time that their finances are not in great shape.

    What is true is that Arsenal as a business have been successful, but unlike most of its counterparts in England and around Europe have lived within their
    means probably at expense of success on pitch.

    I have believed for at least 6 years that Arsenal’s recent failings have been down to a Manager who was very successful, but stayed in job too long and
    that has cost the team progression. The club itself is more than capable of
    competing in England with the likes of Man Utd,Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. Whether they do so is not down to money, but good management and
    decision making.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    Emiratestroller: In the case of Chelsea I am not so sure how they will survive when Abramovich goes.

    They’ll be fine, it’s taken them a massive amount of money and a lot longer than they said but they’re profitable now.

    It might actually help them to have an owner who doesn’t sack his manager every time things don’t go quite how he wants.

  38. TitsMcGee

    Football is a cyclical business. Clubs come and go and the idea that Real Madrid and Barcelona are or will be ‘all conquering’ for ever is a myth.”

    They’ve been dominating for decades though. Barcelona and Madrid aren’t City and Chelsea where they have like 10 glory years in their history. They are established clubs.

    Doesn’t mean they will win UCL every year(nobody will) but they will be contenders for it every year rather than also rans.

    (Barca has made the quarters at least 9 years in a row if I remember correctly).

  39. TitsMcGee

    The EPL is the “best” in the sense that the competition from top to bottom is the best but being competitive doesn’t mean you have the best teams.

    The gap between the best teams in the EPL and the rest of the pack isn’t as big but again the best teams in the other leagues trump our best teams at the moment.

  40. Blsany

    “ManC apparently selling Nasri, Toure, Dzeko, Jovetic in the summerAny takeers?”

    We should pass on all of them.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    I am not so sure that Chelsea will continue to be so successful. The same applies
    to Barcelona for different reasons.

    Key to success in football is the system and in particular the correct Management and Coaches. Finance is of course relevant, but more important is how you spend it.

    At the moment EPL benefits from huge revenues from TV. that is of course a
    huge advantage, but what is more important is that we sort out collectively how teams play on the pitch.

    The idea that players coming to England are second best is bullshit. We attract plenty of good players into our game if for no other reason than the money. What we need to improve is the product and that means better organisation of calendar so that we are not flogging players to death.

  42. TitsMcGee

    Aguero didn’t look world class against Burnley and Barcelona maybe he is just a good player and not world class as some have suggested.”

    Two games cancels out his ability?

  43. WengerEagle

    Redtruth aka Marble thinks that Aguero is a headless chicken.

    Lol he actually said this during the Bayern-City match before Aguero smashed in a hat-rick.


  44. shad

    Agree with you @Blsany on Walcott leaving; Think we have more than apt replacements in The Ox, Gnabry (if he can keep fit) and even Sanchez or JC.

  45. Gunner2301

    I like Dzeko. I’d take him ahead of Giroud and Welbeck I think he’d be more efficient with the opportunities Giroud has been getting, but I’d still want a top striker to come in on top of that.

  46. WengerEagle

    Pretty interesting draw, Real Madrid will find it tough as always against Atletico who seem to be experts in beating them. Just have a feeling that over the two legs Real will be too strong for them, they’re due a good result/performance against Atletico after 4-5 poor ones this season.

    Barcelona-PSG will be interesting but I fully expect Barca to prove too strong, will take 2 huge PSG performances and a large slice of luck to knock Barca out.

    Juventus-Monaco and Bayern-Porto are pretty straight forward on paper unless Juventus are as cocky and ignorant as we were and treat Monaco lightly. Which they won’t because they are a proper outfit.

    So barring any surprises I expect the SF to look like:

    Bayern Munich
    Real Madrid

  47. Blsany

    Gnabry’s done well and looks like a player who can genuinely play on the left.He has done well last season when we had so many players out.Plus he is German he aint gonna piss his career away like some English players.Wenger’s handling of young players is shocking.Keeps the donkeys(Sanogo etc..)and marginalizes the good ones.

  48. gambon

    “Aguero didn’t look world class against Burnley and Barcelona maybe he is just a good player and not world class as some have suggested.”

    Doesnt he have the best goals per min record in PL history?

    Hes absolutely world class, the only thing that isnt is his ability to stay fit.

  49. WengerEagle

    Yaya will go to Inter Milan by the looks of it to link up once again with Mancini.

    Nasri I imagine will be sold, not sure to who because he isn’t a world class player. PSG maybe like Cabaye.

    They badly need a new LB, Kolarov and Clichy are both bang average.

    Jovetic will most likely end up back in Italy, Juventus wouldn’t surprise me.

    Dzeko could go back to Germany, Wolfsburg even as they’ve built a top side.

    Buying Bony for £28 million was a huge mistake. Now they’re stuck with him.

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    Emiratestroller: I am not so sure that Chelsea will continue to be so successful.

    They no longer need Roman to keep digging in his pockets for loose change, so they have the set up to be successful whether he stays or goes.

    That doesn’t mean they will be of course, but he’s not vital to them the way he was 5 years ago.

  51. Blsany

    “Stats don’t make you world class Henry’s stats were impressive and he wasn’t world class”

    Oh dear *SMH*

  52. Bamford10

    Strange post, Pedro.

    PSG are a better team than Chelsea, and Barca are far, far better than City. Anyone who watched these matches knows this, and this has little to do with whom the EPL teams played the weekend before. The best in the world at moment are simply better than the best in the EPL.

    As for Wenger being a sore loser, I feel the point was missed: no one likes losing, but a sore loser is a person who cannot deal with losing in an honorable, honest or respectful way. This fits Wenger’s behavior post Monaco perfectly: not shaking the opposing manager’s hand after the 3-1 debacle; saying the better team didn’t advance. Both of these things were petty, disrespectful and ungracious.

    As for City’s firesale, I’d take both Jovetic and Dzeko over Giroud, but the former has injury issues and the latter would likely be overpriced. I think I’d prefer Dybala or Lacazette — someone shifty and pacy.

    And WE, so glad you called out “Red Truth”: I suspected that was Marble.

  53. Seg

    @Emirate I think you would need to expatiate more on why you think Chelsea would not continue to be successful and, especially why you think same is applicable to Barcelona, because I would they are run on two different model. but what do I know.

  54. Danish Gooner

    Only in football can you play as shitty as walcott and demand a pay rise,my God if there where any reason in pl football Arsenal should cut his wages in half.

  55. TitsMcGee

    So barring any surprises I expect the SF to look like:Barcelona
    Bayern Munich
    Real Madrid

    I like the look at that last 4.

    The best part is no Chelsea.

  56. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t think you can say PSG is a better side than Chelsea based purely on the evidence of those 2 games.

    All you can is they were a better side on the night(s)

  57. Carts

    The intensity of the EPL would be a shock to the system for a lot of the top teams in europe, without a doubt.

    Like Pedro said, barring maybe 8 single fixtures, La Liga is dog shit.

    Real x Barca
    Real x A.Madrid
    Barc x A.Madrid
    Real x Valencia
    Barca x Valencia
    A.Madrid x Valencia

    Dont get me start on Germany either.

    Serie A, have a better fixture listing that both La Liga and Bundesliga. Problem with them is that their decripd stadium and virtually empty or their 4 x 400 metre relay going on on the perimetre track.

    I’m not about to excuse Chelsea, Arsenal and City for their shit attempt at progression, as all 3 team have spent, and have insane access to funds.

  58. Carts

    “In the case of Chelsea I am not so sure how they will survive when Abramovich goes”

    Chelsea, Utd and Arsenal, to name a few have a self-sustaining model, do they not?

    If Abramovich snuck out the back window tonight, I struggle to see how that directly effects Chelsea as we know that AA didn’t “borrow” Chelsea the money he invested. It was almost a “gift” that he’s since written off?

    Chelsea now break even, if not already posting a small profit. They are selling to buy.

  59. WengerEagle


    Sorry don’t agree at all.

    Sevilla, Malaga, Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao are all very good sides and would give anyone in the BPL’s 4th-7th spots a run for their money.

    The BPL’s strength is overplayed by the media. City won the BPL last season and were made to look an extremely ordinary outfit by Barcelona.

  60. salparadisenyc

    From the DialXsquare to MarlbXhall to Red Truth.

    I’d of gone more provocative after a banning brace.

  61. Emiratesstroller


    The point I make about Chelsea is not so much the money, but Abramovich personality. There are plenty of mega rich people who are associated with football, but very few who will make the same commitment as Abramovich and certainly not for the length of time he has. Most of these people lose interest after the novelty of owning a club wears off. Chelsea has historically been a club which seldom covers its costs.

    Also I don’t think that Barcelona falls into the same category as Real Madrid
    who are backed by an institution.

    It is true that Barcelona is a counterbalance to Real, but its success has been built to a large extent on youth development rather than spending huge amounts in transfer market. They buy periodically a superstar but not usually
    on same scale as Real Madrid.

    The point is that whilst Barcelona may generate at moment considerable revenues that is dependent on success on pitch and not their backers. There have
    been for some time question marks about their financial stability.

    When you depend so heavily on your youth development producing players like Messi there will come a time when that model does not deliver. You need
    only look at Ajax to see what can happen.

  62. karim

    Jardim was busy doing a Mourinho, ie running on the sideline, to congratulate his players after the 3rd goal.

    Was Wenger supposed to wait for him ?


  63. cladicus

    I’m down for Sterling if we get him a running coach. As I’ve said before, looks like a twelve year old girl at full sprint. I will be very surprised if Theo is at Arsenal next season to be honest.

  64. Nasri's Mouth


    It would depend on who bought Chelsea.

    If they viewed Chelsea purely as a business and decided to take money out of the club, it might stop Chelsea competing at the very top. Take too much out and you risk losing too much of the income through CL etc. but with the new TV deal and the one after, it should be possible for a new owner to bleed the club without bleeding it dry

  65. Bamford10


    Maybe, but watching PSG, I came away with the belief that they weren’t just better on the two nights but a better-managed, classier side. Better passing, better organization and better players overall. Yes, Chelsea are a spent force and are underperforming, but I honestly think PSG are a superior team as well.

  66. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers,

    Had a full uncloudy view of the solar eclipse over here in Bristol.

    BankzMarch 20, 2015 09:25:31
    Pedro You really need to stop this ridiculous push that Barcelona, Bayern & Madrid would struggle in the premier league.
    They will SMASH every single club to bits. I’m not saying they will win all their games but .

    Lol! Which is it? You say they would smash every team to bits but not win every match? Hilarious contradiction! I agree with Pedro, I think they’d struggle in the depths of winter away to Stoke and places like that, plus the tempo is way faster and the referee’s won’t give them the protection they get in their leagues. It would be interesting though.

  67. Blsany

    “I’m down for Sterling if we get him a running coach. As I’ve said before, looks like a twelve year old girl at full sprint. I will be very surprised if Theo is at Arsenal next season to be honest.”

    What about RVP or Robben.It never held them back ( ˘︹˘ )

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    WengerEagle: City won the BPL last season and were made to look an extremely ordinary outfit by Barcelona.

    They were made to look an extremely ordinary outfit by us too, does that mean we’re up there with Barca ?

    City at the moment are not playing to the best of their ability, and not playing to last season’s level, and while I still think Barca would have better them, it’s more about form than actual class

  69. Nasri's Mouth


    Do you think PSG would still have gone through against Chelsea, if Chelsea were playing as well as they were 5 months ago, when Fabregas was breaking records, Costa was scoring for fun, and Matic looked one of the best in the world ?

  70. cladicus

    Mourinho really has run his team into the ground this season. I’ve seen it discussed a few times on here, but in other media, not so much. Seems to be getting a pass on it. I still think they will hold on to their lead, but a couple more slips and it could get real interesting.

  71. WengerEagle

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Well even last season they were outclassed by Barcelona over two legs and absolutely mullered at the Etihad by Bayern.

    I get your point but the likes of Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are all far superior to any of the BPL’s best teams. Forget form for a minute.

  72. Carts

    Eagle – they aren’t bad sides, and could well mix it up. But as a stand alone fixture, they don’t exactly put La Liga on the map do they?

  73. salparadisenyc

    Early predictions.

    Juve vs Monaco, think we’ll see a professional dispatching over the full 180 minutes there with the Italians into the semi. They were very good against Dortmund. The beautiful game may not appear, shame Pogba’s done for the season as well.

    Carts I think Madrid start to fire again and eliminate Atletico whom have been not great this season.

    PSG will give Barca more of a game than expected, but its hard to not give Messi and co the win. Going to be exciting.

    Bayern’s get yet another waltzing draw.

    If it works out draw wise: Bayern vs Barca finale with Pep going up against the machine he put in motion, ideal for me.

    With Bayern winning, its nearly a perfect side imo and Pep is the x factor against Barca. On the heals of this potential treble I fear United is his next port of call, good luck and god bless Wenger and co. Generation Pep is not a cozy thought.

  74. qna

    Stirling to Arsenal? Funny thing is when you read that you immidately think no way liverpool will sell to us – ala Suarez.

    But Walcott to Liverpool. Sounds very likely. I think we should avoid selling to liverpool. Especially as they are the most lilely team to be our future competitors for champions league football (Man U will eventually get it together being the only club in england that is financially up there with madrid, barca and bayern).

    If they want to give us all of what City give them for Stirling ok (eg £50m+). But otherwise no way. I would rather have him on our bench on £110k/month.

  75. Carts

    NM – If we take Utd and Arsenal as an example, then no other club come close to our cash pile, no?

    Therefore, if Chelsea are only now, or have been for a couple seasons, already, breaking even, then there doesn’t really leave much scope for bleeding the club.

    I get what you’re saying though. But in this case, as exhibited over the last few windows, Chelsea are spending income they’ve generate. Hell, Hazard was bought of the back of their crazy CL wind fall, was he not?

  76. cladicus


    Robben has to keeps his arms away from his body in order to generate centripetal force to pull off his legendary dives. Never heard of this RVP 😉

  77. qna

    As for early predictions in the ucl semis I have only one upset prediction. I think Monaco will go through. As for PSG giving a fight. Whoever plays Barca is playing this years Champions. Not even Bayern can stop Messi when he is in form. Its all over already. Scratch them in to the trophy already.

  78. Nasri's Mouth

    Anyway, I can’t see ManC spending anything like £100m on Sterling

    They would struggle to afford it, and they have much bigger concerns than that

  79. WengerEagle


    Well tbh you could argue that Sevilla are better known around Europe than Spurs are for example due to their Europa League/Uefa Cup successes.

    Villarreal were Champions Lleague Semi-Finalists in 2006 and have had world class footballers like Riquelme, Sorin, Marcos Senna, Diego Forlan and our very own Santi Cazorla playing for them over the last decade. In Vietto, Musacchio, our very own Gabriel, Giovanni Dos Santos, etc they are a quality side that feature quality players.

    Malaga- Isco, Santi, Jaoquin, Demichelis, Quarter-Finalists in the UCL a couple pf years ago and very unlucky not to be semi-finalists.

    Bilbao have a a lot of history in Spain and have produced the lies of LLorente, Javi Martinez, Laporte, Muniain, etc.

    Hardly ‘dogshite’ is all I’m saying.

  80. Carts

    Sal – “Carts I think Madrid start to fire again and eliminate Atletico whom have been not great this season.”

    I agree that at times A.Madrid have looked sluggish and haven’t really hit the dizzy heights of last seasons.

    But why I think they’ll do Madrid is that they seem to bully the fuck out of them or at least work them.

    Their last 6 H2Hs have given us;

    4 x A.Madrid win
    2 x draws

    I think A.Madrid have a perfect formula in getting something out of Madrid.

    Remains to be seen, of course.

  81. Nasri's Mouth


    Chelsea’s revenue is now a little bigger than ours. The new PL deal will be a big increase, the next one is likely to be even bigger. They could continue to spend as they have for the last 2-3 seasons and make a profit.

    It’s possible that we’ll start to see other club owners taking money out of their clubs too

    (Is this any worse than paying players even more than they’re earning now?)

    An investor could buy Chelsea and decide to take some money out while keeping them strong enough to finish in the top 4 (keep those revenue streams up) without bleeding them dry.

  82. Ozy

    “The Premier League is the strongest on the planet. Bayern would struggle to adapt to its intensity and so would Madrid and Barca.”

    This had to be a joke, right? Even the French league has been more exciting and competitive than the Premier League this season. I would argue that the top 5 in the Bundesliga can beat any Premier League side. The same goes for the Spanish league. Maybe the Premier League is “so competitive” because the top teams aren’t as great as we make them out to be so even a shit Leicester side can beat them. Just a thought.

  83. Romford Ozil Pele

    I’m not ITK and I’d never pretend to be. But I had an interesting conversation with an Arsenal guy yesterday. He reckons that in addition to a DM, Wenger still wants another playmaker (Lol, Eagle will be happy). This is partly assuming Theo leaves. It also means Alexis will be transferred to the right where I think he’d be better for us. Speculate away! I have no idea who the said individual would be by the way. Only ones that spring to mind immediately would be Draxler and Firmino.

  84. Carts

    Eagle – granted, insinuating that they’re dog shit was harsh. But I think what I’m trying to convey is that although the afore’ teams have mixed it up in europe and produced/had some top ballers, they still lack the fanbase and clout, imho.

    I think casual and hardcore fans, worldwide, would still align with a Yids fixture over Villareal and Seville – unless, of course, Vill’ and Seville were playing Real or Barcelona.

    It’s all subjective but that how I view it..

  85. Nasri's Mouth

    Ozy: Even the French league has been more exciting and competitive than the Premier League this season.

    Many billions of pounds in TV contracts would suggest that either you’re wrong or the French League marketing department needs to be fired

  86. Carts

    NM – valid points. The cash coming in could well bring birth to “consortiums” all of a sudden taken a deeper interest pretty much every team going.

  87. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, there’s speculation he wants to bring in someone ala Pires / Nasri etc. who could play down the left.

    I don’t know whether it’s one of those stories that is self-reinforcing though or whether there’s any truth in it.

  88. Ozy

    Definitely think there’s some truth to that, Romford. There’s been a lot of links to playmakers. Several decent (and attainable) playmakers out there too – Draxler, Firmino, Calhanaglou, Fekir…

    I’d personally take either Calhanaglou or Fekir. Both seem to have massive ceilings and idk, I think Firmino might be a tad overrated. Brazilian players don’t excite me as much as they used to.

  89. qna

    “Yeah, there’s speculation he wants to bring in someone ala Pires / Nasri etc. who could play down the left.”

    Marco Reus would do the trick

  90. Carts

    Ozy – The french league has picked up a lot over the last few seasons. At one stage the league was so devoid of entertainment and goals that they consider a few initiatives to encourage attacking football and excitement.

    Frankly, PSG and Monaco have done their part putting the league on the map, but again, french football has very little appeal, out side of PSG and maybe Marseille, to the casual fans.

    LOL pretty much, NM.

  91. Ozy

    NM, I’m not sure even you believe what you just said.

    Money is the ultimate parameter measuring how exciting and competitive a league is? Or how good the teams in said league are?

  92. qna

    I dont agree that Sanchez is better on the right. His style is to cut in and shoot. If we sell Walcott, I desperately hope we go for Dybala to play on the right. I suspect he will be an absolute champion in a few years.

  93. cladicus


    Players should excite you regardless of nationality! Ashamed of you!

    Haha, couldn’t resist with the back and forths we have had 🙂

  94. Romford Ozil Pele

    NM/Ozy basically. From what I understand, Wenger wants to situate Alexis much higher up the pitch, pretty much like how Theo does for us. Earlier in the season Alexis had much more of a free role, but with the playmakers now available, Wenger doesn’t want Alexis getting in their way. By placing him more in the final third, he thinks it’ll make better use of his energy and productivity which I agree with.

    Can’t believe I forgot Fekir, love him though he prefers to play from the right because he’s left-footed. Wenger always has had it on for Draxler though

  95. Nasri's Mouth


    yeah, historically of course that’s never happened because too many owners / chairmen decide to blow all their cash on the managers desires.

    But soon you’ll have a situation where even the smallest PL clubs will have more income than some pretty big name European clubs so maybe things will change.

    Anyway Roman never gives interviews (Silent Roman?) and he simply sits there looking like he’s a few slices short of a loaf, so it’s hard to know whether he’d contemplate selling. I suspect given the worsening West / East relationship, severing ties with the PL wouldn’t be the best idea

  96. Romford Ozil Pele

    Qna, Alexis is very predictable from the left, and all he does is end up playing in the spaces I think Wenger wants Santi and Ozil in. Alexis has the ability to stretch the pitch laterally from the right. As we saw at Barca, I don’t particularly think build-up/combination is his thing which is why it’s better to have him on the right.