Win machine clunking into gear as 3rd place opens up

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Morning folks and happy Sunday to you all. James here, covering for Pedro who is manscaping himself today.

Yesterday was one of those games where we displayed qualities that Arsenal sides are often accused of not possessing. Save for a couple of champagne moments, we were poor. The midfield struggled to retain possession, which is reflected by us only having 47% of the ball, which is becoming a more regular occurrence for us in away games. We won the game based on tireless work, good defending and several portions of good fortune.

Saturday was my first visit to Selhurst Park and it’s fair to say I won’t be rushing back to that neck of the woods any time soon. I hate South London at the best of times, but Croydon is truly special. A concrete jungle that time forgot – the setting for a post-apocalypse film. Nice tram though.

The ground itself is bizarre as well. From the outside it looks like a 1980’s leisure centre – very strange indeed. The pre-match entertainment of scantily clad cheerleaders – ‘The Crystals’ – and an eagle flying across the pitch just added to the surrealism. Poverty stuff.

Onto the game and it started well for us, going ahead after 8 minutes. Palace’s new left back let the ball run across him and WELBZ, our boy worked hard to nick the ball away and strode towards the box. The defender clearly fouled him – the only area of contention was whether it was in the box. Frankly, I couldn’t care less. The penalty was awarded and Santi stepped up to convert with aplomb.

From then on, the game developed into a familiar pattern of us winning the ball, losing it and Palace lumping it forward, greeted by chants of “hoof” from the away fans. In fairness to Palace, I think they were playing the pitch, which in itself was disgraceful. I had my heart in my mouth every time we played the ball across the back four in fear of the ball hitting a divot, or one of our guys slipping over. The turf had no give and was pulling up with alarming regularity. Really unacceptable for a Premier League side. The guy next to be informed me they’re returfing the pitch this summer.

Palace had a lot of territory in the first half, with a plethora of set pieces, but the delivery was often poor (particularly from Zaha, who is a complete #fraud). Per in particular dealt well with the long balls and we were relatively untroubled.

On the stroke of half time we struck again. Good build up play involving Ozil led to WELBZ being put through and striking the ball against Speroni. Fortunately he went full Ospina and palmed the ball straight to Giroud who was on hand to bury the chance. It was just reward for the Gaelic god, who I thought was our best player yesterday and has been playing out of his skin recently. He’s responded well to the challenge of competing against WELBZ and Alexis and has become pivotal to our setup. It’s been said a million times that he will never be a top class forward, and I’d have agreed with you previously, however the question should be asked how much more does he need to do to be viewed as one?

The second half started in a similar vein to the first, with Palace having the majority of the ball, however they were playing with a greater intensity, with Pardiola clearly sticking a rocket up the jacksy at half time. However, we remained the more incisive side, with Ozil showing immense skill to flick the pall passed a defender and play Alexis in on goal with an utterly gorgeous through ball. We all thought Alexis’ poked finish was going in, but it slid just wide of the far post.

Palace brought on Bolasie, which made them far more direct. His delivery from the left was excellent and caused us real problems. Palace eventually grabbed a goal in the 90th minute, with Glen Murray stabbing home after a scabby melee in our box. It was frustrating to concede, as I felt we had defended set pieces well before that.

Predictably, with several minutes remaining we were all treated to a soiled undies moment when a cross came in from Bolasie on the left, Ospina flew out of his goal, getting nowhere near the ball and Murray headed the ball against the upright before it nestled back in the Columbian’s sizeable gut. From where the away fans were sat it looked every inch a goal.

Despite the late scare, we hung on to record a dogged win and vital three points. It was a fruitful Saturday for us with United losing at Swansea, which sees us move above them to third place. Tottenham play West Ham today, whilst Southampton and Liverpool are the 4pm kick off – all in all a good weekend.

A quick word for Mark Clattenburg, who was fucking abysmal yesterday. Whilst referees make mistakes, which I can live with, it’s a lack of consistency in their decision-making that riles me. He was happy to book our players at the earliest opportunity, but will let Palace players get away with cynical fouls throughout the game without getting his card out. The standard of officiating has gone down the toilet and seems to be getting worse – I have no idea what the answer is, but a greater level of accountability for referees would be a good start. As for Clattenburg – he should stick to Ed Sheeran concerts, which is a sackable offence in itself.

A word also, for Ospina, who I thought was poor yesterday. He is hugely unorthodox, evidenced by his utterly bizarre header inside our box. His kicking is average, but his biggest impediment is his dumpy frame. He just isn’t big enough to be the number one at a top club. He can’t dominate his box; he flaps and often gets nowhere near the ball. I’ve heard many say he is a ‘solid number two’. What on earth does that mean? It’s a ridiculous phrase that has no foundation. A solid number two is someone who isn’t good enough to play first team football – it’s no justification for their place in a squad. Whilst I think we can do better than Chezza, he’s more of a number one keeper than Ospina for my money. Personally, I hope we go big for a top keeper this summer. It’s clear Wenger has lost all faith in the Pole and there is no way Ospina is a viable long-term option. One final observation with Ospina – have you ever seen a keeper who gets injured so much during a match? Seems to happen every game.

I’ll end on an interesting piece in the Guardian by Dom Fifield:

These quotes from Glenn Hoddle who played under him are particularly interesting:

“He was the first manager I worked under who did specific tactical training, painstakingly going over video footage in preparation. He worked around the clock, constantly preparing the next session or reviewing the drills he’d put us through that day.

There would be 45-minute tactical “lectures” before each game, outlining opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, and a reliance upon a data collection program called Top Scorer, a precursor to the modern-day ProZone. Every player’s decision on the pitch was analysed: such statistical analysis is a matter of course now but in the late 1980s it was something of an innovation.”

It’s an great article that is well worth a read, but the quotes from the camel toed Lothario come as something of a surprise. Pedro has been banging the drum for years about how behind the game Arsenal are with regards to video analytics and players over the past decade have been open in admitting Wenger often doesn’t do ‘tactics’ but is happy to let them express themselves.

Some have used the article to say “look, he does do tactics, told you so”, however this just adds to the frustration with him. There are games, like City away this year, where we have clear tactics to be pragmatic in our approach, however there have been so many games where our approach is completely rudderless. It begs the question as to why Wenger appears to pick and choose when he’s rigorous in his approach – I just can’t reconcile it. The article is fascinating though and highlights the struggles he went thought at the Principality, battling against corruption and scandals in the French game – despite his flaws, he is one of the good guys.

Right, I have a long day of soul searching in front of the mirror ahead of me. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and give me a follow: @James_Willson2 x

Player ratings

Ospina – 5

Chambers – 6

Per – 7

Kos – 6.5

Nacho – 7
Coq – 7

Santi – 6.5

Alexis – 6

WELBZ – 6.5

Ozil – 7

Giroud – 8

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  1. paddywhack

    Just been reading a Manure blog and they are lamenting the loss of WELBZ for his work rate not his goals. Well done LVG lol

  2. Lee

    Karim he FAILED
    just like the way you tried to summon some mental strength and make a valid point.
    He failed
    His whole career was a failure.
    He failed in the Turkish and Chinese league.
    He would probably fail in the Irish league too…….

    There are no eagles in Ireland
    Plenty of sparrows though.
    And for the record I have 2 profiles.
    One which I use often and one which I use rarely. From the I pad. Which my super hot Iraqi/Jamaican, model mrs let’s me use every now and then.


  3. Lee


    Karin and sparrow

    You’re missing the point
    The title and champs league winning side from united and Chelsea’s still had plenty of players who were not world class. Top class. Whatever you want to call them. Sub standard.
    It’s unreasonable to suggest wenger should load the whole squad with world class players in all positions.
    As though that would guarantee success anyway…..

  4. Lee

    1996–1997 Paris Saint-Germain 10 (1)
    1997–1999 Arsenal 65 (23)
    1999–2000 Real Madrid 19 (2)
    2000–2002 Paris Saint-Germain 39 (10)
    2001–2002 → Liverpool (loan) 20 (4)
    2002–2005 Manchester City 89 (37)
    2005–2006 Fenerbahçe 39 (14)
    2006–2008 Bolton Wanderers 53 (21)
    2008–2012 Chelsea 125 (38)
    2012–2013 Shanghai Shenhua 22 (3)
    2013 → Juventus (loan) 2 (0)
    2013–2014 West Bromwich Albion 12 (2)
    2014 Mumbai City 7 (2)
    2015 (Hoax) Persija Jakarta 0 (0)
    Total 503 (157)
    National team
    1997 France U20 3 (0)
    1998–2010 France 69 (14)

    See sparrow
    We can all dig out the internet



    Respect our players please lads,Coquelin is doing well considering the sorth of players we have, Even matic at chelsea dont do defensive work alone, The more games he plays the better.

  6. salparadisenyc

    I’d put the money on Dortmund’s chances, with maybe a cheeky something on ours. But if you’re realistic its between City and Chelsea with Mou likely rolling along to the title.

    Were not build to conquer.

  7. Goondawg

    “So sad about Rvp injury”

    I know right! Much rather see the hapless “don’t run into my space” traitor playing than Rooney upfront..

    Even Utd fans are rejoicing RVPs injury. Lets hope Falcao remains on the search for his shooting boots.

  8. Marko

    Southampton while excellent defensively are lacking offensively somewhat. This really is the only reason Liverpool won today cause I thought they were shite. Sterling bar his flucky goal was so anonymous.

  9. N5

    Northern, you want to park at St. Joan of Arc primary on Highbury Park. It’s £15. I know that’s a little much, but it’s safe and it’s close enough to the stadium. Its just up from the Gunners pub or the Arsenal fish and chips shop.

    its on Google if you need the exact address for your tomtom.

  10. karim


    I wasn t trying to pretend he was successful, I agree he should have won more things, was just trying to put some perspective into your assertion.

    Sorry for interfering in the middle of that heated argument of yours btw


    Yeah ! I saw it and even answered, basically saying he was very promising.
    For ex, he was quite average today but still managed to score one and hit the bar with a free kick.

  11. N5

    No problem NG, there is cheaper such as the church up in Finsbury Park by the White House pub, that’s only a fiver, but parking there is limited and you can be blocked if someone parked by the entrance is the last back. There is no restriction at Joan of Arc, you can get in and out whenever you want and the car is watched by the Irish fella that runs that place.

  12. MidwestGun

    Henry adds so much sophistication to the conversation
    Yep. Ask yourself Lee if that’s what you brought to the conversation. There was no need to insult Eagle who has an encyclopedic mind and I doubt had to look up anything. Also, Karim is one of the least confrontational commenters here. I also happen to agree that Anelka was far from an average squad player. Your point loses a lot of validity when you start getting petulant. Basically you just end up being another Marble.

  13. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    What up? Haven’t seen you around. The boss keepin you down? You still comin over to the Windy City soon? I recommend waiting a month or 2. Cold as fuck at the moment. Not fun. 🙁

  14. Nasri's Mouth


    Agreed. Bit gutted that Spurs got that late equaliser, but I’d have been happy with a draw before the game.

    Boos at the end of the Everton game, Martinez isn’t doing well, but somehow I bet they’ll raise their game for us

  15. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Ya.. I’ll admit I was one who thought Martinez would do better. He has a ridiculous knowledge of tactics as he displayed on his World Cup commentator job, but I guess that doesn’t always translate to player locker room management and talent evaluation.

  16. MidwestGun

    Also, this is the most shit I’ve seen Tim Howard play in a long time. I don’t think taking a break from international duty and doing part time commentary during the season is doing him any favors. It’s like he has one foot in the retirement world.

  17. northern gooner

    The school sounds spot on.
    Cant get the monday off work otherwise i probably would of made a full weekend of it and stopped over. As it stands its just a drive down watch the game and drive home.

  18. nasri's mouth


    I had this theory that Martinez worked well last season because he had Moyes defensive lessons still fresh in his players minds.

    Next season, with a rested Lukaku they’ll probably be higher up

  19. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Could be. I know they are having injury issues as well. Hard to sympathize there. Lol
    Perhaps, he just reached his level, I don’t know. Romford was always telling me he is highly over-rated. Takes more than tactical knowledge at some point. But your right, I expect a tough matchup. They seem to save it up for us.

  20. Bamford10

    Alright, let’s just remember the posters who believed that Coquelin would go on to become a first-rate CDM and those, like myself, who correctly saw him as nothing more than a squad player.

    Time will tell.

  21. Bamford10


    Howard is definitely not himself, definitely un-focused, half-retired, half-MLS’d.

    Have never seen him play so poorly in my life.

  22. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Today was painful to watch. Thing I always admired about Friedel was he always brought his A game, mentally. Even when he got older and his talent was diminished. Tim could do with some of that.

  23. Leedsgunner

    “Dortmund quietly moving towards the top half of the table with three in a row. 12 points from Champions league. Is it possible?”

    Reus signing a new contract was probably the catalyst they needed… what a belief of confidence in the manager! Still not convinced that he’ll stay with BVB if they miss out on the Champions League but you never know.

  24. Dissenter

    Pedro needs to rectify his glaring error.

    Why ban the likes of Keyser and leave Lee and his ilk free to roam and insult posters here.

  25. Dark Hei

    Bamford10 slagging on some of the players again.

    Theo – Fair enough. I don’t like him either. But I think he is still recovering from a 1 year football hibernation. Give him a bit of time for his all round game to return (which did come good last year)

    Giroud – His finishing is limited to attacking the ball in the box but he does that very well. Certainly better than the Bertenkes and the Lukakus on current form.

    Coquelin – He is a midfield destroyer, pure and simple. He is not a deep lying midfielder. We need that deep lying midfielder but the squad can do with a destroyer as well. They are not mutually exclusive concepts.

  26. Rosicky@Arsenal

    People sympathising Matic Mourinhio & chelsa forget Cahill leg breaking Challenge on Alexis at the bridge.
    Chelsea plays a more physical game than most of the EPL teams.
    Mourinhio Playing mind games with refrees while pointing out handball incident forget Burnley had a penalty call dismissed in the match so at all evens out while costa penalty shout was never a penalty.

    He simply forgot that Chelsea players dived on various ocassions this season.
    cahill costa Ivanovic all dived in different matches Without getting punished.

    Ivanovic went free after he pulled everton player neck and made some wierd stuff everone saw bar Mourinhio.

    Mourinhio is simply trying to win refrees favours as he know his team doesnt have the quality to win the league this time around.

    Infact chelsea got more favourable decisions during the campaign than anyother team IMO thanks to Mourinhio antics.

    He is a classy thug.

  27. Dark Hei


    You got everything right except for the use of the word “classy”.


    Pedro did bench Peanuts&Monkey, for his own good I will say. That guy need to stay off football until he understands that putting on a Spurs shirt is not good for oneself.

  28. peanuts&monkeys

    Jose pokes fun at Arsenal again by linking Wenger’s comfortable job:

    ““I think every manager in the world would like the stability by being here year after year after year, to buy to sell and rebuild and wait and wait for success.”

    What a fucking crosss of shame we are carrying at the expense of the dickheadWENGER!

  29. underrated Coq

    Lets get this straight– I don’t particularly like Mourinho. A good manager but his win-at-all-costs mentality sometimes makes him an utter tool. He very often speaks a lot of bs BUT I think he was spot on about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.
    I can’t see it as him ‘making fun’ of Wenger.

    Mourinho’s merely raised the same questions that most of us have been asking from a while now–

    Have Arsenal really been living up to fans’ expectations in the recent years ?
    Absolutely not.

    As a club, with the players Arsenal have, are they under-performing or over-performing ?
    I’d say they are severely under performing. You’d think a squad with the likes of Ozil, Sanchez, Kos, Cazorla and talented young players like Wilshere, Ramsey, Chamberlain would be at least involved in the title race.

    Is Arsene Wenger really getting the best out of an unquestionably talented squad ?
    Absolutely not. A better manager would be getting more out this current crop. If Ozil were playing for Mourinho, for example, no doubt he’d be ripping up the League.

    Why is it that players’ careers getting stunted under Wenger recently ? Why are some players struggling ?
    I can’t help but look at Sterling and how he’s developing under Rodgers. You would think an equally talented Chamberlain would be neck and neck with Sterling but no, Chamberlain seems to be the same inconsistent player he was 2 years ago. Why is Jack Wilshere struggling so much ? Why was Coq rotting away on loan at Charlton when we were crying out for decent ball winning DM? Why was the clearly inferior Flamini preferred over Coq ? Why do already proven World class stars like Ozil fail to replicate their form under Wenger ?

    Is Wenger the luckiest manager in World Football today ?
    Well, he’s not had the benefit of unlimited funds like Mr.Mourinho but he does have total authority, owners who don’t question him and he has had all the time in the World to once again make Arsenal a feared team. Its high time he delivered that or just part ways with the club.

  30. Dark Hei

    “Why was the clearly inferior Flamini preferred over Coq ?”

    What an easy statement to make. Why not you ask yourself that question last season when Coquelin stank the place out at Freiburg and was voted the worst signing in Bundesliga.

    Would you dare have him as our midfield solution?

  31. tunnygriffboy

    I don’t think it’s right for Mourinho to be talking about other clubs like that. There’s certainly something he doesn’t like about us and Wenger. It is only now we are not selling players we don’t want to. Mourinho has never managed a club where he is losing player after player. He has had remarkable succees but plays a particular type of football and has bar Porto always had as much money as he wants to refine already strong squads. He has never really had to build a team and work with the squad he has eg rather than work with Mata he has the funds and a really strong squad to get rid of him and bring someone else in. Majority of clubs are delighted to have 30 million pound player let alone be able to cast one out

    He knows that by talking about Wenger will take attention away from his sides recent dip in form, his behaviour, his fans behavior and his weak squad ( so he says ). He’s an odious man in charge of an odious club.

  32. peanuts&monkeys

    Jose is damn damn right and has hit it bang on its head when he has pointed this out that Arsenal shd be competing for title with the kind of squad the DickHEAD bastard has at his disposal. I hope Jose has brought in a new perspective to our coaching and managing problem. Thanks Jose for saying it soooo subtly that Arsene Wenger is not doing his job even with such a a conducive management at Arsenal.

    Shame on Gooners for not protesting even now!!! Shame on you AKBs!!!

  33. Wallace

    underrated Coq

    think that assessment’s a little bit harsh. with the summer buys and the Jan addition of Gabriel i think we’ve now got a very strong squad. one that is capable of challenging.

    of course he should not have gone into a season with a squad containing six defenders, and he should have bought a striker last Jan to help Giroud out.

    but it’s only since January that we’ve had anything like a full squad to choose from(Feb before we got to see Ozil, Sanchez, Walcott & Giroud on the pitch together), and as ES posted yesterday, over the last 20 games in all competitions we are the league’s in-form team. and given our relatively easy run in i’d expect us to maintain that until the end of the season.

    so, shocking start to the season, for which Wenger is largely responsible, but if we’re the best team in the league from December to May that’ll be quite impressive.

  34. tunnygriffboy


    The key to our improvement next season is not just about signing the players we need but keeping the squad fit. That is equally important. To miss Giroud, Kos, Walcott and Ozil (that’s without run of mill injuries to Ramsey etc) for the first half of the season stuffed us. Would we be nearer to the top if they’d been fit ? Who knows ? Another seaso hugely affected by a crippling injury list. How would Mourinho and Rodgers cope ?

  35. Wallace


    very keen to see how Liverpool’s three at the back experiment fares against ourselves and the two Manchester sides. considering Can’s really a midfielder Rodgers is currently sending out a side containing only two recognised defenders.

  36. nasri's mouth

    There’s definitely an argument that allowing a manager to stay at a club for 18 years allows complacency to creep in, esp. when all the noises from the board suggest they’d happily keep him forever.
    Employees (which ultimately Wenger is) need to be pushed to get the best out of them. From public comments there doesn’t seem to be any external pushing at all.

    Maybe though Wenger pushes himself. I often talk about Wenger always matching expectation, but also his consistency and how vital that is.

    Last season if you’d have polled LeGrove readers and said would you swop Wenger for Klopp or Martinez the answer would have been pretty unanimous.
    2/3 of a season later and I bet that no-one would be picking Martinez and the Klopp supporters will have shrunk dramatically.

    When we replace Wenger we need a manager who can do it not just for a season but for season after season after season because if we get it wrong once it might be bloody hard to get it right again.

    We all crow about Sanchez joining us over Liverpool and a lot of us are very happy we attracted Ozil but you can bet Falcao’s salary that if we’d finished 5th those seasons we wouldn’t have them.

    Wenger could undoubtedly do better. But his replacement could end up doing a lot worse

  37. tunnygriffboy

    Team v Monaco


    Bellerin Per Kos Monreal

    Coquelin Santi

    Walcott Ozil Alexis


    This wouldn ‘t be the team I’d play in Monaco if we got a favourable result at home.

    Also over the next 3 games we have to rotate and utilise Gabriel, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Welbeck, TR7 and the Ox. They are great options if used correctly. Not all squeezed in v Qpr, some used v Everton, others v Qpr. Good we playing Man u on Monday ( not for fans) as it gives us 4 days rest after Qpr game.

  38. Erase

    People really need to get off coq I want a schederlein as much as anybody else but to say coq won’t become a top player is really just hate imo he is doing well now and he needs to prove himself against better opposition but that’s how most players develop I’m sure some people would have complained if we had just bought Morgan when the Saints just got promoted…. Let’s wait and see before we start judging imo.. …… On another note isco is definitely my best young player in the world carlo is turning him into a midfield all-rounder fantastic talent and credit to the coach too

  39. tunnygriffboy

    Southampton were poor yesterday. Sloppy in defence, wayward passing and toothless up front. Lpool were great but didn’t have to be. They play Besiktas away on Thursday then a lunchtime ko v City on Sunday. It’s not right but it could benefit us though we need to beat Everton which will be tough.

  40. Rhys Jaggar


    I actually think Everton realised early in the season that they wouldn’t make top 4 in the league, now they’ve realised their only hope for Europe next year (which would be Champions League) is to win the Europa League.

    So my hunch is that they are pretty much resigned to finish outside the top 10 in the League so are focussing entirely on the Europa League.

    However, as they are pretty much already through after the first leg, does suggest that they will take it easy on Thursday and maybe rest the odd player for the weekend.

    You’ll never get Martinez and Moyes to work together as both are Number Ones, but if you could combine their individual strengths you’d have one hell of a management team…….

  41. tunnygriffboy

    Coquelin isn’t world class and has rough edges to his game. The more he plays the smother those edges will become. His stats re his defensive contributions are remarkable. It must be noted that he is responsible for a lot of defensive work as people like Matic often share the role with others eg Wanyama, Mikel, Ramirez etc….

    What upsets me is that Coqelin has come in and done exactly what we have been crying out for Flamini and Arteta to do but he still gets run down for not being good enough. It’s sad. Imagine how solid we’d be in certain games if a Schneiderlin played alongside him.

    Give the lad a break, encourage him and see where he ends up. He’s done remarkably well so far.

  42. kingHenry


    maybe you were watching a different game. I think overall, Southampton played much better than Liverpool… certainly much better than you give them credit for. Liverpool won simply because they were much more efficient up front.

    On another day, Southampton would have trashed them!

  43. Dark Hei


    I disagree. Coquelin is already have the stats of a world class midfield destroyer. If he can maintain his performances, he will come good.

    The issue people have is that they are confused between a midfield destroyer (Matic), a deep lying playmaker (Xabi) and a box-to-box powerhouse (Toure).

    They want a combination of all 3.

  44. kingHenry

    Tunny, have to agree with you RE Coq.
    We have a DM with the best defensive stats in Europe playing in a midfield with two CAMs and sometimes a wannabe CAM in Rambo. He’s literally doing the job of two players and yet you get people like Bamford saying he’ll never be good enough. Maybe they expect him to start scoring hat tricks every game

    lol some people would probably slate Messi for not being tall enough if he was playing for us

  45. tunnygriffboy

    Matic is an interesting one. He’s a very good player. His distribution is better than Coquelin atm. His stats may not be as high as Coquelin but he has more of a licence to go forward especially as he plays many games with Mikel or Ramires.

    Re Maticm he was all but released by Chelsea 3 or 4 years ago ending up in Portugal. He obviously developed between the age of 22 to 25 and became an exceptional player. Could Coquelin do the same ?

    Chelsea wete able to spend 25 million to bring him back to rectify their mistake. We don’t have that luxury.

  46. Goondawg

    Guys we know nothing about football! Bamford is mystic meg incarnate and he looked in his crystal ball and has prophesied Coqs demise already! All praise the know-it-all!

  47. Lee


    How do you know eagle is rain man of the football world??
    Are you there with him when he posts?
    How do you know he isn’t sifting through the internet searching for facts.?
    You don’t
    So shut your pie hole

  48. Northbanker

    only important issue is that Coq developing as a player now tht he seems to be sorted in his head as to his best role. I personally cant see that Schneiderlin will improve us that greatly, if at all. But like everyone else I shall watch both as season unfolds. I don’t at the current point in time see a lot of difference

    However the reason for buying cdm might be cover rather than improvement if Bielik isnt ready for next season. Unless of course we were to buy Pogba!