Arsenal make attack for 2nd place?

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Happy good morning to you my dears. I’m writing this at 6pm… to give you a blog in the AM. I mean, the lengths I’ll go to get a blog out on time.

So what do we have today from a theme perspective?

Let’s go with ambition.

Arsenal racked up another 3 points as we continue our purge on third… no… wait for it… second place. I think Wenger can smell the blood of City swilling about in the wash. It’s quite staggering that we’re in contention. But hey, it is what it is and really, the only way Wenger is going to earn vindication for this season is pushing higher than 4th. It’ll be a slog, but really, 2nd should be the target now.

Looking at the fixtures, it’s possible. They still have to play United and Palace away (ok, I’m trying a little too hard to paint an achievable picture here). Villa might cause a problem if they rack up some steam heading into April and their final game is against Southampton. My hope is that City will start to give up. The amount of f*cks given in that side at the moment appear to be few. I don’t think the players believe in their coach and it seems to be coming undone up there. Yaya Toure should have been bombed in the summer… he’s gone from one of the best in the world last season to quite the eyesore this season.

We have a pretty tasty run in. I mean, if we’re serious about being contenders, we have to take care of Liverpool, Chelsea and United. But hey, you never know, right?

Anyway, we should aim big. We’re on a good run of Premiership form, our main players are all back in the lineup. I’m still not totally convinced, but look, the points we’re piling  up tell a different story to what we see on the pitch.

I think the line up we put out against QPR either showed Wenger’s priority is the Premier League, or he’s just pulling the usual of playing his favourite line up over bringing some rotation into the season. I thought Ozil and Sanchez should have been rested. QPR was a good opportunity to do that, he didn’t, which means United is going to be tough on Monday.

They’ve been garbage of late, but they always seem to find something against us. We should have too much for them, but I’d imagine LVG will have a horrible plan for us. I hope we go there with something interesting. Surprise them. Show them the new side of us that we’re trying to push. I’d like to think the Monaco game was another wake up call… when you play good team with a plan, you have to have one yourself, otherwise you’ll have trouble. They’re still United, they still have good players and we still need to be at our best.

I fancy us. I have no idea why. I just think it’s about time we delivered a hammer blow to United. I hope the players are up for it, this is LVGs saving grace. If he drops out of the FA Cup, it’ll most certainly affect belief with their top 4 assault. They’ve some nasty games coming up at the tail end of the season. I really think they’ll finish outside the top 4. Well, I really hope they do.

Part of me wants them to finish outside the top four, part of me worries that’ll see LVG fired. I’d rather him slap another season of havoc on their finances and their morale. So it’s a tough choice!

Southampton are attempting to keep Morgan with them by making him a big offer to stay. Can’t see that happening. Think he’ll move this summer to us. That’s exciting, he’s a massive piece of the jigsaw covered. Throw in a world class keeper and we really are cooking on gas next season.

I want to leave the Ozil thing after this, but people keep saying things like ‘you don’t rate Ozil’ etc… I’ve never said I don’t rate him. I’ve just said I don’t think he gives enough to the team outside of attack play. Going forward, he’s a genius, but then again, so was Arshavin, so was Podolski in front of goal (I remember flagging I thought he was average to a hail of abuse, now Arsenal fans seem to revel in him having a bad run at Inter)… my point is I don’t think he does much when he’s not in possession of the ball.

Watch him saunter around when he next plays. Paul Scholes, a midfielder Xavi called a role model, Socrates said could have played for Brazil, a man Zidane called the greatest of a generation said this of the German…

‘It’s why I think Mesut Özil took the easy option joining Arsenal. Since he has been there you cannot doubt his quality but at times he looks like he is going through the motions, however much ground he covers. He needs a leader around him to get him going.’

Scholes was a player you had to watch a lot to understand. So he’s well positioned to comment. I think he just needs a bit more instruction. I think he needs to have a bit more purpose. I don’t think  it’s his face that shows he doesn’t play with intensity, it’s that he doesn’t play with intensity. But hey, just my opinion. You don’t have to share it. I still love watching him, he’ll still smash the league up… and look, I was the one who said in the summer we’d all forget Cesc if Ozil started firing. And look, you’ve all stopped whacking skippy over Cesc and having a pop at me for having legitimate concerns about a player who goes missing.

All I’m saying is I expect more.

Right, I think that’s all I have time for. It’s Mardi Gras tonight. Some of the nice chaps next door have invited me over. I think it’s a Brazilian football festival type thing. They’ve told me it’ll be fun.


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  1. Wallace


    7 for Cisse. 6 for Evans. a little baffling. spitting’s disgusting, but i’d rather someone spit at me than try and break my leg.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    It is staggering how often ex Man Utd and Liverpool pundits show their partizan bias in the media particularly with their bias and criticisms of Arsenal and its players.

    Owen is the worst example, but you hear it in the comments of Scholes, Thompson and Carragher as well.

    Arsenal have a poor recent record at Old Trafford and they will need to overcome that on Monday if they are to progress on Monday. Personally I would like to see Ozil produce a standout performance there and prove all his critics

    Manchester United seem to lead a charmed life. Realistically they are a very average team who are getting some fortuitous results helped not a little as usual by referees. Would they have won last week, but for the referee refusing a clearcut penalty to Newcastle early in game? Highly unlikely.

    What Arsenal need to do on Monday is play to their strengths, defend and concentrate properly and they should win. What I don’t want them to do is
    going into a ‘defensive shell’ and put pressure on themselves.

    This is an important game for both teams.

  3. Marc

    I don’t have an issue with the 6 games ban for spitting its just how arse up the FA have everything. Break someone’s leg deliberately and as long as you don’t boast about it you’ll get a 3 match ban.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    It makes you wonder. It’s why I found Chelsea and Mourinho’s condemnation of the abuse in Paris so hypocritical. Come to think of it their whole attitude towards the Mstic incident reeks of hypocrisy as well considering some of the challenges their players have made in the last couple of seasons. Wonder if Mourinho will condemn his own players next time they go over the top


    Yes, ask Ramsey, Diaby or Eduardo whether they would have preferred a bit of gob or the tackles that shattered their legs
    Not much condemnation of the assaulters in the press. There was sympathy for the likes of Shawcross and Taylor.

  5. Marc


    The Stoke chairman came out and insisted that Ramsey should apologise to Shawcross.

    Personally I think the club should have paid a thug to break the legs of both of them with a baseball bat and then suggest they apologise to the bat.

  6. N5

    tunny, Maureen only ever sees every other team doing wrong.

    Saying that, how can we expect upstanding morals from a man that sticks his thumb in the eye of a person suffering from cancer.

  7. Thomas

    “Saying that, how can we expect upstanding morals from a man that sticks his thumb in the eye of a person suffering from cancer.”


    That argument is void tbf. No one knew he was suffering from cancer when that happened.

  8. Samesong

    ‘It is staggering how often ex Man Utd and Liverpool pundits show their partizan bias in the media particularly with their bias and criticisms of Arsenal and its players.Owen is the worst example, but you hear it in the comments of Scholes, Thompson and Carragher as well’.

    And the way for Arsenal to prove those bastards wrong is win games so they shut up

    Owen is a prick.

    Carragher opinions are based on he expects more from Arsenal then just him being a c**t.

    Scholesy I never heard what he said about Ozil so I can’t comment, but from a previous interview he spoke facts about what we needed and that was a Viera type of player.

    I can see LVG trying to frustrate Arsenal by closing down our player’s and counter attacking us. We will win if we take our chances.