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Guten morgen. Alex here again. Well there doesn’t seem to be much going on today.

Tottenham got bailed out by Harry Kane again. Aston Villa fans have done the worst thing ever by invading the pitch over a quarter final win, Arsene doesn’t know where his medals are and Tim Sherwood, yes Tim Sherwood, is taking a team to Wembley.

Ah Tim Sherwood, a man born out of his depth. Every time he’s interviewed he sounds like he’s applying for a job at KFC. “I’m passionate about fried chicken and believe my Diploma in General Studies gives me the necessary experience to be a real asset to your team.”

I would genuinely love to be a fly on the wall in the dressing room during one of his team talks. The longer he is in and around the game the better imo.

We spoke about United yesterday as well as possible line ups so I don’t want to cover that again. There is some transfer gossip however – Jack Wilshere in a shock move to Man City! Nah mate I doubt it. Doubtless a few people on here would take that, personally I wouldn’t. Though he’s been bad lately, Jack is a quality player and one who adds depth to our squad. I find it interesting that as soon as we start to have a surplus of good players, people can’t wait to get rid of them. As I have said many times before, the issue for me is not one of personnel, its how we get them playing as a team and use our squad more effectively.

Final thought from me I suppose, and linked to the chat about atmosphere: what one thing would you change to improve the Arsenal match day experience?

In my section we don’t really have a problem with being allowed to stand, so my thing would probably to incentivise fans getting to the stadium early, lowering drink prices and offering a selection of food and drink places. While police may have issues about large numbers of people gathering before the game, it would definitely help create a bit more of an atmosphere as most of the time people arrive right on kick off (or just after) stone cold sober and it takes a while to get warmed up.

Just a thought anyway, let me know your suggestions and have a good Sunday!

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  1. Bamford10


    I’m glad you winked, otherwise I was really going to begin hating you. 😉

    Early in the morning still for me, so I’m still waking up. Didn’t know Evans was out.

    Surprised you didn’t make a crack about my regarding Evans as “WC”. I once said he was a solid CB on here, something Keyser and other haters stretched to my saying he was the best CB in the EPL.


  2. underrated Coq


    I think most can agree we’ll probably be the more dominating side, atleast in the early stages. First goal is the key. If we get the first goal, its highly likely we’ll go on to win the game comfortably.

    If we fail to convert dominance to goals, it’ll probably be a case of same-old, same-old. I’d take a replay then.

  3. Bamford10


    “Most can agree” we’ll be the more dominant side? Huh? Look at the comments above. I think few would agree with your assessment.

    Further, didn’t we fail to produce even a shot on goal in the first 70 minutes at OT? I seem to recall something like that.

    Yeah, totally dominated.

  4. Gladwyn

    It’s gonna be Ems 2014 Mk II with Gibbs scoring fir Utd before the bald cunt finishes it off for them. Per scoring from a Sanchez corner. 2-1 to the Mancs

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Really hate the way our players give interviews saying they are out for ‘revenge’ after losing 2-1 at the Emirates, or for 8-2 or how they are so pumped up for the game tonight…just don’t say anything and get on with it on the pitch.

    Because after the game it’s likely all we will be hearing is ‘what is important now is how we respond to this.’