Arsene Wenger is terrible, terrible loser

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Away goal ruling

Away goal ruling

Yes, he is. He hates losing. When he loses he bitches and moans. He complains about a lot.


He’s a professional sports manager. Shouldn’t he be a sore loser? He’s no worse than the rest of them. I mean, probably the only humble loser in the league is Pochettino… but we’ll see how long that lasts when he’s under real pressure for his job.

I don’t mind sour, it means there’s passion. In fact, I used to hate Thierry Henry’s ‘love me’ act when we were tanking in big games.

IN DOUBLE FACT. I sometimes wish our boys were a little bit more petulant. I think we lose out on many decisions because we’re sometimes a little too nice. Martin Keown wasn’t a humble loser. Who’d want that near the side? You want a team of people who detest losing. That’s what makes Champions. My issues is that Wenger pertains to be a hard loser… I mean, I’ve heard so many times from people at Arsenal… ‘Oh Arsene, yeah, he takes losing harder than any manager’… well, here’s the thing. If I keep losing at stuff, I’ll take a long hard look at why I keep losing, then change the approach.

Arsene doesn’t. He gets all upset, then convinces himself that actually, he’s right and the world is wrong. The undercurrent to his comments is that the game is wrong, not him. Which is a bit of a strange angle to go with. I don’t like the away goal rules, but it does keep it interesting. It gives teams an incentive to go hard in the first leg, which they didn’t before the rule came into play.

‘Two teams have gone out on away goals, which I think should be questioned because it’s a rule that is outdated now and that has to be changed. I’ve fought for that for a long time.’

Come with solution, brother Wenger.

‘It should count maybe after extra-time because this rule has been created in the 60s to encourage the teams to attack away from home. Since that football has changed. The weight of the away goal is too big today.’

‘In a direct knockout, it’s important that you’re very efficient and a bit lucky as well. None of the teams, apart from Barcelona, look to be superior in Europe today. Two other teams, Chelsea and Arsenal, could have gone through.’

Ok, ok.

Anyway, let’s not get on Wenger’s back for being a sore loser. Let’s get on his back about him not going hard to change his losing ways, particularly in Europe where he now has a 50% failure rate to get out of the last 16.

I read a few people defending City for going out against Barca. I find this amazing. It’s not quite as embarrassing as going out to the worst team in the competition, but it’s still shocking that a team with that much resource against it is still dropping out at the last 16. Those players are very, very capable and they’re not interested. It’s over for Pelligrini. He’ll be gone in the summer. Another dinosaur of a manager leaving the league.

The real danger of City is that they’ll actually land on a proper manager. I’d be scared if they brought in Simeone, Guardiola or Klopp. Managers that can build. Managers that would have absolute respect of the dressing room. Good job all three of those won’t be available until next year at the earliest.

There’s going to be loads of chat about the Premier League being weak. However, I think that sort of mindset is incredibly misguided. The Premier League is the strongest on the planet. Bayern would struggle to adapt to its intensity and so would Madrid and Barca.

Here’s the thing, there’s no excuse for Arsenal and Chelsea going out, but the reasoning isn’t that PSG and Monaco are better teams. They’re not. The challenge we have and will always have going forward is that we’re just too damn nice when it comes to distributing money. In La Liga, there are, what, maybe 8 games that are of any relevance a year?

Think about that. You’re mostly playing teams that have about 50pence to their name. It’s a cake walk most of the time. It’s pub teams. I watched Eibar the other day, they have a high street on one side of their stadium. It’d look poverty in the Conference. In the Premier League, there aren’t any easy games. Clubs are richer, they collectively have more quality players and they’re all very smart with their fitness and tech.

We also don’t have a break here. If you think 4-6 weeks off doesn’t impact you in March, you’re a sugartit (it’s a curse). So we have better players, we have more intensity on the pitch, we play more games and we don’t have breaks. I mean, we really don’t make it easy for ourselves, but we’ve (not Arsenal) still won the trophy numerous times over the last few years.

Madrid, Barca and Bayern dominate their leagues money wise and they have total ownership over players. 3 exceptional teams that cause detriment to the quality of the rest of the league. I’d prefer what we have.

Tonight, I have leaving drinks with my old work. I’ll not be about early tomorrow. Hopefully Alex can take over tomorrow.If he were a real friend and a committed writer, that’s what he’d do.

Also, we’ll be bringing a podcast to you next week. Why? Because sound is the new text. It’s going to be as compelling than Serial. So much Ozil bashing. Can’t wait.



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  1. tunnygriffboy


    Why so angry today ? We’ve played 3 away games and a London derby in the last fortnight. We’ve won all of them. 3 very good performances and one iffy one which we worked hard to win

    Agree with you about Verratti. Love him as a player but don’t think Psg will sell. Someone should send Wilshere tapes of his performances and say there you go. Wilshere could work to be like Verratti. He has the skillset but perhaps not the attitude

  2. underrated Coq


    “Wilshere could work to be like Verratti. He has the skillset but perhaps not the attitude”

    And something’s gotta be done about those glass ankles as well.

  3. Wallace

    i’m sure we’ll lose a few during int’l week, but might well have Debuchy, Arteta, Jack and the Ox back in contention for the Liverpool game. although i’d say only the Ox would be a candidate to start.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    Be glad to see those available. Was pleased with the players yesterday. Some still running on fumes after monumental effort Tuesday. Could Rosicky have started yesterday ?

  5. qna


    First of all everything on Le Grove is opinion. That goes without saying. I will respond to you on market value vs statistics.

    Statistics do not tell you the quality of a player. Or the quality of the touches a player has. The importance of a goal. The performance in a big match vs a small match. You need to use your eye. For example, consider the quality of first touch. A touch is a touch, but the ball control of a player like Rooney is incredible, whereas the ball control of Welbeck is… lets say “just good”. England have very few players with exceptional ball control – yes its an opinion. In Arsenal, the only players with very high level of ball control are Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez. Rosicky had this quality a couple of years ago when playing regularly too. This is opinion. My opinion. And anybody who disagrees with that, in my opinion, does not have a good eye for ball control. Giroud on occasion displays good touch, but he can’t control it often enough. Ramsey is sometimes sublime and sometimes horrid. The same goes for all our players.

    The naked eye will tell a football observer the overall qualities of a player and watching him regularly will be able to form an opinion of a player of the most important qualities and how he compares with other players. This is where the football observer makes an opinion. Many football observers will also use statistics to confirm, or underly, their opinions. But many do not – they only rely on their eye.

    The market value of a player is essentially the consensus of opinion of the quality of the player. The more people that share a high opinion of the player, the more rare the player is, or the more in demand his position the higher his value.

    Football observers that are part of scouting networks often form the value of good young players. I would trust a respected scout’s opinion of a player an order of magnitude more than I would trust statistics.

  6. MidwestGun

    But otherwise, last nights performance was an absolute shocking disgrace.
    Qna –
    Ummmm we won dude. Not a disgrace. A disgrace is losing to a relegation team. I really didn’t agree with your assessment of the game either to be honest. It was a tale of two halves. The first we played fairly well and were efficient in front of goal smothered any counters. Our quality was too much.
    The second half to me highlighted the difference between a manager who makes adjustments at half in terms of game plan and motivation and a manager who says as you were carry on. Newcastle came out guns blazing took advantage of Chambers lack of pace and got more physical with our midfield targeting Santi who battled but was overwhelmed a bit because of a knock and Ramsey went Awol( missing ).
    As for Welbeck, well he was basically our only threat in the second half and scared them for pace. Just lacks quality final decisions. However, we may have been pinned in even worse without him. Don’t know if he will ever be the greatest finisher but he seems to be the over the top scapegoat for some reason.
    As for Veratti well he’s a battler true but he’s also a midget. See my Santi discussion above.
    Long story short, we won a game we probably would have lost or drawn last year but we managed to battle a bit in the end and get the result, so I’m happy.

  7. Wallace


    yeah, i was surprised Rosicky was only a sub, although maybe even more surprised that Theo didn’t get a game. especially with Newcastle playing such a patched up defence. i love Welbeck’s athleticism and workrate, but i’ve been disappointed with him the last couple of games. would much rather see Walcott playing the wide role.

  8. tunnygriffboy


    Think Walcott needs to decide what he’s doing. Need to know if replacing him in summer. I want him to stay but he needs to be doing a bit more at the moment. Perhaps he’s not doing it in training ?

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Loving QNA’s argument about Coq

    ‘The period (15 games?) where he’s been playing really well is too short to prove he’s going to continue at that level’

    ‘The 2nd half (45 mins) proves he’s going to revert to his original level.’

    ooh, I wonder if anyone can spot the flaw

  10. qna

    TGB. Look when you factor in the 4 games in quick time, the three away games and the emotion of going out of the UCL, I can see how you think I am over-reacting.

    Midwest. Yes, 1st half was good. But 2nd half was very poor. Its not good enough to be dropping to such a low level. I think this type of performance will give all teams in our remaining fixtures new hope and show them that if they have a go, we might wilt.

    Regarding Welbeck. He just doesnt have the ball control. Its like his speed of thinking is too slow. He makes his decisions on what he is going to do next a fraction of a second too slow. But at this level, thats the difference between being good enough for Tottenham or Manchester United. Well, I think we are at the level of the latter and not the former. How is it good enough to have season after season that Welbeck has been having and not scoring goals. I am sorry but not enough end product. He gets himself into good positions, but he is not good enough to take them. Its the story of his whole career. Its like Gervinho all over again.

  11. qna

    NM. I stand by the first point – 15 games is not enough to judge a player. Second point its true, there is no evidence to say he will drop off. Its my fear more than anything. I really hope he doesnt. He has been a star.

  12. MidwestGun

    Speaking of Awol…… what’s up with Alex or Pedro? Damn it. , I need my Le Grove fix…… Disappointing. Like walking into a nice house on the outside and finding out its decorated like the 70’s on the inside.

    I need a fresh post, updated. … besides I’m not a Tom Brady fan. πŸ™

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    Coq made some mistakes in the 2nd half but he still put in a fair few challenges, he wasn’t as bad in the 2nd as he’d been good in the 1st.

    It was a pretty desperate rear guard action, but yesterday’s performance was no disgrace, the players clearly wanted a win and worked as hard as they could to keep that lead. I didn’t see many signs of players giving up, daydreaming etc. just tired legs.

    And hats off to Newcastle, in the 2nd half they really pushed on.

  14. MidwestGun

    and show them that if they have a go, we might wilt.
    Well this has been our modus operandi pretty much all year. We get ahead give up a goal and panic. So i don’t know that it’s anything new to encourage teams. I was actually encouraged that we were able to defend a bit and see it out. It was poor in that it keeps happening but an absolute shocking disgrace? Naaaa.

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    I agree that it’s too early to proclaim Coq as world class, top drawer, or any other superlative. He’s been playing really well, (overall he did well even yesterday) but we haven’t seen enough yet to say that form will continue.

  16. Wallace


    people talking about our propensity for going 2-0 up away from home and then having to hang on a bit towards the end, but not sure we can be too critical. which team in the PL dominates their away games like they do when at home? any away win for me is a good win.

  17. MidwestGun

    Wallace –
    Like i said I’m happy. My main criticism would be that AW is never proactive enough at half. We should have expected that surge to be honest. Anyhow, we have some tough games coming up so… I’ll save my criticism til then. πŸ˜€
    Lol….Hopefully, i won’t have a need. Pool game is gonna be huge. Especially since we might have to play them in FA Cup final should we get there.

  18. mysticleaves

    “What’s happened to all the Ramsey worship two days
    ago he was a demi god and now his worshippers
    have gone in to hiding”

    Funny how we all want Ramsey to curb his attacking instincts but almost at the same time scream “he’s getting back to form” when he scores a goal off the same attacking instincts. Choose a side gooners!

  19. mysticleaves

    “Football observers that are part of scouting
    networks often form the value of good young
    players. I would trust a respected scout’s opinion of
    a player an order of magnitude more than I would
    trust statistics.”

    Qna I think you have to know that statistics goes A VERY LONG WAY in determining the market value of players.

    Also I think Brown Ideye was bought solely on statistics and Wenger made an addition of buying our own Gabriel based on statistics. So a player can still fairly be judged based on stats.

  20. tunnygriffboy


    Fair point re Rambo.

    We need the likes of Debuchy, Arteta, Wilshere and Ox asap. Can rest people and keep them fresh for run in. Lpool game in fortnight is huge. Could put them out of the race. On the other hand . . . . .

    Sunday supplement. Critical of lpool and us for going out of CL which fair enough. Chelsea excused though as the played a good team. No mention of them being down to 10 men loooooool. Fuck off Mourinho πŸ™‚

  21. tunnygriffboy

    Even Tuesday’s performance being criticised. Why have we let Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo on loan ? ?

    So much love for Mourinho. Everyone else slaughtered. I reckon there’s any number of posters on here who know more about football than our cliche ridden journo’s. That includes Marble πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    mysticleaves: So a player can still fairly be judged based on stats.

    Yes and no, it depends on the stats

    On the most basic level, you could compare 2 players who have both scored 30 goals and assume they’re equal, without the consideration that 1 has played twice as many games as the other, or that one has scored half of his goals from the penalty spot.

    Stats are useful, sometimes very useful, but they’re really only one part of the picture

  23. Wallace


    if Utd can get something out of the game today Liverpool will be under real pressure when they rock up at our place.

  24. MidwestGun

    Why anyone listens to Red Toothache /M.arbleH.all … i have no idea. With a top cm you have to know when to go, when to stay. It’s part of the job description for the position. And Ramsey was pretty poor yesterday.
    He needs to work on figuring out game flow and positioning, however anyone can see his endless work rate and finishing ability is a huge asset for any team.

  25. Wallace

    “Stats are useful, sometimes very useful, but they’re really only one part of the picture”

    yeah, Wenger’s approach is spot on. he’ll watch a player and if he likes him then he’ll check out the stats. never the other way round.

  26. Wallace

    Ramsey was playing the 10 role yesterday. at least until Cazorla was subbed. i prefer him deeper, but interesting Wenger kept the Coq/Santi CM.

  27. qna

    Mystic: Qna I think you have to know that statistics goes A VERY LONG WAY in determining the market value of players.

    It does. But in the case of big clubs it shouldnt. Statistics can be used to confirm what the eye is telling maybe. Havent heard that Gabriel was bought on statistics. I think that for top quality players, you have to rely on the eye. The most important thing that statsistics cant tell is how a player performs on big occssions and under high pressure. It wouldnt suprise me if Arssenal overuse statsitics. After all we are flat track bullies and have been for a decade. But only one trophy to show for it. And that after we finally paid a huge fee for a player that most in the world held the “opinion” he was world class – Ozil.

  28. MidwestGun

    Wallace –
    Yep… i noticed that too. Think AW likes Santi’s ability to get out of trouble and link play from deeper. I felt like Ramsey needed to be more aware of defensive cover, however and he seemed to be getting in Giroud’s way at times. Also i felt like Newcastle targeted Santi in second half and Ramsey needed to Help a brother out more.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Having watched yesterday’s excerpts of match I think that Wenger should give our squad a couple of days break to let them recharge their juices. Clearly some of our players are very tired and in second half had very little left in locker.

    We have an important game to play next weekend and we need everyone to be in the best possible condition.

    With regard to Walcott I think that the club are sending out to him the right message. Either he wants to stay at club and fight for his place or he does not.
    If the suggestion is that either he or his agent thinks that he is worth more money in view of his injury track record or performance levels then let him go.

    What I am 100% sure is that if he leaves us his career will be on a downward
    curve. No other club or manager will be as tolerant of his performance level as we have been.

    Walcott is not without intelligence offield and he should take a look at how Arsenal looks after players in comparison with most other top clubs. With his
    track record that should be an important consideration.

  30. underrated Coq


    “Funny how we all want Ramsey to curb his attacking instincts but almost at the same time scream “he’s getting back to form” when he scores a goal off the same attacking instincts. Choose a side gooners!”

    I think its got more to do with balance.

    The reason Ramsey was spectacular last season was not only because of his goal-return but because of his overall play. He was one of the most complete midfielders in the League. Scored goals, provided key passes and assists and also nearly always put in a defensive shift making vital tackles and interceptions.

    While he got the balance between attacking and defending absolutely spot on last season, he’s struggled to do the same this time around.

    Granted, the injuries and the change of system/style of play of the team are factors but the frustration comes because we know he’s more than capable of getting the balance right again.

    Take yesterday’s game for example: Was it the right decision from him to keep bombarding forward in the second half when we were struggling to string passes together? More often than not, his over-enthusiasm for attacking left Coquelin at sea when he really should have stayed in midfield and helped the team out.

    Ramsey was getting decisions like this right last season but he’s not yet been able to find the right balance this time around.

    To be fair, he’s not the only one. Even Walcott, since he’s come back from the injury, has had similar problems. Their over-enthusiasm for getting on the score-sheet is sometimes not resulting in what’s best for the team.

    One would expect the coaching staff to have a chat with Rambo and Theo, remind them what it was about their game that made them successful and help them to keep their feet planted on the ground.

  31. Wallace


    i agree. with Arteta out i think Wenger prefers Santi’s superior technical ability alongside Coq. Ramsey and Coq is a bit dodge when it comes to controlling the play. it’s why i think we’ll go for an Arteta-type replacement rather than a pure DM this summer.

  32. bennydevito

    rcbMarch 22, 2015 05:26:04
    3rd time that Pedro has missed a post. been following right from day one..

    rcb, not since post Geoff hanging up his keyboard he hasn’t, only once. You must be on about very early doors which incidently I don’t ever recall you – did you comment much back then?

  33. MidwestGun

    . it’s why i think we’ll go for an Arteta-type replacement rather than a pure DM this summer.
    Wallace –
    Well…. I’m ok with that as long as it’s not actually Arteta…. lol
    but i also think we need a backup to Coq. He can’t play every match and i don’t want it to be Flamini and I’m not sold on Bielik. So I’d prefer a cdm and a cm. Also, I’ve given up on the Jack project. Anyhow, will be interesting to see.

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: Havent heard that Gabriel was bought on statistics. I think that for top quality players, you have to rely on the eye.

    They used a stats database to narrow down the options, and scouted the good players the database selected, and chose Gabriel from them

  35. Wallace


    i’m hoping we’ll unearth the new Alonso/Schweinsteiger. someone who can play alongside Coq, but also with the defensive nous to fill in when Coq’s out. heck, just realised if you add Javi Martinez to the above Bayern have 3 perfect examples of the player i’d like.

  36. N5

    Benny same, I don’t recall him either and this is my 5th year here.

    I have had 3 usernames though, so maybe he did the same. I don’t even recall one missed post, but 3 would make me wonder if my head has been buried up a butt for the past few years.

  37. N5

    Middy, well me and CA are currently decorating Alex’s house with feacal matter. I suggest you find someone local with the name Alex and do the same.


  38. mysticleaves

    Qna: “The most
    important thing that statsistics cant tell is how a
    player performs on big occssions and under high

    Very good points you made there. So which “big matches” have you seen Verratti played that convinces you he is better in big games? Its not a sacarstic question by the way, I want to get to something with it.

  39. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Haha. So Alex. … is on a bender(also known as a Bendtner) and Pedro Is Out of 4g cell coverage?

    Ok…. Peroni bottles filled with crap hurled at randam people named Alex it is.

  40. bennydevito

    Alex was supposed to be posting yesterday. I’ll send Pedro, Alex and James a tweet, see if I can wake somebody up!

  41. Emiratesstroller


    There is an interesting article today in Sunday Telegraph. This is an analysis of
    what is now going on in Manchester United and the recognition that LVG needs to be better supported than Moyes was last season.

    One of the points made in the article is the suggestion that Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City have the financial clout to buy the best players in the market whatever their age and cost. By contrast Arsenal in line with Liverpool need
    to be more financially prudent and buy players for their potential.

    Frankly that may make sense but I am doubtful that many major clubs today
    are going to pay stratospheric transfer fees and wages unless there is a sell on
    fee or a ‘ commercial market value’.

    Our transfer policy is very much in line with what Real Madrid do albeit they
    have greater spending power than we have. I don’t see them going out on the
    market and spending Β£50 million + on a 28 year old plus player.

    The cut off point for spending mega bucks on any player should be about 25/26 years of age.This is one reason why I would offload Walcott this summer. If we give him a new contract then he will be us for the duration of his
    career, because his resale value will decline particularly if we are paying him top dollar wages.

  42. bennydevito

    Just tweeted Pedro Alex and James:

    @LeGrove @aldo_doel @James_Willson2 Grove Masters! Us little fishes need feeding!

  43. mysticleaves

    Underated, good things there re Ramsey. Buh honestly I don’t blame him. Goals get you the fame.

    Aaron was smashing up the league in terms of every kind of stats. Infact he and Arteta were the 2nd best midfield pivot behind Jack Cork and Schneiderlin. But he didn’t get much praise or recognition.

    Next season, he scores a few and he is “welsh jesus”! He’s a human he wants the fame so he tries for more goals..cue the lack of balance.

    That’s where I expect Arsene to come into play. But I doubt Arsene coaches these boys well enough.

  44. qna

    Mystic. You are mixing two of my points of view a little bit here.

    First. My point about statistics was not based on Verrati, but generally the validity of statistics. My point about pressure and big games is one of the reasons, but by far not the only reason, that I dont think we should use statistics. Rather, judge by the eye. I think if you follow a moneyball-statistical approach to football, you will get a team of flat track bullys and a team full of strikers that love to score the 3rd or 4th goal in a slaughter but cant pull one back or break a deadlock.

    Second. Verrati is rumored to be worth at least Β£40m GBP. I don’t know this to be true, but my personal valuation of the player matches this. In fact, I doubt that PSG would sell for even that much. So his actual value is probably higher. Now, my own rating of Verrati is based on his age and the level of performance he has played in some Champions league matches including Chelsea. He is also holding down a key position in a star studded world class team. This in itself is no easy task.

  45. N5

    Benny there was the short lived Phyrrhic Victory and the long lived V o K zii which although I posted I was more of a voyeur back in those days.

    When I started it was mainly Lurch and LeGroveisintheHeart that would comment.

  46. Emiratesstroller

    Coquelin is an ‘efficient’ and ‘hard working player’ with ‘good playing intelligence’.

    That was precisely what Arsenal needed after watching our early season performances. Both Arteta and Flamini left us exposed in midfield and highlighted the fragility of our defence.

    However, realistically Coquelin is never going to be a world class player, but he
    is very useful to have in our squad.

    We have argued on Le Grove ‘ad infinitum’ all the players we should buy this
    summer. Most of the more sensible bloggers understand very well that money
    is not unlimited. We are going to buy maybe three players and these should be prioritised on the basis of current need AND an upgrade of what we have got on our books at moment.

    My preference in order of priority would be:
    CDM [first string on basis Arteta and Flamini are offloaded]
    GK [to replace Szczesny]
    LW [on basis that Sanchez switches to RW and Walcott is sold]

  47. N5

    I’m just checking some old posts and I was a bit of an AKB back then. I’m even arguing with CA because he said that Tottenham were on a better run that us!! I WAS HUNTER13 ARRGGHHH what happened to me??

    CA I apologise for digging you out 4 years ago mate. I was ehhhm drunk.. yeah that’s it. Drunk…with Power!! now shut up!!

  48. mysticleaves

    “However, realistically Coquelin is never going to be
    a world class player, but he
    is very useful to have in our squad.”

    This “world class” talks make me puke. Who exactly is the world class CDM that we should buy?
    Directed to @emiratesstroller

  49. N5

    @mystic, he vowed to beat my record and now I find myself waking in cold sweat knowing he’ watching me and planning my downfall.


  50. useroz

    Wilshere and Welbeck, at this stage of development, are not good enough for Arsenal, if we want to win things. Not that Ramsey is much better.

    Great players show consistency at a high level and we have not seen anything even close. ‘One season wonfer’ may be harsh but if Ramsey keeps doing the fancy stuff that most likely can’t pull off, what’s the point? Ditto Wilshere but worse. One decent game years ago vs Barca means nothing while wasting Arsenal resources with prolonged absence season upon season. At least Walcott has managed decent goal returns to this point.

    Our main problem is Wenger pumps Arsenal full of these half decent, overpaid, soft players and manages to string many fans along in looking to the bright future which may never come (since last PL title). Ivan isn’t much better than his boss (wenger)t tbh.

    Had wenger filled the permanent vacancies of 2 to 3 great players the world knows of, surely we’d have been half dozen pts up from where we are and competing??

    A win is always good. We often don’t’ play well one way or other. Scoring half chances and robust defending from mif field are two areas bugging us all these seasons. Where from here? Get 2nd so Wenger could brag about it?

  51. roaaary

    Good points emirates stroller. I think fans get carried away and want the biggest signings.

    Id be happy with subasic and kondogbia from monaco or tielemens from anderlecht as well as someone like cheryshev

  52. mysticleaves


    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I absolutely love it when he says that! That nerd.

    If only dear old Arsene was as passionate as that wrt winning the league

  53. S Asoa

    Lot of flak reg Ramsey bombing forward , getting in the way of a better placed Striker to whom pass is made. We saw this and was a big issue when Newcastle really went into a concerted strike via diminutive Cazorla. Ramsey should have played defensive . Flawed judgement . But why could our Ostrich give order to Ramsey instead of sitting on his arse and cranning his neck this side and that side.

  54. goonerboy

    Walcott should not be sold but if he insists on leaving-it should be made clear to him and his parasitic agents that the club don’t sell to a competitor-

    Liverpool- like Man U or City are clubs that would not sell us the wind out of their arses-( incidentally Liverpool were never going to sell us Suarez- nothing to do with the bid or money offered because they want our ECL place and recognise that we are a direct competitor). They don’t exist to make our squad stronger- and nor should we make theirs or Man City’s or Man U- no matter what money they offer for players a bit below par coming back from major injuries.

    Its about

  55. Wallace

    Chelsea have made the Youth Cup final the last 4yrs in a row. if you’re a big talent serious about your career why would you ever go there? Was John Terry the last player to come through their academy?

  56. london gunner

    “However, realistically Coquelin is never going to be a world class player, but he
    is very useful to have in our squad.”

    How is your crystal ball doing?

    Right now he has WC defensive midfield stats so there is some possibility that he may be one day if he continues this present form