Arsenal embarrassed by smarter planning. Shocker.

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Last night was quite the numbing experience. I said to a friend at the time of the draw, you almost want a big team to keep Arsenal on their toes. I still have horrible memories of losing to teams like PSV when it’s almost inconceivable to do so. Arsenal have traditionally suffered in the Champions League because we don’t take care of ourselves. If it’s a big team, we don’t go with a game plan to nullify talent (aka, ‘we have no special plan for Messi’) or last night, when it appeared we had no plan to take care of a very unambitious Monaco side with a terrific defensive record.

It’s hard not to be torn about the result in a way, and look, I’m no excuse maker, but you can’t not look at the chances we had and not wistfully imagine what could have been.

But then, if your aunty had bollocks… she’d be your transgender uncle.

Simple fact is we were utterly complacent and arrogant yesterday. The players looked at the injuries and the position Monaco hold in the Ligue 1 and they made a poor assumption we’d roll them. Well, turns out Jardim had other plan. I mean, it didn’t even feel like much of a plan. He played two banks of four and didn’t even really bother to press us. I think he had a right midfielder at right back. His outlet was Berbatov, a 20 a day smoker. They were there for the taking in my opinion.

The starting line up was more than enough to take them. I think it could have been more ambitious if I’m honest. A lot of people calling for the inclusion of Theo. He was dropped for #WELBZ who proved pretty ineffectual again despite putting in a workman like shift.

Despite have most of the early pressure, we didn’t really create much. The team didn’t seem to flow with much energy and considering we had Ozil and Cazorla on the pitch we created limited chance and the movement was pretty non-existent. I know it’s the first leg of the Champions League, but I kind of hoped for a bit of urgency. Play for the first goal, put them off their game plan then demolish them in the second half.

Well, it didn’t happen and our laissez faire approach was punished when Welbeck lost a challenge on the half way line, the ball was played to Moutinho who found Kondogbia, the Frenchman had all the time and space to gear up a shot… Coquelin not there, Per didn’t move in on the midfielder, the shot was ripped, it took a deflection and flat footed the keeper.

Now… I personally thought the keeper was slow to react considering how far out the shot came from. He was rooted to the ground, which would suggest he wasn’t properly on his toes. Others around me disagreed. For me, he should have made a better attempt there. Disappointing. Still, the focus of that cock up has to sit with our defensive unit falling asleep.

The first half played out to a few jeers. I’m never sure who’s doing it. It’s like some sort of weird secret speaker system hidden in the ground that Ivan controls. Anyway, key points were that Monaco did a great job tactically of killing our energy. A two man operation on Sanchez, two banks of four coupled with a total lack of interest by most of our team.

The second half started off with a bit more zip, sadly, our outlet was Giroud and he didn’t have a good day in front of goal. Sanchez fed him in after some tricksy work out wide, Giroud shinned it right back at him (Alex screamed great shot at that point and took pelters from the guys in front). His next chance came from a free header, he showed all the technique of a Seaworld sealion playing football with his mates in the tank, then his final chance came from a parried shot, the ball sat up for him to slot into a free net, he flew it over the bar like he’d seen a disrespectful pigeon on The Emirates roof he was trying to hit.

Total car crash strikerism. Really poor. But kind of expected. Giroud is a very good striker, but he’s not the sort of guy you can rely on at the highest level. I kind of cringed in the week when I saw articles pinging around about how Giroud is indispensable, because it’s just Arsenal fans being too smart for their own good. Giroud isn’t good enough to lead the line of a club that has serious ambitions.

Things went from bad to worse when Sanchez lost the ball which led to Fabinhoย breaking, pulling our whole defense over to his side of the pitch, he threaded Berbatov through allowed the Bulgarian to steal the second goal of the night. You know you’ve fucked up somewhere when the slowest man on the pitch is getting in behind you.

Arsene made relatively early changes. He brought on Theo for the hapless Giroud which gave us a bit of pace through the middle. Chamberlain made a difference, he’s driven whatever the occasion. He was on hand to curl an absolute undeserved peach of a goal into the top corner. At 2-1, you felt we could live to fight another day… Arsenal had other plans…we totally switched off, we allowed Currassco (the player I scouted for you the other month) in on our defence, he powered through on our goal and fired a shot that Ospina could only tip onto the inside post.

3-1 at home, to the easiest team left in the draw. Really disappointing.

Talking points:

Fans: Just a minor point to the large guy with the hipster beard screaming at a fan for standing up. Pressumably, because he wanted to sit down. I absolutely hate that this sort of behaviour can creep into the ground on a Champions League night. Stand up, get involved and add to the atmosphere. Utterly embarrassing carry on that led to a whole section not standing up because a grown man in his thirties bullied the section into sitting down. Pathetic. Watch it at home if you’re so tied to your seat.

Gibbs: Knew the writing was on the wall for last night when I caught glimpse of the back page of The Standard and you read Gibbs quote ‘We want to win it for the boss’. Nice one Gibbo. What about for the fans? What about not saying stuff like that at all?

Sanchez: He’s like our pressure release valve. When things get hot in the kitchen, give it to Sanchez. It becomes all about him and he tries too hard. He almost stops being a team player. It’s not his fault, we panic and give it to him in every instance. Kind of felt he killed a lot of moves last night because he was trying to be too cute. Still, my gripe isn’t with him, it’s with the rest of the team for putting that pressure on him. No accountability last night.

Adebennour: What a player. Interesting that the last time a centre back was that imposing in a Euro game, I was thinking about Alex of PSV who dominated us. He had so much heart. He put something on everything. Really, really impressed. Loads of communication.

Game Plan: Arsenal walked into that game without thinking. We had no answers for a team we knew would be all about defending and hitting us on the break. When I was in Lisbon this summer, I was told Jardim was a good coach. Very intelligent and tactically astute. He apparently identified that we detoriate in the second half and are suseptable to the counter. We played right into his hands and the collective mentality of his team outshined our offering. That’s the difference at the highest level, you can’t get away with not thinking. You can’t underestimate anyone. We did yesterday and paid, like we always do.

Ozil: Sorry, but once again, he showed he’s not up to it in the big games. He was largely anonymous and he offered nothing. He might be the dream player that only people that are super football nerds can understand… but he doesn’t cut it for me. He should have been yanked at halftime. How he didn’t get taken off is almost as amazing as it was against Spurs. Not sure he has the stomach for it.

Change it up: Wenger really does have a weakness to identify what teams are doing during a game and making changes. We didn’t really have much going on during the first half, yet no changes were made. The players don’t have the collective intelligence to see what’s going on around them. So you get these weaks performances where the only way to change the game is through a sub, not a different way of approaching the actual game from a structure stand point.

Conclusion: Come on, we all know what’ll happen… we’ll win 2-0 away from home and we’ll all be talking about what could have been.

‘Yeah. But at the end of the day, Giroud hits that shot 60 yards lower and we’d be in the semi finals of the CL, mate’

People focus on the wrong thing when they talk about Arsenal in the Champions League. It’s not about consistently qualifying for it that’s interesting, it’s consistently failing in it that is. 17 attempts and we consistently disappoint. Thing is, Wenger isn’t good enough to win it. He’s not getting any better. He’s not learning from year to year. We try the same thing every year, and fail.

We’re simply not a smart enough team under Wenger.

Still, as Hot Chocolate once said, I believe in miracles.



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  1. salparadisenyc

    Whats embarrassing is the fact were still using the 2003-4 season a barometer 10 + years on. Our last title winning season.

    The elephant in the room is Wenger and fact everything has evolved barring him.
    He should be cozied up in nice Provence vineyard talking the panties off some smoking twenty-something sommelier. Utilizing his former conquests as ammo.

    Not managing the Arsenal FC in 2015.

  2. cladicus


    Great points. I guess what I was so un-elegantly trying to say was that even in defeat, you can usually identify some bright spots. Last night was just abysmal on all fronts. Not one player out of the 14 that played brought anything to the table. As I have said before, great teams can win in spite of poor coaching. This team cannot. They seem to carry around the same mentality of our esteemed manager. You are right, it is systematic, and that is the hardest part to swallow.

  3. lemonadethatcoolrefeshingdrink

    @Reality check


    if he was any good he would be at Madrid! not at Arsenal!

    Madrid are better than Arsenal

    does that make sense?

    We have had great players who would have gotten into those great teams of the past

    what has Ozil done apart from playing 60 minutes per game for Madrid
    Why did they sell him

    i’ll tell you why because he is a luxury player

    when the going gets tough he is found wanting – he had the players around him in Madrid and they still got rid!

    can i not be any clearer than that?!?!

  4. reality check

    I dont post alot so allow me a long ting post.

    all im saying is. Many great players benefitted from being great teams. Thats why all the top plsyers move.

    Bale would never ever, win the UCL with spurs. That spurs team would not ever be able to maxomise bales quality. In order for him to realize his full potential. He had to move.

    Ozil has gone backwards. Madrid to Arsenal. So he needs the Manager to move forwards in order for him to be fully effective. It comes down to the manager.

  5. tunnygriffboy

    Id it right that the pole went to warm up at half time without gloves wad doing keepy uppys and the cross bar challenge ? If thats the case there’s something rotten there.

    I wanted him back in the side on Sunday along with Gabriel, Monreal, Wilshere and the Ox.

  6. reality check

    Ignore the spells im driving lol.

    i get the point about he had WC at Madrid but, madrid are an anomaly. They get rid of good players for no reason all the time. Di maria…. hello… di maria. MOTM La decima.. you cant say because mafrid got rid it must mean that player isnt good enough.

    Ozil needs wenger to pull his finger out.

  7. MidwestGun

    Cladicus –
    No worries, I wasn’t nitpicking, just venting really. Bright spots? Ya…. I’m so disappointed in Ozil right now it physically hurts me. But then I’m like fuckin Giroud. Haha..
    ….no bright spots I can recall and I’m determined not to rewatch it. What’s the point? I guess Ox’s goal but then his cosmic let down. I was screaming track your runner.. it is indeed groundhog day, most likely the next 2.5 seasons.

  8. tunnygriffboy

    We need Gabriel in and in the summer a couple of hard nasty bast.ards in midfield. Can play but will put their foot in and look after our little technical players. We’re too fucking nice

  9. Goondawg

    Giroud (fuck off) did an interview for l’equipe recently about Jack Wilshere’s smoking woes. Dismissing the controversy and saying every football team has four or five smokers.

    So we got Scez, wilshere down.. Ozil ? Did get caught with a shisha pipe

  10. lemonadethatcoolrefeshingdrink

    Everyone has their price

    DiMaria – another choker – in Spain, all fine and dandy – nice weather – loads of teams who roll over – comes to the UK , fucking shit

    Di Maria – nothing to me

    if he stays and performs next year then fair play – i doubt it though

    This will be Ozils second year – if he looked interested i would give him a chance, but he doesnt so i cant be arsed with him

    he should go along with the manager and we should put in a solid structure without Stan the Wig, Ivan the Weasel and Wenger the Wanker

  11. karim

    What better night than yesterday to broadcast The Invincibles documentary ?

    the irony..

    While we had the The Dirty Dozen, I mean the 7 Dwarves on show

  12. salparadisenyc

    You show up and perform at a high level, by all means smoke away if you fancy it.

    Certainly excludes Wilshire and Scez, just adds further fuel to a lit fire. With performances peaking at pedestrian.

  13. Romford Ozil Pele

    Happy birthday/belated birthday N5!

    Our never-ending cycle of naivety/self-implosion looms large. I did warn people about Monaco. Doesn’t excuse us though, we were shocking. Manager shoulders the blame for me.

  14. salparadisenyc


    Me as well. I never fancy Wenger in Europe, especially at this stage.
    History of failure, half expected it but that certainly doesn’t make some performances easier to swallow.

  15. cladicus


    I knew you weren’t coming at me bro ๐Ÿ™‚ Phrasing, and context are hard over the internet. Question: What team comes to mind first for you in the context of winning in spite of poor coaching?

    I remember Bama in ’99 won the conference with probably the worst coaching staff we have ever had there. The shame about teams like that is what they could have won if they had a proper coach, although the Baltimore Ravens won their first super bowl with a pretty average coach.

  16. karim


    Talking of trolls, can you get rid of Ze mental Troll ?

    Can’t post a comment without him stupidly trying to be a smart ass

    The guy s a real pain and it s been going on for ages !

    Cheers Boss

  17. Romford Ozil Pele

    Sal – Was pretty depressing watching that live. Don’t really think we underestimated them, I just thought the set-up was bad, can never be playing a high line with Per. For his experience he was bad yesterday. But he wasn’t the only one. From back to front we were dreadful. Can’t really give anyone credit after yesterday’s performance. This is why it’s the manager for me. We’ve been through a plethora of players over the years and some of the same glaring issues remain. You can only blame the players for so long. Instruction comes from the manager and we were poor all over yesterday, Monaco thoroughly deserved the win. He won’t go though so it’s the same cycle of s***. We’ll finish third/fourth and it’ll be all too familiar next season.

    On a sidenote, people will remember me shouting Kondogbia in the summer. Top top player. I like Coq, but he isn’t in that ballpark at all.

  18. MidwestGun

    Cladicus –
    Good question……. the two usually go hand in hand. Probably some Yankees team. They always fired managers left and right but still won because of immense talent. Some would say Germany at the World Cup but that’s a national team.

  19. tunnygriffboy


    Noticed that you posted lsdt night that manager and players need to take a long hard look at themselves. I think we were complacent. The manager should ensure that this is not the case. The playrrs shouldn’t either. Things too soft imo.

    How can you account for Mertesacker abdicating responsibility for the second goal. How can you account for Giroud missing those chances.

    We need a Moutinho type player, experienced but not too old, a tough nut and a natural leader. In fact we could do with a couple

    is it right the pole went to warm up half time without gloves doing keepy uppys and cross bar challenge ?

    Would you play Gabriel on Sunday?

  20. salparadisenyc

    Au revoir Ahern!


    I was quite pleased to not be in attendance. Half expected to go down a goal in the first 45 and the steely holding midfielder obliged. That was mentioned last night by Karim… you’re love of Kongdobia.

    This may sting a bit but I think we also mentioned for 42.5 m we could of landed Pogba, Kongdobia and Sanchez in that transfer market. Although I think Pogba went a season earlier and Sanchez one later. But you see the point.

  21. Romford Ozil Pele


    “Noticed that you posted lsdt night that manager and players need to take a long hard look at themselves.”

    Didn’t post anything after the game last night. I was quite placid to be honest, mostly because i’ve seen Arsenal shoot themselves in the foot 100,000 times so i’ve become numb to it.

    How many times are the players gonna take a look at themselves? They can only do so much, it’s instruction that stems from the manager. If we’re planning to play a high line then why is Per in the team? L’Oreal’s misses? Well he’s not an elite striker, we all know that, and yesterday was further evidence to that.

    Like I say, I just think change would be nice. It’s not off the back of yesterday’s game. It’s the feeling i’ve had since 2011 when I went off Wenger. My problem with Wenger is that he’s a developmental coach first and foremost. This was ok before money massively influenced the game. Teams are much better set-up today so having players who are lacking in discipline/aproach means you’ll always be punished at the highest level. I don’t even rate Tony Pulis but imagine how much harder he’d make Arsenal to beat.

    Big fan of Kondogbia though. Been advocating signing two DMs for a while. But I think we’ll sign one max, if any at all.

  22. N5

    Thanks Azed mate.

    Well done on getting rid of Ahern, what do American’s know about Soccerball! they should all be banned if you ask me!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. cladicus


    Great call on the Yanks, didn’t even cross my mind. The timidity of the team was more infuriating than the lethargy. Sometimes I just want to see the guys getting pissed about the way things are going on the pitch, some passion, some heart.

  24. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I was quite pleased to not be in attendance.”

    The atmosphere was quite flat considering it was a CL game. Stems from what I said yesterday about the arrogance of some Arsenal fans. Some expected us to trounce them? Why? It’s not like we’ve been overflowing in trophies these last few years.

    Kondogbia is great, wanted him from 2013 when he left Sevilla. Real Madrid were already looking at him that time as well. I have a thing for left-footed DMs though. Kind of reminds me of Petit. Brute force but the ability to play as well.

    Yeah we could definitely spend money better/prioritise accordingly. The need for a DM is nothing new. How long have we been shouting that? Wenger does his own thing though. Coq is only playing due to coincidence. Had Arteta not got injured, Coq would still be at Charlton. This is what I mean about Wenger and his planning. Too much of a purist for my liking.

  25. salparadisenyc

    Kongdobia is a member of a very long list of holding mids I’d of thought we’d potentially sign. A new name in every market, which gives me little hope or our current Schneiderlin link this summer.

  26. N5

    “DiMaria โ€“ another choker โ€“ in Spain, all fine and dandy โ€“ nice weather โ€“ loads of teams who roll over โ€“ comes to the UK , fucking shit ”

    I wonder how much of that is LVG though as he’s got 3 very very good players on his team that he has somehow managed to make look bang average.

    It may be argued that Falcao was shite before he got there though, but he didn’t look to bad before joining to me.

  27. MidwestGun

    what do Americanโ€™s know about Soccerball! they should all be banned if you ask me!!ย 
    Smartest thing you’ve ever said N5….. no offense to your intelligence. ๐Ÿ˜


  28. karim


    Look, I like diversity of opinions and characters but Sylvain aka Bergkamp Legend aka ZeMentalStrength is the one.

    Spends his time insulting people ( including you one day )

    Not mentioning his more than suspect questions about my nationality or religion

    Told him not to do that but keeps being cynical and vain.

    Cheers Pete

  29. cladicus


    I am self aware enough to know I’m a stupid American! It gives me my pleasant demeanor. Sure, I could have come on and flamed everyone on Wednesday after Juventus rolled Dortmund, but alas I looked at my own shortcomings and abstained. The Dortmund love in on here before that game was a little ridiculous though.

  30. Goonergirl


    If Wenger doesn’t sign a proper WC DM this summer I might self implode. We’ve needed one for so long yet he just chooses to overlook it. Hopefully it’ll be sorted this summer. Don’t really want Coquelin to be our first choice DM.

  31. cladicus


    I not gonna tell you who to ban, but you should really charge emeritesstroller for posting blogs within your blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol GG, don’t do it to yourself. Who knows whether Wenger will or not. Coq’s extension and Bielik’s arrival have already thrown that into doubt. We’ll never be taken seriously until we address the fundamental errors we continuously make. Their 2nd goal yesterday was pure comedy.

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yesterday just had me missing the Vieira-Petit axis to be honest. Seen nothing better than that in all my time supporting Arsenal. Makes it even more a mystery as to why Wenger has just ignored that type of midfielder.

  34. JJ

    Wenger calls it naivety – I call it stupidity.

    How many times do you need to get caught with both full-backs in advance of the midfield before you do something about it? Gibbs has to be one of thickest footballers I have ever seen. Bellerin, I give a little break due to inexperience but it is worse that schoolboy stuff. We have made this same mistake year after year no matter who plays the position.

    Does Wenger know that he is allowed to give directions from sideline? He is an expert after the game in interviews as to what went wrong but does nothing to address it when it matters.

    We make the same mistakes over and over and no one learns. Ox lost the ball in front of our goal by trying to dribble too much (just after he scored) and it almost cost us. One minute later he does the exact same thing at we get punished.

    We have to have the thickest players and manager in all of football. We are a laughing stock.

  35. tunnygriffboy


    yeah, kondogbia looked the mutts nuts. If we could have him and moutinho it would transform our team eveb with the manager.

    Felt for Ox lsdt night, looked close to tears coming off aftet 3rd goal. He really cares. How many do ? Seems no fear evidenced that same mistakes happen again and again. It’s all too nice. We need some dogs.

    Gabriel in for Sunday ?

  36. carts

    So many were screaming for Kondogbia when he was still at Sevilla.

    He signed for Monaco for the same amount as we paid for Chambers.

    Signing Kon’ would’ve surely killed Diabys career….or did Dan Smith already beat Kon’ to it

  37. Thank you and goodnight

    Monaco ‘ s manager had this to say last night. To me this is a slight dig at our esteemed dictator. …..
    “Football is also art – you have to know how to attack, how to defend. My team is very balanced.โ€

    Wenger is a laughing stock in football these days. Other managers only pay lip service to wenger out of pity.

  38. Goonergirl


    Yeah I don’t know what Mert was thinking. I almost cried when they scored that goal. Terrible defending really. I was so disappointed by yesterday’s performance. But then again its not the first time that’s happened.

  39. carts

    “Does Wenger know that he is allowed to give directions from sideline? He is an expert after the game in interviews as to what went wrong but does nothing to address it when it matters.”

    Both Souness and TH14 (not as blatant as Souness) alluded to this last night. Its as if Wenger has to much pride to be pulling a ‘Pep-flex’ from the touch line. Pathetic.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Central midfield reconstruction job is crucial in the summer. I can’t believe the Arsenal fans who think we’re fine there or need ‘maybe’ one addition.

    We are woefully inadequate there.

    But then it all depends on what your ambitions are really. If they are top flight, then we need a GK, CB, CDM, CM and ST.

  41. salparadisenyc

    Wenger is a mystery.

    I’m of the opinion he feels the need to build some players from within. Project youth really, otherwise we’d of signed one of Xavi Alonso, Yaya Toure, Yann MVila, J Martinez, Lars Bender, Kongdobia, Carvalho and now Schneiderlin. To fill either role in that double pivot.

    We brought Flamini back on a free FFS. Stinks of either very poor planning or slower development than anticipated.

  42. N5

    Ha ha, cheers Cesc.

    TYAG, GG always calls him ramford, she’s flirting, haha.

    Cladicus, you’re my computer nerd pal, that’s all they need to know!!!

  43. cladicus

    Honestly the answer is complete reboot. The new manager will have to run a large portion of the squad off just to cleanse the inferior mentality that permeates the club. It’s not that all the players that need to go are bad per se but they will not be coachable by the successor. So pretty much all of Wenger’s special projects will need to find a new home. This obviously can’t be accomplished in one window, so I think it will probably get worse before it gets better. I would gladly miss a couple of seasons of champions league if it meant titles down the road.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    I was thinking earlier which of the players a new manager would keep.

    All depends really on the new guy, but if you got in say a Simeone, there would be a shed load of casualties I think because of what he demands from his players. I think even high profile ones like Ozil and Walcott because they simply do not work hard enough.

    Is it time to get a manager like Simeone or similar who will move us in the complete opposite sort of direction to Wenger and demand hard work, commitment and steel?

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin, Paul, Kozz, Monreal
    Coquelin, Rosicky
    Oxlade, Cazorla, Sanchez

    That would be my line up against Everton. Maybe Wilshere beside Coquelin if he’s properly fit and has pulled his thumb out of his arse.

  46. cladicus

    Cesc Appeal,

    Agree, we definitely need a manager that will put a boot up them when they need it. Arsenal have an identity though, a hard ass that plays attacking football.

    Empty Seat always parks the bus.

  47. rollen

    The worst game i saw live.
    Great Fraud and his bunch of specialist in failure at its best.
    This should be the last game for Arsenal for OG and BFG.

  48. tunnygriffboy


    We have enough players with the attributes to play Simeone’s style. Agree that one or two may fall by the wayside. Atm I don’t think thete’s enough accountability and I hate to say it, no fear should things go tits up like yestetday. Not enough of them really care. Don’t think there’s too much of an external force driving them.

  49. tunnygriffboy


    Happy withvthat team. You just know Lukaku will pull onto Per/Bellerin if they play. Will probably end up with bfg and Chambers loooool

    Seriously, if I was Bould I couldn’t sit on my hands all game. I’d have to get up and say something. God he could help bellerin out when he’s on that side

  50. Romford Ozil Pele

    No idea why Gibbs started ahead of Monreal yesterday. Prefer Nacho’s conservative approach. You don’t benefit from having two FBs flying forward. Plus Gibbs has too many brain farts moment. But then so many of our players seem to have that unfortunate trait

  51. Nick

    Arsenal are a fake team. the owner doesn’t care about winning big titles. No change of manager or players will overcome that. The team will flatter to deceive as long as the Kroenke’s own Arsenal. The Kroenke only child, Josh, will not only inherit his father’s billions, but his mother’s too and she is far richer. She is he daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton. the Kroenke concept is to park a few billion in net worth and let it grow a bit! same as a piece of real estate? No passion here. All the Kroenke-owned teams are under-achievers. Doing just enough, no more.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    But it’s self preservation, he’s probably on a nice wage, Arsenal’s defensive shiteness probably wouldn’t land him a job in most Premier League clubs as a defensive coach or whatever…so you can understand.

  53. Goondawg

    “Does Wenger know that he is allowed to give directions from sideline? He is an expert after the game in interviews as to what went wrong but does nothing to address it when it matters.”


  54. Romford Ozil Pele

    I know I just picked on Gibbs but after yesterday, surely the emphasis on the collective is even more important. We didn’t attack and defend as a unit, something Monaco did perfectly. We have a better team than Monaco but have seen the same problems for years. Indicates that there is something deeply engrained that’s wrong. And that’s why the manager takes the blame for me. It’s not really a personnel issue though we obviously do need some better players. We need better instruction from the top, that’s my standpoint. Until Wenger goes, we’ll continue to see more results/empty performances like last night. If only the board felt the same way we did…

  55. Wallace

    why is it 3 weeks before the return leg?

    can’t believe we didn’t turn up again in another big game.

    hopefully see Gabriel alongside Koscielny and Jack alongside Coq vs Everton.

  56. salparadisenyc

    “I’ve seen more movement in Madam Trussaud’s ”

    Perfect summation of L’Oreal really. I even mis quoted it earlier!

  57. kingHenry

    You can hate and criticize Wenger all you want, but as a player, I don’t think I could survive in that arsenal setup… with a clueless manager and an asistant who looks like he doesn’t give a shit… At some point the players have to own up and take some responsibility for the way things are going.

    I can remember when ManU lost to Leicester, I saw Rooney trying to rouse hos teammates and get them fired up. Why did all our playrrs just suddenly have their heads down aftrr we conceded. Why are you a(so-calles) worldcup winner and captain if you can’t get your boys pumped up. Don’t tell me they’re all too thick to realise that something needed to change.
    The same boys that thought up how to beat man city couldn’t do the same for monaco????

    Wenger is still a cunt though, ans we need to be rid of him this summer, but Stan ain’t gonna do sh*t. Heard Jay-Z and Dangote (an African billionaire) are gunners. cant they team up with Usmanov and make Stan an offer he cant refuse ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. don

    If Giroud was any good he would be at Madrid Barca or Chelsea.His record in big games is poor.Pretty boy striker give me an ugly fucker like Costa

  59. Emiratesstroller

    The real problem at Arsenal is that we have an awful lot of players who are good enough for the squad i.e. to sit on the bench but are short of real quality when it comes to a starting X1.

    Another problem is the sameness of most of our midfield players in the way and style of play. There is very little variation.

    When we look at the defence the real problem is that we have no quality defensive cover in midfield. When you analyse yesterday’s game the two centre
    backs were left completely exposed either from flanks or midfield.

    Mertesacker had a nightmare of a performance. However, the real problem is
    when he is left exposed either by full backs or midfield. If we had a game plan
    such as you see with Chelsea noone would be complaining about his performance, because he would not be left exposed. Germany managed to play him
    regularly in their international side including World Cup.

    The major problem with Arsenal is down to the Manager and the Coaches. They do not seem capable of changing their tactical play. It is all very well
    Wenger blaming the defence but what happened yesterday happens far too often in games that matter. We have fullbacks who are basically poor defenders and a midfield lacking any defensive quality.

    Another feature of yesterday’s game was the limitations of Ospina. The most
    glaring weakness is his size and presence. The third goal was stoppable by a
    larger goalkeeper with a better reach than him. I think that Szceszny if he had
    been positioned correctly might have saved it.

    From my perspective there does need to be an overhaul of manager,coaching
    team and playing staff. The Manager should go at end of season and not wait until end of contract. The main coaches need to go as well.

    We need urgently a top quality left back as well as centre back to replace Mertesacker. A new Goalkeeper is also needed and above all we need a decent
    playmaker with leadership qualities. Players like Ozil and Cazorla need to be
    complemented by players who are willing to do dirty work when required.

    Giroud had a bad day at office, but he is not as bad as some of the posters suggest. His main limitation is of course his pace, but you do need such a player in
    your squad even if not in starting line up.

  60. John T.

    Different year, same CRAPPY story in the Ch. Lge. Only one that remains in the past 17 years in the Ch. Lge. is one person, Wenger. Can’t keep blaming the players, it boils down to being prepared and the tactics. Until Wenger is gone it will continue.

  61. Wallace

    “for me Arsenal were blown away by a very average side tonight.”

    brutal, but excellent analysis from Redknapp & Souness last night.

  62. Leedsgunner


    The sad thing is we could use your latest post after big defeat in the past, what, six years? It’s not like we don’t know what the problem is. The manager continually fails to address them with real quality. Same problems, same excuses, the only thing that changes are the opponents.

  63. Vince

    We were all shouting we neededmarque signings to take us to the next level, in comes Wenger with a shite Ozil. The best playmaker in the world who owns Middlesborough, Aston Villa and others but becomes a passenger against Totten ham. it amuses me people were expecting that sissy to contribute something meaningful in a UCL match. I’ve said it a thousand and one times, sell him now that we can get a 20mil fee, and buy Pastore. They even made a ‘What the eye can’t see’ article to justify the ineptitude of this passenger. Some arsenal fans are just as deluded as the skint cluelessness personified seated at the helm.

  64. karim


    For sure they weren’t average last night.

    Think it s disrespectful to our opponents from them pundits but I’m not surprised.

    They surely have never watched them before anyway.

  65. Vince

    Question: Who’s Ozil?
    Deluded Arsenal fans: A world class playmaker who needs runners.
    Me: An Arshavin, without the skills.

  66. Wallace


    yeah, probably…maybe just frustration and genuine bafflement that Arsenal could be so bad. at least with the sky pundits you don’t get the feeling they enjoy a bad Arsenal performance. unlike the BT boys.

  67. N5

    Vince, if any Arsenal fan asked Who’s Ozil, I’d wonder if they knew anything about football, let alone if they could foresee a completely different player to what we’d seen for years, like some footballing Mystic Meg.

  68. Relieable sauce

    We can moan all we like but unless matchday fans protest or boycott no significant change will be happening anytime soon IMO. Wenger may choose to walk at the end of the season if he fails to get top 4 but I cant see him getting sacked by SS in a million years. When wenger does finally give up on management he may well be moved upstairs & will no doubt have a hand in choosing a “yes man” successor for SS & Ivan the terrible to continue in the same vein.
    SS is only in it for the money, I think we can all agree on that. Time to send the parasite a clear message we dont want him at AFC, WOB & AKB alike.

  69. Up 4 grabs now

    Evening all, happy birthday N5 for this week. Hope you had a few cheeky drinks! I know I did after last night’s omnishambles!

  70. Vince

    N5. I’m not talking the Madrid Oil that couldn’t be found out because of superhumans like Ronaldo. or let me rephrase, ‘Who’s Ozil to us? Of what importance is he to our team?’

  71. N5

    Cheers Grabs, yes mate it certainly wasn’t celebration beers last night. Did you go mate? are you still using that season ticket.

    Vince, fair enough mate. It’s painful to accept for someone like me, who’s been blowing his trumpet since he got here. I’ve watched and loved Ozil for years, but it’s looking more and more likely that he has to have perfect conditions around him to perform, which really isn’t good enough for what we need.

  72. Vince

    Zeus. Pastore? Really?

    Yes, of course. An attainable number 10 with a bit of everything: power, pace, skill, good dribbler with an eye for a pass and positive unpredictability.

    Except of course some people prefer an Ozil who cannot dribble his own spit.

  73. kingHenry

    Arrgh fuck this
    I hate Arsene Wenger…since last night, I’ve had a shitty appetite, and have generally been moody. Wish I was immune to all this bullshit, but turns out I’m not. It wasn’t even this bad after our “Accidents” last year.

    Now I definitely want Wenger gone ASAP. I’d be less peeved if we played well and just got screwed by a lack of final ball, but we god good chances and our manager’s best friend decided to fuck it all up. We all abuse Sanchez, but he was our best player on the field last night… created most of our chances, only for Giroud to bottle it.
    I bet even ‘shit’ Benteke or Lukaku would have at least got a goal last night. Shit Henry would have got 5, yet we expect this substandard player to lead us to a title… dream on!

  74. Up 4 grabs now

    N5 yes mate I probably have it to the end of the season at least. As my friend is learning to walk again. Should be emigrating near the end of the year so will probably have it part of next season as well.

  75. zeus


    He barely plays for PSG last time I checked.

    He certainly hasn’t kicked on from his time in Italy.

    And the fact he can’t get ahead of Banega for Argentina is a slight against him in my book.

    I’ve gone off Ozil though….Had him in the same bracket as Riquelme as a moody genius, but even at his worst, I’ve never seen Riquelme look so ineffective.

  76. Up 4 grabs now

    N5, I know what you mean. To be honest was a bit touch and go if he would make it or not. The guy is 70 plus.
    I have to make the most of it while I’m still in the country, but really getting sick of seeing games like last night.

  77. N5

    Fair point Grabs, when you’re sitting by the pool in the blazing sun of the South African WINTER!!! I will pity you, whilst I watch us get turned over by Stoke in the rain on a -3 night!!

    Poor, poor grabs ๐Ÿ˜€

  78. London gunner


    There are other options, such as debruyne whose lighting up bundisliga and Koke whose been playing at a high level for a few seasons now.

    I liked pjanic a lot last season, but not sure if his form is that good recently.

  79. Johnty79

    Real sell Ozil then win European cup…..

    Says it all about Ozil. Wenger cares so much about when we have the ball that he forgets what we do when we don’t have it.

    The second leg is exiting.. I said it before. We should play

    Sanchez welbeck Walcott

    That pace will destroy any team.

  80. Up 4 grabs now

    Lol, yeah that’s if I haven’t been shot or highjacked! Only kidding Goonergirl if your out there!

    To be honest between the weather, watching Arsenal at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon and every game on tv over there I can’t complain. Even a nice bottle of klipdrift brandy is ยฃ7 a bottle!