Arsenal serve up delicious surprise

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Remember this?

Remember this?

Good morning you beautiful people – James here with a match report for you. It’s actually midnight last night, but I’m away on business tomorrow, so needs must. That’s commitment, although it may be shorter than my usual waffle as I’m up at Dawn’s crack.

In my last blog I touched on the predictability that looms over this Arsenal side, however I was left surprised, not to mention delirious, at what unfolded last night. There’s no need to go all X-Factor – you know what happened – we finally broke the Old Trafford hoodoo, lifted the curse and exercised the demon. We won at Old Trafford after eleven pathetic attempts and nine, poo-stained years – delightful.

When the line-ups came out I was surprised to see Giroud on the bench after his recent form, but I was excited. A front three of Ox, WELBZ and Alexis is full of pace and power and seemed well set to expose United’s ropey defence. Szcz came in for Little Dave and Nacho, rightly, came in for Gibbs.

Admittedly, I was beyond sceptical before the game and was of course delighted to be proved wrong. Many said I was being overly negative, but there was no precedent on which to base a hope of winning at Old Trafford, other than hope alone (Brendan Rodgers, 2014/ David Brent, 2001). After we failed to beat Moyes’ rabble last season, I gave up the ghost with regard to that place. I was meant to be at the game last night, but work commitments meant I had to make do with a City watering hole with a few Utd supporting pals from the office.

Whilst Utd started the game as you’d expect the home team in a cup tie to – with intensity and a high pressing game – we seemed calmer on the ball than we have done in recent visits to Old Trafford (or Stratford as my mum called it in a text wishing me luck before the game). Once the game had settled into a semblance of order, we were looking by far the more threatening side and we made the breakthrough after 25 minutes. Ozil made an incisive pass from the inside left to Ox on the right of United’s box. He drove at their back four and looked to have run into trouble when some sublime footwork created space for him to slip in Nacho. The Spaniard’s touch was excellent, setting himself to slip it beautifully past De Gea. Monreal was superb all evening from what I saw and his form has been a real plus this season.

The delirium was short lived however. Di Maria, who really is an outstanding role model for all recovering smack heads, cut inside and delivered a probing cross. Koscielny, as has become a worrying habit, got caught under the ball, allowing everyone’s favourite granny fingerer to head home. It was poor from both centre halves, with Kos losing the flight of the ball and Per not tracking Rooney’s run.

I feared we may push the self-destruct button, but we settled again quickly. Cazorla’s ability to hold and use the ball under severe pressure was invaluable and allowed us to retain momentum; whilst preventing United mounting any kind of onslaught. Coq was winning a lot of ball (there’s a joke there, but it’s far too base for me), whilst Alexis made Valencia look like the over-gymmed shithouse he truly is. Half time came and I felt weirdly positive by this point.

We suffered a blow five minutes into the second half when the exuberant Oxlade tweaked his hammy, with Rambo coming on to replace him. It was a shame to lose a player who had been our most potent threat in the first period, but Ramsey added increased physicality in midfield and his runs beyond the ball caused Utd all kinds of problems. There was an interesting moment with Theo, where he seemed set to come on, only to be called back. The camera then panned to show him chucking his shirt down in frustration/ disgust/ some other hyperbolic adverb. I said in my last report Theo would be off this summer – Wenger’s man-management of him suggests there isn’t really an alternative scenario.

Our winner came after the hour mark, when Valencia scuffed a back pass to De Gea. WELBZ raced onto it, nicked it past the onrushing keeper and finished coolly into the empty net. There had been much debate pre-match as to whether he would celebrate should he score and I was ecstatic to see him do the right thing and go berserk. I abhor this non-celebration bollocks. Firstly, who cares about being respectful to a club who panned you off; secondly it’s disrespectful to the club who now pay your wages not to celebrate. Good work from WELBZ, who I felt was poor aside from his goal, but a striker is predominantly judged on goals and this was a big one.

United were reduced to ten men when Di Maria took a tumble under the slightest touch from Ramsey. Such was his incredulity at the booking, he saw it fit to grab the referee’s shirt to protest his innocence – second yellow card and off he fucked. Good riddance – diving is a cancer on the game and it was genuinely refreshing to see a referee take a stand against it; then booking Januzaj for an even more blatant show of cheating. I saw on Twitter he now has more bookings for diving than goals in his professional career – amusing how he was hailed as the second coming last year by the Surrey commuter train.

We should have had a couple more, with Santi and then Alexis seeing efforts quite brilliantly saved by De Gea. I had mentioned in the week that the wankfest over him making routine saves was getting dull, but these two were exceptional in fairness. We saw the game out with minimum fuss, surprisingly, with jubilation at the final whistle.

It was a cracking cup-tie, which as we won doesn’t matter in the slightest, but winning an exciting game on reflection is always an added bonus. There were some good performance out there – Coquelin and Santi were excellent, Bellerin did well against the dive monger Young after an early booking and Nacho was solid again. Ozil was brilliant in the second half, after a poor first in my view – United just didn’t know what to do with him and he really shone; although as is the way with our boggle-eyed wonder, many will completely disagree on that. Alexis wasn’t at his best, but was a constant threat and beat Valencia at will, particularly as the game wore on. Even the centre backs, who both cocked up for the first, did well thereafter, dealing well with Fellaini’s aerial threat. WELBZ toiled and worked hard, but struggled to make an impact until his goal, but it would be remiss of me to be too critical when he’s scored the goal that took us to Wembley.

All in all, that’s about as good as Monday nights get (save for May evenings in 1989 and 2002). I hate Manchester United, their fans, their manager, their players, their mascot – I’ve heard even their tea lady drowns kittens and puppies in her spare time. A win up there was well overdue and hopefully it accelerates that momentum we’ve been steadily building for the remaining months of the season.

A semi-final draw and trip to Wembley against Bradford or Reading is pretty kind as draws go; but Wigan last season should be a sharp reminder we can’t take anything for granted.

Anyway, that’s for another time – enjoy the week, mock that bellend who sits opposite you at work with a Manchester Utd mug and make the most of it. Back to business on Saturday with a London derby against West Ham.

Wins like tonight remind me football and supporting Arsenal, whilst tumultuous and often frustrating, is meant to be fun; and tonight was very fun indeed. I’m a miserable sod so I need it, but I think with the intensive scrutiny football undergoes today, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact we are allowed to enjoy the experience sometimes too.

Until Sunday when I’ll have a doubtless more downbeat match report x

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  1. Thank you and goodnight


    I agree with you mate about the referee. When they fuck up they’re rightly criticised, so when one puts in a performance like Oliver did last night, well credit were credit is due. He was brilliant last night, absolutely brilliant

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner: Gnarby owned games? What universe do you inhabit and are the drugs so powerful there?

    This I agree with. Gnabry looks like he might be one for the future, but let’s not carried away.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    You’re just making stuff up to support a ridiculous argument of playing 6/10 out field players as attackers.

    Oh I think Walcott would score a brace in that set up…reasoning?

    More likely to end up 3-2 or 3-3…reasoning?

    No base to any of your points at all, all speculation.

    We got absolutely owned in the middle at the Emirates and lost 3-1. So your super duper reasoning is let’s play Ozil and Cazorla in the middle and go for it. Yeah, brilliant one mate! 3-2 us, I can just see that now. Jeez

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    Dunno about Ox being out 4-6 weeks. I suspect it’s too early to tell.

    We are looking to employ a soft tissue specialist

    “The primary purpose of the role is to provide massage/appropriate soft tissue techniques along with exercise based rehab to the First Team Squad and where required the Young Professionals, providing the same for the injured Players under guidance from the Physiotherapists.”

    I have no idea whether this is a new position or to replace an existing employee though

  5. Vince

    In case you’re blind or have comprehension problem let me paste my comment.

    “The way i see it Theo needs to be sold and not just because Ox is better than him but the potential back up to Ox, Gnabry, also offers a lot more than him.”

    So where exactly did it say Gnabry is better than Theo or is that your imagination spinning things? So Gnabry has played few games and you expect me not to judge him by those? You remember Totten ham in fa cup and Swansea in the league. He was a passenger in those games I assume? And Stop saying shite like it’s so difficult to score in the epl pls. difficult to score in the presence of world class defenders like Oshea, Brown, Smalling et Al right?

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, I think with Coq and someone like Schneiderlin in the middle, you can play Walcott.

    Ramsey and Coq would work too.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Like Nasri’s Mouth says, surely we go to Monaco and just play our best 11? Only question for me is do you play Ozil or Cazorla, because I think we’re going to need a solid base of Coquelin and Ramsey when we go looking for goals.

  8. Nasri's Mouth


    To be fair to London Gunner, if someone says “he also offers a lot more than him” that does suggest he’s a better player

  9. Bamford10


    “Bamford, can you collaborate? ”

    I think you mean “corroborate,” but one can’t expect much literacy from Le Grove today. I seem to remember thinking you were a decent sort, Leedsgunner, but this question of yours is making me think you’re actually a bit of a cunt (and I never use that word).

    To answer your query, though: yes, I often defend Jack. I also often criticize Jack. Already that will be too nuanced for some here, I realize.

    Jack is a technically gifted player, a player of genuine polish. He has also, however, become a self-absorbed twat who does all kinds of silly things on the pitch these days. And he’s probably crocked.

    But yes, I still defend Jack from some of the vicious attacks he receives on here. Someone must.

    As for your stupid fucking claim that he’s done nothing since 2011, he was MOTM against City, no? Yes, he was. Scored a goal of real class in that game, no? Yes, he did.

    He also had the goal of the year last year, didn’t he?

    My point is not that he has been fantastic over the past two years. He hasn’t. But please fuck off with your ‘Jack has done nothing since 2011’.

    BTW, if you’re not actually a cunt, my sincere apologies for my language here.

    And note that it’s not me who keeps bringing up Coquelin — whom I paid compliments to both this AM and last night — but all of you Coquelin twats.

    Fuck off, already. Seriously. I’m not convinced and have explained why. Plenty of others agree with me. Just leave it.

    He’ll either convince me or he won’t. Know-nothing twats saying the same things over and over again certainly won’t, though.

  10. salparadisenyc

    Who let the cats out of their cages tonight.
    Some mental dudes on here when things don’t lineup how they see it.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    Coq Ramsey”

    I agree with that, maybe Welbeck for Walcott to start and then bring Walcott on early in the second after we’ve seen how the game is shaping up.

    It is doable. But for me it’s more important to come away with a good result, that isn’t me excusing the farce that took place at the Emirates, but logically we cannot afford to take the chance with our fragile confidence at getting humiliated by going balls to the wall.

  12. Vince

    Only he made it sound like it was categorical. A player being more rounded doesn’t always make them better. A case in point is Fabregas and Erickson. While Erickson does a whole lot of things like tackling, taking free kicks, drilling etc better than Fabregas most people will still go for the assist-machine that’s Fabregas.

  13. N5

    Agreed Sal, Leeds is a diamond and I’m a little shocked that anyone would get heated with him, let alone suggest (although later retracted) that he’s a cunt. He’s never rude/aggressive to anybody.

    #TeamLeeds 😀

  14. Bamford10


    QUOTE: ” he’s never involved in build up ”

    This claim is something I’ll never understand. Theo’s always had a good assist record. How does he manage that if he’s never involved in the build-up?

    You’ll never understand, Underrated, because you’re clearly fucking clueless. “Build-up” refers to what a side does to move the ball from its own 18 to the other team’s 18. It does not include crosses from within 18 yards — Walcott’s forte — any more than it includes goals.

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    Fair enough, your wording was a little ambiguous, but you’ve cleared up what you meant.

    Hey, let’s all relax in the yet to be extinguished glow of beating ManU in their own backyardh

  16. Bamford10


    He asked a stupid, cunt-ish question. I thought he was a decent sort as well, which is why I told him to ignore my language if he is in fact a decent sort.

  17. N5

    Bamford, he really is mate. I understand why you’ve got annoyed as they’ve all been out today, but Leeds is one of the nicest guys who attends Le Grove. Honestly mate, you’ve no need to get angry with him.

    TYAG, just seen your wanking comment mate. Lol you are cracking me up!

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d say ‘build up’ to a goal absolutely includes the assist.

    Admittedly the assist is the last part of the ‘build up’ but it’s definitely part of it.

    Anyway, the idea that Walcott is never employed in the earlier part of the build up before the assist is also bullshit, so it doesn’t matter either way.

  19. Bamford10

    “Build up to a goal” is different from the “build up play” being discussed with respect to Theo, Mouth, but thanks for your input.

    Useless as always.

  20. MidwestGun

    My God, 3 pages of a pointless Theo debate. Lol. It’s all completely irrelevant as we are talking about a post injury Theo who has sat out almost a year. He hasn’t shown he can get back to his former self, hasn’t shown anything like reliability and fitness. And until he can and AW trusts him, it would be incredibly dumb to sign him to a long term contract or even a yearly one if he can’t perform. Harsh but that’s the way it has to be.
    I feel the same way about Jack,Ramsey, Arteta, Gnabry, Ox ,Gibbs,Sanogo and now worried about Gabriel. Not even including Diaby, well, ok i just did.

    Sick of injuries, and part of it relying year on year on players with terrible injury history who haven’t shown the ability to stay injury free after returning. Fact of the matter is we have two reliable center midfielders at the moment Santi playing out of position and Coq. The rest are playing with glass bodies apparently. End rant.

    # soft tissue specialist.(that’s what she said )

    *resumes celebration *

  21. Bamford10

    Apologies, Leedsgunner. No offense meant. Much love in your general direction. 😉

    Just tired of stupid comments.

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: Just tired of stupid comments.

    Well, you know the way to avoid them don’t you?

    Don’t post

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: “Build up to a goal” is different from the “build up play” being discussed with respect to Theo, Mouth, but thanks for your input.

    Well, if you’d bothered to read my post, saying Walcott is NEVER involved in build up play, however you want to define it (to prove your pointless point) is quite simply wrong,

    So it doesn’t matter what you think the build up is does it?

  24. Bamford10

    Wow, that’s a good one, Mouth. What are you, in third grade?

    Stupid comments? You mean like pointing out that you regard an assist as part of the build-up play to a goal? Thanks for clarifying that. The rest of us were confused about that one. So an assist is part of the build-up to a goal? Geeh, I never thought of it that way.

    When gambon made the comment above, he was clearly talking about build-up play IN GENERAL, not build-up TO A GOAL. He is well-aware that Walcott gets a decent number of assists.

    As for your claim that Walcott is actually an integral part of how we move the ball from our 18 to the opposite 18, this is complete and utter bullshit — you clearly haven’t been watching recently — but I’ll let you take that one up with gambon as (i) it was his point and (ii) I made a point of not discussing things with you a long time ago.


  25. WengerEagle

    Wasn’t on here for the moment millions of Gooners spaffed in unison at the FT whistle last night at OT and for that I am sorry. GET TO FUCK YOU CHEATING MANC CANTS!

    The rush I got from seeing the 3 mouthy Manc’s little pudgy faces I watched the match with creasing with concern throughout the 90 mins and culminating in them with their hands on their heads and inbred, underbite-ridden jaws doing press-ups on the floor is a high only comparable to backing out of Beyonce (Jigga also happens to be a Gooner so that cunt is just winning everywhere)!

    In all seriousness I didn’t think that we were great on the night but we definitely deserved the win. Sanchez had a very good match which I’m thrilled about-keep proving me wrong fella!

    So much about it was sweeter than the finest Eastern-European box dipped in sugar, the Di Maria sending off, the hilarious Valencia assist, LVG’s blank expression near the end confirming the bloke has no clue but the sweetest moment?

    Only fucking Welly boy nipping in to score the winner and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow while the camera flashed to 300,000 pound a week Falcao moping and getting his arse bitten by splinters. Fucking good on you Welbeck lad! Shakespeare couldn’t have written a finer script!

    Haha buzzing.

  26. Goondawg

    Look guys, I’m not hating on Walcott, all I’m asking is he tracks back diligently and doesn’t neglect his defensive duties. A guy of his talent, i’m sure its not out of question for him to use that same intensity and hunger for goals, coupled with his undeniable pace to regularly “try” win the ball back

    As a RW in OUR team, with OUR defence, it is criminal to overlook that simply everyone has to do a job when we don’t have the ball. Walcott simply doesn’t do enough for me, whereas Ox always tries 100%, always bust a gut and works hard, which makes him exempt in my eyes from unfair criticism of how he doesn’t score enough or assist enough. Ive seen enough of both players at the same age for me to assess which one will be the bigger talent.

    Mourinho took aside Hazard earlier last year and said: “he’s not the kind of player ready to sacrifice himself 100 per cent for the team and for his mates. Eden is the kind of player who is not so mentally ready to look back at his left-back and live his life for him. If you see the first goal, you understand where the mistake was and why we conceded.” This is the same situation I feel Walcott suffers from, he is too concerned about personal glory hogging then to do a shift and help his team mates out. He is not good enough to be a main forward. He doesnt do enough to warrant a RW starting berth either IMO. Not against big important games, where defensive solidity is key. If you cant understand this, then.. really? Its not fucking rocket science, we just need him to stop plodding around the pitch and being an invisible passenger thats getting 100k a week for leaving his right back hanging out to dry. Also in games we have so much possession how the fuck does he have like 6 or 7 attempted passes for the duration of 90 mins? How is that possible? He is a fantastic player, but his particular skill set off balances the team majorly.

    Arsene Wengers latest comments about how the team needs to dig deep and defend as a collective, has sparked a behavioural change in Ozil, I’m hoping Walcott follows suit as well. Cos he could be great, imagine him with half of Sanchez’s energy to win the ball back

  27. Marko

    WE what do you mean keep proving me wrong fella with regards to Sanchez? Not having a pop just regards to you not digging on him or did you think he’d burn out.

    I swear no pop. He’s better than Firmino. Sorry

  28. WengerEagle


    His away form, was dire at Barca and up until the QPR match was pretty poor for us too.

    I have never once said that Firmino is better, although IMO he could well go on to be as he’s 3 years younger than Sanchez.

  29. Bamford10


    I don’t think Theo has the slightest interest in doing that kind of work anymore. I really don’t.

    The biggest mistake Walcott made — aside from not developing the ability to consistently beat players off the dribble — was not learning to play with his back to goal.

    He really only wants to hang out up top and score goals, but because he’s no good at hold-up play, he he’s not a genuine CF, so it doesn’t really make sense to have him play up top.

    As I said a couple of days ago, his problem is that he is not a genuine wide player, nor a genuine CF. He’s neither.

    He is a dangerous player and a good scorer, but he simply does too little, offers too little.

  30. Marko

    Ancellotti looks likely to be available in the summer. Him and Klopp if we’re honest. Might be the only chance we’d get to snare one of them. I know I know Wenger’s faults are many and I personally don’t condone sacking a manager with and overall win percentage in or around 60% (I believe). Maybe he’d like to step down after a consecutive FA Cup? I dunno

  31. Leedsgunner


    Honestly I thought I was doing you a favour by giving you a right of reply… and you call me out?! What are you 12? Uncalled for.


    I clearly said in good faith I wasn’t trying to pick a fight, but actually get your point of view. Sorry for trying to be reasonable…

    I do find it funny in an ironic way that you seem to have more patience forJack who hasn’t played since November than for Coquelin who has gone from strength to strength. This season at least Francis has shown what he’s about on field where it matters rather than tweet obscure quotes about character.

    I wish you all the very best. Honest.

    Before I go, just a piece of friendly advice, if you’re getting wound up so much — perhaps time to take a break from Le Grove. Sorry to hear you’ve had a hard day.

    Ps. You were right it was corrobate. If it makes you feel better my wife corrected me too. Lol.

    Forgive me English is my second language. 🙂

  32. nasri's mouth


    Well done for proving my point about your stupid comments, you really are a star at it!

    Did I say Walcott was an integral part of our buildup ? No, you just imagined it. You made it up.

    Did I actually say that saying he is NEVER involved is BS?

    Yes I did, go and check and you’ll see I even put the word ‘never’ in nice big letters so that even you would understand it.
    Alas I overestimated your intelligence. On the bright side, that’s something we share

  33. Marko

    Was just wondering WE you always seem a level headed poster on here. To a certain degree I’d agree but like I said last night for me even when he plays poorly he still plays well in the sense that he works his socks off defensively always running and harrying attackers. It doesn’t always have to be about goals and assists. For me it’s no surprise Monreal is having a stellar season cause he’s no longer being double upped on by right sided players like he was with Podolski and Arshavin.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    I think most of the pro Theo miss the point.

    Arsenal need a left sided winger following departure of Podolski and Cazorla now playing centrally. At start of season we tried Ozil and that was not a success. Sanchez who is right footed was then switched to the left side. However, he is better on the right wing. It is no brainer that Sanchez would be in our starting lineup.

    Both Welbeck and Oxlade-Chamberlain can play in more than one position.
    Both can play on right wing and in case of Welbeck up front. Ox can play in
    central attacking midfield position.

    Theo on other had is far more limited. He has been tried out as a striker, but
    the experiment was never a great success. Theo is now at a point in his career
    when he expects to start. However, the reality is that his prospects of starting
    games have been seriously diminished with arrival of Sanchez assuming we
    recruit a left wing in summer. I believe also that Ox is a better all-round player
    than Theo even if he scores less goals.

    The real problem with Theo is his involvement in most games. One of the
    main criticisms of Arsenal in recent years has been that we play games with
    too many gifted technical players who are not prepared to graft. That is sadly the problem with Theo and I suspect that even Wenger now recognises it and that is why he is now making cameo appearances.

    With Ox now probably out injured it will be interesting to see who will play
    on Saturday v West Ham on the wing. My guess is that Wenger will select
    Welbeck in starting line up in preference to Walcott. If that happens then I
    think that the writing is on the wall for Theo at club, because unless he signs
    a new contract before July I think that he will be offloaded this summer. I don’t
    think that Arsenal will repeat the shenanigans which occurred with last contract. On this occasion they will be in driving seat rather than player and his agent.

  35. nasri's mouth


    I can’t see Wenger leaving in the summer though, and if Klopp is good enough for us, then he’ll turn things round at BVB ( as he’s started to) and he’ll stay next season.

    I’d be tempted by Ancelloti though. Madness that RM are thinking of sacking him at this point of the season

  36. WengerEagle


    Not even talking about goals/assists alone, he kept the ball better last night and was smarter in his distribution. Should have scored near the end but De Gea made a world class save.

    Agree on the Monreal part, Sanchez’s defensive contribution has helped him enormously. He still deserves his own credit for his vast improvement though, he’s been our best defender this season hands down IMO.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    I speak Klingon but, still waiting on the government to respond to my petition for Klingon road signs.

  38. Goondawg


    Many were saying earlier on Monday Ozil was incapable of producing a defensive performance, but yesterday he wowed me and others I’m sure, with his Alexis-like attitude, several times he won the ball back and chased and harried. Shoving comments down the posters throats, who said otherwise. He even made a slide tackle!!

    Need to watch Ozil highlights vs Man U, hope he continues to flourish, I still dont think we have the best of Ozil yet, he is not quite 100% there.

    Obviously it’s not too late for Theo to be able corporate some of Alexis’ tenacity into his play. I doubt we will see amazing build up play (pacy cutback assists notwithstanding) from him, or dribbling like Ox yesterday for Nacho goal from him.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Walcott is 26 in 6 days I think?

    Getting late in the day for him now. But as you say, Ozil was a lot, lot better in that second half I thought, so it is beyond the realms of possibility that Walcott pulls his finger out.

    Going to have to if he wants a regular role in the team, so we will see, interesting times for the squad. Walcott hasn’t really had to fight at all in recent years to get into the side, does now.

  40. Leedsgunner


    Does it change the way you read my opinions? (For heaven’s sake don’t say yes or you’ll have Ozy all over you.) 🙂

    I did go to Oxford although don’t hold that against me. I almost went to Yale though…

    As for my first language why does it matter? ;). 100% Gooner. Let’s just say I don’t need subtitles to understand Gangnam Style…. 😉

  41. MidwestGun

    I’m learning Valyrian.,,, anything to hook up with a hot mother of Dragons.
    P.s. (where you at Radio, it’s almost time, again?)

    Theo has yet to play even 75 minutes this season. Seriously, worried about his fitness. Until he proves otherwise this season he and Jack are at the top of my list to move out, I’m so over…. like a new signings situations. And they both have value as homegrown talent.

  42. WengerEagle


    It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference to me was just interested mate!

    Just think that it’s cool to be bilingual, I would love to be fluent in another language.

    AW is fluent in 5 or 6 languages apparently! It’s how he seduced Ozil.

  43. tunnygriffboy

    Monaco. Coq and Ramsey in midfield. They will probably play deep and narrow looking to counter. We can’t go gung ho but to get around the sides the overlapping of the fullbacks could be important hence the importance of Ramsey being alongside Coq. Would prefer Schneiderlin or Kondogbia ( sic ). Pity Gabriel not fit he’d be better at recovery than Per. Important we don’t try and win it in first 20mins leaving ourselves really exposed.

    Before that we’ve a tough game against a rested and much more mobile West Ham. Would give Theo a run with Ramsey in midfield resting Santi or Ozil. Walcott will give Cresswell a torrid time.

  44. Leedsgunner


    As Bamford would say I think you mean “Yorkshire.” ;).

    I think the example you quoted was Kligonese though.

    Thanks Sherriff for watching my back earlier… much appreciated. 😉

  45. N5

    Leeds you were right that was Klingon, I was testing Cesc as he said he could read it. I have no idea what it said really, but it was fun to pretend. 😀

    Any time by the way.

  46. salparadisenyc

    Middy I assumed you could speak in tongues like DeNiro in Cape Fear.
    Followed by the language of love.

    I tend to speak in one word syllables, usually grunting.

  47. MidwestGun

    Leeds –
    No my opinions on peeps are strictly based on clearness of thought, rationality used, ability to form coherent thoughts in a paragraph form, and if your name contains “real” or “true”.
    Well that and how much I’ve had to drink. …. obviously. 😀

  48. tunnygriffboy

    It could be that Walcott is still a bit tentative in contact. We don’t know

    Gutted that Ox, Wilshire and Gabriel injured. If fit our squad would be deep enough to keep rotating 2 or 3 in for most games and still be strong enough to win. It means all players could get the odd game off. Obviously you want your strongest players available and fresh for the big games.

  49. Relieable sauce

    Seemed to me that yesterday we witnessed a compact, well organised & diciplined, workman like performance from the whole team. I think it maybe a little unreasonable & indeed unnecessary to expect performances like this every single match but it should be the rule rather than the exception imo.
    Our setup reminded me of the way a fair few teams approach the match when they play against us. ie – stay solid, work hard & wait for chances, be it from a moment of good play/set piece or a mistake from the opposition, which can be quite regular in our case.
    It gives the team great confidence & belief whilst frustrating the opponents, with the quality of some of our players we will create chances & the opposition will inevitably make mistakes. Add a WC CF & GK, improve our set pieces & we would be a match for most teams if we can repeat last nights efforts consistantly.

    Terrific job from the players, coaches & Arsene, credit where its due.
    More of the same against Monaco if its not too much to ask.

  50. Leedsgunner


    You’re showing me up now… 😉 My written Korean is very very rough but I think you said “Leeds loves Arsenal Football Club…” right? ;).

    Yes I do. (Sounds like a marriage proposal, I suppose it is of sorts…)

    My spoken is much better than written to my shame… classic case of use or lose it.

  51. N5

    Leeds, very very close, I said Leeds I love Arsenal Football club.

    I love Korean it’s such a lovely sounding language and looks amazing in written form. I’m a huge follower of Korean movies (well all Asian to be honest, but Korean is my favorite). But not such a huge fan of Psy 😀

  52. Leedsgunner


    No worries… I wasn’t trying to catch you out. ;). I’ve always found your post entertaining. Massive soft spot for the USA considering I almost went to study there. ;).

  53. N5

    tunny, that is disgusting. I was gutted for the lad when they booed him off the pitch. He didn’t ask to leave them he was told he wasn’t good enough. What a scummy club they are, only bested by Stoke in that area.

  54. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Hahaha. That was an exact recreation of my conversations with the 10 or 12 Manc fans at the bar last night. Trash talking, followed by winning free shots, followed by incoherent babbling.

  55. Leedsgunner


    Best looking birds too in East Asia :). (Although you better not look at my sister that way!!!) 🙂

    I don’t anyone who IS a huge fan of Psy unless one is a boy between 5-11. My boy loves it… it’s his party trick to get me to say the lyrics at HIS friends’ birthday parties — think monkey and organ grinder. 😉

  56. N5

    Ha ha Leeds, kids are great like that aren’t they. Dance daddy dance, yes that’s right do as I say. PS you right about the ladies, although the Japanese ladies are pushing right up the rear there. (add some Coq joke here if required).

  57. Leedsgunner


    Tinky Winky Dipsy, La La, and Po? ;).

    One of my best mates at Oxford was Welsh and he always used to go on in Welsh especially when intoxicated and to my shame it always made me think of the teletubbies. I know I know it’s ignorant. 😉

  58. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    This is my concern if we rely on Ox, Theo,and Jack to remain healthy for next season as well. I think it will end in tears also. Time to cut bait or fish with a few on that list. Probably stay with Ox based on his age.
    But chronic hamstring injuries….. already?. My comment during match was it’s just sad. He was having a career defining match.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Ah, I feel bad now, I’m going to have to learn Klingon.

    I can order a coke in French, probably badly, that is about my limit.

    If the rest of the world wasn’t so damn accommodating speaking English I would probably have learnt another language…not my fault, I blame every country in the world.

  60. underrated Coq

    Bamford10 resorting to foul mouthing and insulting other posters’. Why am I not surprised? Tends to jump to the defense of Gambon, that says it all really.

    And Bamford10 we all know who the clueless one on here is.

    As far as your argument is concerned, I don’t agree. The final ball is just as important, if not more, as the rest of the build-up.

    You can take the ball from one 18 yard box to the other all you want, but if the final pass/ cross is lacking all that build-up means fuck all.

  61. MidwestGun

    I’m sure Judas was roflmao… a term used by 12 year old girls everywhere.

    Nice job creating a negative environment by the way and then bitching about said negative environment. As trolling goes you took top honors today. Your the truest fan ever, I’m sure. Altho, worshipping the manager wasn’t in my fan bible.

  62. Thank you and goodnight

    There’s a 35 year old young man with 2 boys one a year old, the other 4 years old. He has a rare form of terminal cancer but there’s treatment available which would give him time to see his kids grow up. Unfortunately the nhs is refusing him this treatment for some reason or another, so someone has set up a petition to try and get 100000 signatures to try and put pressure on government and the nhs to give this guy help. It really would be appreciated if some of you guys could take 5 min out of their busy lives to sign this petition. It’s a very slim hope but the only one he has. Thanks guys. Sorry to go on. My wording isn’t as eloquent as some on here so apologies.

    thanks again

  63. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    If your still reading this thread. I believe so, comments were wiped, at least. Looked like i was talking to myself. 😀
    A rare occurence even for me.

  64. SomeRandomGunner

    @N5 regarding bi-lingual , Most people in India are bi-lingual . In Bangalore where i live kids know up to 5 languages because of diverse nature of people living.

    I can speak 4 languages too , English is my 3rd language 🙂