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Morning gibbons happy Saturday! Well not for me I have to go into work but at least it’s nearly spring time.

So up next is Manchester United at the Theatre of Dreams, or the Theatre of Remembrance of Things Past as it shall henceforth be known. We all know the score, so I’m not going to go over it again. They are absolute toilet, they’re manager is the biggest fraud in world football since Redknapp has retired and he’s in charge of a loose collection of show-ponies that he doesn’t know what to do with.

Having said all that they STILL have some spell cast over us; so many years of being bullied by them has left deep emotional scars that need healing. An FA cup clash has to be where we finally break that curse. Its not an understatement to say that if we can knock them out of the cup at their place it will be one of the most uplifting results in a looooooooooooong time.

Team news is that Gabriel is out for 3 weeks with a little bit hamstring strain. Welcome home son. Other than that it’s the usual suspects.

As such I would go for a starting line up of:

El Bell

No major surprises. Despite some players clearly needing a rest, this game is huge and we want our strongest XI on the pitch. For me Walcott is a better attacking player than Welbeck, I like Danny but he hasn’t been much of a goal threat for a while and I would love to see Theo get a run out again. I’m not really sure what the manager’s beef is with him at the moment, it’s just a shame that we waited so long for him to come back and now we don’t get to see him play as he has so much to bring to the team.

Finally, following my last post I was having a good old debate with some people on the twitter about this Giroud song and the atmosphere at the Ems in general. I suppose I started from the point of view that that “chant experiment” was stupid because:

a) it was the wrong song (people rarely chant songs about specific players early in the game, its usually more general songs)

b) it was too early in the game for Giroud to have done anything to atone for his Monaco display and get the crowd behind him

c) the guy was filming people.

I do accept that supporters have a role to encourage the team and try to motivate players, especially if they have been playing badly. I have taken friends who are fans of other clubs to games at the Ems and they were amazed by the negativity in the stands at times. My view is that if you have paid the money, you can do whatever you like inside the stadium (within the laws of common decency of course) and people who try and tell me how I should or shouldn’t behave irritate the piss out of me.

Having said that, you can’t get away from the fact our home support isn’t what it could be (especially compared to our away support). The question is why. Personally I think it’s because many fans have become bored with the predictability of our football, not our style of football, but our defensive collapses, our dreadful corners, baffling substitutions and the same mistakes repeated again and again and again. Others will say that we were spoiled by glory during the early Wenger years and are too demanding of success. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of these two points of view.

All I know is, if you want to chant and sing all game then good for you, but trying to force others to is a waste of your time and theirs.

Right that’s me done for today, short and sweet. Laters pataters x

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  1. London gunner

    Austin is a straight poacher.

    Kane has more to his game.

    If you see Kane he is frequently involved in build up play and is better holding up the ball than welbeck.

    Whilst Austin is a turn and shoot guy though he has perfected it to an art form

  2. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    They’re aren’t going to get relegated, they have far too much quality for that to happen.

    Also I like Dortmund so I don’t see any harm in wanting them to do well?

    It doesn’t matter if they finish 4th or 15th, we aren’t getting Marco Reus.

  3. WengerEagle

    Whether you agree with Bilbao’s recruitment policy or not you have to say it’s impressive how they’ve been one of Spain’s best sides historically while maintaining their Basque identity.

  4. Relieable sauce

    Wenger does appear to have lost his mojo & the Keown interview seemed to have a feel of an epitaph about it.
    The Monaco result shook a lot of fans to the core, maybe because it seemed to encapsulated our well documented, long running deficiencies in one 90 min performance.
    I’m not convinced he will see out his contract this time & he may not have the choice if we see more bad results in the coming key games.

    Best case scenario for me would be – finish 2nd/3rd, retain FA cup, go out to Monaco with a whimper, AW to leave AFC completely in 2016, hire Guardiola as manager.
    Stan to sell up as well would be my preference but I’m not convinced he will. I dont think Pep would work with the conditions SS may want to inforce either but there we go, time will tell.

  5. tunnygriffboy


    Genuine question. What do you think of Coquelin’s performances this year ? What could he do better ?

    In my opinion he’s been surprisingly good. Been impressed with him. I agree we need midfielders in to replace Diaby, Flameta. Coquelin on his performances so far is a really good player to have in the squad/team. We need another DM as with our injury recordwe need two in the squad. We may play two in certain games

    In terms of stats Coquelin’s have been extremely good or would you disagree with this ?

  6. Cesc Appeal

    “Coquelin on his performances so far is a really good player to have in the squad/team.”

    I haven’t at any point disagreed with this.

    But he isn’t what we need to take us forward. Same argument with Giroud.

  7. Frankie T

    Do we bring ramsey in to add a bit of energy in the middle? And at who’s expense?
    Would love to see theo over Welbz just for the extra goal threat. Although welbz scoring against them would be great to see.
    Most important we need our team to be mentally strong and know we are are much better than them

  8. tunnygriffboy

    Re our injuries, didn’t Keown say that our training pitches are really hard and may have an effect on muscle fatigue/strains ? I know the Emirates is a hard surface.

  9. tunnygriffboy


    I certainly think we’ll have one top class midfielder come in in the summer. I’d prefer two tbh. Depends if he wants to bring in a GK CB or left sided forward/playmaker.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    In my opinion priority right now is adding strength and the ability to dominate the field to this side.

    So for me, top GK, CB, CDM and CM.

    Any considerations for attackers comes after that/dependant on departures.

    In my opinion Arteta, Diaby, Flamini, Podolski, Campbell and Mert should all be out this summer, get money for whoever you can.

    I would certainly take an upgrade on the left flank attack, but the likely casualty of a new winger would be Walcott I think. I’m cool with that, but I know a lot of people lose their minds on that suggestion. Suppose it depends on what calibre of player you get in.

    I personally think, spoke about this with WengerEagle, we need a hard working, skilful, wide play maker who chips in with the odd goal to provide a nice balance with Ozil and Sanchez. Would also mean you had two industrious wide men either side of Ozil, one a very direct goal threat, the other perhaps slightly more subtle, dribbler, play maker type.

    WE champions Firmino. Still got to get a look of him yet but a few on here seem to think he’s something special.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Just watching a few clips of Firmino, very Messi like with his dribbling. Not saying he’s anywhere near Messi’s level (though he is statistically the third best dribbler in Europe behind Messi and Ronaldo I believe?) but he does short, sharp, quick alterations of the ball when running, or when surrounded.

    Rumours of an £18 Million buyout as well. Interesting one.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    I’m with you on that. Player wise we’re not that far off. As mentioned earlier if we strengthen the midfield correctly then it gives Ozil freedom and our fullbacks more of a licence ( or tbh continue going forward like they do anyway ) knowing that the midfield will cover them when the do maraude up field. Bellerin will become a massive problem for defences in the future.

  13. Cesc Appeal



    I think I was saying that back in August. The benefit of having a solid CDM and CM partnership is three fold, it makes you more sound defensively, allows you to dominate the centre of the field and dictate tempo and also allows your attacking players to play with more freedom.

    Wenger’s continuing indifference to our central midfield is baffling . You add an experienced, solid GK, an experienced leader of a CB, a strong, commanding CDM and an energetic CM who’s transition play and distribution is great and this side will instantly look incredibly strong.

  14. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah. First priority is the midfield. Then keeper and CB. Would love a worldie CF but the other positions need addressing first. We have goals in the side. Like the sound of Firmino. Wenger loves a bit of a play maker out wide

    Tactics Tim has got Villa playing with a bit of verve and attitude. Glad we’ve played them twice 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. salparadisenyc

    Eagle will send man spray all the way down to County cork if we signed Firmino.

    It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…..

    Jesus that’s bad!

  16. london gunner

    Firmino plays some beautiful football.

    Guy is one of the worlds best dribblers as some posters have noted

    BUT he can also finish and has a great through ball/vision on him and pretty good pace.

    Its like when he gets the ball he has numerous options because of his versatile play which will make him unpredictable in the premier league.

    I think we can offer them Welbeck plus money or a swap with Walcott.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    It would be worth signing him purely for WengerEagle’s reaction.

    If Cazorla is indeed returning to Atletico then I think that is just a natural, easy replacement. He also has the benefit of very flexible with his positioning by the sounds of it, unlike Cazorla who doesn’t seem to like being pushed out wide.

    I’d love to keep Cazorla though, great little player, but certainly if we sell Walcott I’d be all over Firmino.


    Allegedly Firmino has an £18 Million buy out. Can’t see Walcott wanting to go there, but in terms of money we would get for him it would be like for like basically I think.

    Again, the rather worse possibility of Cazorla leaving, same sort of thing.

    Who do people like as GK’s out there? Seen Handanovic come up a lot on here lately.

  18. tunnygriffboy


    May be good swap but neither Welbeck or Theo would be enthused about going to Hoffenheim. Seriously neither player will be sold unless Theo starts playing silly buggers over his contract.

  19. WengerEagle

    Just after watching the Real-Bilbao match.

    Bilbao defended brilliantly, was really impressed as well by Benat in CM and Aduriz up front who is a great target man and scored a stunning header.

    Real were pretty poor, Ronaldo, Kroos and Benzema were completely anonymous, only Bale, Marcelo and Isco looked semi-dangerous going forward and Bale nearly scored a freak equalizer from 40 yards out on the wing.

    Means that if Barca win at home tomorrow that they are back on top of La Liga for the first time since near the start of the season.

    Real are badly missing Modric and James.

  20. MidwestGun

    Bet you Real Madrid is missing Ozil right about now. Ronaldo barely touched the ball the second half. Benzema with a bit of a clanger, come on RM you know you want to sell him to us. 😀

    Well done Athletic Bilboa tho.

  21. WengerEagle

    I’d probably have a seizure if we were to sign Firmino.

    Would I give an interview on Arsenal Fan TV whilst donning a Borat-style mankini were we to sign him?


    Btw hate to be a pedant Cesc but it’s Hazard and not Ronaldo who is the 2nd best dribbler in Europe.

    Ronaldo is not even in the top 20!

  22. WengerEagle

    Forget Cork sal my friend, the lovely New York ladies will have to take a collective duck to avoid my airborne love-juice were Wenger to entertain my Firmino fetish!

  23. Relieable sauce

    We can offer them but they wont go. If the dudes that good & has a reasonable buyout, pay it. Whats his mentality like though? Plenty of players are talented but its whats between the ears which is crucial & thats where we are lacking IMO.


    You posted De Bruynes stats the other day. Is he a #10 that can play wide? Could he do a job for us?
    I think LW is in need of improvement but a major signing there is not good for Welbzs long term future so maybe unlikely.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    How long before tactics Tim is found out ? Next season or by the end of this ? West Brom have been dire.

    Mark Lawrenson has made a blood and guts fa cup tie seem boring and uninteresting. Time he was put out to pasture.

  25. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Ya… crazy.. at first i thought it was a cross attempt. But then on the replay it looked like he took a look at where the keeper was and was aiming top corner. So unlucky flash of genius? Is that a thing? Lol.

  26. Arsene's Nurse

    I’m laughing my bollocks off. The Villa v Brom game has turned into a complete farce.

    The FA cup needs to be sponsored by Specsavers so the ref can get some free bifocals after getting two decisions horribly wrong and not the cockwombles of Aston Villa who are currently winning decided to invade the pitch before the final whistle.

  27. Ughelligunner

    When asked by former charge Martin Keown, working for BBC Sport, if there had been chances to move to another job, Wenger responded: “In 2004, 2005, 2006 I had chances to leave, of course. “But I went with the club for the challenge of building our new
    stadium without dropping out of the Champions League
    “Three years out of five was the financial request and we made it [into the Champions League]
    every year. “I knew that for the club
    was a very sensitive period. I feel I’ve done my job in a very committed and faithful way.”

    To all those who think project youth failed, i think wenger over achieved by this statement.

    No wonder he is untouchable.

  28. WengerEagle


    De Bruyne can play wide but he’s much better as the CAM, 20 assists and 11 goals this season so far, impressive to say the least.

    Wolfsburg are building a top squad though, just bought Schurrle for big money and are quite wealthy so would have no real reason to sell KDB.

  29. tunnygriffboy

    Pitch invasion at Villa Park. Villa fans when 2 nil up. 2 sendings off in last ten minutes one for young Jack Grealish diving ( which was harsh ). The other one was really poor as well. Jacob for a really good safe tackle.

  30. London gunner

    Reliable sauce

    Who cares about welbecks long term future.. The lads not 18 he is 24 and not good enough

    Firmino is younger and far better

  31. gunnergetyou

    Seriously though this Harry Kane dude is a problem. I think he’s there for keeps too. Seems like a very simple lad so I can’t see him getting tempted away like Bale, Modric etc.

  32. Relieable sauce


    I dont really disagree re DW just think the club will be reluctant to move him on so soon. He is a decent squad player & there is the homegrown quota to keep in mind. Schez & Theo are looking like possible outs as well.
    AW says we can now compete for the best…he’ll have to be ruthless with the current squad as well though, no more half measures if he want to build a squad to challenge for top honours.

  33. Relieable sauce

    One of the Villa fans actually had a rubber dick stuck to his head.
    Taking ownership of the insult so it cant offend him I suppose.

  34. Relieable sauce

    Was anyone else thinking Teenwolf when Grealish come on, or am I the only old bastard on tonight?

  35. WengerEagle


    Don’t get the joke but I’m guessing that you’re doing your usual desperate attempt at being funny.

    Why don’t you tell us about one of the hilarious jams you got into this week or what you were drinking last night?

    More your forte.

  36. WengerEagle


    I like Coquelin, think that he’s an extremely useful squad player to have but am not sure whether he’s our long-term solution to our CM problem.

    He’s only 23 though, could go on to become a much better player if he keeps up this improvement.

    I’m happy that he’s doing so well, have always rated him as better than he’s given credit for and thought that it was odd he never got more opportunities.

  37. alfie

    Not a joke, but you are the poster expert here so I guess you’ll continue to talk over everyone as usual.

    I’ll tell you some stories about the times I’ve been to The Emirates, I guess ill have to wait for your ones another day


  38. WengerEagle


    If he meant that and it came off it would have been goal of the season hands down.

    Not that the Real fans would give a shit, one misplaced pass next week and the boos would ring out and they’d be calling for his head and again.

  39. WengerEagle


    Lol what are you on about?

    You literally came on here out of nowhere to have a bitch at me for no reason.

    Not the first time either, bit of a creepy homoerotic theme going on here.

  40. Wallace

    underrated Coq

    “Schneiderlin is a good player no doubt, but I can’t help but think he gets grossly overrated on this blog. He is a tidy player and I would love for him to join Arsenal. But I can’t see him displacing either Coquelin(provided he keeps up his current form) or Ramsey.
    Schneiderlin is neither a specialist DM and nor is he exceptionally skilled as a B2B IMO. Look up his stats and you can see that.”

    i’m not alone! baffles me that the posters who dismiss Coquelin will then rave about Schneiderlin. he’s a solid player, but nowhere near talented enough to play b2b for a top side, and don’t see him improving on what Coq’s doing at the moment at DM. he’d be a squad player at a big club.

  41. WengerEagle


    Love the originality.

    You didn’t really answer my question as to why you randomly came on here to have a go at me?

    But that’s ok, slither off and come back and have an old bitch again when it tickles your fancy.

  42. MidwestGun

    *raises hand*
    I’m an old bastard. …. what was the question, again? 😀

    Haha wouldn’t be Le Grove without a bunch of confrontational, gits.
    People were literally getting their angst out earlier for some Le Grove therapy. Wtf? Was Rhys on about, for instance?

  43. Relieable sauce


    lol with the memory joke. Nearly missed it 🙂

    I’ve stopped with the TV licence & satellite subscription now as LG is often more entertaining.
    Cant beat a bit of free therapy either, plenty of us seem to take advantage.

    I have wondered if psychology/sociology tutors send their students here to study. Rich pickings. Never know we might even become the subject of a degree course : /

  44. Ozy

    That’s my name, don’t wear it out! Haha…ha…ha…

    But seriously, don’t have a problem per se – it’s just something I’ve noticed.

    Also something I’ve been meaning to ask for a while, why is Eagle’s avatar Steve Kean? (????)

  45. N5

    Eagle, I’ve no idea, but I’ve spoken to Alfie a lot on here and although he can be confrontational if he dislikes someone (see our first meeting), he doesn’t type like that guy above, he’s more sarcastic.

    If Alfie says FIFA stuff, he’s normally on the wind up, but he wouldn’t start with all that plastic supporter stuff IMO, that’s not his style.

    If the real Alfie makes jokes towards you, it’s normally because he’s alright with you, I’ve only ever seen him ignore people he thinks are idiots.

  46. WengerEagle


    Fair enough, I don’t hold grudges against anyone on here and I’ve had blazing rows with plenty of posters.

    It’s strange that some posters use the same name as regulars but in small letters, this ‘alfie’ poster, I’ve seen small ‘nasri’s mouth’ and small’ carts’ too.

  47. MidwestGun

    Will the real Alfie, please stand up, please stand up, …… well I’m the real Alfie and all you other Alfie’s are just imitating. So won’t the real Alfie, please stand up, please stand up.

    Haha. well if it’s a different alfie he has the same avatar green colored blob thing.

    Anyhow, i like Alfie too even tho he used to kill me with the Miley Cyrus jokes 🙁

    Baastad. …

  48. N5

    Eagle, I may be wrong then because Middy as Rainman powers when it comes to remembering what poster is assigned to what avy.

  49. N5

    I got the hump for a bit Eagle when he did, but I think sometimes he doesn’t pay to much attention to the names at least I hope he hadn’t noticed it 😳

    RE Alfie, we didn’t get on when we first spoke on here, neither did he and Bamford, so I’m sure he’ll come round soon enough. You’re a good guy, they’re is plenty of bellends he can get his teeth into if he wants a row.

  50. N5

    Ha ha Goondawg, I sharpened a pencil by putting it up my bum. I was going to wash your car, but I just threw rocks at it. Lol Bitch Gambon.

    Mid, who’s bitch Gambon, it must be a troll because he’s a horrible fucker.

    At least we know CA was N5sucksmyballs.

  51. Relieable sauce


    Good way to be. Try not to take things personal or too serious is the best bet, though I do struggle myself at times. The immitation of well known posters is a bit odd though, alternative version of the prank phone call maybe.
    Kids huh…Well you hope they are kids anyway.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    I’m going to save you some time, I am all the trolls, I have literally no life.

    Sometimes I create pro-Wenger trolls and anti-Wenger trolls and argue with myself whilst I make sock puppets in my mother’s basement

  53. MidwestGun

    N5/Eagle –
    No. … if i out him….. it will destroy the very fabric of the universe. Dogs and cats making sweet love…….terrible consequences.

  54. WengerEagle


    Yeah you’d hope that he just approved it without reading, still was odd.

    Yeah maybe, like I said I don’t have a problem with him. Love a bit of banter but he’s borderline snide and a bit sly in his comments sometimes.

    That’s how he comes across to me at least, another person could see it completely differently. I just don’t really get his humour if it is humour.

  55. N5

    Eagle, I think it’s sometimes hard to read tone on the interwebs and I might take something as snide where it was meant to be comical? still I don’t think you can mistake tonights comments, they were not ambiguous.

  56. WengerEagle


    I struggle too mate, the likes of N5, Midwest and Romford are all as level headed as you can get, great trait to have.

    That’s the funny/scary thing, you hope that it’s just kids but I have a feeling that the likes of Marble, Lee, Ozrus, Zemental, etc are all grown men.

    So they could be roaming the streets.

    In Ozrus’ case, lock up your pets! 😀

  57. N5

    The funny thing is, I think we’re probably all Cesc, even Pedro. It’s just one lonely mans descent into madness making up multiple accounts to suits his multiple agendas.

    If a schizophrenic threatens suicide is it considered a hostage situation?

  58. Cesc Appeal

    “If a schizophrenic threatens suicide is it considered a hostage situation?”

    Lets find out 🙂

  59. N5

    Eagle Zemental is a man who is in his 40s, Karim told me that. Those two have history which is odd because karim is one of the sweetest men (and I rarely use that descriptor for a male) you’d ever wish to meet.

    The others, god knows? I’ll check Ozrus’ dating page 👿

  60. MidwestGun

    All i can say is some people shouldn’t use the same usernames for everything. You Google their Le Grove name and you get some scary internertz profiles .

    Frightening. 🙁

  61. N5

    Ha ha, I can’t get enough of little Santi’s head trying to look over my avy!! I wanted turtle face Ox but it doesn’t look great in avy form.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    Can see Pedro, trying to clear up trolls.

    “Hmm, all these trolls have the same IP address…so does MidWest, and N5, and WengerEagle, and Sal, and Romford…and…wait…that’s my IP address.”

    Cue Secret Window style Southern American accented Pedro appearing in the room with him telling him to fix his blog…was never anybody elses.

  63. N5

    Lolololololol CA, you paint a vivid picture with words my friend. That was one of the best comments I’ve read.

    Or was it, god knows it you typing this.

  64. karim

    I couldn’t believe it when I googled ” the mighty karim ” and found out there was another entity with that name
    somewhere in the planet.

    I’m blushing now, stop it will you ?

  65. karim


    Gutted today with my bets, found Dortmund and another team drawing ( hard bets ) and was let down by QPR (should have found that )
    That was a 43/1 accumulator, thanks again Citizen Kane…

  66. Ozy

    “I’m worried I may be pregnant, Doctor: My boyfriend mis-timed his withdrawal and instead of giving me a pearl necklace, he doused my hairy kebab with his reliable sauce.”

  67. Relieable sauce


    lol. Is it bad? I cant bring myself to google it.


    I havent looked, honest. I’ve just heard things…nasty,nasty things.

  68. salparadisenyc

    Midwest Gun is also the name of potentially the best prostitute in New York.
    Suck the chrome right off a trailer hitch .

  69. Relieable sauce

    haha someone on twitter called reliable sauce. If thats in my honour I am truly flattered.
    From what I can tell the 1st comment is – your a cunt.
    Its not me but the guys obviously doing a farly decent impersonation.

  70. underrated Coq

    How do you English feel about the fact that Ireland are outperforming your lot in the Cricket World Cup ?

    Must be disappointing to see both the Football and Cricket national teams struggle so badly 🙂

  71. Ces1ne

    Don’t think Jack is going anywhere as long as wenger is here, but if Citeh (or anyone) offered us 30million for him I’d take that loot in a heartbeat. Just too many “if’s” at this point in his career regarding position & fitness…..

    I think Citehs English/homegrown quota is getting on in age along with the rest of their team, so I wouldn’t be suprised to see them put on bids for him/Barkley/etc over e summer….just can’t see wenger parting with the Jack aka young English Diaby. A shame tho, bc I could really see him thriving outside of England. No way his pride (or wenger) lets him go on loan at this point, so that’s not worth discussing unfortunitely.

  72. Wallace

    wouldn’t mind Wenger buying Ross Barkley in the summer and converting him into an all-action midfielder.

  73. N5

    “Must be disappointing to see both the Football and Cricket national teams struggle so badly :)”

    “So I notice Firmino is flavour of the year on Le-Grove. What happened to last year’s flavour, Draxler ? ;)”

    I didn’t have you down as a fisherman Underrated?

  74. London gunner

    London clubs take the piss these days.

    15 pound entry for any club when that used to be for only clubs like fabric.

    4.50 for a mini can of Heineken a mini can!

    8 pound for a double mixer…

    Then imagine you,re buying drinks for another person.

  75. London gunner

    I actually never got on the draxler train, but firmino would instantly bring quality to our attack.