Race is on for 2nd | Arsenal problems brew in Everton game

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I think the chatter pregame mostly centred around the concern that the starting 11 meritocracy wasn’t exactly fair nor was there much use of the squad. This is one of those ‘can’t believe you’re moaning’ posts but if you don’t highlight the problems when you’re winning you have no right to complain when you lose.

Per Mertesacker was rightly pulled from the starting line up, Wenger said it was due to the amount of games he’s played which has to be true. It’s also down to a severe lack of form that most likely correlates with the latter point. The manager also pulled #WELBZ and put Chambo in his place (who was pretty poor to be fair).

For me, that left a team pretty bereft of energy. You have a fit and on form Rosicky sitting on the bench probably wondering what he has to do to play. Then you have a £100k a week Theo who has worked incredibly hard to make it back only to ostracised from the starting line up. Those two in the side would have brought a different level of spice. Coquelin holding flanked by Rosicky and Chambo. Up top, Sanchez, Giroud and Theo. That’s pace that could have killed off a drab everton early.

Instead we opted for Santi, who looked like he was running in wallpaper paste for large parts… Ozil who is so uninterested in the team it’s frightening. People complain that’s just how he looks… for me, it’s how he plays. Use your eyes, not your hipster night vision goggles that convince you you’re one of the elite who can see the defensive shift he puts in my moving into spaces where the ball is.

He’s the worlds most productive passenger. Imagine that? Complaining all Ozil does is assist and score goals. What a brat I am. Well, there’s more to football than those items… and look, when Arshavin was doing the same everyone hated him. Against teams like Everton, you can afford those types. Against big names, you can’t, he’s so lazy. Watch how slowly he potters about to bring his distance stats up. The only energy he expends is when he attacks… which results in some incredible moments only he is capable of. But the rest? Real questionable.

The first half was a very uninspiring affair. Arsenal sat deep because they didn’t have the legs to press and Everton there for the taking. Our passing was very off key and we looked clumsy in the final third. Everton were equally poor but gave us a run for our money in the first twenty. We again suffered the same problems we had against Monaco. The ball is flown into Sanchez almost at any cost, he tries to take on the world like a Sunday league player… loses it and we’re on the back foot.

Giroud had a shocker of an opening attempt, firing a 6 yard diving header 6 yards wide. He made up for it with a shinned effort across goal from a corner. Take em’ where you can get them I say! Great to see him on the score sheet. You can knock him for many things, not being a fighter ain’t one of them.

Gabriel introduced himself to The Emirates crowd with a couple of beastly tackles. He stayed on his feet, shepherded Lukaku and made a perfect interception. After an early error, he really did ease into the game. He has all the ingredients Kos has and sadly, many Per no longer possesses. A brilliant Premier League debut. Also worth noting Ospina made a very brave double save in Neuer-esque fashion to deny Lukaku early on.

Arsenal didn’t have enough in the tank to bury Everton which was a shame.

The second half saw Coquelin take a whole Giroud in the face… busting his nose to pieces. Things got worse later on when he took a ball to the face, finishing him off.

Giroud had time to make another hash of a free header. Again, another demonstration as to why he just doesn’t cut it. You need your main man to bury chances that easy. Arsene eventually started making subs on 81minutes, absolutely crazy when you consider how dead some of our players were. He introduced his first sub on 82minutes, bringing on Rosicky. I mean, words. I have no words for firstly always taking off Chambo and secondly always making subs so late adding to the fatigue issue.

Anyway, Rosicky took a superb pass from Ozil and buried a deflected Frank Lampard in the 89th. Game over. The remaining 7minutes were fine because we battered an Everton that seem to have lost every last drop of fight they learned from Moyes. Martinez, finally getting found out. 17 odd points worse off than last season.


A win is a win. You can’t knock that. It’s just not great. I love the points, I love the fact that somehow we’re now competing for second place. I just think we do things badly. Wenger doesn’t trust his squad, he doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes of overplaying and he doesn’t know how to kill a game off early when it’s there for the taking. It’s no surprise that it’s been so easy for Chelsea this season. Mourninho has a plan, every time. He kills games, not players. He’s winning it at a canter. Literally no challenger. Meanwhile, we’re in for second, but taking a tanking from a Monaco side so boring I actually dozed off in their PSG game last night.


Wenger has to move his players around for this Wednesday’s game. He needs to bring Tomas into the fold, he needs give Theo some game time and he probably needs to leave Mertesacker on the bench. We need to bring some fresh legs into the equation. Mostly because QPR have had some down time, so they’ll be able to run us all over the park if they fancy it. We, on the other hand, have buried a lot of players. My bigger concern is that some will just get hacked off and leave. I have no idea what Theo has done to deserve being ignored… same with Tomas. Both very good players who are overlooked.

Irony here is that when we all wanted Wenger to drop Theo back in the day he’d play him over and over and over again. Now he’s a talent, no chance!


He dropped a big can of whoops early on but as the game grew, so did he. He plays with far more composure than I originally thought he would. He’s a smart defender and he gives us competition and cover in an area we’ve been very exposed. I think we’ll grow to love him. He looks like he could be a cult hero for the right reason.

Gibbs & Kos:

I have no idea why Gibbs keeps getting in the side. He continues to play like a winger, continues to doze off and he just strikes the fear of god into me. Is no one coaching him? What happened to Monreal? I thought we were in a good place? As for Laurent, I’ve not been convinced by him this season. He looks like a man who has one eye on the exit door. Shame, his performances aren’t going to capture the attention of too many of the elite clubs… he’s really let himself go since he signed his new deal. Disappointing, he could have been one of the best.


I thought he had a very solid game. He contributed with some very good saves, he came for the right balls and he didn’t scare me once. I still don’t think he’s the right keeper. I think even on a basic level, Lukaku ran into him and nearly gave him whiplash. You need to be big and strong enough to deal with players like that. Does seem like it’s over for Crossbar Challenge Chezzer. His arrogance cost him. I’d recommend following Tony Roberts on Twitter as well. He’s the best keeper coach we have at the club, seems to absolutely love his job as well. Reckon Fabianski might still be here if he was heading up things.


He’s obviously still one of the greatest assets the club has, but someone needs to pull him to one side and have a word about the mazy runs he goes on. Someone made the point on Twitter yesterday that it’s easy to see why a possession based team like Barca would let him go. If he just reined in the OTT lust he has to create someone from nothing every time, he’d be so much more productive. He’s a great talent, just seems a bit out of control on the pitch.


Sorry, really struggling to buy into what he gives the team. This is the Premier League. You need 10 outfield players contributing at all times. Ozil, on the passing front, is sublime. He scores goals as well, which is incredible. However, you need to bring more to the table than that if you want to be part of a side that delivers trophies. Ozil gives next to nothing when we’re defending. He saunters around in half jog mode when we’re not in posession, there’s no real purpose to what he does. Moving forward, he’s great, he opens up space, he doesn’t waste a touch… but we need more. In the small games, he’s fine to do what he likes, but in a high intensity game (even against smaller clubs like Spurs) he just exposes us.


First one in 82minutes. Have a word. Please. Someone have a word. Nothing says stuck in your ways like Wenger’s predictability with subs.

Right… MANY WORDS FOR YOU. Have a great day and just remember, Spurs fans spent 90 minutes walking down a cold, wet and windy Wembley way yesterday. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.


P.S. I’m in Sydney from Wednesday. Fear not though, as you wake, I’ll be dropping morning posts at 6 in the evening. Just might be a little out of whack. If there are any Sydney Gooners out there, get in touch so I can come and watch the games with you. I’m in Surry Hills or something like that.


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  1. Rhys Jaggar

    What does Adam Johnson need a 15 year old for if he’s living with his girlfriend??

    Surely he should just chuck his girlfriend out and find a new one if the sex was such rubbish??

    £2m house, £2m salary and the best life you could ask for.

    What do you go shagging underage girls for in that situation?? Throwing your life away and for what??

    Crazy……..but I must say I wouldn’t go anywhere near a bedroom with any girl as a footballer until I’d seen her passport, driving license (if she had one) and birth certificate.

    Hardly romantic, but in this day and age, you can’t take any chances……..

  2. Ozy

    Sal, all of you are right in that there are victims of being falsely accused out there but where you bring up the Lacrosse players, I bring up the hundreds of thousands of women sexually assaulted every year.

    I will instead focus on the hundreds of backlogs of r*pe kits collecting dust, of the thousands of women discredited and forced to stay quiet by the police or their university staff. I will instead talk about the absolute joke that our legal system is regarding sexual assault – women whose lives have been destroyed ..

    But yeah, blanket statement.

  3. Thomas

    “When it comes to sexual assault, I take a “guilty until proven innocent” approach.”


    Lol why? Surely it should be innocent until proven guilty no matter the crime right?

  4. Cesc Appeal


    But, as everyone else has said already, it was a ridiculous statement, Why did you need to say it?

    Why does someone NEED to be guilty already when they walk into court?

    That’s why we have a burden a proof.

    The statutory provisions for Sexual Offence charges already have presumptions of lack of consent, some are rebuttable, some are not if proved.

    There is absolutely no need for any presumption of guilt, ever, at all. And no need to drag the accused through the media.

    In fact, I think you would encourage a lot of victims to come forward if there wasn’t a murder circus around everything.

  5. Ozy

    Like I said, Cesc, I wasn’t serious. But I do stand by everything else I said. In fact, you can see by the nature of my responses that I am not taking this discussion seriously as I know how it plays out – especially with men such as Eagle and Sal who feel so hurt and offended by that notion as if it hits close to home.

    I’m sorry but there are institutions built around discrediting and humiliating sexual assault victims, men or women, so I do not really feel compelled to speak out in favor of those falsely accused.

  6. London gunner

    Yeah not a fan of guilty before innocent approach. It’s a massive violation of human rights and is utter bullshit

    Literally if you ever want a one night stand you’d have to go out with a contract and get the girl to sign her consent.loool

    What happens if Yiu pick up a girl fuck co sensually Then leave hers. No texts are exchanged.. She has a condom or some proof of your seamen. She has yiu by the balls. Wants to extort me for money she can, feels guilt about cheating on bf or has mental issues..

    Also it’s completeky hypocritical because I am sure they wouldn’t treat the woman as guilty till proven innocent.

    People presume that all promiscuous women are sane rational individuals when they can be the opposite.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    Up to you. But seems a bit, juvenile.

    You are okay throwing one persons set of rights under the bus in favour of another’s.

    As you say, its all about opinions.

  8. Wallace

    “Borussia’s 3-0 triumph over local rivals Schalke was much more than a win; much more than a derby success. The supporters, team and staff experienced the perfect game said Jürgen Klopp, a performance so forceful, irresistible and convincing it felt like a rebirth. “Play, fun, thrill: that’s Borussia Dortmund,” the manager beamed….the club’s patience already look vindicated; instead of changing personnel and/or tactics, Klopp has been allowed to do what he does, with the result that BVB have started resembling their former selves. Plan A, put into place properly, still works.”

    – Rafa Honigstein

  9. salparadisenyc

    Christ not to mention we’d be short London Gunner, he’d surely be holding space in Wandsworth.

  10. WengerEagle


    It hasn’t destroyed their careers obviously but it certainly affected them, for whatever period of time it’s irrelevant, to say blankly that they got on with their careers as if nothing happened is silly. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    So if RVP’s kids were in the crowd and had to listen to those chants it doesn’t matter cause he’s a millionaire?

    Or anyone close to him for that matter.

  11. WengerEagle

    ‘especially with men such as Eagle and Sal who feel so hurt and offended by that notion as if it hits close to home.’

    Joking now we were eh?

    At least you’re back-tracking and acknowledging that you were talking nonsense.

    Strange that you’re singling out myself and sal too.

    But whatever.

  12. Ozy

    From a legal standpoint, of course not.

    Personal opinion? My personal persoectice and convictions? Yes, guilty until proven innocent.

    It’s a personal opinion, fellas. I will always believe the victim.

    Take the Van Persise case. Proven innocent. Was he? According to the law, yes. Maybe the woman did want to exploit his position and wealth – it happens. There’s just a misconception of the number of false accusations out there. If there were accurate statistics recording every real assault to fake assault, you’d notice the scale pulling very much in favor of the number of real assaults, reported or not.

    You have Cesc who is straight by the book and seems to be very knowledgeable about his field – that’s fine. He’s interpreting and practicing the law and the law dictates innocent until proven guilty.

    Then you have others, like myself, who albeit have a level of respect for the law, will question it and openly voice the many flaws in it. Our system of law isn’t designed to help the victim but rather the accused.

  13. Ozy

    And no, I am not backtracking. I do not backtrack. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. Backtracking is something different altogether.

    Also not peesonally attacking you or Sal, Eagle. Commenting on the odd, agressive approach you took to my personal opinion. A little sensitive?

    Lee, I am a tad obsessed.

  14. salparadisenyc

    Aggressive approach?

    You’re having a laugh now, was just a bit dumfounded by the naivety of the original statement.

  15. WengerEagle


    ‘If there were accurate statistics recording every real assault to fake assault, you’d notice the scale pulling very much in favor of the number of real assaults, reported or not.’

    Yeah this is true and I happen to agree with you on this, just find your ‘the victim is always in the right’ philosophy pretty strange. You yourself admitted that it goes on so why dismiss it altogether in the next breath by saying ‘I will always believe the victim’?

    ‘And no, I am not backtracking. I do not backtrack. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. Backtracking is something different altogether.’

    You told Cesc you were joking when I think that it was pretty obvious to everyone on here that you were being serious.

    I wasn’t the only one to find your statement bizarre so yes you were singling me out along with sal.

  16. Ozy

    I’m not serious about it from a legal standpoint. I don’t truly wish law was practiced as such. But again, personal opinion? Again, I’ll believe the victim of sexual assault and am in no way compelled to defend the accused.

    And no, I wasnt “slinging” you two but rather responding. As I responded to Cesc, and semi-responded to Lee. I have no reason to attack you too aside from my (correct) assumption of who you will decide to advocate for in this argument.

  17. N5

    I must admit, I’m a bit like Ozy in this respect, whenever I read a story about a person and a girl being r@ped, I nearly always think scumbag about the bloke. I hardly ever think, I bet she’s trying to get some money out of this.

    I’m not sure why I go straight to he’s guilty, but I tend to…..

    On the other side of that. OJ got found innocent and I’m not sure a single person on here hasn’t called him guilty in their minds.

    So in that respect, doesn’t Ozy kind of have a point?

  18. Lee

    Woah there buddy
    I’m 6,2″
    Hardly little
    Creep?? I’d say more irritant. Creeps defend rapists and footballers who have sex with underage girls

  19. N5

    Lee. you also say you have a supermodel girlfriend and are a director of your own company, yet as you can hardly string a sentence together, I’ve got to believe you are making most of the things up that you say.

    You’re a 4ft 2 stump on jobseekers who wanks himself off. That is all.

    Or to type it, like you would, yousroaszd asrfujsaof af aosdak asodsnf

  20. WengerEagle


    london gunner and Thomas are on the same page as myself and sal.

    As nice as it would be to believe that the ‘victim’ is always telling the truth this simply is not the case.

    I’m not defending Johnson and saying that he’s innocent, he could well be guilty and if it turns out to be true then he deserves everything he’ll get. I’m just saying that it’s premature to be talking about him as being guilty on the night he’s accused.

  21. N5

    Eagle, I may be wrong, but I don’t think Ozy is saying we all should think like that. Just that he does tend to believe in his mind that the person is guilty rather than innocent.

    Look at things since Operation Yewtree has begun, how many of us thought I bet Ken Barlow and Kevin Webster are guilty or now think Cliff Richards probably is! I did to all of them and not a single one was. However, I thought Rolf was innocent, so I’m not sure I have a clue what I’m talking about.

  22. northern gooner

    Didnt park up at the school yesterday.

    We were well early so parked at cockfosters station and got the tube in.
    Only cost 1.50 to park and a fiver on tube. 20 mins to arsenal station.
    My mate had never been down before so he was well impressed with the old and new stadium.
    The guy who sorted my tickets was running late so couldnt get in the tolli.
    Ended up in the Eaglet were some character was singing some cracking arsenal songs on the mic.
    Made good time getting home as well. Shit-Shaved-Showered and having a brew for 9pm.

  23. WengerEagle


    Mate it’s the night he’s been accused, we literally know nothing about the case, not one detail.

    That’s why I think that it’s premature to be presuming him to be guilty.

    OJ proves that the court doesn’t always get it right though, you and Ozy are 100% correct in that.

  24. Lee


    Hahaha if only you knew……
    What kick would I get out of pretending to be taller and heavier than I really am??
    I don’t understand the benefit…
    I am director of my own company
    Two companies in fact
    That CEO BOLLOCKS was just words out into my mouth by posters on le grove
    Ok my mrs may not be a model. But she’s extremely attractive in my eyes.
    Happy now??
    Oh and I’m not illiterate at all. However I am a busy man, running two companies and all so I don’t have time to prof read my posts before I send them. So when spell check kicks in then I wont notice until the Wimbledon sock Mayfair cunt

  25. Lee

    You all picture me to be a little loner
    Oh man you lot are too easy. Who needs therapy when you have le grove

  26. Ozy

    Exactly, N5. Do any of us here actually believe the law is flawless in its convictions? Is it not extremely difficult to convict a person convicted of sexual assault? Don’t most sexual assaults go unreported? I will side with the victim.

    It’s a myth that there is an epidemic of false accusations – even if there were, a very small fraction of those would actually result in a guilty verdict.

    Take Adam Johnson. I believe he did it. More details will come out and we will all create our own opinions of what happened. Because of his status, it will be a media circus, as Cesc said. But until more details come out, even after a judgement, I will make my own decision and it will almost always be in favor of the victim.

  27. N5

    Northern, that’s a really good idea. You saved money doing it that way. It’s not so nice if we lose and it’s raining, but I’m glad you had a nice time.

    I’m glad your mate had a nice time. If you’ve not been before it is breathtaking. Will you be doing it again this season?

  28. WengerEagle

    Hahaha cannot stop laughing at this Lee prick.

    CEO of 2 companies and he’s got time to talk shit on Le-Grove? On multiple accounts.

    Thought you would of been up to your nuts in guts with your ‘model’ wife in any free-time you get away from directing your ‘companies’?


  29. Lee

    I don’t do wives eagle
    Unless their someone else’s
    And I’m director not ceo
    Get my title right lowly mortal

  30. Ozy

    Take the military here in the states. If you’re sexually assaulted, you do not have a court of law – you have a tribunal composed of military men of different levels of command. Even if convicted guilty, commanding generals can offer the accused clemency and effectively throw out the conviction. Simple as that. The victim will then be ocstracized and targeted for her or his bravery.

    I find it difficult to sit on the fence and be neutral about something like this. I will side with the victim.

  31. N5

    Lee, I’m sharp if I can read what someone has wrote.

    You seem to throw insults round without knowing a single thing about the people you are talking about.

    I don’t think you are more intelligent than me, richer than me, have a better job than me or a better looking partner. But hay! whatever you need to get you through the day.

  32. N5

    OK test for all you Mensa candidates out there. Can you please decipher this from Lee and explain it to e because apparently I’m a little slow for not getting it.

    “So when spell check kicks in then I wont notice until the Wimbledon sock Mayfair cunt”

    Answers on a postcard please.

  33. Ozy

    Lee, you’re probably richer than me. I only have 12 dollars in my bank account.

    There. I fulfilled my community service requirements for the day.

  34. salparadisenyc

    I do a bit of skiing, had a real conundrum as to what type of case i’d transport my skis in, must admit this stuff looks quality but I couldn’t bring myself to punch in.


    “Better journeys through smarter travel gear.”

    This you’re gaff Lee?

  35. london gunner


    “Take the military here in the states. If you’re sexually assaulted, you do not have a court of law – you have a tribunal composed of military men of different levels of command. Even if convicted guilty, commanding generals can offer the accused clemency and effectively throw out the conviction. Simple as that. The victim will then be ocstracized and targeted for her or his bravery.”

    If true that’s disgusting. I think rappists should be rapped to be honest. Once you have rapped someone you lose your right to your own body imo

  36. Lee

    Well you’ll never know mate will you??
    You’ll just have to assume I’m talking a load of old baloney.
    I didn’t itter a syllable on the matter of my partner being more attractive or my job being better.
    Personally a lot of models aren’t that attractive.
    And anyone can register a company and site yourself as director.
    It doesn’t mean that company makes any money.
    You’ve made assumptions based on your own insecurities fella. I mean I say I’m banging a model and I’m running my own show and everyone goes nuts like I’m the wolf of wall St

  37. northern gooner


    i have been down a good few times. The chap who gets my tickets married into a family of gooners when he left us northerners for the bright lights of the big city and they have half a dozen season tickets in the family.
    As long as he get 3 or 4 weeks notice i can normally sort us out.
    My mate who came is an everton fan and he was smiling after the game. Thats how impressed he was with the experience.
    Im hoping to get down for the liverpool game but at the minute its 50/50 as i may try newcastle away as not been up there for years.

  38. N5

    Lee, you said she was a model. That isn’t an exaggeration, you said I’ve got to get back to fucking my model girlfriend. I’ll find the post.

  39. N5

    Nice one NG, glad you both had a nice day of it. Also it’s lovely to hear about your friends reaction. It would have been even more impressive if the fans wasn’t so flat. Well at least until OG scored.

  40. WengerEagle


    Fair enough didn’t fully understand where you were coming from earlier.

    You’re entitled to that opinion even if it’s not one that I agree with.

    Those guilty who get away with r*ape disgust me, but those who falsely accuse people of r*ape also disgust me, they’re a huge part of the reason that people get away with it and ruin many lives in the process.

    When a story like today breaks out your natural inclination is to believe that the accused is guilty, that’s ok.

    Just don’t completely dismiss the alternative is all I’m saying.

  41. london gunner


    How did you find that post? How did you remember what date it was posted on, what article, and what page of the comment section?

    I mean that’s from 4 months ago…

  42. Lee

    Yeah I said she was a model
    Didn’t say he was more attractive or less attractive
    Said I ran my own company.
    Didn’t say I was a ceo or that I earned more money

    Again your own insecurities sonny.

    Well done for digging up the comment though. Really cool.
    Maybe I’m loaded maybe I aint.

  43. Ozy

    It’s true, LG. It happens very frequently – it’s why sexual assault in the military is massively under reported. Disgusting.

  44. N5

    London, I just typed “Lee model Le Grove” into Google and it was the 4th one down. Google is great at locating comments if you know roughly what was said.

    Lee I have no insecurities, but you obviously do. Troll on son, just stop digging Eagle out who shits all over you in every aspect. Le Grove’s Pinocchio.

  45. london gunner


    Thanks for that tip! Its just you did it before and I never got how you did it. thought you had a photographic memory lol

  46. Vintage Gun

    ““So when spell check kicks in then I wont notice until the Wimbledon sock Mayfair cunt”

    It seems that this could be an ancient neanderthal dialect. I will have to contact the professor of pre historic languages at Stoke on Trent University in the morning to confirm.

  47. N5

    Eagle, that was Ozrus wasn’t it? I’m not sure they’re the same guy. Ozrus could type a sentence and present it in a readable fashion.

  48. N5

    Lol London I toyed with suggesting that when you asked, but its just Google. I found Marbles comment before using it.

  49. northern gooner


    Yeah it was very flat. It felt quite strange were we where. I could feel the nervousness. Also the everton fans werent really as loud as i thought.
    However the seats we had were bang on the half way line near the front of the upper tier so we couldnt of picked a better view.

    On a different note Joe Hart was in our gaff today promoting BT Sport.

    3rd question on his Q&A
    Joe did it hurt your back picking the balls up after them 2 worldies yesterday.
    Give him his due he just laughed it off.

  50. Ozy

    Eagle, agreed. As more details come out, we can make far more educated decisions.

    It’s still baffling to me how a professional football player can sleep with a minor.. he was clearly not leveraging his attributes too well, it seems.

  51. N5

    Lol Vintage, you like me are a bit of a dimwit then, I haven’t got a PhD in twatology so I had no idea what it meant, but one day, fingers crossed, I will be as cleverer as Lee who’s the goodest on Legrove, Umpossibley.

  52. N5

    NG, the last time I was at the ground and it was that flat was against Palace the day after Wenger signed Kim Kallstrom but at least Palace made noise. The Monaco game did something to fans that only the KK signing has matched.

    Everton seemed to really want that win, I’m not sure why it was more important to them than us? At the end after TR goal they looked like they’d lost a cup final.

    Respect to Joe, that’s the best way to react if you have the chops for it. 😀

  53. salparadisenyc


    Something way sexier about a purring 35 yr old with something to prove, than a 19 year old Russian bird who can barely say more.

  54. london gunner


    The only way to deal with rappe is to rappe the rapissts.

    Send them to the prison yard with gay rappists. They will then truly understand what their victims feel.

    Also,the fear of being humiliated in such a way would be a massive put off for rapiists. I reckon the level of sexual assault levels would drop right down.

    It might seem extreme, but extreme crimes call for extreme punishments.

  55. WengerEagle

    Yeah to be fair even Luka Modric who is the ugliest footballer by a mile has a hot wife.

    How a footballer couldn’t score off the pitch is indeed baffling.

    Chamakh has taken on the role of Hugh Hefner jr ever since he’s joined Palace. 😉

  56. Cesc Appeal


    Oh yeah, you are fully entitled to your opinion. I thought you were sort of coming at it from a ‘this is how the law should be’ sort of angle. The system is not perfect…believe I spend all day in classes with utter head scratchers, but sometimes its flaws are a necessary evil, its sort of built on the premise that Blackstone described, better 10 guilty men go free than one innocent suffer. That’s why the burden of proof is so high.

    But yeah, I think r.ape is abhorrent, the worst thing you can do to an individual without leaving visible scars. Heinous. I would not so much throw the book at r.apists as crush them with it.

    I would give life to r.apsist, I mean blatant r.apists where it was obvious they didn’t have consent i.e drugging, physical attacks etc…because frequently they rob the victim of their own life.

    Equally, as WE says, there are people who fake r.ape claims for whatever reason. I always think they should be taken to r.ape centres, made to be around real victims and they can see what a devastating, life destroying thing it is.

  57. Ozy

    I can’t say I agree, LG. R@pe is soul crushing and absolutely devastating. It wouldn’t make for proper rehabilitation.. then again, you need to be a truly broken individual to be able to do that to another so I’m actually not even sure you can be rehabilitated. It would make for a very efficient deterrent, though. But it just seems like a very barbaric way of carrying out a punishment. I do get your line of thinking, though.

    I guess it’s a similar argument to that of the death penalty. I am opposed to that too.

    BUT I couldn’t care less what happens to rap*sts so if they do happen to drop the soap in prison… I won’t lose any sleep.

  58. Lee


    Come on…. You really can’t be that bereft of brain cells….
    Please, I implore you. Revisit my earlier post. Put your two ounces of brain together to try and decipher exactly what my message was.
    It’s hardly binary

  59. london gunner

    Lol if Adam Johnson is guilty he truly is a scumbag of epic proportions.

    His not some weird desperate dungeons and dragons nerd who can’t get laid if he was the last man on earth.

    The world is his pusssy buffet. Fuck even league championship players can get the hottest women and league 1 guys can probably punch way above their weight.

    At times like this I think Peddo’s most really be fucked genetically. If that’s the case they should be allowed to confess and then be force to have chemical casstrations.

    (PS the spelling mistakes are to beat the filter)

  60. northern gooner


    Looking at the table they are only a couple of bad results off getting into the relegation battle.
    They are in no mans land at the moment.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    “His not some weird desperate dungeons and dragons nerd who can’t get laid if he was the last man on earth.”

    Hey! We get laid.

  62. Lee

    Eagle?? Shits??

    Guys guys guys, there are no Eagles in Irish ecology.
    Untold sparrows though. Tweet tweet
    What have Eagles got do do with the price of eggs?

  63. N5

    Lee Have you never heard of the WengerEagle. Ha ha, you have no idea why he’s even called it. Stop typing, I’m catching stupid just reading your posts.

    NG, I hadn’t noticed the table!! That makes some serious sense now.

  64. london gunner


    Lol my best mate in the world plays dungeon and dragons! So no offence intended was just using a cliche to emphasize a point :).

  65. N5

    Lol, what do you recommend waiter.

    Well it’s all you can eat from the Pussy Buffet, but stay away from the Tottenham girl end, I think that’s gone off as the smell emanating off of it is pungent.

  66. WengerEagle

    Back to the world of footy for a second, Serie A looks all but over as Juventus are 1-0 up away from home against Roma, 76 mins gone with the brilliant Carlos Tevez scoring what could prove to be the Scudetto clincher.

    I’ve adored Tevez for close to a decade, imagine if we’d have signed him instead of Giroud…

  67. Lee

    N5 you div just read it

    God no wonder kids can’t pass their GCSEs now
    No wonder new labour had to dumb down degrees so every thicko who wanted an ology got one.

    Not an ounce of wit or humour between the lot of you eh??

  68. london gunner


    This is the scumbag league

    1 Child killling molsters
    2 Child killerss
    2 Child M@lesters
    3 Rapisst Killerss
    4 Terrorists
    5 Serial Killlers
    6 Rapiists
    7 Rascistts
    8 killlers
    9 corrupt Officials/politicians
    10 Justin Biebers Music

  69. N5

    Lee, do you know what I do for a living?do you know what education I have? and you call me stupid because I don’t understand your silly joke?

    I think maybe the problem lies with you as no one here at all got it, only you.

  70. Lee


    I know what the wen her eagle is and why he has it as his sudonym.

    You nee to think outside the box. You are taking me literally. Big mistake brah. Did it ever occur to you that I’m fucking around??

  71. london gunner

    Tevez scores a fantastic freekick.

    I remember saying we should outbid Juventus for Tevez.

    Many said he was not good enough. Jheeze the guy is awesomely talented.

    Sure he looks a little like a monster and is more brute/beast than silky, but fuck me I would much prefer his overall ability to Giroud’s

  72. Thomas

    Lol found this post by googling. Switch Phil with Lee.

    Arsene’s Nurse May 30, 2014 19:47:35

    kwik fit May 30, 2014 19:19:13

    I wonder what phil celebrated more. Arsenal winning their first trophy in nine years or Wenger getting a three year extension. I suggest the latter.
    Phil’s Mum: Philip, Philly dear, dinners ready!


    Phil’s Mum: Come on down darling, I’ve made your favourite and I’ve put it on your favourite Arsene Wenger plate.

    Phil’s Dad: I fear for that lad. It’s great being a gooner, but his bedroom only has Wenger posters in it.

    Phil’s Mum: I’ll take him up a cup of tea.

    [she climbs the stairs and as she nears Phil’s door she can hear strange noises]

    [cue muffled groans]

    [Phil’s mum knocks on the door – no answer – she walks in]

    Phil’s Mum: Oh god! [the tea cup crashes to the floor and she rushes from the scene]

    The camera cuts to the face of a blissfully unaware Phil, a pleasurable grimace on his face, the words “mental strength” and “hand brake” can be heard from his headphones.

    Phil’s Dad: What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!

    Phil’s Mum: [shaking] He, he, he’s got a fleshlight. Oh god I caught him masturbating using a fleshlight with a cardboard cut out of Wenger’s face slipped over it.

    Phils’ Dad: Right that’s it, I’m going to use the parental internet controls and ban him from Positively Arsenal and Untold.

  73. Ozy

    Eagle, no problem at all. Don’t have an issue with you or anybody here. Certainly wasn’t attacking you or Sal either. It goes without saying the level of respect you two command around here. But all of us being very opiniated, we will inevitably clash here and there.


    “better 10 guilty men go free than one innocent suffer. That’s why the burden of proof is so high.”

    I’ve never actually thought about it like that. Very well said. Puts certain things in perspective.

    Life for r@pists sounds about right. As for those falsely accused, I’m sure that’s a very toxic thing to go through. Would ruin their life. I’m not sure it’s very common, though. Not in the grand scheme of things.

    That grey area of consent makes it ridiculously difficult to assess a sexual assault – thank god I’m not studying law..

  74. Lee


    I have never called you stupid
    I wouldn’t call you that.
    Theres a line. I wouldn’t cross THAT PARTICULAR LINE!!!

  75. N5

    Lee you’ve repeatedly called me a div, said me and vintage have tiny brains and said we’re the reason the GSCE’s have been dumbed down. Did I misinterpret what you meant by that?

    Trust me mate, I’ve been on the Grove for years and seen a million of you come and go, keep this up as long as you like, but out of the two of us, I know which one of us is making themselves look simple.

  76. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    We have been raving on for him for sometime, but even he exceeded my expectations of him at Juventus. Somehow he seems more technical in that league whereas in England he seemed more blood and guts (though with real talent behind it)

  77. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, sometimes the law is so ambiguous, though I think maybe that’s a design trait to leave flexibility in trials for advocates and judges? But I’m just speculating.

    But, we can all agree, Justin Bieber is shit. 🙂

  78. N5

    Eagle or London, has RP been on recently? And is he still a big fan of Roma? I’ve not seen him mention them in a while.

  79. Lee



    Jesus Christ it’s a fucking blog where people come to berate their “beloved” club.

    These people don’t have respect in the real world. That’s why they are here. Criticizing the club and policing their precious blog.
    Seeking refuge from their empty hollow lives.
    Seeking companionship with faceless “friends” they will never truly know

  80. N5

    Ozy, I love pitbulls and staffs, but I don’t like the fact Americans seem to clip their ears. Have yours got clipped ears?

  81. N5

    “These people don’t have respect in the real world. That’s why they are here. Criticizing the club and policing their precious blog.
    Seeking refuge from their empty hollow lives.”

    I know silly cunts and whats worse is a person that lies to these liars, suggesting he’s a model fucking entrepreneur with more businesses than Alan Sugar.

  82. london gunner


    Yes and Yes.

    They may have been humiliated by Bayern, but as were Barca.

    IMO Rudi ain’t suddenly shit. Reckon RP would agree.

  83. Cesc Appeal

    Animal abusers…can’t stand them.

    Don’t get an animal, if you’re not going to treat it properly, just don’t get it.

    I remember a case in the papers a little while ago where a woman left a staff (I think) locked in a kitchen and moved out, the judge said the staff had raided the cupboard and licked a mop dry for water before dying of thirst.

    The judge said the statutory provision only allow me to give you 8 months in prison, but believe me, I would give you many, many years if I had the power to do so.

    I would give them that power.

    Vote Cesc Appeal 2015.

    No but in all seriousness, can’t stand animal cruelty. No need, utterly avoidable, no one asked you to get a pet.

    Rant over.

  84. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    Ah figures. 😀

    Yeah Tevez is exceptional, he’s hit a new level at Juventus as he’s prolificly scoring goals now in addition to have a superb all-round game. As mad as it is he’s only going to be playing in Europe for 1 more season, he’s heading to Boca Juniors in 2016 when his contract runs out with Juve.

    At City he was a beast too, even at United, West Ham and for Argentina while he didn’t have a great scoring record his talent was evident for all to see. One of my favourite players to never wear the Arsenal shirt, I have a Argentina away jersey I got before the 2006 WC that has Tevez on the back!

  85. N5

    Agreed London, Rudi got shown up, but I’m sure he’ll do all he can to never repeat that mess, unlike a certain manager a little closer to home that never seems to learn.

  86. N5

    Cesc, you have my vote. I think Animal abuse isn’t taken serious at all and considering the types of characters that abuse animals normally use that as a gateway abuse to bigger and badder things, it leave me baffled.

    I’ve read things about people kicking dogs to death and just getting a ban on getting an animal again which I’m almost certain isn’t checked up on.

  87. WengerEagle


    Yeah Romford still loves Roma.

    I’m a fan too, Garcia’s done a great job there.

    It’s hard not to be impressed by Juventus though, heading towards a 4th straight Scudetto without heavy investment.

  88. london gunner

    “One of my favourite players to never wear the Arsenal shirt”

    I feel precisely the same way, as you said his all round game is superb, coupled that with his relentless drive and that is a player you can love. He is not just a footballer, but a warrior. He should have been waken to the world cup instead of Higuain whose so limited compared to him.

  89. Ozy

    N5, I have not. It’s really upsetting to see pits with clipped ears. It’s usually one of two things – either they’re being used as fighting dogs or they have chronic ear infections.

    It’s common for pits to suffer from ear infections … my pit was getting them when he was a puppy and my vet recommended clipping his ears if it persisted. Thankfully, it didn’t.

    I actually know of one vet here in NY that clips dogs ears that are very clearly being used as fighting dogs. Horrible.

  90. Lee

    What can I say? Oh I’m illiterate.
    Oooooh. My secret is out on le grove. Aaaaaah. I’m dyslexic. Do you know the hardship I endure every time I type a comment??

    And N5

    You are a div
    I still have never called you stupid
    That’s crossing the line.
    An if so many of my type have come on gone then why humour me?? Begs the question though.
    What is it about le grove that draws my type??
    Perhaps it’s your type.
    Little pussy boy scouts. Obviously bullied at school with no mates no social lives. Rejected by the world so you seek companionship on t’internet.
    Bossing people around or lambasting them for supporting their club.
    I wonder how many REAL GOONERS have read le grove, like me, for years. Then progressed onto the comments section and have been repulsed by the abusive anti arsenal manner of its posters. Total divs like you N5. The way in which you slate our manager our players and our true fans or daring to support their team. How many of them have seen that and thought “fuck it, they’re ganging up on some poor cunt for nothing, I’m gonna twist the lot of em”?
    A fair few I’ll bet, kissing by your comment.
    Now you little toss pot.
    Respect is not something I’ll dish out to you little weirdos. With your online community. Fucking sados man.
    But I’ll be here every week. Winding you up. Laughing my arse off.
    Until I’ve had enough. Or I feel you’ve had enough. So yeah, go ahead, call for me to be banished.
    I shall regard it as a badge of honour

  91. Cesc Appeal


    I know.

    I remember reading in the paper a gang of little feral brats cut the ears off a Spaniel with scissors for a laugh.

    What’s the betting they got an ASBO or something? I’d cut the little fuckers ears off, ask them how they like it.

    There’s mass of law right now relating to Animal Rights, as in Animal Human Rights, just like we do. Freedom from cruel, abusive and degrading behaviour, freedom from imprisonment etc

    It’s big in the US right now I think to do with chickens that McDonalds use? One of my lecturers said anyway. That would be really interesting.

    Personally, I mean the funding would be impossible, I would like to see licenses to own pets you had to pay for and be vetted for…then check ups on your pet every 6 months or something and criminal sanctions if you neglected or abused your pet.

    Unfortunately animals can’t talk…yet, so you will always get cowards, sadists and nasty fuckers abusing animals because they are inadequate bullies in real life.

  92. WengerEagle

    ‘He is not just a footballer, but a warrior.’

    This is the reason he’s absolutely worshipped in Argentina, more so than the likes of Aguero and even Messi crazily enough.

    He’s a street kid with a big heart, came from a dirt poor background.

    ‘He should have been waken to the world cup instead of Higuain whose so limited compared to him.’

    Definitely. Higuain stank up the WC along with Aguero (he clearly wasn’t fit in his defence).

    Controversial but I reckon that Argentina would have beaten Germany in the final with Tevez in place of Higuain.

  93. Ozy

    Cesc, you have my vote. That story about the mop hit me at my core. I hate hearing shit like that. It’s despicable.

    Animal abusers, child abusers – people who pick on the defenseless are horrible, weak people. N5, agree completely – it should be taken far more seriously.

    Dogs are such loving creatures. My pit scares everybody (pitbull discrimination… I won’t get into it..) but she’s a sweetheart. She’s over 60 pounds but is scared shitless of animals a fraction her size.

  94. N5

    Ozy, I didn’t realise that was why they clipped them, I just assumed it was a thing they did in US. Thanks for correcting me.

    Lee, I didn’t read most of that, but just so you know, I don’t insult are manager, team or fans so I’m not sure where you got that from.

  95. Cesc Appeal


    I agree. I love dogs, they are incredibly loyal, selfless, loving animals who derive joy from your happiness.

    Always been a massive animal person, my whole family are. Animals are part of your family, they each have characters and personalities and what have you.

    I’m with you, every time I read a story about animal cruelty…well to be honest with you most of the time I can’t, I just turn past it because it makes my blood boil.

  96. Lee

    Are not our??
    Oh shit spelling mistake
    You’re illiterate
    You can’t spell.
    Shamans alphz zbeu amandienSk

  97. N5

    Ozy I had a staff which is like a small Pit, I’m not sure if you have them in the US. And she was an angel, but people would cross the road when they saw me with her, so I hear your discrimination comment loud and clear.

    Heart of gold and so full of love and yet they are the most abused dog in England. So many are beaten, not fed, shouted at and yet nothing is done to prevent it. Battersea dog home is literally 75% staff. That’s so wrong.

  98. N5

    Lee, you seem quite angry now. That’s a shame. Go and have a cuddle with your model girlfriend or do some pricing for one of your million jobs, that’ll make you feel better darling.

  99. Cesc Appeal


    Not yet mate.

    Do you know what I have GTA 5 and Far Cry 4 still in their wrapping because of Uni work, just don’t have the time!

    But come the summer, I’m going to do volunteer work with Citizens Advice and Witness and Victim Support but hopefully I will have the weekends back to indulge my PS4 addiction! 😉

    I did play that AC Unite DLC, Dead Kings; not really that impressed. Ubisoft need to stop chasing the cash and focus on the content.

  100. N5

    CA, I have such a big backlog now I don’t think I’ll finish before the PS5 comes out. I got Dragon Age the other night, but haven’t got past the title screen and apparently the storyline alone is 90 hours plus it has multiplayer

  101. N5

    Ohhh CA my sister did that Witness support, she’s a behaviour analyst who works with parole boards to determine prisoner release and chance of reoffending.

    When she did it, she met that David Pelzer, she was disturbed by that for so long. I hope your experience isn’t so “real”.

  102. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I heard it is really long and deep as well. I’ve got to get it so let me know what its like.

    Was looking forward to the Order 1886, but that has bombed. Again, all style no substance. But I think that is to be expected from the first wave of next gen games looking to show off the power of the console.

  103. london gunner


    Check out witcher 3 when it comes out. I don’t game that much (don’t have the PC for it or the time/patience to create my own rig) but I played Witcher 2 around my mates and it seemed epic and Witcher 3 is open world.

  104. Ozy

    N5, my dog is actually a staffordshire as well. She’s tiny. But she’s mixed with a lab as well so she has long legs. She’s kinda stupid looking.

    A friend found her mother on the side of the road, pregnant with her and her siblings. She was used as a bait dog – a weak dog that is raised to be non-agressive to be thrown in with fighting dogs and make them stronger. It’s horrible.

    The same is seen here – every dog shelter is 80% pit bulls. Some states have banned them. It’s illegal to adopt one, it’s crazy. Such a terrible misconception. They’re actually family dogs. Fiercely loyal, kind creatures.

    Cesc, my family as well. I will put my dog before myself. She’s family.