Can standing at games ever be wrong? | 3 players I demand Arsenal buy this summer

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Happy good morning to you all. Has the dust settled? Do you need a read that’ll hoover up all that misery with the force of two Dyson handhelds? I think you do.

Let’s go…

This weekend we take on Everton. Arguably our sternest test since City. Why? Well, it’s all to play for in the league with United and now Liverpool in the mix for 4th (even though they have a shocker of a run). We were run off the park by Palace, we were out played by Monaco and now we’ll go to Everton knowing what the teams around us have done the day before. Everton is a test of mental strength. The players will be embarrassed, down and tired. They have to lift themselves. They have to prove to the fans they’re a proper team.

Bouncebackability… let’s bring back that word, for this weekend, we need it in the truckload.

What is apparent is we desperately need a new keeper. Ospina is underperforming so badly at the moment, it’s almost worth dropping him for Sunday. I don’t trust him watching him, I can’t imagine what it’s like playing with him. He’s a car crash that’s happening. Let’s put an end to this madness and just bring in Chezzer. Never thought I’d hear myself saying that. Interesting that Opta has him down with the best save percentage ratio in the Premiership. Be interesting to understand how they calculate save, that man tips a duffed back pass around the post. Statistics are important, but standalone doesn’t tell you much.

This is my issue with some of the accounts that tweet statistics. They’re not analysts. You rarely see good data or actual insight. Anyone can open up a £3 a month stats account… not many can actually tell you a story worth listening to. Even those who can tell a story tend to bore you into oblivion with over the top complexities you’re not supposed to understand. We used to get that a lot in social media. Agencies would claim they undertook social listening, which was basically just a pie chart that counted bad words against good words. They’d sell that as social insights. BUT THERE WERE NO INSIGHTS AND THE DATA WAS INACCURATE. Drove me cray. Totally cray.

Anyway, numbers beef aside, Wenger needs to go big this summer. He needs to curb the urge to buy another average goalkeeper… I’m sure he does it on purpose so not to scare his favourite too much. We need someone like Lloris.

Another player it’s clear we need is a centre midfielder. We need a player to boss the middle of the park. It’s clear Ramsey has lost his sparkle. We can’t depend on that coming back. Jack? Jury is out. He is a man of regression. Coquelin? Jury is out. We need someone who is consistent, a player who makes a difference and someone who has the power and pace you need. That man is Schneiderlin. I love him. He’s going to make it all better. In fact, here’s my idea… and you’re going to like it. Let’s go £40m for Morgan AND Forster. What you saying?

I can hear you… you’re saying it’s great idea.

I guess the final piece of the jigsaw is a world class striker. We can’t keep pretending that Giroud is going to become Drogba next year because he reached 50 goals quicker. We can’t rely on WELBZ becoming a world class finisher over night, that’ll take hard work and time… and Chuba is too young. We need to find world class talent. We need to do it this summer. Suarez would be nice. Let’s do that.

HERE IS AN IDEA: You tell me the best strikers in Europe who are attainable and I’ll run with them tomorrow. Together, we are stronger.

HOT DOGS: I noticed that the buns had improved and the product looked delicious at the game in the week. Is this because Alex has been hitting Delaware hard with his bitching about the dry dogs? I hear so. Power of bitching, erryday.

So… that time, you write about your anger about seeing something go off in the stadium and you don’t have the full story? Yeah, that happened (I think writing without the facts is called modern journalism… ZING). One of the guys who was in amongst the fans having an argument about standing got in touch.

Story goes, no one was standing. A drunk guy decided he wanted to go solo. Steward told him to sit. When the steward went. He stood and was quite obnoxious to those around him. So he was told off. His standing was forcing everyone else to stand.

So where do you go with this? You can see it from both angles. The stander wants to stand in a big game. But the people around him don’t. This is a common issue. I quite often have an older lady behind me who likes to sit. She’s no tourist. But I like to stand and can’t see if I sit. I’m over 6ft. She certainly struggles with the view.

So what do you do? What do the club do? For me, it splices open the safe standing debate. I want to stand at games. All the games, unless I’m nursing a hangover… Then I want to exercise the right to lie down. These guys have landed in an altercation because they’re sticking up for the majority around them. Which really, is a commendable action considering some of the debate we had last week about people keeping their mouths shut when bad behaviour is going off. But is there an issue when the majority vibe is to sit?

Ideally, for the atmosphere, we’d want the majority standing. But I’m talking as a 30 year old man, I’m not everyone and my view is populist. Football is for everyone. Problem is, the club cater for sitters, not standers. We need to open up standing. Cheaper tickets, more noise, more people and an acceptance that all fans do not sure the same taste.

… funny, we cater upwards! If you have money, you can get a damn beer in the Champions League! I know you need that. But, I’m being populist again. Fuck the rich.

Anyway, always two sides of a story. Where do you stand on this one?

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  1. karim


    to me Diaby signing his last extension meant he still thought he could overcome his injuries too.
    Hope he doesn’t think like that now, I like the guy but that’s quite obvious his career at a high level is over.

  2. Lee


    It was a matter of time with that team
    Build around them. They were leaders, in the sense that they took ownership of matches and were responsible
    They aren’t archtypal British adams types but they lead
    What I would give to have them back

  3. karim

    He also said a few weeks ago that he had to make a decision about Diaby and that the latter s situation wasn’t working in his favour.

    This is the end

  4. MidwestGun

    Lee –
    Well, ya thats one of my biggest complaints is we never have a plan to complete our building projects in a timely manner tho. It’s like these people I deal with in the building trade who by the time they finish their whole home remodel one room at a time the place is outdated. And yes I acknowledge there were some external factors. This is why I think a new manager would at least have a sense of urgency to build a team that can win in a timely manner. AW has lost that edge for me for some years now. Doesn’t have the
    Vision and urgency to bring in more of the type of players we need leadership and strength wise. Don’t know why exactly. Age or complacency, lack of accountability? . And this is completely his team now. Hasn’t had to sell a top player for several years. Altho, Keyser will argue it takes 3 years or more for a team to gel. Of course Keyser won’t put a time frame on it either. Lol

    Anyhow,long way of saying, I cant argue that we didn’t make a mistake with Cesc. But for me not sure that was the tipping point but it didn’t help.

  5. MidwestGun

    Karim –

    This is the end, beautiful friend 
    This is the end, my only friend, the end 
    Of our elaborate plans, the end 
    Of everything that stands, the end 
    No safety or surprise, the end 
    I’ll never look into your eyes, again 

    The end.

  6. salparadisenyc

    I listened to the Doors last night.
    Third album, Waiting for the Sun.

    Always do bad things to myself when that band’s playing.

  7. MidwestGun

    Lee –
    Your in then. Lol. My little niece has that play station rock band thing and she loves that song. She Has no idea what it’s about tho.

    Just need a name
    Spock and Rollers?

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Went to Homs grace years ago with missus

    Thing that upset me people had graffiti wrote over all the surrounding graces !

    Public transport strike we went on long walk to get there good tho

  9. Zacharse

    Pedro killing it today.
    I’m feeling like spewing today.

    if i was wenger i’d send:

    Chez to france.
    Gibbs to Southampton in the pedro-constructed deal
    Giroud to atletico, if theyd take him.
    Ozil to bayern.
    yaya to palace
    flamini back to milan
    arteta and tr7 to the backroom.
    jack and diaby to medical school

    that should get something moving. it’s such a bad joke he hasn’t shaken up the squad. i’d love to see jack move on but that won’t happen. love to see real madrd buy ramsey too.
    im feeling cynical today, but really, i’d shed no tears over any of these players.

    Our defense is so much more stable than anyone’s given it credit for,
    minus a world class dm like schneiderlin and a keeper. ospina’s a good back up, better than chez anyway you look at it. ospina aint responsible for any of our losses while chez… well. gabriel will hopefully come good. if he’s what he’s built up to be, him and koz together would easily be the best CB pairing in the league if not the world. i still think KOZ is the best CB on the planet. with mert koz gab and chambers, we might be able to rotate the squad at some point. pick up a young LB for nacho’s cover (who’s come good imho) or give some youth players a chance.
    love to see chupa and joel feature next year, don’t care what anyone says, joel is a killer, him and alexis on the wings would be badass, welbz back up to CAVANI
    joel’s got the killer instinct that only santi and alexis have. Ozil is a fucking ghost which is great when he makes a few magical passes, but he’s good for nothing more.
    Cavani’s gonna be available, i dont know about dybala, but why not. and real will have cast-offs galore.

    schneiderlin & forster, Cavani at bare minimum

  10. Wallace

    with Jack out i wouldn’t mind seeing this 11 tomorrow :


    Bellerin – Gabriel – Koscielny – Monreal

    Coquelin – Chambers

    Walcott/Ox – Ozil – Sanchez


  11. Le Prof


    I might get shot for this but Id rather the yids win tomorrow.

    The bigger picture is they’re an irrelevance and Id love nothing more than to see that smug cunt Maureen to win fuck all.

  12. kwik fit

    ‘I am really hurting, more than disappointed, it has been embarrassing for me.It was difficult because nothing went right, everything was tough for me. I tried to keep focused but I understood why the boss wanted to substitute me. It was not my day. When you are a world class striker like me people expect more from you. I did well recently and scored a lot of goals, but when your world class and miss chances it is like that – you have to question yourself. Having said that i’m still class in bed and that’s what really counts ‘ Oliver Giroud

  13. goonerboy

    Though I believe Ozil is a luxury player- he still should not be judged as a footballer with no bottle when he is playing in an ineffective tactical system. Who knows what he could deliver in a team with a strong structure? The same applies to JW.
    Our strikers need space- and when that is denied they struggle- they are not alone in that (Rooney for example against strong well organised opposition). However, in the increasing desperation to seek space up front the team panics, can’t retain possession in midfield- or win it back- and our defence gives space away in spades especially in front of it- hence we end up making opponents like Monaco look far better than they are.

    For 9 years Wenger has not been able to deliver a team that can play with a balance of attack and defensive competence. World beaters against poor opposition giving the space we crave- totally ineffective against a strong well organised side that defends in depth. The team reflects Wenger as a manager- an equal combination of the very good and extremely bad.

    It is self evident to anyone except the appallingly secretive upper class elite that administers the club and the American owners and their stooges who are entirely profit driven and the minority Wenger cultists on the internet that Wenger’s system does not work against good sides- how many times does this have to happen before the penny drops?

  14. GuNZ

    Just back from Waikato Stadium where the Chiefs hammered, absolutely hammered the Crusaders in the Super 15. Nearly al the All Blacks were on parade for one or other of the teams. Waikato Chiefs definitely worth a bet to take out the Super 15 this season.

    And that NZ Aussie ODI ! What a cracker. Saw the Aussie innings and half the NZ one then had to go to the rugby but they kept the crowd up to date. What a fucking great sports day!

    Go the Gooners against the Toffees.

  15. GuNZ

    And the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Magic netball team beat Adelaide today. Love watching those girls play when I can. Judging by the strength in their thighs, any of them would rip my cock off by its roots if I could ever get one drunk enough to sleep with me but what a way to go that would be. Amazonian lovelies they are, those lovely ladies, fucking gorgeous . . .

  16. David Smith

    This club is a shambles, the only one with any ambition is a manager who is past his sell by date, has lost all that once made him great,,and who is only an amitious man kept in place by those completely void of ambition.
    The board members who sold out to Kronke should weep, that is if they ever cared in the first place.
    Out of the owners, board, tourist fans in the ground, and players, only this tragic has been actually cares and it is ruining him by the week.