Better late than never…

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Alright lads, Alex here with a shockingly late post. I’ve just arrived back from France on the eurostar. For some reason France doesn’t have 3G anywhere – or it does, it just doesn’t work. Meaning I couldn’t post anything earlier.

Anyway yada yada yada.

What’s the chat? Arteta’s back! In a few weeks anyway. While he is a solid player to have in midfield and is good to have against weaker teams, is he the kind of holding player who is can deal with players like Robben and Bale and get you to a Champions League final? No. Granted there aren’t many players like that in the world, but given how important the position is it would be nice if our first choice holding midfielder had some pace and power (like Coquelin but an upgrade). That’s nothing against Miki. He’s been a great signing and a good captain, but him signing a new contract hardly screams ambition.

In other news the Ox has twanged his hammy; “a classic hamstring” according to Arsene. Apparently that’s not quite as bad as “the vintage leg-snap” another Arsenal staple.

What does all this mean? Well that Theo might get a run out. I’ve been banging that drum for a while so guarantee he’ll get some minutes and have an absolute shocker.

Anyway that’s all we’ve got time for today. Sorry it’s a short one. If you see me at the game tomorrow feel free to tell me how disappointed you are.

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  1. london gunner


    If win all our remaining fixtures. That’s 84 points.

    Chelsea lose to us draw with Southampton,man united and liverpool. 86 points

    So Chelsea win right? Wrong!

    QPR might park the bus 2 points gone, Lecister City or Sunderland may do the same.

    I can see Chelsea drawing against one of these teams.

    We are the kings of the beating lower league teams even better than Chelsea.

    Of course we would have to beat Chelsea, but If we did that would give us the momentum to finish the season out with straight wins.

    I also think we can beat Man United no problem the curse is broken and I don’t think they will park the bus against us like they might do against Chelsea.

    Liverpool are a real challenge, but we work hard and we work smart and we got this!

  2. Marko

    No way should Arteta be given a new deal. That’s been a major problem these last few years for strictly sentimental reasons we’ve kept on players rather than sign players who can take us to the next level. No to 32 year old injury prone Arteta and pretty average Flamini and yes to 23 year old Coquelin who’s shown more consistency these past couple months than those other two ever have and yes to absolute rock Morgan Schneiderlin in the summer

  3. Joe

    Arteta was playing in all the big matches where we got smashed by all the top teams.

    Enough said. Let him go! No other top team would sign him. Why should we. Too slow. Not strong enough.

  4. salparadisenyc

    Pep replacing Wenger, like Henry replacing Anelka…. well kind of.


    Major coup if we can beat United, Chelsea and Liverpool on the run in. Would be a cracking end to the season. Regardless of what the others do.

    I’ve moved on from Arteta, hope Wenger has with an appointment at the coaching badge office for the Spaniard.

  5. Dream10

    Anyone think that it’s time to move Hazard central? How would Chelsea have fared if they played him behind Costa and played Willian and Remy wide in the second half?

    They could have used a player like Walcott off the bench to get a goal

  6. daz

    I like the city a lot and I feel really comfortable at the club. Supporters here are very cheerful and enlivening, which is a very nice thing
    Alexis Sanchez

    Guess he doesn’t read many comments on here then 🙂

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Well how could anyone not be cheerful upon meeting Sanchez? The guy is a freak of nature, still powering around the field in mid-March in his first season in the EPL having carried the team up until the New Year really.

    Awesome stuff. Reading the DM today and the amount of columnists listing Harry Kane as their EPL Player of the Year, yet not one listed Sanchez, there was Matic, John Terry…not Sanchez. Disgusting.

    Saw one journo write ‘Harry Kane for the surprise factor alone…’ errrr?

    So, a player who everyone thought was shit, at a shit club so if he manages to tie his boots it looks like an accomplishment should get it over a guy who arrived for a massive fee, with a massive reputation, into one of the hardest leagues in the world, probably the most physically demanding league in the world, settled right in, easily Arsenal’s player of the season, in the UCL, a few points behind second and in an FA Cup semi-final.

    But nah, lets give it to Harry Kane because of his breathtaking performance in the Sixth Sense.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    It is scary.

    ‘I see deluded people…all the time…they don’t know they support a small club.’

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Haha 😉 it’s a toss up (or tossers up) between who is more deluded as a set of fans, Spurs or Liverpool.

    At least I suppose Liverpool have been relevant post-Vietnam.

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    How can Harry Kane be the player of the year, when he’s not the best player in his position?

    Aguero is a better striker, has been a better striker, and will be a better striker.

    Sports journalists really let themselves down with some of the shit they spout.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    DM is a proper old boys paper, any chance to give Spurs or Liverpool a leg up and they will.

    Use to arse lick United as well but not so much any more.

    Weird relationship with Chelsea. Up and down.

    Pure hatred of Arsenal…most of them anyway.

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    By Jan, it would be a head to head fight between Cesc and Costa. Both of them were pretty unstoppable in the first half of the season, but with both of those falling off a cliff (there’s always the possibility they’ll climb back up I guess) , Di Maria losing the plot, I’d say that Sanchez has a decent shout along with Aguero, Hazard, and De Gea, and it wont go to a keeper, which is a shame

  13. Goondawg

    Lol Cesc that sixth sense line got me..

    How does one do emoticons on LeGrove..

    Like the laughing one. Which I will duly rinse once I know

  14. N5

    Dawg you do this : lol : but put them all together : mad : for 😡 : D for 😀 : evil : for 👿 and : roll : for 🙄 there are lots more if you want to know them.

  15. N5

    Don’t worry Dawg, I’m always here to bore you with this shite. How about a picture next to your name like my Santi! you ever fancied one of those 😀

  16. Goondawg

    Lol Ive wanted that santi picture ever since I noticed it, it’s great!

    Do I sign up for gravatar?

    And I wont steal your pic dont worry! 😉

  17. N5

    Yeah, you knew then Dawg. It’s Gravatar and you just need to use the email that you use here. If you pick a picture just make sure to select the grade that says you can use it on any site. (it’ll make sense when you upload a picture).

  18. Goondawg

    Nah I didn’t comprehend fully how it works, but it makes sense now thanks buddy! I just remember vaguely some gravatar talk when Pedders mug was all over shop here 😆

  19. N5

    Ha ha Dawg, that was the best time ever. When Holmes put the names of his favourite ever players on Untold and the names spelt out PEDROKNOWSBEST absolute genius.

  20. Leedsgunner

    “Ha ha Dawg, that was the best time ever. When Holmes put the names of his favourite ever players on Untold and the names spelt out PEDROKNOWSBEST absolute genius.”

    That was the funniest convo of 2014 hands down. 🙂

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Do you ever wonder how you could make Ozil change his expression? Seeing him pose for GQ with Sanchez and Giroud, he ALWAYS has that sort of blank, could not care less expression.

    Like, I think even punching him in the nuts, he’d retain that sort of ‘meh’ expression.

    Send him a video of you doing illegal sexual acts on his missus, meh.

    Bring him news of a relatives death, meh.

    What would you have to do to get him to change that expression?

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Ha! That is one of my favourite videos!

    Close your eyes and it’s German porn, ‘Oh yaaaaaaa.’

  23. N5

    NM. I’m glad that’s come out. Last night I said that I think people are looking into it to deeply and that whole sub thing against Manure was just a change of mind rather than a dislike towards Wally.

    I’m pleased to see that has put a rumor to rest for once, rather than allowing it to get to big.

  24. N5

    Interesting to read his comments about Theo being hard to convince last contract. I wonder what finally did get him to sign. Money? or more?

  25. VP

    MR Willow Wilson pissing up the wrong tree again so I see.

    ‘’I have a free choice to pay my money to watch the team or spend it on something else. If fans like me choose to pay to watch the club, then that is up to us. You can sit at home moaning endlessly, that’s called free choice and being a bore. Or a proper mug’’

    and then he goes on to say

    ‘’I don’t give a monkeys about offending you and your miserable ilk. Those who call other fans mugs and insult everything about the Arsenal are fair weather, glory fans, not supporters. There are a few on here who come on after every good victory to pick holes and moan, your mate being one of them. If we win, they come on to moan. If we lose, they come on to moan. In fact, they never have a good word to say. I do not believe they are Gooners for one minute but a lot get taken in’’


    Now that sounds like someone who’s been abused. A militant in his own right. An extremist!!! Just another stupid ass mug with an absolute view point.-like our current chairman and the one before,,, The type of mug that I’ve been referring to during my posts. The type of fan that’s holding us back.

    My mate??? Who’s my mate…. I hardly ever post but yes I do follow the blog. And there are certain individuals I respect whatever end of the spectrum (Wenger in , Wenger out) . At the end of the day I’m a fan too, and we’ve all been abused in some shape or form. But you differ in that you quite clearly like taking it up the ass .

    ‘’The entertainment, facilities and value of money we get now days is in a different league to twenty odd years ago and I love it.’’

    The guy has to resort to the 1970’s to make himself feel better about the calamities we see before us at the club today. Maybe taking up the ass was illegal back then (who knows…please confirm). Indoctrinated to the core and resorting to your own pathetic benchmarks. Listen, You might be able to freeze moments from yester year, but there are those who cannot. Some were not even born in the 1970’s. Stop being sanctimonious old fool. Some of us want better for the club. And that does make us any less of a supporter for wanting so.


    You say the club is classy and integral. Give me one example where you have directly been in the receiving end of such great ethical behavior..? Just one valid example as a Fan. Surprise me -take something from the annual accounts…directors report …..AGM…..or if that’s too much of ask, then even Arsenal Fan TV!! Just as long as It happened after 1970 I’ll give it to you…….ONE EXAMPLE!!!! JUST ONE!!!

    Integrity is not something that the club can claim to be. We’re an insider dominated organization that structured to preserve the interests of those who own control.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Don’t think Walcott is in a position to drive a hard bargain this time.

    Arsenal don’t need him, not as they did last time.

    He’s older, just as limited as he was before off the back of 12 months out with a serious injury…doubt anyone will be breaking down our door for him.

    I think Arsenal can afford to play a smart game with him this time.

  27. Dream10


    He does not have the same leverage right now. But, next year

    1) He’ll have a few months left
    2) He knows that it is unlikely that AW will sign a new goalscorer
    3) A new TV deal

    I won’t be surprised if AW offers him a 120-140k a week deal for 4-5 seasons some time this calendar year.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Hmm. Not so sure. I think we will offer Walcott what he has now, take it or ruin your career sort of option.

    Sanchez is on £150 000 a week I believe? So to put Walcott anywhere near that is ludicrous.

    He’s 26 in a couple of days, so this next contract is a big one for him. He’s not a smart player, so he needs to make hay in these next couple of seasons…I mean, not as if he’s going to exactly worry about money! 🙂

    Be interesting to see how Walcott responds, hoping he steps it up on the pitch and starts to add a bit of energy to his game, be more a team player. We have quite a nice unit right now on the field, even Ozil has been forced to work for the team this season since returning from injury.

    Nobody has a job any more, I mean obviously you have your priority on the field, but everyone helps out with defending and pressing and tracking runners.

    Walcott needs to do that do. Be interesting to see.

  29. N5

    Ha ha Tunny, welcome to the annoying world of emoticons and when Le Grove gets really flooded with them, remember who to blame 👿

  30. Cesc Appeal


    I worry about me as well.

    But if I end up as Sanchez’s WAG you know you all will be incredibly jealous. Driving around in my pink Bentley, getting my nails done, buying dogs the size of hamsters…and then…using them…for things

    Being really bitchy to the other WAGS in the boxes, finding Mandy Capristo and saying ‘with eyes that big you’d at least think your man would be able to pick a pass…’ flick my hair and walk away.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    See my post to Tunny…you would be the most jealous of all. Think of all the PS4 games £150 000 a week could get you 🙂

  32. Cesc Appeal

    And now thanks to Arsenal Fan TV I have his number plate…let the stalking commence 🙂

    Seriously though, poor form Arsenal Fan TV, got to blur that shit out. All kinds of weirdos in this world 🙂

  33. Cesc Appeal


    That’s fine, but if your man tries to take the spotlight away from mine, I will shit through your letterbox

  34. Bamford10

    “I want [Walcott] to stay and be a regular player and fight for his place,” Wenger said. “But no matter where you go, if it is a big club you have to compete for your place. That is part of the job.”

    “He has to go for [tackling] contact,” he said in December. “Because today, the game does not forgive you any lack of contact or defensive focus.”

    Fairly clear that Wenger is saying Walcott needs to work harder and help more on the defensive side of the ball if he wants to get more playing time.

    See Telegraph article.

    As I’ve said before, Walcott should’ve learned to play with his back to goal, because I don’t think he has any interest in tracking back or tackling.

  35. tunnygriffboy

    See Monaco were allowed to shift this weekends fixture to tonight to give them extra day’s recovery for CL. I’m glad the PL helps the english clubs in this manner ! ! !

    Media now starting to jump on the Walcott bandwagon. Longer this drags out the more it will be reported. I think it’s right that he’s been told he’ll have to workfor his place and work a bit harder ddefensively. Certainly wasn’t the case when he signed his last contract.

  36. Bamford10

    Monaco won 3-0 over a 9-man Bastia. Had a PK saved as well. Sounds like it was a waltz.

    They’ll have three days rest, no travel. We’ll have two days, travel.

    Should make for an exciting Tuesday night.