Do Arsenal financials vindicate managerial failings?

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Happy good morning to you all!

Arsenal finances are out. Mega exciting headlines popping up all over the internet.

‘Do Arsenal finances vindicate the manager?’

I really detest that sort of chat. I mean, how long are people going to keep banging the stadium drum?

Arsene navigated a tough period really well.

Now we’re past that tough period.

We can’t keep reverting back to what once was a kind of viable excuse. We have to look at the ‘now’. Look at the future. Then make a judgement on what’s going on.

We’re not really progressing at the rate a team that’s levelled out some serious cash over the past few seasons. The average age of our squad was 26 against Monaco. We’re not nursing an inexperienced side now, we’re just plain naive and that’s the fault of the management. One of the guys in the Arsenal chat group we had dropped this quote…

‘The worst enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan’

I think firstly, we don’t really have a plan. We have a vision or a style. As Arsenal fans, we get a bit caught up in beautiful football being a talent only Arsenal can enact. Beautiful football can have a plan. Look at how Pep operates. I don’t feel our football has that plan. We have an enforced style that breaks when it’s stress tested.

When you watch that invincibles documentary, you realise how much of that success came from the burning desire and know how of the players. Even in 2004 Wenger had players who could manage themselves and their team mates. Keown, Sol, Paddy and Parlour were all seasoned pros who yearned for victory. I don’t think Wenger has too many players like that in his squad. We are essentially, a very nice team of boys.

We’ve added a bit of grit with Sanchez and Gabriel, which is nice, but those guys need to be managed as well. They need a plan. Sanchez is brilliant, but he very much plays for himself which most of the time seems to work out, but the other night, it was pretty car crash. Someone needs to rein him in… like an Adams or a Vieira would. I don’t think we have anyone in the side who’d have the balls to pull our main man to one side and tell him to play for the team more (not that his English would be good enough!).

My point about the players is they’re not as streetwise as players of yesteryear. They don’t know how to win a league. They don’t know how to change things on the pitch between themselves. So the solution to that is to give players a plan. Give them an edge tactically. Give the players the tools to make them feel more confident about what they’re doing. If you give people a plan, they’ll work to it. Only the very best can operate without a plan. We’re nowhere near having a team good enough not to need a plan.

In fact, I’d question whether you’ll ever have a team that can do what Wenger’s team did back in the day… go a season unbeaten… without a plan! I mean, that’s amazing. However, what is telling, we didn’t do very well in Europe that season. I think Inter beat us 3-0. Always one of the biggest misses of Wenger’s tenure, but also, a sharp light on Wenger’s approach because Euro teams are always very prepared.

Still, in the league, we’re on a good run. 3rd is there for the taking. We just have to stay focused, stay fit and meander our way around some pretty easy games.

Then Wenger ends the season the same way he always does… the fan, sitting there, convinced Wenger knows what’s needed to win it all the next season.

Little clue. He doesn’t. It won’t change until he goes. Even then, we’ll have to cross everything and pray Ivan and co make a smart decision on the replacement. I’m nervous about that, real nervous.

Giroud has come out and held his hands up about the atrocious performance he put in the other night.

“I am not a better or worse player than three days ago, it is just about confidence and keeping [strong],” he told Arsenal Player.

“I am really hurting, more than disappointed, it has been embarrassing for me. But I have never given up in my career and sometimes I have had tough games like that before.

You can’t knock that attitude. He didn’t have to apologise. He’s obviously hurting. He’ll bounce back and I’m sure he’ll contribute for the remainder of the season. Trouble is, he’s just not the level we need to be leading the line. He’s important, but he’s not indispensable. We need indispensable if we want to take on the league.

Interesting that some new stuff is on the FIFA agenda. They’re floating the idea of return subs. So you can sub in and sub out. That’s make it really fun. It’d bring a whole new level of tactics to the game! Sin bins are being considered. They’re also looking into reducing the suspension you land for being sent off for a last ditch foul. Triple punishment is extreme. Video replays are also being considered… I mean honestly, they’re being considered in 2015. What a joke!

Actually, the biggest joke is Van Gaal telling the press he doesn’t have a world class striker which is why he can’t win! Way to motivate your team Louis! Such a selfish man.

Finally… my pals Thank Pablo are launching their new single. They are mostly Arsenal fans. Mostly top people. And their new single is brilliant. So, I want you to click play below, and maybe come to the album launch in Hoxton (Come to the launch).


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  1. Bankz

    Where’s the competition guys?
    I’m killing it…..I’m killing it.
    At least provide some competition.
    Y’all are choking on the top4 trophy like tiny SPUDs & Everton.

    Take a look at me…..I’m the king of the top4 trophy.
    It’s mine bitches!

  2. David Smith

    Wenger will be gone, but just hope it is not an upstairs gone, or he will ruin the next guy. They might bring someone in under the guise of a succession plan to save wengers face? Looks at the amount of decisions being taken over wengers head, now they are even revamping the medical and fitness facilities. This will not be for Tony Colbert, so we can rest assured it was done over wengers dead body. What next…..a proper goal keeper coaching scheme? Wenger is having his power base eroded from beneath him, I am sure he knows it, perhaps a reason he is even more stubborn than usual?

  3. Arsene's Nurse

    The same old crap is being pushed out after the release of the financial statement. Must be close to season ticket renewal time. Apparently Wenger will be given £50m in the summer. Woopdee fucking doo.

  4. Kurt F

    The most frustrating thing is that nothing changes under Wenger. Look what he was saying after we threw away the lead against Anderlecht – it’s exactly the same he’s said this week. Neither he nor the players are learning from their mistakes, just stubbornly doing the same thing in the hope of a different result that will prove him right. This team desperately needs effective leadership, both on the field and off it – under Wenger the autocrat that simply won’t happen.

  5. Adam A. Carbarundum

    “We won’t make the same mistakes again”. Those were Wenger’s words before the Monaco Masacre. What a doorknob! everytime he opens that arrogant mouth of his he promptly always shoves his foot in it. Shut up already, you old goat!

  6. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So when exactly was the last time that Wenger actually declared self-fault for shambolic performances? In all my years as a supporter, which far and away exceeds Wenger’s tenure, I honestly can’t recall Wenger taking accountability. Anyone?

  7. vicky

    To be honest, some of our players are pretty thick as far as footballing sense is concerned. Ox, Jack, Gibbs , Sanchez and Ozil are all talented players but they do not possess the footballing brain that say the likes of Rosicky,Cazorla, Sagna possess. I have forgotten count of the number of times we have conceded goals due to very casual and nonsensical approach of these players. And they are not kids either. They have been playing top flight football for years.

    I would pin the blame of losing to Monaco to players alone. They did not turn up and made massive mistakes at crucial juncture.

  8. Seg

    Pedro, LVG could be selfish but no where near how selfish Wenger is! IMHO Wenger leave glaring hole in the team intentionally, so when he wins, people will say, yes he genius he has won with mediocre players. Winning in his way is more important to him!

  9. Ustynobaba

    “I would pin the blame of losing to monaco solely on the players”
    Very very correct,different set of players same problem,Birmingham,Brandford,Blackburn,i dont want to remember Barca,Bayern,AC Milan,atleast they are up there,not sure is the same set of players still playing for us till now,yes i will blame the players for that defeat,yes i will,next season this same time with different players when the same issue will occur i will come here and blame the players

  10. Dissenter

    This is probably one of your very best posting.
    Didn’t I say that last week?

    Really, this why even your critics keep coming back with different monikers to troll. You give a lot of thought to your writings, can’t believe you often write them on the run.

    Have you unleashed Keyser yet, the abuse(s) that goes on here are miniscule compared to the reason(s) you binned him for.

  11. Relieable sauce


    Thats why your a raving AKB like the Ty the moron.

    Anyone but wenger eh???
    As Spock might say – completely illogical.

  12. Whyareyoulookingatme?

    “We need indispensable if we want to take on the league.”
    So… I guess we don’t need to keep wenger ?? lol

    Hey karim, what’s goin’ on in the ’93 today ?? 😉

  13. Wallace

    i don’t believe the manager can influence things much during the game so it’s always on the players. but to keep making the same mistakes over and over suggests Wenger isn’t getting through to them on the training pitch. either that, or they’re just not listening.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    “Wenger isn’t getting through to them on the training pitch. either that, or they’re just not listening.”

    Well these things have happened with totally different sets of players over and over, so I’m more inclined to think it isn’t a case of Wenger not getting through to them, what he’s saying or telling them to do is wrong.

    Again, as I said a few days ago, Wenger believes in player expression being unrestricted by tactical game plans. Doesn’t work any more.

    People have sussed us, look at what Berbatov said after the game, the Monaco gaffer, they knew how Arsenal would play and we fell into the trap they prepared.

    Everyone knows how Arsenal will play, and that they can’t handle big occasions.

    I think we just have to settle on it that as long as Wenger is manager, that is how things will be. Expressive football with no backbone, nous or substance. And a fear of big occasions.

  15. Hitman49

    HER: They say we’re young and we don’t know
    We won’t find out until we grow
    HIM: Well I don’t know if all that’s true
    ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you

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    HER: They say our love won’t pay the rent
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    HIM: I guess that’s so, we don’t have a pot
    But at least I’m sure of all the things we got

    HIM: Babe
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    HIM: I got flowers in the spring
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    HER: And when I’m sad, you’re a clown
    And if I get scared, you’re always around

  16. GoonerInNY


    You hit the nail on the head. It is a combination doomed to failure: Other teams know what Arsenal will do, but Wenger won’t change.

    I keep hoping that the number of road pastings and big game failures will finally convince Wenger his approach is flawed, but he clearly is so locked into his ideology he changes the facts rather than changing his approach.

    Sad, really.

  17. Bamford10

    Somewhat shameful that the question in the title is even being mooted here. Doesn’t even deserve consideration.

    Whatever financial limitations Arsenal faced in the past or faces today, these are not responsible for the disgraceful display against Monaco at home the other night, nor do they explain previous shameful displays.

    These failures are down to the manager’s inability to (1) sign the appropriate players, (2) implement proper or effective tactics and (3) motivate/instruct players prior to and during games.

    This is as obvious as day.

    Those who can’t see this at this point should have their brains scanned to evaluate whether there is any real activity there.

  18. vicky

    Wenger is the root cause of much of the problems at Arsenal. That goes without saying. No need to reiterate the same thing in each and every post. But Monaco defeat was down to grave mistakes of players on the pitch.

  19. Bamford10


    “Expressive football with no backbone, nous or substance. And a fear of big occasions.”

    Well said. And it isn’t even especially “expressive” anymore, at least not in the sense of being attractive and flowing, much less beautiful.

    Wenger simply fails on all fronts now.

  20. kingHenry

    Vicky, absolutely not

    If you take that one performance in Isolation, then you couldnt blame Wenger. But when the same mistakes continue to occur then you have to understand that Wenger is the main problem.

    How many times in the past 5 or so years have we had matches that have played out just like Monaco. FFS at Chelsea last year, nearly all their goals were scored bcos we had sent too many players forward, and we were playing a high defensive line, even with the BFG in the team.
    Now ask yourself, how many times have we seen goals conceded in very similar circumstances that lead to dropped points in Important matches?Against Monaco, We definitely created enough chances while not playing at our best, but guess whose favorite striker (sorry GuNZ)decided to aim for the stadium roof and the corner flag each time.

    Check back to tge beginning of last season, and nearly every poster on here was saying we needed a better striker than Giroud. How can a man that’s actually being paid to have this knowledge decide to sign Özil (who I love by tye way, but wasn’t really needed)… and dont even get me started on Sanogo…. and nearly two years down, he continues to persist with the same obviously inadequate Giroud.
    TBH, we have some very good players, we need some more additions, but most of all we need a manager that can get the best out of these players

  21. salparadisenyc

    Nice one Pedro, solid stuff.
    “We need indispensable if we want to take on the league.”

    The point many seem to look past when discussing our strike options. Titi 14 was indispensable, we’ve not had that since. Benzema has grafted that in Madrid’s setup, may not be as flashy or score as many but he’s pretty special within that attack. I see Giroud hindering us more often than helping, not to say he not capable of scoring a nice goal. He’s always looked like a fish out of water in our setup when its really ticking over or shall I say looking to.

  22. hitman

    Its all about recruitment fellas.
    1)He needs to buy players who don’t need managing. Because they won’t get any.
    2)Forget about ze mental swength. Its physical strength that we need. We didn’t win a single tackle on Weds.
    They pinched the ball and then simply ran past us.

    Stronger faster smarter players please. Been saying this for 8 years now.

  23. Nick

    You are always on the money Pete. The underachievement of Invincibles in Europe is telling. Arsene’s great teams never had a plan, the just kept attacking as much in the air as on the ground. I think Arsene now just picks nice boys he can dominate. Joke.

  24. Bamford10

    King Henry

    Exactly. Saying the Monaco disgrace is down to player mistakes misundestands where the real mistakes lie.

    Giroud himself is a mistake, a mistake made by the manager. Giroud has NEVER been good enough to be Arsenal’s first-line CF. Never. Persisting with him as such was completely wrongheaded and obviously wrongheaded.

    That Giroud fluffed his lines was as predictable as a rain cloud producing rain. He is garbage. We’ve been saying this for ages now. His mistakes are irrelevant, because he should never have been on the field to make those mistakes.

    It is Wenger who fluffed his lines when he persisted with Giroud as our number one.

  25. David Smith

    The official site is fond of showing pictures of them training. Apart from the very occasional shot of bould, you never see anyone other than wenger training them. So what exactly are bould, primorac, banfield, peyton et al actually doing at the club?

  26. carts

    What annoys me is when an asshole will say, an i’m paraphrasing here – ‘we have the 4th highest wage bills, thus finishing fourth isn’t exactly a failure’.

    Those basic arguments take away the attention from Arsenal and Wenger’s failings.

  27. carts

    I’m sorry, but granted Falcao doesn’t seem to be the players of 2 seasons ago, Utd seriously have zero strategy to get the best out of him.

    He gets absolutely no service. Embarrassing really.

  28. underrated Coq

    Manchester United have become like Arsenal– Loads of possession, little to no penetration, players being slow, ponderous and not playing to their potential. To think how they used to be under Fergie– Pace, power and super efficient. Even limited players looked imperious under him.

    Who says management doesn’t make much of a difference? The situation at United shows just how vital proper management is in football.

  29. TitsMcGee

    You can blame the players all you want but Wenger is the manager and he assembles them. This isn’t the first set of players that fail either.

    Wenger is the common denominator.

    He’s fine for 4th or the occasional fall as backwards into a trophy but he’s done competing for Epl honors or UCL honors and has been for a while.

    He’s stealing money at this stage.

  30. useroz

    TitsMcGeeFebruary 28, 2015 16:15:16
    You can blame the players all you want but Wenger is the manager and he assembles them. This isn’t the first set of players that fail either.Wenger is the common denominator. He’s fine for 4th or the occasional fall as backwards into a trophy but he’s done competing for Epl honors or UCL honors and has been for a while.He’s stealing money at this stage.

    yep – a specialist of failure

  31. kwik fit

    From what I seen of song today I can understand why Wenger said no. Useless. Plus Pardew , whether you loke him or not, is decent. he was on his feet the whole came pointing and directing his players. Unlike or guy sitting on his arse!

  32. Cesc Appeal


    The media are starting on Di Maria a bit now, I’ve noticed it creeping into the press.

    But then I suppose the media still have that shadow of fear cast by Ferguson over them, plus it’s Manchester United, they are an institution really.

    Plus, Arsenal social media saturation is really high, so they look for the hits off of us, that’s why I always get annoyed with people who read and complain, or post on Adrian Durham articles.

    Just don’t read them, titles like ‘The Invincibles were Overrated’ are designed to score hits.

    As are the constant Ozil articles, validity of the various points made in them aside.

    Both Di Maria and Ozil look a bit of a waste of money, but yeah, they won’t jump on Di Maria the way they do Ozil.

  33. Relieable sauce

    Leaving aside the manager for one moment, who would gooners like to see recruited for the coaching roles/backroom staff at AFC? BoD level as well?

    Impossible to give an informed answer as a regular fan but it seems like the majority of grovers think we could do better.

    There’s the usual suspects Jens, DB10, TH14 as well as ex-players like Edu & Lauren who seem to be doing good things. You have recent ex-pros like G Neville & Scholes who are impressing (especially Neville) & have a great pedigree. Then there is someone with no footballing background, in the case of the Brentford (?) manager who has been highly praised by many.

    A bit idealistic maybe but I have zero confidence in the BoD & owner to drive us on as a football club as it stands & what I read & witness regarding coaching/scouting is not encouraging either to say the least.

  34. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Re: Keysers banishment…I’m all for it for permanence. He’s absolutely draining on a person. He may have the incredibly very rare good point, but quite honestly he’s in dire need of getting a life. pulling out my teeth with oily fingers is more pleasurable to be honest.

  35. Goondawg

    Ustynoba said it right. Blame the players all you want but the main constant during this decade of failure has been Wenger. Players come and go but with Wenger’s naivety we will never see the best of the talent we have on show.

    Wenger’s training methods lead to injuries.

    He refuses to buy a world class striker. Giroud is a flat track bully, nothing more

    He will never address the lack of balance. Always opting to play many diminutive AMs. We should never play Ozil and Cazorla together. With Coquelin having to burden the task of defending in midfield, it’s no wonder when you see him flopping like a fish out of water.

    The players never have clear instructions in big matches. In fact we have become the most predictable team in the world. Everyone knows what our line up will be and how we will play. Clubs around us have recruited ambitious managers with further emphasis on tactics, whilst we remain completely inflexible and Wenger remains set in his old ways of 15 years ago

  36. Goondawg

    Better Goalkeeper wouldn’t go amiss either. Which genius scouted Ospina at the world cup and decided he and the robust premier league would go hand in hand

    The fella picks up an injury every single game he has played for us

  37. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The players were pitiful against Monaco, but what does it honestly say when the Manager spent the week leading up to the match waxing poetic of his love and admiration for his former team, rather than actually building a tactical game plan? This is not the first ime nor will it be the last for Wenger led teams. Yes the squad dropped wolf bait, but Wenger’s been floating Air Bisquits for a lot longer. The best teams have the rare howler, but over the last number of years it’s become expected at Arsenal. Players have come and gone, but the same Manager remains – so explain then why Wenger continues to be the benefactor of such benefit of doubt? It’s time that Arsenal evolved into 2015, not 15 years ago. This nostalgia tour should be brought to its rightful conclusion. It’s beyond sad.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Did say all along Saints wouldn’t have the legs, however unfortunate that is, they are a likeable team but they aren’t up there with the top four in terms of quality in depth.

  39. karim

    Marseille lost last night wasting a 2 goal-lead.
    Lyon just lost at Lille ( 2nd loss in 8 months ! ) after leading 1/0.
    Let’s just hope Monaco beats Paris tomorrow and there will be 4 potential title-runners for the first time in 300 years !

  40. goona

    We’re crap, can’t see an easy game tomorrow. …There isn’t a team that fears the current arsenal team Of overpaid pansies

  41. northern gooner


    No luck at all today. 1 placed in my lucky 15.
    My footy coupon was shite. Hoping my luck will change tomorrow.

    The lucky undies will be coming out of the safe in 12 hours!
    Need an early night tonight

  42. Cesc Appeal

    I think we will be all right tomorrow, we usually win after the club’s been embarrassed.

    I’d make some real changes tomorrow though, drop Gibbs, Mert, Ozil and Giroud. Bring back Monreal, play Gabriel, Rosicky and Oxlade.

  43. Arseology

    Wenger is a brilliant coach – amongst the best of all time but as good a coach he is he is even more shiite as a manager…. Probably the most overrated manager in league history. The invincibles lack of success in Europe and despite having different teams, continually failing when faced with even the slightest hurdle proves this.

    Has never beaten a Maureen team and constantly fails against the big managers. Now he is getting tactically outwitted by Monk, Poccetino, Koeman etc.

    If Maureen was in charge of the same group of players, I bet we win that game.

    Despite Wengers obvious failings, he doesn’t hire himself – Kroenke Inc are the real problem. They keep him employed. In their eyes, we are not supporters but gullible customers that pay the highest prices to watch that shower of shiite – ‘shower of shiite’ being a feature common in all Kroenke Inc owned franchises.
    ‘Thank you for your interest in our affairs’

  44. Ozy

    Dortmund now 9th. A good run of form heading to the end of the season. Champions League qualification would be nothing short of a miracle at this point but I’m glad they’re picking up momentum towards the end of the season.

    Karim, the French league has been the most exciting league to keep track of this season by far. Never thought I’d say that, no offense.

  45. Hitman49

    The sooner you all wake up and realise it’s about themoney ! ! !

    Not trophys ! !

    Not titles ! !

    MONEY ! !

    So as I said earlier

    HER: They say we’re young and we don’t know
    We won’t find out until we grow
    HIM: Well I don’t know if all that’s true
    ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you

    HIM: Babe
    BOTH: I got you babe
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    HER: They say our love won’t pay the rent
    Before it’s earned, our money’s all been spent
    HIM: I guess that’s so, we don’t have a pot
    But at least I’m sure of all the things we got

    HIM: Babe
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    I got you babe

    HIM: I got flowers in the spring
    I got you to wear my ring
    HER: And when I’m sad, you’re a clown
    And if I get scared, you’re always around

  46. Ustynobaba

    Have always prayed and wished Wenger will atleast win Moaningho even if its 0.5 nil cos i detest Moaningho so much but all that is wishful thinking cos Moaningho will not lose to him,cant see him losing instead he will tell all 11 players not to near half-way line and you know with that pattern we can never stop to concede.
    I said before irrespective of who we buy,it will never make any difference when its matters most as long as Wenger is still there,after that shit show on wednesday he said something like “the players lost their head at the beginning of second half and wanted equalising forgetting that the tie was 180mins” and i asked myself was Wenger ban from shouting to them from the touchline???? Or UEFA do restrict managers with 17years qualification without winning not to say something during games again????
    Until something is done about our coaching and management not sure i can blame any player,cos this set of players will go and another set will come and we will keep seeing wednesday shambles again and again

  47. Jeff

    Yep, that’s right. The evidence mounts year on year that Wenger can only take the team (any team) so far and no farther. If we want to have any chance of winning big things we have to make big changes and they don’t come any bigger than Wenger.

  48. David Smith

    Krone is certainly the problem,with wenger, but even he will,have realised wenger is ruining expensive assets, and threatening the continuation of stands top four cash cow.
    Kronke’s only interest in this club is as an asset for cheap borrowing on his real passions, such as the Inglewood project.
    Personally, I blame those who sold out to Kronke , and if they were going to bring him in , they should have had Dein around to negotiate terms, Dein….another in a list of cardinal errors by the last board.

  49. Lee


    Are you for real??? Pedro has copied pretty much word for word my post from yesterday.
    Hardly original

    You know it too pedro

  50. Follow the money

    The evidence continues to mount showing Dein was responsible for past successes Wenger had very little to do with it

  51. Lee

    Follow the money
    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Just learned how to tie your shoe lace

    How the fuck could Dein be responsible for arsenal winning the league three times under Wenger?? For getting the players Wenger wanted??
    And how did arsene have very little to do with it?? He was our manager. He picked the team, trained the team, built the team. He was the architect. The players were project managers. Simple. Dein was a an essential component and a close ally fir wenger but to credit him with that success??
    Fucking hell. Back to Harry potter nicest little boy

  52. GoonerGaz

    Evening all.

    Hoping the scum will beat the chavs tomorrow, that’s how much I hate Mourinho these days.

    Just read the article, that re sub thing is a joke right? They should stop the clock for subs, just like they do in Rugby, that would stop some of the time wasting. And Mic up the refs.

    Hope Mert is dropped tomorrow in place of Gabs.

  53. kwik fit

    Posting this from a pub in west london. Yes had a few and really looking forward to our guys tomorrow. have a ticket right behind wenger so i’ll be giving him massive stick. I may even get fucking kicked out! You know what I mean?

  54. David Smith

    Lee. Cannot speak for follow the money, but do you notice a correlation of things going a bit shite since Dein left? Not saying it is all a Dein thing, but his absence, or the absence of any equivalent influence on wenger is telling.
    Wenger is a fish out of water without Dein. Ivan just does not seem to have the same influence or credibility, possibly because wenger only reports to the owner, not the CEO in the skewed business model that is arsenal FC.
    Wenger has never done anything of substance away from Dein, so the answer is simple, bring back Dein or get rid of wenger.

  55. GuNZ


    I would dearly love to know, given your inebriated state last night (your time) who/what you woke up next to? You can normally tell by the teeth marks on your cock 😉

  56. Rosicky@Arsenal

    People suggesting that everyone knows how Arsenal will play dont realize everyone knows the style of each team plays its not a hidden mystery.
    Everyone knows how Chelsea or city or liverpool plays obviously with some variation with regards to opposition.

    If every manager know how Arsenal will play why they cant al ways beat them. Its mostly Arsenal that beats them.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal continue to be an underachieving club with just one trophy in almost a decade.

    So the question is who is actually responsible for this and when will the buck not pass.

    In my assessment two people are to blame for this.


    First is Kroenke who is major shareholder and whose sports franchises in US
    and England all suffer from a similar malaise of sporting mediocrity. The focus
    is on bricks and mortar and the business side. Let’s face it he is not passionate
    about football or particularly concerned about our underwhelming performance.

    If he was he would have done something about it.


    The manager has been in total control of football side of club for almost 20
    years. Initially he was very successful, but in the last 9 seasons we have declined to the extent of winning just one trophy the FA Cup last season in fortuitous circumstances.

    On paper we have a squad of half decent players, but after last week’s performance against Monaco and our horrendous defeats last season against top teams in EPL noone is going to be convinced that this team has potential to

    It is in the image of the manager lacking in leadership, tactical naus, physical
    strength and ‘integrity’. Wenger sat throughout the game on Wednesday without a glimmer of reaction.

    The simple truth is that he is CLUELESS and completely out of touch with reality and has surrounded himself with a coaching team of sycophants who are
    equally out of touch and past their sell by date like him.

    It is all very well blaming defence for the defeat. Yes they were hopeless and the rest of team also under performed, but who is to blame.

    Wenger buys and recruits the players.
    Wenger sets the tactical game which Arsenal plays
    Wenger selects the team
    Wenger is responsible for identifying strengths and weaknesses of his team
    but opposition as well.
    Wenger should be reacting to what goes on on the pitch.

    The simple truth is that he is not very good at what he does as a manager. He
    is grossly overpaid for his lack of success. Any other Manager would have been sacked long ago.

    Wenger is not going to change and the team will not improve so long as he is
    at the helm. The simple truth is that life at Arsenal has become TOO COMFORTABLE.

  58. GuNZ

    Hi Rosicky

    I don’t normally get involved with the tactics side of how transparent Arsenal are and I tend to agree with you that all teams play, broadly, within certain game-plan parameters that their opposition should be able to do their homework on but the remarks of the Monaco captain the other night identified traits that went beyond the white-board, positional, general trend guff into the mental cracks that could be exploited specifically second half fall off and panic under pressure. Thse are failings that could, and should, and ought to be addressed by an on-the-ball side-line management team. And they weren’t. They so weren’t. Which means that what Monaco had identified as a failing was not on-field technical disability but that the Arsenal sideline machine was malfunctioning. They didn;t target the working parts, they targeted how the machine, as a whole, operated.

  59. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Hi Gunz

    Tks for the comments

    mayb you are right that Monaco had a perfect game plan and they explored our weaknesses.

    I am not sure what was Arsenal game plan but i can presume that the team knew that Monaco are difficult to break so they went all out to win the game at home also knowing it would be difficult and impossible to break them in France.
    The game changed when Monaco got lucky with a deflected goal.
    Arsenal plan to score goals was correct in my opinion and had Giroud not missed 3 goal scoring chances we would have won and surely did not needed the defensive shape to be changed.
    I am not defending the poor planning as regard to defense which has cost us games with Hull and Anderecht also but unfortunately Arsenal game plan is usualy to outscore the opposition at home in any case which we are quite capable off.

    Also it is worth noting that last year we had a very good defensive record for six months with Per and Kos bar the Liverpool and Chelsea games away from home.

  60. SpanishDave

    Reading Wengers interview yesterday says all.
    Because he has failed to win znything in Europe he now views the final, a couple of semis and quarters as sucess. This is why our bar us so low he simply cznt hack it anymore.
    Comfortable yes the whole club is fast asleep.

  61. Wallace

    Dortmund absolutely battered Schalke – 33 shots to Schalke’s 3 with 65% possession. and Gündogan getting back to something like his best.

  62. Dusty Kart

    Just watched Sunday supplement on sky one of the guys on there must have read emiratestrollers post coz he just repeated word for word what he said!! hooray at long last the media are finally coming around to realise that Wenger is a busted flush also said he shouldn’t have been given a 3 year deal?
    Looks like the end is coming real soon and I can’t wait!!

  63. Samesong

    Rosicky and Gunz

    Arsenal lost against Monaco because they lacked belief.

    Berbatov said they other day in his interview and i quote ” We wanted to win more than them”

    When a fighter is in the ring and getting spanked but has that one punch left to knockout their opponent, that is belief. We never turned up that evening. That is saying a lot being in the Champions league.

    The team is full of really soft players.

    I don’t think we will beat Everton today.

  64. Wallace

    while we do occasionally win the next game after a bad defeat i can’t remember the last time we gave a really convincing performance after one. if we can win though and Liverpool don’t beat City it opens up a 5pt gap between 4th and 5th.

  65. Dusty Kart

    Who cares 3rd 4th not good enough you do realise if Chelsea win today that’s Abramavitch 12th major honour in 10years makes our 1 fa cup win last season look like we are a joke of a club.

  66. tunnygriffboy


    Yes, a win today would be great

    If lpool lose we go 6 points above them

    If city lose we’re 3 points behind them

    That is assuming we win. We should be aiming to catch City. Looking for a big response , they owe the fans one.

    Worried about Santi and Ozil playing in a midfield against Gibson, Besic and Macarthy. Would drop Gibbs , Per , Ozil and Giroud afterWWednesday and bring in Monreal, Gabriel, Tr7 and the Ox. He wont do it though despite fact we need bit more strength to deal with their midfield

  67. GuNZ

    Ok ladies and gentlemen. It’s 10 thirty pm odd here and am going to bed for a couple of hours before getting up for the game.

    One of the few EPL followers in Raglan is a Toffees boy so this is a grudge match in the deepest Waikato.

    I am predicting a clean scoreline of 2-0. Go the Gooners!

  68. Wallace


    yeah, i think Gabriel will start, and hopefully the Ox or Walcott right. in two minds about Giroud. was thinking go with Welbeck up top, but Giroud was so bad it might be worth giving him an immediate shot at redemption.

  69. Vince

    my first 11 for today: Schezny, Bellerin, Monreal, Kos, Gabriel, Coq, Rosicky, Cazorla, Ox, Alexis and Welberk. You just can’t loose with that team. It’s sad that Cazorla has been poor since he was taken deeper, let him continue where’s best. Let Rosicky give us some steel beside Coquelin and let’s destroy then with the pace and guile of Ox and Alexis down the flanks.

  70. Bamford10

    Watched the entire Monaco match on Arsenal Player last night: what a disaster. Nearly everything has been said, but a few additional notes:
    – Arsenal did not have a single shot on goal for the first 60 minutes
    – Ozil was whiny, jaded and ineffectual. That he is underwhelmed by his teammates and himself is obvious.
    – Offensively we are an assemblage of mismatched and inadequate parts. A team should be humming and clicking at this stage in the season; our players look like they are just learning to play together.
    – They were better organized, better managed, and more athletic.
    – Weak and inadequate players — esp. Mertesacker, Giroud and Ospina — let the team down. However it is Wenger’s fault that these inadequate players are in the starting XI in the first place.

    Wenger out.

  71. Bamford10


    The first goal wasn’t “lucky”. Deflections are part of the game. Kondogbia was left wide open and he crushed the ball from 25 yards out. Crushed the ball. Watch it again. Yes it was deflected, but a top keeper would still have gotten a hand to it. Ospina watches it pathetically, incapable of even lunging at it.

    Poor defense, poor keeper. Great athlete on the opposite side.

  72. Emiratesstroller

    From my perspective nothing will change whether or not we win the next 2 games this week in EPL or for that matter the game in FA Cup against Man Utd.

    The simple fact is that our club are unsuccessful on the football pitch and that does not apply just at 1st X1 level but also in the youth teams as well. Just take a look at our U18 side.

    Wenger who is completely responsible for all football matters never takes the
    blame for his own shortcomings or for that matter those who work with him.
    Life is too COMFORTABLE at Arsenal.

    It is more important to make money than actually produce a title winning club
    and as long as Wenger remains at the helm that will remain the situation.

    Winning titles is about being ruthless, designing a team which defends efficiently and is clinical whether in midfield or up front. Showing the occasional
    flashes of brilliance or making pretty patterns on the pitch is not going to win

    Under Wenger that will not happen. He is not the first or last manager with
    purist ideals, but he is the only one I know who keeps his job at a top team without delivering success.

  73. useroz

    Bamford10 – not sure if you watched it the first or second time. When I mustered the will to watch a replay (2nd time) the game looked much worse. It’s almost a disastrer unfolding in 90+4 min of “slow m” on screen. That team was so flawed it’s beyond belief.

    Worse of all, did Wenger patrol the tech area and tried to do something about it?? No. What top manager/ coach would sit there like an idiot in these situations?

    Wenger did well in early years but that’s history. Time to move him on; overdue actually.

    Unfortuately the root cause of the AFC underperformance on AND off pitch (eg commercials) is SK. That we-dont-need-his-sort is ruining the once great Arsenal slowing but surely. And frankly there.s not a darn thing we’d do.

    Actually if we are as united as the, manure fans/supporters there’s hope but….. Remember how they purposely protested, waves upon waves, against those stupid investors?

    A win tonight is always good. But wots the point in the overall scheme of things? Same old same old and gets nowhere.

    Wenger out.

  74. David Smith

    Stroller at 0652, I think you massively over state what wenger does in your frank and critical assessment!
    One of the biggest problems is that the players clearly have no more belief in him than most of us. Some are now predicting a few transfer requests this summer, perhaps at a financial loss with some, money……might be the one thing that makes Stan sit up and take notice with this club. Really hope he sells us to fund the Inglewood stadium but unfortunately cannot see it.
    For me, the blame for all of this lies with the last board, who not only sold to Stan, but got rid of Dein, and empowered wenger. Quite a list of mistakes bought on by good old fashioned greed, and they saw themselves as custodians! The problems is, you could bring in pep Klopp or whoever, but it is very hard to succeed in an environment of mediocrity, and such illustrious managers will know that. Think we are more likely to get bould, Maclaren clement or Martinez any way. Only a change of ownership will give this club a chance of success.
    As for wenger, I don’t know how he sleeps at night or why he carries on, he is over seeing failure from top to bottom, somewhere, that must hurt.