Mourinho embarrasses himself for the bigger picture

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Will have to race through this today because I have a mad busy day pitching.

So, first up, the Arsenal win juggernaut continues to power on at pace. The Palace game didn’t look pretty, but we did what we needed to do to take the three points. There weren’t many magical highlights for me, but there’s that unease watching Ospina flap about. I’m glad he’s been given a run, but I’m just sad he’ll probably have to drop a giant clanger before he’s removed. What he did in injury time, when he flew out to tip a cross away, was, well, pretty poor tekkers. He’s just not the ticket for me… frame aside, I think he lacks quite a lot of the top level basic skills.

Other good news? Well, teams dropping points all over the place. United dropped 3, Spurs dropped one against West Ham which kind of works and Chelsea opened the door for us in the title challenge. All exciting stuff. We’re pushing hard for third now. In the driving seat if you consider our fixtures list.

… and United. Superb eh? Hopefully that result at Swansea asks more questions of a squad being brutalised by a man with ego and power on the mind, over putting a system in place that the players can work to.

What other mega bits have we to clear up today? Oh, how about Jose on Soccer Saturday? I do like to listen to him, but that little act of petulance was really not befitting of a top flight manager. When you earn that sort of cash, have that sort of rep, you shouldn’t be hijacking TV programmes to push your messaging. It was car crash at times. He slagged Wenger unprovoked. Whether he was right or not, I have no idea why he felt the need to open up old wounds. Then he slated Sky for going on at his players when his boys suffer hard tackles. Just all felt a little surreal considering how nasty his players can be.

Jose uses slots like yesterday to gain a psychological advantage on opposition teams. That little show yesterday was about making referees fear making decisions against his players. He’s been trying to hammer referees for a while. I hope they stand strong. Refs should be independent and they shouldn’t fear managers trying to game the system.

Mourinho and his behaviour off the pitch is why he couldn’t land a job at Barca. That’s why a team like United will probably never sign him. He damages institutions to gain some extra percentage points. I don’t think I’d like him at Arsenal. A winner, sure, but he’s not a patch on Guardiola in my eyes.

Tonight, the club are launching the invincibles documentary. That’s going to be one of those things you watch when you’re having a down week. Whenever I watch stuff on that team, it takes you to another place. When Arsenal are doing well, it feels like you’re doing well in every area of your life. So many fond memories!

The AST also have Raphael Honigstein at their event this evening, worth paying the membership fee alone. If you get the chance to head down, I’m sure there will be a truck load of insight into Arsenal’s German players as well as what they do differently over in the Bundesliga!

Final point, that I don’t want to labour on, is Wenger and his use of tactics. There was a piece by Hoddle about using prozone back in the day to analyse teams and their approaches. A lot of people have used this snippet to showcase that our manager is really into analysis.

Look, firstly, there are plenty of player quotes around that point to our lack of preparation, but here’s the best way to know whether we do it… look at what you’ve seen on the pitch over the past 10 years. Look at the surprise on the pundits faces when we turned over City. Using a version of Prozone was big in the eighties, but hey, Super Mario Brothers on a black and white Gameboy was also state of the art back then, you wouldn’t put that infront of an 8 yaer old these days and expect a high five. If you don’t upgrade your tech, the way you think and the way you utilise that data, it’s all pretty pointless.

… and, if you think he is using tactics and data to its maximum, well, even more cause for concern, because you’re basically saying he’s doing it really f*cking badly.

Right, that’s me done. Have a mega day!

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  1. Gunner2301


    He’s about as good as Wenger was for Kanal Plus. Considering we have reps from Man U and Liverpool in Carragher and Neville who know the game and it shows, Thierry is not really bringing it for the Arsenal. It’s a big change for him I realise but if this is his career choice now the odd interjection like when he was a guest pundit previously won’t suffice and that’s the mode he appears to be in at the moment. Maybe it’s that old adage that you can see more of the game from a defensive position that makes these guys so insightful.

  2. Bamford10


    Hear, hear. Neither Giroud nor Wenger is good enough to win the EPL title: the former because of his physical/athletic limitations, the latter because certain of his “principles” matter more to him than winning titles.

  3. Goondawg

    Sorry it’s getting late and I mixed up what I was trying to say which was I don’t recall saying Coquelin is better than Schneiderlin

    It’s not me that’s saying Coquelin has better tackles success rate, Interceptions, aerial duels won and clearances than Schneiderlin. Thats called stats Bamford. They speak for themselves

    Personally I’m not reading into it too much, I’d rather gauge him on a consistent basis and see how he performs first in the champions league.

    If you feel like insulting me, because I’m rightly giving him deserved praise then go ahead mate!

  4. Bamford10

    Keyser will come back if only to combat the arguments of those he despises. I know that certain arguments outrage him. No way he can let such arguments stand unopposed.

    Come on, Satan; this place isn’t the same without you.

  5. Goondawg


    Maybe I’m biased (lol) but I’ve welcomed Thierrys punditry like a breath of fresh air. It’s interesting to hear one of ours giving his views, and I personally prefer his to carraghers or Jamie redknapps commentary but Gary Neville comes closer. He sounds so chilled it feels wrong to hate lol. Guy is too cool. The sadist in me can’t wait to see him analyse the first intentional handball lol

  6. Bamford10


    “I’m rightly giving him deserved praise then go ahead mate!”

    Except that saying he is as good as Schneiderlin, Bender or Krychowiak is over-rating him, not giving him his “deserved praise”.

    My point is simple: while I appreciate what Coq has done for us, we need better. Every reasonable poster on here agrees with this. Your lot takes issue with this.

    Your lot is wrong.

    Or am I right that we need better than Coq? Watch how hard it is for these clowns to admit this simple fact.

  7. Goondawg

    Tbf he hasn’t really put a foot wrong to me. Wenger thinks the same which is way he opted not to buy the DM we have been craving for in the January transfer window

    On current form, do you agree Coquelin has become undroppable? Watch your lot- wait just you sorry, continue to berate him the next day and the next.

  8. Bamford10

    So you’re going to evade the question? What a chump.

    Do we need better than Coq to win the EPL title? Yes or no?

    Is Coq of the same caliber as Schneiderlin, Bender or Krychowiak? Yes or no?

    Answer the q, mate.

  9. Goondawg

    I’ve exhausted myself on this matter. I would have suggested you support Real Madrid instead, however I fear the crystal ball treatment you would undoubtedly give Lucas Silva

    If you were championing buying Busquets, Javi Martinez, Lahm, Vidal etc I would be wishfully inclined to agree. I will wait to see how Coq plays out the rest of the season, it’s only his eighth fucking start for fucks sake, but so far on current form I don’t see the massive improvement you harping on about that is offered by the three players you named. Though I don’t watch Sevilla or Leverkusen much. Welcome additional squad depth for sure I bet. Coqs proving to be the real deal though

  10. Thomas

    lol typical akb r*tard logic. Player X strings together a few good games = we don’t need to strengthen in that position anymore. Problem solved. LOL

    Instead of thinking: “Ok good player X is playing well, let’s get someone even better and have player X as backup”.

  11. Thomas

    “Wenger thinks the same which is way he opted not to buy the DM we have been craving for in the January transfer window”


    This is the same cunt who bought a player with a broken back. Yeah probably not the best idea to use his judgment to make a point.

  12. Bamford10

    Incredible. Can’t even bring himself to answer the questions. Implicitly, though, Goondawg’s answers read:

    1. Yes, Coquelin is good enough to be in an EPL or CL title-winning starting XI. (!)
    2. Yes, Coquelin is as good as Schneiderlin, Bender or Krychowiak. (!)

    What a crock of shit.

  13. Dark Hei


    1. There is always a role for a midfield destroyer. Isn’t the whole blog crying out for a tough tackling, ball winning midfielder for years. Coq might not start in all games, but you will certainly need him for visits to Stoke. I think he can play box-to-box as well.

    2. Schneiderlin plays in a different style vs Coq’s all action methods. There is room for the 2 of them as they are vastly different. I haven’t watch him this season, but from the last season he looks like a bigger, younger Arteta. The Korean, Ki over at Swansea is also similar.

    3. To compare Coq, you will have to compare him against others with similar styles. Schneiderlin is just too different.

  14. GuNZ

    I would dearly love to say:

    Cunt! With the chances he’s been given it should have been 150!

    But I am being nice to him for now. Probably because he has added an extra dimension to my sex life what with all the margarine in my hair and the sexy French accents and the filthy-slag-in-seedy-hotel-room role playing going down a treat with the missus at the moment.

  15. GuNZ

    I don’t think I’ve watched a single Arsenal performance in 3 years (or a lot more if I’m honest) in which we’ve played against a top team, either English or in the CL, and I felt comfortable during it and afterwards said to myself: ‘Fuck me, we were devestating!’ Don’t cite the Man. City game, because that was not ‘comfortable’ and we were not ‘devestating’. Just saying. I’m not going to let this train of thought get back to the ‘adequacy’ of Giroud or certain other players, I’m not going to reflect about the way Wenger, especially during the first half of last season, got my hopes up, before dashing them on the jagged rocks of lack of foresight because the same injury crisis of the last 5 seasons had reared its head again and he hadn’t made any contingency for it . . .. .

    Fuck it! Of course I am! Giroud is an adequate striker in the middle of a purple patch – good on him and I shall continue dedicating wanks to his goalscoring while he pops them in but I am under no illusions that he is some kind of scoring machine (except with the ladies and certain girlie-boy supporters).

    And as for Arsene . . . well, I have mixed feelings. I can’t help but feel grateful for what he did for Arsenal in the first flush of love but now? now I want to make for him an anorak made entirely of snails and have a big bird fly down out of the sky and gobble him all up.

  16. Arseology

    Schneiderlin vs Coq??? I always thought that Wanyama was the player that did for the saints what the Coq does for us… am I missing something? Awaiting enlightenment.

  17. gonsterous


    It seems barca have stepped off the buy from arsenal approach as more than 50% of players from us to them have turned out shit.. it seems Southampton. May be the new arsenal for them !!

  18. Emiratesstroller

    Coquelin is an upgrade on Arteta and Flamini, but I still believe that the CDM is one position where we need definitely an upgrade in the Summer.

    Coincidentaly I think that there will be players available in the market to satisfy that requirement who are ‘proven’ at top level of game.

    There are other positions which can be improved, but that depends on availability and finance.

    My view remains the same Arsenal will bring in this summer a maximum of 3-4 players, but this will also depend on offloads as well. For example will Wenger sell Jenkinson or keep him? On current form I think that he is a more
    reliable option to either Bellerin or Chambers.

    What does remain of concern is Arsenal’s Development Squad and Academy.
    There is little evidence of much improvement there when I see how they perform at Under 18 level. It is definitely an area where we need a performance

  19. Wallace

    if were going to spend 25-30m on a midfielder this summer why spend it on a 25yr old Southampton player? why not buy an international from a top team who has actually played Champions League football?

  20. peanuts&monkeys

    Giroud is a standby striker for an EPL top 5 team. Ba is better than him, any day. If half of you agree that Ba is better than him, then why are we still sticking with this donkey? Why doesn’t Wenger get a striker who is half as fast as Henry, half as accurate as Zlatan, half as strong as Suarez? Where is that striker which Arsenal has been missing since Henry left????

  21. underrated Coq

    The irony of Bamford10 complaining about others winding people up when he’s probably the biggest wind-up merchant on here.

    Even MarbleHall doesn’t insult other posters’ intelligence as much as Mr.Bamford10 . He also seems incapable of writing a decent post without resorting to excessive profanity.

  22. peanuts&monkeys

    And if someone of you believe Ba is not as good as Giroud, can you justify what made Arsene going after Ba, which was turned down by Chelsea?

    Again, since Ba is good and could have improved Arsenal upon Giroud did Chelsea refuse to sell him to an EPL contender.

  23. GuNZ

    I fondly recall Arsene’s last visit to my corner of the world when he was scouting out potential talent at the Raglan Junior Soccer Club. I encountered him in the Raglan Hotel sipping on a nice Central Otago pinot noir. It was hot and there were unbecoming sweat rings spreading from the underarms of his grey cardie. After we had observed the social niceties he leant back on his barstool and fixed me with that furrowed eyebrows, glistening loose-lipped look he adopts when attempting to appear intelligent. ‘Gurnz,’ he said, ‘ah ‘ave been sinking about buyeen zis guy Zjiroud from Montpellier but ah wood value your advahce avant ah go a’ed and do eet.’ At that very moment, the volunteer emergency services siren went off and I had to make a rushed departure. So you see, Giroud owes everything to me. Were it not for that quirk of fate, there would be no 50 goals, no fanfare trumpeting his prowess on the headlines of the AFC website. And does the cunt appreciate it? Fuck no! Fucking cunt that Giroud, ungrateful Froggie twat. If it weren’t for me he’d be stacking nougat in the Montpellier nougat factory by now, picking snail shells from his arse with black sambucca stains down his stubble playing table soccer with frogs legs and a ping-pong ball in a seedy bar with other could-have-beens.

  24. Lee


    You calling other posters a clown and chump is ok though???

    Glass houses mug
    I mean who sits up to gone midnight to chat on arsenal blogs??
    People who let life slip them by, that’s who

  25. peanuts&monkeys

    The key reason of the scrambling defending at the death minutes after 85 by Arsenal is down to the fact there is not defending and sweeping done at the midfield. Arsenal badly badly needs a Check Tiote/ Sami Khedira who would not only killl the advances by opposition at the middle of the park but could also add forward movement from the back. Both are strong and experienced. But wenger is looking for a cheap solution to this problem so that he can screw the Arsenal fans’ happiness.

  26. Lee

    underrated CoqFebruary 24, 2015 07:28:19
    The irony of Bamford10 complaining about others winding people up when he’s probably the biggest wind-up merchant on here. Even MarbleHall doesn’t insult other posters’ intelligence as much as Mr.Bamford10 . He also seems incapable of writing a decent post without resorting to excessive profanity.

    Here here

    Down with hypocrites….
    All up in ya grill bamford

  27. Lee

    Demba ba?? Better than giroud?? Mate. Maybe for 6 months he was.
    And half as strong as Suarez? Is that Suarez’ most defining quality as a CF? I think Henry and Ibrahimavic have toes stronger than Suarez

  28. Lee


    Er Munich last season. Liverpool twice last season. Santi and Ramsey beauties
    Milan or Chelsea in robins last season

    Have you EVER seen chelski play a top team and look devastating?no they park the bus.
    What about city? They never devastate top sides.

  29. Le Prof

    Peanut Brain

    ‘Arsenal badly badly needs a Check Tiote’

    From here on in you don’t get opinion for writing things like this.

  30. Thank you and goodnight


    Ha ha ha ha. Funny as fuck mate.

    @ Bamford

    Come on mate there’s no need to get nasty all the time geez. We’re all guilty of going over the top at times but you do it a bit more often than not and there’s no need for it. Your better than that…aren’t you?

  31. Le Prof


    Bumford0 is a yank and a fantasist. He’s only chose to start following The Arsenal 8 years ago but deems himself the font of all knowledge regarding players and Arsenal.

    He is what you call a clown.

  32. Le Prof


    Do you wear a big red curly wig, have your face painted white with a big red nose?
    Finished off with half mast trousers with big long red shoes that curl up at the end?

    You certainly sound like you do.

  33. GuNZ


    No, none of those. None were comfortable. Just to pick a couple out, Munich and Milan were never going to be comfortable after the first legs, Chelsea in RVP’s last season was a fantastic game but you could never call that roller-coaster comfortable. The wins against Liverpool last season were before they came really good and when they did they hammered us. And I don’t give a fuck about Chelsea or City. It is many years since I started watching Arsenal begin a game against any top side and feel confident.

  34. GuNZ


    Actually take that back. the FA cup win against Liverpool was after the hammering. It was gutsy but still not comfortable.

  35. GuNZ

    Frank Mc

    Thank you for correcting me. You are quite correct. I have just become old and embittered. Who can forget that sultry evening in Jakarta . . .

  36. Northbanker

    Rumour mill aka the press linking us heavily with £80m for Pogba and £30m for J Martinez
    Until I wake up that is a fantastic dream

  37. Northbanker

    Quite funny really how angry some people seem to be on this site and how rude they feel they need to be. Also seems to be the ones who have only supported Arsenal for a couple of years. Having lived through the Bertie Mee , Don Howe and George Graham years and endured years of dire football I have to use that phrase ‘they don’t know they’re born’ (ideally with a Yorkshire accent)

  38. Northbanker

    might alkso have something to with the fact that looking at the times of their posting they’re obviously not getting enough sleep nor in a fulfilling relationship

  39. GuNZ

    Frank Mc

    That 78th minute goal by Tran Manh Dung (who has since come down to New Zealand in an advisory capacity for the table soccer we have had installed at the Rgalan Hotel) to bring it back to 1-7 had me worried too. However, as you say, we were able to breathe easy after the full 90 minutes.

  40. Wallace


    Bamford’s American so he’s probably not staying up that late to post.

    am also a survivor of the Howe/Graham years, which is why i’ll never complain about Wenger’s attacking approach.

  41. Lee


    Playing other big teams should never be comfortable.
    But in the games I mentioned we were devastating.
    There is always a chance the big teams can punish you. This is top level football mate

    Le prof

    That explains why he posts in the small hours.
    Still no accountant for his bull shit rationale and hypocrisy though.

  42. Northbanker

    ok if he lives in US then that accvounts for the timing – now less sad if thats true. But makes me even more puzzled about the anger issue – if he is that far removed from the Emirates why so hostile.

  43. Emiratesstroller


    I understand your logic about bringing in a midfielder from a top class team.
    However, there are occasions when you do find a quality player at a team like

    After all Real Madrid have bought Modric and Bale from Spurs and they were not a CL Club.

    Schneiderlein is a top quality player and I would be very happy to see him in our team. I believe also that he sets an example to the players around him.

    Let’s be realistic Arsenal are not going to buy Pogba and certainly not at £80
    million + probably £250k pw salary. This is moonshine. If he comes on the market he will go to a club like Real Madrid, Paris St Germain or Man City where money is no object.

    Schneiderlein is in his category one of the best players you are likely to find on the market and perhaps most importantly a ‘team player’.

  44. Bamford10

    Apologies to Le Grove — but not to those I insulted — for my shrill tone last night. Will try to be nicer going forward.

    But people who think that Coquelin should be first-choice CDM next year — and not backup to a better player — are moronic.

    He is simply not good enough — on either side of the ball — and even if he were a better pure defensive player than he is — he’s being overrated at moment on this front — we need someone who tackles AND who is polished on the ball.

    Coquelin is not that. Sorry.

    I’m tired of this argument, though, so I’m going to leave it, but I do look forward to that moment in the future when Coquelin gets exposed for the average and inadequate player that he is: I’m going to have a field day with it.

    I also look forward to seeing Giroud show us his mettle against United in the FA Cup. Guarantee he does nothing in that game.

    To a better Arsenal. To a better Le Grove. 😉

  45. Northbanker

    Wouldn’t be too disappointed with Schnedierlin. I am impressed with Coq but we must have cover in that CDM position. Also as many have said they are different styles of player and the two coiuldl work together well in some matches just as Sainsts use him alongside Wanyama.
    Still now that Pogba is being linked again it makes this look a 2nd rate deal.

  46. El Patron

    right now Le Coq is playing with the handbrake on at the moment because in the back of his mind he knows you arsenal fans…. a fickle bunch.

    When he first played in the side at a younger age, he used to beat opponents off the dribble, he used to spray passes all over the place and was a lot more aggressive. He made a lot of mistakes doing this and was ridiculed. I guess rightly so.

    What he is doing now is being more reserved. building your trust. which would give him leverage for when he messes up once or twice. Like with Santi. if he makes a bad pass or misses a shot, arsenal fans wont abuse him as much….or at all.

    As soon as he has a few more consistent games under his belt. the real le coq will show up and it will be a sight to behold

  47. underrated Coq


    QUOTE: “Apologies to Le Grove — but not to those I insulted ”

    Oh dear. And then you choose to refer to the posters here who have a different opinion to yours as ‘Morons’…?!

    QUOTE: ” I do look forward to that moment in the future when Coquelin gets exposed for the average and inadequate player that he is: I’m going to have a field day with it.”

    Wow, just wow. Bamford10, I genuinely feel sorry for you after reading this. If being proven right on an internet forum is so important to you that you gleefully hope for the failure of a young player’s career, then….well, I don’t know what to say… lost for words.

  48. Northbanker


    Sorry but I really don’t understand your comments . Why as an Arsenal fan would you be hoping for player failure just to prove a point? That really is moronic to use your word.

    Whether you’re right or wrong (and I don’t think you’re right but would accept the possibility there might be better CDMs )

    He’s at a crucial stage of his development as a player and has only recently adjusted mentally to the fact that this is his best position. Surely it would be every Arsenal fan’s hope that he will develop into a world class CDM?

    You really need to question your distorted sense of right and wrong!

    Before you go off on one, I am not stating he will be world class merely that we need to view his progress and take a view as time goes on. I am also not stating that he currently shows the form and potential of a Pogba. But I do believe he could be better than most in that role. I am also not stating we shouldn’t buy a CDM – real competition for every place is vital.

    But to hope for failure is just puerile. That’s like those idiots who hope we finish out of the top 4 or don’t win the FA Cup in the hope that Wenger gets the sack.

  49. underrated Coq


    Like I mentioned earlier, Bamford10 is the biggest wind-up merchant on this blog. He seems to purposefully make controversial statements, seeking attention. I think its best to ignore him for now.

  50. Bamford10

    Sorry, North, but I’ve seen enough of Coquelin to know he’s never going to be world class. Not going to happen. Doesn’t have the athleticism, doesn’t have the technical polish, doesn’t have the intelligence.

    Will make for a decent backup, and on that front, I wish him well. But
    I want what’s best for Arsenal, and to compete for titles, we need better than a Francis Coquelin.

  51. El Patron

    Tackes won – Coq > Matic
    Aerial duels won – Coq > Matic
    total duels % – Coq > Matic
    Interceptions – Coq > Matic
    Clearances – Coq > Matic
    Blocks – Coq > Matic
    defensive score – Coq > Matic

    we are going to argue with he numbers?

  52. underrated Coq

    El Patron

    While all those stats are telling, you gotta also remember Coquelin’s sample size( of games played) is relatively small compared to Matic’s.

    Lets hope Le Coq can keep up his impressive performance level for the remainder of the season. He looks capable of doing so and if he does that, doubters like Bamford10 will be forced to acknowledge him.

  53. Blsany

    I cant belive someone was saying giroud is good player.Is he not exactly why we cant get best out of Ozi?l.He is pathetic,lumbersome ,awkward in possesion,has no skill,cant create one chance for himself.Whoever said that is happy with him wants more mediocrity.

    Bamford 10 i wanna be deep inside of you. 10 inches deep.

  54. Zementalstrength

    “That’s like those idiots who hope we finish out of the top 4 or don’t win the FA Cup in the hope that Wenger gets the sack.”

    lol so true.
    And now that we are 3rd, there’s no way wenger will EVER gets the sack lol

  55. Lee


    I’m tired of this argument, though, so I’m going to leave it, but I do look forward to that moment in the future when Coquelin gets exposed for the average and inadequate player that he is: I’m going to have a field day with it.

    Two words……ANUS……LICKER

  56. Lee

    Why would you be looking forward to the day one of our players is “exposed”
    He has been such an influential player since December and a big driving force behind our renaissance.
    Why not cheer the players in iur team and will them to succeed and improve??
    Instead you seeth behind your screen, willing our players to fail.
    Le Coq could well be a failry tale story of success in the mould of Ashley cole or Thierry.

    Add to that your complaint over the way you are spoke to by trolls.
    Are you a schisto or just a bell end?

  57. Blsany

    Not saying i would enjoy it.Hopefully i will pound some sense in to him.You have to spread the knowledge some how.

  58. underrated Coq


    ” I cant belive someone was saying giroud is good player.”

    I think what most, including me, were trying to say is that Giroud’s been good value for the money paid ( < 10 million). Like all players, Giroud has got his own specific skill sets and he's done well in utilizing his skills for the club. Decent goal return, good amount of assists and overall does well in bringing other players into play.

    Whether he's good enough to be the leading striker of a club like Arsenal, that decision comes down to the manager. Arsene Wenger knows Giroud's limitations and the fact that he is first choice is down to Wenger.

    Don't you think its harsh to target Giroud for this ? He gives it all for the shirt and seems to do the best his skills allow him to do.

  59. Blsany

    underrated CoqFebruary 24, 2015 11:28:49
    ” Arsene Wenger knows Giroud’s limitations and the fact that he is first choice is down to Wenger.”

    Yeah mate i understand and we all know there is no fight left in the old dog.I just dont understand why he has to celebrated.Players like him are exactly why you cant have debate with arsenal fans anymore.His limitations also limit our team as well.50 goals but how many of them really mattered.? I rather we play Welbeck as a Cf if we are going to play”he is limited but works hard “nonsense .Him and Mertesacker hinder our play so much its disgusting

  60. Le Prof


    ‘but I do look forward to that moment in the future when Coquelin gets exposed for the average and inadequate player that he is: I’m going to have a field day with it.’

    Like I said just keep talking to expose what a clown you actually are.

    Please do us a favour and do as you said you would and stop ‘supporting’ and watching us.

    You’re nothing but a plastic fuck and we don’t need you.

  61. El Patron


    Jedinak is amazing defensively. he just plays for a shit team. he cant pass or dribble like matic though. But we don’t need coq to dribble or score. we have enough offensive weapons to do that.

    Coq wins it… gives it to people who can create. thats all I need him to do. his job