Brooklyn Beckham promotion soured, badly

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Happy Friday to ya’ll. Some heated debate on yesterday’s post, but largely civil and interesting. One apology I have to make is for missing the victim in all this. Obviously a shocking incident for any person to have to deal with. Yob fans are scary, when they’re targeting you, even scarier. That was a brave man right there. I’d have most certainly have tried another carriage. His principled multiple attempts to board the carriage were, well, brilliant.

It seems the cowards involved are being picked off. Chelsea have banned three members already. One of the guys picked out yesterday has been suspended by his work. I mean, he’s going to get a come uppance deserved or not. My point does still stand from yesterday. I don’t believe the internet should be judge and jury in cases like this. This financier has been found guilty by association. He’s and easy target, rich, good looking with an Instagram picture of himself with Nigel Farage. All of those elements lead to his guilt despite little evidence he was doing anything.

If he’s guilty, fine. Let the French justice system take care of him and punish accordingly. I find it interesting that that the overweight white skinhead seen shoving the man twice hasn’t been splashed across the front newspaper. Why? Well, it doesn’t make an interesting story, does it?

… and there’s your problem. The press guess at the salacious because it shifts papers… Sad, when people’s lives are at stake. I remember the papers ran a front page story on a someone they thought was a child killer, basically, because he looked like a Paedophile. Horrendous. Even worse, we lap it up as consumers.

Also, a few people mentioned that I was part of the problem for not confronting the racists behind me. I also heard people complaining about the bystanders on the train not stepping in. In an ideal world, a man wearing rolled up jeans and pink socks would take on a group of old school thugs in a ground, but that’s not reality. You can speak up so many times before you start running the risk of a violent confrontation. In front of kids. At a football game. With people you have to sit near every game (for years). That’s pretty grim.

Same goes for the train. If you’re the type of guy who wants to have a pop at a group of thug football fans pissed up on a train… power to you, but that’s not an odds game many will play. The risk, getting your teeth kicked in. The reward is what? Racist enlightenment? Come on… be real with me.

So imagine this, you’re Brooklyn Beckham, you’re smashing it at youth level, the call comes… you’re moving up to the under 18s. Brilliant. So exciting. You’re being fast tracked. But wait, what’s that? A new coach is joining the under 18s? Wait… it’s Thierry flipping Henry!

Yep. That’s what happened. Way to sour a promotion…

So Thierry is going to learn his coaching trade at the Arsenal. It’s all very exciting. Having a name like that behind the scenes is unbelievable. Imagine learning from a guy with a work ethic like that. Be interesting to see where he wants to take things. Does he want to be a pundit or does he want to impact the game? Can he manage? Is he enough of a team player from a personality perspective? We’ll see. Great signing by Arsenal.

On the Beckhams, apparently Romeo has also joined Arsenal because he is good as well. Could have a De Boer type situation on our hands in a few years time. That’d be so good form a marketing perspective. However, calm yourself, he’s like 12.

In more good news, Arsenal have done a good one ain’t they?

Sorted the fans out with a train didn’t they? Yeah they did. They’re also subsidising more coaches, which is really nice. That’s class. It’d be nice if the club could help out away fans more like that. I don’t know what the cost of coaches is, but it’d be nice if they used some of the TV money to support the die hards.

… but let’s not take away from the gesture. It’s very good of them.

In ladies good news, Kelly Smith has signed a new deal for the club at 36. Heard Wenger stepped in to make sure it’s just a one year deal. Congrats to her on a brilliant achievement.

Tomorrow we play Crystal Palace under Alan Pardew. They have players capable of physically battering us, so it’s going to be a tough game. We need to play with confidence and discipline.We need to take the game seriously and we need to deliver another 3 points. United are in a mess, we need to be ready to pounce when they inevitably collapse.

Big game tomorrow. Fingers crossed it’s a positive day.

Finally, finally…

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  1. Romford Ozil Pele

    Pedro, all the Beckhams are Arsenal mate, even 10 year old Cruz. I think it has something to do with the fact the Beckhams are based in London. Also, AW and Becks are good friends. Becks, like Pires and Henry, always used to come and train at Colney during the MLS off season. Be interesting to see how good his kids actually are.

    Santi’s technique in that video is a joke. Poor Nacho.

  2. Romford Ozil Pele

    It’s actually been a ridiculously quiet week on the Arsenal front. We beat ‘Boro, what else? The fact we’ve had to talk about Beckhams children says it all. Anyway, games every 3 days for the next 2 months now. Bring it on. Due to the amount of injuries, nobody should really be suffering from fatigue bar maybe Per. Palace away tomorrow could be very tricky, very big team and they’re good at home. We have Monaco on Wednesday so interesting to see if that affects Wenger’s selection. Would go with this:

    Bellerin Per Kos Monreal
    Alexis Santi Ozil Welbz


    Ox (Wenger said he’s back in training but short for tomorrow)

  3. Billion Dollar Stan

    After the Leeds match on Thierry’s return, a bunch of Leeds fans were racially abusing an Asian man (in Arsenal colours) on the tube.

    With tens of Arsenal fans surrounding us, I stepped in thinking we’d all defend this fan taking a lot of abuse.

    Turns out, all the Arsenal fans around me would rather stare at the floor and let the situation get very tense, rather than put themselves in a potentially uncomfortable situation.

    Nice one lads.

  4. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Wenger also said that Nasri and Cesc wouldn’t leave in the same window.”

    True but things have changed immensely since then, we’ve been happy to spend money since 2013. It’s not like Santi can hold us to ransom. His contract expires in 2018 so he only leaves if Arsenal want him to. He just bought a house in London too so I doubt this is a goer.

  5. Dream10

    Morning lads

    Great post Pedro.

    Sneaky feeling that Szczesny starts tomorrow and against Monaco.
    Prefer Monreal to start the next two matches.

  6. Wallace


    apologies for having a pop at you yesterday. usually i think you’re pretty spot on with the non-football stuff, i just thought some of your post yesterday was badly timed/ill-judged.

  7. Dream10

    “What sort of idiot would I be if I rested someone so he could play against Juventus?” – Jurgen Klopp

    Not worried about injuries piling up. Definitely the favourite to become the next Arsenal manager lol

  8. Romford Ozil Pele

    Alfie, I can understand why. His end product isn’t there yet, but it’s coming IMO. He averages over 3.5 dribbles a game. Has completed more take-ons than anyone else in the Arsenal squad, Alexis included. Only Hazard has beat him for take-ons in the PL and that’s only just.

  9. Bankz


    You should have just said”4th” because Romford is always crouching like a tiger, ready to pouch on the 4th place Trophy.


    I will be back for my 4th place trophy tomorrow.
    Thank you.

  10. Wallace

    watching the long distance ball juggling vid i bet training’s pretty jaw-dropping at times with Cazorla & Ozil around.

  11. Alfie

    Romford –

    The Ox is your Roma of players!

    I like him, just need to see the consistency, I see people pull up his goal scoring stats all the time which I think are somewhat irrelevant.

  12. gazzap

    Hope Szcz doesn’t come back into the side but it could happen after we won in FA cup, and Ospina lost against Spurs. Certainly gives wenger the opportunity to make that decision. I would say this decision says a lot about Szcz future as No1.

  13. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Alfie, Forehead scored a lovely backheel last night! Yeah can’t lie Ox is a personal favourite but I think he’s done well when played this season. I do get that he’ll only be judged on stats because of the position he plays but I think this’ll come. At 21, I have more faith in him than any of the others from the Brit pack.

  14. tunnygriffboy


    What about us advertising for a soft tissue specialist. Applications close in March and we want them in by the end of the season. Bit late but good news surely ? Be working on prevention of injury as well as recovery.

    What with Ozil coming back stronger, Santi gamboling about like a newly born lamb and players coming back from injury earlier surely Shad’s work started to be seen. There’s also been talk of players on individual training/recovery programmes and us using the data system to identify potential targets.

    All moving in the right direction.

  15. Dream10

    Alfie and Romford

    I think the Ox has it in him to score 10-15 goals a season from a left midfield/wing
    position. Prefer him on that side tbh. However, he has to do too much tracking back to be a decent goalscorer, especially with an inexperienced fullback behind him (Bellerin or Chambers).

  16. bennydevito

    Morning Grovers, good post Pedro. Was certainly fiesty yesterday, but unlike when we get AKBs & Wobs arguing it out and it getting laity, yesterday’s racial debate was good spirited and non abusive. Good stuff.

    I didn’t realise the Beckham’s were signed to us – awesome. Like them or not the Beckham’s are a marketing/commercial machine and we will make serious dollar if we get them in the same team.

  17. Goondawg

    Is Brooklyn any good?? I hear he’s bang average. He only made the bench recently because a lot of our usual U18 players were away at the Al Kass cup. The younger one Romeo is supposed to be a talent though and stands out in his age group..

  18. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I think the Ox has it in him to score 10-15 goals a season from a left midfield/wing”

    I prefer him on the left too but he’s never played there, first season apart. Remember him putting in a MOTM performance against Blackburn,scoring two goals and getting an assist from there. Also got that performance against United which came from the left too. Alexis prefers the left too.

  19. kingHenry

    ” The only change that I would like to see is Chambers at right back and Bellerin beside Cocqelin.”

    lol. WTF!!

    On a happy note, very happy to see TiTi back at the club

  20. Zementalstrength

    ZE sanction for the 3 chelscunt’s fans after the racist incident in paris : “temporarily (lol n°1) banned” from SB +…
    …in fact that’s all (lol n° 2 ?)

  21. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Is Brooklyn any good?? I hear he’s bang average.”

    Never seen any of them play but Brooklyn only played 2 games for the U16s before being promoted to the U18s. Not bad for a 15 year old? Lol Romeo is 12 and Cruz is 10 – when have people ever seen those two play?!

  22. Dream10

    ESPN list of the Top 10 under 25

    1) Neymar
    2) Pogba
    3) Hazard
    4) James Rodriguez
    5) De Gea
    6) Courtois
    7) De Bruyne
    8) Gotze
    9) Sterling
    10) Lacazette

  23. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream – agree with top 3. No Isco though? People are crazy. James isn’t better than him. Also Alaba, Varane?!

  24. Alfie

    “I think the Ox has it in him to score 10-15 goals a season from a left midfield/wing

    Seeing that he has only scored 21 goals in his whole career, including Southampton, I wont hold my breath.

  25. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Any idea when Bielik will be making his youth team debut?”

    Will this be a thing? All the talk is that he trains with the first team. Would make sense to see him turn out for the U21s though. Even if he’s a massive talent, surely he’ll need gametime?

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Seeing that he has only scored 21 goals in his whole career, including Southampton, I wont hold my breath.”

    Mate, he’s 21. The natural progression is to score more as you get older. Last season was the first time in his career Alexis broke the 20 goal barrier.

  27. Dream10


    They made a top 25, but the rest is behind a paywall. Apparently Ramsey is #25.
    The aforementioned three that you named certainly have to be on the list

    I’m with you on Isco>James. Ancelloti has a brilliant track record w/ midfielders. He improved Seeedorf’s defensive capacity and now he’s doing the same w/ Isco.

    Neymar #1, Hazard #2, Isco #3

  28. Bankz

    Work has been pretty serious this week.
    Lots of adjourned cases got cramped into this week.
    I’d make you a promise, I would run the top 4 trophy show next week.
    Like Wenger, I will rise out of the ashes like a phoenix to come claim my rightful place as the “king of the top4 trophy”…..The mother of ALL trophies.
    Mark my words.

  29. @snoekrats


    Not sure if it will be the thing but would love to get some feedback on him. He does look very big for his age.

    I wonder if he will be replacing flamini next season because he really needs to leave.

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream – these lists change every year. A couple seasons back i’m sure Wilshere was in the top 3. Ox was also in the 10 at one point. Lacazaette is having a good season and is no.10 but I don’t ever remember him being there this season. The only constants are the ones like Neymar, Hazard, Pogba, Gotze etc.

  31. Romford Ozil Pele

    I’d be very surprised if Flamini is here next season, expecting him to leave. Bielik, well nobody really knows how good he is. His size is definitely something for a 17 year old though. I am wary of the players who are big at a young age though. They tend to dominate as youngsters but when people catch up with them, they don’t look the same anymore. Remember Jay Emmanuel-Thomas destroying all kinds of records at U21s but now he’s playing for Bristol City.

  32. Dream10


    Can’t see the rest of their list. But, with Wilshere’s form, I would not put him as high as that in comparison to the others

  33. Alfie

    “Mate, he’s 21. The natural progression is to score more as you get older. Last season was the first time in his career Alexis broke the 20 goal barrier.”

    C’mon man, Sanchez had already banged in over 60 at Ox age. I don’t think we can still use age a stick to when footballers should start improving.

    Neymar, Benzema and Reus to name a few.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    The one piece of good news today is that Wenger has scotched the suggestion
    that Cazorla is leaving the club at end of season. The qualifier to the statement
    was that ‘there had been no approach’.

    However, I do not think that it would make either football or commercial sense for him to leave. We know that most clubs in Italy and Spain want to recruit most players for nothing. If he leaves us how much will we receive as a transfer fee.? Most probably peanuts for a 30+ year old.

    A comparable player aged 25 would cost us today at least £30 million and since
    Cazorla is playing well at present time I would rather keep a proven player than go out on market and replace him at this moment in time.

    There are players in midfield which we need to offload in summer e.g. Flamini, Arteta and Diaby, but he is not one.

    Looking at the Brooklyn Beckham story I hope that he is a talented player. However, history has shown that most children and siblings seldom live up to
    expectation. The assessment of his ability will come when the club has to decide on whether to give him a professional contract. That decision will come
    in 2 years time.

    Anyway it is good to see that Arsenal have recruited 2 youngsters whose father was an iconic Man Utd player. Obviously the passion for them does not run in the family!

    I hope that Wenger gets team selection for tomorrow’s game absolutely right
    and we perform up to expectation. Too often this season we have looked on a roll, but just when we think that we will move up the table we fluff our lines!

  35. Romford Ozil Pele

    “C’mon man, Sanchez had already banged in over 60 at Ox age. I don’t think we can still use age a stick to when footballers should start improving.”

    Yeah but Sanchez is more of a forward than Alexis. I think you can definitely use age. It’s important to remember how much upheaval there’s been at Arsenal, even this season. Our form has improved the last two months, why is that? We’ve been able to field consistent teams. Players develop at differing rates, so many factors to take into consideration IMO. Think it’s unfair to say, “look what X is doing, why are you not doing the same thing considering you’re the same age”. Still expecting a lot more from Ox, of course, but I already think he’s improved a great deal since he’s been here. This is the only season where he’s had consistent gametime.

  36. Romford Ozil Pele

    “How many world class players do we currently have in our squad?”

    It’s subjective. I say three. Others will say one.

  37. Romford Ozil Pele

    Santi just said this: “I enjoy London a lot, it’s an amazing city – and I also get a lot of joy from playing the Premier League style of football. Also, it’s a great chance for my kids and for my family to get a new experience by living here.”

  38. Gregg

    The agents of players will be advising their clients to remain in the premier league, due to the new TV deal. Bayern, Real Madrid and Barcelona being the exceptions.

  39. Midoki

    ““Wenger also said that Nasri and Cesc wouldn’t leave in the same window.””

    Just wanted to jump in here and highlight how Wenger doesn’t have the final say… despite what the board members might claim,

    Multiple articles bassed from an interview with Nasri has said how Wenger said he didn’t want him to go and then the board had informed him he was sold… Plus we got to look at how Cesc left that year, kinda interesting that he paid to leave us.

    Wenger didn’t want either one of them to leave, they way the appear to have left was beyond Wengers control,

    I hope Cazorla doesn’t leave and I can’t see why the board would sell a player behind Wengers back again, esp now the debts are less of a hinderance for us 😉

    I mean, Nasri was sold for 25mil even though Wenger said he wanted to keep him…
    Wenger wanted to keep VenPers-strings as well, openely said he was our main man and then he was gone for CL money… I meant £25million.

    Foe me it is as clear as day, Wenger is our manager but he is not our owner… Our owner is a profit driven yankie. Wenger makes him good profit consistantly so of course he is going to be paid well, more so when you realise Wenger is the type of man to take the blame on himself rather than point the finger, a true gentleman.

    I hope Cazorla doesn’t leave but ultimatly it depends on the board, I hope they don’t go against wenger again.

  40. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Just wanted to jump in here and highlight how Wenger doesn’t have the final say”

    So you’ll believe articles over what a board member says? great logic. Wenger didn’t have to sell them. He couldn’t pay them what they wanted and they wanted assurances that top players were coming, which they weren’t at the time. Cesc and Nasri would’ve had to hang around a couple more years for the likes of Alexis, Ozil to come.

  41. up 4 grabs now

    Makes no sense to sell Santi. you wont get big money for him ( and we dont need it anymore) and you then need to spend big to replace him.
    The guy has 3-4 more good years left in him, and can drop deeper in some games if need be.
    plus the guy is a winner with experience, you cant ask for more than that.

  42. up 4 grabs now


    Wiltshire, Ramsay (with the exception of his purple patch last season) the ox, Flamini, arteta, Le coq. none of them are banging in the goals.
    Would still keep Santi as the rest of our midfielders are shot shy.

  43. Romford Ozil Pele

    Man City
    Kompany (though form has been sketchy for a while)
    Y. Toure


    Di Maria (sketchy form)
    Rooney (just about, he ain’t a CM)
    RVP & Falcao (on reputation but both have been out of form for over a year so maybe you exclude them now)
    De Gea

    Sturridge (nearly there)
    Sterling (nearly there)

  44. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wenger: “Thierry [is studying for] his badges,” the boss explained. “He makes his first steps as a coach and that’s always a bit impressive when you start. It’s good for our young players to be coached by him, a legend of the club.

    “He has been here once or twice but I don’t know how often he has to do his sessions. I don’t see him when he’s here because he’s on a different ground and he’s with the youth team.

    “We are very happy to welcome everybody. All our former players come back here, all of them.”

  45. Alfie

    “Out of interest who the WC players at our rivals ?”

    Man City – Aguero, Toure, Kompany

    Man Utd – De Gea, Di Maria

    Liverpool – Sterling

    Chelsea – Matic, Fabregas, Hazard, Costa

  46. Blsany

    Romford Ozil Pele
    Jan is a good player mate.How he chose scum over us i will never know.I suspect it had something to do with wenger.

  47. up 4 grabs now

    I’m a bit old fashioned, world class is thrown around way to much for me.
    Ronaldo, messi, Aguero, Neuer, Fabregas., Ya Ya (not our one before anyone gets funny) are world class, others below them are exceptionally good/ Nearly World class. just my opinion.

  48. Romford Ozil Pele

    Blsany – According to Vertonghen, he said he spoke to Wenger and AW wanted to use him as a DM but he prefers CB. I agree, Jan is a CB and a very good one at that. Think him and Kos would’ve been great. Ah well.

    Yeah I actually do feel like City could’ve spent better too. Navas, Milner, Fernando… Like really?

  49. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Milner isn’t even the worst out of the lot!”

    True, he’s a decent squad player. But considering who City claim/are aspiring to be, some of their players are pretty underwhelming. I mean Clichy is your starting LB FFS! I’d take both Nacho and Gibbs over him. Don’t get me started on the £32m spent on Mangala who can’t oust a pensioner from the line-up.

  50. Gregg

    Every season Citeh buy a new partner for Toure. The amount of CM they go through is extraordinary and they’ve proved, without this year, that they need to go to that well again.

    Citeh, Us, Man U and Liverpool will all be out for the same players in that area.

  51. Alfie

    LOLZ @ Clichy! Like an upgrade on Kolo!

    I remember so many people on here getting a hard on for Mangala because of his price tag.

  52. Carts

    Standing up to thugs is always difficult. I think what contributes to this fact is that there’s a complete lack of common sense with in the law.

    Scenario: you’re on the tube with several of your pals, a group of planks get on and start giving an asian fella grief about his scent and appearance, then shit gets physical. You and your pals stick up for him and a fight ensues.

    BTP turn up all excited cos their about to add to their arrest quota for the week/month/year. You tell them what happened, this is also backed up by by-standers and the “Stevie Wonders” of the underground. But as one of the thugs has a broken nose and there’s a bit of claret dotted about, PC Plod & co arrest you, process you like Jimmy Saville’s mentor (swabs, finger prints the lot) hold you in a cell for a 6 hours then let you go – either without charge or to return on a fixed date. That shit right there, is enough for me to probably mind my own business too; or shout “leave him alone you asshole” just as I’m about to exit the tube LOL

    But cos of the kind of person that I am, I’d probably ended up filling the carriage with uppercuts and jabs. Yep, and I’d get arrested for “doing something” -___-

    But I agree on that Pearson fella get a shit shake. He, out of them all, looked like he didn’t want any of it. The boiled egg looked bloke was ready to throw windmills if need be. I guess it does make for better reading when a financier as opposed to a self employed brick layer gets named and shamed

    Disclaimer to Ozy: Bruh, don’t come at me all sideways, please. I’m not mocking brick layers. They’re a crucial piece to our society; I’d hate to see them all change into P.E teacher cos they get belittled online 😉

  53. Le Prof


    ‘How he chose scum over us i will never know.’

    Nil fucking ambition. And he’s prone to the occasional brain fart and fancies himself as a bit of a baller, DM would of been an ideal position for him.

    ‘I suspect it had something to do with wenger.’

    I suspect it did, just like it did with Ozil and Alexis.

  54. Blsany

    Romford Ozil Pele
    Oh did not know that.I thought our leader was not doing Dms.Yeah that combo would have been great.I do like Gabriel i know he hasn’t been tested but looks good pro active player.Hope Koz and gab will be good for us.

  55. Rocky Pires

    I do think tomorrow game will be a tough one and I worry without a recognized CM , we will be a bit short in there physically .

    Palace like to line up like

    They have alot of physicality in there but also alot of pace catch you on the break .
    I would almost start Flamini alongside Coq to counteract their physciality .

    I worry with a midfield of

    That they will hit us hard, break up play and in Bolaise and Gayle have two tricky and pacey wingers.

    In Flaminis absence, maybe Chambers is worth a go in there to steady the ship.

  56. Rhys Jaggar


    Sometimes ‘dealing with these things’ isn’t that easy.

    I was beaten up in a Manchester bar when I lived up there and demanded the proprietors called the police. They didn’t want to and merely guided me to the cop shop, which happened to be less than 50 yards away.

    The cops showed obvious disinterest in getting hold of the bar’s CCTV records to identify miscreants, making it unspokenly clear that they weren’t going to follow up in any way at all. The complaint/assault report was filed and duly left to gather dust/shrivel/enter the shredder/whatever it is that cops do with incident reports they have no intention of doing anything about……

    It was pretty much what made me realise that ‘doing my bit to help regenerate the north’ required me to start supporting Man Utd or Man City. Bugger living in the north, spending my salary in the north and applying what skills I had to improve life for folks in the north. None of that earned you the right to be in a city centre bar watching the Arsenal Man Utd game as an Arsenal supporter, the place I’d watched football for 4 years with folks from all over the world wearing shirts from all over the world. I was actually wearing my work suit and tie that night and was supposed to meeting a work colleague who supported Utd at half time in the bar. As it was, we met at the cop shop……

    As I’m white, male and heterosexual, not Jewish or Muslim etc, no-one gave a damn.

    What happened to me was 10 times worse than what happened to that guy in Paris in terms of physical abuse.

    But because he’s black it’s all over the papers.

    It’s one reason, not the only one, why I am a bit cynical about PC ‘racism’ stuff………

  57. Rocky Pires

    Le ProfFebruary 20, 2015 11:55:41
    Blsany‘How he chose scum over us i will never know.’Nil fucking ambition. And he’s prone to the occasional brain fart and fancies himself as a bit of a baller, DM would of been an ideal position for him.‘I suspect it had something to do with wenger.’I suspect it did, just like it did with Ozil and Alexis.

    Agreed Verthogen could have being Manu Petit Mk2 .

  58. Carts

    Anyone else see Steven Gerard turn into a bitch last night. Actually went as far to say that Mario Balotelli had shown some kind of disrespect by demading the ball from Henderson. Although to me, it looked mor elike Hendo melted, cos deep down, he knew Balotelli’s pen’ stats aren’t to be fucked with.

    Then Daniel Sturridge, whom might I add looks like he’d make a fantastic cock-blocked on a night out, got his jerry-curls in a twist cos Hendo, essentially, done the right thing by giving Balotelli the ball.

    Sturridge definitely got all butthurt last night; and I like Sturridge a lot *no homo tho*

  59. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Anyone else see Steven Gerard turn into a bitch last night.”

    Yeah was ridiculous. If Henderson had balls he wouldn’t have let Balotelli take the ball from him. My question is why Henderson had the ball in the first place. Balotelli is one of the best penalty takers around. Gerrard was just chatting sh*t tbh. The sooner Liverpool get rid the better, starting to linger like a bad fart. Not sure why Sturridge was acting up either.

  60. Le Prof


    ‘I remember so many people on here getting a hard on for Mangala because of his price tag.’

    Why couldn’t we sign him? Where’s our ambition? We never sign the best players? How did our scouts miss him? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  61. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Ive gone off rum. Jack Daniels is my new drink.”

    Had such a bad experience with JD, never recovered. Rum still does it for me. Whiskey is good though. Never used to be a brandy fan but it grew on me.

  62. Le Prof


    ‘Stop smoking crack mate.’

    As long as you stop making shit references and asking shit questions, it’s a deal.

  63. Alfie

    I got a bottle of JD for Xmas and its really grown on me. Cant stand brandy.

    Up until a year ago I would only drink Carlsberg, now I wouldn’t touch it, tastes like Yaks piss. Stella now.

  64. Wallace


    if Jack Daniels were a premier league football team it’d be Stoke. harsh, and pretty brutal. there are lots better whiskies around.

  65. Alfie

    Wallace –

    Agree, its more of a marketing ploy but I think its more bourbon-y than whiskey. I dunno, Im still partial to the odd gin and tonic so maybe im just a bit of a girl.

  66. Le Prof

    Bulleit Bourbon is my weapon of choice, very similar to JD but a cleaner and less chemically, tasting if that makes sense.

  67. Carts

    “My question is why Henderson had the ball in the first place.”

    Hahaha…Oi Hendo, put that fooking ball down you numpty!

  68. Wallace


    if it’s bourbon Jim Beam & Makers Mark are both a lot nicer. Glenmorangie 10yr old is an excellent single malt, but if you don’t mind paying £50+ the Japanese do some amazing stuff. and at the lower end Lidl, bizarrely, have an award winning blended whisky – Queen Margot – for £12.

  69. Alfie

    Im a fan of Jim Beam, the problem with whiskey is I got into trouble when I was 18-20 drinking bells which kinda scarred me.

    Im also now testing White Russian’s on nights out.

  70. Carts

    True story:

    Was in Gatwick duty free, Jack Daniels Honey had a crazy tariff that if bought and taken to Ibiza it would’ve cost an arm and a leg.

    Jim Beam, was sitting there minding his own. I proposed Jim Bean as an economical viable alternative and my pal said “It’s not Jack though..”

    The End.

  71. Alfie

    I had a taster of that Jack Daniels Honey when I was last at Gatwick. Its ok, something you could drink without any mixer. Could end up a bit “ugh” after a while though.

    True story –

    I was the champion of Alcudia in Spain for drinking a yard of ale the fastest between 2008-2010.

    Got a certificate and everything.

  72. David Smith

    very interesting link Leeds…..advertising for a new conditioning coach, and soft tissue specialist.!!!!!
    All That, and an ex player with a strong personality coming back to coach. On top of a Gazidis picked academy head coach. Is someone going over Wengers head? Has he been gently persuaded? has he been told in no uncertain terms, enough is enough? Is son of Stan a bit more hands on and proactive than his dad? Are there even bigger changes ahead?

  73. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Is someone going over Wengers head? Has he been gently persuaded? has he been told in no uncertain terms, enough is enough? Is son of Stan a bit more hands on and proactive than his dad? Are there even bigger changes ahead?”

    Find out on the next episode of…

  74. Leedsgunner

    Thanks to Lee Monday et al, for your kind words yesterday… 😉 Didn’t share it for the kudos but thought it would be helpful to share to show, one can choose to be different.

    Glad we’re back to discussing the football. 🙂

    4 things I want versus the Palace

    1. A win
    2. Clean sheet
    3. No injuries
    4. Özil in the middle

  75. Carts

    Alfie – Couple weekends ago, I was sipping that on the rocks watching Marco Polo. Stood up to go for a piss and nearly rugby tackled the TV. Fucked.

    You frame that certificate, right?

  76. Al

    I think the point was that the manager already had Henderson as the pk taker…

    For Balotelli to do that once again shows his level of respect towards management.

    It doesn’t matter what his record is…He knows he has had a difficult start to his liverpool career so far so why not fall in line and respect the managers wishes.

    He is a grown man with a child but acts like a child

  77. Byo

    Fabregas= Barca DNA!

    Whatever happened to that? Just popped in my head this morning.
    I wonder if Pique, Xavi and co spoke up for his DNA when he was being shipped out after 2(or is it 3) seasons.

  78. Carts

    A1 – Steven Gerard even stated that Mario Balotelli is next in line after, he, himself! Not sure what you’re talking about, tbh.

    Being captain doesn’t automatically mean you decide pens. It’s already pre-determined.

  79. Alfie

    “Alfie – Couple weekends ago, I was sipping that on the rocks watching Marco Polo. Stood up to go for a piss and nearly rugby tackled the TV. Fucked.

    You frame that certificate, right?”

    More like You’ve Been Framed.