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Alright gang, Alex here. So I’m covering for Pedro while he bombs off to Australia for a while. In the middle of February. Alright for some eh?

I read with interest his post about Ozil and Alexis. Two world class players with very different qualities. Alexis is a shit-your-pants, setting-fireworks-off-in-a-pensioner’s face kind of player, while Mesut is as smooth as Nutella, almost stumbling over himself to do something 20 times cooler than James Dean’s cool uncle. So it’s no wonder seeing them play together highlights their perceived weaknesses.

Do the stats tell the whole story? I don’t think so. Yes Mesut covers a lot of yards – part of that is because he is constantly moving to create space. But part of it is because he, along with Giroud, Alexis and Welbeck, leads the pressing game from the front. However, unlike the others, he rarely puts in a challenge or wins the ball back.

Ozil was my favourite non-Arsenal player before he joined Arsenal. I remember him beasting England in the World Cup in 2010 but also watching a highlight reel for Madrid the season before he joined us and being blown away. What’s sad is that he hasn’t quite hit those levels since joining us. Nonetheless, the idea that his contribution is anything less than key is a nonsense. Just look at that pass he picked out for Tomas on Saturday. No one else in the team would have the vision AND technique to pick that option at that time.

Regarding Alexis, well yes he is not reaching the incredibly high standards he set for himself at the start of the season, but I’d say it’s partly down to fatigue and partly down to being played on the left – whereas before he was more central.

What the discussion reflects is a more general trend of judging individual players over too short a period of time. Last season Mertesacker could do no wrong, now he’s too old and slow. Last season Monreal was a liability while Gibbs was a world beater, now it’s the other way round. Giroud’s perceived ability changes from game to game.

Football fans (and I include myself in this) are incredibly fickle when it comes to judging players’ ability. We judge players from game to game, from touch to touch even though we all know it doesn’t work like that. Personally I think we have the most complete squad we’ve had for a very long time (except for Flamini). However it’s a squad that is massively underachieving because our manager doesn’t do tactics (even against Champions League opposition), doesn’t rotate in order to rest key players like Mertesacker and Sanchez, and has no concept of in-game management. For me these are the issues that need to be addressed before we talk of signing or selling any players (especially two as world class as Ozil and Sanchez).

Also doing the rounds is a video someone took of themselves singing the Giroud song four minutes into the Everton game only to be met by confused looks from our fans. It was met with opprobrium on Twitter – what a disgraceful set of fans we are. Well look, there certainly can be issues at time with the atmosphere at the Emirates, but don’t judge until you know how you’d react to a guy loudly singing that song into your earhole while he films you. The reality is no one wants to sing the song of a player who played so woefully in the game before. If he’d picked another song – Red Army, Ars-e-nal or whatdoyathinkoftottenham? – he almost certainly would have got a chant going. How do you resolve the issue of a lack of singing? Singing sections probably, safe standing, some twat with a drum, or the team performing well. Last season the atmosphere at the Ems was fantastic because we were playing so well. On Saturday the atmosphere kicked up a notch after Gabriel made that outrageous tackle. Fans feed off what they see on the pitch and vice versa for the players. The atmosphere was very flat at the start of the game on Saturday because we had had an awful result on Wednesday and played like frightened church mice against Everton for the first 30 minutes.

Anyway I’ve rambled on enough. We’ve got a game this evening against QPR apparently. Harry Redknapp isnt there anymore so I’ve got nothing to say about them. James is going to be writing you a lovely match report.

Oh yeah, as if you haven’t heard enough about Mesut Ozil today, Pete has written this for ESPN (he’s going pro). It completely contradicts everything I have just said but is a lovely read nonetheless.

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  1. N5

    Wallace, that’s fine mate, We’ve all got our opinions on his ceiling and as I said, I really like him. I just don’t think he should be our long term option.

    He is a good squad player, but I feel he’s running on adrenaline at the moment and looks so much sharper than what is the reality.

    Only time will tell and I have everything crossed for him.

  2. Whyareyoulookingatme?

    Good mornig dear N5!! 😉

  3. Lee


    Did you really compare that goal to Kanu at the bridge??
    Oh no……..
    Kanu 2-2 away at Chelsea our closest London rivals deep in stoppage time. He rounds the keeper with the quickest feet the bridge has ever seen outside the area
    Looks up, he is on th byline but still manage to float the ball over le beef from
    The tightest angle

  4. Dark Hei


    I think Wenger has always rated the Coq. Don’t forget, Wenger put Coquelin straight into the first team after that relatively obscure loan spell at Lorient. After a successful 2011/2012 season, he got cocky and demanded playing time. Then he got injured and moved to Freiburg in 2013/2014. Here we see how if you are not mentally mature, you will stink the place out and that’s what happened. He got voted the worst Bundesliga signing of the season.

    Returned to the club and got farmed out to Charlton. I think the hard times have made Coquelin drop the arrogant attitude that got into a lot of Arsenal young players psyche. That misplaced arrogance that I am good because I am an Arsenal youngster that plays alongside Cesc. We have seen it in Bendter, Denilson, Frimpong etc.

    What we now have on our hands is a midfielder with the best defensive stats in Europe. He is no deep lying pass master as you have pointed out, and we have room for one, but he will find a role in this Arsenal side, and probably a role in many top clubs elsewhere.

  5. N5

    Lee I said it was Kanu esq meaning he found a tight angle that most players wouldn’t even attempt for. I’m suprised you took the comment litral and needed that explaining.

  6. Blsany

    Good win for us last night.Ozil decent last night ,Giroud was on the ground when he scored that.Fucking oaf of a forward.Gibbs was involved in the both goals.Sanchez cracking goal.Stayed out wide and was making runs.More of that please.It was only Qpr though.Manure will knocks out though.

  7. Wallace


    “He is a good squad player, but I feel he’s running on adrenaline at the moment and looks so much sharper than what is the reality.”

    nah, i saw him playing at 17/18 and he was the same. lot skinnier than he is now, but the same duracell bunny/15 cans of red bull energy. like an angry wasp.

  8. Lee

    No mate you didn’t

    You said it was a great goal that rivals Kanu vs Chelsea.
    Maybe his scrappy second
    Kanu scored against world class defenders with the clock ticking against big rivals from two nil down.
    That aside it was a goal of substantial beauty. Even if he scored it against against the Kings arms at 5-0 up it would still have been a better goal

  9. N5

    Dark, I really hope so. As I said I was championing Coq 2 seasons ago on here and would often take stick for it. I’ve always thought he was better than he was given credit for, but then again, I might just have a blind spot when it comes to the youth as I even suggested we should give JET more playing time, so what really do I know about it? 😀

  10. Whyareyoulookingatme?

    This is, in 2 words, the reason why Yoonited will finish above us this season : DE GEA.

    Even if Ospina is world class… LOL

  11. N5

    Lee, I’m not sure what it matter what I said, I said Rivals. I didn’t say better. It was a great goal from an angle that must people wouldn’t have attempted. If you have issue with that, that’s fine, but you can’t dig me out for my opinion on how good a goal was, because it’s exactly that… my opinion.

    I wasn’t the only one that stated it either, if you read the comments, you’ll see others say it too.

  12. N5

    Leeds, thanks mate. I didn’t mean it was identical. It was more about his vision than the goal. I noticed you made a similar comment.

    My opinion was that Alexis took a shot that most people wouldn’t have thought too. That was all.

  13. N5

    Wallace. Is that right. My memory is hazey about his early days. If he is as intense all the time then that will be great. There is a good few games left for us to see if he can keep it up!

  14. Vince

    We need to buy a striker next year. I don’t know why but I can’t get my heads around a certain Radamel Falcao. I think he looks bad because the Man U team is garbage. he’ll go for less now too now that he’s not everybody’s darling. And I don’t think we can get a better tutor for Akpom who should be our first choice striker in the next 3 years.

  15. Dark Hei


    I will be careful with Falcao. Let’s not forget Falcao came good playing for Atheltico Madrid. Now that is a side that can make Torres look good.

  16. gazzap

    Wenger needs to get tactics right at OT. If we play open they will pick us off. Be ready for the battle more than anything and win it late on is what I would do. Patience is the key but I have said that for years but we never play like that in the big games.

  17. Lee

    You said it rivals Kanu v Chelsea

    It doesn’t
    Not on any planet in any solar system

    There is no comparison
    Sanchez was right in the goal mouth and just drove the ball.

    It’s not a question of opinion.
    If my opinion is that kaba diawara was more influential for arsenal than bergkamp then my opinion doesn’t is no longer relevant. The two were incomparable
    As is Sanchez’ goal to kanu’s.

    If that is your opionion then it is misguided

  18. Vince

    Dark Hei.
    Fair point, but just like us i think finishers will do well in Athletico because they have play makers and creates tons of chances. Man U on the other hand don’t even have a playmaker of note. i think finishers don’t loose that touch overnight, i still remember fat boy Ronaldo coming to world cup overweight yet scoring loads.

  19. Vince

    Dark Hei.
    Fair point, but just like us i think finishers will do well in Athletico because they have play makers and creates tons of chances. Man U on the other hand don’t even have a playmaker of note. i think finishers don’t loose that touch overnight, i still remember fat boy Ronaldo coming to world cup overweight yet scoring loads. I definitely don’t think Falcao will miss 80% of the chances our attackers, notably Wellbeck and Giroud misses.

  20. N5

    Lee, go and work one of your jobs mate. You’ve gone crazy. I’ve explained to you what I meant, if you can’t take that, fine, but go and buzz around someone else.

  21. goonerboy

    Well it was a win- Austin seems a good striker but many would have scored if they had been in that position- because as ever Kos is unreliable and he got too much space.

    I agree with Alex’s post entirely- AFC is underachieving have a much stronger squad than is apparent from results- tactics, game management but also outmoded and predictable style of play still capable of results against poor sides but not against well organised average sides let alone good ones.

    A win is always worth having. However, as a unit our midfield still did not get a grip until late in the second half. against probably the poorest side in the EPL.

    In reality Liverpool look a far better team than us at the moment and I wouldn’t put a single penny on us beating United. Chelsea will beat us easily so I think there is a strong chance of ending up 5th- though I wish it wasn’t the case.

  22. Blsany

    Falcao is finished.Old as time as well.We dont play to his strength anyway.He requires crossing and great wing play.We cant offer that.We offer near post tap in ala Giroud.Akpom must be our best striker anyway.

  23. Lee


    Yeah he did do well.
    The question mark is weather he can produce against untied on Monday or the return leg at Monaco. He hasn’t been the se since his penalty miss against bayern. And he was looking like MOTM that night until his miss

  24. N5

    Lee, it doesn’t irk me at all that I’ve made a statement that you disagree with. It irks me that a man who claims to be as great as you do has taken such exception to it.

    I explained what I meant and my wording of the original comment might have been OTT, but Leeds had no issue understanding where I was coming from, I wonder why you do? agenda maybe?

    I would also advise you that even a misguided opinion, is an opinion and as I’ve got the right to think what I want, I’m not sure who on Earth you think you are telling me what I should and shouldn’t think.

    If you don’t like my comments, just move on past them. It’s quite simple.

  25. Blsany

    Agreed mate.He and sanchez both.I was really happy about Sanchez’s movement in the 2nd half.If they can play like that together we can always win or nick a goal.Welbeck has to start against Manure.Agreed though need to see more of them in the big games.

  26. Bamford10


    I stand by all of those claims. They are all true. But I still admire the shifts the guy is putting in, still admire his fire and work ethic.

    But he’s not first-rate and he never will be. Sorry.

  27. Bamford10


    Good to have you back.

    Dark Hei

    Yes, Wenger has always believed in Coq. Do you recall Coquelin’s first match? The 8-2 drubbing from United. Then a series of anonymous performances before being loaned out to lesser clubs (where he failed to impress, btw).

    He’s playing well, no doubt, but some people are over-rating him. He’s a squad player. Not a first-rate CDM.

    What’s interesting is how offended people get if someone expresses this basic and obvious truth.