Invincibles: A beautiful past that should fuel a spectacular future

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I managed to pick up an invite to the premiere of the documentary Arsenal commissioned into the Invincibles. It was held at a very sweet little cinema in Hampstead. I approached the door, there was a cameraman. The sign on the door said ’50 Shades’… that panic moment when you think you’re going to watch football but realise you might have to watch a sex film about hardcore bondage.

Anyway, fears soon alleviated. Sol Campbell just inside the door looking smart and slightly glazed as usual. Paul Davies with his son or young lover. Bobby P standing next to me for one, sweet, sweet moment. All a bit weird. All a bit sexy. Then I saw Ray Parlour and thought, if he had his own culturally relevant documentary right now… it’d be called ’50 Shades of Ray’.

Anyway, as you can see, I’m writing this instead of mingling. I don’t really care much for famous people, but there’s something very grounding about standing next to your childhood heroes. You realise you’ve achieved nothing next to those guys and in some cases, you’re just never to be that damn handsome.

Those chaps blew my mind. So many beautiful moments. So many iconic memories. So much good feeling. To be in the same room as so many of them was embarrassingly scary.

The guy who led the charge on the documentary stepped up to say some words. I think it’s important to note that this documentary felt more like a brand introduction piece. Taking one of the greatest stories of modern football and introducing people to the Arsenal brand. It was put quite nicely…

‘Teaching the world what it is to be Arsenal’

I also think it’s worth mentioning it wasn’t heavily funded and it was created as a side project. This production is a labour of love, which I can’t help but admire, because documentary making is a slog.

The story was fronted by 6 people. Wenger, Sol, Jens, Keown, Parlour and Thierry. They talked through some entertaining moments. Wenger said the players ‘in their own way, blamed me for the collapse the seasons before’, because he put too much pressure on the players.

Jens was the star of the show. He has Mourinho like arrogance about him. I’m sure he’d either make a spectacularly bad manager or an absolute hero of one. There’d be no middle ground there. He was major banter from start to finish.

It was also notable that the club had all but expunged Ashley Cole from proceedings. Amazing really. A player who wouldn’t contribute to Amy Lawrence’s book, cut out of history. I’m sure he’ll stick a middle finger up at us with his Champions League medal, but ultimately, it’s a sad story for me. He’ll never be loved by anyone. But there you go, up to him.

Arsene Wenger was good fun. Very humble, very open. It all got a bit sycophantic at the end. The marketer in me kind of feels like the club go hardcore on things like that to remind fans that Wenger was once a magical wizard of a manager. His vision no doubt carried us through those years, it’s just a shame he can’t find it in himself to reignite that side of his game.

The best part about the documentary is the secret fist pumping every time we scored a goal. You relive it. Your heart starts pumping even though you know the score. The goals, the power, the pace, the skill… the tension, the fight, the passion… so much to enjoy about that team. A group of gladiators who went to war on the pitch, even in training. All driven by the goal of winning the leagye. All driven by the team, not the individual. Such a well spent hour…

A great story and well worth watching.

I guess the second part of the story we’ll get in years to come. I want to hear about the fights. I want to hear about grit. I want to know the inner workings of how that squad was built. I WANT IT ALL.

But hey, I’m a nerd of a fan. The documentary wasn’t about that side of things and I think the Arsenal Media team have done a terrific job condensing an incredible sporting achievement into a one hour special. They should all be proud and you should be too when you watch it this Wednesday.

My final point is this… I’m all for celebrating these achievements. But we need to move on from this. The club need to craft the next generation of ‘wow’. I don’t want to get into a situation where we’re 1966ing it because it’s all we have. We need to create the next chapter. The invincibles will never be forgotten, but if we want to be classed as a giant of a club, we have to build something that will eclipse that achievement… because here’s the thing, if you tell yourself that achievement can never be surpassed, you’ll always be chained to the past and you’ll always have an excuse for failing to hit the right standards.

We’re still fighting big money, but we have big money as well. If our only answer to big money is to give up, then we’re doomed from the start. Money doesn’t mean intelligence. It doesn’t mean drive. It doesn’t mean creativity. Arsenal need to reframe the battle. We need to work out where we can win. Where can we find those extra percentage points we’ve lost over the last ten years. We need to consider every single detail. Sport is littered with stories of teams who refused to accept the status quo. The invincibles didn’t accept the status quo which stated categorically no team could go invincible. We shouldn’t accept that money wins out… we need to go toe-to-toe in a different way.

We need to find a new path to greatness and use the Invincibles as a benchmark, not a distant unattainable pipedream.

Anyway, tune in below.

NBC: Sunday

Sky Sports: This Wednesday at 10.15pm

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  1. Willow Wilson

    “Funny that the witch-hunt for Di Maria is only now gathering pace in the press, they had the knives out on Ozil from the first whistle .And Di Maria cost nearly £20million more.”

    Yes. The World is inhabited by a plethora of self proclaimed football experts who are just reactionary fools who like to label players. A player is either brilliant or rubbish.

    Those who take their opinions from edited highlights on TV or from presenters, journalists and pundits are cheating themselves. The same is true of those fans who think the transfer fee paid reflects how they should be judging a player.

    Anyone who knows anything about football, would not criticise Ozils ability. We had all types of people and journalists comparing him to James Milner and Lamala. If you could not see Ozils class and were jumping on his back, go to specsavers or get a bigger TV.

    Di Maria is playing in a system that none of his team mates understand, let alone his manager.They are not playing to his strengths. His ability however should not be in question.

    Like Ozil, Di Maria had a big price tag, so he’s going to be shot at by those who think they know football. They are using his current form to decide his ability. Ridiculous.

    Giroud is at the opposite end to Ozil & Di Maria. Giroud was pre-judged because he was bought in on a relatively small fee. Instead of spending £25m on players the fans wanted like Soldado, Benteke or Balotelli, we bought Giroud for circa £10m. This meant he wasn’t very good and he should be ridiculed and called useless at every opportunity. He proved a lot of people wrong because he is better than they said but they won’t admit it.

    A good rule of thumb is the old saying about form being temporary, class permanent. Have some patience, watch the player adapt to the English game and judge them fairly. Don’t use current form, their price tag or the fact you don’t want to be proved wrong to decide whether they are ‘brilliant’ or ‘crap’. Otherwise you are likely to end up eating your words.

  2. underrated Coq

    Romford Ozil Pele

    QUOTE: “It’s debatable.”

    I don’t see how its debatable, especially when you are comparing Barca and Arsenal. Barca are excellent at putting pressure on the opposition player in possession and 9 times out of 10, they immediately win the ball back. Arsenal sometimes try the pressing game but we are no where near as efficient as Barcelona.

    I think its safe to say At Arsenal Busquets will never be provided with the same amount of protection he gets at Barca.

    QUOTE: ” I couldn’t care what other fans think. If we sign Busquets and helps us achieve our targets, I don’t care what he does.”

    Haha true that. Fair enough.

    QUOTE: “Alexis is waving yellow cards at the ref”

    I actually love seeing Alexis do that. His expression along with the hand movement are funny as hell 🙂

  3. karim


    As Alfie mentioned, psg was created in 1970.
    But there was also Racing Club de Paris in the top flight in the 80’s, Luis Fernandez and Enzo Francescoli played there for ex.

    But it didn’t last long, their rich owner left after a couple of years.

  4. Carts

    KingHenry – chill, bro. An unsuccessful ACL surgery doesn’t mean your career is dead. With scientific advancements, in this day and age, especially in sports, there’s less chance you ever recovering from an ACL than Strootman.

    From what I’ve read, It seem as though the initial reconstruction was done in the correct place or something like that. It’s not like to ruptured it again. He’ll be back.

  5. Romford Ozil Pele

    Just saw that – massive shame as Strootman was a great talent. Doubt he’ll ever be the same which is awful for the player as he won’t fulfill his potential. Was great for Roma last season, Holland missed him in the World Cup too.

  6. Leedsgunner

    Willow Wilson

    What’s wrong with you?

    I wasn’t having a moan I was asking a fair question. I was making a point of comparison.

    Why do you feel the need to be so protective of the club all the time? It’s predictable and boring and takes away from the force of your argument.

    If you think I’m a moaner fair enough, but I actually think I’m balanced and support and criticise the team in equal measure. Read my first post at 1141 before you call me out a moaner and start belittling my opinions. I have a right to express them as much as you. Get over yourself.

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    “At Arsenal Busquets will never be provided with the same amount of protection he gets at Barca.”

    This is true but that aside, Barca haven’t been an efficient pressing entitiy since the Pep days. Xavi/Iniesta both getting on, declining physically, meaning there’s a lot more pressure on Busquets. Even so, he’s still immensely consistent. This season he’s averaged 3.3 tackles per game and 1.6 interceptions per game in La Liga. In the CL, this goes up to 3.8 tackles and 2.3 interceptions per game respectively. You’re trying to make it out as Busquets gets an easy ride. He’s still ever present despite Barca not reaching the level they were at in 2011.

  8. Alfie

    ” They are using his current form to decide his ability. Ridiculous.”

    Hardly ridiculous. I could lay the same logic off the top of my head.

    I like you Willow but you need to calm down a bit man.

  9. Goondawg

    Lol apparently Mourinho is compiling a dossier of everything that has gone against his players in a bid to rescind Matic red. Features some incident regarding Jack Wilshere as well, but no idea what.

    I hope in interest of fairness Mourinho has involved the actions of Gary Cahill on Sanchez and aluko, Ramires against Aston villa and ofc let’s not forget serial cunt Costa

  10. Carts

    Vermaelen unlikely to play again this season.

    When the £15m offer came through the fax machine, Wenger and Gazidis must’ve seriously been pissing themselves. Kind of reminds me of Woodgate signing for Madrid.

  11. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘The Invincibles’ is an arbitrary gold standard, to be honest. You have decided that the loss in the 2004 Champions League doesn’t count, but any defeat in the League does count. Defeat in the FA Cup doesn’t count either, nor does defeat in the League Cup. In that 2004 season, Arsenal lost at home to Chelsea in the Champions League, having also lost twice in the group stages; lost in the FA Cup semi-final to Man Utd (who they also lost to on penalties in the Charity Shield); and lost home and away to Middlesbrough in the semi-finals of League Cup.

    So the 2003/4 season saw quite a few defeats, it just didn’t see any in the EPL. Arsenal lost 6 games in the season and lost the Charity Shield on penalties. So it certainly isn’t impossible to do better.

    You could do better by winning two or three trophies, whilst losing games in the League. Let’s suppose you won the League with 3 defeats, won the League Cup undefeated, lost one game in the FA Cup and lost the Champions League final, having gone unbeaten up to that point. You’d have won two trophies and lost 5 games.

    You could retain the EPL, despite losing games. Arsenal arguably should have won 4 titles in a row between 2002 and 2005. They definitely blew it in 2005 after a crackerjack start, getting fixated on 49 not 50 instead of saying: ‘bugger the run, let’s retain the league’. For whatever reason, they weren’t tough enough mentally to do it. It’s something no modern Arsenal side has done, although two have won the title twice in three years.

    Arsenal could do a league and Champions League double. It’s a tough ask, but with a proper 25 man squad, you play squad players in lesser league games and the cups to give your stars a timed season of 35 – 40 games.

    The League, after all, is the league. The Double, after all, is the double.

    My view is this: Arsenal need to start winning trophies regularly again to begin with. Any trophies, although of course the League and the Champions League are the ultimate targets.

    Once that has been done, the EPL and the Champions League must be the targets. Sometimes they might be the first, but Cups should not be sacrificed for fantasies in the big two. Winning the League Cup, after all, frees the rest of the season up to increase positivity, as a trophy as already been won. Mourinho has always valued the competition and, whether you love him or loathe him, he does know how to win trophies with alarming regularity. Arsenal failing in 2011 summed the club up for me: too arrogant to do the dirty work to beat an inferior team.

    Right now, Arsenal can still aspire to win the FA Cup and finish second in the EPL in 2015. They can reasonably target the Quarter Finals of the UCL and then see who they are drawn against. In one off games, anything is possible, but probabilities favour more ambitious clubs currently.

    An excellent short-term target is going to Old Trafford and ending a long streak of not winning, as well as winning every game in the League until the end of March.

    However, if you want to replicate the KIND of football the Invincibles played, then I humbly suggest that you need five world class players and another four close-to-world-class regulars. Right now, I would say Arsenal are quite a way off that……..

  12. WengerEagle

    Serious knee injuries are always the worst, they rob players of their pace and general mobility.

    Kaka was absolutely rapid before he blew his knee out, faster than Messi. The real Ronaldo as well was lightning quick before his knee problems.

    Looking more modern day Falcao and Vidal who were two undisputed world class players a year ago now look a shadow of their former selves after suffering serious knee injuries.

  13. underrated Coq

    Romford Ozil Pele

    Again,I’m not doubting the quality of Busquets and I do agree he’s a top top DM. But yeah, playing as DM of Barca is definitely more of an easy ride than playing as DM of Arsenal.

    If we compare defensive systems, the former is efficient( most of the times ) and the latter often resemble a headless chicken 🙂

  14. Romford Ozil Pele

    Underrated, naturally. Barca are a much better team than we are so you’d expect it. He’s already said that the PL is a more competitive league and would embrace the challenge.

  15. WengerEagle

    Juventus should be too strong at home for Dortmund, think that they will win by a couple of goals although Dortmund could well nick a vital away goal. 2-0 or 3-1 my prediction.

    It’s a shame that Juventus don’t have any real top quality widemen otherwise they’d definitely be my dark horses to win the UCL.

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Juventus should be too strong at home for Dortmund”

    You think so? I’m always pretty underwhelmed by Juve when I watch them in the CL. They barely made it out of their group this season, last time round they were beaten to second by Galatasary. Dortmund are hitting form at the right time and Juve’s defenders aren’t quick at all. If Dortmund get a good result in Turin, I think they’ll blow Juve away at home tbh.

    Also, don’t Juve play a wingerless system on purpose?

  17. Dream10


    Don;t think Juventus are good enough offensively. I’m expecting Reus to make a telling contribution and Dortmund to get at least one away goal.

  18. london gunner

    William Wilson

    I don’t judge Giroud because of his transfer fee, but because he can’t dribble with the ball, has a terrible pass rate (for a supposedly link up merchant) and can only score tap ins. Its not the fee rather the player and the qualities he has and doesn’t have that I judge.

    Case point Tevez was purchased for 8 million do I think his crap because of such a low fee? Not at all I think his a fabulous player.

    We make do with what we have till the summer transfer window. Right now Giroud is doing a very good job, but to really challenge next season for top silverware we obviously need to improve in various areas such as brining in WC or at least elite Striker/Winger and DM. For me that’s Lewandowski, Reus and Schneiderlin that is serious intent right there and makes us the best team in the EPL!

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Karim, when are Lyon moving to their new stadium?

    Shad – same person, just a slight tweak my friend 😉

    Dream – personally feel like Juve are a bit too reliant on Tevez though they could prove me wrong, Morata has been doing ok. I don’t rate Juve that highly though that’s probably the Roma bias speaking!

  20. WengerEagle


    Agree they have been far from impressive in Europe in recent years but just have a feeling that now they’re in the knockout stages they could go far.

    They were in a group with the UCL winners Real Madrid last season to be fair and gave them 2 really good matches, was a bit mental how Sneijder’s last minute goal put them out.

    This season Tevez and Pogba in particular have both hit a new level so I think that they have more about them.

    Their defence is slow but they are outstanding, also expect them to play Asamoah as a wing-back who’s rapid.

    Yeah in Serie A they play a wingerless system and it works but it is probably to their detriment in Europe. As good as he is I think that Pirlo’s limitations at his age hamper them in Europe. They’d be better off playing a CM of Marchisio-Vidal-Pogba IMO.

  21. london gunner


    That makes us one of the strongest teams in Europe(attacking wize) with Cazorla, Coq, gibbs, chambers, paulista , ox/welbeck/walcott (whoever we keep) as decent back up.

    I really hope that Ramsey returns to his good form and that that form was not just a purple patch or we may need to upgrade and get a new CM in the future.

  22. cladicus


    I love Champions league. It’s natural for people to want to watch the top teams play one another. It’s special because instead of hypotheticals we get real answers on the pitch.

    London gunner,

    Do tap ins only count as half a goal?

  23. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, agree about Pirlo, it’s the same way I think about Totti. Both legends but they aren’t really helping their teams too much anymore. Don’t think Juve lose that much by playing Marchisio instead, quite underrated IMO.

    I thought Evra played ahead of Asamoah or am I mistaken?

    It is knockout though so anything is possible. Tevez and Pogba are Juve’s key player. You’d be looking to Reus and Aubayemang for Dortmund. Neither Immobile/Ramos have set the world alight.

  24. Romford Ozil Pele


    BRUH!! I’d look at replacing Per with Gabriel but we’re talking otherwise! Been really impressed with Monreal this season.

  25. Romford Ozil Pele

    LG, RE Ramsey, it was never his goals that made me notice him. Last year he was smashing all kinds of stats for tackles/interceptions. Was literally a machine. I just want him to improve his positional discipline and work on being a proper number 8 who recycles possession well but also dominates the central area well. Needs to stop with his goal fetish. Have a pop from range now and again but otherwise let that front 4 do the job.

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    Thanks, Karim. It was only because Aulas was talking about not letting Lacazette and Fekir go this summer because he wants them to play the first season in the new stadium. Been watching a lot more of Fekir recently. Very impressive. There’s a bit of Ben Arfa about him but without the idiotic behaviour. Also has Griezmann striking instincts. Nice mix.

  27. underrated Coq

    london gunner

    Nice dream team but how exactly do you presume that Lewandowski and Reus will be available this summer ?

    Reus just signed a long term contract with Dortmund and its not even been a year since Lewandowski joined Bayern. Do you really think he’ll leave after one season..?

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Do you remember when Fabregas went through that spell where he was acting like a number 10/second striker at times, way, way forward. Severely compromised his game, I remember Arsenal fans going mad about that and wanting Wenger to pull him deeper again.

    Same thing is happening with Ramsey, though not quite so gung ho, Ramsey has lost all sense of positional awareness, either that is part of this horrible system, or its the players choice on the pitch. Either way Wenger needs to sort that and get Ramsey back to being useful and disciplined.

  29. WengerEagle


    He does you’re right, thought that Evra was injured for some reason.

    Dortmund will be very reliant on Reus going forward, both their CF’s are average for me and Aubameyang is very inconsistent, very dangerous one week and awful the next.

    I remember he was shite against us when we played them.

  30. Le Prof


    ‘I don’t judge Giroud because of his transfer fee, but because he can’t dribble with the ball, has a terrible pass rate (for a supposedly link up merchant) and can only score tap ins’

    Did this stop:

    Inzaghi, Andy Cole, Shearer, Fowler, solskjaer, Milito, Gomez, Van Nistelrooy and Muller now from being effective and efficient goalscorers?

    You need to stop getting a hard-on for Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo. You can win things if you have efficient players and an efficient team.

    Doubt you’ve ever played proper football stat boy, apart from on the play station, because you should know it’s about the balance of the players within the team that is the key to any successful team..

    The 11 best players dont always make the best team.

    Not all players need to be elite in order for us to win things.

  31. Alfie

    Eagle –

    Just ramblings.

    “Arsenal need to start winning trophies”

    “Arsenal actually lost games during the undefeated season”

    I used to think he was an intelligent poster, now I just think he is a conspiracy theorist.

  32. Goondawg

    That’s my problem with Ramsey, he is too eager to hog glory and score goals at the detriment of the team, when it would be better to pass it to the front 4 at times. He needs to find the balance quick, cos he has been stinking up the field since coming back from injury

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah Aubameyang does tend to blow hot and cold but his pace is ridiculous, always feel like he could pop in with goal. Generally speaking, it is all about Reus.

  34. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    “The real Ronaldo as well was lightning quick before his knee problems.”

    His coach at Barcelona, Bobby Robson, commented: “He was the fastest thing I’ve ever seen running with the ball. Had he managed to stay free of injury, he had every chance of becoming the best footballer ever”

    He had disgusting amount of injuries missing almost 3 seasons. Yet came back and won the world cup in 2002 and then went on to play for RM and AC Milan.
    That is something else.

    Even after losing that pace he was still one of the best players in the world because of his immense technical skill/dribbling prowess.

  35. Le Prof



    Put the Playstation controller bruh…

  36. Romford Ozil Pele

    Remember being at the Emirates in ’06 for Brazil-Argentina. Look how Kaka left Messi, and that’s with the ball at his feet. Kaka used to be ridiculous.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    Lewandowski will be an interesting one to watch this summer, Guardiola doesn’t seem keen on the out and out striker.

    No idea what he could potentially go for, but United would be in the market for a striker of his calibre. As should we if he became available.

    Fantastic player, all round just has a bit of everything.

  38. Dream10

    Asamoah has a knee injury. Missed the AFCON and been out for a while. Would like us to sign him. Good player and versatile

    London Gunner
    That team with Lewandowski, Reus and Schneiderlin? Yep! That’s the quality we need, Excellent choices

  39. Goondawg

    Im not convinced Giroud has a terrible pass rate. He has had like twenty plus assists in his arsenal career.

    I think citing terrible pass rate for a target man such as Giroud is a bit of a moot point. The way we play, when the goalkeeper hoofs it to our big man upfront, passing rate takes into consideration heading accuracy. So every contested ball that doesn’t end headed towards a player counts as a misplaced pass

  40. Goondawg

    I mean sure Giroud is culpable of misplacing passes often during a game. But he is the furthest up the pitch so passing is ultimately a riskier procedure to pull off. His link up play is pretty good, I would say. He excels by making other people look better and bringing them into play

  41. Dissenter

    I can imagine Busquets coming up against a typical English slugger like Barnes.
    He will get his legs kicked out of sorts in England and referees wont even lift a finger.

    La Liga makes many a player look better than they really are, especially when they play for either of the favored two -Barca or Real. These two scare off La Liga referees a lot.

    Sanchez is an exception many players who have come to England from Spain just show that they aren’t as good as the reputation they’ve that preceded them.

    I’ll put De Maria [and maybe, Ozil :-), for fairness] in the the category of players that have to prove their class in England]

  42. Dissenter

    It wont shock me if Dortmund do a number on Juventus. They have a way of stepping up in Europe.
    They’ll need the experience in any case because they’ll be away from the big stage for a while.

  43. Romford Ozil Pele

    “La Liga makes many a player look better than they really are”

    Yep Aguero, Silva, Mata, Alexis, Y. Toure, Moreno etc have really struggled haven’t they? Did you think before you wrote that? Lol La Liga is cynical s*** man – Neymar gets kicked from pillar to post each game.

  44. WengerEagle

    ‘Inzaghi, Andy Cole, Shearer, Fowler, solskjaer, Milito, Gomez, Van Nistelrooy and Muller now from being effective and efficient goalscorers?’

    Definitely wouldn’t include Muller in this bracket, he’s a lot better on the ball than he’s given credit for and gets a lot of assists for a forward.

    The game has moved on from these type of players hence Gomez in your list who scored 30-40 goals a season at Bayern can’t get a game at Fiorentina and is still only in his 20’s.

    Other examples of finishers who don’t do much outside of the box and have a very limited skillset and hence aren’t starting for Europe’s best clubs are Huntelaar (Schalke), Javier Hernandez (Man United/Real bench warmer), Higuain (Napoli), Kiessling (Leverkusen), Icardi (Inter Milan), Destro (on loan at Milan from Roma), etc.

    It’s why Benteke was starting over Bent at the start of his Villa career even when he wasn’t scoring goals and why Bent’s career has been dead for the last few years.

    The game has evolved and goal hatchers are a thing of the past just like 4-4-2 in the Champions League latter stages.

  45. Romford Ozil Pele

    “The game has evolved and goal hatchers are a thing of the past just like 4-4-2 in the Champions League latter stages.”


  46. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol I forgot Costa, Santi, sure there are loads more. Dissenter, you’re logic is flawed immensely. If a player is good he can make it work. The supposed thuggery in the PL gets overplayed.

  47. Dissenter

    Lewandowski is probably headed to United.
    They will use the money that was dedicated for making Falcao’s deal permanent to fund the transfer and salary of Lewandowski. I believe Robin is out of contract this season too.

    The dude is only 26 year old.

  48. Romford Ozil Pele

    It’s actually quite alarming how badly RVP declined. He was never reliant on pace so I thought he’d fare well into his 30s but he’s pretty bad now. Wouldn’t even want him back here.

  49. Dissenter

    You think European referees allow as much physicality to go unpunished as English referees?
    Surely you know that, right. That’s a key reason why CL games are different.
    I actually left that smiley next to my Ozil statement for you.

  50. london gunner

    Le Prof

    “Inzaghi, Andy Cole, Shearer, Fowler,, Gomez, Van Nistelrooy and Muller now from being effective and efficient goalscorers?”

    Yes, but they were clinical prolific strikers in a period of time when strikers who played the poaching game were much more effective. Giroud is still nowhere near the level of the players above shocked you think he is. Shows how biased/deluded you are regarding Arsenal players. To compare Giroud to Shearer LOL!

    “You need to stop getting a hard-on for Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo.”

    Come on man that’s a ludicrous exaggeration that weakens your argument by making yourself sound silly. I certainly don’t expect Ronaldo or Messi. I think Lewandowski, Reus and Schneiderlin are our level and we should be trying to improve our team/squad where we can! Whats wrong with that?

    “You can win things if you have efficient players and an efficient team.”

    Yes you can, but its much much harder otherwise AM wouldn’t have 14 years between la liga titles. Far and by large the teams with the best players win the top honours so why should we not try and get the best players if we have the financial clout to now?

    Also lets put things into perspective Wenger never won a league title without WC players such as thiery, patrick and pires why can we do this now? especially as the premier league is even more competitive now with the additions of chelsea and city to prominence.

    “Doubt you’ve ever played proper football stat boy, apart from on the play station, because you should know it’s about the balance of the players within the team that is the key to any successful team..”

    So lets name call now? That’s just pathetically lame. I am an athlete/gym addict who plays football, swims and plays squash all regularly hardly just a playstationer.

    Yes it about balance, but balance with the highest quality look at Chelsea right now. You insure yourself the best chance of winning silverware, by upgrading where you can whilst keeping in mind the balance/ playing style of the team.

    I think for instance you get a more dynamic striker like lewandwoski up front and Ozil will be even more effective/deadly as he will have a striker who can hold the ball, link up play, but also turn the shoulder/run in behind and receive through balls. Thus giving Ozil more options and making are attacking moves less predictable.

  51. Romford Ozil Pele

    “How much do you reckon Lewandowski would go for? £40 Million?”

    Probs. Doesn’t turn 27 until August so you’d hope you’d get a good five years from him as he’ll have no resale value. Definitely worth it IMO. Whether he wants to pack it in after a year at Bayern remains to be seen. After all, he purposely ran down his contract at Dortmund to join Bayern.

  52. Wallace

    i guess the thing for Lewandowski is does he wait it out for Guardiola to leave, or does he look elsewhere. can’t really see Bayern entertaining bids knowing Pep’s gonna be off next season and his replacement might actually like strikers.

  53. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lewa said this after bagging a brace at the weekend: “When you play in a big team, expectations are always high.

    “I know what is expected of me. I always want to play and score goals. It worked out today. I don’t have any problem with the coach.”

  54. WengerEagle

    Fernando Torres another one, was a quality CF in Spain but never hit 20 goals in a season, came over to England and destroyed it, scoring 33 goals in his debut season.

    Utter nonsense to suggest that it’s easier to do it in La Liga than in the BPL.

    Cesc performs much better over here than he did in Spain too.

  55. Romford Ozil Pele

    “You think European referees allow as much physicality to go unpunished as English referees?”

    I personally don’t even think the PL is that physical. When I watch games, the only real difference I notice is the intensity/pace of games. It’s more end-to-end, less tactical.

  56. WengerEagle


    He has a point about the Invincibles season, we underachieved that year with the team that we had at our disposal.

    How we didn’t win the Champions League when only Chelsea, Monaco and Porto stood in our way I’ll never know.

    Losing the Cup Semi-Final to United was also a sickener.

  57. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Utter nonsense to suggest that it’s easier to do it in La Liga than in the BPL.”

    Agreed. If anything i’d say La Liga is harder due to the nature of team’s being better set-up, less space to exploit etc.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I would absolutely throw £40 Million on Lewandowski, I think he is sensational, has a bit of everything, 6ft 1 as well, nice turn of pace, good strength, cool finisher.

    Could maintain the strength Giroud brings but add a touch of absolute quality.

    Hoping Paulista turns out to be a solid CB, add a CDM, old head between the sticks and then a marquee like Lewandowski…we’re cooking then.

  59. Le Prof


    ‘I can imagine Busquets coming up against a typical English slugger like Barnes.
    He will get his legs kicked out of sorts in England and referees wont even lift a finger.’

    Barnes isn’t a typical English slugger. He’s a forward that can mix it and deal with the rough stuff after coming up through the leagues.

    Charlie Adam, Lee Clattermole and Joey Barton are probably better examples of good old fashioned dirty bastards.

  60. WengerEagle

    If United and Van Gaal had any sense left in that odd looking head of his he’d just cut his losses and drop Falcao and play Rooney as the lone CF. Have Young and Di Maria either side of him, Mata playing off of him with Herrera and Carrick/Blind in the double-pivot behind.

    They currently have no balance and play at a snail’s pace hoofing long balls up to Fellaini when all else fails.

  61. Dissenter

    I know this might be taken the wrong way;
    I don not think we [gooners] covered ourselves with glory they way we treated Ashley Cole. He also shares in the blame too.

    How did things get so bad that a prominent member of our Invincible team declined to participate because he was concerned about fan reaction.

    That said, Cashley 🙂 should have taken part to honor his team mates and Wenger.

  62. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, I would too. He’s actually what i’m hoping Welbz turns into with a bit more refinement. Strikers like Lewandowski/Benzema are what I call the complete modern day strikers. Over 6ft so can act as target men, happy to drift to the flanks, can drop deep to link up play and are more than capable of going it alone/fashioning their own chances. That’s the skillset to play the lone role these days. Hate to pour scorn on it but don’t ever see Wenger doing it though i’m happy to be proven wrong. Guess it depends if Lewa really wants to leave too. Reus seems to have taken himself off the market this summer as well.

    Confident about Gabriel. Actually kind of happy he’s not playing too much atm, no need to rush him. Cup games are perfect – he can see the style/adapt without any major pressure. Full pre-season and let him start gelling next to Kos IMO.

  63. Foozballfan

    Danny Welbeck on Monaco – ” We are well prepared and we ve analysed their team”

    Did he just claim that Wenger now looks at opposing teams in advance ? What the hell is going on at Arsenal FC ?

  64. Wallace

    Mkhitaryan looks like being a casualty of Dortmund’s car crash season. has asked his agent to find him a new club in the summer, according to Bild.

  65. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Cattermole is a proper thug. When he’s not injured he’s getting sent off. How many reds has he had in his career? Adams is another thug – won’t forget that assault on Alexis this season.

    Speaking about Alexis, hope he gets a goal tomorrow. Feels weird that he’s gone 5 games without one. Probably adapting to not being the main man anymore.

  66. Leedsgunner


    I remember reading a story that when Lewa was looking to move out of Poland — he had a trial with Blackburn Rovers I think (or it might have been Bolton Wanderers) but the air blockade caused by the Icelandic volcanoes a few years back — put that move on hold…

    Frankly speaking I’m amazed he hasn’t been mentioned in Wenger’s “I tried to sign XI”

  67. Carts

    “play Rooney as the lone CF. Have Young and Di Maria either side of him, Mata playing off of him with Herrera and Carrick/Blind in the double-pivot behind.”

    Totally agree.

    Although I’d play Rooney in Mata’s place and Falcao uptop and see how that fares

  68. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Wellbeck will be the first name in my CL staring eleven. These are the type of games where his industry pays off.”

    Interested to see if Wenger goes with him tomorrow. Not sure a front three of L’Oreal, Alexis, Welbz is what we want if we’re trying to take down a parked bus. Would be tempted to start with TR7 tomorrow.

  69. WengerEagle

    Agree that Cole definitely should have taken part in the Invincibles book.

    Despite what some may think of him he was a phenomenal player for us and had just as much of a right to be there as anyone else did.

  70. Carts

    Mkhitaryan’s finishing is so damn shoddy that when you look at his scoring rate in Ukraine comapred to Germany you start to wonder whether he left his lucky boots in Donetsk.

    He’ll end up in italy or some shit.

  71. Romford Ozil Pele

    Both sides have to take blame RE the Cole saga. He didn’t conduct himself well but they offered him peanuts tbh. If he’d stayed, he’d probably be captain and our record appearance maker. World class player even though he is a tw*t.

  72. WengerEagle

    Mkhitaryan is a weird one.

    He had a very decent debut campaign last season but perhaps missing those sitters that would have put them through at home against Real in the UCL last season affected his confidence.

    He’s talented, a good passer, very good dribbler, fast and clever on the ball.

    His woeful finishing is what’s holding him back which is strange because for Shakhtar he was a goal machine.

    Granted that was in an easier league but how can you go from a lethal finisher to a woeful finisher just like that?

    Find it very strange.

  73. london gunner

    Romford Pele

    I wouldn’t put money on Welbeck ever reaching the level of Lewandowski or Benzema. Think that’s very far fetched indeed.

    As both players from a young age have shown miles more quality than your boy!

    Welbz could be a decent agongalore though!

  74. WengerEagle


    Rooney is United’s best CF IMO mate, Van Gaal even said this himself yet plays him in midfield.

    When Rooney was properly given the whole season as a CF in 2009/10 and 2011/12 he scored 34 goals each time. He’s a monster of a striker.

    Falcao is on the decline I reckon and done as a world class CF, 29 years old and rumoured to be 31 and hasn’t recovered properly from the ACL injury.

  75. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I wouldn’t put money on Welbeck ever reaching the level of Lewandowski or Benzema. Think that’s very far fetched indeed.”

    Lol one can live in hope! He needs to play up top and not on the wing though. I appreciate i’m in the minority, but generally speaking, I think Welbz is a very intelligent player and understands the game well. He makes good runs, has fantastic link-up play and his industry is second to none. Obviously his goal record doesn’t back up his good play and that’s where he’ll fall down because strikers are judged on goals. That said, the aforementioned two had prolonged periods up top in teams where there wasn’t much pressure so had a better chance to make their name. Welbz made it through the United youth system and had to compete against WC strikers. He’s now come here and Wenger’s preference remains L’Oreal. At the moment L’Oreal’s stats are supporting him but I still feel if given a proper go, with creative talents round him, Welbz will flourish. More hope than expectation though.

  76. WengerEagle

    Mikitaryan was bought for £24 million or thereabouts, unless Dortmund are willing to take a massive hit on that figure for him no-one in Italy could afford him barring maybe Juve or Roma.

    Speaking of Roma how has Iturbe done this season? They spent close to 30 million on him and I haven’t heard much about him tbh.

  77. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Rooney is United’s best CF IMO mate”

    Easily. 2009/10 when Rooney played as a lone striker he was dynamite. I’ve never understood this obsession with playing Rooney as a 10/in midfield. Remember when Rooney first made his name against us, Wenger said he’s go onto be a top class striker. But Rooney is another one that because of his versatility, he sacrificied himself for the team. Remember when United were predominately counterattacking from ’06-10 and Rooney and Tevez played wide to accommodate Ronaldo.

    Rooney will go down as a United legend but you always felt as if there was more that should’ve been extracted from him. He’s basically the same age as Ronaldo and when they were 22, nobody was ever saying Ronaldo was better than Rooney.

  78. Carts

    I wouldn’t say Cole didn’t conduct himself well. From what I know, there was a figure agreed in principal and we back tracked and remove £5k.

    Tbh, that sounds like the catalyst behind it all. From there on in, it was always going to be down hill. Arsenal obviously didn’t value Cole as much as they should’ve.

    Realy can’t blame him; and with Chelsea with their new money – his agent done a good job

  79. Le Prof


    Apologies, there was no need for the names but you do love a good stat!

    The reason for highlighting those players and some more modern players that WE mentioned is that you dont need to be the all singing, all dancing CF to be viewed as a top player as long as you contribute to the team being effective and efficient. Like OG is for us.

    In no way way I comparing Giroud and Shearer. The point being Shearer made his living in the 18 yard box without being a dribbler and amazing on the ball.

    Give me a Lewandowski or someone of that calibre then we can rightly replace OG and use him as a squad option but until then dont underestimate how important he is to us when he is playing well.

  80. Willow Wilson

    Leeds Gunner
    “Why do you feel the need to be so protective of the club all the time? It’s predictable and boring and takes away from the force of your argument”

    You slated the Arsenal academy and said parents would not want their sons to join our academy.

    I said you were just moaning again and I was right. You were.

    I pointed out that Arsenal is one of Europes biggest clubs and that we have a fantastic academy. Parents would indeed be very proud of their son being taken on, it appears only you would be unhappy. I mentioned the various academies at West Ham, Southend, Spurs, Orient that I have been lucky enough to visit and how superior our is. I mentioned the coaches, the youngsters gaining first team experience and how we are an added attraction because we give youngsters a chance, if they are good enough.

    That is called debating. If you don’t want to debate, fine but leave the toys in the pram along with your petty insults please.

  81. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Speaking of Roma how has Iturbe done this season? They spent close to 30 million on him and I haven’t heard much about him tbh.”

    SH*T!!!! But he’s only 21 so maybe I should go easy on him. It’s a shame because he was the best young player in Serie A before Roma bought him and I thought him and Gervinho would tear it up. Hasn’t quite worked out yet, but young players are always prone to periods of inconsistency. Hopefully he gets it right because he’s Shaqiri with better playmaking instincts when he gets it right.

  82. Carts

    Ahhhhh I fucking feel for Falcao it’s not even funny. Playing in a needless game and got sythed down like that.

    Watching his youtube showed how deadly he was.

    Rooney is still the business, but my reservation playing him upto on his own is his penchant of dropping deep and ended up playing as some kind of DM.

  83. Wallace


    rumours that Juve are interested but they’re only offering 15m. Italian football is totally skint. outside of Europe’s elite there must be close to 10 English teams next up on the rich list.

  84. Carts

    Everytime I see Iturbe’s mug, he looks like he’s just had a 3-ball, snorted copious amounts of whitey-white and is trying to figure out who still owes him money.

  85. gambon

    “I pointed out that Arsenal is one of Europes biggest clubs and that we have a fantastic academy.”

    Do we have a fantastic academy?

    I would say we really dont.

    What makes it “fantastic”?

    I see a team that is distinctly average at youth level, relying on spending big money on teenagers to give the impression of quality.

    Havent we been demoted to the second tier of academies?

    What does that say about us?

  86. Bigper

    Always liked welbeck and glad we have him but at united and now at arsenal he is never gonna get the chance to play up front and develop in front of goal. He’d of been better off going to saints or Everton for example for a few years and play as a guaranteed striker for his own development

  87. Wallace

    think it’ll be Sanchez – Giroud – Welbeck tomorrow, but i’d love to see Walcott or even the Ox start on the right. we’ve got a shedload of options these days.

  88. WengerEagle


    Yeah his stats do look pretty appalling, not even just his goals/assists ones but his key passes per match, passing accuracy, number of passes per match, etc.

    Have to say that I was surprised that Roma paid so much for him in the summer, he was impressive last season but not £30 million impressive IMO.

    He’s very young so perhaps could still develop into a top player but I have my doubts.

    He doesn’t excite me like Dybala, Vietto, Lacazette or Alcacer do.

  89. WengerEagle


    Very true, look at the fees the likes of West Ham have paid for Carroll and Valencia, Swansea for Bony, Southampton for Osvaldo, Everton for Lukaku, Leciester for Kramaric, Hull last season for Long+Jelavic, West Brom for Brown Ideye, Sunderland for Adam Johnson, etc.

    BPL is the wealthiest without a doubt.

  90. Le Prof


    ‘He needs to play up top and not on the wing though. I appreciate i’m in the minority, but generally speaking, I think Welbz is a very intelligent player and understands the game well. He makes good runs, has fantastic link-up play and his industry is second to none. Obviously his goal record doesn’t back up his good play’

    I’m with you. With a bit of refinement I feel there is top top quality CF there. He just needs a bit of moulding, the right guidance from AW, a bit of patience from us, and confidence in himself gained from getting a run as the main man up top.

  91. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle – to be honest he was great in the 2013/14 season though the money they paid was obviously too much. Think it could’ve gone on a Fekir/Munian type, know what I mean? But Iturbe himself is a massive talent. At 21 you’d hope that his form will pick up and that he’ll be able to show his worth. He’ll be given the opportunity to do so anyway.

    Yeah Dybala, Vietto and Lacazette really hit the money atm. Alacer doesn’t convince me, looks more like a penaltyy box striker, his game isn’t rounded enough IMO.

  92. Romford Ozil Pele

    Didn’t Hull spend like £80m in the summer?! That’s madness because none of the Italian clubs get near that. With the new commercial deals, it’s only gonna favour the English clubs more.

    BigPer/LeProf – would love for him to be given the chance, maybe he will but I guess L’Oreal is the safe option at the moment as you know what he’ll give you, he’s been relatively consistent and a constant in the team for 3 years now.

  93. Le Prof


    ‘Everytime I see Iturbe’s mug, he looks like he’s just had a 3-ball, snorted copious amounts of whitey-white and is trying to figure out who still owes him money.’

    LOL. Like Ray at the Invincible’s do

  94. Dissenter

    What do think of the Kevin Strootman situation.

    It seems his initial knee surgery was botched and a Roma insider reportedly stated that there is ‘no way out’ for him despite a repeat surgery. The dude has what is called Cyclops syndrome which a progressive loss of knee mobility that can follow ligament damage repair. It means he has extensive cartilage and ligament damage. Its unlikely that he will ever fully recover.

    Sad situation, he looked like class.

  95. london gunner

    Le Prof

    Your last comment directed towards to me is fine,

    My point isn’t throwing in WC players for the sake of it, but improving various individual positions whilst staying true to the balance/chemistry of the team.

    To me Reus screams Arsenal like player. Technically brilliant with flair and amazing attacking prowess. Also if we had Reus and Sanchez that means Ozil would be played centrally where personally I think his miles better than when he is on the wing.

    The best striker I would want to fit our current playing style is Benzema, but we could never get him because RM understandably rate the shit out of him

  96. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter – Read Carts’ comment above. He thinks that he’ll recover from it. But after two serious injuries, who knows if Strootman will ever fulfill his potential.

  97. Cesc Appeal


    Funny you should say that because I always thought a team like BvB would take a punt on Welbeck precisely for that reason, he’s very rough and unpolished in his technique for the most part; sometimes he has electric games like Galatasary, but he’s an athlete and a footballer.

    Yeah I’m hoping Paulista will turn out to be a good buy, has all the ingredients, just keen to see what kind of brain he has and what his temperament is like. You would think we’re working on communication with him as well.

  98. Romford Ozil Pele

    There are always certain players who I feel are tailor-made for Arsenal. Reus/Draxler are two. But Benzema I was convinced would 100% be an Arsenal player at some point. Like LG says though, ain’t ever gonna happen. Perez loves him, Zidane loves him and he’s been leading the line at Madrid for over half a decade.

  99. Nasri's Mouth

    I see Beckham sprog no.1 is getting kicked out at the end of the season

    Shame, the potential commercials would be lurvely

  100. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Funny you should say that because I always thought a team like BvB would take a punt on Welbeck precisely for that reason”

    I could 100% see this. But then again, English players love playing in England. Welbz is no different. When he first came he was on record at saying London was a massive cultural shock for him so imagine what it’d be like in a different country! I feel like he has a lot of good attributes. The Gala game he was powerful, explosive:

    4.45 stuck out to me in the video. We were down to 10 men and he still showed that at the time.

    RE Gabriel… He was saying on that he’s having English lessons daily. He’s very rugged, but I like that, looks like he’ll take no nonsense. Look at that blatant yellow he took in the ‘Boro game. Hopefully he’ll work out. Look how high the line was against ‘Boro! Could never do that with Per in the side!

  101. london gunner

    Yeah the best footballers are nearly always from poor to ghetto backgrounds.


    Kaka being from a very wealthy family is an exception.

  102. carts

    Dissenter & RP –

    I feel as though medic and industry professionals say certain things not to paint a pretty picture or artificially inflate hope.

    When you read of ACL procedures, generally a relapse occurs due to a lack of rehab. Rarely do you read that an initial straight forward ACL reconstruction goes tits up.

    Lastly, I don’t see why people don’t stick to the Drs whom are at the pinnacle of their trade. Dr Richard Steadman from the states is an example. If the initial operation was so much a fuck up that it’ll end Strootman’s career, some better lawyer-up

  103. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Fat Ronaldo or Zidane ??”

    Why not both?

    When I think Zidane, I think that CL goal against Leverkeusen, the dominant performances against Brazil etc. But Ronaldo is El Fenomeno for a reason. Never seen a striker like him. In that one season for Barca he was a joke. Fantastic striker,run out of superlatives to describe him.

  104. london gunner

    “Lastly, I don’t see why people don’t stick to the Drs whom are at the pinnacle of their trade. Dr Richard Steadman from the states is an example.”

    Strange isn’t it.. If you have the money why not get the best possible doctor you can.

  105. Willow Wilson

    ” I appreciate i’m in the minority, but generally speaking, I think Welbz is a very intelligent player and understands the game well. He makes good runs, has fantastic link-up play and his industry is second to none”

    I agree. I don’t think you are in a minority, fans I mix with feel the same way. He makes intelligent runs and stretches the play in a way OG cannot.

    His versatility and the way we play means he isn’t being played where he would probably prefer but he gives us that option. Like Sanchez, he has great desire and works hard.

    I don’t have a problem with his lack of goals, his contribution to the team is valuable. He will score his share of goals.

    Football nowadays is different. In the past, teams were reliant on one main goalscorer but the game has changed. Some fans still cannot grasp this.

    We are a good example of a team that can share the goals around. We have the highest number of different goalscorers and this is important.

    Between them, Giroud, Sanchez and Welbz have scored 34 goals this season and Giroud has only played 15 games. That is a decent return, considering the number of games played. We have Theo to contribute too and he has 3 goals in just 7 games. So goals are not our problem.

    When you rely on one player to get the bulk of your goals, as we did for a while with RVP, its fine when they are scoring but when they aren’t you have problems. Injuries and form leave you vulnerable.

    I am happy with Welbz and OG. I am especially pleased the latter has put a lot of his detractors and their unfair, incorrect comments back in their box. Ozil did this too and hopefully Welbz will do the same.

  106. london gunner

    Willam willson

    It’s not just about how many goals, but the overall quality of personnel.

    No matter how you twist it we don’t have a good enough squad to compete with Chelsea/City and that is precisely why we need to sign WC/Elite players to improve our chances at winning the PL and CL.

  107. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I like Welbeck, like his athleticism and his work ethic, starts for me all day long tomorrow. Really hope he can add a clinical edge to his game.

    I like the look of Paulista and hopefully there are a few games coming up where we can see a bit more of him.

    Same old story with us though, you can see the potential in this side, 2-3 players short of having something special, we just never make that last little grab and consequently are always just short of being contenders but always threatening to do so.

  108. london gunner

    “I am happy with Welbz and OG. I am especially pleased the latter has put a lot of his detractors and their unfair, incorrect comments back in their box. ”

    Your happy without top honours! some of us are not!

    Top teams like Barca and Real Madrid have the luxury of not having a top goal scoring striker because they have a top goal scoring Messi/Ronaldo

    Bayern are the same with Robben whose scored 16 goals.

    Zlatan last season for PSG got a bucket of goals.

    Aguero and Costa are both on 17 already despite injuries for aguero.

    The point is top teams still have a main prolific goal scorer.

    We have Sanchez right now, but he is still 4 off Robben. So its obvious to most we still need added WC firepower.

  109. london gunner

    Welbeck is a workhorse and has a great personality.

    But I really don’t get how anyone can say he is going to be WC. His 24 not 21..

    Has rough and unpolished technique as I believe Cesc said. He just doesn’t scream quality like WC players do. he’s not silky enough or shown enough promise gifted athlete though, but nothing more.

  110. Willow Wilson

    “No matter how you twist it we don’t have a good enough squad to compete with Chelsea/City”

    Twist what? I don;t disagree. Man City and Chelsea have been investing big money for a number of years, hence their squads. They need to sell to buy now though and Maureen is already obsessing on FFP and how it will help Arsenal and Man Utd. So things are changing.

    We have built a very good squad. I do not disagree that we need another couple of big players. Where we disagree is in the ability of our own players, as I believe they have proved to be better than some of you want to make out, OG is a case in point. Ozil too. Welbz will probably follow suit.

    The fact remains, you don’t need one goalscorer to be successful. You need a well balanced side that can share the goals around. We do that. You are obsessing on a goalscorer. That would mean a change in the way we play and I am not convinced relying on one player to bang in your goals is healthy in today’s game. What happens if you get it wrong? Is Falcao going to give you 30 goals plus?

    Get the balance right. Protect the back four. Get a good defensive unit behind the team and a solid keeper. I would break the bank and buy Lloris, no messing.

  111. Willow Wilson

    ”Your happy without top honours! some of us are not!”

    That is rude, ignorant and unnecessary.

    I have been trying to debate with you sensibly but what is the point. You obviously know best and any person with an alternative view to yours doesn’t know what they are talking about and doesn’t want success for the club they support.

    You are very arrogant mate. How can anyone discuss anything with you, when you are always right?

  112. london gunner

    Willam Wilson

    I apologize then if I have come across as rude.

    It’s just in the past there have been various posters who have been somewhat naive/utterly arsenal rose tinted spectacle wearers because it gets on my nerves. I think if there was more scrutiny and the fans were harder on the board and management we would have more signings off the calibre of Ozil ect.

    Reading your comment at 17:21 I can see that I have unfairly misjudged you. I am no more arrogant than half the posters on here the only difference is I am an honest man about it. We all think we are right as individuals so why pretend otherwise?

  113. Willow Wilson

    Yes there are some rude people on here but I am not one of them. I accept your apology.

    With regard to your list of goalscorers, I accept your point but do not agree you need a prolific goalscorer. You can be successful without one. In addition, there are no guarantees. Fitness and form leave you vulnerable. Personally, I prefer sharing the goals around and having a balanced team that can play with and without the ball.

    The players you list are great players but the Premier League is a tougher league to score in then the other leagues.

    Last season Man City won the Title. Their front players scored the following:
    Aguerro 17 goals, Silva 9, Jovetic 5 = 31 goals.

    This season, the current leaders Chelsea:
    Costa 17, Hazard 9, Oscar 6 = 32 goals

    Man Utd this season:
    RVP 10, Rooney 8, Falcao 4 = 22 goals

    Arsenal this season:
    Sanchez 17, Giroud 10, Welbz 7 = 34 goals

    Now Sanchez has added another dimension to the team and 17 goals. But when he dried up, Giroud started scoring. Remember, OG has only played 15 games, so there are more goals. We do not need to rely on a prolific goalscorer. As I said, we have the highest number of different goalscorers, that’s healthy.

    We have Theo back. He already has 3 goals in 7 games.

    So it would be great to have Messi or Ronaldo, as you say but reality is that isn’t going to happen.

    If I was spending big, the first thing I would do is get a world class keeper. I do not believe the three we have are at that level. lloris would make a massive difference to our spine.

    Add a ball winning DM and jobs a good un.

    That is where I would spend my money. Not on a Falcao.

  114. WengerEagle

    Willow Wilson

    Mate I’m sorry but those stats don’t look right at all, you’re moving the goalposts there.

    Sanchez has scored 17 goals in all comps this season, 12 in the BPL. Same goes for Giroud and Welbeck, that’s in all comps for them. Their BPL total is considerably lower.

    For example Aguero scored 17 in the BPL, last season but 28 in all comps.

    Jovetic didn’t even play much for City last season, Dzeko scored 26 goals in all comps and Negredo scored 23 goals so their total goals for their forward line was in fact 77 goals in all comps.

  115. Romford Ozil Pele

    @samuelJayC: Redknapp: “My knee will be sorted in a week or two, then I’ll be looking for a new club for next season.”

    Looooool unbelievable, this don is a fraud. Wonder what the odds on him managing West Ham are!?

  116. Il avataro di Napoli

    So dropped in here for the first time in several weeks and real pleased to see that there is no sign of that irritant troll N3 Postcode Boy…..tell me the boring fuckwit has gone to haunt another blog and I will click here again Peter

    BTW gotta feel sorry for Beckham kid especially as one of his younger brothers will be taken on regardless of ability by some B class club looking for promo monies just like Hoddle’s sad brother Carl

  117. Leedsgunner


    “You slated the Arsenal academy and said parents would not want their sons to join our academy.”

    Are you for real? How have I done this?

    I was speaking for myself. I wasn’t making a statement on behalf. Whatever Willow. It’s obvious I rub you up the wrong way. We can agree to disagree. I don’t understand why you have to be so patronising.

    When I’m wrong I’m more than happy to admit that… but personally I don’t understand why you’ve taken such great offence at me stating a personal opinion that there are better academies in England than AFC.

    It was a convo I was civility having with Romford which you barged into in the most inflamed

    I wasn’t singling you out, nor did I call you out. How have I insulted you? By telling you to get yourself? Honestly?


    If you take offence at that how can you have the audacity to call another poster arrogant?

    I’ll tell you what, there’s no need for this go any further. Why don’t you and I agree to disagree? Fair enough?