Crucial #TopFourRace weekend for Arsenal

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Happy good morning to you. I’m pretty sure this arrives at the point where it counts as your one a day.

Major news for the West Ham game today (2am Sunday for me) is that there isn’t much major news.

West Ham are losing at a rate of knots. Arsenal are winning a lot.

West Ham have many injuries. Arsenal don’t have that many (bar Chambo, sad face).

Arsenal haven’t lost to the Hammers in 13 games. Something that surprised me, because I get the impression Sam gives us more problems than that.

All the stats point to it being a pretty good day.

That said, we’ve had a tought run of fixtures, West Ham will have fresher legs after not playing United last week. But, we’ll have the confidence.

A quick glance at those around us in the table, and you can see it’s a major opportunity for us to deliver some #TopFourRace.

Liverpool play Swansea away, a point dropper if ever I did see one.

United play Spurs. Someone is falling further behind. It can’t be us.

City will win at Burnley.

Chelsea have to play Southampton. After their surprising loss in midweek after extra time, anything is possible there.

The focus is for Arsenal to deliver. Weary legs, move over, we have a top four trophy to play for.

What will be interesting is whether Wenger rotates with Monaco in mind. He’ll be trying to win that game I’d imagine. But will he risk dropping points against West Ham?

I mean, stupid question. You risk points by not rotating in players like Rosicky and Ramsey. This is the point in the season when we need to bring in fresh legs.

Will be interesting to see whether WELBZ lands another chance to impress up top. He had a pretty average game against United, but after that goal, well, I think it’d be worth giving him another shot and saving Giroud for Monaco.

It’s all up for grabs. 3rd is ours if we want it. We have way tougher games than this coming up. It’s imperative we don’t drop points. It’s essential we don’t get bombarded and it’s important we keep the beautiful momentum going…


Alex or James will take care of the match report because I won’t be able to watch the game because I’m in the middle of nowhere for a wedding. Honestly, invite me to a wedding without Church WIFI. What’s the point? Tell me, please?


As a heads up,  Saturday is good so far. x

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  1. Dissenter

    Can someone help me with this Schneiderlin fetish that’s all, over this site.
    Where did the world class label come from?

    I’m looking at his profile. He’s biggest international game was at the word cup; the goalies draw against Ecuador which was meaningless because France had already qualified.

    He has the makings of a good player, potential not the final product at the top level. Yet, people constantly beat Coq with “not good enough” because Schneiderlin’s better.

    We have to be careful not to make the KEVIN DE BRUYNE error. Chelsea sold the lad without giving him a chance.
    The player believed that he didn’t stand a chance because his “transfer fee was too small”. He’s been one the best players in Europe this season. Chelsea would probably have won the CL had they built a team around him.

    Many here just want a big transfer signing to latch on and defend. Wenger is right about his “internal solutions”