#WEEEEEELBZ + 7 key thoughts post Manchester United win

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Happy Wednesday to you all! Thought I’d drop this nice and early for you, because, you know, I’m damn good to you and all that.

So… what a Monday eh? I landed my first taste of super hardcore fandom when I watched the United game in Sydney. Waking up at 6am to hang with the Arsenal Sydney Supporters club… in a Casino. Pretty grim, but loads of fun. They told me they landed 700 Gooners for the cup final. Even on a Tuesday morning before work they had about 20 down.

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The game was good viewing… on a cinema screen. Obviously, loaded up with the harshest morning beers ever (4 before 9am, the scenes, the scenes).

I’m not going to give you a >match review<, James did an excellent rundown of that yesterday. Just a few points worth throwing out there.


Look at Wenger, throwing a curveball selection out there… putting Welbeck through the middle over Giroud. That will have thrown LVG, firstly because WELBZ has pace (and Giroud doesn’t) and secondly because I think LVG said he was surprised. I said before the game we had to go with a plan of our own, and that looked to be it.

PLANNING < Can’t argue the merits. When we do it, we do better (generally).

Danny didn’t play well, I don’t think anyone can testify to the move being a masterstroke performance wise, but as was said in the match report yesterday, strikers are judged in goals, when Danny was threaded through by Valencia, he knocked it past the keeper and held his composure to slot into the empty net. Again, as was said in the match report… nothing say ‘YEEEEEESSSSSSSS I LOVE THIS MOMENT’ quite like celebrating against a club who fu*cked you off for being shite compared to RVP and Falcao.

He still has a lot to do career wise, but he showed yesterday he has the mental strength to power through bad touches and ineffectiveness to be decisive. Adebayor, when he was chasing a contract, used to be like that. Nothing would get him down. He needs a bit of that in his game. A great way to kick on for the rest of the year.


I wasn’t really too sure what went on there, but I saw him warm up then get sent back down to the bench. Amazing how quickly the tide has turned on the young Englishman. Wenger literally spent 5 seasons beasting him in the first team as a very average winger, now he’s come good, and don’t mess about, Theo is a frightening winger despite not being technically perfect… Wenger doesn’t love him.

I’m not sure whether it’s the contract issue, whether it’s his weakness on the fitness front (which is unfair when you consider he’s been given the Colbert treatment for year) or whether Theo waltzed into training in a vintage Marseille shirt smoking a Dr Dre sized blunt and called the managed a fraud of an intellect. Whatever happened… he’s not part of the managers thoughts at the moment. If he goes, I hope the manager has someone very fast, very technical and very interested in hugging that wide spot in mind. I tend to agree with the comments Alex made the other day. We build a bit of a squad, then we’re all desperate to see non-starters go. Theo is a very good player, why ship him on? I’ve heard he’s incredibly career focused, a really nice lad and he works harder than most to be as good as he can be.



Oh my, that ref had an absolute blinder eh? It was exactly the sort of performance someone needed to put in up there. He literally took no shit off anyone. To book Di Maria for diving was perfect, to send him off for touching him whilst shouting ‘no, no, no, no’ was even more perfect. Then he booked Adnam Janajizz for an even worse dive. Well, just brilliant. Not enough is done to showcase how bad that United team are at cheating. Michael Oliver, take a bow son, you just pushed yourself into the elite of refereeing. I still think it showcases the absolute necessity to help the refs out… some of the fastest most athletic players on the planet going out of their way to fool you. You need help.


Probably the only real negatives of the night. He didn’t shower himself in glory. I just don’t think he has the mental toughness to come into the side and do a job. He put everyone on edge when he tried to turn one of their players. His kicking isn’t very powerful, accurate or smart. He’s just not the full ticket. Even for the United goal, he doesn’t dive. Sure the header was strong, but shouldn’t our keeper be making an attempt at it… how many shots does he literally get nowhere near? Then look at De Gea, Lloris, Forster and Courtois. Some of their shot stopping is out of this world.


At the start of the season, I had many predictions. Most wrong. Two that I’m quite pleased with are that the keeper would lose his number one shirt and that Nacho is by far the better left back to Gibbs. Well, I think he’s consistently shown more fight, better positioning and more impressive team play in defence. Monday night, he capped a pretty sensational turnaround with a stunning goal. Beating De Gea inside post is incredible for a defender who was being branded the worst in our side at the start of the season. I really rate him, he’s fully deserving of all the plaudits.


I mean, this was clearly a negative. But another soft tissue injury to a player who is constantly suffering soft tissue injuries really doesn’t bode well for our fitness evolution. We’re getting to the phase where our fit players have been back for 3 months and usually start picking up injuries. It’s not good news. If you can’t keep your best players on the pitch, you can’t make a serious assault on the league.

FA Cup and ramifications:

Another prediction I made against the grain was that LVG would be a disaster. I’ve maintained that and now it looks like it’s coming to fruition. His excuses are embarrassing, his game plans are weak and he’s looking about as smart as Moyes at the moment. I think that loss could see him come unstuck. Psychologically, we’ve dealt them a hammer blow as they head into games with Spurs, Liverpool away, Villa, City, Chelsea then Everton… we’re there like, two weeks later. This could be an incredible undoing.

Arsenal on the other hand have a very tantalising semi final against weaker opposition. The only thing that worries me about the final is getting a ticket… and playing Liverpool when all the build up will be a w*nkfest about Stevie G leaving on a high.

Get out of my face with that nonsense…

So, happy, happy days for Arsenal. Super impressive result. The Manchester Hoodoo has been finished and we’ve not set the benchmark for expectations.

I’m over the moon. You should be. Let’s keep up the goodness against West Ham, where, I’m reliably informed, Alex Song is starting to, well, you know, play like the Alex Song we know!

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  1. Goondawg

    But there is clearly something wrong with you because it is so obvious you are not a fan. Ive yet to hear you say anything positive about Arsenal.

  2. BacaryisGod

    What a game. Looks like Chrlsea and Mourinho are Champions League kryptonite for each other. They can both win it but not together!

  3. Thomas

    Goondawg March 11, 2015 23:07:53

    But there is clearly something wrong with you because it is so obvious you are not a fan. Ive yet to hear you say anything positive about Arsenal.


    Maybe because Wenger takes away the joy. It’s gonna be great to get a new manager.

  4. Chris d

    What did Maureen say post match ? As much as I wanted to his gutted face I couldn’t bring myself to listen to his inane , blaming everyone bar his tactics/players waffling excuses

  5. Willow Wilson

    ThomasMarch 11, 2015 22:36:18
    “lol Arsenal fans are obsessed with Chelsea”

    The irony coming from you……..

    Pleased you are out after trying to cheat your way through, despicable club top to bottom including the fans.

  6. Goondawg

    Maureen was going on about how the PSG players were very clever, and simulated injury and wasted time, you know basic stuff he drills into his own players

  7. Willow Wilson


    Look, can’t you see how pathetic it is that you spend most days on here pretending to be a Gooner, so you can have digs at the club.

    You are obviously in awe of our club.

    Whilst we may argue amongst ourselves, nobody can deny that we are a proper club, unlike yours. I doubt anyone on here goes onto Chelsea blogs to pretend they are Chelsea fans because that’s a bit like sleeping with your sister.

    You should be embarrassed about that performance and your teams behaviour.

  8. Goondawg

    Serious question though Thomas

    AS a Chelsea fan how disgusted do you feel seeing Mourinho set his team out to play like that AT HOME against a team that played with TEN MEN for OVER 90 mins?

  9. Goondawg

    “I doubt anyone on here goes onto Chelsea blogs to pretend they are Chelsea fans because that’s a bit like sleeping with your sister.”

    Actual Lol

  10. Willow Wilson

    This is a good week, going to throw a few quid around at Cheltenham.

    In fact, I am going to see what odds I can get on a result in Monaco, that has to be worth a punt now.

  11. bennydevito

    narleygeorge9March 11, 2015 22:24:06
    Wenger still alive in CL, Maureen out ๐Ÿ˜† London buses for me. Arse beat manure in FA Cup;
    Chavs chumps in CL;
    The Arse to overturn deficit on the French Riviera

    Yes GG9! With you on that 100%. Also, maybe too far ahead but I fancy Chelsea to go on a bit of a wobble in the league.. Maybe a barnstorming finish could see us pip it at the post…

  12. Willow Wilson

    Unbelievable! It is a sign……!

    On the radio in the kitchen when I went to make a coffee, Dexys Midnight Runners singing ‘Come on Eileen’. Couldn’t help start singing ‘Fuck off Maureen’ etc and dancing around like a loon. Definite sign, what are the odds on that?

  13. N5

    Fuck off, fuck off Maureen you cunt, fuck off, fuck off Maureen you cunt, fuck off Maureen you are Mr Bean and I cum on your mum Eileen.

    Maureen you cunt, maureeeeen you cunt…. and so on.

    Dexter Midnight Runners “Anti Chelsea since before Thomas was born”.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    I can’t get over Veratti, what a player.

    Whenever I watch PSG I usually just spend the whole time touching myself over Matuidi, but that little rat looking guy, wow.

  15. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    Fifa gets mocked on here, but its because of Fifa I knew he was a serious talent as he has on of the highest potential ratings for a CM in the game.

    Ok its not perfect, but it does get some stuff right.

  16. Le Prof

    I told you’s that Thomas was a thick cunt .

    Lets all laugh at Thomas
    lets all laugh at Thomas
    Na na na na na

    Lets all laugh at Thomas
    lets all laugh at Thomas
    Na na na na na

    Blue nose prick

  17. Cesc Appeal


    He was just all over the shop, I was actually getting tired watching him, before he came off every time he charged back and put a tackle in he would stay on the floor for a few seconds and I thought “hammy, has to be” nope…back up he gets.

    I said earlier, someone give Wilshere tapes of Veratti and say, that is what we want.

    Him and Matuidi in a midfield, the energy levels, amazing. But he was tenacious as well, scrappy, not afraid to get into a war, good close control, lovely turns of skill and his passing was brilliant (a couple of give aways but nothing major.)

    Everyone has known about him for a while, but I always sort of discounted him because he’s so, so tiny…but what a player.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    He was incredible. And the touches he had, amazing, never dropped his team in it, great close control, great passing, won the ball back, relieved pressure on his defence, carried the ball but knew when to release.

    What a game from the guy.

  19. Goondawg


    Yeah Veratti is a baller

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m kinda glad we rejected Fabregas as well. When the team is not built around him and he isn’t afforded the ball at his feet he doesnt look great to me. At least Ozil can influence games without the ball. Fab looked weak, not athletic enough, pretty poor when pressed, not defensive enough.. Maybe I am hating

  20. Cesc Appeal


    He looked very moany tonight, bitching about everything. I still love him though, feel a bit like a jilted lover

  21. Goondawg


    He’s already betrayed us already, let it go bro! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Someone posted his stats comparison from second half of season to first, it is quite telling. And not exactly news to Arsenal fans or even Barca. Bloke undoubtedly peters off near the tail end of the season.

  22. Goondawg

    Hate seeing him turn into a little bitch under Mourinho as well. He was one of the nine trying to gangbang the ref

  23. Cesc Appeal



    Chelsea are in a really bad groove of form I think as well. Like Neville was saying so many of the players were just walking about tonight, looked exhausted, which is weird considering they had more time off than PSG.

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    I love the smell of chav blood in the morning, it smells of ………………………………. victory!

  25. Willow Wilson

    Not quite the words I was using but they will do!

    Cesc Appeal is right, those Chelsea players looked physically shot. Perhaps they wore themselves out rolling around and play acting. They capitulated against Bradford at home and Spurs stuck 5 past them. They got lucky against us when Cahill should have seen red early on and Fabregas dived two handed in the penalty area to save a shot. 2 shots on target. Are they all that? Could this result affect them? We shall see I guess. Horrible lot, I hope they win nothing.

  26. Willow Wilson

    All the media hype about Chelsea winning the quad, treble and going unbeaten in the league has left a lot of people with egg on their faces. Proves the media know nothing and have some weird love affair with Mourinho. I will laugh if they end up plotless for a second season under that arrogant Portugese con artist. Specialist in cheating.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    “I can honestly say I like Tottenham, as opposed to Chelsea. Thats how much I hate them fuckers”

    If you retract this statement now, that will be the end of it, I won’t come after you, but if you do not, I will hunt you down, I will find you…and I will kill you

  28. Dark Hei

    Boy I almost enjoy the PSG-Chelsea match as much as our victory at Old Trafford.

    I can understand Goondwag’s feelings as one of those plastic fans that got into football in 97. We looked on Spurs with pity more than anything else. They wanted so bad to be our rivals but we just can’t raise any kind of feelings towards them because they are so irrelevant.

  29. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Mourinhio got the taste of his own medicine.
    49 pct pocession against 10 men at home.


    Mayb Wellbecks goal against United was a blessing but David Luiz and Lampards goals against their former master Jose was the icing on the cake.

    Too good!!!!

  30. SomeRandomGunner

    I am very happy that Chelsea got knocked out.

    Does anyone else here feel that it is unfair to apply away goal rule for extra time ?
    One team gets 90 mins of away time and another one gets 120 mins of away time , surely it is not fair ?

  31. SomeRandomGunner


    30 mins is too less of a time to have another team score an extra goal. In 30 mins one team has to score 2 while other needs to score 1 to win .
    I dont think home advantage is enough for one more goal in 30 mins.

    And i never understood the home advantage phenomenon in football ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Dark Hei


    You are asking something very subjective. My humble opinion is that as long as it results in making Jose Mourinho very unhappy, it is probably the right one. And yes, humble statement made with 100% hindsight.

  33. SomeRandomGunner

    @Dark Hei
    Yeah everything is fair against Maureen , i can live with that :).

    I would have liked him to end up with no trophies this year but he already got carling cup , most likely league too ๐Ÿ™

  34. Leedsgunner

    “Whilst we may argue amongst ourselves, nobody can deny that we are a proper club, unlike yours. ”

    Chelsea is not a club — basically a tax haven and safe house for a rich Russian.

  35. Sanmi

    Here’s a chelsea fan’s comment on a chelsea blog:
    ‘I fear we have lost a bit of our backbone as well.
    Players like Fabregas, Oscar, Hazard etc whilst very
    good in their own ways dont provide the same strength
    as Essein, Robben, and Makalele. Matic started the
    season well but has faded. I noted some of these
    concerns during our 3-0 loss to werden bremen in the
    pre season, but our first 3 months kind of blinded me
    to our frailties.’

    For those of you that praise Matic to high heavens, I tell ya, he has nothing on coq

  36. Leedsgunner

    Lesson for Cesc Fabregas and RvP this week?

    Should have stayed with the Arsenal.

    Was it worth it boys? To leave the club of your heart and become rent boys? Robin, I do hope you miss out on Europe frankly old boy your body can’t take it. Cesc I hope you enjoy watching us win the FA Cup in May… AGAIN.

    By the way Cesc – you and me, we’re through.

    In good conscience I cannot support someone who plays for a team like that.

    Hope the money’s worth it because you’ve sold your integrity.

  37. Leedsgunner

    I heard Chelsea offered as a peace offering the ticket to last night’s game to the black gentleman their fans so disgracefully treated.

    I personally wouldn’t have taken it but if he did… I bet he enjoyed the result.

    Couldn’t have happened to a “nicer” club.

    Goodbye to bad rubbish.

  38. Leedsgunner

    “It cheapens the competition. The better team is going out.”

    Very pleased to have been proved wrong. Merci PSG!

  39. qna

    What a great week. I wonder if we can put a dollar figure on the David Luiz goal last night? Should definitely work off some of that ยฃ50m.

    The result does highlight how poor the EPL is at the moment. Its not good enough that we are so far behind Chelsea and City, when they in turn are so far behind the best in Europe.

  40. Wallace


    i think ourselves and Liverpool will prove to be the two best teams of the second half of the season. Chelsea have won the PL in the first 3mths when no one else could get their shit together. they’ve been struggling to put games away since Christmas. while City are having another post winning season slump. just a shame we knocked out one of our big game specials in the first leg against Monaco.