I can’t be racist because…

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Guys, soak that up for a second.

I mean, it’s taking the ‘I have a black friend’ line and moving it to the next level… you actually land a picture on your camera phone to prove how cosmopolitan you are… and actually you end up having an even better proof point because you have many ethnicities involved in your keep safe, obviously, courtesy of betting brand.

Just imagine, for a second, you were the type of person who’d go and stand next to that.

I mean, the deeper issue with pranks like the above… well, it kind of trivialises a really horrible incident.

‘Let’s all laugh at racism’

It’s a pretty grim picture. The more I look at it, the more I can’t believe that any brand would want to be part of something so unbelievably vulgar and out of touch.

ANYWAY. Enough on other clubs.

Today is all about Arsenal. We play Everton at 1405, which is really disappointing, because I’ve had to take a massive one on the chin and live tweet for a brand today. Sad times. But hey, when it’s a football account on the line, sometimes you have to do these things.

So, the narrative of today is this…

> We’re down in the dumps

> We’re not fresh because of Champions League commitments

> We’re being chased by other clubs. United took over 3rd place from us. Liverpool play City, so there’s an outside chance they might gain on us.

So here’s the thing, today is f*cking important. There can be no moping around. If we pick up 3 points today, we have to pick ourselves again because we play QPR in the week. The games are coming thick and fast. We need to show strong mental abilities. We need to show that the game in the week was a blip. We need to work like a team, we need to stay switched on and we need to communicate.

It’s going to be a hard game. Everton have been pretty weak this year, but they have the capabilities in their side to cause problems. Lukaku has destroyed us before, Mirralas is a very good player, they have a lot of power in their side and my guess is they’ll go hard for Mertesacker… because love him or love him… he’s turning into a bit of weak link this season. I’d be tempted to drop him for Gabriel today. Take him out the firing line.

I’d also drop Ospina. Because Martinez will be looking to hammer him today. His unorthodox approach scared the shit out of me. He’s had his chance, he did well for a bit, but I’m not seeing enough in him to risk a big game. Bring back the Pole. See if we get a reaction out of him. Have to say, what didn’t help the Chezzer cause for me was at half time in the week, he was playing the cross bar challenge at halftime. It shows you the lack of focus he has and the immaturity about him that he’d do that…

But, when you know the guy in front of you is a disaster waiting to happen, why worry? WHY BLOODY WORRY?

You know what really upsets me? Fabianski. He had another blinder yesterday. He should have been given back his number one after getting injured last year. He’s more mature, a harder worker and a top bloke. Such a shame we let him go.

Arsene has pulled on of his standard ‘I’m hurt by the criticism‘ responses. He’s also taken on the comments of Jose.

“I have exactly the same pressure [as other managers],”

“I want to win football games and it is a huge disappointment not to win it [against Monaco], but that is also part of the game.

Arsene, this is a lie. The board have basically said you go when you want to go. Our Chairman said at the AGM they back you when you have a plan, look the other way when you don’t. That’s not pressure my friend. That is power at an unprecedented level.

“It is true that in the last four years we have not progressed (into the Champions League quarter-finals) and that is why this result on Wednesday is so disappointing.

“Everything went against us as well on the night – and after that you get always slaughtered, that is part of it.”

Smart planning went against you. That game wasn’t a fluke. That was a result of naivety and not having a plan smart enough to deal with a clever team.

“We have massive games in front of us and we have played two times away from home more than at home [in the Premier League], so the way we play at home is vital.

“The reactions today are always very emotional, but life is not always on a high.

Again, I really don’t like this line of fire. The reactions weren’t emotional. It’s not knee jerk. Most reactions were pretty frank and on the money. We don’t compete because of consistent failure to address our weaknesses. That’s not emotional.

“You have to go through lows and highs, and at the end of the day it is about how consistent you have been in response to disappointments that makes your life.”

We consistently don’t respond to the disappointments. That’s why we’re not at the elite level we should be.

Back to the game.

Up top, I think it’s time to give Theo a run. Get him pressuring the full backs of Everton… because they’re more than capable of destroying us if we put Ozil there like we did in the away leg of the fixture (last year?). Theo might not be the perfect player… but he’s a worry. He puts doubt in teams. I’d like to see us think about our line up today. Offering something surprising. No idea what that could be… but hey, I’m not a football coach.

Right, have a marvellous day… see you in the comments!

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  1. GuNZ


    The Giroud issue is one that won’t go away until a replacement in the same position proves himself a better convertor of chances. You pop the goals in at one end, you don’t have to work so hard to stop them going in at the other end.

    But I can’t agree with the word ‘functional’. You wouldn’t call a car that only starts once in 12 attempts functional. Maybe it’s a matter of semantics, but at the end of the day, to me a car is only functional when I can rely on it to get me from A to B without having to worry about whether it’s going to start. If I can’t, and I’ve got the money in my account to upgrade to a more dependable model, then that’s my own lookout but I still can’t ignore the fact I am using a faulty piece of machinery.

    Look, I’ve said on here before that I consider Giroud adequate, but adequate seems to be a by-word to describe Arsenal nowadays and I know that, if you refuse to upgrade it, you can’t blame the car itself for not starting everytime, but, to stretch the analogy – possibly to breaking point – when something that may look sleek and beautiful on the outside can’t live up to its promise, it’s going to piss a few people off. Not rational I know, but if Giroud stopped his ridiculous goal-miss antics on the pitch (and I know he is probably far more contrite than he comes across) and Wenger took off his rose-tinted spectacles, Giroud might get a lot more fans.

  2. london gunner


    You call Theo a goal hanger… but fail to account that he provides more assists when fit than the entire team (bar the primary playmaker) Perhaps you should then evaluate the rest of the team and realise if Theo is bang average then the creative players must be below average.

    To imply he is a goal hanger who scores tap ins is one not to evaluate the vast amount of his goals which are technical and difficult. (he isn’t a giroud who taps in basic goals)

    Your bias towards him leads you to completely ignore his strong points.

    Also why the campaign specifically against Walcott why not OX who scores 3 goals a season and who actually has a pathetic defensive record as well (averages 2 defensive errors a game)

    Why also fail to mention Welbeck who was bought as a striker who can’t finish and is now playing on the wing.

    I remember last year you were defending Jack Wilshere and I was telling you Walcott adds so much, because Jack had more passes and was a technical player you let him off the hook for an age.

    If you look at the entire team there are so many weaknesses arteta,flamini, gibbs, welbeck and ox… Walcott should be at the end of the problem list not the beginning

  3. Ozy

    “Ozil average..”
    “Playing like a 15 million player..”

    I know shit about football but at least I know better than to say that. When the fuck did we start evaluating how good a player is based on their price tag?

    So we may have paid too much for Ozil. Who gives a shit? You think the club is hurting for cash since we paid 42 million for Ozil? It’s an inflated market.

    Dumbasses would probably prefer the Ox play instead of Ozil..

  4. Ozy

    Shit, I mean.. idk if Di Maria is worth 60 million … maybe that’s being 10, 20 million too generous but I know he’s an extremely gifted footballer and no amount of shitty performances at Man U, in a broken system, will change that. Idiots.

  5. Marko

    Gabriel absolutely due a run now in the team. Mertesacker’s days are numbered cause given his age we truly should be looking at younger than him in the summer. You can see the Monaco debacle is probably still giving the team nightmares. Might do for a few weeks tbh

  6. northern gooner


    Im home safe and your right the undies smell but did the trick. Had a top day but im knackered now.

    Up the arsenal

  7. Dissenter

    The last time we had a conversation (argument), you were advocating that we sign Balotelli 🙂

    Do you really think Ozil’s form has been anywhere near world class?

    And since when didn’t the transfer fee matter when a player is assessed?

    Its only in the mindset of you Ozil-is-class-no-matter-what crowd that transfer fee isn’t used to judge a player.

  8. Wallace


    there’s no talk in Germany of the Reus signing being just a temporary thing. they all see it as a long-term commitment. Reus, Klopp, Dortmund management, they’re all talking about him becoming a legend there.

  9. Ozy

    Dissenter, I am very well aware of that. I wanted us to sign Balotelli, Di Maria, Falcao.. etc … and I was wrong in the former and latter. I can admit that. Who knew Falcao would be such a disaster? Balotelli came with a risk but at the time, I thought it’d be best to buy Balotelli than stick with Sanogo and Giroud as our two strikers. Not sure what’s the deal with Balotelli – he hasn’t exactly performed consistently over the years so I can’t say he’s not suited for the PL or he’s not interested enough. Aside from an odd moment of brilliance here and there, he’s been garbage over the years. But still I called for him because of those flashes of brilliance.

    With Ozil, you have a player who has been consistently performing superbly at the very top level for years and years. He was a Galactico – their number 10. Performed very well at the World Cup before Madrid signed him and performed very well at Werder Bremen. He is an excellent player, beyond talented.

    Yes, he’s had horrid games. He’s been anonymous, disinterested, ineffective and pure garbage. But because of that, to call him garbage or average? Seems ignorant. To erase his entire brilliant career because he hasn’t done well here? Nah.

    And as for his price tags, I stand by my initial argument. Since when is it an accurate assessment of a player’s ability? Is James worth the 60 or so that was paid for him? Or was it off the back of a great World Cup? His league stats at Monaco do not scream world class.

    Why is Ozil blasted for his price tag when we bought Oxlade for 15 or 16 million, probably 10 million more than he should have been worth, Sanchez for 30 million, probably 10 or 20 million less than he should be worth?

    Why is Giroud insulted and blasted for not being world class if he was bought for 15 million then? Should his price tag not reflect his talent? Why so surprised when he misses a chance then?

    The price tag is just a reflection of a very inflated market, factored in with a club (us) in a very high demand for an attacking midfielder of his caliber, a club (RM) in no way strapped for cash, and the career of a very talented player (Ozil) in a position that commands a much higher than others (CAM).

    I honestly could care less at this point what we bought him for. We already bought him. He’s here. Do you think Chelsea fans are still crying about the Torres purchase? Man U fans the Berbatov purchase? Tottenham the Lamela purchase? Fuck no. Just saying.

  10. Gunnerbust

    To all u muppets bagging Giroud, you people make me laugh !!
    The guy has played one absolute shocker last week and deserved to cop a whack from frustrated supporters. But as to people in here calling him shit, let me tell u one thing,shit players don’t score 9 goals in 15 games or so ,not including the brace in the f.a cup. He has also had 2/3 assists so these stats don’t represent a shit player to me. Although when he first arrived he missed chances but the positive is that he was getting in goal scoring positions and since then he has improved not matter what shit people talk on here. He is very valuable at defending set pieces as well so he works at both ends. He has quality touch and passes and yeh,he turns it over sometimes but so do Ozil,ramsey,Sanchez,Carzola so does that make them shit !!!
    Look I’m not saying we shouldn’t bring in a Cavani or Suarez or Diego costa type but in my opinion giroud is good enough to be rotated in the squad and in a good season you can easily get 20 goals out of him. You might say big deal 20 !!
    But we don’t really on only giroud. If we bring in a gun, he’ll score 20 plus as well and then you get yr 15 from Sanchez,say 10 theo,Ozil 5, Carzola 10, and 10 or so from others combined, the goals are there.
    I can’t believe people on here can’t see the real reason why we struggle to win things. It’s so plain and simple. The answer is the defense. Per should be delisted end of year and never put on a shirt for us again unless we all start falling over with injuries. I would even play monreal in centre b4 that shit cunt. Yes, that’s who you call a shit cunt. He would never get a game at another big club and if we want to be big, he should be out first !!!!
    There are days that no matter which striker in the world you are, the ball just doesn’t want to go in and it happens plenty of times to teams. This is an off day,call it what u want but as for Mertasakers defending there is not excuses.
    He is a massive liability and has many things missing to play at top level such as pace, he’s to soft and gets caught out way too much.
    Can you see the chavs winning titles with Per?
    That’s right,no Fkn way cause they have terry,ivanovic,Cahill ,azzupuita,
    That’s why they win trophies. If the chavs had Giroud back up to costa, they’ll still win things. So my point is defense is our biggest downfall,not Giroud the reason why we are not challenging !!!!
    Gibbs also too timid and injury prone,monreal ave, kosi has his ups and a few downs , bellerin to young and inexperienced ,chambers same, so I’m righting this to stop those fickle supporters from them talking SHIT and realize what we need to do to bring us back in contention.
    Great win today by the boys ,good response by Giroud even though he missed a free header and got a kick in the chest and head for an earlier header.
    Not to mention a goal stopped by an Everton arm as well so he was a bit unlucky today.also a special mention to Gabby for his effort today after a nervy start which is expected.
    He could be the one to take that defense to that level that wins you trophies but we do need one more in the summer to replace that shit cunt Per

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    We win today, another 3 pts on the quest for 4th. See chelsea won. It’s weird as much as I’d love Arsenal to have Mourinho’s organisational and defensive sense, I really can’t stand the football his teams play. For a squad like chelsea ‘ s, they should be so much more, but fuck me they’re a cure for insomnia.

  12. alex cutter

    “To all u muppets bagging Giroud, you people make me laugh !!
    The guy has played one absolute shocker last week and deserved to cop a whack from frustrated supporters. But as to people in here calling him shit, let me tell u one thing,shit players don’t …”

    So many words needed to say nothing…

  13. salparadisenyc

    Interesting seeing Fabregas in the league cup celebration. He’s taken the glow of a cold blooded mercenary for hire, efficient but lacking the passion he seemed to have whilst playing under Wenger.

    What a signing Mourinho pulled with getting him in.

  14. salparadisenyc

    MOTD, stat for all you lovers of the L’Oreal.

    12 shots this week in the two matches (Monaco/Everton) w/ one on target the goal.

    Wonder what Benzema would do in his shoes.

  15. tunnygriffboy

    Fancy Giroud beimg sly and jealous as to stick the nut on Coquelin’s nose because he$s better looking than him and Giroud wantsvto remain Arsenal’s number one eye candy loooool

    seriously Coquelin’s nose was spread all over the place and he did well to stay on. He$s a warrior and could be a cult figure at the club as could Gabriel if he turns out to be another Keown.

    Hope Coquelin ol for Wednesday we need him

    Inlike Theo. Retained his pace but atm is a bit tentative goimg into challenges. He’ll come good, already getting into good scoring position but fluffed a few chances
    Valuable membrr of squad ss is Ox imo

  16. Dissenter

    For the records.
    I said Ozil has been average, not garbage or shite.

    “Yes, he’s had horrid games. He’s been anonymous, disinterested, ineffective and pure garbage”

    … that’s the definition of “average”.

  17. tunnygriffboy


    I think the way Everton plsyrf reflected how wr attacked. We had to be patient. They stsrted with 3 defensively minded midfielders in Barry, Macarthy and Besic, crowding the width of the penalty areavand enabling them to shuffle over and double team the likrs of Alexis, Ox and Ozil. They wanted to hit us on the counter

    Our FB had to help our wide attackrrs with that. I don$t mindbthat but ideally I’d like 2 DMs to cover swid full backs.

    it was a more controllrd pragmatic performance today. Never felt in real danger bar the one super save by Ospina. Professional performance I thought.

  18. Bamford10


    Agree that Di Maria has not somehow become an average player despite his not being terribly effectual thus far at United.

    He’s a fantastic player and I’ve seen enough of him in the past to feel comfortable saying this. Was he worth 60m? Maybe not, but a fantastic player nonetheless.

    As for Ozil, I also sort of agree with you, though I think his situation is a little different. No question he has been world class in the past and will never be — in any circumstances — an “average” player. Never. He is too intelligent and too technical to ever be “average”.

    Yet he has been lackluster for us thus far, and there are important ways in which his game is/has been lacking. Work ethic, attitude, playing both sides of the ball. Disappointing on all of these fronts.

    On Coquelin, by the way, I am truly not being “stubborn”. I don’t think he’s first-rate technically or athletically and I don’t think he ever will be. I think time will prove me right.

    And I have watched Kondogbia a handful of times and have not a doubt in my mind that he is a better athlete than Coquelin. Not a doubt.

  19. Bamford10


    We looked better today in part because we were playing a lesser team. Everton are a team at sea at the moment. This is obvious.

    Yet like so many suckers you imagine that Wednesday night was some kind of aberration. “If only we had played like this Wed night,” you say.

    We didn’t play all that much better today — though Gabriel definitely helped and the players were clearly more motivated —- we just played a lesser side.

    Today does not change the meaning of Wednesday night one iota: Wenger is not good enough, and neither is Giroud.

  20. reality check

    MidwestGunMarch 1, 2015    19:27:04
    Reality Check –
    I agree. The team looks leggy as hell. Sanchez, Ozil, Santi, Giroud, Kos all looked like they were playing on low energy relying on short bursts. Probably because they have all been playing every match. Kos perhaps the achilles because he didn’t look right at all. No quickness over short distances. Rosicky, Ox, Bellerin, Gibbs, Gabriel all looked fresher.
    Coq will probably get a rest now, unfortunately. Chambers doesn’t look as confident at cdm.


    Fair comment. Im enjoying the debate tonight. Instead of being green eyed at chelseas victory, one half of a double they’ll probably achieve. We’re looking inward. Its not just Ozil, its not just mert, its all of them. As far as i can tell the only ones who get a pass are bellerin, akpom, bielek (if he ever plays) and mabey… mabey coq. Because they’re young and really just starting their careers.

    The rest of them, wenger included have alot to answer for. Its not good enough.

    No more historic excuses. Injuries, fixture pile up, the weather, the pitch, they play dirty, the ref, mourinho, oil money, the stadium.

    They all need to be held accountable for these ‘slightly better than the rest’ performances.

  21. midzed

    I don’t want to moan on a win but here’s my thoughts. Very proud of the way we played today because we had desire. Gabriel made needed timely challenges which is crucial because I find most times our challenges are late and always warrants a yellow card. I’ve always been critical of Giroud but I do praise him for his efforts today. His body shove on Jagielka in the box is exactly what I want him to do, some physicality will always put you in a better opportunity to score. Ozil didn’t destroy the game but was part of a collective performance which I don’t mind whatsoever. However we contained the pressure applied to us in the second half but like some say they’re a lesser team. Any big team would’ve made things more worst. I’ll take the win but room for improvement in my book.

  22. Gunnerbust

    Nemanja Matic does a John Terry and changes into playing kit after the final whistle !!!
    As if it wasn’t bad enough them waving there plastic flags at the end of the game !!
    Rumour is he’s a chance for a role in the next superman movie. Lmao

  23. MidwestGun

    Joel Campbell looked right at home at Villarreal , was dangerous on the break, defended. Stepovers, tricky on the right wing. I was like who the hell is that? Scrappy too. Big draw at the Bernabeau, Villarreal hasn’t had a result there in about 6 year. Long way of saying good on ya Joel. Happy for him. The player I remember from national team matchups vs Costa Rica.

    “Get out while you can” 😀

  24. Dark Hei

    I can’t help but notice that the writing is on the wall for Walcott. Today he is an unused sub with the industrious Welbeck preferred over him.

    He is in his final year and his work rate has dropped after that injury. He still makes good runs but unlike last year, his productivity has dropped.

    If we are to sign that 1 striker that can push us on, we will have to sell him. Walcott has until the end of the season to push his way back into contention. Otherwise, we are better of with a real alternative to Giroud.

  25. Al

    Walcott is to nice of a player to ever really make that next leap…He has zero aggression in his game just a bit to passive if you ask me

  26. Emiratesstroller

    Like most Arsenal supporters I am not a fan of Abramovich,Mourinho or the club’s culture. However, I do have to acknowledge that the club is well run and
    they have produced over last decade an excellent team albeit by throwing money at it.

    Nevertheless watching them yesterday you can see the difference in class between their side and ourselves.

    For a start they are now a balanced team/squad with two goalkeepers who are
    a class above anything that we have got.

    Their defence is excellent. It is not only solid and disciplined but they know how to defend properly. They are seldom panicking under pressure.

    All their midfielders combine technical skill and creativity with work ethic. Noone gets a place in this team unless they are are prepared to work hard for
    the team i.e. there are no passengers. That is why it was a fundamental mistake that Arsenal failed to exercise their option to buy back Fabregas.

    And finally they have filled the final piece in their jigsaw by buying last summer Costa who combines all the qualities of a modern striker including the
    abrasive side of his personality.

    Arsenal does have of course some talented individual players, but our team is
    a very long way behind them in terms of balance and cohesion. On a good day
    or if Chelsea play particularly badly as occasionally happens we might conceivably get a result against them.

    However, the reality is that with our current squad and on current form I believe that they would beat us 9 times out of 10.

    The good fortune for Arsenal is that neither Man City or Man Utd are in the
    same class at the moment otherwise we might be struggling to finish in top 4,
    because both Liverpool and Spurs are also coming up on the rails.

    My concern with Arsenal as ever is that whilst we are buying creative and technically capable individual players we seldom address the fundamentals of making a balanced team/squad.That means looking at its weaknesses and solving them.

    Our defence remains as ever fairly weak and our midfield is still lacking overall work ethic that you see at Chelsea.

  27. Wallace

    “Inevitably, this type of match favoured a Chelsea side who specialise at defending deep, then pinching goals from set pieces and on the break…Chelsea’s attacking approach was largely based around hitting long balls towards Diego Costa and Eden Hazard on the break…yet Chelsea’s goals were reliant on deflections and this was anything but the slick, high-tempo football Mourinho’s side were playing before Christmas, even if they improved in the second half.”

    – Guardian (Michael Cox obviously not a huge fan)

  28. peanuts&monkeys

    The problem with Ozil is he has another fairy to assist – Giroud. Had Giroud been like benteke/lukaku/kane, ozil wouldn’t have appeared so unsuccessful. His successsful assists wud have gone up, also the team up on the final third would have looked far far more solid and strong.

    The writing is clear on the wall: sell ozil or get a string ox-like striker to partner him.

  29. Leedsgunner

    “12 shots this week in the two matches (Monaco/Everton) w/ one on target the goal. Wonder what Benzema would do in his shoes.”

    Well said, sal. Thankfully one of those shots went in the net. The truth is had we had a better striker Monaco would have been a game to chalk up in the win column rather than a game to remember for all the wrong reasons. Thank goodness we have a very productive midfield for goals other wise we would seriously be in trouble.

    It’s a problem we have been aware for a now haven’t we? Giroud for all of his work ethic, link up play and his physicality just does not produce.

    Very sad what is happening to Özil before our eyes… I know people will criticise the player to a certain extent… rightly so, but to me it says more about the poor player management skills of the manager.

  30. Rosicky@Arsenal

    @ Emiratesstroller

    Agreed regarding Mourinhio Chelsea but people don’t notice which brand of football they play (Mourinhios teams) vs Arsenal.

    Chelsea mostly play defensive nature of football primarily. As depicted by last night too giving more attention at defence rather playing pocessive/attacking football like Barca do or like Arsenal tries to play (with little success these days).
    Chelsea won despite spurs 63% procession angst Chelski 37% . We ignore shots on target to be similar (Spurs 14 Chelsea 13).Mourinhio has won primarily by following this simple technique of not conceding the match even at the cost of not winning sometimes like at Real Madrid where he failed to win the CL and could only won once the league despite processing the top players in the world. Barca outclassed him with there pocessive and attacking football most of the times. He was finally shown the door and had poor relations with the fans players and the club. Mourinho did won the CL with Inter Milan with an ordinary team tough but I remember the final which could be term as the most Ugliest final in the history of CL.
    I didn’t follow Chelsea during Mourinihos first term at bridge but fans tell that he was shown the door because of playing ugly football , not pleasing to the eyes and the fans.

    To cut short if Arsenal follow Chelsea style of football which is not an out of the world thing. Defensive & physical training of players of such kind could be brought in like Shawcross, Matic ,Terry,Carrol, giroud etc. and start playing Mourinhios brand of ugly football with focus on defence and counter attack rather playing nice flowing style of Arsenal ,Barca, City or Liverpool in the Suarez days. If such brand is introduced at Emirates we could be heading towards George Grahams era and may lose sizeable attendance at the emirates and also a large fanbase who love Arsenal for there pocessive and attacking football style.