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Get yo lucky red socks on!

Get yo lucky red socks on!

Morning. How are you? Oh right, that exited? Me too. What, not about St. Patricks day? AHHH! I see.


Now, I have no idea what’s happened. But I am really, really excited about the game this evening.

Why you say?

Arsenal have been put in the ideal fail scenario. By losing 3-1 at home, Wenger has been put in his favourite tactical position.


That’s all he really has on the tactics board today. He can’t wait for the first 20 to pass and absorb pressure. He can’t take it through to half time without a goal. Wenger has one option, go at it hard, score a goal early on and try and destroy Monaco as quickly as possible.

I mean, if anyone has this sort of game in the locker,  it’s Wenger. It’s like asking Louis Van Gaal to talk about himself in a press conference. Or Jose to focus on the minor things. It just feels so natural.

So how is he going to line up?

Well, the great news straight up is he’ll have Gabriel and Kos available. That gives us recovery pace. Something we didn’t have in the home leg. We can afford to bomb forward knowing that someone like Berba is unlikely to get past our two more mobile centre backs.

In midfield. Well, you’re going to have Coq available, I’d imagine Cazorla will play through the middle with maybe Ramsey alongside (guy thinks he’s a striker, so why not!). Up top is going to be interesting. Who is going to get the nod? I’d guess it’ll be Sanchez, Giroud and #WELBZ giving us a Theo off the bench.

… but who knows. The only thing we can be sure of is that it’ll probably be one way traffic. The interesting part about this will be how Jardim reacts. When you know that there is pretty much only one plan for the opposition, you can counter that.

So will Jardim surprise us and press us hard for the first 20 pushing us back? Or will he gamble and absorb the pressure. Because look, Monaco are the most boring team in the Champions League. So they’re capable of keeping it together.

I guess Wenger also has a tactical challenge on his hands. If it’s predictable for him to be predictable, could he provide a surprise of some sort? It’s all up for grabs. We just need to make an impact early on.

Good news from a setup perspective is that Monaco don’t have Kondogbia, Currasco (player who scored late on) and Toulalon (silver fox).

We also have the added excitement that a deficit of this magnitude hasn’t been turned over for years. I think the only team to do it was Ajax. Compelling challenge.

In Premiership news, Liverpool fluked a win at Swansea when Henderson shinned the ball over the keeper to earn three points. Rodgers is going for 2nd, Arsenal are too… should be a tight run in. Ten games is a lot, many twists and turns are upon us. Great news is Liverpool and United play at the weekend, which is unlikely to mean a draw. I’m hoping United drop the points.

Big game today. It’s amusing watching the away fans on Twitter… you can tell the guys who are the haves versus the have nots by their accommodation. Sorry for the fans rocking a £180 a night tent. No one gives a shit that your beer is £9 in Monaco either. I hear they’re actively turning people away who don’t have a Coutts / AMEX black card and if you want to sing, do it in the damn car park. Can’t wait to see the halftime food offering!

Have fun wherever you are! See you tomorrow. x


  • 6 loans Wellington is in talks about a renewal at Arsenal.
  • Check out this guys, Samuel Castillejo, a player Simeone apparently very much loves.
  • I’ve been away, if your comments haven’t got through, I’ll sort it today

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  1. Highbury4ever

    Goooooooooooood morning Grovers.

    Last night, the Mighty Specialist in Tactics strikes again.
    We though he was gone, but he’s back with a vengeance lol

    Theo should have been on the pitch much sooner, don’ t you think ??
    Oh I forgot : YOU know best… And you don’t love Theo anymore…
    AND you are sometimes trully pathetic.

  2. qna

    ES: We have a long way to go before we build a team to win EPL Title or Champions League, but so long as I see progress that is what I will accept for now.

    Not sure if “accept” is the word, since it makes no difference if you or I accept anything. But I think we can at least take some pleasure in the small things when they present themselves. For example, since the 1st leg it has been fun to watch and hope and dream once again.

    Ultimately, we are helpless in the plight of the club. We can make no difference by choosing unbridled optimism, nor can we make any difference by going scorched earth here on Le Grove or elsewhere.

  3. Highbury4ever

    Please let me precise that, yes, I am part of those who think that, with Theo on the pitch sooner, we would be qualified.

  4. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry I disagree.

    Walcott is a ‘luxury’ and at best a bench player costing us £100k pw. Arsenal need players in their team/squad who are not only talented but prepared to graft.

    Walcott is not and never will be such a player. We can buy a much better player for what we can sell him for and personally I hope that the Management will reach a similar conclusion this summer.

  5. Blsany

    Oh my god .What a performabce from the lads.Ozil insane last night,Back four rock solid.Shame about Sanchez i thought he should have been subbed instead of Dat Guy.Oh well another de javu moment.Proud for the effort but we should not have made so hard for ourselves.- would have been so much better.Agreed with everything Petit said last night.

  6. GuNZ


    CL is overrated

    I agree. All those excitable foreigners and the rubbish you have to eat and drink in their stadia. I mean, sticky nougat stains on your rosette and skoling pernod when at Montpellier, getting lukewarm sauerkraut entangled in your rattle at Erste FC Kaiserslautern, caviar and Chateauneuf du Pape all down your scarf at Monaco – it’s just not worth the fucking hassle in my book.

  7. Blsany

    Agreed mate.Sanchez should have been subbed instead ofDat Guy.Who i thought was having good first half and links up better with Ozil.

  8. Highbury4ever

    @Emiratesstroller : no problem mate!! 😉

    It’s just that I found that Theo’s speed have been really effective on our game when he came in, that’s all.

    + a great frustration in my words, I must admit…

  9. reality check

    FA CUP will do for me. Another trophy. A real one. Another great day out at wembley. Yeah, that falls in line with my expectations for Arsenal these days.

    Top four FA CUP, Ozil, Sanchez.

    These are the best things about Arsenal 2015.