THE BIG ONE IS HERE: United vs Arsenal.

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Here it is people. The big one. The Arsenal vs United FA Cup Quarter Final. So much riding on this. Ultimately our only chance of a trophy this season, but just as important… continuity of form and the psychological edge over top four rivals.

The game is massive. It could end the career of LVG if they crumble after this, which would be really special. What would be even more special for us is winning the FA Cup two years in a row, especially after Spurs lost their Capital One Cup final the other week.

The last time we played United we were sucker punched because we played in an open immature way. Tonight, with the game away, you’d hope we’d head up to Manchester with a bit more of a plan and hopefully some drilled learnings from that game and also the Monaco game.

It’s incredibly important that we win this. The keeper is changing, which is probably not a bad idea in this instance, but it’s not great for consistency when you’re trying to win a major game. We’ll have a fresh Sanchez available to play after some time out the side last week. We’ll be playing a weaker centre back pairing of Per and Kos, Gabriel has a hamstring problem (course he does). There’s a chance Monreal might be back, that’d be good, I like having him in the defence.

Up top, you’d imagine it’ll be Sanchez, Giroud and Ozil. That should be enough to cause problems if the midfield are ticking along. It’s an important game for Coquelin, I think Ferguson wrote about him being a bit of a nothing player because one of his first games was when we took a mega spanking against them a  few years ago. He needs to keep his discipline and he needs to control that area in front of the back four, especially with Per in the backline.

As I’ve been bitching about the way people use stats, there have been some great ‘infographics’ pinging around. In marketing, infographics are generally a cheap way of gaining links for your website. The info is rarely interesting and it’s rarely much of a ‘graphic’. So when Robbie Savage bangs one out for BBC, you know it’s going to be pretty poor.



Sure, it’s pretty clear that Sanchez has been the better players, but look at those stats to back up the gut feel. What do they really tell you? At a very basic level, let’s get the numbers into a per minute ratio. What about sprints? What about team stats? What about ground covered? Surely the BBC has access to numbers that actually tell us things we can’t find for free? I saw another infographic that said Coquelin is better than Matic based on three or so statistics. It’s just so damn lazy and has so little context…

But anyway, it is staggering how little Di Maria has given the league this season! I think he’s playing in a fairly weak side for a horrible manager and I don’t know why United would sign a player with such poor physicality. Still, that’s LVG for you and the new United regime. Doesn’t feel like much thought goes into anything up there.

Well, bar their game plan this evening. You just know they’ll pull out all the stops because they’re playing us. We have to bring our a-game there way and we have to finally bury this away day hoodoo we have up there. They’re just a team and they’re certainly no where near as scary as City… who we dispatched with a perfect game early on in the year.

Fingers crossed!

Right, the chaps over at Stretford End have answered my questions on United. Enjoy and follow them here @stretford_end 

I’ll be watching the game in a casino at 645… oh my days. I’m not sure I could be an Arsenal fan in Australia.

1) What’s your most memorable FA Cup match between the two sides?

It is if course the 1999 FA Cup semi-final replay, which saw the greatest FA Cup goal of all time.

The match had everything and of course, had Dennis Bergkamp scored the penalty, United could well have lost momentum in the league.

Keane’s lunge on Overmars saw United up against it and of course, Vieria’s lazy cross field ball gave Giggs the opportunity to run at the backline.

Giggs spoke after the game saying that he was having a bit of a stinker and kept giving the ball away, so he decided to run with it. Good thing he did!

2) How do you feel about the Louis Van Gaal regime?

I like Louis van Gaal, but his style of football can be slow at times. I felt at the start if the season we didn’t a top class centre half – which I still do and hopefully this will be rectified in the summer.

All United fans want to see open attacking football with two wingers – either in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, but must be patient as van Gaal continues the transition. Sir Alex Ferguson was always going to leave a gaping hole – and fans need to give can Gaal time.

3) What do you think is more important, an FA Cup win or a top four finish?

Would love to win the FA Cup as 2004 was the last time United won the trophy. We were very close in retaining it the following season, but of course – Arsenal won a ridiculously one dudes final on penalties.

But, if it was one or the other – United have to in the Champions League. So I’d opted for a top four finish.

4) What is your opinion on Di Maria and why do you think it’s failed to work out so far?

Absolutely gutted. He is a world class player and got off to a impressive start at Old Trafford but really doesn’t appear to be at the races some games.

He didn’t want to leave Madrid, hence the open letter post leaving, which is understandable considering he was man of the match in the Champions League final.

I’d still play him out wide, but I think the problems lie a little deeper. I do hope he turns it around as he is a fantastic player.

5) LVGs system seems to draw quite a lot of flak. How do you feel about it?

The football can be mundane and boring, but like I said previously – I still think he is building towards something. I’d like to see him play 4-3-3 a little more, as he did at Barca and Bayern, but United do not have the players at present.

I believe there will be a few ins and outs again this summer, with hopefully some quality out wide and at the back brought in.

6) Who have been United’s stand out players this season?

David De Gea. 100%. He has been amazing and I’m sure Madrid will come calling. The Valdes sighing worried me if I’m honest. De Gea has saved United numerous times so far this season.

Sounds odd, but Ashley Young has had a good season under van Gaal.

7) What three key things do United need to do to return to the top?

1) Transfer clear out (in & out)
2) Adventurous football
3) Keeping David De Gea

8) If you could sign three players, who would they be and why?

Trying to be realistic.

Mats Hummels – class centre half who is a leader.
Memphis Depay- looks a decent winger.
Gareth Bale – well, rumours won’t go away and after last summer’s barmy spending, why not!?

9) Do you feel the golden generation of players being so heavily represented in the media is a problem?

No, not really. Superstars have always existed and there are players that get more press than others, but it doesn’t bother me.

10) How do you see this evening playing out?

Who knows anymore! I’ll go for a tight 2-1 United win, with Di Maria hitting the winner!

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  1. Willow Wilson

    “Hadn’t ever thought about Talkshite. Adrian Durham’s going to be really pissed off”

    Yep, that odious troll and his yes man side kick Gough the Yorkshire Spud will be spitting blood. The Spurs stadium announcer Pete Abbot, who does the TalkSport News will be pretty down too, along with the alcoholic Alan Brazil. I hope they get Ray Parlour on tomorrow.

    What a referee! Michael Oliver, take a bow son.

    All the abuse TS give Ozil but they give Di Maria an easy ride. Now he’s proved he’s also a cheat, wonder if he will get anything like what Ozil has been getting?

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Bradford are a tough Cup side, but one should not attach too much importance to their victory when they beat us in League Cup.

    1. The match was played at Bradford on a dreadful pitch.
    2.We played a weakened team in this match, which I doubt we will repeat again.
    3.Arsenal are used to playing on a large pitch with a good playing surface.
    4.We have the advantage of having played at Wembley in last FAC Cup Final and also Charity Shield.

    My only concern would be if by a miracle we overcome Monaco next week, because then we have a midweek tie in Champions League in following round
    just before FA Cup Semi Final.

    It might be a blessing to go out of Champions League even if it was in such unsatisfactory circumstances.

  3. Marc


    I’ve just tossed a coin and you got tails, sorry mate. I’m off to get Rachel to forget about her vowels, you can just beat the shit out of Mike!

  4. salparadisenyc

    Blatant simulation from Di Maria, Young and the mother of all dives from Januzaj.

    Loving the post Fergie rub, Di Maria sent off for being a prick and Januzaj given yellow for simulation.

  5. Willow Wilson

    Alex Cuter
    “Last year was fortunate, avoiding Chelsea, MU and MC. This year we went through MU at OT.”

    Last year we beat Liverpool, who finished 2nd in the league, Spurs and Everton. I wouldn’t call those easy draw.s. What makes you think had we drawn Man City we wouldn’t have beaten them? After all, they lost at home to Wigan? And we beat them 3-0 at Wembley?

    Here’s a bit of news for you. Football isn’t as easy to predict as you think. Who would have thought Chelsea would lose 2-4 at home to Bradford?

    Stick to fantasy football mate.

    You can only beat what is in front of you. Do that and you deserve to win any trophy.

  6. Marc


    Last season we knocked out Liverpool, the Spud’s and Everton. We were lucky that we got home draws but this season we had fewer difficult matches in the cup.

    Winning the cup is about beating whose in front of you. We did it last season, hopefully we’ll do it again.

  7. Willow Wilson

    “Loving the post Fergie rub, Di Maria sent off for being a prick and Januzaj given yellow for simulation.”

    This proves what everyone knew. When Fergie was in charge the referees were scared to go against him and miss future games. Januzi would have been given a penalty.

    There is no way we would have lost the 50th game if Oliver was in charge. Mike Riley was either got at or scared to death, because that performance in the 50th game is the most biased performance I have ver witnessed and a perfect example of what went on under Fergie.

  8. Willow Wilson

    We would hold the record for FA Cup wins as well wouldn’t we? 12?”

    Yes, we are currently on 11 awith the dirty Mancs and their referees.

  9. Willow Wilson

    Falcao or Welbz?

    Bit of fun but consider the price tag and it’s hard not to think we got a bargain.

    Falcao Welbz
    £40m. £12m
    20 games 40 games
    4 goals. 8 goals
    34 shots 69 shots
    4 assists. 2 assists
    14 chances. 31 chances
    304 mins per goal. 278 mins per goal

  10. Goondawg

    The difference between the last match at Old Trafford and this was pure and simply Coq. Prior match Fellaini absolutely beasted poor flamini. He was bullying our midfield. My oh my how revenge is sweet. And my wallets fatter for it! Absolutely buzzing

  11. David Smith

    Utd bought the game into disrepute this evening with their attempts at cheating. Glad that for once, a ref saw through their tactics at old Trafford. They embarrassed themselves and the game this evening, they have to realise fergie is gone, they will not get away with so much cheating anymore

  12. Marc


    I actually think in hindsight Fergie will be seen to have not done ManU any favours with his intimidation of ref’s. He was doing it when they had a really good team and they got used to it, now they are a poor shadow of those teams they can’t understand and deal with having to compete on a level playing field.

    My guess is when he dies there will be a rush of stories of what used to happen behind the scenes and the media were too scared to report.

  13. Goondawg


    Yep my only criticism of the ref was he should have booked Fellaini sooner. The real man of the match: Michael Oliver

  14. N5

    Sal, I’ve not felt this happy about a win in years!! I bloody hate United and beating them on their own turf was so sweet.

    It was so good I could kiss Wengers cat in a hat face!!

  15. Marc

    It’s really funny with all of the criticism ref’s have got this season and rightly so one of them has a good game and he’s rated MOTM. At Old Trafford of all places as well.

  16. Willow Wilson

    “Feed their Labrador, What does that mean Lol?”

    It means Bamford must have a guide dog. For him to slate Le Coq after how he played tonight , he has to be blinder than a blind man in a coal cellar at midnight, wearing a blindfold. He is definitely watching a sport he does not ‘see’ or understand.

  17. salparadisenyc

    I’d a been a hot mess had we bottled that one, was convinced the equalizer was coming when they went to 10 and we patsied it about for a couple minutes. Composed ourselves and saw it out.

    Credit to Wenger picked a good lineup and saw it out… West Ham then the Mt. weve created in Monaco.

  18. Goondawg


    50 squid but had to register a new account with ladbrokes to qualify for a special enhanced bet.

    I was bricking it, but thought we have to beat this juju curse one day. Why not now when this United team are so shit. Thank the heavens for a competent ref.

    A Welbeck goal leading us to victory against a 10-man United at Old Trafford in the FA cup. Pinch me

  19. Willow Wilson

    I agree with you.

    Ex referees have said that lots of unsavoury things went on pre-match to intimidate the officials at Old Trafford. Was it Graham Poll who complained? think so.

    Apart from Fergies staff all harassing the officials pre-game, the refs had the threat of the most powerful man (and club) in football, halting their careers. This was done because if Fergie complained he had the ability to have refserees banned from refereeing future Utd games.

    Not sure if this alone explains Mike Riley’s performance in the 50th game, the more you watch that the more suspicious it gets. The fact he is head of all referees is scary. Michael Oliver was not intimidated and showed real bravery.

  20. Bamford10

    I never “slated” Coquelin. I actually complimented him a fair amount, as anyone who was following knows. For example:

    “Fair play to Coquelin, who worked hard defensively and was key to the result. Still not good enough for our XI in my book, but a major contributor to this victory.”

    However, he did give the ball away twice in positions where a first-rate CDM would not have, and in my book many of you are now overrating him.

    Yes, he is massive defensively, but he is a liability with the ball at his feet, not to mention we cannot really play through him when we have the ball. He is not a player whom you can trust with the ball, who can swing the ball from side to side, switch and recycle play. This forces the CM to do this, which limits what the CM can do otherwise.

    This will be lost on some here but not on the more astute.

    That’s fine: I’ll let some of you imagine we’ve found a first-rate CDM. We haven’t, but that’s fine. What we have found is a defensive work-horse, which is great, but that doesn’t make for a first-rate CDM as that’s only half the job of a CDM.

    BTW, people are now also over-estimating the performance tonight. Yes, we got the result, but we didn’t play especially well, nor were we the better side. They gifted us a goal and went down to ten men. Without those things, I’m not sure we get that win.

    This is the internet, though, so I am not surprised by some of the silly commentary above.

    I am nonetheless pleased with the result of course. And believe it or not, I’m pleased for Coquelin: he has worked his ass off. Doesn’t make him a first-rate CDM, but he deserves credit for his gutsy performances.

  21. Marc


    You are a miserable bastard – cheer up and enjoy the moment!

    By the way when we won 2 doubles we had players like Grimandi who played an important part in those campaigns. You need to learn that the best 11 players on paper won’t necessarily make the best team.

  22. Redtruth

    What CDM are you looking for SUPERMAN. Well i got news for you he doesn’t exist.

    I have always rated Coquelin it’s Wenger who has never rated him.

  23. N5

    De Gea was the difference. Possession wise we we’re not great Bamford, but then again they did very little with the majority possession they had. De Gea saved 1 if not 2 clear goals whereas we had to save none.

    I think the possession flatters to deceive. We were the better team in front of goal and in a scoring game, that’s all that matters.

  24. Ozy

    Shit, Bamford, sometimes you gotta be the bigger man and admit you’re wrong.

    Nobody, and I repeat, nobody cares if he gave away the ball twice. He was the best player on that pitch today.

    To say “good performance by the Coq but he’s still not good enough” is borderline childish. We all note your complete lack of any real excitement or happiness that we beat Man U.

    You don’t give us state Gooners a good name..

  25. Sandy

    This is as good as it gets- stuffing MU on their home ground’.
    I am so pumped up I cant sleep.
    Well done all the players they were brilliant.
    Fuck me how good does it feel.

  26. Goondawg

    Gambon was mentioning Ozil is shit. And berating his off the ball movement earlier. Would just like to point out our first goal was only made possible, because Ozil pulled the whole defence to the centre with his run. Which is what I said earlier, subtle ways but makes the whole team play better

    Plus I didnt see a particularly lazy side to him today

    Granted, he could go work on shooting with his right foot

  27. Marc


    I’d like him to go in harder with tackles but that doesn’t mean he’s not a class act. I still believe he adds a touch of special quality and if we use him correctly he can be a world beater.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    I thought Ozil was poor in the first half, another big game where he seemed to be hiding.

    Was much, much better in the second half and took responsibility for carrying the ball and taking that United defence on

  29. Goondawg

    Watching the game today and believe we got the better ex-madridista. Well the more intelligent one anyways. Not a cheating cunt

  30. Bamford10


    Nonsense. To be the “best player” on the field, he’d actually need to be good with the ball at his feet, which he’s not. That you can’t see this is your problem, not mine.

    Best defensive player? Sure. Though I think Monreal was just as good if not better. Most valuable player? Maybe. Though again I thought Monreal and Cazorla were just as valuable, the former maybe most so.

    And he didn’t just make any old two errors. They were the kind of errors that reveal what I have been saying all along: he is not good enough on the ball and is prone to giving the ball away where a first-rate CDM wouldn’t.

    He was massive tonight, no doubt. But that doesn’t make him a first-rate CDM. Sorry.

    Is he as good as Busquets? Alonso? No. He isn’t even fucking close to those players, because he can only do one side of what is a two-sided role. That you don’t see this, again, is your problem, not mine.

    As for the state-side comment, please stick that up your sanctimonious ass.

    Again, Coquelin was massive tonight. I’ve acknowledged this. But he won’t be selected ahead of Schneiderlin for the French National Team, won’t be pursued by the world’s top clubs, and he won’t be fetching a £20m fee.

    Because he is only good on one side of the ball.

    If any of the three things above occur — indeed, if anyone even offers £10m for him — I will gladly admit I’m wrong. But I never said he wouldn’t have stand out performances, as he did tonight. Therefore I’m not obligated to say I’m wrong, and I won’t do so until I am.

    BTW, Ox set up the first goal tonight after dribbling three players: will you admit that you were wrong about him?

    Yeah, I bet you will.

  31. Goondawg


    I really dont think he is clicking with Sanchez at all, which is a shame. Maybe they need a proper pre-season together, so I’ll stay a bit quiet on this front.

    When Ramsey came on, they combined really well. Ozil is a funny sort of player to me, but I really enjoy watching him. Fantastic technique and vision. Think he is short on confidence in the big games. Bit of a bottler about him, like he did shirk from shooting a few times, but I do find some of his criticism unwarranted and it pisses me off even more when I hear bias media shit on him, and let diving dobby di maria off

    Positive seeing him put more tackles and interceptions in.

  32. Goondawg

    Except Bam you buffoon. Its not really stand out performances is it. Fucking hell what a dipshit comment. He does this CONSISTENTLY in EVERY game he has played for us… Jesus

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I said at half time the game was calling out for Ramsey. Saw Walcott stripping off and literally thought that would be curtains! Oxlade off and Walcott on, disaster!

    But Ramsey was certainly the right choice and as you say, things seemed to click a bit more then.

    He definitely has a bit of the bottler about him, but he was better on that front tonight. But as you there was a few moments when I wish he would just pull the trigger.

  34. Redtruth

    I think Coquelin is very good on the ball and not for the first time has helped his team mates out of tricky situations.

    I don’t see any player head and shoulders above Coquelin in his position.

    I do see potential in Coquelin getting even better though.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Might be worth thinking of something a little different for West Ham.


    –Ramsey, Cazorla
    Welbeck, Sanchez

    Might be interesting?

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I doubt it.

    But I think we should be pushing Welbeck for a bit now, see if he can hit some form in front of goal after tonight.

    Both Sanchez and Welbeck when they are wide tend to want to come into the middle, so let them fill their boots I say…could be interesting, Ozil would be directly behind two speedsters as well then with a really solid base behind him.

  37. Goondawg


    It actually must be curtains for Wally though. Cant believe he doesn’t even get a sniff for cup games nowadays..

    Dont think we will change it up much for West Ham. If it aint broke… Also West Ham are similar to Hoofball united whenever they play us anyways. I’d ease Ramsey in the line up, maybe rest one of Cazorla or Ozil

  38. Ozy

    Bamford, sorry, but you’re turning into a caricature. It’s borderline trolling at this point. It’s perfectly okay to have a strong opinion about a player. What you do is just embarrassing. You’re another Thomas, or Gambon, who just showed up to say Ozil is rubbish. You ARE giving us a bad name. You’re very evidently a plastic fan. Weren’t you going to stop supporting Arsenal?

    “By the way when we won 2 doubles we had players like Grimandi who played an important part in those campaigns. You need to learn that the best 11 players on paper won’t necessarily make the best team.”

    I doubt you were even around when this happened and this is coming from somebody who is probably half your age.

    As for the Ox, I’ve praised his performances in the past and I’ve acknowledged his potential. I’m not bringing him up every day, let alone every post. If he performs well, I acknowledge it. It’s that simple. Grow up, man.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Well my worry is Wenger doesn’t make calls like that, so he will likely try to cram them all in somehow!

    I do actually agree with you, I would maybe rest Cazorla seeing as he’s really put in a lot of work in recent works in a tougher role and play Ramsey.

    But with a Wenger head on, wanting to cram both of them in, a 4-1-2-1-2, diamond, might actually be quite nice to see.

    I agree, times up for Walcott. Just doesn’t offer enough to the team and its been that way for a long time. I think the fans and the manager watching Welbeck and Sanchez bust a gut for the team are then really struck by Walcott’s laziness.

    Having watched those two, I guess fans might even find it insulting, as if he can’t be bothered to work for the team or just decides ‘this is my job and I’m not doing anything else.’

    Will be interesting, not sure he would come in for him.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Bad week for United in terms of publicity.

    Spitting, diving, pushing and grabbing referees, mobbing referees and throwing wobblys.

    Dear oh dear.

    Still, hope they pull it together and beat Spurs at the weekend.

  41. Ozy

    I love it. Welbeck knocked out Man U from the FA Cup.

    I love Di Maria but what a horrible career move it was for him, going to Man U. Real Madrid missing him right about now too.

  42. Goondawg

    Also Bam you do realise Schneiderlin,who is a great player, is not actually a cert starter for France?? He played one match against Ecuador in the World Cup.

    I think Wenger will buy Schneiderlin in the summer as a foil to Coquelins battling ways. Whereas Schneiderlin will be more of a distributor type. Like people frequently keep saying Coq is more of a Wanyama, a ball winner, with stats to boast about. In that aspect he is shitting over Alonso, Busquets. Do you agree? And doing it in an inferior team as well to boot.

    Where Schneiderlin brings certain aspects of his game to our midfield which he will excel in, Coq will undoubtedly be better in certain areas of his game. In an Arsenal Midfield, DMs will not get as much help as the likes of the protection Schneiderlin has with Southampton.

    Coq has come a long way from the kid that played in the 8-2 thrashing. Lets not forget he came off for Ox when it was 3-1 ..

  43. Goondawg

    When I say Schneiderlin is a great player, I meant above average / good player, lest some people think i’m trying to steal Alfred the Greats fame or some shit 😉

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Coquelin is a bit of a lesson for Wenger as well.

    Received no special treatment, hasn’t been given chance after chance, no mollycoddling…so when his chance came he grabbed it with both arms, bundled it to the floor and gave it a good rodgering.

    Because he knows he can be tossed on the scrapheap as fast as he’s been put on the pedestal. He was at Charlton facing the very real prospect of being sold by Arsenal.

    Yet look at him now.

    Think Wenger should learn something from this. Sometimes you need to force players to face adversity, no know that there are consequences and that they are expendable. The only thing that saves them is their own drive and performances.

  45. Goondawg


    Yep I dont care much for mollycoddling our players either. In a way Wenger has done good by benching Walcott, cos he doesnt contribute any energy to defending. Look at Welbz, today absolute work horse performance and it paid off, didnt have to hinder the team by being a passenger either. Look at Ozil, never seen him tackle like that or bust a gut ever…

    Also talk about forcing players to face adversity and all, some one said earlier and I fully agree, dropping Monreal into CB actually helped his progress as a whole, in defending. And now look at his performances of late. I will flip if Gibbs is back any time soon. Still think Monacco would have gone a different way perhaps if Nacho played. (And Gabriel, but Mert had a brilliant game , so im keeping hush on that front also)

  46. Cesc Appeal


    I agree totally.

    I had a discussion with someone in the summer and we were saying that we actually have a ‘stealth’ issue if you like at LB. In that it isn’t as in your face as some of our other issues, but it’s there.

    Gibbs is really bad at defending, and he spends a lot of the season injured. And at the time I had grave concerns then that Monreal would have to play a lot of games.

    But he’s been brilliant this season, took a lot of heat, from myself included for things that weren’t really his fault…such as playing CB which was squarely down to the managers horrendous squad management in the summer.

    There’s talk that Monreal wants to go back to Spain, but if not, at 28 I think we have a safe pair of hands for another season there, so maybe go out and find a real promising youngster, I see a lot of people talk about that Kurzawa, and slowly bring him in for when Monreal is ready to slide off.

    Someone said it tonight on here, Gibbs is one of those players, like Walcott who people describe as ‘young’…but when you actually think about it they aren’t at all.

    It’s obviously not our most burning issue, why I say it’s a stealth issue, but it is I feel nonetheless an issue.

  47. John T.

    Arsenal Fans we went to OLD RAT TRAP, beat them in front of SIR CHEW A LOT and Welbeck scored the WINNER. Does it get any better than this?????? Yes winning an EPL Title or FA Cup title again.

  48. Dark Hei

    Agree with Bamford10 with regards to Coquelin. Coq is a limited player. But what he is good at, he is better than anyone else. A throwback to the times of Edgar Davids and Makelele.

    Still he is a useful player around for various situations. If you need someone to just smash the midfield to bits, he is probably your go to guy, not a world class deep lying pass master.

  49. tunnygriffboy

    I think wallcott will play v WestvHam. Ox injured and Welbeck rested fot Monaco game. Big chance for him. He knows he had to work hard in defence. Wonder if Wengrr ispissed at him not attempting to close Bentaleb in NL derby ?

  50. gonsterous

    Coq played very well yesterday but he seemed to have lost his cool at the end.. he seems like a guy who could go mental at any point .. I remember at one time, chambers had control of the ball with no utd player in sight.. coq comes and just dives in and gives a throw to the scums. Wish he could be more attentive to the players around him .. but never The less we live to fight another day.. and monreal just overtakes the coq for me to take home my MotM .. the goal and the superb defending was something I did not expect ..

  51. Wallace


    “Again, Coquelin was massive tonight. I’ve acknowledged this. But he won’t be selected ahead of Schneiderlin for the French National Team, won’t be pursued by the world’s top clubs, and he won’t be fetching a £20m fee…indeed, if anyone even offers £10m for him — I will gladly admit I’m wrong.”

    you do realize we could probably get 15-18m for him right now based entirely on his two performances in Manchester? and i’m sure Deschamps is now fully aware of him. when you’re at a big club playing really well in big games…people tend to notice stuff like that.

  52. qna

    Unbelievable feeling!!! You bloody beauty…. To go to Manchester twice and come away with two wins is just amazing. Thought De Gea made some outstanding saves and if they had a lesser GK between their posts it would have been at least 4-1. I feel that at both pointy ends (CF and GK) is where we can make the most difference to our team by bringing in world class. I know that world class GKs dont come along every year and their is no obvious one going around, but I would love to have that feeling that a guy that can stop even one “unstoppable” shot a game like De Gea did at least twice last night. Same with the CF, a one chance one goal striker would make a huge difference to us. Some credits:

    Wenger: Taking off Bellerin, playing Welbeck and Oxlaide
    Oxlaide: Just brilliant on the night. Please go on from here son.
    Monreal: I had written this guy off as useless before this season. Is without a doubt our number 1 now and should let us focus our transfer dealings in other more influential positions.
    Welbeck: Outstanding forward pressure along with Sanchez. Happy he got the goal. Made great runs, but slow decision making with the ball. Great reading of the backpass and won us the game.
    Ozil: Will probably get slated. Did not take the game by the scruff of the neck like apparently only he is expected to, but his movement and one touch football was outstanding as usual.

  53. Santos

    I’m still buzzing from the victory. Arsenal proved me wrong. Those who wanted us to lose, so that their moaning would be justified, are plain cunts. Some have gone hiding.