Arsenal need LESS possession to win the league

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I’ve been bitching and moaning about data and how it’s used all week. So when a long term Grover sends in an e-mail and shows you how you can take minimal data and paint a very interesting story… well, you have to put it up!

Big thanks to Rhys Jagger for sending this over!

Arsenal do best when they don’t have so much of the ball in 2014/15

Here’s the analysis in a spreadsheet.

Data culled from BBC match reports (blame them if the stats are duff!) – I simply collected the following:

1. Opponent
2. Shots on target
3. % possession
4. Goals Scored
5. Home/Away
6. Result.

As it turns out, there are 21 home and 21 away games to date, so I sorted the data using two passes:
1. First into Home and Away (Away at the top as A is before H).
2. Then by Arsenal possession % from the highest to the lowest.

Then I compared the data for the top 10 possession games vs the bottom 11 possession games both home and away and looked at what that told you.

I calculated;
1. Average shots per game for each of the four groups.
2. Average % possession for each of the four groups.
3. Average Goals/game for each group.
4. Average Points/Game for each group.
5. Average % of possession per shot on target.
6. Average goals Scored/Shot on Target for each group.
7. Average Pts/game/Shot on Target for each group.


1. There is no benefit to Arsenal, either home or away, in hogging possession in terms of winning games. A slight benefit away from home is counteracted by an astonishing disadvantage at home.
2. In fact, at home, Arsenal are almost guaranteed to win if they let their opponents have parity of possession. 31pts from 33 were accrued when Arsenal enjoyed an average of 50% possession, whereas only 15 pts from 30 were accrued with an average of nearly 65%.
3. However, there is a pretty good correlation, home and away, between points accrued per shot on target. Broadly, it is about 3 shots on target for every point gained.
4. However, within both the home games and the away games, it is clear that Shots on Target count far more when possession is not so plentiful.This is much more obvious at home and is probably related to Arsenal being profligate in front of goal if they have lots of possession, probably due to subconsciously feeling that each shot is less valuable. If that mindset could be altered to that of the games away from home when possession is scarce, Arsenal now might be ‘toppa the league…..’
5. It is also the case that Arsenal need more possession time away from home to achieve a shot on target (9.3% at home vs 11.7% away), however such data is probably skewed by the few big wins at home vs the very rare big wins away.
6. The most striking stat is the conversion rate of Shots on Target into Goals at the Emirates, but not, for whatever reason, away from home. When Arsenal have less possession at home, they convert almost one in two shots on target. When they have plenty of the ball, it is between one in four and one in five.
7. When you look closer at games where the least SOT were achieved, you see a long list of ‘top sides’: Spurs, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund (twice) all showed 3 or less SOT/game. Arsenal achieved 2 wins, one draw and three losses from those games. Of the top teams, only Man Utd (twice) and Southampton let Arsenal create lots of chances to shoot on target.

I’m sure someone who has access to the stats can start drawing up stats for players based on:
1. Shots on target:total number of shots.
2. Goals score:shots on target.

That of course favours goal poachers inside the 6 yard box.

This data, however, unique to Arsenal and based solely on one season, does however say that shots on target is a good surrogate for goals scored and points gained, however it appears that ‘starving men are keener to kill game than fatsoes’……

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  1. tunnygriffboy

    Another big game tomorrow. If we can pull off a win it puts pressure on all the teams above and below us as they play after us.

    Mourinho has reacted to Carragher and Souness today. Very odd behaviour queestioning what they have done. Big news again and Mourinho in the paper again. Putting more pressure on his team. I really hope some of the pundits start to call him out for what he is. So now it’s referees, dirty opposition, fa conspiracy and now pundits. Odd.

  2. VP


    Lol- I agree. Wenger has the easiest/safest job around. The fans are to blame the most. Can’t blame owner & Board . There just doing what anyone would do – milk the mugs.

  3. VP

    My question was, why has it become more negative since beating Manure, the rest of my comment was being flippant

    Can’t speak for everyone, but i certainly have become more negative. I’ll become even more negative if we go and win the thing. –PAPERING OVER THE CRACKS MATE. That’s all it will be. Just further justification to keep with the current regime who disgust me as under:

    unethical, greedy and worst of all incompetent individuals who need shaking up. They’ve had good for too long, and the penny needs to drop with the fans. Only a crisis will do that unfortunately.

  4. Bamford10


    No, that is not the status of football/soccer in the US. Twenty years ago, maybe. Today more young people play football/soccer than a number of other traditional sports, and many 20-, 30- and 40-somethings — like myself and Midwest — have been in love with the sport, playing it and watching it at a high level their entire lives.

    The only way in which it has become a “hipster,” “alternative” sport is for those folks — many, many in Seattle, Portland, for example — who never played the game but who now prefer it to traditional American sports because they regard it as more European, more sophisticated.

    But this remains a minority. The bulk of support for the game comes from people who play and watch the game constantly, for whom it is something like a religion, and there are hundreds of thousands of us, if not millions.

    The game and the culture around the game are very different here now, but many people don’t realize this.

    Plus, many, many professionals from Europe and South America have moved to the US over the past thirty years in order to make a living. They have helped to improve the culture of the game here, improve the American understanding of the game.

    A tiny example: I help train both a club and a high school team here in Tampa. Our team’s goalie coach is Kevin Keelan, former Norwich goalie and member of the Norwich hall of fame. I see him every Tuesday and Thursday, as do our keepers. Such is the case all over the US.

    The level of play, the level of understanding and the passion for the game is much higher here than many people realize. The national team and the MLS are still bang average, but the “football culture” here is much better than some imagine.

  5. VP

    Nasri’s Mouth

    The resources aspect is the underpinning point here. It’s is a question of competence, deceit and a total lack of Cooperate Sociability displayed by the club time and time again. Indoctrinating people into demanding less, so they have to produce less.

  6. Bamford10

    Le Prof

    Then stop talking to me, you fuckwit. I’ve never addressed you once, as you have nothing to say. (Your moniker tells us that.)

    And since when did following Arsenal for nine years (like a religion) become equivalent to following the club for “two minutes”?

    If nine years of devotion isn’t enough, can you tell me how long is enough? And if nine years isn’t long enough, were you somehow less of a supporter when you were, what, 15, 16, 17?

    Of course not.

    Further, by saying that nine years of support is akin to “two minutes,” you’ve belittled a good many posters here, whom I assume would take issue with your characterization of them.

    Just don’t comment on my posts anymore — for your own good. Because when you do, you simply expose yourself for the small-minded, bigoted twat that you are.

  7. tunnygriffboy


    Serious question. How much amateur/grassroots football is played in the states ? I mean local leagues , teams, not a great standard but where an ordinary guy can play for a team and get a game every weekend. Yes competitive but social as well. I live in a town of 60000 people and theres the local league with 7 divisions of 10 teams and any number of Sunday pub or works teams.

  8. daz

    Its a game meant for enjoyment something to do at the weekend have a laugh with mates, take the piss out of opposition fans when we beat them especially spuds or man u fans I know. Really if all you can focus on is the negative side of things then I genuinely feel sorry for you I’m looking forward to a semi final and if we go on and retain the cup I will rub it in my man u supporting mates face all summer

  9. Bamford10


    Not quite sure what the point of your question is, but there is less of THAT here than in England. No doubt. England is England, after all. But there is still more of it here than you probably think.

    For example, there are probably two to three local men’s leagues here in Tampa, each of which has two flights. The top flight is quite good — all former D1 college players — while the second flight is more average.

    Yet this is worlds different than it was here twenty years ago, when there would only be one such league, and only in certain cities. The game and the culture have gown in leaps and bounds.

    More important, though, would be the youth soccer set-up and the atmosphere around watching the game. These things have grown exponentially in the US in the past twenty years, so much so that today they are barely even recognizable vs. what they once were.

  10. Willow Wilson

    Olivier Giroud
    has proved those who have been slating him and calling him useless wrong. He is a better player than they claimed and whilst some acknowledge they were wrong, the more egotistical continue digging a hole for themselves. As for those who said Bendtner and Benteke were far better players, I don’t know what you have been watching.

    Here are some stats based purely on Premier League. The last number in brackets is minutes per goal scored:

    Aguero: Starts 20 (1) Mins: 1648 – Goals 17 (97)
    Costa: Starts 21 (+0) Mins: 1783 – Goals: 17 (104)
    Giroud: Starts 12 (+5 ) Mins: 1075 – Goals: 10 (107)
    Alexis: Starts 24 (1) Mins: 2097 – Goals 13 (161)
    RVP: Starts 24 (0) Mins: 1993 – Goals: 10 (199)
    Rooney: Starts 24 (0) Mins: 2113 – Goals: 10 (211)
    Falcao: Starts 12 (5) Mins: 1006 – Goals: 4 (251)
    Benteke: Starts 16 (3) Mins: 1502 – Goals: 3 (500)

    Stand out stats from Aguerro, who for me is the best player in the league at the moment. But Girouds numbers are very good.

  11. Willow Wilson

    If you have only ‘supported’ Arsenal for 9 years (and you claimed you were twice as old as ‘underated Coq who you said was 19 – that makes you at least 38), who did you support before you turned 30?

  12. tunnygriffboy


    Sorry it was probably a bit convoluted. To make it simpler if my son moved to a town in the states could he get a game with a team that is at his standard ? Is there a wide range of standards you could play in ?

    Obviously the game is growing rapidly but is there enough amateur provision for all standards to encourage participation ?

  13. tunnygriffboy

    Anyway Rambo plays with Coq tomorrow 🙂 🙂

    Walcott starts with Giroud and Alexis and either Santi or Ox.

    TR7 to get half an hour to give someone a rest for last half hour.

  14. salparadisenyc


    Lost weekend in Berlin, or Munich… a man could do MUCH worse. I googled large asian tits and went to images for a gander. I feel for you man thats a lot of baggage! Like Meatloaf in Fight Club.

    Best league in new york is the restaurant service industry workers. Mostly Mexican, Central and South Americans mixed with many Americans and ex pats. Highly entertaining, damn near got my balls ripped off by a Colombian sous chef’s left foot last summer.


    Those stats only paint a certain picture and are limited to say the least.

    If you look at the nature we attack in, he inevitably limits us. Our potential is so much greater. Giroud’s shooting accuracy/shots on target is abysmal thats not even getting into his lack of mobility. He doesn’t score what turned out to be the match winner Welbeck pulled on Monday. Don’t get me wrong he’s a very useful striker but not the type we need to lead the line on weekly basis if were to win the league or Europe in my opinion. Always been a plan B in my eye, considering who came before him. RVP’s magical season, Adebayor in 08, Henry etc.

    Gambon posted a blog if memory serves late last season, about L’Oreal.
    Read it, telling stuff and likely still relevant.

  15. daz

    I would like to ask bamford how did it feel to see ur team win a trophy for the first time last season? And remember Wenger was responsible for that win

  16. tunnygriffboy


    Coquelin’s stats are unbelievably good. If this continues and remains his standard the he’s a gem of a find. He may, I say may, improve. He is the archetypal water carrier. Imagine if his distribution improves. Wilshere has said he used to love playing with him and he feels he can get even better.

    Re Giroud’s stats. 12 games and 5 subs. If you say 17 games to make it easy, if he scored at that rate for a whole season it’s a 25 goal season. Not bad for a heap of shit 🙂 🙂 :). Seriously , he’s not elite but he works hard and makes the best of his ability. I can’t fault him for that.

    Ps: Just heard on the radio Marca ( the Madrid Paper ) have reported that Gareth Bale is lost and isolated and has made no attempt to integrate with his team mates mmmmmmmm ! Obviously man u, Chelsea, City all being touted. However, what about a sneaky bid. Sell Theo 25 million , get Bale. He’s admitted he followed Arsenal as a boy and he’s best buddies with the Welsh Jesus Ramsey.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Paying the money it would take to get Bale would be worth it on so, so many levels 🙂

    Sanchez, Ozil, Bale…oh behave

  18. London gunner

    Willow Wilson

    Impressive looking stats you posted about giroud.

    BUT they reflect less on giroud and more on the team as 99 % of his goals are not self created rather they are simple tap ins that most strikers in the league would score.

    So imagine we replace giroud with a striker of the necessary calibre this club deserves.

    Wow those stats would be off the rictor scale.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    So, who’s going to be the flavour of the season for Madrid this year? Hazard? Sterling maybe? Reus?

  20. Willow Wilson


    Don’t agree. Anyway, anything gambon posts will be BS, that bloke is conning most of you.

    He said Giroud was shit and couldn’t score goals, well he has 10 in 12 starts and 5 sub appearances. That is good. No?

    gambon also said Benteke was 10 times the player Giroud would ever be. Well Benteke scores one goal every 500 minutes, so we shall put that one to bed I think.

    Football is about opinions. LG is not representative of what I watch, see and hear in the stadium where Giroud is appreciated and supported. If people want to compare him to players like TH14 that is just ridiculous. We are talking totally different class. But the fact remains, he is a better player than some fans on LG will ever admit and who are in denial.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    VP: Indoctrinating people into demanding less, so they have to produce less.

    Hmm, I don’t think so, though maybe because I’ve been indoctrinated 😀

    Although I remember plenty of football before Wenger, I don’t really remember expecting to be challenging for the league every season or that it was a nightmare if we didn’t. Part of that was down to there being less inspection of the minutiae of the club, and the lack of an internet, but part of that was that I didn’t see us as a club that should be up there every season.
    The first time I can honestly remember the clubs finances coming in discussion was when GG was found to have a small proportion of them in his back pocket.

    Maybe there is a plan sent down from on high by Kroenke to limit expectations so he can pocket his % each year, but I just don’t see it.

    We had a wonderful period under Wenger for the first few years, and we’ve expected the same ever since. Unfortunately, we’re unlikely to have a similar situation for quite some time

  22. Willow Wilson

    “Re Giroud’s stats. 12 games and 5 subs. If you say 17 games to make it easy, if he scored at that rate for a whole season it’s a 25 goal season. Not bad for a heap of shit 🙂 🙂 🙂 . Seriously , he’s not elite but he works hard and makes the best of his ability. I can’t fault him for that.”

    This is it.

    As you correctly say, he isn’t a world beater but he is better than a tiny minority of fans want to admit. Because it means they were wrong and he isn’t ‘shit’.

  23. Willow Wilson

    “GambonLol- I agree. Wenger has the easiest/safest job around. The fans are to blame the most. Can’t blame owner & Board . There just doing what anyone would do – milk the mugs.”

    Milk the mugs? Who does ‘the’ refer to? Absolute garbage.

    I have a free choice to pay my money to watch the team or spend it on something else. If fans like me choose to pay to watch the club, then that is up to us. You can sit at home moaning endlessly, that’s called free choice and being a bore. Or a proper mug.

    The club has a huge waiting list for season tickets, so there are plenty of people who love the club and want to pay to watch the football on display. They aren’t ‘mugs’.

    Some fans are just miserable moaners who only want to whine and they are usually sitting at home bah humbugging. Bores.

    I don’t give a monkeys about offending you and your miserable ilk. Those who call other fans mugs and insult everything about the Arsenal are fair weather, glory fans, not supporters. There are a few on here who come on after every good victory to pick holes and moan, your mate being one of them. If we win, they come on to moan. If we lose, they come on to moan. In fact, they never have a good word to say. I do not believe they are Gooners for one minute but a lot get taken in.

    Well, this ‘mug’ will enjoy spending my time time with my mates and 60,000 Gooners, in a wonderful stadium, watching live football served up by the club I have been supporting with my family since the 1970’s. The entertainment, facilities and value of money we get now days is in a different league to twenty odd years ago and I love it. It is much more fun I can assure you, than being a giant bore who has nothing better to do then moan endlessly and find fault in everything.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    Coquelin is actually a pretty decent passer. His long range passing is fine, but I suspect he’s trying to keep his game simple, as talked about by Wenger.

    Schneiderlin shows a better range of passing when he plays, but then he generally plays with Wanyama alongside him, so he has to take more responsibility. I suspect if we played Schneiderlin as part of a 4141, we’d need him to be more defensive and less creative

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    What’s impressive about Giroud this season is his conversion rate. He’s somewhere between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5.

    I really didn’t expect him to improve that much

  26. gambon

    I would say there’s about a 1% chance that Giroud can maintain a 1 in 4 or 5 ratio.

    He doesn’t have the quality.

  27. tunnygriffboy


    If we got Bale then we could play without a CF let alone Giroud 🙂 :). Couldn’t Kroenke put his hand in his pocket just for that signing. It could put us right up there. Jeepers imagine . . . .

  28. salparadisenyc



    Depends on which area he visits. Not Hackney Marshes back in the day but for the most part he’d probably have a laugh and meet some cool people.
    In NY, google NY urban soccer league or Metro soccer league and it has much info, same likely goes for where ever he visits. Pretty readily available on the interweb.

  29. Bamford10


    Yes, definitely, though it depends a little on where you are. Certain cities/towns have better leagues/clubs than others. These days,though, any major metro area has plenty of leagues, plenty of players.

    How old is your son?

  30. tunnygriffboy


    Cheers guys. He’ll be 19 in October and he’s umming and ahing about taking a gap year. He’s a nutty gooner as well and loves the thought of visiting the states to see what it’s like. We’ll have to see what he decides to do post his exams but joining a sports club in a new place is a really good way of meeting new people who will have at least one thing in common with you.

  31. hunter13

    dear wilson

    ‘Some fans are just miserable moaners who only want to whine and they are usually sitting at home bah humbugging. Bores.’

    forgive these lads.. the constipation in their brain is a chronic condition…

    doctors advise to say ‘yes’ to them and move on…..

  32. Bamford10


    How was Giroud against Monaco? I’m trying to remember. Oh yes, he was fucking garbage. That’s right.

    You can trot out all the stats you like. They only show that he can finish against lesser sides — and mostly from within eight yards.

    He is not a top striker, is very limited, and does fuck all against good sides, when it matters.


    The FA Cup victory did little to nothing for me. We didn’t play particularly well and were lucky to beat a Hull City side who were without at least four of their starters. I felt far more joy — far, far more joy — when we beat Barca in 2011, for example. That was a victory.

    I felt far more joy the other night when we beat United as well. That meant more to me than that lackluster FA win.

    To each his own.

    Let me ask you, though: how did the 3-1 loss to Monaco at home feel? How did the 6-0 drubbing from Chelsea feel? The 5-1 drubbing from Liverpool? The 6-3 humiliation from City? The 8-2 humiliation from United?

    All courtesy of your man, Arsene Wenger. 18 years in charge of a club and still blundering about in the dark. What a nimrod.

  33. hunter13

    free choice to buy a ticket? why i never….

    i remember it was like yesterday … when ivan came with that 44. magnum and placed it in gambons and vp’s faces and forced them to buy ….

    true story…..

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Well apparently Varane isn’t happy at Madrid either, Chelsea lining up a bid for him. There’s a player I’m shocked Wenger missed out on, great talent.

    I’m not greedy, Lloris, Varane, Schneiderlin, Pogba and Lewandowski will do me 😉

  35. N5

    Giroud against Monaco is the new Wilshire against Barcelona.

    No matter what he does now, he’ll always be defined by that match.

  36. Bamford10


    As to your other question, prior to that I supported no one: I was a devotee of the game, not of any one team.

    I always loved Bergkamp and Henry, though, and I always admired Arsenal’s flowing style of play. It seems like a small thing, but I always loved the Arsenal jersey — the white sleeves, esp — more than any other.

    My brother lived in London and in ’06 I decided I should select a a side to throw my support behind. I loved Cesc, RVP and Henry — and disliked every other club — so I chose Arsenal.

    It’s been mostly suffering ever since — 😉 —- but I am going nowhere, and when we are great again, no one will be more joyful than me, and no one will praise our players more than I do.

    Until we are great again, however, I will criticize players/manager mercilessly, and I will criticize, mock and insult anyone who tells us to settle for average players or for anything less than greatness.

    That’s my position.

  37. N5

    Sorry I must add, not by me but some posters on here as I’ve seen it as a stick to bash him with since that match.


  38. daz

    As expected bamford, how can someone claim to support arsenal for 9 years of never quite making it then they finally win the fa cup a historic English trophy and not care, that’s the first time you have seen your team win a trophy ffs you ain’t no arsenal fan more concerned that they dropped 3 points to Liverpool because that all it was in the end 3 points yes its humiliating at the time but will be forgotten unlike the first trophy ur team wins since u became a fan, I look back and can still see TA putting the forth past Everton

  39. salparadisenyc


    You’ve got me, i’ve been conned by gambon.

    Guess i’ve never seen the epic Ian Wright or Titi14, Adebayor in 08 or RVP terrorize, i’d even add Le Sulk to this list even though his overall goal tally not amazing and stay too short to really blossom.

    Giroud is useful but not on that level.

    Not pretty reading, the con’s certainly not on me.

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    N5: No matter what he does now, he’ll always be defined by that match

    he was garbage in that game.

    Bamford10: They only show that he can finish against lesser sides

    ManC, ManU, Liverpool this season

    oh and arguably Everton at the beginning of the season before they fell apart

    Yeah, only the lesser sides

  41. salparadisenyc

    So easy to google former Legrove stuff, scary!

    OG’s numbers have gotten better this season but no where near the level we need.

  42. daz

    And another thing I don’t need them to be great to love them if we became a mid table team and could only look forward to beating spuds twice a year guess what I would still love them its not even through choice their part of my life since I was a kid through thick and thin

  43. Marc

    How can someone start to support a team at a point where a manager he hates has been in place for 9 – 10 years?

    Bamford your support of Arsenal is strange it’s like someone starting to support the Spud’s because they like stability in managers and then complaining.

  44. Bamford10


    I explained why that meant relatively little to me. That it meant so much to you does not mean you are some kind of superior fan. It just means we have different dispositions and we want/expect different things from Arsenal. I want beautiful football, and I want to compete with the best clubs in the world.

    Beating a very average Hull City side in rather shabby fashion does little for me. Sorry.

    But it also didn’t do much for a number of ENGLISH supporters on here. Why? Because I wasn’t the only person underwhelmed by that side or that performance. Because I’m not the only one here who wants/expects more from Arsenal.

    If you don’t, so be it. To each his own. But please do not tell me I’m not a real fan. That’s just fucking stupid.

  45. Marc


    An awful lot of “fans” don’t understand what being a supporter is actually about. We all want our team to do well and win stuff but the fact remains there are only 3 competitions available to most teams with the Euro trophies only available to half a dozen or so clubs.

    If ManU miss out on top 4 again I’m expecting some of the southern based supporters to suddenly disappear.

  46. Marc


    You don’t want beautiful football or to compete with the best clubs you demand it, without getting into any management talk bollocks no one has the right to expect it as a given. It just doesn’t work that way.

  47. Marc

    Can someone tell me why we’ve only been allocated 31,000 tickets for the semi?

    Fucking ridiculous we’re going to play a club whose ground holds about half the number of season ticket holders we have in a 90,000 capacity stadium.

  48. Bamford10


    No, it’s nothing like that, but I’m not surprised you don’t understand. One, I didn’t begin despising Wenger until a couple years in. It took me about three years, think, to begin having my doubts about him. Two years later or so, I was convinced he was a problem.

    However, I have always acknowledged that Wenger does in fact have his strengths, one of which is his commitment to passing football and his ability to produce quality passing sides. There is no doubt in my mind that his training methods, his instruction, and his overall philosophy have helped to produce a tradiiton of lovely football at Arsenal.

    However, many other things go in to being a great and effective manager at the highest level, and Wenger fails at too many of these other things.

    I have seen this for a long time, and I was thrilled a few years ago to find Le Grove, a place where many others also see this.

  49. daz

    Bamford it was the first time you witnessed your team win a trophy I just can’t get my head round you not caring at all about it and its not just about the final we knocked out big teams along the way every victory building up the excitement.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    I swear it’s some weird thing where we get 31 000, they get 31 000 and then there’s a load of tickets for whoever wants in, corporate as well etc

    I think, could be utterly wrong but I remember a hoo-ha last year and the year before etc

  51. Marc


    I think Wenger’s got old, personally I would have preferred him to have gone out on a high at the end of last season but I don’t like the abuse that is directed at him. Think he’s lost it, never had it in the first place but the man deserves a little respect for what he’s done for the club.

    I will however be happy to sit back and let him see out his contract if there’s a plan in place to replace him and that plan’s called “Operation Pep”

  52. london gunner


    If win all our remaining fixtures. That’s 84 points.

    Chelsea lose to us draw with Southampton,man united and liverpool.

    86. So Chelsea win right? Wrong!

    QPR might park the bus 2 points gone, Lecister City or Sunderland may do the same. I can see Chelsea drawing against one of these teams.

    We are the kings of the beating lower league teams even better than Chelsea.

    Of course we would have to beat Chelsea, but If we did that would give us the momentum to finish the season out with straight wins.

    I also think we can beat Man United no problem the curse is broken and I don’t think they will park the bus against us like they might do against Chelsea.

    Liverpool are a real challenge, but we work hard and we work smart and we got this!

  53. Marc


    My memories terrible but I thought last year pretty much any season ticket holder who wanted a ticket for the semi got one, in fact I thought Wigan returned some tickets that were then offered to red members etc.

    The final’s different 25,000 each with the balance to FA friends / grass roots / corporate etc.

  54. N5

    NM agreed, but that’s by far the worst he’s ever been so I’m not comfortable with that match being used to strengthen a case against getting better.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    Oh I don’t know.

    If that final policy was a money maker then, seeing as its the FA, it likely will be applied to semis.

  56. Marc


    Love the optimism! Am I the only one who thinks Mourinho’s lost a little bit of the plot? The Goals on Sunday thing a few weeks ago – he’s always been so good at deflecting attention / criticism but he just looked like a paranoid fool. In his first skint at Chelsea no way does he lose to a team who play for an hour with 10 men especially when they’ve held the lead twice.

  57. Marc


    Stupid thing is the company I work for has 8 club level seats at Wembley and I could easily go if I took clients but I’ve made it clear that it’s probably a bad idea for clients to see me having a melt down during a match! Plus the fact I’d end up ignoring them.

  58. Le Prof


    ‘If nine years of devotion isn’t enough, can you tell me how long is enough?’

    Not long enough son. Not long enough especially when you’re a bloke that’s nearly 40.

    Some of us haved love the club and have done so since we were old enough to walk. Have been through and experienced real dramas and real heartbreaks over the last 30 years. Not because we’ve been slumming it in 3rd and 4th.

    As much as you’d like to think you’re in the know, you’re not, you’re an infant in terms of football.

    And being a supporter takes more than liking a pretty red kit with white sleeves.

    ‘you simply expose yourself for the small-minded, bigoted twat that you are.’

    Says the deluded muppet who doesn’t care when we actually win a trophy. Even after all 9 years of pain and torture you went through of never ever seeing ‘your team’ win anything?! You seriously couldn’t make it up.

    As much as you like to think you do….you just don’t get it.

    And you most likely never will.

  59. VP

    MR Wilson Wilson pissing up the wrong tree again so I see.

    ‘’I have a free choice to pay my money to watch the team or spend it on something else. If fans like me choose to pay to watch the club, then that is up to us. You can sit at home moaning endlessly, that’s called free choice and being a bore. Or a proper mug’’

    and then he goes on to say

    ‘’I don’t give a monkeys about offending you and your miserable ilk. Those who call other fans mugs and insult everything about the Arsenal are fair weather, glory fans, not supporters. There are a few on here who come on after every good victory to pick holes and moan, your mate being one of them. If we win, they come on to moan. If we lose, they come on to moan. In fact, they never have a good word to say. I do not believe they are Gooners for one minute but a lot get taken in’’


    Now that sounds like someone who’s been abused. A militant in his own right. An extremist!!! Just another stupid ass mug with an absolute view point.-like our current chairman and the one before,,, The type of mug that I’ve been referring to during my posts. The type of fan that’s holding us back.

    My mate??? Who’s my mate…. I hardly ever post but yes I do follow the blog. And there are certain individuals I respect whatever end of the spectrum (Wenger in , Wenger out) . At the end of the day I’m a fan too, and we’ve all been abused in some shape or form. But you differ in that you quite clearly like taking it up the ass .

    ‘’The entertainment, facilities and value of money we get now days is in a different league to twenty odd years ago and I love it.’’

    The guy has to resort to the 1970’s to make himself feel better about the calamities we see before us at the club today. Maybe taking up the ass was illegal back then (who knows…please confirm). Indoctrinated to the core and resorting to your own pathetic benchmarks. Listen, You might be able to freeze moments from yester year, but there are those who cannot. Some were not even born in the 1970’s. Stop being sanctimonious old fool. Some of us want better for the club. And that does make us any less of a supporter for wanting so.


    You say the club is classy and integral. Give me one example where you have directly been in the receiving end of such great ethical behavior..? Just one valid example as a Fan. Surprise me -take something from the annual accounts…directors report …..AGM…..or if that’s too much of ask, then even Arsenal Fan TV!! Just as long as It happened after 1970 I’ll give it to you…….ONE EXAMPLE!!!! JUST ONE!!!

    Integrity is not something that the club can claim to be. We’re an insider dominated organization that structured to preserve the interests of those who own control.

  60. Mustang Gunner

    OK I know no one asked but Bamford10’s posts and replies to him got my goat. I have lived in the states my whole life I am now 50 and I have been playing this sport since I was 9. I just played in the Pedro DeBrito Memorial Tournament in FL in a the over 50 dev. with the Gremio Lusitano Velha Guarda team.
    I currently play every week twice a week Tues. Thusday indoor in the winter and have played on several leagues over the past 20 years in the Ludlow area.
    As for my support for Arsenal I have watching Arsenal 1988 at that time a US fan had to really search to find live games usually Pubs in major cities like NY or Boston had live games. But I was able to see the title deciding game at Anfield live. And I was hooked. then came Bergkamp and Wenger and the Invincibles. I am of french heritage so I also liked the French connection at Arsenal. Since the internet and Cable TV i have not missed watching a Arsenal match since 1995 (sometimes not live due to work schedule but I will tape (now DVR) the match and watch when I get home if I was working But just because We US fans live far from north London we are no less as devoted to supporting the club and just because the US media and certain sport pundits here bad mouth the sport (we call Soccer) it does not reflect the true fan base. Many of use have played the sport for most of our lives and many more have played at very high levels and know the game very well. Sure as a professional sport here it has take the back seat to US NFL or MLB or even NHL but to those that play it is the Number one sport for us. (most of the guys at My club team are Benfica or Porto fans) But if you want to find a game or a team in Ludlow MA there are teams at every age and level including not one but 2 pro/semi pro teams.