Arsenal 3-0 West Ham. Wengerball at its best

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Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Its Alex here, celebrating and honouring my mother by writing about Arsenal (it’s what she’d want).

We are now only 6 points off top (Chelsea of course have two games in hand) and 1 point off second (a more viable option) with 9 games to go. How this happened I have no clue as I stopped looking at the league table months ago.

In the space of a few short weeks, my post-Monaco melancholia has been replaced by ridiculous, unbridled optimism. Hey look lads, if we can score 3 at Monaco the treble might even be on. Clearly the victory at Old Trafford helped, however a confident and classy performance yesterday against West Ham has also released dangerous levels of endorphins into my brain. It’s going to really hurt when we do eventually bottle it and scrape fourth after being dumped out of the FA cup by Bradford. Only joking (Think Positive).

It seems the manager is starting to recognise the benefits of rotation as Theo came in for the injured Oxlade-Chamberlain but also Ramsey and Giroud replaced Cazorla and Welbz.

Things started very well indeed after Theo was put in by a gorgeous flick from Giroud. He waited too long to shoot and was brought down by the West Ham defender. It should have been a penalty. I’m not sure why no one, including Theo, bothered appealing as it was pretty stonewall. Walcott was then played through again a few minutes later by Ramsey however he dithered and shot straight at the keeper. While his movement to get into those positions was fantastic, and something no one else in the team can offer, he should have tested the keeper more than he did on both occasions.

Theo was involved again a few minutes later after some good work down the right saw him beat his man and play in Ramsey who flicked it to Ozil. Unfortunately his shot was also straight at the keeper and Walcott couldn’t connect with the rebound.

It was starting to feel like it might be “one of those days” where we’d fanny around a lot but not actually score. Thankfuckfully the team put paid to this assertion by stringing together some classic Wengerball with a touch of the podolskis about the finish. This was flagged by others on twitter yesterday, but if anyone wants to understand just why Mesut Ozil is so damn good, watch what he does in the build-up to this goal. He encourages the pass to Ramsey, knowing Ramsey will play it to him, and then does a great one two with Giroud to create the space. Its sexy, hipster football at its absolute best.

After this goal, we reverted to type and seemed determined to walk the ball into the net. The moment that typified this was when Ozil was played through by Welbz. Despite only having the keeper to beat, he opted to chip the ball to Walcott who was unmarked at the back post. It would have been genius had his pass been more accurate. Unfortunately Theo could only head it to Ramsey who shot wide. It was deeply frustrating as at 1-0 you felt there was every chance West Ham could score some jammy equaliser.

We needn’t have worried however as we were able to double our lead in the last 10 minutes. The second involved more fantastic play from Giroud who let the ball run for Ramsey (when do you ever see that work) who then one-two’d it with Oli and slammed it in the net. West Ham were cut open like a knife through a bodyshop candle that’s been left on the radidator by mistake (mother’s day reference).

Not content with scoring two absolute gems, the third involved even more intricate flicks, passes and generally poncery. After some good work by Danny Welbz on the left, Santi played a one-two with that man Giroud again and then drilled it across the box where Flamini was (for once) in the right place to slot it home. If anyone wants to know what pretentious football looks like, that flick from Giroud pretty much sums it up. Like bringing a bottle of Veuve Cliquot to Kerry Katona’s Christmas party, it explains exactly why so many teams want to break our players’ legs

So what have we learned…


Games like yesterday remind you what a great manager Arsene was/is/can be. His style of football when done right is simply a joy to behold. It’s just a shame that it occurs with less and less frequency these days.

Nonetheless I also have to give him credit for his substitutions and rotation in recent games. He has wisely rested Cazorla and Giroud in the last two games and brought Sanchez off first yesterday. He also seems to be a bit more decisive with his substitutions. While Theo actually played well yesterday, he had a bit of a mare in the second half and Arsene pulled him out of the fray quite quickly, rather than leaving him on the pitch to work out his issues as is his usual wont.

Theo or Danny

As I have just said, I thought Theo played alright yesterday. He gets a lot of grief in the ground for not appearing to want the ball and for drifting inside. However on watching the highlights back, it was great to see how much of our play came through him. Considering he hasn’t played for a while this is pretty impressive. Having said that, Danny’s cameo appearance yesterday was phenomenal. He was a constant outlet for through balls and seems determined to follow up on his Old Trafford performance with more goals. I had had my doubts about him but he’s clearly got the fire back in his belly. Who’s name would be first on the team sheet? Probably Danny at the moment as he just seems a bit more confident.


In the ground I thought Ozil or Giroud. Match of the Day thought Ramsey. The guy next to me thought Coquelin. Nacho and Laurent were also very solid. You know it’s been a good day when half your team could be man of the match. On reflection, you just have to give it to the big man. He did everything very well and worked extremely hard for the team.


It’s the hope that kills. As I said at the start, we are only 6 points off first with 9 games to go. Now it would take some monumental implosion from Chelsea for this to happen but a guy can dream. Looking at our upcoming fixtures we have…

Monaco Away
Newcastle Away
Liverpool Home
Burnley Away
Bradford or Reading (FA Cup)
Chelsea Home
Hull Away
Swansea Home
United Away
WBA Home

Let’s be honest, that’s a pretty tough set of fixtures. If we did manage to win our remaining games you’d have to say we’d deserve to be champions. So there you go lads. Just win every game. Pretty simple really.

Chelsea still have to play United, ourselves and Liverpool so there are potential banana skins for them. Perhaps it’s best just to focus on reaching second, which would be a massive improvement for us.

Player Ratings

Ospina – 7 – rarely tested but dealt with most things fairly well
Chambers – 7 – Solid, some good forward runs. Maybe needs to work on his crossing
Mertseacker – 7 – As reliable, and as fast, as a Skoda Octavia
Koscielny – 8 – His pace really is quite useful at times
Coquelin – 8.5 – Batman
Ramsey – 9 – Superman
Alexis – 7 – Trying to do too much but even on an off day he’s still fucking fantastic
Ozil – 9 – The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing Paul Scholes he didn’t exist
Walcott – 7.5 – Some good runs still got his rusty shooting boots on
Giroud – 9.5 – A goal, an assist, a pre-assist, some outrageous flicks and working his hole off for the team

Welbz – 8 – not bad for a substitute
Cazorla – 7.5 – An assist in 15 minutes
Flamini – 7.5 – A goal in 5 minutes

Right that’s your lot from me. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel

Enjoy your Sunday x

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, Wilshere is a real worry for me. Share the concern.

    Said in the summer this would be the season Wenger forces Wilshere in at every opportunity, and it proved that way to our detriment.

    Sounds as if his season might be over though, Wenger was very cryptic saying ‘I hope it’s a matter of weeks’ until he is back. So. I know that sounds harsh, but I really don’t even want Wenger to have the temptation on playing him.

    Arteta is back now, so at least we can maybe rotate when it’s called for.

    Always say, players like Wilshere and Walcott give you the illusion of strength in depth. Its not real. Their form is incredibly inconsistent and they get injured a lot.

    If they stay on next season fine, but we can’t use the old ‘we don’t need to buy this player because of Wilshere/Walcott’ line. It doesn’t wash.

  2. mysticleaves

    Talking of which, how’s Sanogo faring at Crystal palace? Am desperate for him to make it. Dunno why!

  3. Dream10

    Bale scores a great goal with his right foot, following up Ronaldo’s bicycle kick which was cleared. CR7 does not celebrate with his teammates lol

  4. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA – yeah Per does get covered by Kos a ridiculous amount, especially now we’re trying to play a higher line again.

    It’ll be interesting to see what Wenger does. I don’t think he spends the money he does on Gabriel without giving him the chance first. I do like what I’ve seen of him. He was really good against Everton a couple weeks back. Chambers I think will continue to be a slow process, cup games and maybe an easier home league game next to Kos/Gabriel. No need to rush him.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to getting rid of Per but on the whole he had a good relationship with Kos. Do we wanna get rid of that completely knowing that he can come in and do a job? Generally speaking CB is one of those areas I don’t like to rotate too much. Important that partnership can be struck there.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I see what you’re saying, but I do think Mert is just going to get worse, slower and less agile…if that is even physically possible, with each passing season.

    I would like a Howedes, Subotic or Sokratis to come in. Sell Mert for whatever we can get and have one of those guys, Kozz and Gabriel as a proper fearsome trio as CB options with Chambers allowed to slowly progress.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    “Think that’s Bale’s first goal or assist in 10 games”

    Well, if Madrid are done playing with him 😉

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    Imbula is a serious unit, like a rebore Kondogbia… There’s something seriously cool about left-footed DMs!

    CA – I’d be ok with that, never had much love for Per myself. Others will shriek though!

  8. Dream10

    remember Karim saying the same about Thauvin. seems like that maverick type who can self-destruct.

    feel the same way about Jack and Theo as you do. With Wilshere, he plays in the centre of pitch as a box to box CM or a #10, he seems to get himself injured by over dribbling. His best performances last year came on the right wing.

  9. Romford Ozil Pele

    Karim, so many units in French football, hard for the creative players to find space! Lacazette had a clear chance there, thought he should’ve got some elevation to try and lift it into the roof of the net.

  10. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol ridiculous tempo to this game. Biesla is like Klopp. His teams play at 100mph but you wonder what it does for them in the long haul #burnout

  11. Romford Ozil Pele

    And the way Marseille are playing right now, you’d think that Fekir and Lacazette are gonna find openings soon.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I do think sometimes that fans get a weird attachment to certain players without any real validity behind it, not all, but certain players. The cult of Eboue, Bendtner, Denilson, Sanogo, Wilshere etc

    Just a few examples over time of players people defend with no real grounds. I mean it’s all opinions, I’m not saying they’re wrong, entitled to think what they want…just seems weird to me sometimes.


    Yeah for sure. I’m not adverse to selling Smoky Joe 😉 But I know a lot of people lose their minds when you say that.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    How do you pronounce Fekir’s name?

    Would it, perhaps, work in a joke where he had a lot of mud on him during a game and a defender can say, ‘someone mark that dirty Fekir.’

    Or does the pronunciation not lend itself?

  14. karim

    Agree about the physical style, Marseille presses very well and the Lyon midfielders are having a hard time.
    So far so good though even if Lacazette should have scored.

  15. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA – lol I remember Denilson had a massive following. This was at the time when everyone wanted to follow the Barca blueprint so they thought he was ideal!!!

    Karim – yeah Marseille’s tempo is crazy but how long can it last? Still feel like Lyon have the better quality in the final third mind you

  16. karim


    Well, they played with that high tempo till Christmas winning almost every game.
    Then the troubles began and they lost a lot of points in January as the players were clearly lacking gas
    Not mentioning the fact Bielsa played the same 11 all the time

  17. Romford Ozil Pele

    Karim, see that’s my issue. Only in March and they don’t have much depth. Lyon missing Gourcuff and Grenier. Think they have better staying power

  18. Cesc Appeal


    I could probably attempt to put something down.

    Though my Sanchez song to the tune of Flash by Queen hasn’t taken off 🙁

  19. Dream10


    Great observation on Marseille’s tempo. Bielsa’s teams often run out of energy in the second half in the season. Similar to Dortmund as well. Both Bielsa and Klopp don’t rotate that much as well.

    I’m a fan of Imbula. Big man who can carry the ball over a decent distance. Needs another tackler beside him though. Imbula with Coquelin/Schniederlin and Ramsey/Cazorla as a midfield three against better teams would be class. Fantastic power in the two in front of the back four.

  20. karim

    I do remember it, as well as kwik’s Wizard of Oz ha ha.

    Your boy Batshuayi waited for Gignac to end his unusual scoring addiction and started scoring very good goals, even starting games on a regular basis, don’t know why Bielsa changed his mind again tonight.
    As for Lyon, better get that 4 point lead

  21. Dream10


    Thauvin more of a dribbler who want to score himself. Perhaps Ocampos can provide better service for Gignac or Batshuayi on when he comes on

  22. GuNZ

    Cyclone now hammering the East Coast so we are now very wet, but in the clear and I can turn my comms. back on.

    Just been reading the last 24 hours’ Grove submissions and there seems to have been some unpleasantness what with gentlemen posters ‘offering one another out’ and threatening to slice bits off each other and all sorts.

    Should anybody wish to discuss my views on L’Oreal personally with me, you will find me at the leaner under the big screen in the sports bar of the Raglan Hotel. There’s no point coming just before an Arsenal game as it will be the middle of the night and the place will be closed. I am the guy with the greying pony-tail, good mesomorphic build (now, alas, slightly past its prime), and goatee. I smile readily. If you disagree with me, I will but you lots of Waikato Draught. If you agree with me I will buy you lots of Waikato Draught and ‘The Stack’, a pie (with the filling of your choice) topped with mashed potato and mushy peas, and smothered in brown onion gravy. If you are very lucky you may catch Arsene himself there, sipping on a Central Otago, pinot noir and trying to catch my eye for a bit of advice.

    Can’t say fairer than that.

  23. N5

    GuNZ I wasn’t being serious, it was an attempt to show Lee that his escalation in anger is laughable, but it went a little over his Wenger loving head sadly.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    We all know N5 has anger issues, I’ve had to move address and change my name twice because he tracked me down using my IP address.

    Man has problems.

  25. daz

    Looking at our injuries its clear there is a problem we all know that but a lot of people suggest its due to being over played not enough rotation so had a quick look to compare to Chelsea who don’t seem to get many injuries certainly not long term ones and they have 9 players on 30+ games played so far most pushing 40 terry is on 38 for all comps we have just 3 who have played 30+ mert, Caz and Sanchez so it seems being over played is not a reason for the injuries we have

  26. Cesc Appeal

    “Ship, I funking forgot to censor the first funk word!”

    That’s because you are so out of control!

    You have that split personality and then N6 comes out of the box and suddenly people are getting their noses eaten off of their faces before N5 wrestles control back and realises what he’s done!

    End this madness…plus I kind of like where I’m living now, I don’t want to move again, or clean human faecal matter off of my windows.

  27. N5

    To be fair Cesc, I had to beat N1 through 4 to death with a flip flip for keep bloody questioning my fascination with Klopp.

    I will do the same to Lee if he dares question me saying that the injuries are to high at Arsenal ever again.


  28. GuNZ

    N5 – ‘GuNZ I wasn’t being serious’

    I thought as much. Why bother to go all the way to Clapham just to slice the face of a man who was cutting his own nose off to spite it?

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Well seeing as we established the other day you are just an extension of my own personality, this is a very one sided argument.

    And frankly, I’m sick of my own tone.

  30. N5

    GuNZ, ha ha that’s very good, or is it? ask Cesc Appeal because i’m him, although you are too, so why are we talking to ourselves?

  31. N5

    Eagle, threw his hand up as if to say “what the fuck are you doing”. I’ve read on the BBC website that Macca always complains about Bale stealing Ronaldo goals! shame.

    Also I read your comment earlier, but was at my mums and didn’t have time to reply. I agree about Robben, I thought he was considered a class footballer when he was at Chelsea and WC for at least the past 4 years if not more.

    RE Costa, I knew about him in 2012, so maybe 4 years was an exaggeration, but it wasn’t just a season as Marble suggested. I also should reply to that other fella. I didn’t say Costa was WC, just that he had the potential to be.

  32. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ah ball definitely crossed the line, Marseille will feel aggrieved. Ridiculously entertaining game for a 0-0. Definitely gonna have to start watching more Ligue 1!

  33. GuNZ



    I am indulging the shared passion of our muti-fractured One by sitting here naked and trying to juggle work and Le Grove wearing nothing but a horned Viking helmet and a gimp mask.

  34. WengerEagle


    The lad is a phenomenal footballer but he’s also a fucking disgrace behaviour wise. Self-absorbed twat who’s obsessed by personal glory. His ridiculous shirt-off celebration in the UCL final when the game was already well and truly over after playing shite himself and celebrating his teammates goals with a muted response told us everything we need to know about his character.

    Poisonous for the dressing room morale you’d imagine. If I were Bale I’d seriously consider leaving and going somewhere he’d actually be appreciated, i.e ANY other club in Europe.

    Messi > > > CR7.

  35. karim

    Fekir and Lacazette were quite anonymous tonight, OM kind of deserved a win.
    Lyon has an easier run than OM and Psg who still have to face each other in 2 weeks time.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    “If I were Bale I’d seriously consider leaving and going somewhere he’d actually be appreciated”

    And then along came Arsenal 🙂

  37. WengerEagle


    I wrote that in response to London Gunner mate, didn’t see your comment on Costa/Robben.

    Sorry when I say that nobody really knew about him prior to 2013 I was talking about the general footballing public and I include myself in that, didn’t really have the foggiest about Costa until he blew up late 2012/13 when he was scoring prolificly in the Spanish Cup and scoring the winner against Real in the final!

    Fair play if you knew about him before that.

  38. Romford Ozil Pele

    Fekir and Lacazette were a bit poor tonight. The latter should’ve taken that chance in the first half. Massive game so fine margins and that.

    Karim – Yeah Ocampos did look like he helped force that over the line. Surprised he didn’t start mind you. Think he has more quality than Ayew though it may just be me

  39. karim

    He’s a beast, lol. He was a bit rough technically when he started playing for them but he progressed a lot.
    Sent the ball twice between his opponent’s leg too, which was nice for a right back.

  40. WengerEagle

    Weird that PSG keep stuttering in France given how good they looked against Chelsea.

    With respect to Lyon/Marseille, PSG should be running away with the French League.

  41. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah nothing we didn’t know about Ronaldo. Great goalscorer but he just plays for himself. Messi is a team player first and foremost. Shame CR7 reacted like that but you can tell he just wants to heighten his brand. Massive job for Don Carlo dealing with all those egos. He should come to Arsenal 😀

  42. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah PSG should be clear but I’m really starting to rate Ligue 1. I told a lot of Arsenal fans before we played Monaco that they weren’t a joke team and we found that out first hand. A lot of resilient teams in this league, tough to break down and they’re all good on the counter. Honestly there’s about 5/6 DMs Arsenal could buy from France right now. Gonalons had another solid game tonight. Too performer, along with Imbula from Marseille.

  43. WengerEagle

    I’ve said it from the start of the season, have a feeling that Barca will reign supreme again. I seriously think that they will win the treble.

    Next Sunday’s Clasico should realistically decide the title.

  44. karim


    Ayew is the real leader in that team, they missed him a lot during the afcon,;
    he never gives up, scores important goals and has that contagious drive about him.
    Ocampos just arrived and has always lacked consistency in Monaco. Massive potential though.

  45. Radio Raheem


    How old is he? (Sorry can’t be assed to google) I love how he carries the ball from back to front, reminds me of Thuram as a RB. If he develops to be half the player Thuram was he’d be a heck of a player.

  46. WengerEagle

    Agree Romford, I was another one who told people that it would be extremely foolish to underestimate Monaco.

    No team with players of the quality of Moutinho, Kondogbia, Toulalan, Kurzawa, Berbatov, etc are mugs.

    Just looking at that PSG side it’s odd how badly they struggle at times in Ligue 1. World class players in abundance and IMO a more cohesive unit then they are sometimes given credit for.

  47. WengerEagle


    I see that Lucas Barrios is starting to plunder them in on a weekly basis now for Montpellier.

    Have you watched him at all? Remember him well from his time at Dortmund where he was a decent player.

  48. WengerEagle

    Haha sal mad that Modric, Bale, Van Der Vaart all played for the Spuds at one time.

    They had a top team in ‘Arry’s last couple of years there to be fair.

  49. Romford Ozil Pele

    Agreed Eagle. Toulalan is back from suspension so it’ll be even harder to break Monaco down this week, have to give it our best shot though. I’m hoping Gabriel can make it because we’re gonna need to go with a high line again, can’t have Per in there. Also of it wasn’t for homegrown reasons, I’d get rid of Gibbs and bring in Kurzawa. But we need to keep British players to meet the quota.

    Have to be honest, until this year’s game against Chelsea, I found PSG quite underwhelming but they were a force of nature against Chelsea, especially Verratti. If they can convince Pogba to come back to France and have a midfield trip of Matuidi-Verrati-Pogba, everyone is in trouble. Could also do with another creative talent. Pastor doesn’t convince me though he is talented

  50. daz

    I remember hearing we were interested in Costa when everyone was raving about falcao at A Madrid add him to the Wenger almost 11, I’ve got 1 for you I had football manager 06 on the Xbox and can remember being a few seasons in when I found a then unheard of aguero in the A Madrid youth team signed him for next to nothing he scored 40+ goals three years running jokes aside they do actually put a hell of a lot of research into those games

  51. karim


    Scored with a powerful strike today. Been very poor at the beginning, they were even thinking about releasing him in December and then he scored 3 in 4 games and they kept him, he’s now scored 10 goals in the league.

  52. Radio Raheem


    Lol really? He’s probably worth 5 times that now. With Chambers and Bellerin we are well stocked at RB for the foreseeable future. If he continues developing he’d certainly end up in the PL soon enough.

  53. WengerEagle

    Aguero was very well known before he joined Atletico Madrid in 2006, he was a sensation for Independiente in Argentina.

    One of the league’s top scorers at 17 years old. 18 goals in 36 I think.

    Him and Gago were bossing that league in their teens.

  54. N5

    Eagle, I didn’t really know how good he was until last season, he just looked good when he came on for Athletico, that was the 2012 season wasn’t it, maybe it was 2013, but either way I have to agree with you that no one really knew until last season.

    I knew your comment was to London, but I do remember him talking about him a while back, I just might be misremembering how long it was.

  55. N5

    RP, it’ll still be a buzz down there mate. I’m just not going with high expectation and will just enjoy the day away. I’m also a big fan of Toulalan and have wanted to see him live since…forever, so I’m happy he’s back.

  56. WengerEagle

    Yeah Romford I’d go with Gabriel too if possible, like the athleticism and aggression he brings to the table.

    My team for Monaco would be:

    Bellerin Kos Gabriel Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Sanchez Ozil

    Feel that as good as Giroud has been recently (Monaco aside) that he limits us especially away from home in big matches, Danny gives us more attacking versatility and dynamism IMO even if his finishing has been suspect. Would also have Santi as the no.10, he’s been fantastic there recently.

    Good luck btw mate, I hear that you’re making the trip! Would be amazing if we were to turn this around but I don’t personally see it. Like Milan in 2012 I fear that we’ve just left ourselves too much work to do against a very good Monaco side.

    Agree on PSG, Pastore could definitely be upgraded on as could Lavezzi.

    Someone like Di Maria funnily enough would be ideal for PSG IMO.

  57. daz

    WE I take your word for it, at the time I’d never heard of him until he started playing regularly for Madrid and realised he was the same guy I had on the game

  58. N5

    Yes Eagle, I might bump into Romford because both of us are staying down in Nice and making our way into Monaco the on match day. I’m in the home end though which could be interesting.

  59. daz

    WE yeah I saw an interview with a lower league manager awhile ago he said I can’t afford scouts so I play football manager lol

  60. N5

    karim, IRL I couldn’t be further from the Troll Magnet. People seem to quite like me in person. I’m not sure what happens the moment I get online 😀

    I’ve been in the home end before in France and it was good fun. I did it down at Lens. I’m not to worried about them being Monaco but more about me being English. I will just keep shouting Zut Alors really loudly, that should con every Frenchman ever into thinking I am one of them.

  61. salparadisenyc

    Yes London Gun unearthed Robben, and thank fuck for it.
    Shame to have such a talent go missing on the rest of us.

  62. karim

    Have a great trip guys and bring us a quarter-final !

    N5 do you promise to have a midnight bath in the sea if we do win ?
    You will then have a reason to scream zut alors !

  63. salparadisenyc

    N5 / Romford

    I expect tales of debauchery, fountain dipping and general good boozy tales post victoire!

    Behave thyselves but not completely.

  64. N5

    karim, I think it’ll be out of my hands. If we win I won’t be able to contain my joy and I’ll be thrown in the sea, but it’ll be worth it. God wouldn’t that be sweet.

  65. London gunner

    Lads I am on my way to the most bizarre booty call (yes I know it’s a Sunday)

    If you don’t hear from me again, I have probably been axe mudered by a cat fish.

    Been nice knowing you lol! Pray for me

  66. Emiratesstroller

    The good news about this weekend is that both Southampton and Spurs are now 7 points behind us. In the case of Spurs they will need effectively 8 points to overtake us because of our vastly superior goal difference.

    Whilst it is premature to discount either of them completely I think that it is now very difficult for either of them to overtake us in run in for top 4 qualification.

    Next weekend’s match between Liverpool and Man Utd could also be a critical
    pointer to qualification for CL.

  67. qna

    What a fucking cock sucker Ronaldo is. His ego is out of control. Its even worse that he is the worlds most “liked” person on Facebook and has the largest following on Twitter. The world is a truly fucked up place. Bring on the end of days. Mankind doesnt deserve any longer. Bale should come back the Premier league – why waste his career there. Come on Barca this weekend. What a fucking disgrace that they have a UCL knockout against City 4 days before an El-Classico.

    Looking for silver linings – PSG might not win Ligue 1 this year. Some small comfort. Doubt they can with the champions league either. If they dont, they will be looking to shake up their team (and possibly the coach). Some good players in that team. Some over-rated players too. Give me Verrati and Cavani any day. Matuidi and Rabiot are talents, but I wouldnt want to pay what PSG are asking for these guys and hopefully we can find better. But please not Lavezzi (Podolski II) and most definitely keep Maxwell the hell away.

  68. Dark Hei


    Agree on your thoughts on Ronaldo. One hell of a pompous poof. I don’t want to see Bale back in the EPL though. It will mean that he signs with City, United or Chelsea.

  69. Dark Hei

    I wouldn’t be so quick to get rid of Walcott and replace him with a skilled winger.

    Walcott’s movement off the ball is world class. His overall game picked up last season before regressing due to his injuries. If he can pick that back along with his finishing, he will be potent once more.

    No one in our team moves like Walcott in the final 3rd. Pace is not everything.